The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 13, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, November 13, 1908
Page 7
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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1S08. \ •M T: ^^••^^••^^^•^^•^^•PV^^Wm ^•^^^^^•••^^^P^^MP^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^™^^-^^^—^ i -ii i i — The Mathie Brewing Company UEQAU UEQAL. LEOAfc OF LOS AGELES at the time of the opening of aald bids any responsible person, firm, or corporation present or represented may bid for said franchise or privilege a Hum not less than 10 per cent above the highest sealed bid therefor, and paid bid so made may be raised atton. trustee . Warren F. lit j not ICFS than 1" per cent by any other Brewers of Celebrated Red Ribbon Wurzburger Bottled n la Cl"ik nf Kern County. P. EYRAUD, Agent i PHONE MAIN 241 Free delivery to Bakersfteid and uarantee for purity and quality. The best beer of all—a $1000 gKern. bidder, and said bidding may so continue? until finally said fran- cbtee shall he stnu-k off, sold, aiM H\var.b-<i by sairi Hoard - of Supervisors to the'htehept bidder therefor in KO;<] r.iin of tho United States. ' Dah-d this loth da of October, 1308, ,forBrlwrB Caster. John A ........ 52 California Home Kxten ionA8fiocim*'»n. trustee t *jf - fcr r — f i »_^ m i -*f —.- m -^^ - f • • , »*• '»»!» ^.' »_' Tor Chales flezeklah . 89 10 10.00 Cahiorniu Home Kxten- M-MI Association.trustee ChrisUyn^ \Yui. K 5 27 10 10,00 6.(Ht there show cause, if any, thw ta* 5.00 why the nmriicntlon ior tii€ ch 20.00 name of me naid corporation not be t?rantf:d. and'It is rnrtltdr. *t led that a conv of this order to •• ^ *• •• ^-_ ***»-*• * ' • V t f i - ' ** 1 -*_-,.*,,>, J. U r £5, +.* + .*.#,*iiuU California Home Uxten- cause he published In "The field Ciilifornitui. ti ncwspaner unrl nubliRhed in the City of Held. Countv ut Kern. State at forma, to law. lor at I'or Coulov. Chas. M. . . vrus C iililornia Home . . 'aNrrsfii W, Kern County .Callfoi- ior Uh'Uinson. Win., II..UM pnnnliue. Miebael r^U Krank 531 Home 10 20 'JO ^H- -'~-'-»^ F ~ I • • \ -» I • i i I, U MILLER, . rtn-'kviVnV^-umls'A.* 10 . 07 f Supervisors of ralil'nrniu Home Kxien- of Supervisors of 11-2 NOTICE. may eoncrrn: my wife, having a-.-'Mdouod Ii ilny of October, 1l)us. any justification or any reas- '•- to notify you that I will not (or any debts contract- , Homo Kxt<Mi- \sj-oriatioii. t 0 tor Kvaus. Lunils A. - * i ^ inn Ass'orlation. lor Kvaiirt. i.umis, A. 'ntiloniia Home lO.M . . !>S ( i'i . • i* ^ ,•' four \veelcy ..successively next n inc the dav of henrlnc.. „ . Dated this Oth dav of October, JjWi J. W. MA HON. 10-3 Judue of the Hiwerior Ct> DIVIDEND NOTICE, At an ad i<;<i; ae<l meeting o/ . Hoard of Directors ot the S. \V. aft* Oil Co. held (K-t. ^s, i'.n)S. a divfi" was declared ol tunr cents a the stock of the company, pavabie s veinher KI. IIHIS. ;( t the office of I comwmv. 1iU:i Cluster avenue, ersneki, Cal. , H. W. THOMAS. .S 11-2 SUMMONS. tor Kvans Lumi^A. ..100 20 20.00 '"so,thorn ^aclffc KiHrnii.l California Home Sunerlor Court of the State or ii'ornia, County ot Korn. Southern I'acific Hailroad Cnin i \\natsoever from said hist NOTICE—Have you any live stock for sale? If so list it with me and LEGAL. J will endeavor to find you a buyer. rn?