The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 12, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 12, 1908
Page 7
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 1001 THE BAKERSPIELD CALIFORNtAN LEGAL. LEGAL. LEGAL. LEGAL Oeoree K. OberT at the time of hls' R t the time of the opening of said] SjoaAssoclation. trustee orSM a?5at% a ft^ l 6Ftv n JS 6 e aU' bWB a 7 ( '"P""" 1 "* P ers ™. fl ™> wldK^linV^.! 1 : 5* ersfleW. CTouiitv of Kern. Suite or Call- corporntfon present or represented California Home Kxien- fornlji, and more imrtlcnhirly described may bid for said franchise or nrlvl- 8ionA*:mciatj"!:.trustee 20 mn \ - • • t". I ' ' '!!!• For Infants nnd Children. n nii_iL'i!i mila table Preparation UicToodandHcg Always __ ^ __ _ __ ^ _ r~ * v " ** * "i ****** n-i v* * \. I hi rlJOliJijl IV as follows, to-wit: Lots-Dine <ft) and ton iiot in H Lireo hundred and so vent v (3tn logo a sum not less than 10 per cent j c^Vm-liy^^tf,^ 1 '/^!^,: in , nbnve the highest sealed bid therefor, thore show cau?e. if nny. they 5.00 why the nunlicatlon for the chao ".00 name or tho Bald coroorunon «!.. not t'o granted, and if is further ._ <lero<l that u cony of thin order lo snow Lots-nine (ft) and ton lint tn Htork ; r »t i, V 7 V Y\ ^ iiT , c 'amonifa Home Kxu-n- threo hundred and seventy CJ7?» in , nbove the highest scaled bid therefor, ! '^lAs-'ooi.imui. t nistee Uio Citv of nakorHlleld. Couutv of nnd said bid FO made may bo raised ' . l '! sni ; n - l}u ! u *' : £t t«»£fn^ ^^^Vl^^r nV >-t less than m per rent by any other ' ^M^ 'i^-n^ the oinci' of tn(1 Coumv H^order oi responsible bidder, and said bidding' v'" r ' J SS ( K li^ivn.trtisU'e said Countv.. November :.';>.. 1s!»S. to- IV ,MV u » „„. ,;»,,,. ,.r,*:i n,,oii,. ooi.i f , .. tn >' < oolev, ( has. M. . . ;;? 10 10.00 i' he imliltshetl in 'The Max* Hold Califoni'.in, a iiewsimiicr jicJtfft lo.oo t« writ in attach Dowels ars I N 1 AN 1 S H I Ll UK N Promotes Bigcstlon,Checrful- ness and RestContalns neither Opium .Morphine norlfiner. NOT NARCOTIC. ature SJtt \ &** I A perfect Remedy for Constipation, Sour Stonuch.Diarrhoea, War^^.Corividsions.Fcverish- OJBSS mid LOSS OF SLEEP, TAC Simile Signature of ho oftCial man ot said Citv. filed in "" tho. oinco of the Coutitv Recorder oi roj said Countv. November L'5. ls!»S. to- nr '-"?Uier with tho buildinirs and iinurovo- tht*reon. And hi.Is or offers in for said uroneriv will be n- hv rho said administrator at tno oillre of Thomas Scott, rooms .^ and 1. in tho Hank of H-i biuldmir. corner ot Ciiostor and L'Mifi street, holne No. I-*"!* -" .street. Bakor.sMeld. Kern County, C; uornia. or may be filed In tho olnoo nf tho Clerk of tlio above named ,b" or Court at nnv time after Uu nub .salo is made. none this loth duv ot November. , OS. \y. A. McCJINN; Public Administrator; AslministruUn oi Iho Kstato of tieoruo K. Obor. nt bidder, and said bidding y so continue until finally said fran- s)j;,]] ho slnick off, snbl, d by sniti Hoard of Sup to fl;«. highest bidder therefor in cofn of the United States, Mitt, d MIH K'th day of October, Coolov alilonuu Homo K\ton- Ion. trustee r-. rus .MO . . . K\teu- lu uml imblished in the Citv of tioid. County Di Kern. Slate ot form<-i, ;H eonHj.iX to law. tor nt four \\ooks sue ccssivelv next or ina; tho dav of hoariiic. Dated tlity Otlt anv of October, J. \V. • .Judto oi tho Superior Court. -Llor MU'Uinson. j ' ' ' ' * j v i v i i i . 11 r i i , • i HI. (I., i.'l 1 *>l i i»*lVl|iI 1 ,,»,,, »'•*! )orr r p*iiik V* Kern County .Califor- \ ('aliiornia JloYno' KxlY>ii-'" u ! t tisteo ' L" mm Court at nnv time ai'ier te tirsi lfcation of this notice, before the of tho Hoard of Supervisors of Keni County. ' 11-2 i Thnms Hcoit, Attorney for Kstnte SUMMONS NOTICE. To \\iioin it may concern: :l, my wife, having * tho 'jruh day of October, il-11 j without any justification or any ' is io notify you that I will not ' lf T, •!