The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on January 27, 1971 · Page 3
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 3

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 27, 1971
Page 3
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\VEDNESDAY. JANUARY 27, 1971 £!• TIPTON • 5,* f TRIBUNE- Is FAMILY AFFAIR Nancy Sottong HOURS: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. 675-2115 .A* Life is Worth Living Fruit inspectors Law Enforcement Officials Speak On Drug Abuse Indiana State Trooper, Richard Joines and/Tipton County Sheriff Richard/ Ziegler spoke on the subject^ "Drug Abuse" and "Various' Phases of Law Euforcement'^at the meeting ot Mix-n-Fix Extension Homemakers Club recently at the home of Mrs. Linda^uller, New Lancaster. All members participated in the question and answer session which followed. The meeting was called to order by the members repeating the flag pledge and club creed. The history, of the song of the month, 'The More We Get Together" was given by Mrs. Anita Ruth Barber. She also led the • group in singing the song. Roll call was tafcn by Mrs. Marvin Wittkamper, - secretary. Each member answered by giving her middle name. She also read the minutes of the previous meeting and they were approved.' Devotions were given by Mrs. Barber, reading Psalms 113. Refreshments were served and the meeting was closed with the . club prayer. The next meeting will be February 9 at toe home of Mrs. Dean Gunning with Mrs. Judy Colbert assisting hostess. Each member is requested to bring homemade candy or cookies to this meeting. The fruit of the Spirit is love, Joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against which there is now law. (Galatiaris5:22) Individuals who have accepted 1 Christ are given a new nature. One that is filled with kindness and compassion towards others. One that is endowed with new insight and deeper wisdom. It is within them to show forgiveness towards those who are their enemies. It is a life which expresses love towards others and self- control in their temperament. Some Christians have the tendency to become fruit inspectors. They will look at other Christians and find fault With the way they are living or conducting certain • -situations.- JP God did not give us the task of testing other Christians or be critical of the way they lived. Instead he asked that we eact? GlenrJo Sue Long, Howard Jaycox ^ e Jj : Mrs. Wanda J. Long announce the marriage of her daughter, Glenda Sue Long, and Howard K. Jaycox. The couple were united in marriage recently at Las Vegas, Nevada, and honeymooned in Las Vegas. The bride and her husband are both employed by Literary Readers Service, Incorporated, Terre Haute. bear fruit in our own lives. That we constantly test ourselves and our motives as well as our attitudes to see if they are in tune with His Will. We are to evaluate our own works and continue to strive toward perfection in the Christian life. Where there is need for a change, God will give insight which will move us in the direction He would: have us to go. There is no time to look at another's fruit to inspect their harvest but we can.take time to be more aware of our own relationship with God. .You can usually save money by buying whole, poultry and cutting it into serving pieces. Whole poultry .usually-, is a few cents- less per pound than cut-up poultry. Cub Pack 590 Has Meeting Pack 590, Cub Scouts had their monthly pack meeting at Lincoln School on Monday evening with cubmaster, David Speer, presiding. Following the pledge to the flag, David Speer reminded the boys that on February 7, all the boys are encouraged to attend the church of their choice, in full uniform. Awards were given to Pat Farley, Wolf badge and one gold and silver arrow point; Mark Stahl, Bear badge; Duane Griggs, Bear badge, and John Nelson, Wolf badge, two silver arrow points. Advancing to. Weblos were Duane Griggs and Mark Stahl.. Den II performed toe Jiving circle and repeated the cub scout motto. Refreshments were served to cubs, parents and guests. ATTENTION R.N/S A real challenge and opportunity for the right person. Must be neat, willing to learn and accept responsibility of super. vision. Good salary with paid vacation. Apply at National Nursing Home, 701 E. Jefferson Street, Monday February 1 from 1 to 6 p.m. or Tuesday February 2 from 9 to 1 p.m. EAKLQ." RHODES THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE Sharpsville Chapter OES dluh JUa6 Cjue&t Yliqlil By Mrs. Mark Weismiller HOBBS-- Guest night was observed when members of Hobbs Friendly Club met at the home of Mrs. James Melson, north of Hobbs on Thursday evening, January 21. Mrs. Mark Weismiller, president, opened the meeting by reading an article,January, 1971", and .she also welcomed the guests. Roll call, secretary and