The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 13, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, November 13, 1908
Page 2
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THE BAKERSPIELD CALIFORNIAN FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1908. Bakcrsfieid lifornian Kvory but Sundays at, City and County ' "" Official Paper , Friday, Nov. DEAR TQM:- The greatest thing world--to * Company ,-P' in <vi MS P m* Y*.-nr in HARRELL, Editor ^nd Prop make two smiles grow where one grew before The next to take your sweetheart a box of nruen- 31 ' hagen' Get it at reroney ' s. BILL Wholsale Deale '"1 !• Wines, Liquors d Cig candy. m goods serve pie room T i L Quotations and samples sent on app THE CO: --: T f * SUPPLEMENT. \\'\ |H«!\ 4 n LM i M < \ j ! i i ' i ' j V ' . .NO\Vf nn- Hi-raid Ol' I * ay issu* 1 , other - s; " |( ' irons t»i ( liis si;tt.\ In S;m was krnt in mil I'm 1 \v<'< i ks bnt i " son| , , |S j,| s ( .;|s,(. \\-;H fjdlrd iti justice court. i-vcrvltody who hmdmm said tin 1 suspected XV;|S Ml)1 t | 1( . mm-drivr. ]{, . ivscndil'-d him in looks. or >p- rch, and tho J Phone Main 237 1623 Nineteenth Street EXPRESS 11 ;,,ML' Nine*- follow- 1 (M ] wns .^vcn his liberty. There ontrht 1" 1>< 1 soint* wn fo fHE JEFFERSONS * is innn to tveover dnmatrcs frohi • !' ••irllll 1 '. It \Vh.-n lii'- tlii- pit* 111 ;tnd \v;i^ ;i is ill niiil r.-pkl,. S s nuth-.riti,*. who, failing, ei ; tcd , ,„ , he ( ,, y with the idea that 11,,,,-st ,,«,KTS to o),s,.rv, tin- most m-,l,,,»,-y pr«-| |n conju ^. tkm wkh , he ncwPK li*t ft'lt not be long before he would this cniitions, him from his and M;oid \vumor. Happy Hooligan K- national char- iind their \v« ko<l fov\vjtrd to by a , hoth old and y no longer interest, or Jit j li-ast n'">t to an oxtont to justify, lu'pt liim in M prison cell. Mom**, KO pi niiii MI M prison COM. and thon hroiitrhl him half way drama ' " Tht> Uocky Mo «ntain Gazzolo Amusement Company's meJo- be a social Hon. Mr. Jefferson's por- 'travfll of the character of Bob Acres « tin* eontinent in irons.. -•- — SAN FRANCISCO TO tEND MONEY IN LARGE AMOUNTS. Among the encouraging signs of th,.ir iutlii-tion <m the pnhlie. They , the times, ana one denoting the bet- 'tor feeling (hat prevails In financial is the fact press" are, the following: Windy, showing an attempted braggadocio Gap Hotel, in the far west near the swagger, bnt in reality innocence and Rockies, pass in the mountains, near J timidity, is most ludicrous. It would Windy Gap, a vista of snowcapped bo hard (o imagine anything funnier mountains, with deep gorges and ris-. than some <>f the scenes in which ho Ing plateaus, tho avalanche and snow-! figures, slide (this is The character of "Sir Lu an effect that Is both ' cius OTrlgger," taken by Joseph Gap! Jefferson, scintillates with an effer- realistic ana startling), Windy ra 11 road station, the switch at Dead . vescent buoyancy that is irresistible. rlous sarcasm to a marked oal on tho Colorado & Great Western degree and Mr, Jefferson's character!