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Nashville Banneri
Nashville, Tennessee
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vb FOURTEEN rnmAy EVENING rErcrtrrtrt Wrf NASIIVILLE BANNER NASHVILLE TtNN I MISTAKES POISON FOR MEDICINE DIES IIIIRTYSIX ADDED 10 PENSION ROLL Phil Rosenberg and Graham Meet Favors Bushy Sewanee Tiger Hopes to Trim Commodore Cage Team Saturday Jim Browning Winner Over Daviscourt Good Showing For Futurity at Lexington Jo lin Glenn Railroad Worker Had Been Ill Several Weeks Confederate Veterans and Widows Become Bene ficiaries Of State I The Kentucky Trotting Association Lexington annotinces that 585 foals of le2d have been kept good In tile Kew tueky Futurity out of total of 663 mares nominated an Increase of 47 per cent over 1925 Of the number kept good Walnut Hall farm contriti utes 86 representing the get of Guy Aswortily Peter Vo lo San Francisco end McGregor the Great The value of the futurity purse is 821000 120 yesterday but the Weighing was done in 'great prlysy The extra tvio or three pounds he spects to relinquish in the drying out pro cess which is done by drink- lug to one only with thine eyes In vie of these circunistancrs matiy of the boys have felt some ji) (Ideation in naming Cirabam as the winner partbolarly at the scheduled distance of fifteen rounds For my part and with only one reservation think Graham should be a 3 to 1 shot tu win The reservation is that all of this conversation about Ptarvation May be the olo petroleum to effect the bets Rosenberg is trailed by a gambling crowd tome of whom are so tough that they brush their teeth with a tile They would have no particular ohJection to making Rosenberg a short choice if they could Atlanta Feb 4--(13y International News Browning the lelaa giiit realized his fondest hopes last night by defeating Richard Daviscourt the gorilla man from the Facifiecoast two fails out of three at the auditorium According to the opinion of those who aat too close for comfort the affair could hardly be called a wrestling match Both men chugged kicked end used al) aorta ot questionahle tactics to the satisfaction of 4000 howling fans I ine lifARR't rewaneo Term Feb pine guard the Commodores of Vander- bet tip froe hilt storm tho stmnghold Of the Se- Coach It ante Tiger Saturday night they will squad find the Purple Jerseys mot for the eight days death battle thet ttlways reaults whet( previous Commodore and Tiger mix up Coach drawback Iarre Iii Optimialle as to the poem! when only bilities for a come-back While it I had varsit) a moot (mention RS to what style of Sewariee play the purple toittint Will use So- On the ex wanee should have the advantage or Flames he playing on her home court before KW Will timbal audience witnettaing the first confer- the gams env tilt waged on the mountain In The Tige years With the exception of Bean a 7eason t' every member of the teeth te in top for a team form The hefty guard is boGered affair A with a hand that was mashed Up in semes and the last Vanderbilt petto lIe will possibility enter the game however and Is ex- have playe pected to play hie usual red-hairel Crowds beeketball the distriet One of the greatest surprises on the Oen of tn squad has been the sod develop- into confer merit of 11pe sophona re forward dent body who ran wild In the last gams and 00e41 l'ome with Monaghan flashy product of basketball Memphis and Itigabee of last eeteit squad heel varsity will provide moat of the the effort amusement In the forward line Wit- modorea llama rangy graduate of last year's throughout Irearlinfr (-1aW Will appar at center avail them Capt Ile Ivey Wh has transplanted to Nee the hie etus from gridiron to gourtwill friOdara of I piny guard bet tip from Coach squad has eight days previous