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News-Pilot from San Pedro, California • Page 12

News-Pilot from San Pedro, California • Page 12

San Pedro, California
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Short Story Jr The Royal Earache Ye Strange and Exciting Tale of Mumtazand Rhubarba THE PUZZLERS GIVE! A' PARTY ailiinij A Luck-Bringing Ghost BY WOLFF TRUTZSCHLER By CECILLE LYON The Puzzlers gave a dandy party at their new clubhouse last night and all the officers and committteemen (everybody in the club is either an officer or committeeman) made speeches Then refreshments consisting of ice cream and fruit were served This Should Prove Fruitful Nige Likes Slow Pitching Nige a black Spitz is owned by Richard Osborne of Tacoma Washington Richard says that Nige is a very good watchdog He has taught his pet many tricks begging for his dinner laying his head on a chair and and carrying packages He says that he can play ball with Nige as he can catch the ball between his teeth if it is not thrown too fast Richard says that his dog is very companionable when any member of the family is near but he is not very friendly to strangers A Canadian Dixie Dorothy Taylor of Lethbridge Alberta Canada owns a lovely black and white cat called Dixie Dorothy very proud of best trick which is to sit up on her hind legs We agree with Dorothy when she says this is a hard trick for a cat to do She has two other kittens which are her pets too Dixie has been with Dorothy for three years and holds first place in the affections of the entire These Riddles Will Wake Up Drowsy Fans The fans have furnished you this bunch of riddles and we hope you have as much fun with them 33 the Editor had They are good ones to cure that summer sleepy feeling and get the quirks out of your 341 What city is made up of three-sevenths of a chicken two-thirds of a cat and one-half of a Mollie Rinaldo Nashville Tenn 342 "What is the difference between a person who had the flu and an ambulance Eleanor Stevenson Indianapolis Indiana 343 When is a barrel hungry? Alma Lohrmeies Williams-ville Missouri 344 What is the longest word in the dictionary? Jerry Bidwell Ogden Utah 345 What is it that one cannot go near without getting into it? Keasonouer Sykes Tenn 346 What is it that warms water but yet is not fire Herbert Collins Nashville Tenn 347 What is it which if you even name it you break it Marjorie Sandiferd Clayton La 348 What is the value of the moon? Neola Decker Bedford Indiana 349 W7hat goes all over the world with its tongue out? Beulah Eeynolds Sioux Palis South Dakota 350 What chickens are usually as hard as paving rocks? Elizabeth Eason Lebanon Tenn WHAMRE-rHESE1 TWOERUIIS-? A jagged streak of lightning tore across the woods showing for one minute the muddy ground and the great bare trees waving their arms against the storm moaned Eve and hid her eyes against her arm there something to do? getting soaked and scared to drop the bag of nuts and make a run for suggested her cousin your eyes shut if the lightning bothers Eve did as he said and stumbled with him over the uneven ground until she felt herself on smoother soil evidently a path commanded Roger and she stepped on a wooden floor i Then she heard a door close behind her and she opened her eyes The occasional flashes of lightning showed her a small room low-raftered with a fireplace at one end It had a musty odor as though it had been long closed There was no furniture in the cabin so she took a deep breath and sat down nervously on the floor beside Roger her eyes filled with growing terror Roger I believe this why it must be the haunted cabin near she whispered brokenly it was the only place to go Haunted or not better than being out under the trees in a storm like they say Eye paused remembering all the weird stories she had heard about the place-Even as she was thinking she heard a soft stealthy noise in the opposite corner of the darkened cabin She stared terror-stricken Then something white moved slowly across the corner She jumped to her feet ready to make a dash out into the storm Roger caught' her in the she choked me out of this awful came from the corner They gave two little broken laughs of relief and Eve sank down exhausted A white cat rubbed up against her warm and comforting and not the least bit ghostly- a beauty it exclaimed Eve must be an Angora Just feel that Roger whistled bet anything Mr valuable cat that they lost out of their automobile somewhere around here been advertising for it and offering a Almost every boy and girl has a pet We want to hear about yours and so do the other readers of the My Pet column If you have a dog or a cat or some other pet take a few minutes and write to the Pet in care of this newspaper Tell about the tricks he does and anything else of interest to readers If your letter is a good one publish an account of your pet in this column Riddle Fansl We want new original riddles Surely you know one Send it to the Riddle Editor in care of this newspaper and if it is clever and original we will print it with your name forget! Other readers will like to read