The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 13, 1908 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, November 13, 1908
Page 5
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FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13. 1908. THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN pans Lending re property unlimi make payments of interest strike propos Bakersf Abstract C«an a?o, HAV • * Kern City Our $10 Millinery NOTES AND PERSONALS. r I Fireman Frcrl Toatcs is hero from (Mojixvc and is recuperating afi^r a I sick spell. I T. AV. .Tapper loft today for Call-; eute. , , I Mr. and .Mrs. C. S. Williams are visiting in Kern and will veturn San Francisco ahorlly. HK> Tlie promenade concert and dance last uicht in Kaar's hall under of St. ttarmrtas Kptsco- udos o . arm Mrs. .lames Long hart completed ( pa | r,\\\](\ was an entire and unqnaH- her visit in Korn and has returned to ( .,| success. The ladies aro much her homo in Hanford. pleased with the success of the af Got a lot in Korn. Two thousand to fair. nick from. You can't miss petting The, program was arranged hy Miss w!"*» VMI \vant. Terms easy, prices Helen Camphell and she closer vea rlcht. A. .J. Woody, S1G Baker at. tf great credit for the way in which Mrs. Clarence Ballagh. Is visiting in Selma for a week. Miss Hinds left for the north on No. 107- this morning. Ralph Jones of Alamo-da Is spend- Ing some time in Kern. O, J. Mead is mourning the loss of his fine new overcoat, which was stolen from the Southern Pacific office at Oxnard recently. Mr. Mead will go to Oxnard today to fender. she trained the children and carried out the entire program. The first number was n song by Miss Opal Sollis, assisted by a chorus of little girls and boys. Miss Sollis gave her song in fine style. A second solo by her was splendid, and, dressed as a rustic, she kept the people laughing throughout the piece. She also sang the "Goblin Man" and j Fancy esses Good Assor We ,-trv w.'ikiiMj; n speeinlty at this popular millinery lhat would sell in Ihe usual \vav for •i-'l-"'. hev are ri-rt ainiv nil rael iv»' • s '"'HILT ujv'i'ie iii uiiinv t * most po'iuliii' stv'h's ol t Jil'st ehiss inater'mls nnlv. 4 In the ;t--<f>'tn»ei]i yon \\ili (illtl M t e yew <-i;i', ]Jj!>'t 'l s 111 .f to heeomi 1 luosl ,mv • They ai'e \\\\ anlhoritatix nrul trimw*»<l in * siiijirf efVeefs: till original and nil w^rth nearly doulde UK- price, $10, t worth $30 find the of-! made a decided hit with the audience. of I have 2000 lots in Kern City for sale. Prices from $35 to $350. Terms \i L is easy. A. J. AVoody, 816 Baker st. Mrs. T. Canty 'of bos Angeles AValdo, do, Georgie Stroble, Haz We are offering tod«y suits that are thonjrhly reliable, dis- Nw?e B a d Vera WaT! ^ n °tively authoritative, carefuly tailored »nd ^mtnmteeil to lit Benson, Hazel Sarnow, Elizabeth Murdock, Eleanor MacGregor, Ada Radabaugh, aprtments In the York. Conductor Tyler Is now on Sunset tine. ; FVank Day is quite ill. Wh quite ill at I a n <* Winston Nelson. the Fireman i» now on the Owl run between Kern and Los Angeles. , f _ Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Lee are in Los Angeles for a short stay. Engineer Smith is relieving Engineer Barnard on- the Midway branch. Mrs. G. R. Peckham is suffering with a severe cold. You can get a lot in any part of Kern. You have 2000 to pick from, Terms easy. Prices $35 to $3.50 A. J. Woody, 816 Baker street tf Mr. and sirs. Carl Mennenhall have after a ]ast TELEPHONE COMPANY GOES INTO HANDS OF RECEIVER. •i A tlispatch from Rock Island, 111., says the Union Telephone and Tele- ] _ ^ ^ ^ to BtOcMon to reside brief stay in