The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 13, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, November 13, 1908
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* •* Vol. XX. BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA. FRIDAY. NOVEMBER i:i. l!>ns. No. 89 CHINA'S EMPEROHEPORTED DEAD .Prince Chung is Named as Regent by the Dying Monarch. Empress Dowager Also Said to be Dying PEKING, Nov. 13.—Tin 1 Emperor of China was reported dead at 4 o'clock this mornin-pr. It was 'impossible to secure official confirmation of the announcement up to B o'clock this evening. His majesty was transferred to the death chamber at 2 o'clock this afternoon and he was still breathing tit that hour. Two imperial edicts were issued. The first makes Prince Chuiisr the reirent of the empire, and the second, appoints his son Pit Wei, the heir presumptive. Simultaneously with the removal of the Emperor to the death chamber in the forbidden cfty, members of the <rraiul council assembled at the palace. The Dowajrer Empress was at the meeting. and it is reported she swooned. At 4:30 this afternoon a palace official in high standing said the Emperor was still alive.' All government offices are deserted and the palace is crowded with officials. Chung, named regent, is the brother of the Emperor. This afternoon it was reported that the Dowager Empress was also dyinir. Sec'y. Metcalf Has Resigned WASHINGTON, Nov 13.—Secretary of tin- NMV.V Metc.ilf today tendered .his resinnaiion as a member of Mr. Roosevelt's cabinet., to become effective on IVrember 1. Ill health Is* assigned as the cause. Assistant • Secretnn- of the Navy Truman NYwberry, Is named as Metcalf's successor. THE "OUTLOOK", WHICH HAS HIRED MR. ROOSEVELT IS CONTROLLED BY THE STANDARD OIL COMPANY Kern Woman Wants Divorce Lena Estella Guerin has begun action for divorce against Albert J. Guerin and the complaint Is of a sensational nature, cruelty being alleged, along with threats, bad language etc. On a former occasion divorce proceeding was instituted, but, It Is alleged on promise of reformation the action was dismissed and the two again lived together. The complainant, who resides in Kern, asks for the custody of a six year old child, alimony and counsel fees. Her attorney is Charles " N. Sears. Divorce Granted. R. E. Doud was today granted an Interlocutory decree of divorce from E. J. Douil. George E. Whitaker was counsel for the plaintiff. Crushed Under A Bad Check Wagon Wheel! Reaches Bank NEW YORK. NOV. 1:5—The fact that Theodore Hoose veil has been employed by the "Outlook" as "eontributinir editor" at a princely salary, fives much interest to the story made public here today that that maga/ine is controlled by •lames Stillman. president of the National City Bank, which is poularly known as the Standard Oil Hank. When Mr. Koosevelt'retires, the Outlook is to pay him $25,000 a year for his services, and the claim that the magaxine is "Standard Oil" has awakened the keenest interest and is causing much comment. The officers of the Outlook in interviews today refused to make public the mimes of any of the owners. .Stillman is credited with a controlling interest, with loOO shares of the stock. The banker is now in Paris. VALLEY COMMERCIAL .SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 111.—The municipal water supply project, commonly known as the Hetch Holchy supply, was carried at the special elec tlon held In this city yesterday by a majority approximating six to one; The program for the quarterly I gates being expected to arrive to- and the issuance of bonds to tho meeting of the San Joaquln Valley ' night and tomorrow morning. All amount of $01111,1111.1, W ith the proceeds. Commercial Association, to be held will bo the guests of the local Board of the sale of which the Tuolumne |n Workman Hall tomorrow after- of Trade during their stay In Oaken- county water supply will be purchased, I noon, has been completed. It Is as Held. was authorized. In audition the vot- j follows: ! The delegates will be taken on a ers expressed themselves in favor of Address of welcome the purchase by the city of the Conn- Atldrch8 o[ welcome, Major F. S. President. Return Rob- Louis Borel, a French teamster employed at Tehach apl, was killed this morning near the mountain town, being crushed beneath wood which fell from his wagon. In the absence of Coroner McGinn, Deputy Coroner Mullins left for Tehftchapl to hold the Inquest. Borel was a married man and had a son. He formerly lived In Kern, and the body will probbly be brought here for burial. No further partlc ulars have been received in regard to the fatality. ty Line Water Company's property, now supplying a portion of the city,' Response, at a cost not t.p exceed $|<I,OIMI. The plls source of the municipal water siiopl.vj "Progress and Status of State Good will be Lake Eleanor and the Ketch j Roads Movement," E. M. Eddy, Hetchy Valley In Tuolumne county,' Stockton Chamber of Commerce and lying within the watershed of the TII-J secretary of State Good Roads So• I olumne River. The project has been clety. A SoO check, palpably a fictitious nnder consideration for many months j ••i rr \ l!n ,\, t n Tinder the Wrleht one, drawn on_the_Kern Valley Bank | „„„ was made possible by the Kraut-' ^ .',"£"«" Dc S p^uiont Stan' ing of certain federal rights to the; , , ' n , '. nf Trnrio water in question, which grants has islallb Boarrt ot Trnrt0 ' been favored by the department of the "Advertising tno san .loaquin Val- * • and signed by R. B, Morse, with himself named as payee, and with, the name of R. McDonald forged to a tally-ho ride tomorow to the Rosedale country, where pumping plants will be Inspected and the jrcneral condition of affairs examined. In the evening a banquet, will be tendered the visitors by the Bakers- Held Club members, in the club din- Ini* room, In the Oil Exchange build- Ing. Several of the visitors will respond to toasts with talks on various topics, and i he meeting will be ended in a fitting manner. i certificate, was presented at the bank ! today for payment, the check coming through the California Bank. On the back of the check appears the name of Morse, and below the | name of Pat Byrne is written. Tills , is presumed to be 'the name of a resl- ident of Randsburg, if it be a genuine i signature, and it is supposed that the , check was drawn in that town by Interior, and will, in all probability,'-ley," W. H. Klllam, secretary Mo-, be sanctioned by Congress at its next desto Board of Trade. , "Conservation of the Underground session. The system as it will be. constructed has worked out In every detail by the city engineers and it is said that Waters of the San .loaquin Valley," i Col. .lohn P. Irish and A. E. Mlol. "What the Future when it is. compl leted S:m Francisco Promises," Arthur R. will tiitv- a water supply second to dent of State Board of Trade. none in the coun'ry. The bond issue authorized today is but a small portion of California Brlggs, presi- DOING FINAL WORK ON HALL OF RECORDS. some crook and was cashed by Mr. of the total expense involved in the Byrne who is in business there. The : project. It is estimated thai it will paper went to a San Francisco wholesale house and so eventually came back to tho Kern Valley Bank, where, it is pronounced fictitious, no such "Educational Aspects of the California Alaska-Yukon Exposition," MANY TIMES MURDERER IS LOOKING WORRIED. Cement workers today started work man as Morse there. The forging of I as cashier, Is a having an account McDonald's name, clumsy business, on a cement coping which will sur- ^ __ ^ _ round the Hall of Records grounds. A | aYid'had'the check been presented 1 A PORTE Ind Nov. 13—The de- 'awn will be planted within this. Men , flrgt hajjd ,, t any , )ank> , t woul(1 navf , fense in the I,amphere murder trial are also at work inside of the build- ,, een refuse( , payment, suffered its first defeat today In its "IB. repairing the floor laid during i ,.