drawback when only had varsity Stwariee on the Barnes hx11 will probably the game The Tigere a 7eason for a team affair semen and possibility have played Crowds the Menet of the into conference hotly Ova basketball squad Itself the effort throughout avail to see the of with rriaton another sure the ranks of the (rush Barnes tiecieree Oita the tiriproiveti more in the last then in the entire season Lack nit experience was the tit the first of the year two inch on the squad had training will rely for the mood part excepticnal defense Ceara developed The elftnse tday the loose ends of and wait for the breaks have ust warmed up to that was a stupendous tank that was virtually a new Vtth thirteen conference Bryson presenting the nail of is la ue the Tigers up to a high standard eir3 expected frnm ali over to witness the inauguration Ormond Simpkins court barliothali The student for the first time in years something beside yawn when is mentioned anti the is riot missing a lick in to be rendy when the Commodores climb the hill Alumni the tlatrict are planning to themselves of this opportunity Tiger tie tip with the Commodore the gridiron AGENT KILLS DOG GUARD AT STILL ny Dag la IIVAESH (International News Servicis Sports EN liter) New York Feb everything else bunger striking probably Isn't what It used to be but we are glad to announce that at great incompliance and soma expense a truly representative specimen bee been cats tured alive and will be placed on exhibition tonight at Madison Square Garden 1 tray be taking to much for granted at that Perhaps It would be better to state that Charley Phii Rosenberg was alive at last re-Owls His performance as understand it will be carried through without the aid of the customary jail In which his preoecessors defied life Or the glass ease in which some of them Invited death lie in fact will be cast bodily into the pit with a young man riateed hiumhey Graham of Utica and on the billboards outside the Garden the asaurance is gravely given that the proposition InVolVOS the bantamweight championship of the world The only trouble with that Is Graham has been discountenanced eta a challenger by toeing to at least one contender and Rosenberg though officially recognised as champion in some states la not a bantamweight at all If he Makes 118 ponode at 2 o'clock this afternoon he will have starve(' himself into it according to common belicf lie ha spent several months in taking off a matter of ten pound" and a tegt days ago was raid to weigh 121 lie la alleged to have done FINDS DEAD DEER CAUGHT IN WIRE FENCE John I Clenn 63 engine wiper in the new hops of the Nashville Chattanooga St Louis ltallw died Thursday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock at General hospital as the result of taking of hichloride of mercury a which he said he mistook for medicine Glenn contracted blood poisoning several weeks ago In his foot and had been confined to big boseding house at 613 Twenty-sixth avenue north where he was treating himeelf with bichloride of mercury tablets He wits ISO troubled with indigestion and bed a bottle of indigetotion pills Mr Glenn was totally blind in one eye according to relatives arid he mistook the poison tablets for the medicine Relatives who were called immellately after it was discovered that Mr Glenn had been taken il accompanied him to the hospital where be regained conaciousness after being attended by Hr William McCabe lie stated to them that he had taken "some medicine that bad made hint awfully siek" which be thought was his indigestion pine He lived an hour after he reached the hospital relatives mid Besides a brother A 1 Glenn of Chattanooga a brother-in-law Lee Shacklett of Nashville survives ite well as two nieces Mis-tsEmther Shacklett and Miss