treasurer's reports were given by Mrs. Ethel Hobbs. Flag salutes and club creed were led by Mrs. James Melson. A thank you note was read from Mike Julius for the box of goodies that was sent to him by the club. Several get well cards were sent and illness was reported in the community. The new club books were distributed and discussed. Dues was paid and a penny collection was taken. Mrs. Melson gave devotions reading a sermon of Rev. Don Jennings, an article, "Face Forward" and a poem, "The End of the Day" by John Hall. The meeting was closed with the club prayer repeated in unison by the group. During social hour, games were played and receiving prizes were Mrs. Weismiller and Mrs. Alice Julius. Napkin prize was awarded to Mrs. Weismiller. Hostesses for the family night which will be on February 17 are Mesdames Wayne Castor, Forest Landseadel and Ethel Hobbs. Tbey will also be in charge of toe program tor the evening and there will be a pitch- in dinner at 6:30 p.m. Refreshments were served to guests, Miss Lisa Landseadel, Mesdames Andy Griffith, George Hartley, Dorothy Johns and members Mesdames Joe Off, Wayne Castor, Grace Ackels, Alice Julius, Jim Gunning, Mark Weismiller, Forest Landseadel, Ethel Hobbs, James Melson, Don Hinds and David Julius. Know-How Club There will be a valentine exchange when members of Know How Extension Homemakers Club will meet at the home ot Mrs. Robert Taylor, route 1, on Monday at 7:30 p.m. Mrs. Don Overdorf will be assisting hostess. Cheryl Off Guest of Honor Page 3 ObserVeS FriendS Night Af &rjdal Shower Carisa Bag/ey Gives Miss Ruth Wimer 4-H News 1 By Mrs. Mark Weismiller Health, Safety Report By Mrs. Fred Leap SHARPSVILLE — Friends Night was observed by Sharpsville Chapter 148, Order ot Eastern Star in the Masonic Hall, Sharpsville on Wednesday evening, January 20. Worthy Matron, Mrs. Clara Booth and Worthy Patron, Fred Sellers were in charge of the meeting. Chapter opened in the regular form with Miss Elizabeth Romack giving the welcome to visitors, officers and members by presenting a reading, "Friends". The Worthy Matron's chosen friend, Mrs. Geneva Sover, Kokomo and the Worthy Patron's chosen friend, Richard Walker, Windfall were introduced and escorted to the East. Other fri-. ends invited were from Tipton, Kempton, Windfall, Galveston, Bunker Hill, New London, Young America, Greentown, Forest, Center and Atlanta. Mrs. Ann Henderson, District Deputy, District 10 was present Officers introduced their friends and. each one was presented a, gift. Following toe regular business, a, program was enjoyed. Mrs. Dillon Traxler entertained with a medley of Pop and Western music on the accordian. Robert Lee, science teacher at iTri- Central High School, accompanied on piano, a group of high school students who sang a number of songs. The students singing were Joni Martin, Terri Mason, Terri Case, Elaine Higgins, Cindy Smith, Shelly Fennell, David Savage, Terri Henderson, Garry Henderson, Jeff Thoman and Gregg Thoman. The theme for the evening was carried out in toe days of the Indians and Gold Rush. At toe close of the program, Mrs. Fred Sellers read toe Lord's Prayer as was given by toe Indians. The closing charge was given by Mrs. Geneva Stover. • Following the closing of chapter, everyone was invited to the (Continued oh page eight) HOBBS ~ Miss Cheryl Off, north of Tipton, was honored guest at a miscellaneous bridal shower recently at the home of Mrs. Michael Cline, Tipton. Co- hostess was Miss Carol Off, sister of the bride-elect. Contests were enjoyed by the group during the evening and prizes won were awarded to Miss Off. ' The bride-elect was assisted in unwrapping her gifts »by Carol Off. Refreshments were served to the guests. The bride-elect's chosen colors of moss green and gold were used in decorating the cake. : Miss Off will become toe bride of Gordon Orr, of Tipton, oh February 12. HELEN HEP OS! ——by Helen Bottel—— A Beautiful Put-Down Dear Helen: ; , _ You know toe rypa: The woman who has everything and calls attention to it by "worrying" about her perfection. She spends more time on her face than I do on my whole family. Her skin, is flawless, every eyelash perfect. She's entirely in love with herself. ° And she's always making less endowed girl friends aware by "seeing" a tiny blemish in the mirror; then, we're supposed to respond with lavish praise. Please tell, me a good put-down, next time she ogles herself with those gorgeous orbs and asks,, "What do you DO for bags under your eyes?" when she expects me to exclaim, "What bags?" -rTIRED OF BEING MRS. STOOGE Dear Tired: Tell her to weir an "eye-bra,' says my husband, Bob.