«v,,.i tn nrpvont tho introduction of the warm weather, which lias bulg*l Robert Furlong and J. A. Fllcher. An election of officers will also be lake $I:;,IMHI,<HIII u> acquire all neces-j held, probably at the afternoon meet- sary rights and purchase the dlslrilm- ing. Col. Irish and wife and Robert ticm system in the city as well as lnilMi Furlong, whrt Is in charge of the edii- the transmission line. calional department of the Alaska- Tho total vole polled today was -It,- y u kon Exposition, aro both In Dak""7, divided as follows: For Helch orsfleld at present, the other dele- Hetchy. " effort to prevent the Introduction of evidence. The court ruled that the report of the coroner and the verdict might be admitted as evidence. in several places since. When this j is done the building- will only await j the coming of the $4000 worth of me- 1 '•S. dehSdant looked paler and i Jalllc furniture from the east which i was unnerved considerably by the seated early in December It prosecutor's opening terday. Today he he had not slept. Coroner Mack testified the bones In the ruins. statement yes- looked as though to finding will then be ready for occupancy. THE WEATHER. Cloudy tonight and Saturday. GRAND JURY INDICTS THE COOPERS AND SHARP FOR CARMACK MURDER NASHVILLE. Nov. ]',',.— The Grand Jury in session here today brought, in true bills asiilnst Colonel Cooper. Robin Cooper, his son, and ex-Sheriff Sharp, charging them with the murder of Senalor Carmaek. TOM O'BRIEN IS ACQUIRED To Prepare a School Exhibit IS BO William B. Dayton, Iho ab- * ductor of 10-year-old Angus- * tina Duserre. was arrested In •*• Sacramento last nlghi. where •:• he was found to be. employed •!• In the Southern Pacific shops. •> Deputy Sheriff Qulnn has left * for the north ami fs expected 4" lo arrive In Bakersfield with •> his prisoner on the 10:20 train •$• tonight. * Tho charge against Dayton 4> will be pressed closely by the •{• local officers, and a conviction »$• is expected. Tho girl still * sticks to her statements that <• the Daytons inveigled her * into going away by threats •{• and false promises, and things -5- look very dark for the prison- •$• or. + WRESTLERS WANT MATCHES Ready For Your Overcoat? The very thing that suits you is waiting for you in our splendid collection of models. We are showing a line of Overcoats without equal in this town. If you want further proof, we invite you to make your own comparison. I Robert Furlong, formerly superln- j It took a jury about one-luilf mln- tendent of schools of Marin County, | utfl today to acquit Tom O'Brien of | a | Pr )n ,.| )arKC O f the state's educa- the battery charge made against him t | ona] ex hlbit at St. Louis and now by ,1. E. Bolender, In the fracas result-, superintendent of the educational do-. , , .. „ . « . . „ Ing from the row In the "bloody partment for California at tin- Alaska-! Local Met> Seek Opponents for Pre- third" on election day. The jury- Yukon exposition, IB In conference liminaries to Brown-Crawford room door had hardly been closed W | U , Superintendent Stockton, City ] Main Event of Nov. 20. when the foreman rapped upon it and Superintendent Nelson and Principal announced that verdict had been conger of the High School today, Thf , preliminaries to the Brown- agreed upon It. was not guilty," with a view to Interesting the looa.1 The testimony of all witnesses, ex-' r.ilhoml^VuK parlMn the s^te ^'^ niatr ' h ha ™ not ^ beett cept that of the complainant, was to exhibit at the northern exposition. |»rranged. Fred Walz, 170 pounds, tl The Sealtlo school display will bo ! still looking for an opponent of hla a radical departure from those here-! own weight. Frank McAullffe, a professional who has recently coma the effect that O'Brien had not struck a single blow. Ed Willow, Ix-o Hlrahfeld and John Henry Smith, bet- tofore, prepared for like occasions. ter known as "Tolly-told Street aml W | H cons ,i s t more of Industrial i Smithy," all testified to this effect ; wor | ; nnf i other matters that appeal ( ' r >wn from San Francisco, will meet this