• Q-. Hoddens, Bow Oil Company, In tho Smierior Court of the Countv ol .Korn..sUito of ClilJfornln. 'Uiintiff vs. Silver Defendant. _ brought in the Superior ( Court of the County of Kern State pi California, and the Complaint filed in i said County of Kern, in the_ office ot | the.Clerk of for any debts contract- Mr m A sMje list lor Kvnus Lumis A. . . MS ( iUiiornia Honio Kxton- MonAssociation, trustee ^foj^Kvjins, Lumis, A. . . 'j 1 .) Ciilitornia Homo Kxten- sion.^ sKooirttion. t niKteo for KvariH. Lumls A. . .100 C.'illfornh) ilome Kxteu- sionAssoclation.troHteo ,Jor I'iinior., Walter , M'u-dlnnder, Max E»; lt*,.IM) L } 0 L'O.nn DIVIDEND NOTICE. ^ ^ At :iu :ri i-'.iii lit'd iiirotinir of . llojird oi iMi-Minrs ot tho H. W. nfitf i Oil Co. iit-i-J < it t. L'S, II'ON. ;t ! vas <l*'ol;ir''d oi' ('our ot'nlH ;t i tho stock ol H.-• i I'tuitiinv. i vtMiiber l: 1 .. I', 1 '-, 'it tho office of t, icomnanv. It'I; <'ln-icf {(voniie, orsfteld. ('ill. ; 31-3 }l. W. THOMAS. S< SUMMO"N"ST 1 l 1 i ft ..* ]--*••»'-••••*»*• v.^ • 4 4*1 H .1 t • * * « | *I 'f '\ by her whatsoever from said last froster. John -M5 dote. PiERRR GRIMAUO. ^SlI^V' 11 !^ , H [V tK - , Ext ? u , Cal, Oct. 30. 1908. SS | C^jmilnonV H ^.LNO * rf"*T" ***?"»*' ".- '-* *- » •• -V- » •-• * 1 i** — --m, V - . n . ^^V* • • * Ifc^ 4mM|Kfr A& *^ «1 A ^ |f-^J ^\ ( \> L ft th *h» c ' < ^ k °f aa R^ u ia rl r r fiPW^if lf ln , tnef Superior Court. Stnte of Cal- §«onAssociation.trustet Hie Peotilo of the State of Califor- iforniij. in and for the County of Korn. Jor Green, Alfred ... nia send (3reetlnc to Stiver Bow Oil in the matter of the Estate of Halo California Home Exten Company. Defendant. I3ower. df>pAnsp/l sionARsorinfinn trimfp* Ci\liforn(u Home Exten- jionABRocfation.trustee _ for Griffin. Edw.W. ...7 California Home Exten- sionAssocfation. trustee for. Green, Alfred 277 20.01) 10.00 20 20.00 3 10 10. 20 20.00 ^_ ^ - -r -mm- — -r- ^m- ^- -m mm ^ -m—mm *T --- Comoanv. Defendant. You are hereby reouired to appear an aoiiou hroucht aKalnst you by he Su- Kern. , in an aoiiou hroucht aKanst the, above-named nlainnff in t perior Court of the County of State of cr, deceased Notice is hereby Riven, that in nur- J°r tfreen. Henry^W. .'.310 JO 10.00 Miam-o of an^ order of .the Suuerior California Home Exten( >urt of the County o ( , Uf — * ,.'i ilornia rusee - w. .. rn. State - . _ the 26th day o ~»^ ». California."and to answer tho OVtobor 'A. p!* f»o?I in e the roaUer oM C Comolaint filed therein, wituin ten UK* estate pfRalD . , .„. _ . . ,. T — .— -v*.^ v Bower, deceuaed. davs (exclusive of the.iJav oi service) ! tnt ; mulersiKned^admTnistrator of the after service on vou of tills Summons. < J Mate of said deceased will sell at if served within said Countv: if served nnvate Kale in the office or the nubile elsewhere, within thirty davs. "Oimnistrator and coroner of Kern house, in sionAssociatlpn. trustee for Harvey. J. M. California Home Exten 54 5 5.00 NEW YORK. Al b month Dosrs - old MS *XACT COPT Iff WRAPPf-B. THK OEHTAUH OOMMNr. VOttK OfTV. [ionAssocianon. trufetee or Harvey. J. M 30 ayes & Murray 5t .aves & Murray . 51 0 ar £o; 39 i.iilitornla Home Kxlen- •§ion Association, trustee for Hefner Nelson ,..144 1 Court of the Stale of of nia. County of Kern. ^'oiithoru I'tu'itlo Hailioad i Plaintiff, vs. K, H. Countis*. .ioljst. iStonstaiid. Henrietta N. ; \V, Porev. CJ;ironre \V. Jlobbs minor), and John Doe. Dot't'ndau'.R. Action brouent in the Suucrior Oi of the State of C!)lifornin. in nm the Cottnty, of Horn and the C plaint filed in the othco oi tho Cloik said Court in the said County. The Poonie ot the State of Cattlttt nia send Greetinc to II. H. goun" John I. Stoualand. HenriottaJN. H