Emil) Shacklett Co I ambians Beaten by I QtAtets Columbia 1 Tenn Feb Columbia quintets were beaten on the local floor Thuraday night by a pair of fives from Nashville The It I Evoreanys trimmed the Lightning( Five 24 to 12 and the Nashville Rangers bested the local Martha Cairien outfit 60 to As the scores Indieste the visiting teams had lit tle difficulty registerWS' their victories Lineups: (24) roe (111) Pinson MeRride Dahlenger 0Donnolioe Paste Davis TOM) Cl Dernattio Mott Burnett Iteferee COVVall Ittforee COVVan Addition of the names of nine Confederate veterans and twenty-five veterans widows and of one Negro veteran to the list of those recede In penalons from the state was announced by Gen John Rickman secretary ot the board of pfnsion ex emitters following Its quarterly meeting recently The new addition' recent subtractions from the roll ihe the r01) now stand as follows: Soldiers five fleet-clams receiving $105 per quarter 1b85 mecond third and fourth-class receiving $75 a quarter: widows 2480 first-clam receiving $75 a quarter 360 eecondclass receiving $30 a quarter Nee groes receiving $30 a quarter The board of perision examiners is made up of 11 Crouch Crump and Courtney The new additions follow: Boldiers--W Bilbrey Monroe: Hall Fordtown: Lucy Usery: George lidartin Memphis: Ike Morrie Murfreesboro: Morell Alamo George Scott Memphis: SMIIIIMEtn Woodson Port Boys! Widows firet-clase---Sarah Abernethy Puleski Julia A Alexiinder Jackson: Fie Dismilkoa Goodlettevine Thursee Ferguson Grandview Alice Fite Itolienwald moda A Fryer Itidgetop: Nennie Harris Fayetteville Elisabeth Horne Jackson Lillie Jackson Memphis Mottle El Johnson Hendersonville Elizabeth Jones Stan-fords Battery Martha Lee Meniphie: Derthena Aleynard Spencer Mitvio Meadows Dyersburg Ida Columbia: Mary Perkins Dyer: Roxle A Reynolds Iron City Sarah Wallace Dover Kate 3Aal1er Nash ville Catherine A Willis Sherwood Second-class Selma Curtis Butler: Mary Millaap Lynchburg Kitty Thermic picksoti Leona ruilL Crockett Mille Matilda Goodiettsville Negrote--Edward Frences Cowan Columbia Tenn Feb last 8unday Maxwell found a dead deer entangled in a wire fence onbI place six Miles from Columbia and oue mile from the higliaay sir Maxwell heard a commotion out in Ma lot the night betelre and thinking that something was after the eat- tie made an inveatigation but erntht rind nothing The next morning the dem- was found It i be)ivett that it killed Itself In attempting to get tree trom tbe wire entanglements On the border line separating Davidson and Rutherford counties Shotner government agentThursday afternoon was forced to kill a fierce watchdog in order to arrest two alleged moonshiners who were fleeing from a still Shotner wes accompanied by Agente A Smallwood (lay Conataer and Richardson The doe stood between the offieers and the 'till and refused to budge it their command After Shofner bad shot the dog the officers chased the two liecing men nearby a mile before coining up with them The men gave their names am Mitchell end Clarence Nipper They claimed that they were employed to operate the still by a man unknown to them The outfit was in operation when the officers arrived The seizure yielded 6500 ga llons of mash and a quantity of whisky- 1 drill will include lengthy basket prectice Pe rimmage and practice on gratis shots Capt 1 N-att er orbe ering with a rib fractured in to fracas with Tech but he is expect it to be ready ror action by Saturday night The busted member has been taped up since the game and has been giving Welt a good bit of trouble The Beare will come to Athens bent on ever a cage teem did For Mercer lost to Georgia 31 to 36 last year on the Athens court In One of the most terrific struggles that ever raged in Woodruff hall DuPont