afternoon, concluding tho case.: morp ( ]|, to the eyo than do the anyone at 135, and Is willing to go P^nT S^onSW thrSJy p^P ° f *«"'» ™* **"* ^ <* "' » »«•»»'"•"* ™ "" ™° "" verdict followed. j nr«idoB sloyd'work, mechanical and yi * b " cn foun(1 lo go agaln8t hlm ' Rowen Irwln for the prosecution, > f rO ohnnd drawing, photographs of i ^°th Brown and Crawford are and Attorney Flournoy for the de- s ,. noo] hulldlngB .relief maps, cablnotfl Uhowinj? up well In their training j fense, agreed to proceed with a pan- of minerals, woods, etc., will find an VV( , rk fln d el of six trial jurors this morning, af- j important place, and tho exhibit Is ter challenges and excuses had made '• expected to he a unique one, rnpre- !|t evident that much time would be ' sr-nt.lnn as It. will Iho Industrial ac| wasted In securing the entire twelve. tivlly nf tllf> pl ,|,||« () f every section, p'he six men finally selected were A. n, o eollecllonK covering a wide, range 1 \Vi-il!, John Roth, Charles Johnson, in California. .lame-? fanaday, Phllo Jewett and Kd \ n | R hoped that thelr ml(U . h prorn i g es to draw we M. Carlock and II. A. \v; i;ums were material for tho exposition will he ready by .lahuary excused by peremp- i ft f. 7 no ( . os t of transportation Is to of the defense, and , |, ( . defrayed by the, state, and the lo- eral other talesmen were excused ;iy the court for Idas. .lames Bolerider, the complaining cal authorities are favorably Inclined toward taking parl In the general exhibit. THE TOGGERY IOWCU 4 *UM« witness, went, on the stand first. Ho i-wore that O'Brien had knocked him down, afior thrusting both complainant and Bustlllos out. through the door. Bob Hathaway ,of tho engine houso force, saw Bolender fall In front of O'Brien. He could not seo any blow struck, as Rolendor was standing between witness and defendant. Dr. P. N. Sawyer, who was passing by, saw Bolender fall. Hr> supposed he was drunk. This concluded tho case for the prosecution. The defense put Chas. Robinson, VV. A. Smart, A. H. Belknap and H. G. Huberts on tho stand during the morning session. All these were In tho engine house at the lime of tho nuht. They all swore that O'llrlen only touched Bolendor whon he i thrust both him and Biisllllos through ilu; door. This concluded the trial ; up until twelve o'clock, when an ad- i jnurnnient was taken. , -------- -»«-»• --------JA DRUNKEN MAN j BREAKS WINDOW. ', Joe McfJulre, an oil fields rig build- ', intoxicated and had loaned up against ;*r, broke Into the. window of Pas- the glass for moral Bupport. Clt> 'quint'a Italian Bakery at about 5 , Recorder Thomas released him this 1 1 o'clock this morning. It was at. first , afternoon, upon his promise to pay GREAT EFFORT TO ! REACH BURIED MEN.; •:• IIAMM. WIOSTPHAI.IA, <!er- •;• many, Nov. III. The rescue op•;• eratioriH to reach the entombed •:• minors In the Iladbod mine, are •I- being directed by the author!•:• tie. It IH estimated that there •I- are Hllll !!KO miners below the •',• ground. Twenty-seven, who are •I- severely burned, are In the * hoKpltiilK. Thirty dead were •I- brought up the shaft thin morn•!• Inif. •;• TJie scene* about the shaft •:• are painful Several women, •'• crying for their husbands, have •'.' become Insane, •:• There In danuer of further •;• explosions of dynamite at tl"! •;• bottom and efforts are lielns •I- made to check the (Ire. bory, but upon Investigation It was roadily neon that McGuIre was merely Write Right Anytime, Anywhere A modern es«.eiiliitl' is the fountain pen, A source nf i ii'lless satis- f'iietinii if il lie ;i Lfood one. Many people who need a fountain pen have as yet failed to experience the aid that one renders. We are airenls for tlii> WATERMAN IDEAL FOUNTAIN PEN, the one without useless fit- laeliments or complicated mechanism. The one thitt writes riyht all the time. Drop in and see them. $2.50 to $15. THE KODAK STORE. A. HUGHES The Leading Prescription Druggist Phones Main 64 and 74.

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