wjyjra W. Percy. Clarence w. IKHW (a.minor), and John Doe. dereiid&Jte , \ou are hereby reauired to am* in an. action broupht utminst " *Jio nbove-namod PVaintiff. i perlor Court of the in and for the Cc...,,. to answer the Com Dial within ten days (exclusive of the of service) after the service on yi this summons if served within the County; or. If served elsewhere, n thirty davs. „ ._. And .you are hereby notified u. fall to .BO amxear and answer, to me .Cou tate of ountv . of ern, n nle tjw i L MILLER Clerk i on the wost one-half i J v^AHi^^V~V 1 W.Y ( « Most quarter (^) . tff. i«111 • 11-5 ITALIAN RUNNER . SAILS FOR AMERICA LONDON, Nev. 12.—Dorando, the Italian runner, who made such a sen- Kern. State of (Jali filed in the office ot the Clerk of ttiw eational finish In the Marathon race here last summer, sailed today for New York. He will run a race In above named Superior Court at any Americn with Tnhn T Wnv^c 4>«/> «ts« tiln . e a\ter the .first Duplication of thts America wun Jonn J. Hayes, tne win- notice before the sale is made. Uated November JOth. 1908. „ , „ A , . . w. A. MCGINN. Public Administrator: Administrator or the Estate of Frank Lass. De- cords at pace forty-nine (491 m . ern County Recorders office. California. Bids and offers. In writinc: for paid mininer claims will be received bv the ild administrator, at the office or homas Scott. In the Bank of Bakera- eld .building:, corner 20tfi street and Chester avenue, beine No. I5uy 20th street. ,,City of feaketsfleld. County of ilornia. or. may be ner of the Marathon. What Would You Do? -M-***** li: case of a burn or scald what •would you do to relieve the pain? Such injuries are liable to occur Jn any family and everyone should be prepared for them. Chamberlain's Salve applied on a soft cloth will relieve the pain almost instantly, and unless the injury is a very severe one, will cause the parts to heal without leaving a year. For sale by Baer Bros,, Bakersfield; Kern Drug Co., Kern. * ceased. Thomas Scott. Attorney for Estate. Bakersfleld, California. 11-H NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE OF MINING CLAIMS BE- f NQT.C.E _TQ CREDITORS,. TO P^|- 8T R A\ N OR? gcEAS - T0 THE ESTAT OF FRANK LASS. AT PRIVATE SALE. In the Superior Court of the County of Kern. State of California. ^ In tne matter or the estate of L. dart man. deceased. Notice is herein' irtven by the undersigned administrator oi the ostate or J/, Gartman. deceased, to the creditors or. t nnd all nresons having claipis against the said deceased, to exhibit with tne lU'fetisarv vouchers n tour months after tlie first nub- on of this notice to the, said ad- ™ ~ r W ^ mm —r thorn with licat LE. ! nilntotrntor at his oflico in th« court | house. In Uio Citv of Bakersfied. ., to M Ountv of Kern. State of California. ,,, the Hiiuie lieiuir the iilaeo tor tho SUMMONS. Tn the Superior Court of the Countv of Kern. State of California. n T. M, Hodgens. PJaintiff. vs. Silver Bow Oil Company. Defendant. _ ^Action brought in the Superior Court of the Countv of Kern. State of California, and the Comnlaint filed in said ountv of Kern, In the office of the IfiJCk °1 said Superior Court. rt ,,, ,The PeoDle of the State of California send greeting to Silver Bow Oil Company. Defendant, , You are hereby reauired to aonear a of erK i ~" '/"^ " i ^ i *'iiv-j«m i •» i ui the*north. WhltaUenXttoraey-for-l'ljiiit W.L ( »m t , er ,JH>_2« i|l fgo^ ftlrix . in towns T - ^ ^ ^ thr<>( «P"U» & ranto thirty"seven'"3'f< to i ; an u county. (30) California rfome Kxten- BionAssociatlqn. trustee for Hevden. Kdw. T. ..179 Herrman. D. M. 374 California Home Bxten- jionAssoclation. trustee or Herrman. u. M. ... 92 errman. D. M 4 W? 11 , I ftlL to .