Rayo Girls Win Two VI-dories The do Pont 'Rayon girls basketball team defeated the College Grove High aehool girls last Friday evening in the loyal gymnasium 25 to 22 'l'he Col lege Grove quintet hail formerly defeated the du Pont girls 36 to 10 On Wednesday evening the DuPont Oirlt traveled to Mt Juliet and defeat the high school girls there 37 to 13 The MI Juliet girls had tied tho du Pont sirls earlier in the season The teamwork of the du Pont girt ban improved wonderfully since the opening of the meason and the ere now functioning aig high class tam 4 Refuters (00 Pee O'Brien () Lorke Shemmon Hadley Duncan Wright Lee Dubole Wilhite Lever CI Itntiermon for Lever Time for Shanitnos Referee Cowan DR MARK WILL DISCUSS CONFERENCE TOPIC Th ese two speevialF should crowd ow store tomorrow should crowd ow store tomorrow I Af 1 11 Green County Will Have track Meet areeneville Tenn Feb 4-fc1e Friday and getP- day klarch April 1 and 2 are the detos' fixed bd this (dictum county board ot sat i wet km for high 'Moot meet le be held here BugKelltett by flourrintendnt Cheerio IV Ilardin A Luiii lid of prizes hail aloe been -lastmd covering contests In every feature of the various blab schmd partmente Including athletics end home economics tittles governing the contests have gone out also to all high school teacher with complete instructions and an urge to co-operate In making this the biggest and beet meet In the history of the county The program will cover three full days Georgia Bulldogs Prepare for Mercer Sy ERNEST gut' alt Athene Feb Atter three-day interiude from tabor following Saturday's battle with Georgia Tshi the fieorgift Bulldogs mkt hack into high gear Wednesday night in the Lirst of a trio of practice periods for the game here with Mercer's Bears Saturday night Only two more nights remain be4 Tore the Baptiet onslaught anti Coach Stegeman ix losing no time in whipping the team into Thursday's Georgia Rabbi Julius Mark minister of the Vine-etreet Tempi) will protrh tonight at a o'clock On "What in Judaism tihall We He has announced that this subject was the chief one discussed at the recent convention of the Union of American Hebrew Ongregations at Cleveland and that he wiii et ie awn view on tha matter ID treating the question tonight Liberal Judaism is not interested in perpetuating all of the traditional forms a Judaism but on the other hand many liberal Jews do not have It clear in their minds what is important and what is not Rabbi Mark has pointed out The services Saturday morning will be at 11 o'clock at which time Rabbi Mark will base his sermon on the passages found in Exodus Rabbi Mark will be the speaker at the open forum at the A building Sunday morning at 1145 o'clock when he will discuss the agreement reached by Dr Weisman and Mr Marshall a matter of current interest agreement eeent reached by weisman and Mr Marshall a matter of cur- rent interent Attempt Falls to Frame Cage Came Crawfordsville Ind Feb 4--(lly Damnation0 News bervtee)4Vabadti college officials today vigorously detiOntCRA the daring attempt of gam Wets to "Pretne" basketball game between Franklin and Wabash col-testes by trying to bribe onset the pIflyDL Benny Devol afar of the Wahruth teem woo the youth eoproaaited- The gamblers it was aid approached him before the game and explained they had wagered neavily on Franklin They suggested DeVoi ease hp in his play offering to make "every- thing turn out all right financially" Devol immediately went to Coach Pete Vaughan with the details of the plot When thegame was played Devol performed like a demon the resuit being that Wabash won 41 to 33 Prior to the frame Franklin had been the favorite to win bet that IA a ash won 41 to 33 Prior to the aame Franklin had been the favorite to wtn