*mS$ Am in touch with buyers every & 0 tlce I day. Small commission. R. J, si en eel ad In the matter ot the estate of L. deceased. (lavs (exclusive of the.dav of service) ter service, on vo ^™ ^_ ' • ' - ^^ ^ LJ ^f W ' ^^ ^f ^~ ^^h ^^ ^^T'• elsewhere, with n said thin th te.av u of thi s Summon a , . served within said Coufltv; if served irty ays. day. Rose, ery. Notice ia hereby ffiven bv the .under- siened administrator of the estate ot L, Gartman.. deceased, tq the creditors by the under ^^H ^ ^^^r -^r ^K ^^^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^^^r- I ^^ -^^m —^— K • I B^ ^ ~ ~ Small commission. R. at Kern County Cream- a.~ana"""air*"preVons' havina: clai against the said deceased, to _exftl im with the ;hln NOJICE. Persons knowing themselves to be indebted to the late L. Gartman will please call at the office of the public administrator and settle at once. w. A. MCGINN. Administrator of the estate of L. Gartman, deceased. 99 NOTICE. Any person knowing the whereabouts of a Mexican harp which was left with, the late I/. Gartman, for repair, will please notify the public ad- the , necessar youchers .. within four months after the rst ou- lication of this notice to Aej said administrator house, ount the same n of transaction of business i ald Ke ated O is office in the court CUy of ^Bakeraflejd. . State ot California. e for the .. t hi e ern. ae o ine the Dlace inlaid .Kern County. ac or of said estate And you are hereby notified that if ? 11 , fa JI to so apoear and answer, the laintiff will take ludement jr av money or damages demandevl in tne ComDlaint as arislne utx>n Contract, or wTff a poly to the.CJourt tor any other relief demanded in the Comnlamt. Seal) eo. fe. tiff. ( G t I. U MILLER. ClerU Whitaker. Attorney for Pl mentions! date. PIERRE GRIMAVIX I. Cal.. Oct. 30, 1908. SS NOTICE" OF SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY. ,ln Uio Superior Court. State pLCal- fonua. in and for the County of Kern. In UK- matter of the Estate of Ralnh i;, deceased. is hereby clven. that in pur- for FmUon. Walter . . .2S6 1 rit'iilauder. Max -H4 John >H5 10 20 y suance of an order of the Suoerioi of the Countv or. tne aupenor ^ ... , ^ of Kern. State of Camornin, made on the 26tn dav of October. A. p. 1908. In the matter of the estate of Ralph Bower, deceased, tne undersigned administrator or tne estate of said deceased will sell at f A »• ™ *» 1 * ^H' ^r" *rf T3f-" »** ^* private sale in the office _. ... administrator and coroner ol will of th County, t ne Cltv of Bakers ountv. to the hiehes wful monev of d. hest 1)1 the Uni nubile ern court nouse_. in e nu f K Si r >use d K te aid Kern for cash. States on a he Uth dav of N6vem~be"r7JM£"a~t tne sour of r> o clock D. n).. the personal nelonelnE to the estate of saidkitlnh Bower, deceased: Three small houses; l gasoline engine: I pump and nine: 1 water tank: 1 horse trough: 1 barn: 1 corral, all situated on the west one-half (%> of the north- I *'£?'* I t tjl/lltl .**»,*,*** Ci\Mfnrnia Home Extension Association, trustee for Gardiner. H. H, ...240 California Home Extension Association, trustee Jor Griffin. Edw. W. ... 73 10 California Home Extension Association, trustee for Green. Alfred 277 California Home Extension Association, trustee jsonuiern racinc naiiroau i:nmr .Plaintiff, VH. H. H. Countiss, JoU_ ,, A - n Stnualand. Henrietta N. ilobus. Wu; \v. Perev. Clarence \V. Jloblw i ?!!•!•!!! minor), and John Doe. Dei'end;ifttv- lo.ooi Action broil Klit in. the Suuerior r of the State of California, on nn lno ^ olin:v °^ Kfc & U • v U 10 20 20.00 or reen. Henry California Home Exten s I or. Association, trustee for Harvey. J. M. California Homo Exten- llonAssocmtlbn.trufctee or Harvey. J. M. arcs & Murray ave-s & Murray aves & Murray tjedrick. 