(?P anuear anc , Pjalntlff win aonlv to L. 9A onnn the relief deinandod In the Comt> ^0 20.00 l Given under my hnntf and Che f the Supe.nor Court of the allfi ornia. In and for te County errman. u, alifornia Home Exten- 2 By Bedell Smjtn. uenutv^cie Wm. SinKer..Jr.. and D. V. Cow •QQ I attorneys for 'maYntig. TAX COLLECTOR'S NOT1« And notice is hereby ( Rive saled bids will bo received that • A --!-»— m—l- mm- mm —r —r * mr mmm —• —f mm -mr -mmmr w ^ jlonAssocfation. trustee .Herrman. A. J.... - fornla Home Bxten- Herrman. A._J..... 105 20 20.00 rulrniniHtrator »cr said brioDeriv jhj hour of .Rid,- thereof, aad .that tate of California, and to answer tho, om plaint filed therein, within ten davs (exclusive of the (lav of service) after service on vou of this Sumnions. if served within said Countv: if served elsewhere, within thirty davs, , • And you are hcsrcov notified that If you fail to so annenr and answer, tho Plaintiff will take ludcment for any money or damages demanded in the complaint as arisine upon contract, or B must be jicpomoanlM" by cas or cortiiiod chock m an amoimf eaua ». u..» v , §ionAssociation, trusloe T>v sal(J Tor Herrman. A. J. .. .106 20 20.00 tv UD to California Home fcMen- to ten ner c •nocK m : j nt of th . W. C e bids A- Administrator of the ostate olC rfaloh Bower, decnased, 10-30 xt , .POSTPONEMENT Notice is hereby clvcn that the, date ion A ssociatlon. tee 11 20 20.00 0 ,.,. , .ivpiice is n ere uy trivcn that the, date sionAsspci of the above salo o! personal nrooortv for.Hudd! _ _'j. W. nlifornia Home" "fixCen- sion Asspclation. trustee 1Q-OQ 10.00 u n i» - --. Notice is hereby given that taxes on all personal property, one-half of the taxes on all real erty, will be due and payable OB second Monday in October, and be delinquent on the last Monday November next therafter, at 6 o p. m., and unless paid prior Uamflfc of the above sale o! personal prooertv for Huddleston. Chi has been vmstnonoil to Tuesday. Xo- California Home Ext,.,. vemher 24, 1908. m the hour of 5 gionAssocfaUon.trustee q clock, o. m. * W. A. McGINN. Administrator of tne estate of R Bower, deceased. as. 239 en- NOTICE OF MEETING, . for Keeney. J. W. ....151 Ralph ICnlifornia Home Extension u stee m for Keeney. J. W. 173 California Home Exten Notice IH hereoy sivt»n i» rt t the an* nnal meeting of stockholders of the McKittvtck Oil Company will be beld at its office, room No. 307, Produc- tion A ssociation. trustee for Keeney. J. \v. 174 California Home Extension Association, trustee 20 20,00 20 20.00 20 20.00 20 20.00 or will apply to the Court for relief demanded in the com any plaint. *-^ &! e Sunerlor Court of the Stov. ,,, , . . , ^California. In und for the Countv oi $£ n ^ n ^Y^In'JSs'{{ , In thp matter of the estate of Frank *"-«***! Kcni Coumv. Lass, (leceaspd. Notice is hereby elven that in pur pnance or an onler of m*e or e f said estate . Dated October 11. 19nS. W. A. McfMNN, \Vilness mv nand and the seal of said Superior Court of the County o Kern. State of California, this 280 dnv of Oct.. A. O. 190S, 10-4 I. L. MILLER. Clerk. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR AND SALE OF FRANCHISE. Notice Is hereby given that Edwin Alderson has made application to the Hoard of Supervisors of Kern County, Stafe of California, for a franchise to he granted to Jilm (his heirs, success ors, or assigns) for the period of fifty other ors Savings Bank building, Baker sfield, California on Monday, Novem i Hi*' (rnitHartlnii of oDn*r I L;ISH deceased, will sell on or after (liU - tn .