The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 14, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Saturday, November 14, 1908
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Vol. XX. BAKERSFIELI), CALIFORNIA. SATURDAY, NOVEMBER. U. 1908. No. 91 Valley Association Names Officers, Addresses Made Delegates to tho Sim .Toaijulii Valley Commercliil Association met In Workmen's hall this mo and afternoon. Tonight they wli! end their labors with n banquet In t!i» dining room of the Bakersfleld Club, al which they will be llio guests of A. Walll, Major Rice and other locil Inis'lnesH men. » At the election of otttcen (his morning the following oxesitli'.'os were chosen: President. Ue'uni Robe'ts, of Madora, re-elected; see'-clary, Roy Payne, Fresno, taking the place of 0. W.Webb, treasurer; A. E. Mlot, VI- s:ilia. In place of William Robertson, of Fresno. This morning's meeting was opened by an address of welcome, given the visiting delegates by A. Welll, in behalf of the local Board of Trade. Return Roberts, presMent of the Association, responded with a few happy remarks, and the delegates then proceeded to business. HENEY SHOT DOWN FIRST HALF BUT WILL RECOVER A TIE 'Road Work Under State Control, {the side which they represent. Soutti- Among the interesting addresses of ern California, the central coa«t, and, the day was that of J. M. Eddy, sec- tne Sacramento Valley counties will; vetary* of the Stockton Chamber of have very Impressive exhibits. Mr. Commerce, who Is also the secretary Filcher Is now endeavoring to secure, of the recently organized California entries from the San Joaquln Valley, Good Roads Association. Mr. Eddy and after being In Fresno believes outlined to the delegates an ambl- that a very creditable display will be tlous plan of the association to put', made, all road work under state supervls- A specialty will be made of miner- SYMPTOMS FAVOR HIS RECOVERY ATTORNEY SHOT THROUGH .. HEAD Ion. "In Stockton," Raid Mr. Edfty, "we have just received two highway en- glners, sent out from Washington, D. C., where they learned scientific road building. Fresno and lx>s Angeles I al exhibits, and Kern .County Is expected to take the lead with a large 1 display of oils and their products. i Mr. Filcher will also endeavor to secure exhibits of gypsum, tungsten, ind silver ores, borax, etc.. day of specialists In this is In every other, 1 come. In the next few weeks Pllrto n&- accompanies SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 4.—Francis J. Heney, who was shot down yesterday In Judge Lawlor's court, wilt recover from his injuries, unless the predictions of his physicians fail. At the end of an anxious night at the t.ane hospital It was reported that he SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 13.—The San Francisco bribery-graft cases had a dramatic climax today when Assistant District Attorney Francis J. Heney, who Iras been in charge of the prosecution during its course of two .. ._ t .,_ years, was shot ajid seriously wound- displayed* symptoms most favorable. I ed in the crowded courtroom by Mor- LAN6DON SAYS BOUGHTEN PRESS FRESNO, Nov. 14.—"The slanderous, lying, boughten press should now be satisfied, since It accomplish- ne 'ii"y' ed the purpose H set out to d", name- j ly, bring about assassination," said District Attorney Ijingdon, who was First Half—Stanford, 3; Berkeley, 3. BERKELEY, Nov. 14.-—On California Ill-Id, at 2:30 this afternoon, the football teams representing Stanford and the University of California lined up for (heir annual Intercollegiate football game. This will be the eighteenth annual contest between the two universities, and the third under the Rug:>y rules. Stanford Is favored to win, though the contest promises to be a, close one. The average weight Of the men in Stanford squad is 1G6, that of California, 161. Eastern Results. Princeton, Nov. 14.—First halt, Princeton 6, Yale 0. Princeton 6, Yale 11. Nov. II.