'Clark l.nhrornm Ho ..310 10 the Countv of Kern and the Quot plaint ft W in the office of the CJeA « , said Court in the said Countv. . nn The Feonie ot the State of C •00 nla send Greettne lolt H. Cot I John I. Stousiand. Henrietta N. i Jivini \v. Percv. Clarence w. I a minor), and Jobn Doe. ,d«fe» You are ; hereby required tc fl fnst v<m 64 B 5.00 n and for the ^ ~ * ff tAAAiU 1 an action brought a iff t ^_ 10.00 I «he above-named Plaintiff., in tte >erior Court of the State of Cantor Countv of nt fi , led t .:::::?! 516 M> o answer the Com n lat within ten d*i;_. _ _ of service) after the service on.! ten das, (exc)uatve of t 2 -hit* sunimonH if served within th« Jountv; or. If served elsewhere. n thirtv davs. da Home frxlen- socfatfon. trustee - ifner, Nelson •:. .14 ctober Ii, 1908. w. A. MCGINN. Public Administrator of Kern Countv. and Administrator or the Estate of in tne superior _^ tif L. Gartman. Deceased . a . . 4 of Kern. State of £a!ifornltt. „..,„„ Thos. Scott. Attorney :ur Admlnistra- T. M, HocTeons. Plaintiff, vs. Silvei tor. 11-11 Bow Oil Company. Defendant. SUMMONS. In the Superior Court of the County NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. ministrator's office. 93 NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATOR'S ? A t£..P F MINING CLAIMS BELONGING TO THE ESTATE OF FRANK LASS. AT PRIVATE SALE. In the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the County of Kern, ~ ^^^ * jP^& M unerior Court -----„ ^P-. 8 ^ 6 P f * Cft JL e Complaint Qlecl in said f T T ^^^f ^H ^^ ^^M^F ^^^f ^^H^K ^" ^^^ ^^^. ^^ ^^ L T Action brought In the . forhia. "and the CojL.,. T ._. -^ . .. Welling Oi) Company, locution of l^puntv ,of_ Kern. In the. office of the nrinctmu lace of business. IOCS , o iv. a dalif p l Oakland. Alameda ounty ornia. Broad- Cerk of said Suuerior Court. State The Peoole of the State of Cnllfor- • auiie nla send ereetine to Silver Bow Oil Notice is nerebv p'ven. that at a Company. Defendant. the su- of Kern. * ^ *_* *,*v-v^ a*-i ••*-*• v *v » * vv'B'* *.••»»• »•— H meeting of the Directors "eld on the ninth dav of November. 1908. an Assessment of 3 cents per share was lev-. ----. -^-vi^rr.v «? *>^ -r«nnntv ipH inion th» PMiiitnl ntnok nf fhp CAH'- nerlor COUl't OF tne Cpumv _tea upon ui£ cauuai btocit or .tne.ooi I o tate o f Callfprnia. and to answer the lomulalnt filed .therein, within ten ays (exclusive of the day of service! Fter service on vou of this Summons , nornton. Payable at once to J. H, Eklson. Secretary of said WelHnE Oil Company, at his office, rooms 18 and 19. 10H8 Brpaclwav. Oakland. ATameaa Countv. Clifornia. An stock »i>n Co Ca .,%** . \"*'^ 1^ 1J V« i* * » V/* I* IK/ tH V^- 1 V" lifornia. made on the 9th dav of so l( K?A\TdA? a ^-- of th? 1§os - al 8 a; m - lo tiay a, administrator of the estate of. Frank Lass, deceased, will sell oil or after Momlav. the 2otn dav of November. 3908. at private sale at the office of Tn B after service on you or tnis &ummons. If served within said Countv; If-served elsewhere, within thirtv davs. And you are hereby notified that, if you fall to so ani Plaintiff will tak 'ft**!' 11 " 1 ""»»«!• Ut?VfHCUi.| . II small houses; 1 KaHOline engine: non tuati nort fest quarter (Mi of section thirty- nrco (331 in township thirty ?30) south of ntntre thirty-seven 3t) east, M. D. b. and M.. in Kern countv. California. And notice Is hereby Rive that ids will be received by said tn- remiuM-i cnecu in an amount eouai to ten per cent ot tl.e hide niaqe. . , , , \V. A. McGIXN. , Administrator of the "state of Ralnh Bower, deceased. • 10-80 _ , POSTPONEMENT Notice Is herehv given that the date of tlie above sale of personal uronwfv or He California Home Exten sionAssoctation.trustee _ A for Herde-p. Edw, T. ..179 Eerrman. D, M. 374 alifornia Home Extension Association, trustee