° s °th dav of November, Ijofore the mootlnir. NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. for light, power, and other neccesary ,, K«»rn H^'VLicP'V'n an(I and useful purposes, over, along and °" Aov ' *' ' f\ft. n MUNZER upon the streets, alleys and avenues Sec. to above named* Canal 'Co'inniinv. (if the unincorporated town of Delano ftriffiiiiT^^^ in said County of Kern, under such nalc/M-snbl^ 10-24 her IHh, 190S, at 4 o'clock p. m. of said flay, for the election of a board of dl-lftf. rectors and such other business as may be brought before the meeting. C. BHOWER, Secy. Office, room No. 307, Producers Savings Bank building, corner 19th and H streets, Bakersfield, California. 10-26 NOTICE OF MEETING" Notice Is hereby trlvon (hat tho annual, nu*etin*r of On* stockholders of tin* below nil mod canal ronumnv for the [Mirnoso.of olecHnc directors and «. <. n, Henn 'tr • * r ro ro . _ _ McCartney. McCartney • • » CK. Kciun ft 4 ill. Chas. B 4 >n. Chas, B 4 ..arrv 4 Beni.. 4 CalTtornla Vi(Jt?e I-.xten- slon AsKpelal ion. trustee lorMcConnen. J. S. ..; Me Me Me Me Me Me «i i: ^fnn \ i nn nn nn I. -auc e. e. e. <^..->. &• .00 5.00 5.00 10 10.00 20.00 fifteen P«?r cent will be added amount thereof, and that if said half be not paid before the last day in April next, at 6 o'clock an additional five per cent wfll added thereto. 1. That the remaining one-halt the taxes on all real property wffl 4G ijm. Win 128 Mi Mil Cal fo Mu MU fcal ilin. VVrn H vv. T. ..;;;;;;:;r.25 r.«>f» 2 20 I'O 2U 20.00 payable on and after the first day In January next, and will linquent on the last Monday In next thereafter, at 6 o'clock and that unless paid prior thestAl five per cent will be added to amount thereof. 2. That all taxes may he pai4 the time th first installment, as In provided, is due and payable, 3. That taxes may be paid fa office of the Tax Collector in county courthouse between the or 9 a. m. and 12 m., and 1 p. m. 5 p. m. Dated October 1, 1903. 20.00 20.00 10-1 r. Ilranev Ann ....526 20 2 ;-to.oo »r. imuipy Aim . . . ornf'i Home f.vreu- . trustee vron avniond ..151 etl, Robt. Jr. . .no cert. 20 on. KoM. on. Hoi 't. J. Jl. I .. no cert. .no cert. i Bit • fc» r tf < t Uf , !_._* * • ** *- forula Ilome Kxton- 20.00 20.00 JO,Oil 20.00 C. E. DAY, Tax Coltector Kern County, Califonilu. ro AGAJM CLAIMS in accordance with restrictions, nnd on ot irhf. Rubiect to confirmat rior Court, all the r trhf. MM^ ;tn i in forest frttbo .«;•],] Kn-.t/, \.\\*--, '.r • *• t»i his death, nnd :tll thf rii'lir.i : t! • I'c^t Ot* til*' ost-itr- (K - ii ] Frank J.ass us hv oiH-r-ui-in of l:nv or <»HH'i;\vIse ;if/iui;".'!. nMn'j- tluui or in nddinon to that 01 sahl Trunk the time of his death, in -n ^ho^e certain mlnlntr cl•< !::••: si!u;u»-(] in tho Countv ol Korn. Si;ite of Call a., nml more nartteularh s. to-wit: !e:i upon tit* 1 oimiiul vtoek ol" tlii- t.or- for, and said franchise will imratinu. I'avaldo at onro io .1. 11.!,.^ 4 (1 nir, M..hnct i.irhi^r -it t Kdson. rfe<:n>t;irv of > f( i.| \Vflllna (Ji!,'" 1 to tn ? »»*neat liKKlt l <\i t at Mi,- rodii's is and land in tho manner hereinafter set r'on I( t' 1;N i'! x p (l r'' 1 -'' ° : \ U1 - an •{, 'V- :iIiltl n ;i : )l>rth ' t^moly: Sealed hids will be ''".'irV'tlns V.ssl'ssnu-iir 1 'shMlT' rem'ain i rocoived for said franchise up to 12 umr.iid ou tho ninth da\- of Ueecinbt-r. u'clock noon on Saturday, the T>th day STOCKHOLDERS MEETING. Notice is ho/ehv yfven that the annual meefint: ol the stocKlujlders of Kern-I tali Oil Company will bo held ;it tho office of snid corporation MI mere. ,,i tho Hlieriff's oftlro. in this f\Itv. im 1 award- i Jbursdav. the 3rd dav of Deoenilior, ho time I - lffS - :tt *ll f - JKMir of 8 l>. m., for the ne ume l)Iin , ()SP nf ciortinif directors for the ^ -- - - - r * — T mm —imr^^m-r.- r ^f— f ^ f —,mr I or NelKon. (loo. P. ...lf>2 ftr^'h -M'^i's -/•„;••'. - ronkA.andGruce 4^*0 ii 20 *) %* jsHii.i' 'anlee, AVillard Criliforniu Hou,o Kxten- sUmAHsoelfttloii. tru.stoo inr Pender. Ceo. M. . . (alifornia lionio 3-.xten- slon Association, trustee for nlckerson. r. A. . . Calitornla Homo Kxiru- n Association, trustee 2 10 CJiU 11H oxhlb t r».fM» n m- --fc - mr T -r - mr — ? m. —i ^ vv- -_»- -i.