KNOXVILLE MEN TURN AGAIN TO DERBY HATS 'Knoxville Tem Feb 4--(SPWal) a derby le an old fashion which has been revived by Some of Knoxville most pionalatutt tritta Tliev Include Vol Shields brother of Senator Shields and president of the City National bank Cowan Rodgers who was the Routh's first automobile dealer and himself an automotive In ventor in early days: Peter Wow a business man and Brigadlendlenenal Ceti Spence director of public safety and 11 trustee kir Rodgers has been wearing his black derby for about a month Ile went Into the City National bank the other day "And be looked so titre that I de cided to buy one myself" said Col Shields ut mon black derbY for abo a th" Ile went into the City National bank the other day "And be looked go titre that 1 df elded to buy one myself" wild Col Shields of colored broadcloth and silk rr 35 striped shirtings Collar at tached for young men Neck- 4i hand styles for conservative dressers $3 $350 and $4 shirts Choice Saturday it TRADE otr Ambassador Shirts At baSSO-- of colored broadcloth a' nd shit striped shirtings Collar at r16'' 35 r11 tached for young mon Neck- MARK 40 hand styles for conservative vie dressers $3 3 50 and $4 tkIc-4 ao 6 trA AL shirts Choice Saturday Is 1114 I 311 Deaderick Stree Buys ourBig Special utmost in Shoe Value for the money 1 can also show you many other styles specially priced at $450 and $500 "Shoes Men Like at Prices They Like to Pay" KOELLEIN 84 ENO MORE POWER tutwo MORE MILEAGE 2 ne zr oto orv I nsts LESS CARBON 1 ti th) CI QUICK START 11 a' idlthnter i LOOK orcon: vitataitc om THE egeszoL PUMP se a tt 5 1 es Wien in New Yort yom are coral ally invited to see how tuckyStrikea- are made at our exhibit comet Broadway and 45th Street Hampshire Tenn Feb fast of the Naehville A were licked by Hampshire 3ligh he Thursday night by the score of 37 to 17 Starting at the first minute of play the locale took the lead and managed to stay in front all the way They were leading 18 to 11 at the end of the half The lineup: ros Feet nye Akin (10) Markle (4) Dixon (4) 4Kitufmatt Leftwich (13) CSilverman (a) Locke 'Wiegman (2) Hogue t) Davie (11 Suhs---T Akin (le) for Dixon Neel)' (1) for Kaufman: Herithkovite (2) for Wiegman: Roskind (1) for Davis FIGHT DOPE Nashvillians I TO TAKE CENSUS OF by Hampshire Five BABIES BORN IN MAURY Columbia Tenn Feb A Riehards of the elate department of health was here Thorp- day to make preliminary arrangements for a complete census of the babies born in Maury county during the year 1928 The expense of this census will be borne by the federal government for the purpose of determining whether or not Maury county is entitled to a one hundred per cent registration of birthe by the vital istatistice reporters for the several districts of the county Dr Richards declared that there are some forty countien in Tennessee which have been classed as "delinquent" by the federal government in reporting births to the government Maury county being among that number PUBLIC HEALTH COUNCIL WILL MEET TUESDAY Election of officers and the annual report of Mrs lvah Uffelman director of the Stirsing service of the Nashville Public Health Council will mark the annual meeting of the COW 61 to be held Tuesday Feb 8 Jn the Fourth First National Bank build ing at 130 o'clock Dr Bruce EC Payne president will preside Members of the board of directors as well as officers will be chosen at that time (By Associated Press) 88166 IT111 I I W-Q1irt Davies Charleroi Pa defeated Marty Gold Philadel- Elect" of and 08 annt phla ten rounds report of Mrs lvah Uffelmi New Phil Rosenber director of the nursing service of i bantamvetatt champion va Bushy Nashville Public Health Council Graham Cilca fifteen rounds mark the annual meeting of the cot tor title cit to be