n, _D. M, rt 2W» 2.JSO And you are hereby notified _ JO 20.001 you fail to so appear and answer Plaintiff will ellef de: the re 4 20 20.00 & 1 npnlv to the Cou inanded. In the Co d. and or Herrman. u, M, ... ft errman. D. M .4 errman. p. M. 4 alifornia Home Exten- jlon Association, trustee -A . rqr.Herrman. A.J. ...106 an f oral a pome Ex* en Given under my hand, ana theji r toe Superior Court ot the State alifornia. In and lor the Couotr Seal') 1. U M FLLER. Ofcrfl ledcll Smlt . Slneer. Jr.. ami attorneys for plaintiff. )eputv CVerfc. d u. V. Cow TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTRK 20 20.00 sionAssocratlon. trustee ^ nn nn for Herrman. A. J. ...106 20 <s California Home E>.ten Notice Is hereby given that tikm taxes on all personal property, tafe 20.00 I one-half of the taxes on all real erty, will he due and payable o» has postnonod i/> Ttiesdav. Ko- vember 24. 3 DOS, at the hour of o'clock, a m. \V. A. McCMNN. Adniluistvator of the estutt 1 ot Bower, decoa s ed . 5 o M ?i? n Al?manV < ff.- t ® > ."f. e .8M 20 20.001 Becona Monrtay In October, an4 be delinquent on the last Montor November next theiafter, at 6 < p. m., and unless paid prior t fifteen per cent will be added to amount thereof, nnd that if sattf 20.00 | half be not paid before the last • v • -^ M-^-f • •»• W'* •• * m.r * • • P • • California Home Exten sion A ssocfation. trustee for Herman. B. \V. . .._ ( ^ te(e c -A'.-:::--:::::^ Calirornih Home Uxten- lonAssocmtlon. trustee 4U \* • Ifc. Huddleston. Chas. 239 20 nnear and answer, the e lucfement for anv » • *^ • »••'*" ^ • t ff ^ mf —< • ™ • ^^ «~ B *^ ------ — ^ ...... n - ,- . fc . .,. .... -, monev or damaees demanded on .the 28th dav of December. | complaint as nnsinc u v d 1908, at 8 a. m.. to nay delinquent as- will anuiv to the Court for any o sessment together with coat of adver- relief demanded In the compuunt. mpan ll anuiv I omas^Scott. rooms ,2 and 4. in the ank of Bakersfleld building, corner of 20th street and Chester avenue^be ing No. 1501) 20th street. City of tising and expense of sale. _ By order of the Boar ' of Directors. J. H. EDSON. Secretary. , CT'o :— ims IS »ml 19, 1068 Broadway. Oakland. Alameda Countv. o* Calitornia. Witness mv hand and the seal of et. ersfleld. County of Kern. State of California, to the highest bidder tor cash. cold coin of the United States, and sub ect to confirmation of said Supe- itle and in- /ior Court. ;ill the vleht, t^rosi of thf said Frank time of his dmtth. and all and Interest of flu* ^sUite of sa t IKS, at ti ie ricM.tit NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE OF REAL ESTATE AT PRIVATE SALE. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR AND SALE OF FRANCHISE. NOTICE OF MEETING. Notice is hereoy given innt the annual meeting of stockholders of the McKittrick Oil Company will be held **J® at its office, room No. 307, Produc- fof v any"ottier i era Savings Bank building, BaUer- sfield, California on Monday, November Hth, urns, at 4 o'clock p. m, of said •lay, for the election of n board of directors and such other business as may be brought before the meeting. C. BttOWER, Secy. Office, room No. 307. Producers Snv- SJO California" Home Extension Association trustee ^ rtn for Keeney. J. W. 151 20 California Home Exten- ?l°r n ^ S e? 1C eT i .? n \\! : . U8te . e1 73 20 20,00 California Home Exten- 9 1onA«BOC. a tl 9 n.,tru8t_eo i74 2Q ^ for Keeney. J. California Home sionAssocfatiQQ. trustee for Klass W» Exten C|erh> lu the Suuerior Court of the State of California, in and for the Countv of Kern. Notice Is hereny given that Edwin Alderson has made application to the „ n^'the matter of the estate of Geo. | Roard of Supervisors of Kern County, frank haws iis )i\ operation of law or i K. Oner. Deceasea. , .... Qtnfo r>f rnlirnrntn fnr n franfhUo to acuuiro-1. oiiior than or in! Notice iw nurcby uivou that, m nnr- l&tar 6 or ^ajnornia, ior a trdncmse iu enry • • . .......jl • i**t * ^ ^ i . .......41 -n • • • * * " *-* V i . t •*• _----_ «^i ck. Kdltn M 4} «,&i. 5 | as as McCartney. Harrv 448 McCartnev. Benl 489 Op.monila I..xten- \.f 14 IV, \. | 1 \S VIA-I * ^ V^ t U V' t f J. •VX*»«-*-* «»rf »-^»» • f t/B.