The Charleston Mercury from Charleston, South Carolina on December 25, 1829 · 2
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The Charleston Mercury from Charleston, South Carolina · 2

Charleston, South Carolina
Issue Date:
Friday, December 25, 1829
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2 ":'1 I : :' -- t -- -- - -- - -- - ded the periodical appropriation ia tha purchase of 711 7- Ill 'Ettl 16 71"N-1711y new furniture " dry goods" and several ether ars ' -- - iii6 ' ' AL v&J tu tittles never before kuown either to the people or - h -- -- --e------------ their repreaentativesae subjects of public expendi- - -t ' TttY It V I rifreliNEY rt alL AI ISIILI) DAILY HY AJA r t tu e ra and the asks fur thirty theueand dollars and upwards to furnish the East rom esto o and piet 0- '-'' CITY p E I N yrs- - N IT3 EAST nA Y - thee apartments oldie President' Mouse General wessstemo s Jackson on the contrary retains and sees the fur- ii I PAILY PAPEIL—Ten Delltire Per eneulut P411410111 Mime which be found iti th House and has exr t in A dvanre pended a portion oldie periodical appropriation in il ''-1 -e - VOLL'Il'It 1 PA l'Ell--stt l'bret limee a week)-Five furnishine this particular room i:i accordance with 7 - ' 1 ttrtilars per &Dna payable lo Ott mice the already expressed ivish of the representatives i :: -r trr All Adveerlisonertis ornery ix gooth papers f the people 11 1d-10 0 Om 0 llowo 0 0 vomEnwtftamme ftoolloall dwadl MB 0111 - -- il - i rin u tbe Lulled States Telegraph The P restd 4 M ( s use-Tile I toston Patriot Na- CI l i itt LES I TON : iIIAI Journal Lynchburg Virgin' in and other kiii- ---- — -- iL I red prints hrive become exceedingly wroth with Ill IDAY MORNING DEC 25 qviitt pfuSellt ALIIIID101Xtilitill for having furnished tile --- ------ -M -MM -M 1- - -----—--- Largo E R n ast ooiri i the Pritsidelit's ilowge which is LT 4 This being Chrm u istas thiy the " Mlttlite p I it lite ae ttnent partieubttly appropriated to the pro in - wilt not appear nga uutil Monday next- tl $ pa i uu visiting the Chia Magi-trate of the Notion 1 l'hey declare ii a alltance that furuishing this — We are requested to stare thet the upsetitig of - t room for the use Of he 'people is a revere comment ' :' ' ! tin ut brae ::( npdaubiti:42:inneye unnh: Till : leidt ut the aer 1 y ilintier e end 11h:1 eCt:uctin1 el 'III: z1tir ei g ue11u rettri44:eadt di n :it: Inst oecw6 :se u not t by a - I 1 It 'ry" against the I ite Adminisiration for the expeu- ing to the endeFFness or neglect of the driver etnee to the furniture Jibe l'rceideut's House: and - : ad horse t hide vas carelessly left in the ioad i 4 they say that it is eatirely toctoiststent trial the ''' t secoutunteal outruns wittch tile charges bronchi ii- hy a n agontr We are happy in being able to 1 giai00 Mr Adams would apitetr to indicate Litt tit dtate lint the indisidials injured by the uccidcut 1 ' this as iu every other objection urged apitist the are by to tocaus considered dJugeroutt yresent Administration tl ey have cut p elyilli onkel' 1 I ' rer wilfully misrepresented the true state 'tithe pub- e — ' Jed oh tut which they write with Fo mll u appa- Extiact ors letter from Augusta ((ilii):--" The s - t eat confidence in Ilia accurucv of thew crate isms tale rain hove given DA A r ood leatii toot river It wiil be borne in tiiiid that'du nog the first se- we have rouch busitie-s doing iu Cotten from 8 to ision of the nineteenth Congress Ott Adams tire- 9 coutbii sieuteil to the !louse of Representitives au estinaite sof lite fornifire required exclusively for the " East We learn sus the Augusta Courier from our Mil Itoolo"—ishich estimate embraced the following at- Incles at the annexed rice :– -- halgsville Correspondent that the Bill giving 110- ps Carpet $1000 000 for the relief of this city kiunded on its sulferEartaius and Draperies for seven Wiii iugs by fire has been filially rejected dews 4009 -- 4 Corbsotiel with Looklug Gases and 1- be NewEngland Socitly celebrated thrir sic niartl 20110 3000 Tenth anniversary in this city on the 22d inst Tile 11 large Ciiindellers al gilt Candshibrits and a Wu-Intents ta members iissembleil at 1"2 o'clock to transact the orL put on 4 Mautel-pleces '281)n Jittery business of the Sacisity when au election for It Orusiaseots tu put oil I Consolles 12(10 officers to serve for one 3 ear took place which re Firma) :A tirlischatrs tint 4 Solas I:0 4 large Looking-6 n!sses 0000 suited in the choice of the following gentlemen: Vet et I'dper and Border I t200 DODDRINiC CROCKER President 112 Marlde filnici Pisces 1O00 A S WILLINGTON vice President 4 Fravisho Stoves 6e0 I oAA 1 a 1 1! 1' I! ! 1 I i s 4 a - s put on 4 Mautel-pleces Oruaaselits tu put oil I Conso Iles 1200 insh t:I rinrhatrs tad 4 Sofas I 2no 4 large Lookingiln!sses 'eit et I'ditrr and Border 1-200 11-2 Martts Mantel Pieces 1090 4 Fravislin Stoves - us DOW Compare or rather contrast this Bo--inense sum asked and received by Mr Adams for 'She famishing of tUI " List Room" svith the substantial elegant and cconiallietil plan adopted by President Jackson have received the follow ing account of the articles of furniture parchaged for it embracing a description of their quality and snaking know it the w hole expense attending them " The East Itooin Las been fitted up in a ver) meat IntliUer 1 he p‘iper is of fine tenon colorwith al rich cloth border four IUCW inautels have also been placed in the ro-un of back marble with Italia') black and gold fronts each fire place has a bandsome grate filed—there were however in the bowie before new bronzed and steel limiters and setts of bras lire iron and chimney books have been added—each ululate' is filrliiSiled with a alit' Ter the plates of which measure WU by 5 a trained Ma very beautiful sly le and a pait of rich tea-light lamps bronzed and gilt with a row of drops around the fouutain and a pair of French Chin vases richt v gilt and painted with glass-shades and flowers 'Piero tire three rery spleutili gilt chandeliera each for eib'erit etihdlettttietityle of which as entirely beW the color of the glass and cutting perhaps exceed any litiog of the kind ever seta— A sin bronzed and g ilt ork eurresii With the twititi-ntittivtt the tti Its atiti ftet!SFeS of 'whicli are sUpplita with eigbt French bronzed and gilt !wicket light earls for five candles I'be carpatos h icli contains near 500 yards lid fiiie grass's's of lawn blue and yellow with a red border Under each chandelier is placed a round table of beautiful itorktmanship wila Italian Witch and gold slabs em toe centre table is placed a beautiful thin light lamp supported by female figures on the end tables are It astral lamps nth pier is filled 'unit a beautiful pier table richly bronzed sad gilt correspoudiug witi thc round tables—each !able liaring a lamp and a pair of French-China vases Nvilik flowers and shades agreeing with those on the mantels The curtains are of li:ue and yellow moreen I Ali a guildcd Eagle repreeoled as holding up the drapery which extends over the piers ths cornice is a line of gilded stars and over the seini-cirtte of tile do rr besides large gilded arid ornamented rity‘ are d weuty four guildird 'stars -emblematic of the states and correspouding ‘11th those on the cornice The stars have a very fine effect- The sofas and chairs are covered with blue damask satin All the fu -allure corresponds in to lot arid style—the whole of winch was contracted tor aad furnished by Messrs L Vtron & Co of Philadelobia and arranged un ler tlie &feet no' mid ' superintendence of Mr (Jttorge liautti one of