held TuesdaY Feb 8 ln i Tony Canzonert vs Johnny Green Fourth First National Bank but eight rounds Andre Rout Parts vs ing at 130 o'clock Dr Bruce Carl Duane New York eight round Payne President wili preside Me Pliegel Minna- berm of the board of directors a pone vs Billy DeFoe Great Falls well Rs officers will be chosen Moot ten rounds I that tine Tamr Freeman vit Artnro 'llekelm Detro Datto vs Jackie URGE BLACKBURN NI( holm ten rounds Langford Chi- FOR MEDICAL BOAR cage Bobby Barrett Philadelphia ten rounds I Pulaikl Tenn Feb 3-4Specia FOR MEDICAL BOARD Pu Tenn Feb 3-4Special) of Dr Blackburn of Pubtaki are circulating large petition asking Gov Nay to appoint him on the at board of medical examiners Dr Blackburn ranks with the highest as a professional man and citizen Is a city councilman and clubman His friends would be much gratified by his appointment PORTLAND FARMERS DELIVER TOBACCO Partisan Tenn Feb 4--(Special) --Farmers 'Lie busy fielivering tobacco to the association house Ntihi is the Quality Is rather Inferior In many instoness the tutees paid are vormett istactory to the farmers Since the tobacco Is moving the financial cowl' ton sre getting better throughout the Portland Has Small Fire Portland Tenn Feb 4 --(Special) dNelltng tinned by Itollert ter caught Are ueaday morning but lOt Prompt aetion of the lire depatment the flamea were subdued The bout it 'twitted on Eertland avenue near the oehoot building The VIOUPS Wein 'Vacant and how the fire originated le a myetery The damage will probably amount to Vi00 The building wee This was the first time the fire en gine was called nut since the town in atalled waterworks Monterey House Party Monterey Tenn web 4 (Slat) Bilbrsy of Brother ton entertained with a week-end party et the home of her mother Mrs Joe Itlibrey at Brotherton The sueato were former sehont friends They were Memel Ellis Webb of Algood and Niargaret Killefer of Ntonterey and Meeare Tfts Webb and Clem Allen of Algood end Luther Harris of Living don While in firotherton they were entertained at dinner- by Mrs Wit Chester a slater of the bootee's Joetton Wins inelton Tenn Feb The sioeiton Trojans triumphed over Ashland City last night in the latter's gymnauslum by a 29-10-28 wore Joel ton too" an early lead and wa" never heeded The line-up: Troia's' Pea A Oland City A larper Tucker Tea 110Y 0 Tucker Harper Jordan liaokabial Carter Fail Stuart Plumbing Repairs "We Come Prepared" Prompt Service MELITS SYSTEM Phone 7-0570 113 TwentySeventh kre 0 15 NTLICKy LUMP TON 'TOO TENNESSEE LUMP TON $771 sAtitrAcToRy COAL PROMPT DrLIVERY IBICENICE a Fire at Lancaster Pleasant Shade Tenn Feb six-room frame dwelling house belonging to bidney Lemberson a citizen of the Lancaster section of the county was burned Monday the flames suppomed to have miginated from a defective chimney The smokehouse and all other outbuildings were saved but the residence was a complete loss with only a few beneehold articles sieved The losa is eatimated at about $1100 with insurance to the amount of $1200 DAD'S BARGAINS Sat Free--1 Gallon Parco Feb Oil of wcitito 11 5 vaunts entrance l7 otalmte-1 44 egr: liurth Dzaderick How he keeps it in perfect condition how he safeguards his throat A ONE of the greatest actors of our day David Warfield whose charming sympathetic voice has brought him fame gives much attention to the care of his throat In smoking he prefers Lucky Strikes because they give the greatest enjoyment and throat protection Lucky Strikes are smooth and finest cigarettes you ever smoked They are made of the finest Turkish and domestic tobaccos properly aged and blended with great skill andithere is an extra process in treating the tobacco Smoke Lucky like them 66q zto toasto Your Throat Protection 2 FOR $450 2 FOR $450 