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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas • Page 2

Del Rio, Texas
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2A-DEI RIO, TEXAS, NEWS-HERALD, Tuesday, 11, 1962 Fine Arts Club Holds Old Fashioned Christmas at Juho Christmas at Juno was that was "perfectly useless." by the Fine Arts Club in keeping! Jarrett read the poem, "The Night with the general theme for the Before Christmas'" and called out year, "Americana," with mem- a letter of the alphabet between the lines. As she called the letter, traveling to thq ranch home of Mrs. Robert Cauthorn for an olci fashioned Christmas party. Members met at 9:30 a.m. in the home of Mrs.

C. R. Piisard am! left in on their 75- journey, part of it over a winding road (hat includes Dead Man's Pass ami Baker's Crossing, At ihe cut-off "to the Cauthorn ranch, way Was marked with Dear Abby By Abigail Van Buren END THE FAIRY TALE, MOM! brass candelabrum, with lighted red and green candles. In keeping with the tradition of colonial Williamsburg, tin; hostes-' tied oversized napkins around i members whose surmanes began each guest's neck. with that letter ran to the tree and selected, a gift.

everyone had a gift i they, were given five minutes to keep or exchange it, then al! were opened. Mrs. Clarence Herreford received the prize for having the most' useless The real Christmas gifts were presented before the guests departed. Mrs. Jarred read quota iions from the Bible, omitting a word, and as the members, sup- plied the missing word, Mrs.

Ward gift and Mrs, Ernery Davis, for! Presented her a gift. having the "most useful useless wreathes of greenery tied with gift," a. discarded purse. red bows and a wreath The group sang Christmas carols gave additional directions. before Hostesses were Mrs.

The eight-foot table laden Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. E.iin the manner of long Townsond. Mrs. Edward ago with Christmas food ranging r.ncl Mrs.

Bill Ward. from baked turkeys and hams to hosfessps gave each' merrH her a red stocking with mils, candy, a nylon net dish rag'filled with home-made lye soap a Jarrctt's home made taffy. Members who made ihe journey into Century Christ-1 mas at Juno were Mosdnmcs W.I The large, double doors of the i pies and ruin pudding. Hand cut i H. jAllen, Fred JJ.rion, 'Robert Can- Caulhprn home were festooned in evergreen and holly with red-bows crystal and hand painted bowjs and trays added to the decorations.

anjl guests were greeted by A four-foot brass cpergneover- hnsii'sses wearing old fashioned (flowing with fruit and topped with costumes. red carnations centered the table The Christmas theme was con-1 with over-sized brass" hurricane in the large living burning fire provided 'warmth. The mantle swags of pine overlaid strings of lamps holding burning white tapers at either side. The silver coffe'b service and a flat, gold Christmas tree with red tapers decorated thorn. Marvin Charlton Jack Crosby, Emery Charles Howcll, Edward V.

Jarrett, John Thomas. W. E- Ogiesby, C. Richard Rcordan, Abb Rose, Pat Rose- J. O.

Taylor, E. E. Townsend, Bill Jolin Almond Clarence Herreford, Grndy Lowrcy, Gilbert Marshall, Tom Miller and Paul J. Poag. SFHS Spanish Club Gives Program Group popcorn.

Red hows were tied at) buffet; the serving table held ai either brass candie- slicks held fat. green candles. A perfectly shaped green Christinas tree at one side was trimmed with strings of cranberries and) hung with decorated cwkies and fashioned pin on Christmas candles. Mr. and Mrs.

Caiitborn have collected many fine' and beautiful pieces of antique furniture an'd accessories and A program was for-Calderon sponsor of the San these autbenticitv to the set- Del Rio High School-Spanish Feiipe School, and ho, in turn, in troduced club officers- Plans for, a Christmas party were laid at the business, session of the Del Rio organization and committees were appointed. Membership cards in the Pan-American Student Forum were roccivf-d and distributed. More than 60 attended the session. Club by its counterpart from San HoY broth and hush-puppies were Felipe High School at the regular served the guests as they arrived.