—First half, Cor- He slept long and well, and there was no recurrence of the nausea that last night followed the shock, of the -(Pain and wound. Morris Haas, the ex-convict' and Mr. Flloher, Is Interesting the /local i educators In the educational exhibit ris Haas, an ex-cotivict. The shooting occurred during a brief recess In the third trial of Abe Ruef on the charge of bribery, which Is now In Its eleventh week. With four uniformed policemen In bullet into Heney's head, spent a j the hall, half a dozen of the prosecu- sleepless night in the county jail. He, tlon's special detectives within a feV was guarded against possible mob vlo- j feet, one of them detailed especially lence by a detachment of city police i as his bo.iy guard to see that no at- - ...... ____________ former 'liquor dealer, who fired the To Prevent Waste of Water. view with Governor Gillett, In which a comprehensive scheme of placing all road work under state control will ; Mr. A. E. Mlot of VIsalla, secretary be outlined. Legislation to this* of- , of the Tulare County Board of Trade, feet will be introduced at the coming and Colonel John P. Irish were at the session of the legislature. Though the ( last meeting of the association ap- work will be a matter of years ' we pointed as a committee to study the hope eventually to have all road , subject of the •conservation of the un- work taken up by a state commission derground waters of the valley. Af- while all road englners will be se- tor, making a searching Investigation armed'with rifles. He was even closely watched for an attempt at suicide. Ruef spent the night in the same building. Although the period of excitement following the shooting lasted tempi was made upon his life, ulid several court bailiff's aud attaches scattered about, the aggressive special prosecutor wlidse fearless and relentless work In the exposure and prose- far Into the night, and although In- j cution of graft In the municipal affairs temperate speeches and rash counsel i of this city earned him many enemies, iectod by the -civil service plan. I Col. Irish has prepared a. bill, whlc "This will make the big centers of W . IH *» e Introduced at the nrict session population, which have over half 'the of the legislature, Intended to serve assessed valuation of the, state, con- ns n check "P° n wasteful pumping tribute their share to the work of from the underground basin which road building, flit plan they this expense. were given, not a single attempt at violence was reported. Condition Satisfactory. At 11 o'clock this morning the at- was shot in sight of 500 persons. Says Wound Isn't Fatal. Mr. Heney is now in the Lane hospital and the physicians say that his In this city last shooting occurred. night when the "Not having been contented with the assassination of men's characters, they have resorted to the barbarous methods of removing from their sphere of action and usefulness the men whose duty and sense of right impel them to oppose the nefarious schemes of rich criminals. The noisy portion of the pulv- lis has tried to create the Impression for some months^ that, the prosecu- ARBOR, Nov. 11.—First half, Pennsylvania 6, Michigan D. CAMBRIDGE. Nov. 11—First half, Harvard 0, Dartmouth n. Final. Harvard C, Dartmouth 0. EMPEROR OF CHINA 18 FINALLY DEAD. •:- PEK1N, Nov. 14, ',i D. m.— * •> The Emperor died shortly after * * 5 o'clock this afternoon. This * * report Is authentic. The report * * of the death of the Empress * * Is not given credence. * lion should be stopped as it was in-j ROCKEFELLER TO TAKE STAND, jurlng business. The great mass of the people, however, upon every opportunity they have had to speak through tho ballot, have squarely for the continuance NEW: YORK. Nov. 14.—J. D. Rockefeller Is expected to gon on the wit- stood j ness stand In the hearing of the gov- of the ernment suit to dissolve the Standard graft prosecution. I am optimistic' Oil Company next week anfl tell the enough to believe that It will always j »tory of the gigantic corporation. tending physicians issued a statement i wound Is not fatal. Haas Is in the while und-er the pres- nlmost entirely escape The use of the automobile has made the having of good roads of fully as much advantage to them as the country resident, and underlies the valley. "Thip Is & difficult matter to handle." sal4 Mr. Mlot today, In speaking of