The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on January 28, 1971 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
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Thursday, January 28, 1971
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HAROLD J• BURTON ; i a VOLUME 1, NO. 23 THE TIPTON (INDIANA) TRIBUNE THURSDAY, JANUARY 28, 1971 1Q£ PER COPY 45£ FEB WEEK ENTERED AS SECOND CLASS MATTER OCTOBER 4, 1895, AT POST OFFICE IN TIPTON, INDIANA SECOND CLASS POSTAGE AT TIPTON, INDIANA"460T2 Injured Woman Has Surgery Mrs. Ellen Zehner, route 1 who Was' injured Monday in a freak accident as she was mailing letters in front of her home one mile west of Tipton is recuperating in the Howard Community Hospital, Kokomo. She is in the orthopedic ward in Room 236B and would appreciate correspondence. Her husband, Henry, reported late Wednesday that Mrs. Zehner bad casts on both fractured legs from the knees to the toes. He also said possible fractures exist in the rib -cage and a head lace Foreman Pleased With Responses Tipton - Howard County State Joint Representative Harry V. Foreman telephoned the TIPTON , DAILY TRIBUNE" 1 Wednesday morning to- report that he was pleased with the response to the local news media's published questionnaires of last week, plus the individual correspondence from Tipton County Citizens on taxes and the time problem., In addition- Representative Foreman stated he would be present for the Tipton County Chamber of Commerce sponsored "Third House" Saturday morning to give his views on some of the many problems confronting all of Indiana's citizens. He . said "of the hundreds of bills before legislature, no one lawmaker could be an authority on all ques- . tions, but if given ample time to- research I will be happy to respond on any issue." Walter Hughes Named Trustee Of Town Board Walter Hughes was appointed trustee of the Kempton Town ; Board at the their regular meeting Tuesday at the Kempton Fire Barn. Other members of the Board are: Joe McWhirt, president; Betty Williams, Clerk - Treasurer; and Don Wallace, trustee. Since the town dump has been closed Kempton has a problem of dogs " up-setting garbage cans. „ The members voted to ask the help of townspeople with this problem. Persons living in Kempton are urged to attend Board meetings, " which are held the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month.. Trooper Arrests Indiana State Trooper, J. L. Sailors, reported the arrest of Ronald L. Morrisett, 20, route 3 for. having an expired inspection sticker. Morrisett was arrested at 175 W. and Dearborn Street. Also arrested by Trooper Sailors were: Charles H. Hutto, 23, route 3 Sheridan; charged for no operators license at U. S. 31 and 300 South; and Beverly; A. Ahlbrand, 21,1504 S. Plate Street, Kokomo; charged with using an expired inspection sticker at U. S. 31 and 100 South. ration was suffered by a rock which was embedded in the victim's scalp when she was knocked backward. The freak accident occurred when a 25-pound muffler-tailpipe assembly was propelled several feet after being struck by a westbound vehicle. The victim was taken by ambulance to Tipton County Memorial Hospital prior to being transferred to Kokomo. Mr. Zehner said his wife underwent surgery at the Howard Community Hospital Monday at 10 p.m. to have the broken left heel bone set and wired in place. Mrs. Zehner suffered a broken right leg three years ago and later underwent bone surgery for that mishap. The husband was of the opinion that his wife was out of danger but several months of recuperation would be required for her to get back on her feet. Teacher To Have Heart Surgery Mrs. Dorothy Lockard, a Jeff-"" erson Elementary teacher, left Tipton Wednesday evening to be admitted to the Methodist Hospital, Indianapolis preparatory to heart surgery next Monday, her husband, Lester Lockard, also a teacher, reported. \. Mr.. Lockard said his wife had heart-surgery before and this time a plastic valve. replacement was scheduled. He hopes for her complete convalescence in two to three months. Mrs. Lockard was given a leave of absence by the School Board for this semester and a teacher replacement for Mrs. Lockard has assumed thVpost. • Lawmakers Work Towards Education Co-ordination LEAMINGTON, ONT: One of the last of North America's bald/eagles Sits in a cage at Ontario's Point "Pelee National Park January 18, the victim