The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on January 28, 1971 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 28, 1971
Page 2
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Page 2 THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE Tipton Daily Tribune E21-223 E. Jefferson Street Tipton, Indiana 46072 Phone 675-2115 By carrier in city ,.. ........... 45f per week . BY MAIL: Tipton and adjacent Counties; I year ..... ^ $11.00 ; i - 6.months 6.50, ^ 3 months . ; ... 3.50 Subscription PAID IN ADVANCE - No mail subscription accepted where carrier delivery is maintained. Member: UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL Entered as Second Class Matter October 4, 1895 at the Post Office in Tipton, Indiana, under the Act of Congress of-March 3, 1897. r SECOND-CLASS POSTABE PAID IN TIPTON, DJD. PUBLBHED DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY TfLEVISION SCHEDULE IQound 3o wn Willi iL and 3lie C^focli- 3rd une 1971 AND THE FUTURE Money THIS YEAR OF 1971 seems to be headed into an impasse which could determine the immediate future of many citizens of .this country. This is especially true in the situation facing what might be termed the "middle class".. .the people whom we predict will be the hardest hit by legislation, passed in both the State Legislature and the National bodies. It has always been my presumption that an elected official is elected to that office by the people, and is responsible to them, first, last and always, even before party loyalty comes in. It seems this has been ignored in the past several years;. .and the Congressmen and Senators (a majority of them), seem to be there to feather their nest's, rather than^ote for what they know. the people want. A MAN SENT to Washington especially, should vote this way, it is his basic responsibility to the people who went him there. He is really the LINK between the people he represents back home and what we term "the FEDERAL government". j Now and then perhaps, the vote of a Congressman will not be in agreement with even a major-portion of his constituents, but, if he is voting his own principles. . .and not those of a group of "you scratch my back and PH scratch yours" fellow legislators. . .then be has a right to vote the way he feels; he is on the scene. . .the people are not. However.. .if he is aligning himself for the sake of politics, and he votes the wrong way, he is unfit for duty. It's as simple as that. IT WOULD SEEM YES, it would seem that if legislation is to be passed regarding a return of federal funds to the STATES. . .it might do the job and then again, it might not. Perhaps it would be better of the money was not sent to the federal government in the first place, but kept in the States, with no strings attached. The more times •the PIE is passed, fiie thinner the slices will always be. Why send the money to Washington, when it can be kept in the States . . .? It seems rather silly to have to ask.. .and be granted money sent to-Washington, which can be sent back. This would SEEM TO INDICATE that there is a huge surplus sent to Washington in the first place! We all know the answer, it is the one way to maintain FEDERAL control over the States! After all, they tell us tiat THE GOVERNMENT is actually THE PEOPLE! Like the SANTA story. . .after one gets to the grown up stage, the myth disappears. We know we produce the money the government exists (and we might say rather well).. .but unless we in' sist, there is where the kinship ends! ENJOY THE WEATHER? ARE YOU ENJOYING the weather here in Indiana? It is said, if you'll remember, that if you don't like the weather in this state you can always wait just a few hours or days maybe, and you will note that it will be changed. Sometimes it is not true but of times it is gospel. Now we don't enjoy this weather at all, but we would rather have it this way, than face a four or five inch snow (the wet type) that creates havoc with one's arthritis, if one happens to have that trouble. The only resources is to seek a warmer climate.. .and this may have to be done one of these days soon. Oh yes! One day, if 'we are not a good boy in this vale of tearism, we will probably find that there IS A SPOT where the temperature is really notch? . RECORD OF WHAT? MANY'CITIZENS, people