tile partners Much crcilt is doe to these gentle Inca fur their taste in the selection awl disposition of the various articles i hich it is uuderstood bus tecsived the entire approli Lon of the President The cost is less than $t)5(10 independent of the Man tel ad papering which is considered a fixture to tbe house awl is paid out of another fund" - It will be seen by a single glance at the almve statement that ueder President Jackson the East Room is furnished in a very substantial manlier for a sum fir below onc half of that asked and obtained by Mr Adams for the same purpose But this is not all It will be recollected that it is custom Jary for Congress to appropriate fout teen thousand dollars at the end of each Presidential term for the purpose of furnishing the President's House during the etioning four years It vas after Mr Adams had expended this appropriation (except a trifling balance) that be called for and obtained upwards rIS tr The NewEuiland Society celebrated 144 eleventh anniversary in this city on the 22d inst The members assembled at 1"2 o'clock to transact the ordinary business of the SJcitity when no election for officers to serve for one ettr took place which re suited in the choice of the following gentlemen: DODDRINiC CROCKER President A S WIIIINGTON vice President S N DISHOP Secretary and Treasurer Committee ou Dr JOSYCH AlASNIAG JOSCPti CLARKE JAkiER COHNINO S Hermits wis Mucci S Clianw lex Gro W EticEsTost tnentbers re-asserubled at the entO1iC3 Coffee Douse at 4 o'clock and with a number of invited guests sat down to a sumptuous dinner provided in Mr Sr Ewa er's usual tine style- After the cloth was removed a number of toasts were drank and the Company separated at ail early hour highly grati fied With the proceedings of the day e It is stated that there are more than 2b0 Temperance Societies in the State of Netv York with about J5000 members — A cm-respondent at Greiik Barrington itiforms the editor of the New Commercial Advertiser that the varioloid prevails in that vicinity and that there have been three deaths from that disease I'huse alio had been previously inoculated with the vac- eine mailer had the disease- in a lighter form Many persons now lie sick aud the recovery of some uf lir In is cousidered doubtful — The masters mid pilots upon the river Misaissippi lave unanimously recomusended to the 'Wen-time of teovernmeat A bteatn-boat constructed by Captain II MSIIIREVE expressly for the removal 11 of snags awl °esthetes Which render the navigation of that river dangerous The Annual Session of the Board of Physicians at Milledgeville ((eo) terniinnted on Friday last About firty young fientlemen were licensed upon the presentation of Diplomas or after examination The Officer elected tvere AI Antony M D Presi dent Benjamin A White Ms Secretary GlrVin M D Dean Dr Wm It Waring of Savannah a av elected u Member of the Board to fill the vaentiej created by the death of Dr° C Fort Cast !roil Parement—A pavement nicest Iron is about to be laiil in Dritry-latie 'I be experiment tins been frequently antInnusitecessfully made in different parts of London Miss raolny Kont!ze—it is stated by the Brighton Gazette that Buie young lady bad no idea of per forming on the stage until mix weeks previously to her eppearante Iler principal motive for beconting an actress was a desire to aid the five hiludred individuals aim depended on the theatre for support taineu oy air teams tor the Name purpese out A meeting of the eitizeus of New Bedford on A ' this is nut all It will be recollected that it its custom 1 ! ary for Conaress to appropriate (out teen thousand the 10th lustant at the Merchants Insurance Office 1 I dollars at thle end of each Preeidential term far the passed the following reisolution:— I purpose of fat-ebbing the President's House tiering Riso Iced "'het a Committee of three be eppniut 1 lbe emitting four years It was after Mr Adame ed to iiitilule strict inquiry pertinnally or by an - I bad expended thin uppropriation (e a xcept trifling through every port of th town of New Bed- balleneet that be called for and obtained upwards agent e ' ford to escertain bow molly enmities are destitute I of 82500 additional to furnish the " Lust Ituom" a th Bon d to pply them The commot I " Next different and how much more Economical is were inetrueted to nolivit eontributious to aid in the 4 i Ille course pursued by Geueral Jeckson luntrad ' purchase of Bailee ear the destitute in the town end ' II s of expending the $li" aperopristed periodically alFu for the Fupply of eamen as Mr Adams did in decoratiug those apartments s i — ai I !' led by the President's family su in a Plyie rpass- 'leg the magnifientice of Eastern ereo'nese he eet n Donut on Mackerel ressels—Several owners of meeker1 vessels in New flampnbire have held a I I part $1900 of the mancy it furninh the room in a '1 tnanner fellable for the receplioa the people te wham it belong's er the use of meeting on the sulitect of petitioning Congress to grout a boutity on such vensels The Glnucester I I I( At the request of Mr Adamn Congrees made yelegrope y "E4 1 the appropriation already alluded to for (unlinking the " East Boom " he signed the bill and it be- " We understand that several Testicle in this roue- la A came a w of the land Agrecahly to his oath of try have beensetzed for violating the (letting lawo I office it was hie duty to eee that the laws of bis country were duly carried into effect 'Ube appro- Tee fishing blistering bag eroved bad enough this season without having lo lone the vessels A howl- priation in this case was specific and the taus re- ty ought to be granted on all sea fish by which much sainting appropriatious left to discretionary power trouble would be avoided and in case a skate or I t -with Mr Adains over the distributieu of the feuds blacklisk should be Wren while selling ender a cod erinted until the objects of the aoproprilion or mackerel license the vested could not be seized should have been attained It iA true Mr Adaing fur catching my other fish but cod or meekerel As 1 t t- excused himself for not batting disposed of the Dp- til e hir woe I there is no boiling vessel which is proprintion agreeably to law by saving that there not liable to seizure Tor leer of losing lehat they et ' teenext tu gee P t hyreweany 1 ofettieou et ye eittetvilenri y tb n e er: i was a defect in the law In-outing it But the law 17 lei "not gni $ I was approved and signed by Mr Adam and not 1 t li a I 't withshoding the defect which he mentioned he like trYItgo' 1 '4 WIS enabled to reach $6000 of the money and de- — te vote it to purposes for it hich it was not designated AUGUSTA Dee la 'se e e ' Did Mr Adams comply with this requisition of the Several persons are alcondy mentioned to fill the i t es - r law 7 No: thinking perhaps that there had not vacany c On the Bench of the Supreme Court oe i - ''''' ' been sufficient already expended on the apartments casioned by the death of Jude Waehineton tVe I i '' - used more particularly by the Presideet's own fa- do not know what are Judge Berrita's wishes up- I enct—but his friends la tbis quarte r mily be diverted six thousand dollars of the nioucy on this sul i grouted by Congress for the Gant Room from its would truly rejoiee to see him elevated to so lofty legitimate purpose and expended it in decorating and tuatoruble a station Ile is to say the least ot i ' iu princely style an apartmeat foe the accommoda it the Nee in ell respect of those who belie been f tion of Mrs Adams fly this tittle the popular voice put in numination--Constilotionaligt 