***^--!--*^ ft • • ^ ---,-,-._« ln K s Rank building, corner l»th and H §}S n An^ n ^ rU | teC ^ streets, Bakersfield, California, 10-26 ^JcfflSfe? J. fc . •'.''« 2 10 20 oierw^*' addition to thai of said f-Yank haws, at the time of liin death. In and to all those <•*'! lain minium claims situatcil in tho Countv of Korn. State of Cali- snance i' an o y der of tho Sunenor f tomia. uii'i inon' nartioularlv :••:- loliov.s, to-wit* I. That r-ertain quarts claim situated in Kev*\sville Mininir District. Countv and State aforosai -1. am] known as Th«i ('laukaliH'U unnvtx Claiui, con- be granted to him (his heirs, successors, or assigns) for the period of fifty years, to erect poles and stretch wires and other appliances theron fo the Court of the Countv of Korn. Srau- of California, nindo on tJio Dtb dav of November. IJtns. in the matter ol the nhovo entitled estuto tho unclerslsnod. Mm^Bffi!:,'r nn «T yff5Huw«a^ >-^.?'5f? duc "»», ".i. 1 ™"^ NOTICE OF MEETING. 1VI.VH7 I C — ~» 20.00 5 P* m MoKrnnSe. 1. U. .......45^ 20 20.ft« ' McKinne. J. R \M 20 20.06 \r~t*t*** * 1 i> Ai^r, day in April next, at G o'clock 20,00 tan additional five per cent wSl added thereto. 1. That (he remaining one-halt «0t the taxes on all reaJ property wfll payable on and after the first day in January next, and will be llnquent on the last Monday in next thereafter, at 6 o'clock and that unless paid prior t "five per cent will be added to amount thereof. 2. That all taxes may be patt the time th first Installment, aa In provided, is due and payable. 001 3. That taxes may be paid IA jj'gjj office of the Tax Collector U Oft county courthouse between the lftoo ,of 9 n. m. and 12 m., and 1 p. m. ( K. Oher. deceased, will sell on or jitter Mondav. the ;?tHh jlav oi November, l**os. at private sale at tlio offlro ()i . Thomas Srott. rooms 2 and -t in the ting electricity, and electric current for light, power, and other neccesary and useful purposes, over, along tnininu fif'tr<*n iindri'd { l linear r«-"i tut Ntcin Notice is hereby eiven that the an- f * • » . »«rf» 42! illn. Wm. 20 20 ?? go So HO.oo 20 20.00 Dated October 1, 1903. C. E. DAY, Tax 10-1 Kern County, CaUfornA.. 20 £0.00 *0 So.OO > J m. H D.Oii NOTICE TO CREDITORS TO SENT THEIR CLAIMS \GAIWS THE ESTATE OF J. M. PAT SON. DECEASED, TO RO&S PALMER. JR.. AbMINISTR.*T ( OF SAID ESTATE. (1J1 ,-„ . -'(I " 1P SunorJor Court of (ho I; ao.ooiof kern, «tnr<* of Ouliforiiia. in tlu» matter of ibe estate/of westeriv direction ,-ind ihni s-ii.l olaiui i t \\ f > -*i • ^ L • — - . , *L^S 1 ' - L > • 1-. . . b ~ - 1 *. 1* * 1» . 1. J-. * - ^-, ' 111".' 11 Hi M »o»r"Mrritei-c*sror.ihrsal.l .<Jooi-/.» K, Ober,.at |n thftt bQhaU( provl(lei me of his denih and all tlie viuht ior nelson. Ufa |1 . . .. i\\» See. to iibove naine'd" Canal <Vmit»;mv. ^^ l \ )r i.s^ilU 1 V%nJf ! ron/i 'I'to Kern rouiitv hand ComiMinv's office \\}*<-* • lj : l Hl*i)1\'AV ' a 4 Itiill/Hfitx />iAi*iii^i* l^ttli Mtiil \ I Litr/tiit^ iiiMi'*, \tlllfll ij ...»