- an* Min lh»* u<M of their kind as th" Hearst'-Hif'iit i* the host, > oircles sinre the election, ( but it injiv In- dnulitwl if any pa-' that large atnotrnts of San Francisco Man's aiding, flight of the Rocky Tho Celtic wit and delicious sarcasm in-r is nu\v iiuitrrially hi-iM'iHrd by i money an? again turned In this dl- Mountain Express, the tower at Mes-| arouse the risibilities th*' roniic MippJi'iiK'iit. Tho inii- roctlon. , tations ni'o awful, and they havoj Tho Gorman Savings and Loan So-1 Railroad, the valley of the Colorado,'zation is KO lovable—and laughabl Horvod tu discredit tho original.' oioty of tlmt city t? onco moro nwU- tho Most of tiif all»"_u-<i comic soot ions inj; loans on Los Angoles real ostato, into the stovi* ur wash- l»;iskot and nnnounromfnt is made that it. is \vhorr tbrv liri'iMuand when* nil of prepared to furnish accommodation thrilling wreck, -i should !_''". The Huston papor \ n lar^o amounts to bbrrowors on ap i/s \vjm- in fiiniiiiatiiiL' this tValun- | r , m wd security. This bank at ono time had povcral million dollars outstanding on i is d*'s<*nln'd I)V ;in "vulirar in dt-sitrn us thc\ F ;in r**a! i and if at'*' !u\v. TAG DAY, • Hjvw'vv^^kt ^^^'H* ^f^f 4y -v-- '•v^^-p — v— ^>^ -L^VH • I tawdry in rulnr. Tht-rc is^io lonir- j rs tato in this city, but ever since tho ( iiny M-rnhhni'-*' "f art in them, San K ra nrisr<» nn- its ]^}\cy has hocn ' an- finy idoats tlu-yj, 0 w i r i,,]ra\v its mnnov. This policy' , and tho hank on re moro is willing to ronuiromontrt in this direction. [{. C. Hunt, Uio Los Angeles agent of ibo (it-rman Savings and Loan So- ' fii'ty, said today that several of the dirortors of tho bank wore in the city a few days ago and wont nvor '1'iii: I>Jiy IN <*oiinnir to liakors- atid \vh«'M it *-I,IMOS. t-vory cil- <*iin of " It." And it n<-"d hardly ho said that Hakorsiiold's c ^ pcuplc will not shrink , irom lu'iuir uinon- th*- fhnsfn.i tl!0 loans thal woro outstandlnR Uoro. Thoy nov.-r do whm it rouu-s 1o l "Th«» diroctors oxpvosscd lh*»ro- nul\uu f n wurthv fimsc. and tho with tho situa construction tlmt tho master hand of the artist Is ! apparent In the everyday naturalness nf his every speech and action. An ultra aristocratic event is as ' surod whon the Jeffersons present Hio Rivals" at the Bakersfleld Op-n House tomorrow evening. "Uncle Josh Perkins' 1 Sunday. 'Tnole .losh Perkins," a clever rural comedy drama, will be in evidence at Oio BaUersfteld Opera House on Sunday evening. As a play it is said to be wonderfully. original in con- r Isrruction and possesses many thrll- 1 fin^c situations, while pathos and humor intermingle all through tho story everything coming out as it should at the end. The scenic pictures, divided between "Unrle Josh's" farm i ' in Vermont and New York City, is wreck, om , of the features of the play. Not- HO!EL BRULE STRICTLY FIRST-CLASS. $1 PER DAY AND UP 670 Eddy, bet. Polk and Larkin SAN FRANCISCO Headquarters for Bakersfief people. ntwered GOLDEN WEST HOTEL THE LANDMARK OF SAN FRANCISCO—NOW OPEN Cor. Powell and Ellis Streets FRED P. PLAGEMANN, Prop. New building. Modern in every respect. 