The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 13, 1908 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, November 13, 1908
Page 8
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THE BAKERS FIELD CAIJPORNIAN FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1908. E MAIN £3 and 86 Thoughts of Christmas Make a note of this-—we shall stock some new trift articles this year that you will wish to investigate early. There will be many a sur- )>riso here for early buyers. The Store of Eastman Kodaks. Baer's Leading Druggists. BOLD EFFORT CAPTAINS FOR AT ASSAULT TAB DAY At about I I o'clock last night a bold attempt HI assault was made upon n young ulrl, of .)'!!• of the most prom- 1 iiieiii HaUeistiold families, in the yard of her home Tlie Intruiler, who was ! not rt'Cimiily.ed, stole upon her and •;rasped her about the neck and waist, -ihe screamed, tore herself away, iind | threw herself upon the back porch of I her home, while other members of the ! family ran to her aid. j The assailant disappeared quickly jln Hie darkness. The only description [that could lie gained from the fright ] eneil girl was that her j of medium height and assailant was build, wore a small round hut and a sweater vest. [ Tlii- outrage was at once reported to ' nttlcors Doll. (Hi-tin, and Howen. by .1 member of the family, and a search I of the' tenderloin was begun for a man A "ing day" In the very near future, "for Hie iii'.ncflt of the Children's Shelter, Is now a certainty. A meet- Ing will he held at the Shelter tomorrow nftermxm at 3 o'clock nt which final plans for the affair will lie laid. It Is hoped that the "day" can be arranged for the latter part of next week. On the appointed day the services of all who will Join In the good work J "" will lie enlisted to sen that a Is placed uiwm the breast of "tag" j i every' Dr. J. S. Weiser Manager of the Weiser Optical Co., 10W I street, Vresno will be in Hakorstiold tile week coininenriliLr Moli- itay. November 1<>. l!tn>, ami will stop at the New Southern Hotel. Eyes Examined Free All >1( Work Guaranteed 'answering Ihe H'-ur-ral description glv- ,'•11. With so little clue to work on, lit- j tie headway could be made, and there i were no arve ' NATIVE DAUGHTERS i PLAY TONIGHT. ; , . .—. + C'hiirlej "s Amu with van li-villo mini- hers, nill be pro:-oi.'e I I'Miigl.! at the Scrilmer's Theater nn-ler Hie auspices r-' iiie N D. C W. The final rehearsal proved that Iiie polio: 1 :.vmco will be well win ill tho price ol admission which will be i>"e for reserved seats, and 2">c for children. man. woman and child In BaUersfleld. It will cost ten cents to be tagged, nnd there Is no limit to the number of times that any one person may be Some local men are : seen upon the streets j with as many decorations as a South i declared expected to he American general. At a preliminary meeting, held last night. It was decided to appoint ten captains to have charge of the work, they, In turn, to appoint ten lieutenants cadi, to help with the tagging. Three of ihe captains have already been named they being Mrs. J. E. Yancey, Mrs. K. P. Davis and Mrs. Walker nankin. The other seven wlVl be selected shortly. Everybody has a good word for "tag day" and everywhere It, has been tried It has proven an Immense success. The Children's Shelter expects to raise enough money by this moans to start a nucleus for a build- Mrs D II Coolbaugli urt today for; Ing fund, as H Is hoped that In the l.os Angolcs. During her absence n «|. , toc !.. tl A s . tnnti _/ u , t ." re the home ma >' Boys, Clothing that Will Stand Rough Play—and Rain Hoys' clothes must ho built to stand the hard'knocks of rouyli jilay. If there is n weak spot nnywliuiv. n lively youngster will have found it betore nuuiy minutes. Then there is patching for mother to do—nnd the boy has an old-looking suit. There arc no weak spots in tho Redliek's hoys' clothing nt $5—the fabrics ore all wool and carefully chosen. Every stitch is sewed with silk thread. Haces where the strain pomes are always reinforced.. By a special process they are made ABSOLUTELY RAINPROOF. Just have your boy try one of these suits at Mis Krank W. Webster will have HinrEe (if tho work nf the Associated Charities in -this city. have quarters of Its own. Amusement Moving