Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 19, 1898 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 19, 1898
Page 19
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tIENRY WEBER, The Merchant Tailor, aoettnt class wk. Stylish and well flt- t£r clothes made. Cleantas and repairing neatly done. See Wm. 324 PEARL STREET. Kroeger & Strain. CJNDRRTAKHH8 Hoyl'g TBLKPHONB - Offloe, «». 8ir*ln. W. or llroe^er, SETH M.VELSEY Loans Money at 6 per cent. MakeB Abstracts and Writes Fire. Tornado and Plate Glass Insurance. W. J. Baroett, success C.L.WOU, Undertaker, Embalmer aad Funeral Director. 417 Market street CtiUe attended day or nil?". Ofce «awt outfli in the C. S. Col. C. L. Woll, W1U remain with me. rn,~.~*r. Office 16. Besiilence-Matual' r nones &-,. o. c. i6». "A BLACK SHEEP," Sparklling Comedy, at Dolan'8 Salinrday Mg&t. HoyVs "A Black Saeep," which gave unlversaJ satisfaction to theatergoers iasC season, will come to the opera house next Saturday evening, Jao. 22. To« piece will oe remembered an a sparkling comedy written In Hoja's best vein, and wnerever it has been presented it has create^ a furore. "A Black Sneep" Is one or the most dexterous blendings of come-ly, character and specialties ever presented to the puollc Its situations are side-splitting, and the dialogue, or rather the most of it, is extremely keen, approaching now and then real Grlloertlan drollery, A rippling stream of melody runs through the piece, broken only by the sharp tone of witty lines, and from beginning to end 11; forms a most captivating symphony of merriment and music. When You Need BD ABSTRACT or a LOAN -GOTO— p H. Wipperm-an, KW.FourU Street Opp. Court House Entrance. DR. F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over City National Bank Corner of Fourth Md Broadwn* •Central Telephone Mo Office 38!i. residence S43 E. H. GRACE. D. D. S. DENTAL PABLOBS, 316 Market Street. New Aluminlte Eubber Plates. Bay and Sell Second Hand Goods. <Jiveti«.=aU. 209 6th street D. S, DELZELL, Dentist, 416 MARKET STREET •Upstairs over Bruggemau's Millinery Store. Pjrivate Mone> to Loan No Delay- C. 0- HEFFLEY, Insurance and Loans. SOli Fourth Stroet. OITY NBWS. :Lalayettf>'s famous artlslan well <kai; gooe dry. Mrs. Emma Moore has returned from an extended visit at Upland. Ham Hauls has taken, the position »f bartendijr at Kennedy's saloon on Sycamore slireet. ,F. H. Tyner and family are now occupying the Michael property, 512 Melbourne avenue. Win. Robertson, of Olay township, is :lll ol pneumonia at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Shackleford. Two thousand ranks dry wood for aale cheap. Inquire at. Dr. Bradfield's offloei, or at yard, corner of Murkftl) and Eel River avenue. The ambject of Rev. H. B.-Wieand's seirmon. at the English Lutheran ohurch tonight Is "Supremacy of Purpose." Everybody .invited. Pern Journal: Miss Alta Young, of Logansport, Is a srues.t of Mrs, L A, Miller today.... Mrs, L. C. Brough »nd daughter retuvded t;hls morning from a visit in Logansport. The loop distance telephone line between Logansport and Young America has been connected up. At Young America the instrument is in the store of J. G-. Johnson. Rochester Sentinel, Monday: Miss UelHe Yiney returned home to Lo ga.nsport today after a pleasant visits with her grandma, Mrs, Ruth Sweet. Mirs. A. Thalman's mother, Mrs. Kate Kraut, of Logansport, is in Bachesiter on account of the death of David Carr. Tomorrow (Thursday) evening the agents of the Prudential insurance company, of this part of the state, will hare a banquet at the Lahr bouse, Lafayette. The district Is compoaed of the counties of Howard, Tlppeoanoe, Montgomery, Clinton, Boone, Tipton, Miami,, Cass and Carroll. Fishing at Maxlnkuckee is reported to be good this winter. The fijhlns;is done through the ice. The •fisherman sits to a tent In which there Is fire. The fishing reel la attached to the Ice and when the hungry bass takes the minnow he landed. Some fine fish have been «: night. { \ever Missed. It is all a mistaken Idea that some people entertain that a community cannot get along without them. Were they to sit down and do a little calculating they will arrive at the conclusion that the removal of any good citizen from a community 13 more or less u ioaa, hut scarcely a calatnisy. People come and go, and no man, great or small, has occupied a place that could not be filled. The idea that a man's removal by death or otherwise, is an Irreparable lose is mere sentiment, and helpsto fill out an obituary notice. Men remove from one town to another quite frequently, and yen the social and commercial systems are carried on just the same. Officers Elected. Purity Lodge D. of B. elected the following officers for the ensuing term: W G.