Kertf, , t Al Thackery arrived iu night in his y new Kisselkar. Chief Dispatcher Sheridan returned from San Francisco last evening on No. 84. _ ' A bill filed in the circuit court alleges the company has not kept ug new bipless effect—has long sleeve* with turned back pointed cuffs and is ornamented with large medallions. The the dance In a and, dressed in Helen Campbell gave an amusing sketch entitled "The First of the Month," and Uie way she dodged bill collectors was very amusing. Miss Campbell, always a favor- He, pleased the large audience/"' Miss Winifred l^ee and Miss Bessie) Oulolls : Johnson delighted the people by ! ***? '«/»' circular and bound with dancing perfectly, the sailor's horn-j a l ' :as Ioot I) ' jn ' 1 pipe. They gave graceful manner white sailor suits, took their parts well. Miss Maude Day gave a recitation in her usual fine style and it was much appreciated by those present. Miss Marguerite Murphy and Miss May Blair were very clever in a song RE<J dance ancj were warmly applauded. The program was concluded one-act play, "Dearest Mama, 4 ' given $ Charles Premo's company. It d£- _ie mother-in-law living with a newly married couple and the audienc was kept laughing through the entire piece. All took their parts admirably and showed perfect control of their lines. The perfectly They are all prettily made of the popular hard twisted \vor- s in most mannish paterns—note the two descriptions. Has straight collnr ana pointed reveres in one piece—has a 36-inch coat lined with satin and cut in the Has a mannlfih 32-inch jncket made with a fitted back and a single breasted front—has velvet collar, broad lapels and lorig sleeves—has two back slushes and is trimmed with self buttons. The skirt is cut full—has short front plaits ami is ornaimnited with u wide-bias foot fold. SEE OUR W COAT Buried in How to Treat a Sprain B n,. graph Company, having a telephons interest on $400,000 of bonds, system in Rock Island and Moline, 111., and Davenport, Iowa, and capitalized at $550,000, went into the! ^.n.»-, «~~.—-«--- MK «i.»oin» ,,..,'. nTY>™r»tiT7 -piieved bv Chamberlain hands of a receiver today on an ap*' nmm ' plication filed by the American Trust and Savings Bank of Chicago. H. H. Tattle, general manager of the company, and Leroy J. Wolf of Davenport were named as receivers. Maude Harry Clinton ....... Charles Premo Nettie Croke .. Kenneth Campbell Day was there nonlw. wlM be bn»«ght to lJn; T'iU liniment reduces s ^ immmation and sorenesw so that a ^irs. Honeysuckle sprain may be cured in about one-third After the enjoyable w w w ^ r •- ^ — — - Helen Campbell Ettiel Warren am the time by the usual treat- over ment. Baer Bros., Co.. Kern. K« 25 and 50 cent sizes for sale by **"'•• floor was cleared and d ulged in. Good music was /IF v-Vr-iifc* fcj«« —" - ij I|_Jt rr O*J 1 1&J\4 lil^v^u 11*4 vj vrvrvj a*J v**^*xj « *»tJ akersfleld; Kern Drug f,, rn j s h e d by Professor Kuehn and J. place. The unfortunate young maul has a sister residing in the southern \ city. He was a member of the B, of R/T. of Kern and his untimely death is deeply felt by all who km>w him. Quite a number will go from Kern to YOU ARE SAFE AT ARDIZZI-OLCESE COMPANY'S. If you HIV in need of Suiti ijrs. Outing Flannels, Tablo Linens. Trimmings, Silks, Threa 1, Searfs or Shoes, you will find that ,\rdi//i-0]eese Co.'s pr'ees speak loud, as you will Km! quality the best ami the low-si priees in the following items: H. Sheridan. An attractle feature and one well patronized was the booth where delicious home made candy and lemonade were sold. This wns in chjiry r »f Mrs. W. Brady, Mrs. Freeman v*n<1 Mrs. Kate Me/.rthur. The affair was a most derided **nr- cess and the members of St. Uarna- has Guild are proud of their effort. About 250 people were present. Quite a number were in attendance from BaUersfleld and all spent an enjoyable evening. be in attendance at funeral. Among those who have signified their intention of going are C. Hass, Chas- O'Krien, R. D. Tucker, J. Rudcgar, . Solomon, J. Stone, J. I fay ward, Marshall. Table Ail "r-c Dam-isk Tui.'Io !