the bill, "and while there has been much legislation In ragard to water rights on streams above ground, that Heney was resting easily and that his condition was satisfactory. The next consultation was set for 7 o'clock this evening. An X-ray photograph of the wound was taken,, but the plates are not yet dry. * Haas on th? Rack. An offlcial. interrogation of Haas took place In the court mom a few moments after the wounded prosecu- city prison. The would-be assassin is a saloonkeeper, who was drawn uu-j )n ftnv coramumtVi howavcr far j *_ — -— •—•=-. (lr | f ' t ,- rom lne higher Ideals (lion must be rarrled to a successful it muy that should be found in civic life, in city, state and nation. "The great mass termination or anarchy must bo ad- of the people on"th<Tsecond'tritti"of Ruef and"who! stand for civic demu-y, common after having been temporarily passed honesty in public and prtvato, by both sides, was exposed in a dra- nffalrs. and though they may be mis- uiatic manner by Mr. Heney as nn ex-convict, i.nd discharged from the jury. Haas declared after the shooting l!lt?l.L <1.1 III* vtMHHIJ tt^lln..lll, unvi . , . . . i UIUJUCULO ULL^Jl illc «UUUUCU IJIUOCT^U- there Is no reason that they should there ls , flraeticaVly none In regard to t removed to the hospital. . . . \1Cte\ rtrttl \\Tno1 i\ nf rt\A Itt f J-JIVM rt T *t»r» f r\t*c> _. . «•-- w »» — ._,£. v... . not contribute to their maintenance.' Callfornias Exhitlt at Exposition. Mr. ,T. A. Flli'her. state cnmmls- sloner tr> thn Alaska-Yukon Kxposi- tion at Si'attlf this spring, also nd- drefis»d tho deleeates in n most in- Jcri'Htlng manner In regard to the plans for California's exhibit. Mr. 1'Mlclirr plans a f'aMfornl.1 bnil^line HO foot square. In the •renter will be n rentor-piocp, with a pagoda top, with as many sides as there will be sections of the stale grinding in comprehensive exhibits. Tho division planned includes Southern California, the Central Coast counties, the northern bay counties, the Sac- ramonto Valley and the San Joaqviln Valley, and the exhibits from each section will be displayed in front of and waste of the Internal waters of the valley. Our bill is intended to prevent such waste, which is apparent in many localities. ft will stop those who pump water which only "rlVocts to nrake frog; ponds, white a 'i"ighboring rancher, perhaps, cannot secure enough of the precious fluid for his needs. H will infringe upon of a table and at times hla wandering gaze fell upon the pools of blood on tin- floor where Honey reclined. There were present, as interrogators Chief Biggy, Captain Dukea and Detective Burns, the latter doing most of the questioning. In his answers Haas seemed wan- that Honey had ruined his life by thlH exposure and that he had determined to kill him for that reason. Mr. Heney had finished tho cross- of James L. Giil- mltted to bold sway In San Frandfr cn. That admission will never b« made. "The oauRp of good government 1ms rofeivod a. severe shock by the load tor"a"time yet they are"Inherent-1 attempted assassination of Heney, ly honoBt and In the will uphold the right and condemn Inn t ho rights of none, but.will prevent do ..' ing aml somewhat Incoherent, needless waste.' • More Uniform Advertising. "•jlter H. Klllam, formerly a Bale- ersfiold newspaper mfln, and now sec wrong. "I do not think It would IK; proper or opportune to express an opinion as to the effect this attempted assassination will have upon the graft l.-iqiior, the jv. osooution's most. Import-i prosecution, as I fool that the loss ant witness in all the bribery-graft j of (lie life of <i tnnn like Honey cases and file coiifes.soil "go-between"! would make any success far too of Ruef and the former board of super-1 costly. However, the graft pro.socii- visors. Henry Ach, chlof counsel foritfon will go on. Neither kidnaping Knot", had .subjected Gallagher to a bribery, dynamiting nor assassination cross-examination for two hours, W ni paralyze tho arm of the law. The law must, he enforced, the proHoeii- retary of the Modesto Board' of Trade, was another interesting speaker. Mr. JTime and again-his mind reverted to '.ho exposures brought