—H. Dear Helen: Five months ago, Tony and I were married after knowing each other three weeks. , ' Today a letter came in the mail and I opened it by mistake. It was from a iawyer in Ohio, and it contained a legal paper tor Tony to sign so that he may obtain his final divorce decree. Pm afraid to show it to him, as this means we aren't married, and maybe he wants it that way. He is a perfect husband, but do I really know him? I knew there was a former wife, but assumed he was free. Maybe he thought so, too I hoped!! It I seal the letter up I may never know the truth. If I tell Tony I "snooped," he may hate me. Either way, will we have to get married again? And will he want to?—NOT QUITE A WIFE Dear Not: ' ' Tell Tony the truth and expect the same from him. A "perfect husband" (almost) won't let you down, though it may require another ceremony to make him perfectly legal. --H. Dear Helen: Why is it that my wonderful, strong, handsome husband isn't normal? - . I mean any normal male of 24 would be satisfied with look-, ing at baseball and football games on TV, playing golf or tennis. But my man is some kind of nut who flirts with danger. He skis on impossible trails, plays La Crosse, surfs^ skin dives-and his last announcement of sky diving is the final blow. How can he do this to me? Fm all worried out after only six months of marriage. WiU he ever become that non-athletic guy I want for a husband and father of our children, or should I join him and we can at least die together?--SUSAN Dear Susan: Is your husband really a danger freak, or are you a chicken? Pd guess there's a little of both in your family, and the only solution is compromise. Get involved in his sports and perhaps some of your caution will rub off on him — especially, after be becomes a father. --H. Dear Helen: Joining the battle to stop pollution, our streams with detergent and enzyme foam, I tried "reading" the labels to see which was the least objectionable. Completely frustrated, I picked up a box of soap granules — and lo, I discovered the true washday miracle: SOAP1 Now, just as my mother did, I am using soap for my washing, reveling in the whiteness and softness of the clothes and enjoying the good clean odor so reminiscent of my cUldhood. This is an ecology commercial!-TM.I. . This column is dedicated to family living, so if you're having kid trouble or just plain trouble, let Helen help YOU. She win also . welcome your own amusing experiences. Address Helen. Bottel in care of THE TIPTON DAILY TRIBUNE. Ruben Stouts To Celebrate 50th Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Stout, of Windfall, will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary on Friday, January 29. . They were • married in Windfall and resided there most of their life. They are parents of four children, Anna Faye Suter, Tipton; Junior and Roy Stout, Windfall and Bernard. A daughter is deceased. They would appreciate hearing from their friends.; Hemlines Below Knee For Spring - Summer PARIS (UPI)-Except for the shorts madness that has seized Paris, the spring-summer high fashion collections, so far tend . to keep hemlines below the knee. ' "Fashion freedom" is the new motto in Paris, with designer Rosette Mett of the Torrente salon proclaiming "there j are no decrees, no imposed skirt lengths but a liberty of hemlines." But even the Torrente show had its limitations' — every coat and every dress covered. the knee, from just below to midi. The long knee-covered look also held sway at Louis Feraud, Jean - Louis Scherrer, Marc Vaughan and Madeleine de Ratten. Only Philippe Venet showed mini dresses, and those ' always were worn with much longer coats. The designers were unanimous in choosing roidl-maxi for after 5 p.m. In other j words, trouser lengths range from the ankle to as short as nature allows. But . skirt lengths mainly are below the knee so far in the collections. | • DRIVE WITH CARE Dependable Ambulance Service , MOOSE LODGE 6 o'clock Supper DANCE 8 o'clock Enrollment 9:30 BOB HUDSON BAND from Kolcomo with Wi/ber Bag/ey Saturday, Jan. 30 MEMBERS ONLY A health and safety report was given by Carisa Bagley at the meeting of Stitch and Stir 4-H Club on Thursday, January. 21, at the 4-H and Community Building. Jayne Meloche, president, conducted the! business meeting. Cathy Lineberry led the group in singing songs. Mary Jane Kelly led the group in repeating the pledge to the American flag and Vicky Bee son led the group in the J4-H pledge. Devotions were given by Jill Weaver. Demonstrations were given by Lisa Cooper on "How Carpet Is Resistant to | Stains" and Lori Taylor on "How to Make Homemade Applesauce." Attending the meeting were adult leaders,! Mrs. Adamson and Mrs. Hoover and members, Carisa Bagley, Vicky Beeson, Lisa Cooper, Ann Cox, Jennifer Jones, Mary Jane Kelly,- Cathy Lineberry, Jayne Meloche, Diana Needier, Kim Porter, Kathy Rubush, Jodi Smith, Lori Taylor, f JUl Weaver, | Connie Wertz, and Belinda Woods. The next meeting will be at the 4-H Building on