1 meeting Monday night in Garfield In addition to a real Christmas School. gift, each member brought one Janice Fricke introduced Rudy Gonzalez the visiting club. He Jehovah's Witnesses To Attend Assembly In Frederkksburg acted as of ceremonies. i The program included a poem, read by Alma jSoliz; the reading of an original i presentation, "Las Esphera de JNavidad," with musical vocal Rudy Gonzalez offer- Arrangements, have been com-j a poem an a group'presented PEAR; ABBY: At what, age do you think child should be told the truth about SanUi Onus and (be Easter b.unny? Our son is 8 and gets so much fun out of beileving in these things, I hete to spoil tho holidays for him by telling him the truth. My husband says we should tell him, and the sooner 'the better.

This became a problem when our 'son came home crying. He had told a playmate that "Santa" brought him his wagon and his playmate mncle fun of him. We like your opinion, and th.e opinion of others who have had to face this Our son is an only child and our lives after wo luui married 16-years and had 'given up 1 hope of; haying: a child, so his happiness' 1 the to us: BELIEVER'S MOTHER DKAH MOTHER: Fairy tales should be identified as such und explained' as soon as a child is wise enough to question their validity, Don't confuse your son by trying to preserve a fantasy which, will be revealed later for what it is. DEAR ABBY: does oiip gracefully refuse an unwanted gift? 1 have received perfume, which 1 detest; cosmetics, which I clo not use; ami jewelry, which It is a.lmosl as though the people who give mo these useless gifts are mocking mo. Ycvir after year I get these stupid gifts and I won 14 like to 'know how to tell people in liidvance' that I wouid prefer cash.

FRANK AND HONEST FIIANK: You CANNOT toll (hat you "prefer" oush without being extremely rude, ttriiccfully accept whatever you receive, then give it io someone who will appreciate it. DEAR ABY: My husband swears all the time. 1 have scolded, begged, shamed uncl nagged, but -he still swears. Our children are getting to an age. where him.

Any suggestions Will be appreciated. VAN'S WIFE DEAR WIFE: Put si "swear box" In your kitchen, and every lime your hushuiut swears, make him put a quarter in the box. Or that he substitute the name of a flower for every swear he uses. Such as, "Where is that rhododendron dahlia newspaper?" Or, hyacinth, Mantle struck out again!" If it can work in a sorority house, it can work in yours. I CONFIDENTIAL TO BARB: A la'dy is woman who makes a man behave like, gentleman.

What's on your mind? Fora personal.rc- ply send a self-addi essecl, stamped envelope to' Abby, Box 33(55, Beverly Calif. e. For Abby's ibooklet, "How To Have A Lovely Wedding," send 50 cents to Box 33(55, Beverly Hills. Calif. (Dislributed by McNaught Syndicate, Inc.) Mignonette Garden Club Holds Christmas Party Traditional Christmas I decorations, featuring the Yule colors of red and green, provided the background for the annual- Christ' Mignonette San Felipe ma's party of the Garden Club in the Country Club.

Serving ns hostesses for the occasion were Mrs. Noblo Taylor, Mrs, J. H. Jonus Jr. and Mrs.

Lc Roy Wood. Helen Marie's Dance Studio presented a 'of students in the Cliristmas including the Modern Can Can, the the Fedo, acrobatics, ballet and a tap medley. The dancers, ac- miniature Christmas trees. Red Santa boots and golden bells, later given the guests as favors, were part of the decorations. Mrs, J.

H. Jones Jr, presided at the silver coffee service Mrs. Lee Roy Wood served the salad. Members exchanged gifts, which had been piled in a golden sleigh drawn by a glittered golden reindeer. The presents -were distributed with the dancing students, acting as Santa's helpers.

Cedar branches and red pyraoan- tha berries completed the decorations. Attending wore Mesdames Lystor Bru'mloy, Jack Moon, Max companied by Mrs. Joe Roberts jPagc Herbst, Lloyd Carter, Reid at the piano, included-. Trudy Carter, Jamie Taylor. Linda Wood, Qeorga Lou London, Terry Mason, and Judy District VIII convention, held ill Big Lake November 8, was made by Mrs.

