The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 14, 1908 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 14, 1908
Page 3
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SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1908. THE Bj Dependable Goods at Welll's Stove Buyers, Listen! Buy The Champion Interchangeable Range Something new and by far the best stove that has ever been put on the market. Every range warranted, and you'll alwnj's count your your money well spent when you buy one. You can change it from pas to coal or vi<;c versa in less than five seconds. Tt takes less fuel to run it than any other stove, and has all the greatest conveniences possible. We've already sold cpiite a number, and prospective stove buyers should by all means see this fine, up-to-date and splendid range. HENEY SHOT Phones—Dry Goods, 142 Hardware, 224. Groceries, 142 1418-1422 Nineteenth Street u Over The Tehachapi by Daylight Daily train leaves Fresno 8:50 a. m. Arrives Los Angeles 8:35 p. m. Leaves Los Angeles 7:33 a. m. Arrives Fresno 7:17 p. m. A DELIGHTFUL TRIP USE THIS TRAIN Southern Pacific Co* HANG ME IF YOU WANT TO SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 13.—For more than an hour Morris Haas, the would-be slayer of Heney, was interrogated by Captain Duke nn-1 \V. J. Burns. Hans made a rambling statement that he had determined to kill Mr. Heney and saving In the next that he hoped Mr. Heney would not die and th.'tt he had nothing against him, but doggedly maintaining all the time that neither Ruef nor his attorneys had anything to do with getting him on the jury In Ruef's previous trial or with his attempt to assassinate' tlio assistant district attorney. "My name is Morris Haas," said he. "Yes. i shot Heney. He ruined my life. Heney pronounced his own death sentence when he denounced me in court. I have had no business at all j since that time. It was an outrage of Heney to do that. I am the wronged man, not he. People ostracized me; they would not even look at me any more. Heney had no right to do that. My conviction and serving In the pen: itentlnry was public record. Why did ! he not look into that. "My God! I have a wife and four children. Do yon think I would have brought these children Into tlie world to have them branded ^hat way through Heney's exposure of me In that way? I don't care what becomes of me now. You can hang me or do anything you want with me." Haas asked Burns to take some cigars from one of his pockets, retain one himself and give him one, as he j could talk better then. He also asked repeatedly that the handcuffs be taken from his wrists, saying, "I won't hurt you." It developed from Haas' replies to RUEF SENT FOR DOCTOR (Continued From Page 1.) ihr newspaperman, McCahe or Koley. Heney's special body Kii'ii'l. standing about eight feet away, could make a move, there was a (lash and a 1'nni report rang out through die roiiriroMin. l"'ii' .1 moment everybody seemed stunue.l ;md paralyzed. The wonld-be nssussin. whose revolver was within a t'i'iii iind a half of Heney's head when he pulled the trigger. stepped line); liis anas by his side, one hand .still < -luK-lilng the smoking pistol, as It' hesiiiiiiun what to do. For a frar. lion n! a second an Impressive silence followed the report, while the smoke of the shot la/lly floated away. Then follow,. ,| a dramatic scene. "My God! He Has Shot Heney!" Exclamations of horror burst from the crowd. Hall' of the spectators, evidently fearln; further shooting, made a frantic rush for the doois. Before the would-be murdered oonl.l raise his pistol again, Foley and E. .J. Wlskot- chill, a special pollo.erirti., v ere- upon him. threw him to the floor n'ld wrested the weapon from his grasp. He struggled, but was dragge I to the jiny box, thrown on his bad; n;:d there i held down, .just us the 'ciry. attracted • by the shot, came Imrst'iK through th« FURNI1URE LINOLEIMS THE ONE-PRICE STORE \Vr wish to announce, that" we hiivc just addeel to our store a very large stock of PICTURES Come in and select soine- thinirfor your home. A picture placed lu-iv and there on (lie walls jfivos the room a elieerfnl air. Yon can select, from a stock fhat is lar^e enoUL'h to atVord just what you want or what, your friends would appreciate. There is no present that is more pleasing than u nice pielnre. N PHILIP W. T> IEDERAUK 1408-10 19th St. Main 173 CARPETS STOVES Burns censured some of hl« wen fop It it Bald, not BO much for fear thi allowing him to get away