..i nVufIritVi.lfi rsiif 0-^ Cfillfornin iioimi Kxton- uakorstieui. t aiu, lu .1 pionAssocfjUlrm.tniBU'O 20 ) 2 STOCKHOLDER MEETING. *ion Not fro IK lu»;ebv tTvi-n that tho nn nua) ni'-fiinu of the stockholder* "t Korn-Vtah Oil Coiinmny will he lifltl at the oiliro of s;iitl cornorntifin I Cor •it iho sheriff's offlre. in tltls ein 1 , o» Host Tliursdav. tho :ird dav ol' I)i'ceiiilier. ] l!*o,x, nt ijj*. Itoui- of s n. ir,.. for tnej uuronsc of elect Int: dln-etors for t ii" j for "Pender. <!oo. M. . . uS C'aiiforniii MM«I<* I-xton- sion,\ssooin lion, trustee for Dickcrson, C. A. > • K^ \a tt. ter .\ , trustee • i), .2:^ 10 10.00 5,00 20 20.00 2 { i 20,00 Notji-e /H hereby uivon bv tho Tin Kitrwd administrator of the e^sta .). M. ratterKon. deceased to th* of. and all nersons clainis against ihe naid decease, exhibit them with im» no vouchers within four niontliR aft**r nrst u\iblication of tins notice tr at the law of Ru I'd •,»»«»ifcj^ Kxten- ' O in K ;uur- r t T ';. ' 1 : M * i . ( M i siMCM' 1 I * ' I 1M cr.sllji'ld. Countv of Kern. State of r-iH- v n rth "naniolv: Sealed l>Uls will be iornia. anM more oarticulanv «!e.senh<.,l Hvfi(l f(U / sni(1 rranrhisc up to 12 ¥ » r 01 'I i i » T»-!-fv .-M(> •' :C; 1 1 -• s •'»> 1 'in an i :\'\\, i Ml M? Snutli * * •• Ho 1- as followH. to-wit: !,o)s nine (lit and fhrec )nni;!re<l sinil , , , , (Mu of UaUersilel.i. Countv or , . ,. . leu (1m in Illock sevontv (lii'O in t :; o'clock noon on Saturday, the. day ( ,f Oecembi'-r. said hid:-: to bo >-ix f c-si\ o re- Min- v«-ai*. ami for of :-tu i ii oth;-r business as mav <'ftiiie hej'oie the Iilft'lin^. -I, \\'. KKU.Y. i'residenf. . A. Haker. Seeretarv. 1 I- furSfliluoii.-r. 1-rod W. 7^ .•^rhroe.Jer. Holti b'.\% 5!''!• iir^' ( co \v '14 ;ir(inia l 10 10.00 20 20.00 o ]/ <> r.ji „ '/» ^ ..*'? •> i /, " r, 11 ** /'> i-, • i'' s Scon, No, Mi reel .rooms 2 and -1, Bank of .s a -, an o eivtield buildinir. cottier Cnvster n, um .t ! !-i^ j . i)j ti !'• .-order. Th ' i^er \'n - ion!' huu !r» d eirbt ^ Of (in- (.'null' Countv. C.ilii'ornia. ASSESSMENT NOTU E Oil .. -\s oi-ljition.triiKteo T<-!TeH.. Daniel R. . 1 and 'J"tli Ktroet. lit flu- Cltv ftf (Vmnrv of Kern, filiiK; . Ihe smne liein^ the ui for tlie transaction ot business ot estate in said Kern Countv. Dated October 1.'!. 1!»(>s. o AdniMiNtriilnr nt the I'.ii 20 2 ,. Kern, ritMte ,,f Calitornla. .-u.oPlinL' f" Hied with tbe. Clork of tne i^ani oi . , .. Ast.ljHlMjm I'oni 5 !T^f! u ' V 1 -V 1 ''" " s f '° 7-> m in on I! 1 !: l^^i'^rfbe'^cd^V^ero^. 1 Ill Supm-UorB of Kern County Callfoij } ,^^L^ III K - : , l <l] <unn v. Nov!.ffl- & }"$" m- nl». ai Ills ofUce In the r.mrt ^i*« ot ht^m-ss O|,k and. :, , n niia , Tr i.den IlM ; -t ; en K. ...Wi; ••<, ^.{m Aether wUh tbe huil.Hiws nutl HUi'jrvp- K aid county in the City of Kukr rsrteld, , n ^' ,\ .Vi ni i-V r-lVo-mi ol' 1) VA-jors 1 -;! ^' K 1 [ 'V ' f> ! -' •' '• ' ^V/hM^Vor-i^rm-onor v n-il'l l,e r - ! California, and tho siu-res.-i'ul bidder hl . U | nn ii.e j-jrh dav of U«;...ber V.M.S i ^lirn'niV iVonu- Kxten-'^ ~ " ' ?.»,!« said franrhlBO. and .^ a^*. ^isT^K^^ rV'r ! \^M? ( :l^-Vl^ U ^T 4t 5 n oo l ,n") ° 1U in ^iie' ll-mk ol i-Uie.^snebl , ^^' *"rt n G iho Hfp of Raul frr,m-hl*e. s , (|{ ,. ri , Ujl . rnvporaMnn navable ]m- < V/iL-VniViV, inn,. Kxten-' .in-i i. in .nn li.uih ' i'rL'^'.r". '....,. *„ f),^ rv.n»f.* ,^r K'ern '.' i-.or rent MIK.liar, v m I (tiled M;iK-s iiobl coin i u in» t "\c^iu.ti.tinM truRteo Deceased. Scott, atloniev f*»r DOG LICENSE NOTICE. ._ f J. ML KM Id f \ 'reek, ( aii J "i run m v. i .ur.oraia. .\vntiu;*' ior sjH'l urouonv \\\\\ IK* re- . v »...".» • •sun '']'jii,[ known I-I-IVIM) bv the said administrator at 'for saicl fnuirhiso. and nir [i-signs, k"ttd:w^X .