0 I became loud and ludignant at the illegal end extra- — vagant purposes to which the public funds were di- l'rehident's Message—Contrary to expectation 1 i i veiled by the Executive and Mr Adams had not President Jacknon's Message is quite keg Troia efficient ludependeuce to expeud part of the be- is busty peruse! we feel peculiar setietaction ir ' I levee in his hand or e :en the whole if accessary being cut:Oiled to express a confident treiiel the' I 1 la furnishine this room though he wee required to this firnt Mesnage of our venerable and illustriou iht so by no at of Cougress sanctioned by himself President will 'still more endear him to this Amen I Bot the jeered§ that are so clamorous on this etin people He has taken a stetesman-like Title eubject ought to recollect that it was oot eio mncla of all those nubjects of natioual concernment whiel t the aneatit expended by Mr Adams as the inipre- pertain to his office Hie ideas are expressed in i I I per objects epee which Hoe Inoue had beets lillau pima enedid independent and perepicuous man dered that railed forth tweeter ludiguetion l'be cee—Illealern (N C) Carolinian perebase yea Bitlitird 'fable with its venous op — I i paretite could not have been contemplated by Con-- - 'sr AUGUSTINE Dee la ' ! gyres WIC!) they mode the appropriation for furn- ishing the President's' mansitio nor la it probable By the politeness of Mr Loring passenger in th 1 p tiu toted dollars were to he expended in the purchase Au guide from therleetna we have been favorel they either kacw or anticiated thit eve rt thou- thethe l'r nident'R Meesege ' It affords us grca slialtiefactittnill being able to say that it is a dace I ' et "Dry Vomit" without Ilse kalif speeifiealtun or any desigunted UNt Ve extriet the foliowing moot that must give with ono or two exceptioun I etisfaction toll a-parties--Herald Keret from Mr Adomn' account l'er what purpose - i ' the Presidtht could (steelier ill n few moefloi nuch — I 1 i an immense quantity of " Dry Coeds" the public Among our estivate yesterday ie the schnone i are left wholly to cotijeclufe Leader Illis adventurous little bark meaner i' I Vernum and Webb for dry goods t 100 ea but erten ton nod IR menned with a crew of in- Colston and Leckermen for dry gea1 91 ei men whe have navitented her all the way Iron i Clauett end Norris for dry goods Leo' ed Providence RI Thus defying the perils of th rairo and Prout for dry gooda eei 96 stormy Atlantic at the r e wst season of the yearaeni ! t) J B ilolmead for dry good' S Itobintion for dry good - e03 03 proving by this etfort the hardy and adveatiwou Claggett and Norris for dry goods jo7 34 character of time m im e Atoorieset seaman They h i Crtleeloiry and Purees lor dry goods Le 90 nufortunately lost their trails and have put in to re afi 00 fit preparatory to extending their voyage to tit I I Claggett lend Weellitogion for dry gimtle 7iAl 411 Auguetioe--Steralinatt Georgian2clinal I J Peabody for dry goods I'd 45 — vacancy on the Bench of the-Supreme Court occasioned by the dedth of Jude CV asinneton Vis do not know what are Judge Berrien's wishes upon this subject—but his friends in this quarter would truly rejoice to see him elevated to so lofty and honorable a station lie is to say the least of it the efrsal in all respects of those who have been put in uumiiiatou—Co'ztiLutionait Mesotagr—Contrary to expectation President Jackson's Message is quite long From a hasty perusal we feel peculiar satistaclion in being enabled to express a confident tkeiief that this first Message of our venerable and illustrious President will still more rudest him to this Ameri can people He has taken a statesman-like view of ell those subjects of notional concernment which pertain to his odic° Ilia ideas are expressed in a plain caildid independent and perspicuous manner-- fliesern (N C) Carattnialt — sT AUGUSTINE Dec DI By the politeness of Mr Loring passenger in the Augusta from Chorleetoo we have been favored s Oh-the Pre!Iident'ot Mewing& It affords us groat valet-action in being able to say that it le a dare-moot that mast give with one or two exceplions entiefaction to all parties—Iferottl Among nur swivels yesterday is the schooner Leader This adventurous little bark measures but stern Inn rind IR manned with a crew of tiro men who have nri'vignted her ell the way from Providence RI Thus defying the perils of the stormy Atlantic at the worst season of the yearvand proving by this elfort the hardy and adventurous character of tint A Merle-tat semillen They heel unfortunately lost their sulk and have put in to re fit preparatory to extending their voyage to lit-A ug us t ibe—Sinialuants Georgian 214 inxi - Extraordinary fat--A few days since no less - 21113 51 than twentye ear-st igs alive tame from Ilse Coneiderehleemeiteinent arose during Ilse ednnu- head of n young female residing et 'lentils tour jet-ration of Mr Monroe in consequence of the ink Newport She bud complmined of severe palussin Toortetson from Fronee of the must Pill endsd oust ex- her bead awl wasattended by ?kir Jaynes llewkins pensive furniture tor the Presuieut's House Hut surgeon of Nen port It is supposed that the in-Me Adams was not satisfied with the furniture used sects must lune generated in the liend--Ataceies41mitoe he requestel t tu he solit---tispen iin - ' — He supposed however that there was a possibility tor received 2000 rupees a silver snuff box earl the Cooper West Ina n- en—e—a---- of that deeartnanntwere estimated at $23140000 the opposite store For this achievement the Doer BALTIMOREIDeencle-Cletired eche Lapwisig Iron TETE tageenrI PHILA DELPII IA Dec 18-Cleared brig Apo! 'TWAS the night before Christmas when all Uwe of the feet surpeseiag the estimate and prospec- title of 'figer from a native Prince lo tinge itio de Janeiro tively ottribtited that increase to a correoponding -- the houao increase in the export of grain and flour By the ' - PHILADELPHIA Dee 17 NEW-YORK Dee 17-Arr ship I ludsonChamp- ' Not s creature was stirring-not 'Teen a mousser estimate of the Preideato we find that the Treneu Col Camproprictor °film Bertram Botanic Gar- lin from Loudon and Portsmouth 16(11 isiov3 Pais s I The stocking were bung by the chimney with care ry's receilals of this year will amount to gietti02-2 the egency of Mr Ja30 den near eeilndelphia haejust received through Imagers Mrs Hall Mc'llsomson lady nd a f eln Lou- (ken Mr Volum Mr Carter Mr Evans o In hope that St Niebelas eon would be there We learn however that the greater portiou of the mes Ronaldson a valuable itterease him by the sale of pule collection of pants of the south transn3itted frm been occasioned l o don llairndA ittnwinanos he lanthe 'Phis has 'Arleen from the (low of emire- Mexko by the Ho gn Mr Polusett end our worthy Malta Mr Ruination of - The Claildreis were melted all snug in their beds While visions Of sugar-pluma dencesd in their beashe lion to the western states Lest year the nmount townsman Professor Reefing This collection ena- Brig Edwin 'illiumin 18evannell accent:or from the Woo of 'public lands will probe- braces fifty species Of the cactus a genus distin Ileliker do Eclipse "tette l'eneritle Nov1 sloop And Matinee in tier kerchief ne'd 1 in my cnp Hand St Au (finite eoefteUtertnigne3" My be Mout $600000 Ices thno that of this yenr guished in all its varieties from every other tribe Abel Hoyt g seine Excel 4 Cleared brig' Trum bull Dickinsou NOrleans It was the policy of Me Adams' admiuistration by the moist striking and interesting characteristics had just Petite& eue brains for