Reid Webb and Mrs. Beverly Tabor, who represented the club at the meeting. A not Christmas tree made by Sherry, Merriman Faribault. A report of the Webb, Robert Parets Edward V. Jarrett, William Henry, A.

Earnest, John H. Jones Sam Bunion, O. IX Finegan, Beverly Tabor, M. H. Wagner, Therrell Rose, Dee Harrison, Wesley E.

Stiles, Noble Taylor and a guest, Mrs. Joe Roberts. i AL CALENDER TUESDAY The Del Rio.Duplicate Bridge Club will meet at 7:30 p.m. in the Roswell Hotel. The Choral Group of the Officers' Wives Club will rehearse -at 8 p.m.

in the Officers' Club at Laughlin Air Force Base. THURSDAY The Officers 1 Wives Club Christmas punch party held in the Officers' Club Laughlin Air Force Base between hours- pf and .4 p.m. with the Choral Group of the organization to present a program at 3 p.m. The Cactus Thorn Garden Club will moot at 9:30 a.m. in tho homo of Mrs.

f. C. Whitehead, 510 Hudson Drive, with Mrs. Whitohoad, Mrs. T.

F. Clingman, Mrs. Ernest Green, Mrs. C'. G.

Dinsmoor and James Dinsmoor as hostesses. Christmas Party For Cactus Thorn Gardeners Thursday A Christmas party with the exchange, of gifts will be held by Cactus Th'orn Garden Club Thurs-; day morning at 9:30 o'clock in the; home of Mrs: F. C. 510 Hudson Drive. Hostesses for the party will be Mrs.

Whitehead and Mesdames Water occupies more space 1 at F. Clingman, Ernest Green, C. G. 50 degrees below zero Fahrenheit Dinsmoor and James t. Dinsmoor.

than at 50 degrees above. Hostess Trick: If you want to show your frosted layer cake to best advantage, use an old-fas- Mrs. Webb was displayed and she ioncd pedestal plate to put it on. explained how it was made. A gold and glittered tree made Mrs.

W. Waliace was cx hibited. If was made of-paper, assembled, sprayed and then various ornaments were placed on it, Mrs. Wallace ex-' plained- A variety of mums grown by Mrs. Sam and exhibited included pink" carnation Queen, Evelyn Polarius, Spoon', Daisy, -Yellow' Quill amis Grape bowl.

The table was laid in green linen centered with a silver mesh Cliristmas tree filled with green (FROM FOR CHRISTMAS Classified Ads Bring Results The Girl Scouts of the USA was founded in 1912. pleted for the Del Rio congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses to attend the three-day semi-annual Christian education assembly of Jehovah's Witnesses in Fredericksburg, December 14 16 in the auditorium of the high school. The announcement was made week by J. C. Morgan, presiding minister of the local congregation, at the conclusion of the weekly Watchtow'er Bible study in the! local Kingdom Hall.

a comedy in Spanish. Nancy Newton'. president, of the Del Rio club, introduced Eulalio Protestant Women Of the thopel to. Meet Friday at 1 1 p.m. A study, of the origin and history of some of the familiar Morgan discussing the! Christmas carols will be conducted convention program with Clarence I at the meeting of the Protestant Newcomb circuit director of 17 Women of the Chapel at Laughlm "congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses in the south-central area of Texas, said: "the three-day Air Force Base Friday.

The meeting will be held in the home of Mrs. Pat Hardeman at gra m'will i5 Hall at. the base at 1 p.m. talks on Bible subjects, with Friday. Canned goods and staples will on discussions and demonstrations arranged to aid all in attendance I collected at the meeting for 1 1 Featured appearing daily on the be H.

A. Fetzik, district supervisor, from Brooklyn, New York headquarters, and Is'ewcomb. Fetzik will deliver the address i of welcome on Friday, December 14 at .7 p.m., speaking on the convention theme, "Spread Word of Life." He will preside as chairman of the i mod el Ministry School, which. feature's a training program for ministers in! platform speaking and home Bible study work. This school is con-, dijcted weekly in all congregations of Jehovah's The convention will be climaxed Sunday, December 16 at 3 p.m.

when Fetzik speaks on: "The Bible's Answer to Our Problems of Survival." All sessions are free and the public is invited to attend. be Mrs. Hardernan, Mrs. Walter Tilke and Mrs. David Butsch.