anil Chief ho would endeavor to floo, as for h of Police HiKgy immediately sent own safety from possible mob Tl men to hunt for him. RueC, however, lence. ain.oiu-ecl In front of tho tmlIdln B a Evidently fearing that some demoi little later and sent Ln word that the R t ra t!on might be made also agalm officer at the door would not let him tho woll |d-be assassin the police r hi. He was taken at once Into the court room. In the meantime several accounts of the tragedy were betng told' In different parts of the court room. While Mr. Heney was lying on tho floor, the newspaper men approached time had not been Identified, and asked for his name. At first he refused to give It, then he said: "1 am Morris Haas, Heney ruined me. I don't care what becomes of me now." Ach Says 'TIs Outrage. In another corner of the building, Ach and Dozler, Rnef's counsel, were VOICE CULTURE MISS JANE BARBER Late of Detroit Conservatory of Music Studio Phone 338 Main Residence Main 302 CARRIERE'S SCHOOL OF MUSIC private entrance. As tho man who fired the shot stepped back from the assistant district attorney, with tlv smoking weapon in his hand, he kept his ryu on Mr. Heney as If to >-ee how effective his aim had been. Mr. Hem v arose out ..„„, „„, .,,...,„ „„ of his chair, put his 'o bl« head, questions put to him that today wasj tnc " lf)0(I streaming fh •>!:£,!> his flaa the first time that he was In the court-l crs nml reddening the un>'* In front of ,„ „ „„„ „„„.,.., „,.,. ., ..„,...,,,,., „, room In Carpenter's hall and the third j hlm - leaned over n moment and was h n the chambers of Judge Lawlor. time that he had attended Ruef's pres- cr - l; « fl1 us '"' ufg.-m to fail. I "My God," exclaimed Ach. "I wish ent trial. | He was iald He said that, he had spent some time today In-a nickelodeon on Flllmore street, saying that he "went there to hide because It was dark,' 'and went home about '2 o'clock feefing "miserable." At .'!:"(( he left his home and walked to the court room, arriving there a little after 4, just after a recess had been taken. Pressed again and ngaln by bis Interrogators as to why he had shot Mr. Heney, Haas said: j "1 will give yon a reason. I did it I for biimantt v's sake." "Why didn't you shoot Ruef for humanity's Millie." "Because Hni-f did not denounce me that day. Oh, what I have suffered since then—don't talk. 1 bad to do It. 1 didn't take any revenge upon Air. lleney. I absolutely didn't." FOR SALE EUCALYPTUS TREES 3,000,000, Leading Varieties Eucalyptus Land and Timber Company, Edward C. Crihli, 1'res. W. S. Thatcher, Sec'q. 123 So. Broadway, Los Angeles; Cal. moved Haas tonight from the olty prison. It could not be learned whither he had been taken. "I'll live to prosecute that man," declared Mr. Henoy on the operating table at tho Central Kmc-rgoncy Hospital, where the surgeons were prob- the wonld-be assassin, who up to that Ine |\I* wound. The wounded assls- Business address Phone 161. THE MAJESTIC. THIS IS THE CAR A FACT PROVEN. :kep- Now try and conceive a car almost ns silent as the photograph Itself— • car vibrant with pent-up power under filnger-Up control; a car that will glide noiselessly up alongside the aristocracy of motordom and lack nothing that the latter possesses except a higher price—and you will have formed a fair mental picture of the revelation that awaits* you. Dismiss from your mind the Idea that you have ever seen a low-priced car which was In the same class aa this $1550 four cylinder 30 horsepower Cadillac. Where you have seen little cars at a low price, you will now soe a big car at a low price. Where you have Hitherto seen spidery outlines and bandbox proportions, you will now see size and strength and dignity. Where you have seen Indifferent material skimped and saved to rnalce possible a low price, you will now see a car built of the finest steels money can buy, used In full and generous measure—and the same palnstak- ang, conscientious system o( construction, down to the last nut and bolt, that has been typical ot the Cadillac plant from the first year of Its history. Deliveries early next month. First car load already sold. 0. E. Qetchell, Agent, Bakersfield Auto Supply Co. 19th and 0 Sti. Tel. Main 1260 Jhould Convince Even the Mont tlcal of IU Truth. If there Is the slightest doubt In the minds of any that Dandruff germs <lo not exist, their belief la compelled by the fact that a rabbit Innoculatcd with thf germs became bald In six weeks' time. It must be apparent to any person therefore