siSOFt $100 PHOENIX AND INTERWOVEN SOCKS Pure' Thread Fancy Silk Hose just what young men are wearing Saturday per pair $2 PAIR FOR S125 See Saturday Specials in Windows I I L'Z "Antongotherthingswhen young actors come to me for advice I always say 'Take care of your voice cultivate watch your smoking' Usually they eye the cigarette in my hand with some sus picion And then I offer them a Lucky then a cigarette I smoke freely and have yet to feel the slightest effect on my throat Pvebeen told that toasting does that for this cigarette When I smoke Tuckles' my throat is beautifully clear and unirritated" ic 'I Sa 'Tie? 'V 2 FOR $450 1 CI Cr tk 1 TO TAKE CENSUS OF I i $100 PHOENIX AND 'INTERWOVEN SOCKS 1 4 4 i 4110" Nashvillians Fi BABIES 4 by Hampshire BORN IN MAURY Fire at Lancaster I is S' 4 Oil tr)tf wro Hampshire Tenn Feb 4--(Spe Columbia Tenn Feb 4-(Spectith) Pleasant Shade Tenn Feb 4- lal)--Tne fast the of the Naehville -Dr A le Richards of the stet (Special)--A six-room frame dweihed i Pure Thread Fancy Silk Hose just what young men are wearing Saurday 1 -It I tzhe or A were licked by Hampshire department of health was here Thurs house i I 0 3111h hot tttyniii tibiey flrhset I at tcon! i fornrItkall oopmreoltiomtoinaorriyorosarTivi Nociteioseono ye! Was burned Monday the 4 ut omfoglairdthtoe gifjaeRyiSintiVOroknlhaelliStVie Maury county auring fttroamme: Tillielgintiotke4 thi cenus wll be house and all ot siher outbuildings wre borne by the federal government for saved but the residence was a com- per pair $2 PAIR FOR $125 twheerehairt" Ing 18 to 11 The expense of linsup: os logs onl fw a household See Saturday Special in Windows 1 The the purpe of determining whether plete wit Hampshire 11 Peg Iletaskeirie ve aor registration at about $1100 with Insurance to the sw-011 0 i I 0 NV Akin (le) Dixon (4) 4Kmufrn(ite'l forbthetstle eral di Leftwich (13) ma Cbileeernan (6) countY on000thhMonadury cpeourntryrois entitled to articles solved The losa is estimated vital statistics re- amount of $100 2 vstr it the i 'm I eve rC-0tiel) gs oe A on" -1 iv(rl ike i 'Wiegn (2 Dr Richard declared thet there 411 i 't 1 i '4 A THAT- PLES NI Davis (1) DADS BARGAINS Hfr111)kx0ovnitxN(2e riarheicilhOnlhlvtoorbtYpeellOunotatesitselan Taesnneadaeee 1 A innt4upeonrtt'Inbxybitrtitt I etr orn ilit: sgovveernomeeont --4 lei 1 i f' 7 ti i) I 7 Avamomountatem-- vimagnamettattittorn for 'Wiegman Hoek ind (1) Sr Davis Sat Frie---12 Gallon Oil with iP 't Maury county being among that wt each 5 C4re rViirth 4 Drage rzcit Since 1897 A number Feb of Gagolin Ninth t': 110 Buys our 'Big Spc eial i-- 11 I FIGHT DOPE PUBLIC HEALTH COUNCIL 5 venurs entrance I 14 a utmost Shoe (fly Associated Press) WILL MEET TUESDAY Wiil Pittsburg-Willie Davies Charleroi 1 for the money 1 Pa defeated Marty Gold Philadel- repe07f boll 3eircorqtreah HIV oz7tfaetilinnua an I phia ten rounds Ye can also ahow you many other styles specially 11 New York-Charley Phil Rosenberg director of the nursing service of the bantamwegDt ha cmpi on va Bushy Nashvill Public Health COUncil Graham ljtlca fifteen rounds mark the annual meeting of the coun- ell to be held TueadaY Feb 8 Jn the "Amongotherthingswhen tor title i 14 2: priced at $450 and $500 Gre Tony Canzoneri vs Johnny en Fourth gs First National Bank build- I eight rounds Andre noutiO Faris vs ing at 130 0 clock Dr Bruce i fe' Shoes ools1401e-' young actors come to me 4 Men Lilt at Prices They Like to Pay 4 olggonit loillinondet Pbearygneo tprtehseldebntkrwdlitor i i'r ahoill ''I Billy DeFoe lireat Falls well of Monte ten rounds RS redatirede'ctortiema still be chosen at 0 4 for advcice I altvays say 4 It 1 I 11 OELLE iry le i -477 1 AriTo'rtornFallekke'llsa---Toni tic -1 Detro t-Jehnny Datto vs Jackie that tine ricers URGE