- --_f , ir Prow tt. K<iuar D. .2 \\'i}\ .loliiuiufpt and advortis- ("1 tor sale at Puldic Auotiou and un- ensuimr venr. aiul for the tranRaothm ol such ouior liusfnoss as may imiM'-r- 20 20 iv cuuie before tho ,., t „ .1. W. KIOi.I.Y'/'TVesidout. J . A. Maker. Seeretarv. J1-2 of Docombi-r. said bids to bo navment is inad« i before, will bo l filed with the Clork itf the Hoard of ••tlM on the 2Mh dav »v UeiM-jjibev.'^Supervisors of Korn Ccmiity, Califor- ;t( N a. ui.. io imv dollunuont as-i .* , . . ... , ., ,; u,-,„„« rt f umothor with cost of adver- s "i". at Inn oHice in the cmirt house of Oakland Oil and AsphaHuni Com pany. Location of principal place o! u-Miioss. .Oakland, ('alil'ornia. Notloo is herein- L r ivt-n that at. a r oc- U'alf. t .... ,. ma Home ICxten- 'f(n- ^obluefor. F'red W.' 78 in roodor Robt r i^° 1 * * *V -* VV_^ l^ L, , * , . , . i P • I w 1 ng. J. H. r>nr> i?i< rjing. tion. \\' vi (Vlitornin Home Kxten- sum A ssoda tion .frits tee f"t- Terrell., haitiol F...2G1 'ftlnoniiii Home KxK'n- L ft t * - 20.00 20.00 neCi; ueiioTH \viiiiiii tour monthH affw H( uubheation ot Mis notk'*- n iidmlnlstrator at the iuw Ihonias Soon. No. i.,, (t , ^J.V/'V.TC.v?! 2 an(1 4 - H;illli of huiidinir. corner 2" 2 10.C" r , .,,- --,- - <>nntv of Kern, State UiMtiirnia. UK- S;MIH- IMMIIU the iil lor the triinsaeilon of of oKlytn ii hfiid Kern CViuniv, ];! 20 2 i . , . . _ l » * ' i • i -f ' » i I A I -Al I'j It. Ad.iulllistriitor uf the " Seolf. attorney foi sionAs>oc ation.trustee l tor Tut. iert 7*> in Ti;ndi_;ou. Reuben K. . . r.lfi »n I ramlon. Hneben K. , , ,tM ''0 \V;|rre('kt;rX)ito l:; 1 in California. Hfimo* 'Kxferi- ;- ''idA^ -(*.' i.'iMon. truslof* 10 U'J J0/f0 DOG LICENSE NOTICE. 20 IHI 2...0., in uu i -^' J .. . 2"-"" i 1 !.", 11 , 11 ! 1 * 11 that UrenHo Notlco Is horetiv r..r VYi!!i;i)i>M, MI-H. C.'K 44 ''.jiiiornia jlonie Kxlon- ?: ion Association, trustee ;uid kof'"i/ln :"ilo«:H s of tho Citv . !' halt 20 2 Also that certain nuart/ ininlnt olaiiii known as Tleer Xo. 2. s (u ted m I'Umoer M tiintr I>istrirt. in H ; M Korn Count v. bounded and dosorlbod •istfiuows. beiiinnintr on WeKtorlv ui.i« for VVolodfirskv. ^Jovor 202 CitHfornia JJoiur* Kxteii- sionAHHOclatlon.truHtC'O for Yontm. Jan. B. ....317 10 10.00 And ip nroorduiiof \vlth Jfiw nnd an order ol the Hoard of Diror-torK made on tlio 2f>th day ol" Auirust 1(M)S. so niaiiv snares of eao.h uarool of sii^'h stiK-k HH iiuiv be riecess.-trv will l>e , sold at tmblic auction at the oflioe <»f tbe seoretjiW of Iho roinDunv on the 2<U'(i .'Vi IMH OI -, IU> rttv l! Halterfi! , that Urease Tau^n tor iMo venr at" now roadv for dc|i'.-rv at th- .l.nn ''f'^.J'l MIP Citv riork. in Uio base) pmd.m'aneT ^^"ftlh";!^ of U J 20.ui)' ; i'' v - J will nroeeed to Impound (fogs totitld ninnIni? nn »h/» utrt./*ti. I '»nn*n«-' 1 on tho streets tho Ja J iiu!frv C g X f r t I f - --.•»'r«»j ' *«. ..». ,.T|**'»ft»iJ. i-i|--»i^- t--|i»»i»« \\esterv side ; administrator of the r-sia»o ol' ^W:!. 1 ,! 11 ' 1 .!^! 11 !,, 0 "!!!!.'"^, 1 !! 1 , 1 .;! 1 ',!!- 1 ' il!:: tirnr of 8R ld County of K- ,;u for tho sMo. ;ibov»- e'niiiled estate tin- undt-r^.i-jncil, full amount of Kiich bi>!, atid no scal- \V. A. Mc-iJlnn. nnblic administrator. Pf1 i. u t «.(!? 1,^ consider' '' nnloss said adininlstrator of tho r-siajo ol Ceoruo , l " '" u W11 ' n V , , , , -, .i^.mwith • K. Ober. cii'coased. will sell on or after, cash or check Is rnclo-e/l thoiev-ltn, Mon<lav, the »(uh dav of Novembei- ; Rn , rtmm^-^m L ^ Mondav. the .jmn la\ o Nov uiber M anrt the succeBBful bidder ? 190s. at urlvato pale at tbe office ot * lt i^ rtt , f in «.•.„ ,.<•«# /.f t)t ""honins Scott, roouiri 2 and -1 in Uio llt least 10 per cent of fM (Jeposlt fmi" JKh r«2."