a long wisster'snep eis to depress the tivtaiteral slaters and to throw every Col Carr having made his select toes of a plaid rof Gov Brooks Moore Chaseeson eche Good Hope obstacle le the way of emigration in thet direction each 'amities in necordance with the request of the Buddington St Thotnas I Prong from the lied to see wlint yam the matter- Nolte took a more coureicuous 'tend on this ground cheers the residue will be sent to some other bo- Below a ship and 3 brigs Mimi out Ito the lawn the arose such I clatter than the late Secretary of the Treasury In one tante establishmen BOSTON Dee la--Arr brig Andes Blackler he t s Away to t window I flew like it flash of his reports be opeely amovsed the policy of Fen Thist literal dentition will be a valuable Addition Rio Janeiro Tad the Vineyard Tore epee the shutters and threw up the sash tering theenanunietures of the east for the pur to the extensive collection at the Bertram Garden Cleared brigs Cerrisrnrowers NOrleans Ed - post of depressing the agriculturstlists el the west end ivill give a new attraction to an erardstkinnent ward Tratak 1 imam The Moon on the breast el the uew fallen snow Their Mtn altd objects were to keep the spinning which previously possessed so Many elniMA fu the EASTPORP Dec 8-The brig Pacific trews Gave the liastre of tisithley ta Maws below jenny in motion and to impede the plough cover attention of the lovers of botany Visite Haven for St Andrews with specie Was to When w bet to my Wondering es es shouldimpear I the spade with nuidettel depress the western woods- flow much might our public ageets nbroed aid tally i Wit on :Sunday nightsaHlth ult at Little Rivet man -Courier ‘ ti En? the cause of the netural sciences in tine country by head Cet'W drifted netters on the quarter deck But a Fontein r sleigh mai tell( (My realecis e- With u ante old striver N lively end quick ' l'iel-Foel-e! -In the crowd it (SW lobby of the met ! N l' ork drifted ashere on Indite islandat few weeks giving a stuck?! portion of their ettention to the sub Brig lantern Peuu Richardson (tom St Johns for I Item in n mom snt it !mist be St Nick theatre last r vening (11r Forrest 's lienetila A loo — since and is materially lodured She is advertised torioss 'irk-ensket who styles bimeta Wa l lliain NEWT-BEDFORD Dec13 to be sod More tepid then inglest his coursers they came lVillisms aline Richard Avery aline York Dick it A description of the mode of einporat Mg sea we- Alia he whistled uud shuttled Sind called them by krge stunt feaSow was erfested in the uct of pick- ter recently adopted in this vicinity whitit we al- 1 n-le THIS DAY the 25th lustaut will belles name le : ing n gentleman's pocket end carried to laridewell luded to Su the article of last week on the manatee- Return Day ot the City Court Dee 25 le 41 St Viiilin Weil 11)Wil to tbe police o our city itre el salt has been recpiested atm Tins method - informs the " Now Dasher 'tow Letterer uow Prancer and 'Vixen If it t 111-1 Th-e-taiiinoscribee respectfully sup- mid altemied Gm Lafayette On Iti tour thoug s rh we underteend has been successfully applied to met oil Cuild on Dendr and Illixen porters of his SCHOOL tiost having engaged fcr Ou Co the Coiled Slates carrying on his peculiar trade iu fecilitate tbe evaporation from ealt water iu some or To the top el the porch to the top of the well the different sections of the count' y with grent ac- parte ad Europe but is new to this country It con - Natural the ensuing year the assistance of Mr A Lortzo UltArIN a Gentleman skilled in the aturai Scion- - NOVI (blab away dash away dash away allat tartly and adroitness The art of justice hone- slits simply in the erection of high ft-stillest ollim- end amply a - proved a little too strong for him iu one of the her filled trill brush woodato the top of which the thy leaves before the staid hurricane flew instruction iu °tune intro 0- As tVesiern States (Kentucky see understand) where water is raised by a pump and then permitted to fil- tend hia courses experieoced in teaching es of inc B ' be ill ex- var itt 1 es ' gy Ceemistry Me i o reinter these attractive to When they inert with tin obstacle teethes to the he underwent trial end cooeictiou and anfrered in- ter slowly through the brush as it descends to the his miens the illustrations will be made by means eky- caret:r 11 ation for three or four years As 0611 as li- butt m o ngolii Tile divisiutt of the water iuto minute ' ' i d of specimens and a great variety of interesting bn berated he reeemed his fortnee avocatiou hut his portions mid consequent exposure of o greeter es m I experiments As these studfies !zo up to the house top the COUtAeld they flew career i now in a fair way of beiug impended for vaporotiog surface to the utmosphere accelerates u a in will be per- s sued at staied hours any of his former pupils or With the sliiiteli fall of toys-aud St Nicholas too a season I I igh Constable flays found iu hi R pos the process to a degree the extent tof which has not other voting ladies not members' of Schools will And ilien in a twinkling I herd on the roof omen( rt large number cl false keys which are yet been accuretely escerinined This is applied t S - I o be at liberty to attend them ena ne treatises on The prancieg and passing of each little hoof: pow iu the pulicemtlice in the tirat part only of the operation it being found Geometry and Intellectual Philosophy being at - necessary la complete the process anti obtain the length received the stud y of these scie cos willies) AS I drew in my head anal wee terulug around Cotton -The increasing consumption el cotton several deposites from the nate! s in the pans as inenediately introduced - u Dowels the chimney St Nicholas came with a sound more than keeps pace with the increased growth has beers dove heretofore so that after being re- Ibe EXERCISES of the School pill be minas He st as dressed all in fur from his bend to his foot of this great Ramie Of the lauited States At pre duced to the proper degree of strength in the brush seet sails end cordage ere made of it and a cur- house the water is still drams off into the pais for ediresis itImidery 4th January And his clothes were all tareished with ashes and respondent informs us thnt it is a much better and that purpose Works are in operation upou this "ec 2') f! A BOLLES scut a cheaper article 1r caulking vessels than oakum principle at the Cove about a mile south of this ell- ILI' ACADEM Y-WM eleDOW'S Male Aces A bundle of toys was flung on his leu Is being more durable mid much as impervious as Inge illicit may be °ermined ley anyone who is derny will commence after the Christmas recess kr it naturally resists water when closely pncked into desirous of more particular information s onlegue street two theirs west of Pit street ott e a nd looked like pedlar just openiug a peck i the semis It does not like oakum spew out of — tile first Monday in January 6 Dec 24 Ills eyes bow they to iekled-his dimples how men the seams nor does it rot while in them its oily QUEBEC Dee 7 rlito quality protecting it from the usual causes of do- The navigation of the river at this port was 'Soul& Caroltna Society His cheeks were like roses hie nose like a cherry sweetens 4 ohm' laid under sheathing is much closed by ice on saturday last the 5th instant the le QUARTERLY Meeting of this Society will better awl cheaper time paper thermotecter having fallen that morning a little be- ell he held at their Hall on Tuesday 51h January His (boll little mouth was drawu up like a bow low zero No sqititre righted vessel winters in