-i ^ '•- ^'- P*' Hrum Li Rightfully Goc Rome people Just eat bread— i? they've KiiUttlU-a with or <Unavy bread. But ihe minute people l««w Lternut they can see the .. .f-nee, an i are pit-awed with \\v. Ilr!lfIo:iV»«'ss--in fact, they ,-r buy any other bread but ihis, Hunernin costs no more ' ,,.rs—hut it is Mij-enor ii: / way. Try ^oiue Hvlay. AMERICAN BAKERY A. J. Ferguson, Phone Main 228. •" MIi»i AH "itio ^ra.los, vJ.'.ie, ut, p •: y;t Ail 0«ic grades, rolv • I at. p'-r Xote— Coloreti lin* j n is in r- iigurns of garnet and urn. 40c • * ; <nd blue fancy ,chei-k an I LADIES' SUITINGS 5M<- Batiste, nil fi'»c Brilliantino, F>OC Homespuns, ..,.. ult/ . ..37' 2 c ^s . . . -37' 2 c 'n t-n 1 . .37' ^c HOSIERY ir.c ChiMivn's (lose, ni/.es T.V-j to iH.i, at 10c lirif Cbil'lren's lloso ai 1Sc iiip f^idi*^:' Hose ;if 40c OUTING FLANNELS All ir>r Outin H 'ls at 8 l 3 c TRIMMINGS A dramatization of en" »n t-^ i:io.-i fanioUH tiovels of ree.-ut ^ ••: -. "l):»v- ill Hitrurn'* is to i-e the J-ill ;>' iie Tn- ion i'or the r*-st of rite u »•••!•:. >i:irtlnn j tonight. The story o; 1 )::•• "H *'^u- n^-cvicMit e.hureh ili'itron ,-i. -\ I'.ui-e \r t \»\• •'.-, who coul !• pass tb*- cM «-:'' (i u _l'lai*j arctuid in church on Snn.i.i wooden nunu»-^K on M'-n.l.i'. u pf^'fectly clear ron^r-:i'nt Kl'eat hit in l'0o!\ t'onn :-.n ! r of Ui" ^.ranr.i rvhl.-U '' - '•'• ! s'orl; compuny h;e- sr 'ir 1 ' 1 ' ! be en.nally gooa. Tot IV < 1 n-tnv 1 iKtrt :ui \ Mi^s (' ••-.> M r I tl:e U'lelur. 1 ; fi-uiiuhie '.'«l'' ' : to be al '!'.' ir h;^t, .:• ' ! : ••tilriMy dr"vv ,'-',(•(• ! •. • ' 'ni( n ^I'ti'ln.' i':- rn:« C. J. J'lanz, President,, Arthur S. Crites, Cashier. i-"-,h with . m;"le a - v« r-ion i-,! lo • h:mi In INTEREST AN IMPORTANT FACTOR. Interest is a very important f;)et"r in iiiiildintr ;t re- srv.e l'iin»i iiixl wise is the iDiin, \v--in;iii or ehild who (ie- hi-* or her money I't-tr- tii.-tHy in th*- Kir>| J'ank of Ki-rn, iK't oiilv (»n Account of ils imsitivf s""?! v ity. but !>»*cause of 1 lie liht i*; ( | trdtM'est v;liieh il ail"',v<. \'n\\v ae- eiot is '-"I'lliali Inxileti. i * \ i * * ill 1 • . i SILKS All China <^, all ,\\\'\ now is ii !'* •'. 'i! tU'.l oil t i \ . '10 al a iM' >.ivln;-' v <• Thr .las. Mel\:!.r,>. !•:. \Vi!.-o» K-av., - i -M tonight on a h'l.-ii.' .- 'i J. Hill of Kn-snn i 1:. today, enroute ti"in f»s Fran- Ange- Chnrler Oak Maehine 'I'lireud, very hest <rn»de ; hhiek and wliit**. Regular priee 5e p.-r spool : speeial, S spools for 1!) LADIES' SCARFS Just wl»a» yon need for tlu.-e ro)d evenings and the most com- foriable anil convcni'-nt bej»ii- \vear for ibeateruncrs. Ail ciders, ranging in prir** fmm l ' r > ( ' fo SHOES All shoes in our hn*#e Sb» *' Department at a in per cent discount. MEN'S FURNISHINGS. dvcrails, jumpers and irons «-rs at a lo «T cent discount. QODLEY LIVE AND LET LIVE r»,' MI 't i ''\f-t\ \\ * i,y t-t i • "Ii^ys id ) his !' «|,..^ S. us iiil the \Vr ;,*',. ;,lvr:.ys ^Mtjs;. !.:• -fj. (•;:!-• p*t)'Mt ("ll OU1' » 1 4 ^ i i f , •' 1 i i * 1*^ . W II t' I' j \ i I t '. I lit » J >" ?Mll ' ' * •I V, h»-j ,\ "U e;ni buy a in'-nl oi' L'S"Ves always on hand. A. B HERRTNOTOF 1517 l&tb 8t j • ' HEAT MAIN

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