!i u i 'AVI 1 c' 111 ^ 1 ;/" 1 'r 100 * Thomas Scott, rooms 2 and 4 in Uio •'«• it'Uhi au i corUui^VS^i/ WtiT 0 ' "J» n K of HakcM-rtftoM lHiil«lin«. corner; his 1,M with McUW V,.|,iL I€ ^ r WiK llI *.ti l , ni iuW Sl, r n?f; County of K 5,l 0 *>,,in tho_omce^of „,(,(. Bounty lAfe&V^^ o i shall be Btri: amount of *.' cor nor his bM with tho County cy-rfc of said drod lie C corder. Kern Countv, ('alit'ornia. v^.That certain cmarU claim known TJeor \o. ','.. and doscj-ibed a8 fol- ern before P m- Hakersfie,ld, Countv of ivcrn. State of shall be BtrucU off to him (-anfornia. to the hiidiost bidder for will hn nnoncd and <><>n cuHh. ifojjf coin of the Tinted States, Jl'' P* Ft ? "*, v ~ and subiect to confirnuit on by sail ; Monday, the .th da> Sunerlor ' Said bids on NOTICE. To whom,It may concern;—Notice is hereby el von that we, the under- siuMied. have tliia H.Ui dav of October. entered Info articles of agree- •parinorHhin for tho nur- jjieiil and co I I f - - - - m r f r «--• »••«' •*«•• oonducilnir a uonoral merchandise and store-keemni: business ut and in the Town of Mpjavft. Countv of Kern and State of Cnlffornla. under ho llrni name, and stvlo of the "Mo- iavo Morcant | 4 f, .i-. ------ -r - , ,-. -f - t.* t m - \r + * »»•' 2'Mh dav of October, pos. at iho hour of 10 a. in. nf said dav. to oav said dfimniient aKsos«mont thereon, touoth- or with costs of udvertlsinK and ex- if salo. lt , ALRUKn n. JOfUMN. Serv. \\asco. Iveru Countv. Cal. 10-.3 NOTICE TO CREDITORS. , T " ! ho SW^'^r Court, in and for 8 ^ oiiti v <.f Keni. Slat*, of CnJiforni*. In the matter o f the estate A. hliunln, deceased. I • " ' • •• I W* of Km POSTPONKMENT N'otic'o is horobv Klven that the dat« of salo of do.linquont stock of tho Fourth Extension Wator Conioanv has boon nosti)oned until u ! - - —i >. . .--.-. -m, •.-.-.-.•., -«-..-,»,... T, m.r j \n ii i« i j r*l*IJII - Vl d 111 I'llllltlllljIlHJll It \ HSIIilJ*"******* 1 *.'' «<•* - • * *> >--K nf^i.^'c' 1 " 13 . Ju f "i 1 , 111 *"' N(tr ' hwf '.^ on.1 Sunerlor 'court a\I t ju' r hi v « ' <> ^' 1908, nt m o'clock, a. ot. fiKon.No. «. holnc an *-\tonsion ot in oi'est or the said Oeor"o I\ O NT jit '» , „, , said claim. Kilnated on the Mndfinb : tho »imo of his do-tb and all th" I-iei t ! fram ' lllfir> wilM>l /it!!/. 1 ! 1 f all< . ntt o f>i .H» (<> V» hunOrofiitjiU? and interom that the ostate (jf' awarded to tho pernon. frm, or cor . nsiO) fool South from Iron ; doorue K. Ober has SiirinirR," Located October, lioifi. r< -I[law or otherwise arnti corded in Hook sUtv-ntx «\<\\ of Min- ' or in i Jl Sunerlor Court all the mhi. title '.ti(I]1908 ( nt K ntoi-est of tho said peoi";o K Ober.jit f r « m .hk/> u- tie time o his doatb and all tin- ri^ht t rran< '" hr vv tl "" ' '"* " **-•-. the ostate (jf ' awarded fo V^v H yVhr!-°Vi, 0 n f IPoration who shaU nial; or tho HaUjlcaah bid therofot; ?nn TH , and said cff. >-dd and • highest 1 only that this 10th t!;.v ( Ihirsdav. Xovembor no 10. , ,. , J« beri-bv Liven bv u\* &* dersk'.ned adiniiii.^1 rator uf in-; of Iviuilv A, Sourlin d.-.-.-a^-d. to % rrcdllorK ot. am) all rn-mms hav' <-hmns aL'ains! tin- sai«l • exhibit Hi.MM with tht- ,. .... voiKflH'i'K willilfi (our nionlliK aflor nrsi inililicatioii of ibis noiic« j . to said administrator at tin- ofli<** Mailhow, S. I'lal/.. moms <i ith-l < !!»': (ouklni HniMini: in ih»- rirr ( oiintv n) Kt'i'n, ia08. at 10 HosIOinK ot Mo f OctolK* •• / * * avo. T. 10-27 RoHidintr at Moiave! Cal ers Well Tool Supplie s PHONES MAIN 29 AND 230-L, M AND 24 STREET DEUINQUENT Fourth NOTICE. o ctoo.k, a. rn. Hv order of tho Board of Directors. I>atod October !',». 1908. Af-FRKD R. /ORDAN. Sec. \vasco, Kern Countv. Cal. ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE. Tn the Superior Court of the Countv 'allfornl.'i j, ahlornla. th<> same bi-lnu tlie vJtf. lor tho transaction ol' busin*^.