the next at 2 o'clock P I when the Alenthers are re- - nal the beard of his chin was as white as the semi: tSomellsinee worse Man SinuAegling--We under- pert Sufficient snow has uow fallen to make good quested to tilted to transact bueiness before dinner The stomp of a piie lie held light le his teeth stand Met on Tuesday Met a sloop was eeized on winter roads which u ill be on table at 3 o'clock Abel the smoke it elicireled his head like a wreath the Hudson in the neighborhood of Potteakeepaie ' NAIERMINEIMMEON By order of tbe Society and taken to (bedeck at that place undeMispicion' OBIT ITARY ‘ Val BEE Cleric S C Society Ile had a broad face an4 a little round belly that all was not right on boerd-that of lire men Died at Sa'acarriaw on the evening of the (9th December !15 es That shuok when Ile laughed like bowl full of-jelly : on hoard torte of whom was formerly a hand in one inst BYNJAMiN Poreren FRASER eldest Ann of Rev Saturday's Dancing dssentbi t Ile was chubby sed plump a right jelly old Of of tbe river steam boats) three made their escape (lase Isar aged -e) 3cars 3 months end 19 days dat ay's n Mete legal process was sought for-thet the remal WILL take Place To-morroicAlternoon and con- Audi taughed avben I saw hiin in Ppite of myself : niug two were put in prison at Ponglikeepeie-tleit ----C-0-1V-131 IE IIC IA le-JOUTINA-In V tinutiduring the Season viz : from 4 to 8 A wiek of his eye nod a twist of bis h al ou examilintron the steno wee foiled to have on a ----- -- - - ---- - - nee o'clock for my Pupils those Young Ladies who Soon gave am to kuow I losd botbing to dread : board aineust a variety of articles 8 or 9 tons of iron EXPORTS - wish to &heed If former Scholars of nuns will pay supposed to hive been stolen from setae one of th e 25 cents and if not Settolers 50 cents Every Gen- tle poke not a word but went etratight to his worn river docks fled lastly we learn teat a sloop called yearsil at file Custom House Dec 21 Ship Sapphire Liverpool-Itliales Sea Island hlmet e is to pay 50 cents Aud filled all the sicking s then tuned with n jerk the Peacock engaged in a similar trade in Lon g 123h do Uplind Cotton Parents of my daily Scholars ere admitted Isiah' s 1 And laying his finger aside of his nose Island Sowed has beeu purued-N Y Nen Ado Sine Richmond Liverpool-130d bales Upland the Grown Ladit s also who have received cards of ited givitag a uod up the chimney be rose : Freres the Brooklyn L I Star Dee I11 — Cottou 'SOO ishisTurpentine invitation are respectfpily requested to some theta to the door keeper Ile sprung to his sleigh to bib team gave a whistle Fires and Ineendiaries-On Friday I 1st and the BALTIMORE Dec 19 No Youth of either sex will be admitted without And away they all flew like the down of a thistle : following night uo less than fire fires m were co 1 lutesrd-stree't Flour--The receitate th'is Wee' k are a Ticket or by payiag at tbe door teeasonTickete m But I beard lain exclaim Ere Le drove out of sight evuetractnitecid blitbiodrlifrerietwititrarl strum( (hisd v ills en fillitta the not so large as the lest hitt the supply nevertheless may be had at $5 for a former Pupil amine and Merry Christmas to all-and to all a geed night ! firetlen :Ind otheru'citieLlis to unceasing vigilance Ladies invited are at liberty to dance from 8 to li — and duty ranged from $1814 a $1 871 cash or interest edd- ' an 4I11-lenting is quite full The sales of the week from store have tli for other Youths PROM OUR CORRESPONDENT Early its the evelline a fire was discovered in 'cleek Tuesday! Assemblies have re co ed To-day we find that the same rates prevail G i Oinee of the helicon Z John 5loon's lumber yard near the wster F I o a at mid we therefore quote the store price accordingly ea It FA YOLLE December n s NORFOLK Dee19 lan9 S east of !dein sireet form A stranger boy had been lite wegon price has eeinitined steady throughout 5 - te We have been favored with the following extract observed lurking about the premises end who was e week including to-day et $1 75 per tobl of the State of S - st -s Caroh na Bank Mitt Flottr-On Wednesday and Thursday of it letter da'ed then present while the people were extingitishing ' City s several parcel sel of stsndard quality were ' United States Ship Natchez' the fire Ile wts suspected and seized And tinder ts 61 s 1OTICE is hereby given to all persom indebted Rio de Janeiro Ocl '25 18'29 t works and Inatcheefound in his pockets ills ina mede am export et $4 Cos1 per blot on 90 days and 4 IA to the Bank on Bond that a payment of One menthe create e ithout interest Two parcels were Tenth of their Bonds nod interest on the balance ' " I had the pleasure in at previous letter of infor- pudent nnswers and cunning refusals to 4iumwer sold yesterday at let 50 cash The prevailing rate until the let March 1831 will be required on or be-I sling you that we reactedhere in safety We ore hewed that helves an old rogue although the more 1 yet waitine the arrival of the U S ti bill Iludson than 11 years of age 'Pilo top of his tinder box may be set down et $4 821 on 4 montbs credit or fore the 1st March lam necording to the Provi Com Creighton which we hourty look for A week was limed in the ruins of Illr tidal's etable s which about $4 50 cash- sions of the 3d sectiun of the Act to estehlish a ago the Vanitalia Capt Gallaeher watt despatched were burnt He was committed to prison arid on Susquehanna flour--Sales of this description Dank on behalf of and for the benefit of the States in search ot her and WC coutidently hope that she a subsequent examination called his numeEdivard have been limited at $4 75 a $4 871 according to passed the 19th December 1812 a billy arrive soon for we are all heartily tired of this Lewis and his mother came over from New York condition The stock on band is small A HENRY Cashier wreteLed place to endeavor to get hen clear ki A confesses setting Corn--Of old Corn there hue been hut little at Dec 23 — wf i The inst accounts from Valparaiso state that the fire to the lumber d red to do yard and says he was hired 4 wicket end there is now considered to be but little ne U S Si-hr Dolphin Lt Cone Zanteingera wee it by two men in Now Y k 11 t pr e is now i Flat- e ilmny diffoireece in the value of old and new A Masonic Festival 1 there fitting uew musts Mc Mishkin sale of an approved parcel of new yellow was Made THE Grand Lodge of I hope to have the pleasure of seeteg you about Mr Wel who lost his ettible by firti bus subsa yesterday at 31 cents hut we cannot quote the gen- Ve A aciout Free-Masons of Christmas The Elnpressof lineal is to he crown quently 12'14 his paint shop robbed of about $60 end range of the market to-day for new at more ens-''''' Nell South-Caroline than 30 a 33 cents per bushel according to qu y nht ' Cs: 0 sill s (a!lasn'i will cedes i better d ere : ea tote - i hrate the Anniversary of ad tomorrow" worth of paints which were taken on board a bunt — at the wharf and carried off iu tee night It k iske9--11bdi are n eterted within se - -4- 01'- 444' i'Jk:04-- xterip rit John- the 1 NEW-YORK flee the last two days and hhve gone off in same UM" --- 1: il 1 on Monday the 28th inst : Gen Beano and the 7'cras--The Redactor a BALTEWarat Dee 19 at t24 cents per gallon on short credit We quote Evengelistaeinal Tlitsigp ae sate (the 27th billing on Sons Spanish impee published in thie city culitains a let The w Sersn-T weather we ' We ay 11 ll to-d123i a 24 cent Sales of copper die- er is not c ) l d for this n saiesil: a an day) when a Grand Ide- a ter under the signature of n U n n ltionicao" fa