pictures and dance ev- erv Wednesday evening in Oil fields. Associated Cluli House. Silll .loaqllin I.ease. MANUEL SERRANO Mnsrr. School Ma'am is in Trouble $5.00 Buy "Educator" Shoes lor Your Children comfortable, strong ami stylish. shoes will i,,.iter thiiti other bniuds ••. - - ... . Kducuto™ shoes and see how much happier they will be. i to $8.00. the children shoes that are '"' fill the bill 1 —they wear longer and look ,!f ehi.dren-s shoes. Shoe your children ii THE TOY DEPARTMENT .8 AWA.T.NG YOUR CHOOSING-SELECT EARLY; WE WILL LAY THEM ASIDE FOR YOU UNTIL CHRISTMAS. Activity on i BAKERSFIELD OPERA HOUSE ROOT. 0. BARTON, Manager ONE NIGHT FRIDAY NOVEMBER 13 Seats on Sale A NEW KIND OF A RAILROAD WESTERN PLAY PRESENTED WITH A CAST OF SUPERIOR EXCELLENCE. The Rocky Mountain Express A MELODRAMA OUT OF THE ORDINARY. Prices 25c, 50c, 75c Saturday, November 14 Joseph and William W. Jefferson And an exceptionally talented company in Richard Brimsley Sheridan's classical comedy— Since the resignation of Miss Laura Dillon from the faculty of the I.e- moore high school there has been much talk concerning the attitude taken by certain of those who acc».-e her of fraudulently obtaining a teacher's state certificate. The matter has been kept quiet pending investigation and it is now likely to come to a definite setltemtfin with the evidence on both sides in the. hands of the slate board, says the Haiiford Journal. According to those who say they are Informed in the matter, Miss Dillon sUirted the trouble by 1 at.teinpting to ride ovr the teachers '.and principal ol the hi»h s'hoo!. claiming thai she w:is the only qualified teachers in Ihe instiiuiioii and insisting on the introduction of certain met-hods in violation of the requests of the principal. If Is said that .Miss Dillon's record was looked up and she had obtained a eiTtiflcaio mi credentials fiom the i Illinois I'niversity and the Illinois State Normal School which the faetif- . ty of those Institutions deny were i Issued there. Miss Dillon claimed :t here was some mistake, yet In spite (Of this i-dio resigned and certain Lej nioore people have championed her cause, even going to the extent of j petitioning tbe authorities for the i removal of Prof. Hahn. Therefore, 'nlan The-, now wa.- l ison i of in ! belo-.v and gl ea' the Bodfish i l. (•: liior Callfor- eeri iinh improving. ^•j:' in business here lime since Hie canal \ e , rs ago. The Kd- luir.Inr- a --iroai deal : i lie cimipleted work i ,, abo\ e Kernvllliy, ; ; 1 ','. I hero Will be a -d ill the lal- lni! of next ,il'' Oh, what has become of my faithful brother? For we always travel along .together, ( Why there he Is. tie's us black as coal, Though not half HO black as my beautiful soul. He only stopped to sharpen his fork. Which'he always can-its along in the dark. The pack from my back is entirely gone, And now 1 can just go skimming along Very soon 1 will reach the goal I sought. For brother has promised to help with his fork. Uut MA brother did not go all the way, For he hid ills tace with shame tuat da>, And the children, and little Teddy bears. And what doggies wore left, then said their prayers, For they felt so glad that beautiful day, IONAL CREST YOU WANT •SOLD ONLY' I' Bakerafteld Grocery Co. Bakersfield, Cal. Sole Agents Phone Main 186. 1717-1719 19th -mill i'.."'l Iliillilm !!:"h 111 u ho l..i\e tri-'d : i..- ili--- wlio sa> t'.v! t;^ ;il! into coiisidora'ioii. ill--!'ter chance for succ than there is on the ,!,. The U'hlte Star min qiiiii' faiiiniis, as ji Iris b i iinniti'-: for sevi'.tl \ in-xi spring be repaired, mi! them to T 1 ,.- I'ortu- tniiin^ again rnlii'n.u Ill-re c.iinii.-. and -.'""I Thai children, and dogs, could play. bears -!'-- is ,< tar !»'t ful minium lin !,.se|-i. is becoming en constanlly rs, and is H. E. riiillips of Famoaa is a visl- .or in this city. Califoriiian want ads.; three days, 2 equipped uith a yiiDd mill. There is also considerable placer minim; alonK, the river whicti promlsi; ijood results' as soon as tho machinery is in for wovkin.u the c • '"is to Ihe best advantage. Office Telephone Main 731 Residence Telephane Farmers 18x1 2025 Chester Avenue. McCaron's Art Store Orders by Phone Attended to Promptly Pictures, Frames to Order, Latest Mouldings, Best of Wor/onanship. the matter is not settled, even though a new teacher has been se| nired and the removal of Mr. Hahn i has been denied i Tin? school luuisi- ;in • g\- n'.uls are i being greatly Improve.I by a new' fence, windmill, and tank house, and I ! the house is to be re-painted. The I people are proud of their school bouse , for it Is the nicest one in all Ihe ten children i country near. There a 1 attending school. 