^i.It 1 , 'f ( in '!!,, Tl ii!:i!iT f "Hin^^.n;»'^v d ^ l! 1-/^ fm %l'; > ^' fl -'.'r'o^ •j, l.einu- an e\t--n- ; >\\ (;t, buiidintr. oonior of C'liewter avetuuv pay to tlio County of M'in - l< r crnr. !t;i'V-si ,011 df- ; 'I-;,.isli ;,j (l i -iiih sir''*M bfinir Xo. l-iii!* L'mli' 0 f t ^ lo gross annual ro^'ipts of the i^T^KouUi 1111 !'!"!'..'!'' 1 '-'!^!! fiVinVbi 'nr^'-n-^/e ni^V'in tbe'ofnVe'of jiorsiui, partncrsliip, or rurj.nruMoiMo V (t *:the Clerk of the above n;iuio<l t Suuorl;, whom said franchise is nwar cordetl In; >-ixt\ Intr H«-('fM'd«- a ( tr.'iie KfM'li Cosl!)' . He,"3 ' le; fli , 72. nt '.Hit! Hroiid\v;n. In i?s oliu e, rnoin iU. , tbe ('iiv oi' Onkli.nd. C-iiiloruia. Anv after the first -' M in-lor Court ai anv time alter the tl!" m.^ublu-ation of tins notice, botoro tjllK 1 *'. sa'i> is mado. _ .. ._ ':'«-!•;- In \' for M \\ 111 lie rerejve-1 bv \\i< adminisM'ato: 1 a' tin- ofllcf T.'M'lJi-is Scoi!, in iJie H'inl; of Add bulli" ing from Its use, operation, <>r pos- i o'f'NovemWr. is made. t i „ „ . ; session. Done this 1/Kh dav o» Novonibor. • for tnp fl .Administrator;' ' AilinUi.istralor 'dnio of t bid iiiiiF-t bo accom a Certified rlieck p m nuuL-uinu in «»«......, »." shal , nMH ., in UMr)J jj,j im tne nth * Its use, operation, »r pos-i () f Xovember. V.tuft. will lie- delin<ni' Vn norrpntncp fhn 1 ! he paid j ami advertised t'or sal*: at imblic a MO ptictnuiM. ", ' '.. nun. an«l unless navment is m;idc rst five years su<-rec.bng V? i tore wit! b^ w ,)«l on Mondav, tbe '„' he franchise. KJ\*-*I Boaled , ii.-iv />f December. r.M'S. to nav t.!io H!on, \ssofiation.tnistco for \Vulndaivkv. Mever 20L» C;il!toniia HOIIK- KxU'n- Notlco ts beiefiv :-IIUH o\'. nitl^ ;itlil her (be li/oitH oi' tbe Citv th-iL lJceiiH(? Taus for ' are no\v vc'idv for dfH\ TO all j H , • w* BaUert? • • v**ur . v at stuck inton wiiicb tbiri ...,....-,'...... n-main uiHKibl on the litb da\ will bo flollnnuont Hie aiic- bt for ^ t tjf Ji. . .. .:it7 10 1o.0(i And in Mfconianco with law and an order or tbe Hoanl of Directors ,mad( lie.- of tbe Citv Clerk, In r;, 0 oaflei fd Producers Sa\Jni-'H bull and on nfter tbc ir.tb dav of arv, j will nroceod to itniiounfl ,s lound rur;niti(r on fbo Ktreets are not wenrinu Uio license tae the ycnr H»0« on the ^Titli dav of August. lOus. so sbarcs of each parcel of such be necoKKurv will b( of Uie Kstatc- of Cieortre K. Ober. r.eawed. nnr« Qiircec.l nK 11)0 ' " ni - (1| J 1 , IIU " -"T,""* *Vi , i ,. .i; <»i i ma t 1 ' snan'J* 01 eiicn narrei 01 siu-n oats SUM ( J •'"*» l » jitoiv .will bo (.old on Mondav, tb »'-Mst f , ., y b( m , Cf . KKn rv will b<- Iso. Karh sealed ji:, v ,>r tecember. KM-S. to nav t.ho i e- , - 1( ^ t |m j, i(1 imf .H on at tho ofltuo of nnnnlod !-v cash or ; liunm-n . asst-KsnieiiT.'r \\tt i the h s *-crctnrv oftlio r.nmimnv iin tlu* " IU VV ;, ., rrpnq ^'^'v "' nilv^nismtr and ';XTten-es of -, t([h ,j. (V of Oct(»ber. 1 M»S. u Uio hour ayable m ib< Trcafl- ,„.;. j KNMS. S<-<i<:arv. O f lo ji! m, of s-ilil day. to nav sal.I tv of K« vti for tha-waN*. flelinniient uHHe^sment thereon. t(^e!b- .. , * , Hated January (>, NOTICE TO CREDITORS,. TO PRE- npwT ci AIM« /^AiNST THE ESJ- TATE OF L. GARTMAN. OECEA ED. TO ADMINISTRATOR. . inc J'oqnle or tno KiatP oi v aum - , - f "- nia send OroPtlntr to Silver Bow OH i Monday. Comnanv. Defendant. |19u8. nt il tlav. to nav K; lent HHHPsH.ment tbereon. **»tro •itb coHtK of aavortlKlnc and ex- hf ' h AU^KD B. JORDAX. Seov. 