—Mrs. Chas. Samsay. N. G.—M::B. MoCormlcfc. Sec.— Margaret Guthris. Fin. Ssc.—Ellen Comlagore. Treus.—Elttie Gfraham. R. S. toN. ft.—Mrs. Jos. Whinnery. L. S. to N. G.---Mrs. F. Grafle. E. S. to "V'. G.—Mrs. Eii Gra/. L. !3. to Y. G.—Mrs. M. Green. Warden—Gertrude Hill. Conductress—Carry Bagga. Chaplain—Mrs. Cooper. I. Si. G.—Mrs Raphs. 0. S. G.—Mrs. Jas. C. Kerns. ADDITfOSiL ITEMS. A. E Barr Is at Marion, visiting his son Frank Barr. Wm. it. Moore, of Miami township, Is ill of mng fever.. The common council will meet tonight in rejsnilar session. Mrs. Elizabeth Baker, who has been visiting relatives in the city, returned yesterday to her home at Lafayette BOBI TO OFJiS 4.6AM. The Hoosier Monte Carlo to Res am e Former Scenes of Activity. Bookmakers, faro bankers and other gamblers of Chicago, discouraged by the civic federation in having them indicted by the grand jury, have made up their minds to move their illegal urad«3 to Roby. Contracts have already been made RELIGIOUS THOUGHT* The Ladles' Industrial club was en- for severa i bandings to be used as tertalned by Mrs. John Me. Johnston today at her home on east Market street. The Logansport Dancing club will iflve their ball next Thursday night at Dolan & McHale's hall. Music by live mandolins. The quilt dtaposed of by the Ladles' Auxiliary to the B. of R. T., yesterday, was awarded to Mrs. John Crawshaw, of Decaiur, Ilia. A SOVEL 6A.ME. Catholic Knights. Commanderies of the uniformed rank Catholic KnlgQts of America, of Indiana, have received official instructions from Gan. Kandenski warning tbem against recognizing J. W. Nordharn. of Ylncennes. as com- mander-in-cbief, holding that the gathering at Mobile last week was Irregular and illegal. The order now numbers nearly 200,000 uniformed members and is the recognized body of the Catholic church of America. Gen. Kadeoski is the commander-in- chief o( the order. It is thought that ecclesiastical interference will be sought. Funerals on Sunday. Bishop Rademacber, of Ft. Wayne, has decided not to issue a letter forbidding the holding of Catholic funerals on Sun Jay. In a recent interview he eaid H was the intention of the church to discontinue Sunday funerals with brass bands as escorts, because the church did not believe in such demonstrations. He said, too, that no letter was necessary in this regard, as the rales of the church were generally understood. JLiving Checkers Amuse a Crowd at the 6. A. R. Hall. A new and novel entertainment was given at the G. A. R. ball last evening under tbe auspices of Lincoln Circle, Ladies of the G. A. R , and the same was highly enjoyed by a large audience. It was a game of checkers with living checkers, in which E. M. Howard was pitted against Capt. Frank Swlgart. Three games were played and Mr. H. was declared tbe winner. The checker board was marked out on a canvass floor covering, eacn space being numbered. The players used the regulation checker board in order to be better enabled to direct the movement of the living checkers. Rosettes were usod to designate the kings, among the living checkers: Following are tiae names of those who acted as checkers: Mr. Howard—Blanche Campbell, Nellie Jester, Ada Flilur, Etta Routh, Cora Toby, Nora Burns, Lizzie Burnsi, Lillle Malott, Suiiie Blass- Ingham, Blanche Ltvinstone, Nannie Chldister, Jessie Penrose. Mr. SwlgarC—Herbert Phlpps,Bert Wheedon, Clarence Johnson, Garr Johnson, Thomas Bond, Fred Ham- moniree, Eugene Oidham, Will Quigley, Albert Toby, Jamas Oahill, Allen Routh, E. N. Smith. poolrooms, and within a short the little hamlet on the south shore of Lake Michigan will be the Monte Carlo of the west. It will be a plne- boarcl sort of • Monte Carlo, as the buildings to be erected are not designed to rank among the architectural splendors of the earth. But they will be provided with roof, walls acd floor, and the furniture will consist of a stove, desk, blackboard and a ticker—amply sufficient for the purpose in view Leases were made Monday in the city of Hammond of ground it Rooy for pool rooms and it is said that a number of Chicago gamblers have made arrangements to open games In Hammond itself. are '•liucle Tom's Cabin," Davis' excellent company will present that historic old play, "Uncle Tom's Cablio." at the opara house tomorrow night. It has now been nearly forty years since tbe dramatization of Mrs. Stowe's work was first given to the stage, and yet it is reasonably sale to say that at least dozen traveling organizations are today nresenttnu it throughout the country to profitable business. OFFICERS ELECTED By tfce Farmers' Mutual Insurance Company. The representatives of the Farmers' Mutual Insurance company of the counties