of a hunter's shot which forced amputation of the right wing tip.' The huge bird, a bandage over the stump of its right wing, will be given to the Ontario Department of Lands and Forests to spend the rest of his life in a game preserve. He can not fly. 1 By HORTENSE MYERS INDIANAPOLIS (UP1) - Indiana lawmakers who are" working to achieve smooth coordination in the field of vocational education are watching' the outcome of an upcoming Monday meeting of the Indiana Board of Vocational and Technical Education. Responsible sources said a plan that may come before the IBVTE and its advisory council calls for separating the IBVTE from the State Department of Public Instruction and for a new job for outgoing state school Superintendent Richard Veteran's Office Annual Report The Veterans Administration, today 'announced that expenditures for Indiana for fiscal 1970 totalled | $180,837,578, of which $436,376 was for Tipton County." J. C. Robison, Director of the Indianapolis VA office, said the bulk of! the money was $105,.772,590 In disability compensa- D. Wells. This information, as yet invalidated, j is that a revision being proposed' in the Indiana plan as sent to the U.S. Health Educatibnl and Welfare Department. Under this plan) Robert Hewlett, now director of the Division of Vocational Education under Wells, would become director of the separated IBVTE, and Wells would be retained as a consultant to the IBVTE when he goes out of. office Mar'ch 15. > Efforts to query Wells about the report were not immediately successful. However, dur- • ing his; years as state school superintendent. Wells has been critical of the Indiana Vocational technical College which the last, several .legislatures have given responsibility for post high school j vocational training. | Schirra Joins Governor . On Wednesday,Governor Whitcombj and former astronaut Walter Schirra Jr., teamed for an educational, anti-pollution pitch before the Indiana Senate. Road Crews Out Early As Snow Blankets Area tion and pension payments for and House on the tail of a gu- todiana veterans--$309,914 for' Road and Street maintenance crews from the Tipton Sub-district State Highway Garage, the Tipton County Highway Garage and the Tipton City Street Garage were in action Thursday morning attempting to keepthbr- oughfare surfaces in condition Housing Needs in Co. Several interested citizens of Tipton County , have formed' a • committee .to determine the needs for housing for people of the county. A total of 5000 questidnaires have.been mailed to residents which will help the committee to evaluate the needs of the county. The committee expressed a hope that residents would take the time to answer and mail the letters back to Miss Ruth Wimer, Area Extension Agent.. The committee will study the returned letters the responses to make their determination of what type housing would be most beneficial for the county. Among the questions asked concerns age groups, marital status, number of persons in a household and annual income. They also asked if the annual income includes welfare, social security, veteran pensions or help from relatives. In order to determine the best type housing needed, the committee has requested information as to what type arrangement would be preferable such as efficiency apartment, one bedroom with bath and living room or two bedrooms, living room and bath; amount of rent the person would be willing to pay if the rent included water, electricity and heat and if a building was erected in Tipton County what is the preference as to location. The opinions given will help the committee determine whether or not housing is needed. Persons. answering the ques- tionaires are not required to sign their names but may do so if they wish further information concerning housing in Tipton County. Members of the committee are George Stroup, Phillip Smith, Ruth Wimer, Ray Rench, Mrs". Dallice Darst, Richard Smith, Homer Brinegar, Walter Hughes, and Seward Bristow. for smooth traffic flow. State Highway Superintendent Lester Amsbury said his crews went, to work Wednesday about 9:30 p.m. when the snow first began to fall on sections of the 800 miles of roads to be maintained.