1 Mr. Fussel is having a new six room 1 bungalow built, and Mrs. Fleming has recently had three new houses erected. The stale board lias summoned Mrs. Herzinger is also having an ad- Miss Dillon to show cause why her dition but on her house. A hall was 1 Imllt last year for dancing and other poslolfice, certificate should not be revoked on account of their being alleged forger' The Rivals Prices 50c, 75c, $1 and $1.50 Seats on Sale T»«; ONE NIGHT SUNDAY NOV. 15 SEATS ON SALE THUBSSAV. THE BIG FUN SHOW "UNCLE JOSH PERKINS" WATCH FOR THE BIG PARADE OF THE HAYSEED BAND. Prices 25c, 50c, 75c. ies. (Irandfalher knows good whiskey and since he was a boj 1IARPKR haf. ! been his choice. Us '4001! enough for I me, and for YOl' too. in short It Is' the best— liny MAltl'KK tnmi llrll/ &'. \Veichell. * l ARiL YOU SICR7WN-WN. CONSULT THE EXPERTS OF THE ELECTRO-MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE. CALL OR WRITE. ! Rooms 12 to 19.. Most elegant and completely furnished medical office west of Chicago. 254 SOUTH BROADWAY, LOS ANGELES. JESSIE MOORE WHISKEY purposes. There is also a express and stage office, including a good telephone system, with good hotel accommodations both here uAd at the Hot Springs House, two miles north. The Kern River Co. give employment to a large number of men during the whole time and at Uorel, three miles down Ihe river, is the power house, iin.l the grounds, and buildings are as nicely kept as In any — 1 city or large town. | ' The Dog poisoner. MB ' Some mention should be made of the gentle stranger who passed through our quiet neighborhood last Wednesday evening, as we iio not know'lil* address, with Mi' 1 i» rmission of Ihe editor we will send him a few- words of cheer through Ihe columns of the Califoriiian. along on his way lo THE Clansman IS COMING is He u hiskey \ on u!\\:ivs \vuut fi buy fur homo Use. ami the one you should always call for at the b;ir. Best known \vhisUey in tin- market ami eele- brfite,r the world over for its purity. Always buy Jesse Moore \vhis key ami the best is von IN. Fred Gunther Co. Family Trade Solicited Store and Warerooms 1518 18th St. No bar attached. Phone Main 99. So to help glory. We will send him this wollderf KWeel little SUOVY Three'little Teddy bears came one day To visit lite dogsles, and kelp them ' play. ! When the lights were lit, and the night was dark, And little I.udy dog went out to bark, \nd old Bonms who always did his best. And Danny dog tried to help the rest, .To guard thrir homes, at close of day, ! When the Teddy bears heard this I tuneful lay, '"Dame Mother HuhUU'd shall be outdone For I will not give the dogs a bone So from his sack some meat he drew, And then Into the yard he threw Some if'.e big pieces of poisoned mea* Which i e hud brought along for the pets to eat. "Now i -in a hero, almost a king. And i! -• meat di.! not cost mo liny- t:-.'.iiK. hi on r,-. •-!• their graves the grass v ill V'.tiU i io on skipping down Ix-lor. With my good deeds strapped upon my back. They are so few. I can hardly feel their pack. I'll not leave my little notched stick, For the notches are getting very thick The Very Kind of Clothes Good Dressers Want Are Here ! \V'- put of'-iit stress on the fact that oiir "Collegian Suits .-Hid Overcoats are the very kind ol' clothes good Til-' time and money spout in liiakillu' Mich clothes as we • o;Vi-r, fully warrants the stalemeiit that we give the best Clothes Values in this city. And the enthusiastic buying of these clothes doubly proves it. You eouldu't find richer patterns or crisper styles or more artistic tailoring than tire imbued in "Collegian" Clothes. Let us show you the nob- biest, snappiest suits from $15 to $30. Overcoats from $10 to $27.50. There is a saving of $5 on every ready to wear garment bought here. S.WISEKOPF

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