Max- time of yeur there beleg no ice hut It extremely tilled Ws this week at 25 emits we now quote this se 'van - I-41 Niiiir sonic Procession of the kale) on the subject if ceding the Texas to this variable The wind wanders venal the cote l lass description at 25 a 251 cents per gallon Iron stores Grand Lodge and the ceuntry It is dated at NewVork but is nddress making a pretty regular cycle in Dint o " f ti te aeti the tenon prico is 21 a 211 cents 'file lapections lodges uuder its jerisiliction will move from the ad to the peopte of Mexico where it has been pub- bringing slight fentcleuds rein iptid v thttl e' t a i'll of the week comprise 130 Mids and 1655 bias of Grand rand Lodge Hull in Meeting-street at 11 O'clock fished and is said by tioe editors Of the Redactor in succeselon The winte1r bo'Wte e '-'m which 105 Wets and 18l balm were from the m e Sues t seer seldom bets in the ferium) nod proceed to the German Luther who have received it film a correspondent in that in anti us before the latter end of the preseut quelianna NVe quote inbhde 1st proof231 a 24 ran Church where after the ems exeret g fount reli - a enuetry to be the productieu of Gen Bravo This month there being generality n single spell 'Scrimps la Mils 1st proof f!5 u 251 sea a MASONIC ADDRESS will be delivered by Bravo is one of the ltleximan elficers who were Coen- of rigorous weather before Christanno to remit:it us LETI lift BAGS ----- the Rev Joseph Brown W M Lodge No5 The f pelted to leave their country last 'listing by a decree of the characteristics of that festival The sky Brethren attached to the Subordinate Lodges the ' of their govorumentoind who sought an a M sylum in e been lowering for stone days t i eneatening a rein WAS AT wstertes itgArstrin 1100M LILOAD-STRYET Silii) III o NGTN Willis IA-ERoul s Royal A reit Chapter the Enceinpmeut of Knights I the 'that MOD Crabtree LI VERPOOL the United Slates Or snow storm from the north east and yesterday - t l'emplars and such frensient Brethren aa may be N ' d The letter is a lissunor Passionate declemation a- AUOW fell for a few minutes We have utot at altY — in the city are particularly invited to unite in the p golost the acquisition of Tm ea by the U States and part of H " " 'lu " thin sessile had weather here of such sees- ' Hs tall ll Ar' iii i 50 Ot cereinw oes of the day A Banquet will be provid- — of velieinent neenoationA against our country and rity as might have been expected from the necounts I ----:"----- ad at the Grand Lodes Hall those who br 6 ve at m i the enagement of its affairs I lot the cold that have reached us from the South I NIAIIINE N E NVS: B ital W y Order of the W Grand Ledge NEW-1'011K Dee 17 Gen Brae° and The 7'cras—The Redactor a Spanish paper published in this city contains a let ter under the signature of "Un Siejleavio" fa Alex jean on the subject of ceding the Texas to this country It is itited at New-Vork but is addresn ed to the peopte of Mexico where it bits been pub fished end is said by tne editors of the Reductor who have received it 11in a correspondent in that nouutry to be the productiou of Uen Bravo This Bravo is ate of the Slexinin officers who were compelled to leave their country last NIS ing by a decree of their govorumentond who sought an asylum in the United Stales The letter is a tissue of passionate declamation ft gninst the acquisition of Toms by the U States and of vehement nectsoations against our country and those who beve had the management of its affaire lie affirmn that the U States have for a long time desired the acquisition of that hrge portion of the Mexican republic—that they have wilted until a period when the Mexicrin finances bad been redneid to a inost wretched conditcon—and that now they were about to propose the mensore covering it ult der the specious veil of a purchase Ile intimetes that it is owing to the policy of the V States that the province of Poxes has not Tot been Fettled by colonists of the Spanieh nice Phis effect he indirectly inscribes to the influence of Mr Poilisett whom be attacks with great acrimony chaining him with interfering with the domestic effairs ol the nation in which he resides and undertaking to di tact the popular eleetions—with having cringed the discredit of the Mexicnn notion end with now making that discredit a pretext fr depriviug it of a vast and rich portion of its ie-ritory lie nisei attarks the government of the Ubited States with great bitternese—in the first (dike for sending Mr Poinsett to Steele° which he calls " trampling upon honor and delicacy" and in the second place for net recalling him e En to use the phrase of the writer " The general voice of the Mexican nittion accused him as the author of all its calamities" The letter it should be observed is dated bbefore Mr Poinsett's recall The wrtee complains that while one class ofjournalists in the United States are in favor of the purchaee of Texas nnother class oppose it on the ground that it will give certnin of the States a predominance Over the others and that none of theft troubietheinseives about its justice or its policy in the present ciecurnstinces The following Is a specimen of tile initialdory language of the letter in regard to the Uo fled States " Undeceive youreelves I repent my beloved countrymen nor intereins have nothing and cite here nothing in common with these States (the U S) rho interest of these States is their own eggrnndizentent altholigh at our expense the inter-eat of theme States is that we should continue in our parties and dissensions in order flint our agriculture industry and commerce may not overpass the narrow limits in which they now hold them the interest of these States is not to destroy n completely but to keep us in apathy and inaction the interest of these Stntes is that we should lint come on 1 der the influence of any other nntion knowing bow to profit by the infinite advantages with which the Almighty has invored our country would bring on by a necessary cowernew) the depopulation of these regions (namely of the U 8) the intereet of these States is finally to keep us alive that they exclusively wily furnish no nourish ment but to keep us without vigor or strength to order that we may net do it ourselves" There ilkeeral sod narrow views founded upon utter Ignorence of the true iuterest of nations cad this intemperate language show the b4oted and fierce jentousy of that party whose prejudices Mr Poinsett hes had the misfortune to incur and furnish his hest defence If as the Pedoetor effirms the letter in question was written by taco Bravo it is somewhat extraordinary that during hi stay in this country where he was treated with respect nod hospitslity he should not hove imbibed more correct idens of Boa diameter of out people and our governtient — National l'inanece—Tbeee is no portion of the President's exceilent message that appears to give 'greater antivfaction than that part which shows fon h the prooperous condition of the fi minces This prosperity erieing in a great measure from the e hone condition or the country has been aided 111141 Utettfiett by the activity nnd energy of the Chief Magistrate and the watchfulness and frugality of the Secretary of the Treasury In a few days we expect to hoar that Mr log begn's first report will be delivered to both !louses of Uoregrees The coup dad a thot report is given iu the massage mid from that nione we are pre pared for a cludr hugineds and simple account LAI all financial matters conueeted with the bieneral Government In Mr Rush's lost Treasury Report the receipts ma IT E Our now enerket if nearly finished end in a style at leek eget' to the hitt Indeed we think he finishing is in better teste end the solidity of the structure much eoperior to the one consumed by the tpril fire The new bell st hid is to take the piece of the Old one and give the future Piptiale of repose rinA activity to the city bps arrived and vvill he 001)11 elevated to its lofty dwelling It weighs ebout 800 lbs We long to bear its mellow tones aud get clear of the noisy little rattler whose hurried notes have so long cried nothing but " fire! fire! fire !"