of C.as'9, Howard and Tipton, met at Kokonn yesterday and elected the following officers: President—Tacob L. Smith. Vice President—W. H, i.unse. Secretary—L. E. Collier. Actuary—John H. Weyand. Directors—Ed G. Becker, A. M, Dll!, W. C. Jones, James Caldwell, Isaiah Noel, W, H. Fellow, Mr. Kunse, the vice president, is a well-known citizen of Washington township, Cass county. The showing made by this company during the past year has been highly creditable and augurs gwell for Its success In the future. The farmers are learning to appreciate Its advantages and have accorded it a place as a substantial institution. Knights of Pj thias Dance. The Knights of Pythias . of this city will give their next dance of the series on Wednesday evening, Jan. lO&h.at their Castle hall, corner of Market and Fifth streets. All Knights of Pythias and persons hold- Ing special invitation to our former dauces are cordially invitedtto attend. —Committee. REPUBLICAN ARGUMENT. German Singing Society. Mnncie has secured the annual meeting of the German Singing so cieties of Indiana, Illinois and Ohio for this year, a decision to that effect having been made by the committee on arrangements within the last week. It is estimated that fifty societies Bind three thousand people will be present. The local society has already begun arrangements for the convention. Card ot Thanks • We wish to thank our neighbors and friends for their kind assistance In our recent bereavement, ID the sickness aod death of our daughter Anna. We also appreciate the many acts ot kindness from the youn? Jadles of the sodality.—Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Wagner. Smoke the^CnUuabia cigar A Rerelation for Weak Women. Weak, nervous women who suffer from female complaints, irregularities, discharges, backache etc., get no sympathy because they "look well." No one but the physician knows what they suffer, and no one but a gireat specialist like Dr. Greene 148 Sta'te street, Chicago, 111., the most successful physician in curing these complaints, has the knowledge, skill and remedies which never fall to cure.. Women should know that I>r. Greene can be consulted by mall free. Write the doctor. You can thus get his opinion and advice in regard to'your case free. Write now— it may result in yonr cure. TTFO in Oae. Under the new legislative gerrymander, two holdover senators hall from the same district, and the Re- publicam statesmen are wondering how they can get rid of one of them. One of the holdovers, Mr. Nusbaum, 1 Is a Democrat, and the other, Mr. Gilberij. is a Republican. Mr. Nusbaum comes from the district as originally formed and Gilbert was legislated into it. Tbe Rea&on Dingley't* Bill In ti Failure la That We Don't Import Enough. Within the past few daysa new champion has stood forward for Mr. Dingley's bill, says tbe Kansas City Times. Mr. Assistant Secretary Howell of the treasury department bas taken his pen in .baud. He does not deny that the measure is not producing adequate revenues for the support of the government. No, he admits tbe big deficit—he could not very -well do otherwise after his chief's recent deliverance on the subject—bat this assistant secretary makes bold to declare that Mr. Diagley's bill is all right, in spite of all. The trouble is with the people, he says. If the people would only import enough, they would find the bill producing ample revenue in short order. Now this is certainly very astonishing. If the people would import as much now as they did in 1895 and 1806, the Dingley bill •wcrnld produce more than the Wilson bill did, and everything would be lovely. But the people do not do this, laments the treasury department's logician, and so Uncle Sara has a deficit on Lis hands. Shame 011 the unpatriotic people! By the way, though, if we remember rightly, this bill of Dingley's was to be a protective measure. Republican orators had it all figured out during the presidential campaign that the whole trouble with the country was that we •were importing too much. What we needed was a regular McKinley tariff to shut out the products of the pauper labor of Europe and protect the American workingnian, etc. The Dingley bill was passed to iihut off the imports. Now it seems, according to Mr. Assistant Secretary Howell, the bill has shut o2 the imports, and in this is the grxiret of the bill's failure. This is a model Republican argument. "Sunset Limited," A vestibuled train of composite compartment drawing room sleeping cars and dining cars. Chicago and St. Louis to California in three days. Complete particulars mailed free to any address by your local agent or James Charlton, Q. P. A. C. & A. R. R., Chicago, 111.,, or H.'