The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on January 28, 1971 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 28, 1971
Page 5
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T HI- K SD AY, J A N U A K Y, 28, 19 71 HELEN HELP US! — ^- —by Helen Bottel—The Alcoholic Father Dear Helen: This isn't the usual "What Is A?"— but it's written from experience—and heartbreak: WHAT IS AN ALCOHOLIC FATHER? An alcoholic father is just like any other father except when he's drunk, which, is 20 hours-a day. You love him, just like any child loves a father, except you can't tell him or anyone else because he hurts you so much, and the only way you can'get even is by saying you hate him — which doesn't seem to matter to him, but it does to you. An alcoholic father is someone who calls you filthy names and never knows how it hurts. But when you shout something back, your heart tears apart because you hate fighting with him. He's 'someone you're so ashamed.of that when,your friends ask to come over and play records you make all kinds of fake excuses, which they pretend to believe, and that hurts all the more. 1 . : .. He's the man who breaks things and yells so loud that you take your little brother next door so he won't have to "know" quite so soon. . An alcoholic father is the reason you broke up with your boy friend because he didn't like sneaking around, but you couldn't bring a nice .guy into a mess like that. It's feeling empty and cried-out every time you see him at school because you know you really love him. A father is a person you cairtell your troubles to, but an alcoholic father is a person you hide your problems from. An alcoholic father is the man who gave your mother that big bruise on her right side. He's the person your sister loathed so much that she ran away and got pregnant because he was already chasing her put of the house. And you loved her so much you wanted to kill him.- And •yet you have to love him because he's your parent, and you're so mixed up and miserable you want, to die.. Finally, an alcoholic father is the manyoutold your, girl friends was your step-father because you were ashamed when he started yelling at you in front of them. But while you're saying it, you're crying inside because you love him even when you hate him. 1 And you'hate yourself for-being disloyal. r So what is an alcoholic father? He's the man who leaves you mad at the world, confused, but most of all—hurt. So Helen, what does a 15-year-old girl do when she has a problem like this? —MIXED UP 15. i Dear "Mixed Up: Your best help is in realizing you aren't alone. Children of lushes are often so beaten down with shame and guilt (about hating the person one is supposed to love) that they close out the world. And, in their loneliness,, they sometimes blame parents for rejections they bring on themselves. You might not have lost your boy friend had you told him frankly, "My father is ilU." Girl friends would not turn away, if you'd leyel withjfhem.yflbur mother might face up to the situation, if you'd urge\gr>oattend therapy sessions. (The phone book lists Alcoholics Anonymous where you can .learn about family groups such as Al-Anon and Alateeni.) Perhaps you should both visit the local alcoholism center. Above all, you must discuss the problem, not try to hide itl You must understand that your father is sick and in desperate need of help—that his case is not hopeless, nor is yours. Please call A.A. today I You'llbe amazed how the burden lightens when you share it with others. —H. This eolumn is dedicated, to family living, so if you're having kid trouble or just plain trouble, let Helen help YOU. Shewill'also welcome your own amusing experiences. Address Helen Bottel in care of THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE. Corn Crops Up 6% In 71' W AS HINGTO N (UPI) — Farmers in 35 major states, including Indiana, intend to plant 70.1 million acres of corn this' year,, up 6 per cent from 1970, according to an Agriculture Department survey. T he 35 states covered in the survey reported Monday accounted for more than 98 per -cent of last year's U. S« corn acreage. The survey was made to help the department's planners decide soon how much to loosen federal crop controls this year. Department officials had hoped for a 'fee per cent increase in Coin Glass by , total* national-corn planting this year. T he special survey reflected farmers' intentions as of about Jan. 1, and plans may be modified after final farm program rules are set The survey results do not give national totals but are considered an important guide to national intentions. . The annual national survey of planting intentions. will be made in March. Farmers in areas hard hit by southern corn leaf blight last year expressed hesitancy about their intentions, because of uncertainty about' the availability of blight-tolerant "seed corn. "Generally, growers in areas that