--, ul s cstad' ui Kitld Kern rouniv. 4 , , , A, J. HITHI.1N _ Administralor of the K?-::.i» af Kmilv A. Snnrlin. I*r<:c; ^fi MaMlM-w S, Plat/, aUoMH'V for ' Fourth ExL/nsion. %VMoip Comoanv. ^'tipi 1 'sV-n ""ut iWtSni ?° C ' 'Oc i oil of Hum 1 luaI Diaon of business i oi KPin. nt<u- 1 oi MIIUOI nia. \VHSCO. Kern Cot n v C'lllVorn-i u the mat'or of the auo ^Notf^-^jTro'ar.: W?jTc!nt unon t! " 1 Hlllln " f J;rivin - P« r{c A - SKf '" tnrj lonowinu d*'8rTibod stork, ou no-i u cornorutinn. to rharme. Its nn ., tno following doficrib(!d stock, ou no couni of fissosKinoiit (No, ono> fovlo on tlu> 'J;,th dnv of AiiKiist. lf*O.S. M Kovcral uniouniH s*-f ouimsito nanicH of tbo ro,-;u*-L'ilvo as *i °C ttficato. t \o, o( rt with No. of cor- s and amount duo; No. No, Naino Califonilit Bhs. Amt, Kxton- • > —* ^ for AumiHt Andei-s'.n .r." H. Anderson ..,,;; I k 4 t | L | f ^ *. --\ Mfn'I Sfifi , . T . ,jJO MOJUO K.\u*n- .. - - - _,,-_llo LI.- Vx tor -I K. Amjornon M? John a foruoration. to "K«-ru tion." (t ^ r.'ii^o Ai;riculliiral an t»i ,-Hlon. Its nan;* 1 'o Hate of ilrjit publication N-''."Tn1 NOT(CE OF ASSESSMENT jr to i*- "Htjdnut I'rlvlnir I'nr'c ion." h» *.\\\\\ tion." has tiled this day an atM»M< p ;Minu to (hante itn namo tn "Korn AJ-J iciiltural A If >jr" and that said ajudl'Vition or petition Is .M'^T 01 ( ''^ Compartv Prlncinai nifli of J>nsl«oKrt. Canm oil N K. '. v'tfw ''f,. Townsbln ;^ South, Haiu'-- :'.: hJit Kern f'outjtv. California. Notice is h<Teb'. :.'iu-n that at uujoljiu; of rho Hoard oi tin- Mascot Oil ComiMUv . iH-ld on tin [-'jt'ih .; J( v au aKsr-j.Km* wa^ levied stock of lite crtrporati 40 n.oo 20 14.75 20.00 , ... ., Alice M 41£ Uonnett. MIH. Sarah . .IM? Dntllornfa Ifomo Rxten- uton A HHorfatlrui. trustee ,f/>r How«r. Sauiuol ., . 3C California Home Kxten- HlonABBocfation.trufftee _ for Bower. SamtifJ ... 71 California Home Kit en- n.oo 2n.OO 10.00 i w \ i m ill-T Mr- JIM in* t * i i-v *:. \ 14 * < M/ c j '*:/'»(' ^ f , .. , , . . * . .-,••+. ^-'iti ^L* Vfl»JI Aj-Jiciiltural .A.-.soclatlf>n," and thai j ijl/; rra {J..;^^ 'li^ c^W said aindl'Vition or peMtiim is si^n.-d | stock of'Tho crt'r'norati' './T'.'I\Fibie » by a inajorifv of llie din-dor.-* of t In- j iwiliaiolv tn the Sen-: ^'/.^ Hie CO* said "Hinlit'Jt Driving I •ark A^oeia-i {"' nitI ." M -. ; i}, (1<1 n-"(','-'. ! ' . *N$*Wfflft J tli«n." and tbut na Id {.-* -f it ion si alt s I H :| 'nk 'Uni'ldiiU'. cnrnVr T bird and SfitM HiifTU'li'iit ro.'isonH fof tho i:}inu?r: of UK- j ^' i'' 1 ''' •• l -°7 Ant-elr-i i ', f '''VV n ^™. :i .. ti. .- .... Anv stoci; urioti \'. h:di HUH _rvSJ?3S» fore. K IH bfrrc'bv onlenvK that the frii.' of ihe. nnnlloaiion for change ot naino In the fores.'oirnr^orocfMjdin^K be. und the K«M if* IH net dav. tno IH i dav of Si I't'ft -, Lo; Air*' stocic unou v, h:Hi ibis . remain tin•» <id 011 .tho, V dav of November, i'"' x . will be del Hueni ;jnd advcrtiH-i lor Halo nt lie auction, and jin!*»ns pavmen Made )>efor*\ will be wold OU the lay of Iiecemher. IHOS. to nav tn linquent assesspient. toirother 4 1 und the sane IH nei-oby sol for Mon-id.iv ot Hecemtier. r.Mjs. to nav tnfe \ dav. tno IH i dav of November. 1%8. i linquent assesspient. toirother 'Vi at H) o'cJoc < a. in. of said dav nt do- j COS(H of advoruwirm nnd oxnonBUfi-i uartmont one at Its court mom thoroof t:al*-. SV, M. WAIXAOTI in tho Countv court hotiKO. liakwttllojr). Socretarv of Mascot Oil Cotnimtjy,! California, and that any ami all DOT- flee, room 413 Cluxen's Knttol * - -_-• j-..-1 • - i • ------ i — --^ - - . - - - fin * rt . rt «, —-i- InteroBtorl in said matter to be 10 1000 and apuear before this court at the time and umco aforesaid, and then and Rank ntilMlne. corner Thifi Main streets, LQS AnKeles, nia.

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