*. The temperatures dropped to points where chlori& spread on the surfaces would not melt the snow and ice causing conditions to become hazardous for traffic at many sites. Tipton County crews began their operations Thursday at 7 a.m. No difficult traffic problems had been reported, prior to that time. Tipton City street crews went on duty Thursday at 2:30 a.m. when severe slippery conditions developed at several sites. Salt, sand and chemicals spread on the surfaces, reduced the traff-. ic dangers by 6 a.m. All thoroughfare departments Tipton county veterans. Other j VA expenditures in Tip- . ton comity for fiscal 1970, Robison said, were for GI Bill and other VA Education program, $52,686; and insurance and indemnities $56,776. . Additional expenditures in reported they 'will keep abreast. Tipton county included direct lo- of conditions in their responsible ans, $17,000. Farm Corps. Discussed At High areas. By United Press Inernational Light snow fell over much of Indiana today, and for many t In announcing these figures,Robison \ invited Tipton county veterans to contact their VA office at 36 South Pennsylvania- Street, Indianapolis, for inform- School HoosierV^e sight of a blanket ation on any program, including of White was almost as excit-. the GI Bill, ing as it would .have been for vacationers at Miami Beach. Mostly the ; measurements were little more tthan an inch. Nevertheless, for snow-starved areas covering more than half the was something to behold. Thus far this season, they've been singing "It don't show in Indianapolis in the winter time" as a parody on the popular tune. Until today, only .7 of an inch of show had been measured in the Hoosier capital. A (Continued on page eight) I Pork Festival Reflections In the recent reflections of Tipton County Pork Festival, the announcement that Mort Nash who won the local PorkCookout later-placed third in the National Pork Cookout held in Iowa was omitted from the article. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bishop were in charge of the cook-out the past two years with Tipton County Pork Producers Association are sponsors. Steve Brown, Frankfort Corporation Fiirmer, and Joe Watson, local attorney, discussed the advantages . and - disadvantages of the farm corporation at a Farm.; Management Class at Tipton High School. Mr. Brown explained his personal situation and the primary reason for setting up his Corporation. Joe Watson stress^ ed that io one should get into the farm corporation with out knowing ° the full consequences and knowing their own purposes. / Stephen Craig announced that the next peeting topic would be bernatorial blockbuster that would penalize most Hoosiers in the name of preventing pollution. Whitcomb in casual conversation during "anti-pollution day" recalled a country saying by former Secretary of State Charles Hendricks that when trying to get the attention of a mule "you sometimes have to hit him over the head with a two-by-four." The governor said that his Tuesday budget message proposal to impose a four-cent manufacturers tax on each non- returnable, non'- disintegrating bottle or container was a "two- by-four" swat aimed at awakening Hoosiers to the dangers of pollution. Schirra, the only, astronaut to (Continued on page eight) School Board Approves ClaUns The Board of School Trustees- of Northern Community Schools met in regular session at Tri- Central Library Monday. Board members present were Charolotte Barr, Roy T. Savage, Owen Ratcliff, Francis Harlow, Max Henderson, Wayne Lorts, June S. Mitchell and Superintendent Glen L. Munro. Claims numbers 1595 through 1674 were read and approved. Superintendent Munro reported that the Holding Company showed a cash balance after .obligations of $223,461.06. He also recommended the installation of lights on the football field before next season. Labor would be furnished by the Tri-Central Booster Club if the Board would furnish lights, wiring, poles etc. Textbook committees are presently being selected. A "transcript of the recent Teacher - Administrator School Board workshop was distributed as well as guidelines for entry "Rental; pf Farm Equinment." into the North Central Associa The program is to be presented by representatives of the Indianapolis Branch of International Harvester!. Meeting time is 7 p.m. at the High School Ag room February p. Individuals need not attend all the classes in the farm management class, Craig stated, "Death Row" Considered Cruel by South Bend Representative Award Winners-- David McQuinn, age 1, center received an award from Sunday School Superintendent John Stover, Sunday