-- Augusta Courier Dee '21 We are glad to see preparations are making to build up speedily that portion 01 tile city lest destroyed by fire of which the co llotel was the centre !Ur Spencer le elready !eying the Inundation of a large tworitory brick building on the wet ern corner of ihe orpinre We hope the reit of the Reece will he filled by linralsome fire-proof brick edifice' The owners are wealthy enough to put any kind of building that their tastes m Happy itteeting:—A respeeteble woman who re-aid lu this city Ii:i is family of four sons who were parted so far back as 1812 and never since as-ambled together until a few days ngo when chan 'e brought them all unce ngain under the frimily roof The first enlisted in 1812 the second in 1818 the third its 1819 and the fouith in 18:22 end most of theta brsve since visited the four ipierters of the globe One only now remains in the army end hanpeniug to visit his mother on is folottgli at the very moment wben another son bad jolt arrived from London the whole fatuity after beiog long catered abroad on the face °Elbe whole earth sot down ouce more as it were under the ebadow of their mother's wing—Edlaburgit paper A father and two sons killed—Lit week dimes ilerneworth of Garforth with- Leeds sent his 1011 John into a ivell which had been covered up for some time to fetch out a pick-axe The young men unconscious of dnnger descended by meens of a rope Then he had nearly reached the bottom his father perceiving n tremelens motion in the rope 'expected flint all wag not right and drew it up but before the youth hod reached the top be was Po exhototted ne lobe obliged to let go his hold and was precipitated to the bottom The father immediately alarmed his ton James who descended the well but from some canoe fell from the rope The father then dePcended by the rope when shocking to re-bite be wits precipitated to the bottom rind shared the tote of his sous The bodies were afterwards taken out with grapling lions The father was alive brit instantly expired aud in the two sons the vital apart' was quite extinct 31M11NE NEWS 777 -I 1(i it r CHARLESTON tt leek erguni to the kit 1 iideed we think it finish- A lila VD 17 ES l'E 1 l 11 4 Y ng is in better tnste rind the solidity of tho strue Brig Robert Alorris Singer Philadelphia and 5 ure much superior to the one consumed by the days from the Oyes Merchandize &c—to C Edtpril fire Tile new bell n bieli is to take the place mondston C Varley T Ventworth J 51 Burns A d the Old one and give the future alpinist of re- De Leon A P Nright W W Vilburlloyce & Ihn lose and activity to the city hes errived and vvill ry Clieesbotough & Ciimpbell Brown Tunis & ie 00011 elevated to its lofty dwelling It Aveighs Co J Robertaon 11 It Smith & Co Leers Booth & ihout 1100 lbs Wo long to bear its mellow tones St Jebn J Ilird J Ewen I Muses W filoult jr J tud get clear of the noisy little rattler whose heir- C & C Ittirekinyer J Gibson J De La Motto ied notes have so long cried nothing but " fire! Millikeo Gilliland & Co T Dailey W Jon( s ire! fire !"--Augnsta Courier Dee'21 It Penot W II Berretl J Atibin J Situmona J Ito- binson W Waller Mackie Ilervey & Co 3 A lin- We are glad to see preparations are making to otild up peedily that portion 01 tile city lest de- rem 1' Illuff 8 Bancock & Co A Durbau II Buis A 13 I orreW linrieston lion landWerd & Spring itroyed by fire of which the co hotel was the J & C Lewton It Lendreth Ilighatn & Fife li :entre !Mr Spencer is nit-catty inying the Monde- 8tnitti A Y Welton & Co J Seightig A T Spring Lion of a large twotitory brick building on the weld l' Elle N I lart Fenn I ounsenti & Hull It Me- hra corner of the squnre Ve hope the rest of the 'once will he filled by bundsonte fire-proof brick KFtiste s & fil Alleii& CO Trenhlna & Leek idificee The owners are wealthy enough to put Vt 'eed& Benedict J Kirkpatrick & Co t G Coteliett 1ni taidiere and Order Passenc'ers Dr J Cow tny kind of building that their taes st m ay desig- hate—trid tiessrs J Mount D Demi J Wentworth J Rowlett J II Corgell J A fryon W Moult jr aud 3 in the floppy fiteeting:—A respectoble woman who re- steerage Nid in this city bee n family of four POI1S who Schooner Gournet Higgins Richmond Va and 5 were parted so far back as 1812 and never since as days froin the Capea Flour uud Itran—to the tembled together until a few days ego when etian 'e Master awl Bit Smith & Co Srooght them all unce ngain under the lemily roof Schooner Adeliue Thurston Elizabeth City N fhb first enlisted in 1812 the second in 1816 the C5 days Corn—to the Master third to 1819 and the fouith in 18-22 nod moat of Schooner Little John Davis Beaufort NC 2 theta brave since visited the four qiierters of the days Corn—to the Mester globe One wily now remains in the army end Schooner Lottery from Asbepoo 3000 bushels happening to visit his mother on ft folottgli at the Rough itice—tu 1 A NA iiithrop very moment wben °nether son bad jolt arrived Schooner Thames & Henry from Lucas' Mill from London the whole fatuity after being long 56 bbisRce--to Packer & 11ailsford glittered abroad on the thee °Elbe whole earth sat Schooner Little Jack Devi' Georgetown I day down once more as it were under the shadow of 275 this iti —to Kershaw Lewis & Co their mother's wing—Edrnburgh paper Sloop independence Osborn New-York 6 days A father and Iwo sons 4i4'4—Lest week JIIIIICP Stone—for the New I tification ilerneworth of Garforth nefir Leeds sent his WM 611)0p tent Jackson from Stone 6n0 bushels John into a ivell which had been covered up for Rough itice—to C Dewees tome time to fetch out a plek-nxe The young man Knglend'a sloop from Itantoles 32 Wits Rice— uneouseious of danger descended by menns of a to Kershaw Lewis & Co rope Viten he had nearly reached the bottom his Johnsou'a boat from Camden 130 bales Cotton father perceiving n tremulons motion in the rope —to Kirkpatrick & Co suspected !halal' we not right and drew it tip but Gandy' s boat from Co lumhin 107 bales Cotton before the youth had reached the top be was so ex- —le Andrews & Keentin and G Cutchett hurtled ne tribe obliged to let go his bold and was ctra Imo precipitated to the bottom The father immediate- Ship Sapphire Voodberry Liverpool—McNicol & ly alarmed ins son James who descended the well Davidson but frosn some canoe fell from the rope The father Ship Richmond Drummond Ilverpool—J Robert-then descended by the rope alien shocking to re- son late be was precipitated to the bottom end shared Brig Gleaner Le Cram New-Itedford—Master the fate of his sons The bodies were nfterwards Brig George Scoldfield AVihnington—Master taken out with grapling lions Ths father was n- Brig New Hampshire Libby Bosten—Mnater lire brit instantly expired sod in the two sons the Selo NI ry Aun Filltien Savannah and Darieu—J vital apart' was quite extinct C &- C Burcktnyer flow to discomfit a 7'iprer and gab' a Tith-- The Sal' Eti"beth Dees floorgelown—Mnster York I t1anta Observer i elates the folloo lug atter:- Stennt boat John David Mongol Dubois