about by the prosecution, while several times ho expressed regret for what occurred. At other points of the inquisition he spoke of the shooting as a matter Ktllam believes in a more uniform ; decided upon and to be accepted as a system of boosting for Hie entire val- matter of course. (Continued on Haas first doscrlb- • o;l his movements of yesterday. He i ro'.i! or a trip in the mon.lng to the Ready For Your Overcoat? seven in i lie afternoon when Judge Lawlor declared a brief recess at 4: Oil o'clock. Tiie jury filed out and Mr. Heney ami Ach and Dozier, at the request, of tho judge, went Into hl« chamber to confer with him on some proposed Instructions to the jury. At the conclusion of the conference, Ach, Dozler, Ruef and Judge Lawlor wont out of the court room to tho street In front of the building, which is located on Fulton street, near Van Ness avenue. Mr. Heney, Instead of going outside to enjoy a brief airing, stepped for a moment Into an ante-room, and then came buck to his counsel table. While many of tile people who crowded the court room until there was no standing room loft,, hud also gone on tho outside walk, there was still a large crowd in the room. Body Guard Eight Feet Away. Mr. Honey was leaning over his table conversing in low tones with Al McCabe, chief clerk in the district attorney's office. Directly In front of him was James L. Gallagher, tho witness, and a representative of the AH- socluted Press had Jim! walked to Mr. Henev's table and was standing at his made today by by Detective Thomas F. liurke, who slept in the cell with Hiiiis last night lias not been made public, but It Is known the prisoner made no disclosures regarded HS Important. He slept scarcely at ail a' 1 cording to the detective HIK! the only food taken since his arrest. IIHS been ! ;i cup of coffee. j Upon matters Included In his statement last night, he talked freely win n questioned but at times* ritmhle I as i!' unconscious of what lie was saying. | eutor. Again he lapse,1 Into moody silences broken only by meaningless mutter- The detective declared Haas acted like a man Intoxicated and ex- one of its loading advocates who has boon absolutely unselfish In his services tr> tho public. I know positively (lint Honey has given hlft entire time to UK; public service fur two yours without one-dollar of compensation either given or promised. There are few men In this country .v)\o PD=SOSS the traits of character which make Honey the (ndomiiltable, fofirlesK. persevering prosecutor that ho is known to lie. "I trust Honey will recover, and I nlso IIDJIO tli.'it the press of California, i that portion of the press of Callfor- | nla which has boon unjustifiably hos- itlle to the.graft prosecution, will realize i he error of its way and will here| after support and sustain the -cause I of good government, regardless of (lie personality of the mon engaged .In the. work. The hostile, press should i realize that it Is one of tho causes of the divided sentiment In San Francisco. It has caused a Haas to be found who In open court and In the presence of many persons should wantonly shoot down a public prose- The press and the men who Irmvo undoubtedly primed and encouraged Hnas to wreak vengeance upon Honov from a fancied wrong arising out of tho public work are to blame pressed tile belief that he is at least | entirely for the tragedy o" today." j partially demented. Ruef Still In Jail. Abraham Ruef was titill confined in jiiil ill noon and it seemed no prospect of a move to secure his liberty would be ninde before the resumption of tho trial on Monday next. Message from Roosevelt. A telegram supploiueiitinK ,'iio one The very thing that suits you is .waiting for you in our splendid collection of models. We are showing a line of Overcoats without equal in this town. If you want further proof, we invite you to make 'your own comparison. loft elbow waiting for nn opportunity j t( > Honov not made public and re-, onranl/ , , f . han to speak to him/when n .small man. «•«»«<> by Rudolph bpree.kela trom i • , , , o no:,! v ntllred, approached the assist- P™K dent Roosevelt, expressed horor u f , , * *• ' * .. , ., „ . i ., i tliji « I 11. t-> i i it < ul fiuLKiUuttiiitlni-i 'iinl .