. C. Townsend, G- P. A. St. L,, I. M. & S. Ry,, St. Louis. Mo. SoHce, C. of I. 0. P, Regular meeting of Court Laurel No. 2, Companions of I. O. F., on Thursday afternoon, January 20th. All members are requested to be present-—Alice McGowen, C. 0.; Emma Briggs, C. S. False Republican Framisea. When the New England c/ittou mills first began to feel the competition of the south, the Republican politicians asserted shamelessly ibat it was foreign competition. They told the thousands of cotton workers in New England that the 'Wilson tariff was harming them; that when it 'was, repealed! they would be prosperous; that Mr. McKinley's election meant increased wages for them. Mr. McKialey is now nominally president, the Wilson tariff has been replaced by a Republican measure, the cotton mills of New England have their protection. Yet the wages of tbe employees are to be reduced 10 per cent on New Year's day. More cats are promised in the' nes:t few mouths. Worse still, the decreases are admitted to be permanent. Duty of Self ^Respecting Yeterana. Just at the preisent moment the whole country seems 1:0 be aroused over the abuses that havo so sadly diverted the pension system from its original purposes This aronsement may be only spasmodic, and it may be the beginning of the movement which must come sooner or later for a revision and purging of the pension roll. Whether it be the one or the other, there is one thing certain—the politician of either party can never be depended upon to bring about reform so long us politics and pensions retain their present intimate relationship. Eeform can only be brought abont by the honorable, self respecting, patriotic soldiers and sailors of the war THEN AND NOW The Change Experienced by an Indianapolis Lady. INDIANAPOLIS, ISD.—''I have suffered with ™nittTm and rheumatism for more than two years. I tried numerous doctors and various medicines but without benefit, until I began taking Hood's Sarsaparilla. 1 have taien three bottles of this medicine and now I sin feeling well and stron{,% whereas before I was MB3.J. M. DECK, 1M Waleott St. t»_._ »»•_ r*i|i_ w*p rtOOCl S FlIIS fciUj are pnrely vegetable, care- 25 otn*. Gem* of Truth Gleaned From tbe Teachings of All Denominations. There is no conception in all literature like the conception of God that Christ gives.—Rev. John A. Jayne, Christian Chnrch, Allegbany, Pa. Sorrow ftnd Disappointment. T?M trust ia Providence robs disappointment of its sting, and sorrow be comes a method of discipline.—Rabbi Friedman, Denver. Ooo View of Life. Life is a battle in which we meant to overcome. Life is a where we are to build the foundations for an illimitable future.—Kev. B. Fay Mills, Evangelist, Boston. Honoring Mothers. Put honor on the mother, and the home goes up in sweetness and harmony aud elevation of sentiment and in all refining inflnences.—Rev. Dr. F. A. Noble, Congregationalist, Chicago. Do Jfot Look Rick. Thousands of men and women start for the kingdom, but they look back. Men, if you look back, you are not fit for the kingdom of heaven.—Rev. Jam ea HcFarland, Presbyterian, Denver. Commandments Likened to Dikes. The Ten Commandments, embodying, as they do, the eternal principles of all righteous government, are like the dikes that safeguard Holland, and if these give way what but the deluge!— Dr. T. S. Heuson, Chicago. Oriental Philosophy. We need abont as much of the philosophy of the orient as Jesus put into his teachings—enough to make our life aims always alive with human sympathy, thinking of justice aud mercy as we go on.—Rev. Utter, Unitarian, Denver. Submission to God. Impatience is restlessness, but submission peace. The one comes not from not knowing God, but from forgetting him; the other both from knowing and remembering his power and goodness.— Rev. H. I. Nicholas, Presbyterian, Philadelphia. Welfare and Comfort. There is a more rapid advance in welfare and comfort when each generation adds something to the permanent plant and leaves behind vast improvements to relieve and enrich posterity.— Rev. Charles G. Ames, Chnrch of Disciples, Boston. Christianity's God. Christianity offers a God who fits into the religious nature of man as a key fits into its lock, as teeth into cogs. The skeptic may assail our understanding, but cannot storm the citadel of con'- scionsness.—Rev. J. D. Rankin, Presbyterian, Denver. An Ideal State. With the blessing of God the day is dawning, I believe, when none shall ba able to become rich if all are not com fortable, and no man sball become poor without all others becoming likewise impoverished. — Rev. Father Ducey, Catholic, New York. Great Things Best Known. We know the great things best. They are not perplexities, but incitements; not riddles, but revelations; not mysteries, but manifestations. Therefore "day unto day uttareth speech, night unto night showeth knowledge."