had little or no damage from the blight expect to increase their acreage this year," THE TIFTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE Facts on Moon Rock Studied By EDWARD K. DELONG UPI Space Writer SPACE CENTER. Houston (UPI^-The wild theories are giving way to intelligent speculation based on facts now that scientists have had more than a year to study 122.6 pounds ofaunar rock and dirt gathered at two places on the moon by Apollo astronauts. But the picture is still far . tor the uvely rmw Ipok in decorating!? A treasure-trove of gift id east Coin -Glass is not Just] for collectors of reproductions. Q sounds a decorative note that is pleasing in contemporary surroundings. [And you will find it as usefulj •as it is beautiful. leveled »*sss FARMERS LOAN & . ' TRUST COMPANY 110 E.Jeff. St. Tipton, Indiana from complete. Both Apollo 11 and Apollo 12 touched down on the relatively flat "seas" that spread across the face of the moon. Until . scientists can get -materia"! from the lunar highlands— belieyed to be far older - than the seas— under their instruments they can only- guess at the totai makeup of the .moon. A few strange Attack System Within System The Lighter Side By DICK WEST WASHINGTON (UPI) - Although the seniority system of designating congressional committee chairmen withstood last week's assault; it obviously is tottering. Or at least doddering. Impetuous young lawgivers who oppose the seniority tradition were urged to attack the system within the system— - that is, wait until they get old (by which time they will be committee chairmen themselves and wilVghave enough seniority to throw 5 themselves, out). The antiseniority group rejected that advice, however, on grounds that getting old takes too long. So unless some way is found to speed up the aging process, it appears that the siege of the seniority system will continue. Chemicals are Available (Chemicals to accelerate the aging of beer and cheese already are available, but the " aging of congressmen is still being done the old-fashioned, natural way.) In my. judgment, the seniority system would have been overthrown at the . opening of this session of congress had its opponents .offered .a- reasonable alternative. . Under the system they proposed as a substitute, committee heads would be elected, the argument being that this would produce more capable • chairmen than the seniority system casts up. That argument is specious, if not downright laughable. When it comes to casting up the best man, the electoral process is no more reliable than the aging process. If the House of Representatives were composed of the 435 oldest citizens of the United States, I doubt there would be any noticeable loss of quality. System wiil Prevail Most congressmen, having been elected themselves, realize this. Consequently, they saw no good reason to change the . manner of designating chairmen. It - appears then that the seniority - system will prevail until a better replacement is found." Some parliamentary experts feel the designation of committee chairmen should be turned over to the Selective Service system, which assignments made the same way . draft quotas are filled. -l". Others are convinced the seniority system should be supplanted by a system of - competitive examinations admi- the report said. In the Eastern Cora Belt, toe report said, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and Indiana report increases despite considerable blight damage last year in Ohio and Indiana. Illinois, which suf-, fered blight damage in some 1 areas, reported about the same acreage as last year. • Largest acreage gains are expected in the Western Corn Belt, with increases of 1.2 million acres in Iowa, 1 million in Minnesota and 600,000 in Nebraska. Indiana's intended corn-plant-, ing acreage for 1971 will be 5,418,000, up 4 per cent from 1970. The state' bean planting intentions as of Jan. I, indicates there will be 3,666,000 acres in seed, up 10 per cent from a year ago. nistered by the Civil Service Commission. ' Still others advocate a variation of the old spartan leadership test. The committee walks across a California oil slick and the last member to sink becomes chairman. . Auction Service FARM SALES. ESTATE. REAL ESTATE AUCTION HOUSEHOLD MISC. CONTACT . THE OJ* ACTION „<i /UanU 292-2371 samples from the first flights give only tantalizing hints that they may be rock ejected from the. highlands by meteproid impacts. The flight of Apollo 14, aimed at the foothills of the highlands, is a step in the direction of expanding the view. Nonetheless, scientists feel they have come a long way since the days before ' they examined lunar material closeup. "We are starting to do science," says.Dr. Gordon G. Goies, a geochemist from the University of Oregon. Dr. Robin Brett, a geologist; at .the Manned' Spacecraft Center in Houston, said "we're zeroing- in" as basic facts emerge and force a