your riddles Send as many as you like Posers! i i It is past examination time but all you poser fans should be in good trim for a quizzing Here are a few things that you may know even if you never learned them in school see how high your grade is on this examination you pass unless you know five or six of the answers Here are the names in jumbled order of some of the boys at the party The first letters of these rearranged in the proper order spell the name of the president: RODAHL TROONM THARUR ERODTHER VOLEIR EDISYN Clif was the chief entertainer In this sentence is concealed the instrument he played: was growing dark and the trees could hardly be seen at the mountain top I a none too keen observer 4i This Is Number Four Horizontal mretiDfZQPs FAIRIES UVE IN WATER DROPS AND WHEN THE (Wn fAltS DOWN THEY MEET AND ROMP on pleasure bent ON EVERY STREET IN TOWN 1 What makes water 2 What is a furlong? 3 What is the meaning of elude 4 Who invented the phonograph and in what year? 5 Where is the Suez canal 6 Who wrote Wreck of the 7 Where is the Po river? 8 Who were the Hessians in American History? their way they encountered an enchanted Xiiterwl Why He Wanted It The fereab lecturer was to speak at the high school and two of the boys were fixing up the stage before he came sure and have a pitcher of water on the directed one what he uses it for a high-dive act of ANSWERS TO rOSERS 1 The presence in It of mineral salts 2 One eighth of a mile 3 Avoid escape 4 Thomas A Edison In 1876 5 In Northern Africa between the Mediterranean and the Red Seas 6 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 7 In Italy 8 German soldiers who fought for England in the Revolution A BOY STONES AND A DOG As I sit by my window writing this I can see a boy across the street throwing stones at a dog The animal is trying to dodge there a rock just hit him on the foot and he goes limping down the street with a whimper I see the boy as he turns the corner actually strutting proud of his marksmanship I wonder what that boy is thinking I wonder what he would think if the dog should turn on him and bite him in retribution Somehow I like that boy who was throwing stones at a mongrel dog even though I know him It is hard to like anybody who is a bully and a cad and takes delight in torturing persons and animals weaker than himself Great Fun In Frogtown Camp When Teams Battle In Annual Tug Of War the Matter? gave a ginger ale highball and it surely helped (for after that they pulled the coach as fast as the wheels would turn and reached Podunk in a jiffy! From there they went to the miserable shanty and when Princess Rhubarba stepped out of the golden coach she heard a terrible howling It was Raubau the big butter-and-egg lion who was chained to the witch shanty He howled because he was blinded by beauty Mumtaz however who came to welcome her hit him over the coco with a gilded broomstick and he quieted down immediately But Mumtaz was wicked in fact more crooked than a tail She went into the shanty with the Princess and said "My dear child I will now positively cure your And with that she filled mouth with some magic water out of a golden bottle which she had taken out of a diamond studded ice-box And she said swallow it for this is the cure: I take one armful of oaken shavings two baskets of pinewood shavings a pinch of gasoline-soaked straw and the Sunday edition of a Chinese newspaper and put all this in a big stove and light it When it is nice and hot I put you on it and when the magic water in your mouth starts boiling you will not feel your earache any more by With that she took the poor Princess lifted her on the stove and chained her to the stove-pipe Just think of it children! Rhubarba cried for help while it got hotter and hotter Oh it was rible! But just then there was a clattering of a hoofs to be heard It was the Prince Praise be! He crashed through the door grabbed the wicked Mumtaz and threw 'her out oif the window Then he hurriedly freed poor Rhubarba breaking her chains with his bare hands Oh how happy upon a time there was a beautiful Princess Her name was Rhubarba and she was to marry a handsome Prince Prince Bluepoint in three days Everybody liked Rhubarba and Prince father the old King with the red and blue striped nose said rather eat his big sword than have his son marry anybody else Now it happened that the princess was stricken with a vicious earache so nasty that eleven of the best doctors had to be beheaded for being unable to help her But when even the court special eardrop mixture of gasoline and malted milk soothe her pain there was great despair in the sfnall (but fertile) kingdom At last somebody suggested a trip to Podunk for in the back woods of that famous city lived a crafty witch Mumtaz was her name who was known to have healed many people by her witchcraft So they went to Podunk On their way they encountered an enchanted billy-goat He had a dozen colored balloons tied to his big horns and on his hoofs he had roller-skates Oh he looked funny! And he said ye hear and everybody stuck his head out of the gilded coach Said the