'MHCO. Kern Count v. Cal. 10-3 roSTl'ONKMKNT the 7th day o V o'clock, n. In. t)ie Sunerior f'onrt nf ibe C of Kern. State ol ralit'ornia. snlrt and or cor- highest n!y that 10-2 7 H. J. at Moiave. V. T. KoslrUnir at Moiiivc'. ('a ornia t r lven that the rtatp sale (jf delintpient stock tbe Konrtb Kxtennlon \Valer nanv bas been jMJHtjioned until rstbiv. November 1'J. 1 I J08. at lu dock. a. in. . . _, Hv urder of the Hoard of DiroctorB. hated October lit )}»'>?,„... _ n j^llKD IV JORDAN. Sec. Corn Countv. (Jal. NOTICE TOJCRED1TORS Tn tbe S,inerlor Court in and Tor County of Kern. State ol' CaHrorsi In tlie matter oi the estate- of E A. ^Durlln. deceased. Notice \s hereby ulven hv 1iit f i>.iuned administrator (ti' of Mniliv A. Stnirlln d'-e.-.. credUorri <»J. aii<) all pei'stur-. u;v claims against ihe nai-l (Jeceasort exhibit them with MM- voiHihet'K within JVmr nicnilis ai't«*r nijblicatlon of till; hotire. t(l v DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. 4J ak er sf ield Fourth Rxt(;ns|on ^ya^r Corawanv. ofT t;.i „ .ocation of pnaci.Kil »)acfe of i/iwinc»b f ; Ol lnx \ ; WfJKcn. Kern Countv. California. ^ i the ii'idi N v otice.~- v rhero rifp delinauenr utjort UK X1 KU tlie followtnt: described stock, on ac-• a. corpori ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE. In (he SuiH'tior Court of tho Countv f Kein. HI.. •'• of (';ilifornia, . said administrator at tin Mal'hew S, I Mat/, ronn^ ti ar.d he Conklin liniblinL' iit ihe Hi iikerHfleld. ConnTv of Kern. Slat alifoi'nii), tlie same iu-iii^ ib" ^ ( ' * ! i' or tiie trim-action ot in :-:ai'i K<-rn A. J. SIM'RIJX dminist ralur of tlie 10; i;.'e t Kmilv A. Sniuiin. M;tftln'\v S. Plat/, afto mdiistrafor. o'' Jii'.-t miblioaiion - -r aiiiornia, the annlicat tui r»rivin« Park Assoc ma? ( on oi ation. NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT on iMH iri - . I »*M- *ll l" UT-IIUUlM'll 1 ii w-il • j , i , M/ -* J( ,, ,, r , ,., -. . ri tlie folownt <iescribed stock, on ;ic- : a /'fn^ratioi to c . n<fe *»b 'V^'Vi count, of assessment (No. onei ii.-vt l «l. ly.'OJ. Couiif) Aminiltiiliil ASMHU- on ibo L'5th dav ol' AuuuBt. l^'.'S. M Ul 'iion" sovornl tnnounts pet opnonte, t!h- i.',, (( r..,.*,,. IT^ • i.-.i^iHti" I •> mp <b:n ti i m r u * ** ti*i* vd'Wtifkf'ftVN c;h'i r*"* Jt/"i)>Ii>r^ • 1 * ^-itli^lMf*' 1 *' * > i i * * M ^11 •»i p-% * * / < [ v * * «H roftowi-: .. lv * e , . •' ! or, " bas lib-d tblh dav an amtlic.ii'en . I.lhf ot Hhsre hoblerH with No. of /er-, });>». M.IS i '.,., n(1 1(l "J<,, nt C'ouitfv t flcat*'. NO. of shares and amount din-: K<> < ; ' ; t ' ,. ^ ."j'J'U.tirtn » /„,! i ,,,i loo California Houie Kxten »lon Association, trustee. for AUUUHI Anderson ..-'^ Aft James it. AtKiernon '*'i •> .lamps If. Andei'sou ....Ji»ij Jo California Home Kxr'-n- slon A Asocial! on, tniMee 4 _ for .f 1C, Anderson H7 -'J Harder Jobn ^ 4(0 j Heard Thos. OPO -ifi4 a i^eckrii. Alice M. .... .412 JO .>(.!. .>»!. ..,,11 ... t.!f-'»l I ill en. Bhs-A^.;^. 11 !, •:;:!;!:;;:;' ion or petition IN si Mas-cot Oil Comoan.v. buMlnes.M Camp on N . To\vnshlu •'''- Soutn. t n Count v CaltCoi'nfr. Notice is !'*;:'ebv tr'vr t iV^'tt (')*! ('(':• 'r'tiv , bi'bl oil t h 1 ' i. :tn asxe.'si*!' -.hare \vas levied upon :-tr>ck of Ibe eorp":'.'.»!"' tiM'diatrlv to MM- Si TI ( k. if, O,' < ,-nts ,; of lh "il'l'lnu I»:ivih;< Pai'K that s.ii'i p- M'inft > ; s on< i'"r th*' cli;'u;.«? of th of lh-- ±: li'i^ ben.'i)V ordere l. (bar tbe be-ir-i On , i nsi of HIP jiotiUcittien tor rrhance.oi PHONES MAIN 29 AND 230-L, M AND 24 STREET • •vi;ivi » ' . /»n»'... ;*i- '. • ' • • l 1 X Henneu. Mrs. Sarah ...i4S fifoinfa Home Exten- HionAsrtociiitlon.tru.stee for en Calif l * t i CiUUornia Home Kxten C .or bower, Hamuoi ... ttllforula Home Ext<?n- j "tme a5a3 ulace aToreiSfa. and tnen and -'»ld on before,

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