CHURCH CALENDAR RITA-last Day GAY 90-iast MHe Tyler Wilkinson Class of the First Christian Church will at 8 p.m. in the home of Mrs. M. t. College, 411 Avenue C.

ALSO PWTIHI AnMftta.th0.aii Wwman's saciatwn will meat at 7 p.m. for the for Christmas party in Mrs. C. R. Fimwy, 410 WasMnvton Street.

THURSDAY Ruth CUss First Baptist Church will Christmas of Mrs. DMSM, C. FRIDAY F.wc* wiM at I m. in Mrs. Pat MM MaM, at Mrs.

Mrs. DavM as SATURDAY nit Pirst party in MM 7 P.M. III of MM First wMI a in i P.M, OWN CMURtM BUFFALO, OUa. Member! UM FrMMto (Quaker) Church ia taw Gate community buUt a of wonaip thtmMlvM, hota the labor aad TW Order was 12U. Exactly as sketched LARGE DOUBLE DRESSER 15" GENUINE SOLID OAK Piece DRESSER MIRROR BED YOUR CHOICE OF SPINDLE OR BOOKCASE BED SPINDLE BED SHOWN DOWN DELIVERS Only 6.92 Per Month MATCHINC NICNT STAND 4 MAWIR CHIST SOLID OAK BUNK BIOS $49.95 CARLTON 805 HWY 90 WEST FURNITURE 775-3445 KENS-TV Channel 6 CBS Tuesday Night XWEX-TV Channel 3 WOAI-TV KONC-TV Chanr.s! 4 NBC Channel 2 ABC 6:00 P.M.

6:30 8:30 Whither Kronkite News Wen. Musical News Deputy 7:00 Sanchez at Sea CC) Skelton Comedy 8:00 P.M.' arras Musical Untouchables Powell Show 6--'Jack Benny 9100 P.M. Moore Comedy O'Toole Gloria Queclo 10:00 P.M. SJar Final Weather From New York. 10:15 World News 10:20 2 20t.h Century Theatre Jlewu 10:30 Divorce Court (C) 11:00 P.M.

11:30 Line 12:00 12:10 (C) Denotes Color Program 312 Pecan DEL RIO TELEVISION CABLE CORP. 775-3568 TONIGHT 9 p.m. Channel 6 The Garry Moore Show Good Family Entertainment '957 Wednesday Daytime 6:30 6:40 7:10 7:15 7:30 8:25 9:30 10:30 6:00 A.IYI. Continental Classroom: Atomic Operation Alphnbet Continental Classrobin: American Gov't College Of the Air 7:00. A.M.

Something "ew Today Area Report -Exercises- B-r-Liltle Rascals Karly News 8:00 A.M. 2 Early Show 6 Captain Kangaroo NEWS :9:00 A.M. WlVcri Calendar Morning Report Play Your Hunch (C) 6 Love Liicy-v 1 0 :00 December Bride Price -Is" Right (C) Real McCoys 4 Concen tra tlpri San Francisco Bent -Pele 11:25 Jnn'e Wyman First Impression (C) Love of -Life CBS NEWS Search for Tomorrow 4 Truth or Conscq. -I'Youris for A Song" 11J45 Guiding Light NBC Day Report .12:00 WX)N -Ernie Ford Show People Are Funny Neon Newsreel Jonn Brynnt Show 12:25 Tricks the World Knsws Best of Groucho P.M. Do You Trust Griffin Show 1:30 Pk'rty Gunn 1:55 News 2:00 P.MJ In Court Young Millionaire 2:25 Report 2:30 Keys Dr.

Mnlone Tell-jhe Truth 2:55 News 3:00 P.M. 2-rQueen For a Day Room For Daddy Storm 3:30 of Hollywood Matinee of Night 4:00 PM. 4:30 5:00 P.M. Employment Hood 5:15 Security Discussion 5:30 Bear 5:45 Renort Serial Network Subfoct to WrrHouf Motico.

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