who are supposed to be on the IN regarding governmental procedure, still seem to believe that if something appears in the CONGRESSIONAL RECORD in Washington, it is gospel and proves any point brought up. We don't believe anyone really understands the processes of our government . .let alone the reason for the Congressional Record. Yet many will say: "It was in the Congressional Record". . .and that should be enough to cinch any argument! The fact that something is in the Congressional Record doesn't prove anything really. The Record is merely an account of what goes on in Congress on a given day.. .and believe you me, sometimes it isn't even an accurate account. To go one step more. Each Congressman is given advance proofs. . .and may 'strike out' what went on.. .and some probably are glad of this. They may also ADD anything they wish in an "Extension of Remarks" in the back of the Record. This has probably saved many a lawmaker salves iro'his constituents back borne. . .by preparing a speech. . .to show that he isn't absent or asleep. -It all adds up to the fact that Congressional Record type "proof is DO proof at all. MOOSE LODGE 6 o'clock Supper DANCE 8 o'clock Enrollment 9:30 BOB HUDSON BAND from Kokomo with Wilber Bagley Saturday, Jan. 30 MEMBERS ONLY 4:30 O P»Peye (Cont'd) O Mlk. D?u*lat O «) fori. Skew ID •« V.IUy £0 Sesame Street • . 5:00 O Batman O Mike Douglas (Cont'd) O (B> Early Shot* (Cont'd) fS Big Valley (Cont'd) 63 Sesame (Cont'd) 5:30 O (•» A<Mam Family O Mike Douglas (Cont'd) . O <B) Early Skew (Cont'd) (0 Dragnet Hp Mittereger* 4:00 O <»> Dick Van Dyke O Early Report O »•'• Newt Q) Eyewitness News 63 What'* New 6:30 O Daniel Beeae O Early Report (Cont'd) O Big New* (Cont'd) ID ABC Newi O Mitteregen 7:00 O Daniel Boone (Cont'd) O NBC Nowa O CBS New* ID Beet the Clock 63 (B) Making Thingi Crew 7:30 O Petticoat Junction O Flip Wibon O Family Affair O Aliar Smith ft-Jane* G3 Book Beat s :00 © Canlagaeaccg O Hi. Wiban (Cont'd) O jim Nahors Hoar tQ Alios Smith (Cont'd) 63. Week la Review 8:30 O What'* My Une O Ironside O Nabors (Cont'd) ID Bewitched 63 NET Playhouse 9:00 O DarH Front O Ironsides (Cont'd) O Tkesrsdoy AAoWe UJ Danny Thomas 63 Pleyhsase (Cont'd) 9:30 O *>•»• (ContVO O Adom-12 O Movie (Cont'd) ID Dan August 63 Playhouse (Cont'd) 10:00 O Frost (Cont'd) O Dean Martin O Movie (Cont'd) IS Angus* (Cont'd) 63 Saail 10:30 O Ucal News Q Dean Martin (Cont'd) O Movie (Cont'd) ID Dregnet 03 Soul (Cont'cO 11:00 a a a CD (B) Perry Meson Final Report Movie (Cont'd) Eyewitness News 11:30 O (B) Perry Mason (Cont'd) O Tonight O Ucal News CD Dick Caret* 12:00 O. Late Shew . FrL, Jan. 29 «:30 Today In Indiana Quest For Adventure 7 :00 n (B) Pane ID n n ID n- n n CD o a o CD CD Today CBS News Clover Power 7:30 ' JCortoon Karmvol . Today (Conf'd) CBS News (Cont'd? Kindergarten College 8:00 Karnival (Cont'd) Today (Cont'd) Ceptoin Kangaroo: College (Cont'd) 8:30 Karnival (Cont'd) Today tCont'd) Copt. Kangaroo (Cont'd) Man. Trap 9:00 O <B) Topper O Virginia Graham O Coffee C«P Theater CD The Paul Dixon Show 9:30 O Jack LaLanne O Graham (Cont'd) O Theater (Cont'd) CD 'eul Disoh (Cont'd) 10:00 O Lucy Show O Dinoh Shore O Theater (Cont'd) CD Paul Dison (Cont'd) 10:30 O Movie Game O Concentration O Beverly Hillbillies CD Thol Girl 11:00 O Girl Talk O Century Sale . BTJ Family Affair CD Bewitched . 11:30 Q News O Hollywood Squares O Love of Life. CD Eyewitness News 12:00 O Chuckwagon Theater O Jeopardy O Where the Heart Is ID 50-50 Club 12:30 Chuckwagon (Cont'd! H Afternoon/Channel 6 Search for Tomorrow CD 50-50 Club (Cont'd) 1:00 ' IT IB) Hollywood Movie n Afternoon (Cont'd) 'f%. Local News ID -50-50 Club (Cont'd) 1:30 IB) Movie (Cont'd) . fV Words and Music Ft As World Turns CD Let's Make A Deal I 2:00 O (8) Movie (Cont'd) Q Days of Our Lives O Many Spleiidored Thing CD Newly wed Game • • |- • 2:30' . . O <B) Movie (Cont'd) O The Doctors O The Guiding Light CD Dating Gome | 3:00 'O Gourmet Q Another World ' O Secret. Storm • . CD- General -Hospital! 