that the only prevention of baldness la the destruction ot the K»rm— which act Is successfully ncr<imp!lshpd In one hundred per cent, of r:is«s by the application of Newbrn's Hcrpldde. Dandruff Is caused by the sunn* germ which causes baldness ami can h", prevented with the same remedy—Nowbro * HerplclUe. Accept 'io substitute. "Destroy tht cause, you remove tho effect " Sold by loading drugclflts. Pen'' 1*:. In stamp* for sample to The ItorplrMe Co., Detroit Mleh. Two sizes, 50c and $1.00, J. A. HUGHES, Agent. on t.iie Hot i Chatles Cl-.ver and John Foley. '.wo special de-1 n cuves connected with the district at- t(: tier's office, holding hU bead out o 1 '.he pool of blood wM'.'s Howe I from : ',if!e which appeared to lie .Just he- lev his ''l^ht frmple. He was ean } srtrms and when the As:'«>ci itei 1 Tress \ re .ivi-'entaiive dropped down by hi^ I fide and ."-imke 'o him his fi. I v i-i-e: "Send for my wK"'' j Calls Wound Pan'. j fir. II. A. Kineks, w!i--> v:i j foi.n room at the tini", •.•iiK j ilr,ley's .side, made a 'la-it ! tint; and pronounced •.voitn.led. .Mr. Heney M j co.iiDOHed, the peculiar.-''!' lie is Itiiown, was still liov lii.s lips. He evidently that he was fatally hurt. Turning hi* eyeH to .folin ()'f!ara, bis assistant In Ihe Irln). he Hiiid: "I want to make a dying statement, I believe I am Kofnn tci die. I wit a .sitllfif,' at my table when I felt what I thought was a blow. I do not know who shot me. 1 was doing notli- itiK to anyone." Ruef and his two attorneys, who 1 were out on the sidewalk, were startled bj the report and started for the courtroom, but were forced down the steps 'by the crowd rushing frantically out, and police roftifdiiK to admit them. Bring Doctor in Ruef's Auto. "What has happened?" shouted Uitef to thp Associated Press representative as tin latter ran out to the nearest telephone. "Heney has been shot," was the reply. "My God! Who did that?" he asked Ruef's automobile stood la front of the, building and he Immediately ordered his chauffour to gei the nearest physician. The car returned a few minutes later with Dr. A. 8. Tuchler of 703 Van Ness avenue. Medical assistance was somewhat slow in arrlvliiK and Dr. Tuchler was the first phyfdclan on the scene, Mr. Heney In the. meantime lying on his side In the court room with a piece of rug under his head. H was some time before the ambulance arrived tant district attorney was entirely coiiKclotts and grlttlly endured the ordoul. Mrs, Heney arrived at the hospital a few minutes after her husband had been taken there and later accompanied him to the Lane hospital. "Talking about inventi'uis," said the business man ,"I have u little machine in my place that would mako me a millionaire If I could keep It go- Ing all the time." "What Is It?" " A cash register."—Cat!io'.:i- Standard 'and Times. DON'T PUT IT OFF UNTIL TOMORROW FIX YOUR ROOF TODAY If the cost, worrii^ > ' consult us. We will myriwalily snn>rise yon. Attain you can 'i" it S() quickly. MALTHOID ROOFING IS JUST WHAT YOU WANT. Conu's in rolls, quickly ap- costs HO little, plied, comes iii any width; Pioneer Mercantile Co Phone Main 98. GUI I had nveer taken a criminal case In my life. I'll never take another when I get out of this ono. This Is a dastardly outrage. I cannot express my self in strmiB enough terms. Mr. Heney did not denounce this) man Haas. If he is the one who did the shooting. In the pursuance of his duty be disclosed the fact during the other trial of Mr. Ruef, I hat Haas was an ex-convict and as such hud j him dismissed from the jury box. I sincerely hope tha! Mr. lleney will recover." Mo/.lor also regretted that lie- was engaged in a criminal case after having several titnc.s made a resolution Unit he would not again lake one. "Its gr-tllng to he a pretty slate of civilization when a man eiiK'^t'il In tho pursuance. oJ' bis duty Is shot down In an open .court room. II was a dastardly act, an outrageous deed." And So Does Ruef. Huef also dfiiotiJiceil the attempted assassination most vehemently. "I was standing In front of tho I'ltilding talking to my attorneys when wo heard the shot," said he. "We tried to gel In, but were stopped by the crowd that rushed out. The. I first I knew that It was Mr. Heney ] who hud boon shot was when a news- ; paper man came running out and i Khouled to me as he run up tho , street. I Immediately ordered my : chauffeur to take my car and get ; the nearest physician that he could find. I cannot find language strong enough to denounce the attempt to kill Mr. Heney.' Even before Mr. Henoy had been removed from the court room. Captain of Police Duke, took Haas in charge and after Informing him that whatever ho might say would bo used against him, began to Interrogate him, the statement of the ex-convict liefng taken down In shorthand. Haas a Convicted Embezzler. Haas was convicted of embezzlement in San Bernardino County and on May ^r>. IXX8, was sentenced to two years In San Quentln. He served one year and eight months, having leilhet&laylor Order today some of our fine MOUNTAIN CADHAUE. Have yon tried our CKKEIIY and that fresh fAn.lFLOWRIl? Phono us when you want good fresh vegetables. 