billy-goat: woodla wumtaz Trust not the dirty and he disappeared as suddenly as he had appeared And all the birds in the trees screamed not trust and even the royal goldfishes rocked their bowl with a roaring not! trust Rhubarba however since she know what to do about it ordered the coachman to drive on But the horses they were so scared they looked quite pale and trembled Well they was he when he had her safe in his arms! She was only slightly burned but otherwise all right When they stepped out of the shanty they saw that Raubau the big butter-and-egg lion had eaten Mumtaz and oh wonder ha started to talk to them! He said not scared folks I am only an enchanted taxi driver but now I am And bingo! there stood before them a real New York taxi driver and why even a taxi! Then -they all went home and the Prince married Rhubarba whose earache was all gone when the Prince kissed her little ear! The taxi driver was knighted and madq best man and everybody was happy! Ye end! Another addition to our Cross Word Puzzle Zoo DEFINITIONS Horizontal 1 Additional 4 Young cow 7 Males 8 Note of the scale 10 Therefore 11 Holiday In spring 14 Consumed 18 Used for planting 17 Eithor 38 Severed 20 Color 22 measure 24 To hand to 28 Type of weatheif 31 Young man 34 Trap 37 Juicy food 37 Immaculate 39 Neither Vertical 2 The first 3 Other 5 Atmosphere 6 Just 7 To drive 9 Consumed 10 Reposed 12 Like 33 nickname 15 Before 39 Approves material for journal 21 To pay back 23 Mother 25 Turns sour 26 Lower part of face 27 Within 28 Males 29 Consumed 30 To consume 32 Preposition 33 Latin for "you" 3(1 Toward 38 Article neck he has dug his toes into the sod and refuses to be moved As a result the opposing team is demoralized and about to crack the three last men having already been rendered helpless by getting badly tangled up with each other Old Man Turtle serving as referee is greatly amused by the Tug which he declares shows the value of having a pull in this world One of the really notable events of the annual Frogtown summer camp is in progress today namely the great Tug of War With Snooky Snake' serving as a rope the rival teams had practiced for days and were in splendid shape for the combat Fatty Frog is partially redeeming himself for his earlier failures by proving to be an absolutely immovable anchor man With all of his ounces firmly attached to Snooky Answer will be found elsewhere on this page No Wonder Little girl in museum: is that thing Guide: some Little girl: "My glad my mummy look like Nature Faker is a real hair said the clerk fool replied the freshman brush their Film Fun For Young Folks GOOFEY MOVIES Make up this word square: The second word is the name of a dog the third is a valuable material procured from a large animal th fourth is a plant (plural) the las you may figure out for yourself! drift I a OowJr TAKE CUFF LINK LONG TO MAKE A SALE -HE COULD SELL A CARLOAD OF 4--0UCKLE ABCTICS WO THE SAHARA DESERT IN TEN MINUTES obov! otto the MOT STUFF IN HS N1EUJ OUTFIT HE MAS OUST FIFTEEN CENTS LEFT AND IS GO I MG TO PUT THAT IN) THE BANK cDust "THINk! OTTO DE SNAKE IS gTlLL WEARING HIS LoINTER CLOTHES- but after- months OF SKIMPING ME HAS SAVED ENOUGH TO BOV WIM'SEUF- A FI ME SUMMEQ OUTFIT Grammar Lesson you know the difference between a cat and a what is cat has its claws at the end of its paws and a comma has its pause at the end of its Iere he is ALL-SMIUES ON THE WAV TO CUFF LINK TM6 HABERDASHER GOOFEY MOVIES PCE5EMT VAMP PROOF FEATUClUG OLGA BLACKBlGO AMD CJTTO DE SNAKE BY FRED MEHEft UPON A TIME Never In all your lives boys and girls have you heard of such places and people as Wolff Trutz-schler writes about in his modem fairy tales! The strangest things happen to the most ridiculous people in the most unusual ways These tales will make you laugh and you will like them The first of a series that will run on this page appears today ANSWER THE TO £3 Watch where you are going Sudden bumps may injure others or cause them to drop things they are carrying TM AWFULLY HUNGRY! LETS GET AM ICE CREAMLUELWI come! (AAAVBEj On the WAY TO THE BANK OTtO MEET'S AN OUD fRiemd DOMT DUCK LATE THAT NIGHT ANSWERS TO PUZZLES 4 aiuj PV( "rvl fruits are: straw berry and cherry 2- The names are: Harold Morton Arthur Theodore Oliver Sidney Thom piano conc6aled instrument 1 cross word pill rla are: 1 more 4 calf 80 41 Luster oo8' 46 seed 17 or 18 tore 20 rod ir em climate 81 youth 14 net 83 fruit 37 neat 1 me 2 one 8 else fl fair 7 motor 9 ate 10 sat- 13 Ed 15 ere 19 2A ma 25 sours 28 chin 27 oo 5 The word square Is Drift er Ivory ferns tryst (First it was AN ICE CREAM CONE THEN A SANDWICH AND SO onuntil-- wwvW 7 ANSWERS TO RIDDLES Chicago 312 One was 111 with (v? 'h? with the ill 813 hen It takes a roll 314 Smile It has a mile between the first and lnat 346 Sunshine 847 Silence 848 Four quarters 840 A wagon 800 Plymouth Rocks Situation Wanted City Editor: ruined the photo of this New Reporter: held a book in front of her face when we took the picture and I tried to erase it (Copyright 192A Associated Editors Inc) (J.

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