3:30 O (B) Lone Ranger! O Bright Promise '. «H Edge of Night ' CD One LifW to Live 4:00 Popeye and Jenie QUIRKS IN THE NEWS o .la © CD Dark o n o CD Another World Gomer Pyia Shadows 4:30 Popeye-(Cont'd) Douglas (B) Early Show Big Valley 63 Sesame Street 5:00 O Batmen Q Mike Douglas! (Cont'd' O IB) Early Show (Cont'd) CD Big Valley (Cont'd) 6D Sesame (Cont'd) OUR ADVERTISERS ARE RELIABLE. --Read Their Offers Here— Every Week. LOSERS GET EATEN SUNDERLAND, England (UPI)-John Potts, 54, holder of dozens of trophies won by his racing pigeons, told bird fanciers Sunday that if a pigeon is a loser, he eats it. . o "There is no room . for sentiment if you want - to succeed at this sport, Bad birds ruin, the stock. So those.which fail to make the grade go into the pot, I'm a real, pigeon fancier —I fancy them alive or dead. I can eat a dozen at a time. They are much tastier than chickens," he said. Tax Treatment of Capital Gains and Losses The Tax Reform Act of 1969 made extensive changes in the. treatment of capital •. gains and losses. The principle change under law involves limitations placed on the deduction of long-term capital losses for individuals. In past years, an individual could deduct in full, net long-term capital losses up to a maximum of $1,000. A net loss to the extent it exceeded $1,000 in any one year could be carried over in full to future years. Losses realized prior to 1970 and carried over to 1970' will continue to be governed by the old rules. However, new rules will be applied to losses realized in 1970 and subsequent years. The new lawprovides that ' only! 50% of an individual's long-term losses may be used to offset ordinary income. Thus, it takes $2,000 in long-term losses to obtain the maximum offset of $1,000 against ordinary income.. The $1,000. loss ; limitation still applies, how', ever, the capital loss carry- i over rules nave been changed THURSDAY, JANUARY 28, 1971 Federal Tax Changes Affecting 1970 Returns The Tax Reform Act of 1969 will have an impact on every taxpayer in the country. Although some of the provisions of the Act! applied to 1969 calendar year tax returns, the great majority of changes will affect 1970 returns. Here is a brief look at some of the more obvious changes. An estimated six million people will be pleased about the fact that they will no longer be required to file a Federal income tax return. The reason - the filing requirements have been eased. The'tax surcharge was reduced to % for the first half of 1970, and eliminated for the last half of the year. Thus, the surcharge,is figured at the average rate of 2.9S fcr the whole of 1970.^ ' " A new "low income allowance" eliminates or reduces the taxes paid by many people. Every taxpayer will benefit from the increase in personal and dependency exemptions from $600 to $625; A great many taxpayers will find that it is easier to compute their tax this year. The optional tax tables, which take into consideration the standard deduction, exemptions, and the new "low. income allowance" have been extended from $5,000 to $10,000 J In addition, the IRS will make the actual tax computation if certain'requirements are met as^wett as certain portions of the form filled in. - ( \J'- Because 'of the many changes brought about by the Tax Reform! Act of 1969 it will pay to carefully read the instructions that are included in the tax package, and start the preparation of your return as earlyas possible. to prevent the nondeductible 507o-of long-term capital loss from being carried forward. The new; law does not affect short-term capital losses. Short-term capital losses still offset ordinary income dollar for dollar, and unused short-.term capi< tal losses carried forward offset j | ordinary income dollar for dollar. A further change withre- the capital gains alternative tax computation rate. The familiar rate of 25% con-, tinues on the first $50,000 of long-term capital gains of individuals, however, with a few exceptions the rate has been increased to 29.5% on long-term capital gains in excess of $50,000 for 1970. spect to the maximum allowable deduction of $1,000 applies to married persons filing separately. Under the old law a $1,000 maximum deduction for capital losses under j certain conditions could be claimed on both returns. The new law, how- limits these losses to returns of married filing separately. ever, $500 oh persons The Act has also changed What Would You Do? FREE - FREE 12" GE Portable TV phone' 675-4401 For Details JUST MOVED? 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