1423 19th S. Phone Main 401 Annett'sBakery WE SERVE HOT DRINKS ATI OUR SODA FOUNTAIN. COMEJ IN WHEN YOU'RE UP TOWN] AND TAKE A CUP OF HOT| CHOCOLATE OR BULLION. THE BEST OF MATERIALS) ARE USED IN OUR SERVICE. WE KNOW THAT YOU WILL BE PLEASED WITH A TRIAL. 1627 19th St. Phone M 390 which convoyed tho wounded assis j earned four months by good behav- tail I district attorney to the Central mergency Hospital, but four blockH away, from where he was removed about 7 o'clock to tho I,ari<! Hospital. 1 News Spreads Like Wildfire. Tin- report of the attempted assaa- lor, and was released on January 1889. Some years later ho was married and has a wife and four children. He lived with his family at 1848 McAllister street and was engaged In the saloon business at, the tlm<i slmition spread throughout the city 1,0 was drawn upon the jury panel like wlld/li-o and caused excitement | for tho se.cond trial of Huef last May. and Indignation. An Immense crowd gathered around Carpenter's hall, to where Judge Uiwlor had moved bin court- this week on account of the- lack of room and facilities In tho temporary criminal court building- Sovoral hundred people followed the ambulance from the> hall to tho Central Emergency Hospital and, down town, thousands gathered- around the bulletin boards. Within a few niltmtea after tho shooting Chief of I'olico W. J. Hlggy with W,. ,J. HtiniB, former United States secret service agent, who la at the head of special detect lven employed by tho prosecution In the bribery-graft, caws, Rudolph Sprw-ck- els, the prominent capitalist, who financed the prosecution, C'aplalriK nf Police Oleeson, Duko and Wright and a large force, of police were on the gcene. Report That Ruef Fled. There was no host He demonstration In the big crowd In front of I ho building, but. Koine threatening iniir- mur» began to bo heard. Ruef was After hn had been passed by both | sides, Mr. Heney learned that ho was an ex-convict. He dramatically confronted Haas with his picture, in convict stripes, e.lonely cropped hair, with a number HCTOKH his bn-ast. Haas was forced to admit his penitentiary record and was Immediately c'lscharged from tho jury. From his statement It appears that he has been brtxxlliiK over his exposure ever nlnco that, day and has nursed a dec-ii hatred <if Mr. llenoy which culminated In today's tragedy. Ruef is Put in Jail. At ~i:\"i .Indue l.awlor reconven-'! fouH. Ho had ntreadv sent the jury to the St. Francis hotel in charge o( iicnuiv siierlffi As Mion as a blance of ordor was restored, the court ordered Huef. vho hn« been at liberty on bonds awegRtini? |J,50<1,. IKHI. into tile custody of, ill" sheriff and he was H>on iifterwnirt taken to ibe "ounty jail. His counsel, Ach and i Hosier, offered formal objocilons to j the action of the court. Ixmler then ! demanded that, Gallagher, thn wit- [ ness, ho also orderiMl Into the CHS- j cross- j ThiH surrounded by a large number of peo pie and quietly slipped away, going | tody of ihe sheriff until his with Or. TuchJer to tlio Intter's offtce examination had been finished. for a little while. This led to a re- was refused by tho eonrt. port that the former political hoss The action of Judge l-awlor In or- had disappeared and Special Agent flerlng Ruef Into custody was taken, Kahler Says: Compound Syrup Eucalyptus with Muriate of Ammonia is sin al'.scilnti' sal'i; and a iniylity handy preparation (o keep in (he house. A valuable jvuifdy for folds. liroiidiial ( 'ntat'i'li, Spasmodic Croup and all diseases n f the air passages. AVIieti every holm; ill [i!iUers!ie!d ha i > a luittle nf jj nil hand tliert! will In 1 a ureat deal less Remember that we are headquarters for Guaranteed Rubber goods — At right prices. BAKERSflELD DRUG CO. Kahler Bros, PHONE MAIN 42 Corner 19th * I 6U.

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