February 18. WEDNESDAY Tipton BEW - 6:30 p.m., St. John's School. Arnica Sororis Sorority - 7:30 p.m., Mrs. Sonny Fritch, W. Madison St. THURSDAY Dorcas Club - 2:30 p.m„ Mrs. , John Schaekel, 230 West Madison Street Welcome Wagon Club — 8 p.m.,' , Mrs. Zona Boss, Hull Addition, Handy Rands Circle - all day meeting, Windfall Christian Church Weight Away TOPS - 7:30 p.m., GAR Room MONDAY Know How Club - 7:30 p.m., Mrs. Robert Taylor, route I . Monday Night TOPS - 7:30 p.m., ; GAR room Of courthouse Beech Grove Attends Disney On Parade Beech Grove 4-H club met in Tipton at 9 a.m. Saturday before jdeparting to Indianapolis to attend "Disney On Parade" at the'coliseum. This was the completion party for all the girls who completed last year's 4-H projects. . Mesdames Jim Off, Larry Mattingly, Richard Rogers and Jerry Stoops chaperoned the girls. Members making the tripwere Linda, Sue, Penny and Kim Chee- ke, Cathy and Janey Off, Sheila Off, Christy-Rushton, Antoinette Baker, Kathy Baker, Theresa Matthews, Adrianna Rogers, Jill land Nancy J Stoops. Ranee Rogers and Beverly Stoops were guests. Goesf Speaker At 4-H Meeting Miss Ruth Wimer, Area Agent from Extension Office, gave a talk on "Polishing a Diamond" for members of Busy" Clovers 4-H Club at the home of Lee Ann Leininger, Atlanta. Miss Wimer compared toe starting 4-H girl or boy to a rock from which diamonds are made is plain and nothing pretty at all, but each year the girl passes through different stages and problems' that are associated with each stage. All the while', she is learning and developing or compared to toe cutting process which brings out the beauty of a very valuable diamond. Like a valuable diamond, a girl must have-pride in herself and reflect this so others can' see it reflected in her. Thus she becomes a polished diamond as she matures into a young lady with pride within herself and self discipline. Project books and 4-H programs were handed out Mrs. Franklin Wray, adult leader, talked about two new projects bicycle and personality. The next meeting will be February 20 at the home of Nancy Smith, Atlanta. There will be demonstrations and initiation of new members. Guests present were Miss Ruth Wimer, Mrs. Lester Leininger, Darryl Wray, Tony Leininger and members, Becky Rump, Nancy Henderson, Nancy Smith, Marty Walker, Kathy Moore, Lee Ann Leininger, Susan Leininger, Anita Sberrill and adult leader, Mrs. Franklin Wray. Novel breakfast " LINCOLN, Neb. (IIPI) - st does not have lo be traditional to bo delicious, says a nutrition arid foods specialist. Ethel (jicdrichscn of University of Nebraska Exte.uMoii.iServie.e. said a breakfast, menu of hamhiirgeiv fruit and milk ij* just as nutritious as bacon anil eggs. Every person who has lo gel out of bed in the moriii bnr thai breakfast breakfast at all, she said. ng needs lo remcm-' a non-conformist is heller than ho Wool IS; of the n lies repoi nile. and sislant. rt the least flammable tlural fibers, aulhori- It is slow lo ig- naturally flame Ve- Household Hints ' By United Press International Bitterness in coffee may be • caused by allowing coffee to stand in the percolator, using stale, coffee, or allowing coffee to percolate too long. * * * Irons will sometimes slick to clothing. This is particularly true if too much .starch has been used. ' A small amount of salt in the starch will help to keep the- iron from .sticking. The iron may stick to rayon or synthetic fabrics because the iron is too hot. To prevent dents in utensils, store them in an easy-lo- reach . place so they can In- removed without moving others. Make racks for storage of pots, lids, pie pans, thin baking sheets, ami trays. BEAUTIFUL NEWVACAT10H RESORT; DIRECTLY OH THE OCEAN! Beautifully decorated air-conditioned rooms, all with a view of the blue Atlantic Ample tree parking. Bank, Movie Theatre and 21 retail shops right on the premises. • Shuffieboard, pine pong, children's play area./ 1 : Perfect location for sightseeing, shopping, excit -N£ht|ii? v «olf. racins. boating, water sports. • windjammer dining Room, coffee shop, 3 cocktail bars (two indoors—one outdoors under the Rooftop Suspended Swim Pool). FREE H0UDEX RESERVATION SYSTEM Confirms your reservation immediately, in writinfr -rjust call any Holiday-Inn or your travel agent. , HOME OF FAMOUS 1 WINDJAMMER LOUNGE Featuring: live entertainment, two great bands, dancing nightly. Olympic Sized Rooftop Heated pool, sun t«rric», chaises, cabanas Unbetitabh for conventions (10.000 Sq. Ft • of Meetinf . Rooms A Banquet Space) Htitif In OcumMt 3000 Ciat -las Olas Blvd.. «.| latidtrtalt. Fla. 33316 \ Please tend Information: • Vacation • Salts Meetint Attn: Jim Davis Director of Saws ADDRESS. ',-STAtE, Ilt>_ FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA

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