at Arcadia Christian Church while his mother, Mrs. Richard McQuinn (right) reported the youngster had not missed one Sunday m his life. The award was a year pin given by the churchf or each member who bias attended 52 straight Sundays. David who was born on Tuesday, January 21,1970 has never been absent from Sunday School this past year. By JOHN B. BARRETTE INDIANAPOLIS (UPI) — A Twelve Attend 97th Assembly . Tipton County Extension Homemaker Club members attended the 97th General Assembly Wednesday in Indianapolis. They met Senator Melvin Stanley and , Harry V. Foreman of the House of Representatives. The members attended a County and Township committee meeting of which Senator Stanley was a member. All committee meetings are open to the public. " Governor Whitcomb appeared before the Senate and introduced Captain Walter Schirra of Hape- nsak, New Jersey. Captain Schirra was in Indianapolis for the ribbon cutting ceremony opening the new Environment Quality Control Corporation. Captain Schirra was an astronaut in the Mercury, - Apollo H and Apollo 13 flights. He is in the ecology business at this time. He said, "this is the place we are going to live in. We as human beings must be emotional and be doing something to improve our environment." . The House and Senate voted to give Capt. Schirra a U.S. Navy Honorary elevation in rank to Honorary Admiral and General. .Those attending the sessions were, Miss Ruth Wimer, Mesdames Charles Henkey, Wm. Wolford, Quenten Orr, Otis Underwood, Frank Bell, Paul Lyons, Earl Thomas, Harold Johnson, Ralph Smith, Robert Wesner, and Lloyd Brinson. condemned prisoner who spends three years on "death . row" would be spared execution and given life imprisonment without parole under terras of legislation being prepared for introduction in the Indiana House. , the bill would be retroactive j to include prisoners currently j under the death penalty. "Our Constitution forbid ' cruel and unusual punishment," i said Rep. Patrick Bauer, D- South Bend, sponsor of the bill. I "I believe that the state of Indiana should strive to be firm in its treatment of convicted criminals by keeping with our Constitution. I believe we should be definite in our determination of how long a man ' can be allowed to sit on death row." Meanwhile, the House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Taxation today began reviewing bills to impose some form of control over local government units to insure property tax relief. Local Option Tax Called for Tuesday in Governor Wbitcomb's budget message, such controls would be designed to hold down property taxes while the state provided relief by funding 50 per cent of school operating costs. Gerald I Seifert, attorney for the Indiana Association of Cities and! Towns, said his group was drafting a bill for a local option tax on earnings that would be J collected by the employer. He said that would be one method of raising additional revenue jfor local units without (Continued on page eight) tion. Girl Scouts To Reorganize The Tipton County Girl Scout program is presently under a reorganization plan with Mrs. Betty Thompson serving as Neighborhood Chairman. . ^ A meeting will be held February 8, at 7:30 p.m. at the Presbyterian Church. District Girl Scout officials will be on hand to explain the Girl Scout program and answer questions. Mrs. Thompson, who has%ork- ed with the Girl Scouts for the past nine years, requested that any person interested in helping with the program to please, attend the reorganization meeting. She also stated that any girl between the ages of seven and up that are interested in becoming Girl Scouts are welcome to attend. iunior high Cloud type - Stratus, overcast] Present temperature -4 Maximum temperature - 14 Minimum temperature - 0 Wind Direction - 2 mph Relative Humidity - 81% Precipitation - 1/4 in. snow Barometer Reading -30.05 falling Forecast - Fair & warmer New Truck-- Members of the Cityj Street Department check the new Garbage Track tor the City which arrived this week. The $9,160,truck was driven to Tipton from Michigan by Barry Gut- fey and Herman Book. Menwhowlllbe using the new truck are Bill Miller, driver Edgar Nell, and Paul Younger. Johnny Baden, Street Commissioner, stated the truck will be put into service as soon as some* preliminary work is completed. (Staff Photo by Pat Cline)

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