convering of the theories. "It's turning out that the moon is more complicated.than some people thought," he said. "It appears that .we do have strong' evidence that the moon was hot in its, early history, at least partially hot. We do have evidence of crust formation- at a very early stage." Scientists have pegged a tentative age of about 4.6 biilion years on 'the moon. - They feel that about 3.6 billion years ago something happened to cause lavas to flow on the surface and cool into rocks. Now, they, fell, the core of the moon is relatively cool. There is mounting evidence against the theory that moon split off from the earth, one of. three major theories about its origi.i and once in the No. 2 spot. Now the debate, rages chifiy over whether the moon was captured, by the earth, or whether it formed ' through coagulation of material in the dense atmosphere of primeval earth. . •, . . . - Income people in brackets from the Page 5 Tax Filing Requirements Eased An estimated six million the lower income will be removed tax rolls for 1970. These individuals will no longer be required to file Federal income tax returns because of liberalized rules effective this year. An individual must now file a return if he or she is: head -- Single, an unmarried of household, or SHERIFF POLICE 675-2111 675-2152 a surviving widow(er) with dependent child and had. income of $1,7:00 or more ($2,300 if 65 or-'over):: - Married and is filing jointly and had income of $2,300 or' more (32,900 if either he or. his spouse is 65 or over OR"$3,500 if both are] 65 or over); - Married and is filing separately and had income of $600 or more. However, if tax­ payer and his spouse lived in the same household and no one else is entitled to claim her (him) as an exemption, the individual must file if the income ' exceeds that listed for married filing jointly; or * ' - Had net earnings from sell-employment of • $400 or more. These rules apply tojyjery citizen or resident of the United States whether an adult or minor.. Because of the relaxed filing requirements, some people who worked during the year on a part-time basis will not be required to file an income tax return. However, anyone who is not required to file a return, but . has had income tax withheld from their paychecks must "file a return to get a refund of the taxes withheld. OPEN 8A.M. TO 9 P.M. YOU CAN Df Wl NO O W »t X A11 P It UP P *Q P U CT S /JOHN CARNEY Registered Pharmacist JIM RUSSELL Registered Pharmacist! OPEN 8 A.M. TO 9 P. NL 4 i C O 5 MET! C S f I > RUBINSTEIN + JADE EAST + REVLONI+ LANVIN + CHANTTLLY. + MAX FACTOR SHULTON + COTY + CHANEL + DUBABRY + FABERGE MONEY-SAVING COUPON BOOK MATCHES' ^1 FOR IU UMIT 2 Mandy^arion of 50 hook matches for home needs. •••••••••••••••••••••• 1.49 BOTTLE OF 100 BUFFERIN BUFFERIN is . SAVE 50c Fast-acting tablets for relief of headaches ana pain.' Antacid analgesic. HANKSCRAFT 217A STEAM VAPORIZER 197 REG.4.9S Save 1.98. A I-gallon fill lasts o. to 8 hours. Hos automatic sbutoff MONEY-SAVING COUPON REXAL1 • SANITARY : NAPKINS | package $1.29 : HAND LOTION SALE 1/2 PRICE SALE $2.00 Desert Flotoer- $3.50 Heaven Sent $5,00 Chantilly $1.95 Swedish Formula $1.09 Cdra Nome $1.00 $1.75 $2.50 55d - ' - ^ PLUNGER with stick cleans sinks 39* LAREDO FILTER CIGARETTE MAKING MACHING 100 filters - 100 paper tubes $2 REXALL S1NUREX Oh, no...not another sinus headache! Double-action. Sinurex relieves the pressure pain, helps shrink nasal and sinus area membranes, contains two antihistamines to reduce nasal — ' congestion. . 36's REXALL Redi-Spray Aerosol All-day protection that stands up "forarrian! redl- •pray inta n 5 bz. 59* PROMPT, COURTEOUS PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Your good health is our most important concern ^ YOUR PHARMACY SUPK,, PlfNAWf JUNIOR REXALL SUPER PLENAMINS JUNIOR CHEWABIES Vitamin Goodness for Growing sugar-free tablets . with candy i% Jf% Q .taste. 36's Z. AT Other Sizes Available $1 ARRID EXTRA DRY ! LIMIT 1 Anti-per&pirunf. deodorant sprpy. 4 3 BLUE LUSTRE Lip*** Electric « CARPET SHAMPOOED*" With purchase of fomousBU^STRE. SAVE -thl* ttthtt my I Restores forgotten, color*! • Removes traffic laneel Leaves nap open andlolty -;no residua to cause re-ioUingl AMERICA 'S NEW FAVORITE —for upholstery, tool |superanapac ( CDLO TABLBTfJ for children REXALL SUPER ANAPAC JR. CHEWABLE COLD TABLETS Kids who are choosy, chew cold miseries away! 24. 98c super anapac . REXALL SUPER ANAPAC IB. COUGH SYRUP Spoonfuls of relief against Baron von Koll! 3 a. oz. 1.29 SUPER ANAPAC helps everywhere a cold hurts! WKA SUPER ANAPAC COLD CAPSULES Nothing to sneeze at: the quick-action cold- fighter with 7 active ingredients. • g\fk 21V llVO super anapac REXALL SUPER ANAPAC NASAL SPRAY Take a breather from stuffy colds! V4-IL ox. 1.19 THROAT TROCHES. Rexall Super Anapac; so soothing! 16's 1.69 PRESCRIPTIONS V

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