—Rev. C. W. Williams, Baptist, Denver. Our Sacred Temple. The human body should be to us like a sacred temple, which we should keep pure and undefiled, approach with something of awe and reverence, a temple of flesh, dedicated to the highest purposes, the habitation of a divine image.—RBV. Dr. Joseph Silverman, Rabbi, New York. Truly Contented Soul. If you are to be content or contained, you must turn out ambition. I do not mean that you should not have honorable ambition and aspirations, but the truly contented soul is that of the man and the woman who are happy and content in the knowledge of their righteousness in the sightof God.—Rev. Dr. George D. Baker, Presbyterian, Philadelphia. Scholars Who Revere God. The teacher who can master both the bead and the heart of our youth will be in demand the next century. la other words, we have reached the period of Christian growth in America and Europe when it is almost beyond a pos- siblity for an educator to secure a position unless he "coices from God."— Rev. Stephen A. Northrop, Baptist, Kansas City. Spirjtnal Economy. It is good in life to stop once in awhile, to put our life's work away from, ns, look at it at arm's length, look at it when we are not in a hnrry, estimate the value of the quest when we are not in the excitement of the chase. It is a good time to ask what is the good part and what are the petty parts, the carking caresfwhen for the time being labor is suspended. This is the spiritual economy of our vacations.—Rev. Jenkin Lloyd Jones, Independent, Chicago. The Really Christian Church. I would have the church not a Dead sea, into which the streams were pouring to become equally dead, but a fountain from which the streams should run out on every side to turn wildernesses into gardens. I would have people join it not to get social recognition or pastoral tea drinkings, but for the opportunity of service. I would have people love it for its gracionsness, its democracy, its helpfulness, its everlasting kindness. I would have it hospitable to new ideas aad to all Christian forces. I would have for its object not self glorification., bnt service. Such a wide hearted and Christian church would command the devotion of those large Christian men who arei now outside of the visible fold. I would have it wise in its adaptations, utilizing men's and women's talents for tb,e things which ,they can do best.—Dr. John Henry Barrows, Presbyterian, Chicago. - -TH R - [few Furniture Store. Cor. Market, 5th and Erie Sts. ANOTHER SPECIAL BAKGAIN. THIS COMBINATION BOOK CASE. Only $6.90. Here's Kreail gam for alow siriee, solid o&k. its worth tl~ fou can buy it of us <CA r\n this weeJs for.mly «pv».yu We show an elegant line of Combination Boole Cares in Oai Or Mahomiaj- finish tfn gf\ attso, 135, j-20, $15, $12 aud •*»;/• J" Our buyer is now at Grind Rapids makiig selections for oar sprit!*? irade. The Logansport Commercial High School. If you wish to secure & position to work foe Experience Only. J>O.V'T attend th» ocan sport Commercial Hi*ti School If you wigh to secure a position that will paf jou from f 1 to $2 per week. Don't attend tke Logansporc Commercial High School If you wleh to attend a School where you can have plenty of fun. do ae you please, and Have a"HotTimo"in general, tt-n't attend the Lroemnsport Commercial nigh school But, if you wish to attend «n I T n f n Dflf P School whore yo) will receive ^V lu L"»ic the best instruction and the best preparation. for the responsiMJJ'ies of life: wnere you will receive a thorough mental and moral discipline and traiamcr that will develop yo 1 r intellect, arouse your ambi ion aod equip you so that pou may live worthily, that you may lead a ife of usefulness and that your Ufa , may be crowned with the laurels of euooers, ,we esteem of your fellow men and the approbation o£ yoiir own conscience, then, Attend • The Logansport Commercial High School. Over 321, 335 and S25 Fourth Street. REMOVED Into the Block on Pearl street, formerly occupied by Harry Tucker wnere you are invited to call and see a fine line of Winter Woolens For Suitings and Over- coatings that cannot be beat. W tt . II. Merchant , »> « «-• w.»* O y Tailor. Pearl St.Next toJDr. Bell's Office, The Detective Wins Yes, the detective wee, M4. ^., th» story cf how he did It to ''} one of the moat excitfeg --' told. Yea can M*d It in. column*. It k entitled A Conflict of Evidence It xrxs wrfttea by Ottoteogm, th« author <rf Arti»t in Crime," «nd the itroogest write! » o£ tective stories living. for this thrilling tete *r*t chaptur* wfll

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