BLACKBURN 1 a '1r3i pro (4 4 'Tke are of your voice Nihols ten roundsot cultivate watch 311 Deaderick Sh'ett ChIceso--Walct Iangford Ciii- FOR MEDICAL BOARD 0-- i 88 cago tie Bobby Barrett Philadelphia our smokin 2 Ustiall 1 Inast--419011115 ttn rounds Puisaki Tenn Feb 3-(Special) --Friends of Itr ItlackbUrn of they ee the cigarette in 1 clfeeauylattiongaplaprTnetpitmg my hand tvith some sus the stale board of medical exeminers i Dr Blackburn ranks with the high- eat as a professional man and eitigon 44 1 And then I offer la a city councilman and clubman Hie i friends would be much gratified by his 4 '4 4 them a Lucky 1 ment e-to appoint 11 3' 3114 A' ''s acigarettelsmoke freely I 1 0 PORTLAND FARMERS and have yet to feel the it DELIVER TOBACCO slightest effect on my I I' Por tl and Tenn Fe 4--(Speetal) aUttlity le rather inferior in many throat I'vebeen told that 1 1111 II 4 ins the tilees paid are verylett isteetory to fernier Since the ri 110-larOnucgtuctinVille -a- toasting does that for this cigarette When I smoke i country Portland Has Small Piro Atte 0: beautifully clear and lisuckles' my throat is 6 i Portland Tenn rah 4- Special' I it iiie --The dweillng owned by Itotiert nett 4 4 g-41r unirritated" it ter caught PreiTuestiay morning but Amok 1 olilropti toloielmitorredth It )- Ntig 1 The bowie is hwated on Portland I "'k ieb a IV -'r avenue near the school building The '1 houses was vacant and how the lire 0 originated la a Myatery The demises 0 VA will probably amount to 30 Th 30e building wino Insured e-- it This was the first time the tire en- gine was called nut since the town I waterworks 'f '4 4 Vt4 MaPilc 01f1120' --4 1 ieeoe ItIonterey House Party 't la I Monterey Tenn' Feb 4 dal )-411ss Clam 'Bilbrey ot Brother ton entertained with a week-end party 0040 at the home of her mother Mrs Joe How he keeps it in perfect tesirnbrepprnsityr04ertontrieTnildes 4eglety a 1 0 A A were Mies i 8 t' 0005401A4 ileFirtrs ih Ni rb or ereyi an hw safeguards la Hre "1131ellerW6bb tit 'ttigncd all he safeg n' is tin oat 4I1 sh A tgood ant 7 'ton whale in rot fiher ton they were entertained at dinner Mrs lit i 'Irk i 1 Cheater a Mater et the bootees ONE of the greatest actors of our day David '-i---- i'-- a joehon wins Warfield whose charming sympathetic voice has joelton Tenn Feb 4-01)00141)-- -------irf brought him fame gives much attention to the care (9- 1 The iJoeiton Trojans triumphed eve Ashland City last night In the latter'r 0- 0 SYMMMIUM by a 29-to-23 wore Joel! of Ills throat ton took an early lead and was neser -s heeded In smoking he prefers Lucky Strikes because they The line-upt Trojans ro blaa 1 A 4 give the greatest enjo3rment and throat protection i i 3 1111 A A 1 lamer Tucker 0 0 Tetieley a Tueker st 1 a ti 1 1 It 0 1 farrier Jordan Luc es are smooth an me finest 1 I liatikabiel 11 Certer ig i lk a' 0 a 0 Stuart cigarettes you ever smoked They are made of the finest Turkish and domestic tobaccos properly aged 4 itt 1 4 Plumbing Repairs and blended with great skill and there is an extra I We Come Prepared" 1 MORE POWER Prompt Set-vice process in treating the tobacco 1 MELFI'S SYSTEM nm 0 oke Lucky 'r I like 2-' 110RE MILEAGE 2 Phone 7-0570 Iterry Notonsts 113 Twenty-Sevanth Atel I IF LESS CARBON 1 i CK START 7 RUI 1 ---'''1 tildlthnter 66 kai di" i 7 4- i olo PI LOOK FOP ON HE ell Psi 01 PU1'1 t--t IL 9kc rtit di tps 1 0 5 1 lz es E7 TA EF NIsiNTELIsCsKEYt LI Liu rim Pp TT 00 1414 ts 77 07 30 as IlL IIMP Witen'tstN l''orlk rpm are coral Se SAtISSACTORY COAL 4 ally invited to see how teckyStratta- 6 0 DrLIVERY Your Throat Protection ere mails at our exhibit comer 2 BICIINICII 0 Broadway and 45th Scrod 5 I tkv -v 1 2 FOR $450 rittik air: 1S OF 1niMain.

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