Sevantiab dote of n Cenailian prelate :— --C Fit 4iiims 1 tr Itentopulli!st in I he East Indic obtained this i no sner title ( 'Tiger t)Iittlop") its consequence of having Sloop t ugasln Hanford St Auoustate vanquished v royal tiger with a bindder of Seolcb --- molt 'rho Doctor having crossed the Ganges with 11110W—A t3hip hie quarterly allowance (7 Mal observed a tiger nt The brig Governor Brooks Moore for thiseport 110M!disiiincelteieg without lire arms hordered his cleared tit New-York 17th inst Men to use their oars as weapons of defence They T C Toe brig harles Joseph Bishop ishop for Ole port formed ' into close Colo rnu with their backs to the watt up et Providence 15th inst to !owe despatch windward whilst the Doctor emptied the contents 'Ube schooner Splendid Avery for this poi t in a of the !Amide' into a piece of canvasa&daneed upon few days was up at New-York itith inst it until it became as fine as dustThe tiger coutinued — winding and occasionally couching When he tip- FROM Okillt CORIIIK4P 111)1r5t5 - prenehed within twenty yerds of the party the Doc- Office of tile Beacon tor discharged ebout half a pound of the ammuni NOIII7OLK Dec 19—In ilatopton Roads brig boo part of which was carried by the strong fluid Dente italigs from City Point boiled to Havre into the face of Royalty The tiger growled shook Sailed 111'14 Charlotte Corday Mix St fhomas his held furiounly end retreated In it few minutes The Ship Indian chief Vi idioms front Better-be returned to the charge opproached the thirty datn has proceeded up James River eautionsly and rubble:: his eyes occasionally with — his fore legs When within about fifteen yards of the SA li A NNAIL Dee 23--Arr ship Statira Wood party lie 4441u couelled : end es Le wan preparing NYurk sloop Frankiiii Sanford New-Bedford to make his murderoua swing the Voctor itid five Cleared brig Eagle Muuran Philadelphia of his party let fly at him about two pounds of snuff S I A LtiESTINE Dec 18—1 rr Nebr Dighton which tod welt for the royal tiger commeneed Daggett N York sloop Augosta Hanford Charroerikig and 'prang jet° the Ganges and fled to tratos 3 days Masonic Festival THE Grand Lodge of ' '"' 1 sNaktil‘Ve Ancieut Free-Masons of eAl: 4t42t1V South-Citroline will cele- it :4k ft t5si e N brat e the Anniversary of 4‘0-:::iv- -"x- St i oho- the Evengelistt i r woeser rs?-1 on day the 28th inst i ti7:p !i c Vil Mone 27th billing on Sem : ) ? — sley) when e Grand Alo- ft-1'0w - l'il NI sonic Procession of the Grand Lodge and the lodges uuder its jurisdiction will move Irate the Growl Lodge Hall iu Meeting-street at II o'clock in the forenoou aud proceed to the Gertuan Lutheran Church whore after the Usual religious exercises a MASONIC ADDRESS will be delivered by the Rev Joseph Brown W fil Lodge No5 The Brethren attached to the Subordinate Lodges the Royal A roll Chapter the Encompmeut of Knights Tempters and such transient Brethren ea may be in the city arc particularly invited to unite in the cereinoutes of this day A Banquet will be provid- ' ed at the Grand Lode Ball By Order of the Al W Grand Ledge G U ECKIIARD Recording Grand Secretary pro tem 0 Dec24 thl2m1 r State of SouthiCamlina—Charleston District By 11111EN D MITCHELL Esquire Ordinary you IIEREAS Joys U Hop loon of Charleston T Accriuntaut linth made isuit to me to grant h im Lettere of Administration of the Estate and Effects of the Rev JOHN HONOUR late of Charleston der as next of kin : These are therefore to cite and admonish all and Pinglitar the kindred and crcelitdrs of the asid John Houour dec that they Fr be and appear before me in the Court of Ordinary to be held at Charleston on Friday next after publication hereof to sheis cause if any Ihey have Ashy the said Administratiou should uot be granted Given under my band end seal this 24th day of December iu the year of our Lord 1G29 and in the 54111 year of American Independence JAMES 1) MITCHELL December 23 3 111 gamst the Estate of 140111SA MARTHA --- 301ADIN deceased are requested to render in attested statement of their counts to HENRI CIOURDIN Executor Nov !!5 err 0 State of South-CarAitia--4Tharleetott District By JAMES D MI 1:11E EL Esquire Ordinary INIDIREAS Et-tes BAIRD of Charleston widow bath mnde suit to me to grant her Letters of A ltninistration of the estate mid effects of JAMES REYNOLDS BAIRD late of Charleston Planter decea‘ed as next of !in : These are therefore to cite and admonish all and singular the kindred and creditors of the said James Reynolds - - Baird deceased' that they be and appear before me in the Court of Ordinnry to he held at Charlestou on Friday next after publicntion hereof to A II e w cause if an they have why the said Admi- i nistption should not be granted Given under my hand and seal this 24th day of December in the year of our Lord 1829 end in this 54th year of American Independence JAMES D MITCHELL December 25 - 3 ‘JOTIC C—A n Llection for STEW A RD MA 4 1:1 Tit(N SCHOOLMASTER SCHOOLMIs 1 TttcsS SEWING MN TRESS and NURSES for i' the Orphan House will be held 'on Thursday the 4 731i day of January next Canilidates will kale their letters with the Subperiher 4 ' LUAU KINGMAN Steward Dee 25 --- 4 N o ILIA iffillAt4-G -- uordieno — ----YiKI4--- 1 (T7C0 E and Trustees who hove Riven Bond to ma Commissioner in Equity of this District are requir- i ed to make their rotor for 18'29 immediately in order that a final Report rutty be made according to Lew at the enempt meeting of the Court of Chancery THOMAS HUNT Comer in Equity Dec 16 ws4 'lkT- -OTICIK—Tho Subscriber has removeci his I 116 ottlee to No 5 Varing's Row where be win atteod to the duties of his pmfession J DRAY PON DAWSON December 23 wqm3 Attorney et Law N "1 'l n el (1- it'ilti—ii gi b ' si ne ic)i rudbei ire' darrneweninthin cd I i( I tteml FLCD on Messrs BURDEN & SON for W180 and accepted Its them dated 7th December !829 and pnyable in CO days the order is made payable I to ('HAS GILKEY or order and was passed away by biro payment of the order has been stopped Dec 24 1 FRANCIS LANCE No7 Statem-satnrdeesta ' iNbetlin—Cstiii-e-AlEili:t4ear7fall4h4UvilnSirAdaikIARTHA -- i- I Situation IVanted A YOUNG MAN is desirous of obtaining a situation as Clerk in a wholesale or retail thy Goods or Grocery Store either as Salelimaa or flookkeeper References will be riven A line 140 addressed to V and left at Mils Wierwill be atten 74Ilk dell immediatoty Dec PI k 1 A - — e ' '- - i ' ' Isiii-------'-- J r'' 11 1 0 - ' - - ye- t ' - I f l 0 - J l ' - 'IS o - t 1 ' 41 0 : ' ' ' it - ded the periodical appropriation in the purchase of ' -- ---- -- -- -------r-- n-—-- ------ of that departs:tea were estimated at V3140000 the opposite store For this achievement the boo BALTIMORE Dec IV—Cleared 'chi Lapwing 1 'An 771 111 'El 7-16 Ari -IT rt y new furniture "dry goods" and several other ar- Iron Ti TE tannecarl tie supposed however that there was a possibility tor received 2000 rupees a silver snuff hoz sod the Cooper West 1ndiesi itAZI ItZ a' Jail LI iti hetes never before kuown either to the people Or "IWAS the night before Christmas when an thre of the fact surpassing the estimate and prospec- title of 'figer from a native Pri nce PIIILA DELI DIA Dec 18--Cleared brig Ape! — ---- their reprosentativectis subjects elpuhliciaxpendi- the house tively ettrildited that increase to a corresponding — lo (inge Kip de Janeiro - 11 t 00 mo Al woof ol OVIIIIM Anil anil ity Ilan IIIILADELPIAIA Dec 17 NEW-Y(41K Dec1Z--Arr ship Iludsonrhamp )j A ) r : 4i " ' i 1 : f 1 1 I ' - r 2 t i I 24 1 I J t -

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