160 rooms. Opposite Railroad and Steamship offices. Especially convenient for commercial travelers. IN THE HEART OF THE CITY Free bus meets: all trains and boats. Take Market St. cars or Fourth and Ellis car to hotel. Entrance on Powell St. H. 0. HARNESS With J. W. BrocKman Real Estate and Inatu Rom 25, Galtes Block Phone Main 232 Bakersfleld, Cal * B. H. LAND * * 4* Wholesale Produce Merchant Hay, Grain, Potatoes, Beana, Eggs, and all farm roducts. 4* PASQWNI BRO THERS » i'ur vs'lm-h 1;»L r day is tu hi I inauiriirjilod h> r rnisniir uf i nn«i> of < '(tacit )'•> in vision fur 1 ii- ( In San n-r • u I h i H*t n .1' Jhf • iiii n !hr H-tt-T | ^ Slu-llfj' S(dVOK tion." saiil Mr. T-nnt, "ami havo an ( liinii/.f.i th* loaning of ronsldorablo ( flrand Caiiyn of tho Colorado. As a nrw niftni-v nn ixis ^ inl<v N'u limit bas war tho ^ct-it* 1 of tho »*r'H l.ojip in the Uockios, the withstanding the numerous humorous wuu-r hiiU-s, near King Tail, the Filiations, the author has never the plot once allowed to be lost real es- sern • prodnrtiou "The Kooky Moun- heen placed on tain Kxpress" !« excepr jonally elabor- 1 P ) a y As a play it tennis Th the amount iliat will he placed here, it j ate and effective. iH'entfy Kierly a (jtiestion of with human emotiuns. is »-ft'ervf-scr-ut ,. an tnrn out hi of, which combined makes the nno of int'-nKc heart in t frost, rb*-;ttcr /• 1 i*rt(]-' " r P.nVnr-'ifVI in see 'Tn'"le ' ' 1 ! I M i <\ sun; i it to brtieiit and in it is ol' u f ! 1M '! I'' V will no niure of Mi at Hi r "Ai v« - ' \- / M!V F I ail: \\. f.-r • jl'SS Th- ', t U I i i '! t }l tinif tho bank with h<*art Inteivsr and resplondont Josh" with tho as.surauco that withdraw its with uonuiuo oomody. Tho oxoolient ( pi^y is all that it sho\ild bo, at least Ijiii !h.'V\tasl makes it rmnploto and delight- that is tho vordiot accctrdod it in ov- Inlly inlcrostiuir. "Tho Hocky Moun- | rry t (»wti and Hiy visittd so far this tain l^xpross" will pull into Bakers- yoar. field this evening and he soon at tho ; Treats Negro With Fairness, Tho elamur uvor "Tho C'iansman,'' whif-h comes to n\< j Hakornfield Opera on Tih'r-ilay, Nov. 24tli. has If you are not satisfied with the groceries you have had for the last month us a fair trial and bo convinced that we carry the host goods found anywhere. Open up an account with us. A few words about our liquors. We carry all standard brands of wines and whiskies. We always have on hand safe and gentle l.orses that ladies can drive. You will find everything spick and spar, about our stables, our horses good animals, and carriages', cabs, surreys, etc, etc., in j goo'd running order all the time. W. T. RATLIFF Cor 21st and t Sts Tel. Main 88 Capital Paid Up, $100,000 Surplus, $25,000 GROCERIES 1209 19th St. Main 655 ti rural i naUcrsflcld Opera House at 8:15. "The Rtvals" Saturday, Few plays have hi uuy way rivaled The llivals" as presented by .loseuh hoen hi^h. hut careful Prompt Delivery. f f ** * t! IIP r i; r; T? h.'isf i t i t I! • '.'! UMV :- ;i lime for good U-a, an;! .1 liinc for good i:nfkv; then: is no time (or 1)1 H I] 1 I r. j i Y and William \V. Jefferson. Tho story of tho play U too v. nil kn IH-U n M-S to rcijnin* even a .