-I — * • i ant district attorney from behind In quick step, b'ut with deliberation. Suddenly his right hand shot out and THE TOGGERY IOW1U 4 KOOM (Continued on Page 3.) of the city auditor whero he | I cashed his warrant for jury service.' j ng He next visited a friend and borrow-.i n fid twenty dollars, of which he gavojv )e -his wife ten upon his return home. I Leaving home he had two glasses of 1 beer at. a Fllmore street saloon and ! visited a nickelodeon. He again returned home and remained until halt an hour before the shooting, when ho walked Into the court room. He said he had owned the revolver with which the shooting was done since 1901, and It had been In his pocket since Thursday He had carried it at various tlim/i for the past few years. Discussing the nrHlvn of the attack he continually made reference to the disgrace of his exposure and his answers conveyed vliC Idea that he brooded over public reference to his past life. During the day (let- ctlvos endeavor to obtain a mo'ro comprehensive at the attempted assassination, and llio earnest hope of Honey's recovery. Continuing it says: "ISvory decent American Hhoiil.l join not only in pui-j ting a stop to the wave ol violent | crime of which this act is but one of j I the symptoms, but also In stamp- ( out tho heinous corruption which men like this would- assassin breed and flourish,"; After expressing further hopes of j Heney's recovery the President closes "I earnestly hope, whether recovery; or not, there will be no faltering In i the work In which Mr. Honey Is so> gallant u louder." Haas Acted Alone. Unas repeatedly denied that he communicated his intention to anyone. Ho mild he had been in tlm court room but three times since his discharge as a juror. Tuesday or Wednesday, according to his recollection, ho was ordered hack into his KO;U by a policeman. Haas is n n.itlvo of \Vurteniburg, Germany, mid him resided here ulnco 1X76. lie is 4X yours old and It has been 20 years since his release from the penitentiary, mi I he hiis heeii e::- Mr, Uingdon was asked If he be- liovoii tho attempted assassination of Honey would give rlso to a vlgl- lanto committee. He said: "I am a law officer of the County of San Francisco. I shall use every means ivlthln my power to suppress any movement of that, kind should It be suggsled or started. I Iwlieve in enforcing tho law through the regularly channels. While It may be edious method yet It la best and the only one (hut will bo. tolerated." siatement from the would-li The city was scoured bv officers with the Intention of establishing ills every movement for weol<« past. A Mass Meeting. Preparations will be perfected for a mass meeting today by citl/.ons of the league of justice, where It Is expected addresses will be made by prominent gaged In the retail liquor business .-illice. | Lawyers Volunteer. I District Attorney Lanedon arrived j thlH morning from Fresno ami un-j noimced lie will accept the services | of Malt I. Sullivan, Hiram Johnson.] and .1. J. Dwyor, three attorneys who] proffered their services as asHlhfaiHNi to hin office In the prosecution of Ruot, | citizens and resolutions passed culliim j and other proceeding in connection I for ciuieU'Tiol prosecution of the men i with the graft prosecution. 'Indicted on the various charges eon-1 Kach hus a large, practice, yet vol- • nected with municipal corruption. untoerod for what may prove u lengthy - • . - .. period kind. The With Prisoner in Cell. report of the chief of police without remuneration of any Write Right Anytime, Anywhere A i>iiii|ern essential is the fountain pen. A source of endless sntis- fjietion if it 1)0 a good one, MMII.V people who need a fountain pou have as yet failed ID experience tho aid that: ono renders. We nro atronfs for the WATERMAN IDEAL FOUNTAIN PEN, the one without useless attachments or complicated mocha ilium, '''he one that writes riirht all the time. Dmr> in and see. them. $2.50 to $15. THE KODAK STORE. J. A. HUGHES The Leading Prescription Druggist Phone* Main 64 and 74.

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