-, :uul n fritir-ism of it n* i i s- must be a eoniniondalion of. tho i>lny and playors collectively and individually. ' AM Hob Arres, \VlllIom \V. ,]riT"r-, i* in-fsNfihly funny. Thosr Hit- jilay will n-ea',1 \v 1 \ with out that it treats the n n**^. It Mmw« UH tlio \ I THEONL/>~EXCLUSIVE PIANO STORE IN KERN COUNTY. M l \\i\ " n t! i i - id i i I'll- no Hum that \vlu<- ( i \ \ t . i i » i i \ • • L 1 * •* I ' t i : «.' S ; t Day a rr<i ' !i <l;t\ SHOULD RECOVER Willi.-uri • OU nitirt I* tu Is; 1 Diudtant, lie- six •! M «1 win- \\; N an ^ ! un nt<*ntt>M Gillctt for .Y lUitluiritics l'cr .1 is ilmihttul \V!i«'flu'r I ro<*ov«*r certain 4hnt tu J '<» held |vstKi:-. ^ t's i'<» It hut •s made to |»ay lliis mint has and \va ROUTE fO NEW YORK THROUGH A checKiflf? account with the First National Bank haa BO many advantages that you will find it a great aid in your financial affairs. If you have not already such an account with us we shall be pleased to have you open one and test it yourself. Orange Groves of Southern California; Cotton ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN BAKERSFIELD OR KERN Corner 19th and H Strecta, WILLIAM V?. JEFFERSON IN "THE BiVALS." Fields of Texas n iaua. *J* ;!;•• tif'l . ' ?:•• • ' of South l 1 t and loyal brt'-K^ ni and Mammy Kvo, tc.» ( (•s s\U'li a- tho inllitianiaii r.u of Uu , Mir .M-II' \\ith 'ift' Al»- '; \'\ (his in 11 a tion i: m;ir. i! i • , lliority than tin- \v<*ri] »f s"in» l (ifts sip ir/a TfX<*s tu\vu. Ilatth-Ul was Unm' ( >v(l i'roin his h**t»»o jiml c«»n- Hi^ut'tl t<» n (luiP^tHMi. Ot'fioers i'rutu Sim Jtiso i)»H]HM_'ti'il tho prisoner, and (loclaivd ho was not the sits- Diuihuiu. l*i*t novcrthe- li«H requisition^ papers were w ,m»d by the t&Worma authoriti; the luau Known Emerson, Pianos. I** wui-ltl U\IT- ;\s th-. L'lvatost piMiio. A. B. Chase, Esley, Kurtxmanu, Sterling 1 ami titlicrs. AN<> Player rintii! :ui'l uf Mil- Ku Klu.\ !<!:•!» WETMOOfSTS CONVERTING 400 HEATHEN A DAY, ST. LOT IS, N..v /at 1 '-n < t 1 a stoi'k o iini n - t"i»»s1ji!)llv (ill I'.aiul Tonns. « J M »' » 01 th -I I>. u< h er m an X>A AJk<R>%^JLJi 1 .UVIi'i \ 1 . New Fish Block 1820 K Street es Phone Main 602 C. E. KEY, Manager ^^ •(" —-- -- r — brought • -rh- H Vil." ,x i hat ' ,; abeut 4"0 h« ;itlion a day at .1.1 aiiproxima 1 .*- COM nf $2,000,uOO uu* nually. It is the in;nu>«e of the nv-v to tvipio tli^gf ficurea. AYS GANTLY ELE QUIPPED STEAMERI CHESTER AVENUE NURSERY ALBERT WEEDALL, Prop. flt-cIaBs Nursery Stock, Trees, Shrubbs, Roses, Cut Ftowerg, FU -• a) Designs. Orrlers promptly IHMd Corner Sixth St. and Chester A^e. 'Phtne, Main 745 'i •$• -5* -- * *** *** *** *** *** *** *** *r* *^ *** *f SWEET BROS, Are Agents for THE ALBANY NURSERIES ft! you neod anything in the nursery line >-r>o them at their ranch opposite Producers' Refinery on Beardwley canal. Write them Rural No. 1, Box 8. Or call them up, Black 511, •* •;* •:* *•*• *»* *•* *5* *J* *•* **^ *!* *»* *I* ^» *J» »!* A .;, LD Painters l & JACKSON Painting in all branches. Decorations a Specialty. 3E PAINTINO SIGNS Phone Main 1138 1527 Wall 8t

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