The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 12, 1908 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 12, 1908
Page 5
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THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 1C, 1CCS THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN others \v ^^^^j^^n^n^nwDvrwBvftiKjvwi***^***^ •^^•^P**^^-*^- -^^ Kern City I Kern BRAKEMAN1 MEETS REAR -1\ tontcmplate. If you do this yoti will appro- ohitp the strength of our clnim to the iM'eatewt ami freshest stock at prices wlilch in every case assure full value received. SIX WEEKS American Jewelry C SOLOMON & i 1430 Nineteenth Street TO CHRISTMAS. * Tom W Heed, a forafceman an I extra'conductor for the Southern Pacific Company, was fatally injured In a wreck which occur- ed at Caruthcrs at 6:40 this morning, and died about an hour later. The wreck was caused by a rear end collision. A work train In charge of Conductor Henry "Urbe* ran into an extra in charge of Conductor Ed O'Brien. Reed was a young man about 27 years of age who had lived here for the p-ist five or six years, during which time ho made many staunch friends among the railroad men. He was unmarried, but is supposed to have a sister residing in Los Angeles. UADIES HAD FINE I TIME AT JINKS. The Ladies Auxiliary to the O. R. C. made merry at a high JlnKs party last evening given at the home of Mrs. Harry Gates, lill Btfter street. The ladles came attired in comic among them NOTES AND PERSONALS. G. A. \Vhitakor is expected home on the afternoon train today from Los Angeles. You can get a lot In ^iny part of Kern. You have 2000 to pick from. Terms easy. Prices $36 to $3.50 J. \Voody, 816 Baker street W. H. Miles, who has been employed Lend re farm property this proposi forcibl Bakersfield Abstract Chestc Basement costumes and masked, amuus \u*u* \\. n. ^IUCB, wnu H«B u^« y«*,.wj— belnK nlckanninies, Aunt Dinahs, here as operator for some time, has several gentlemen, a Scotch laddy, returned to his home in San Fran- ffitaA" carr b i 0 ed 8 out T theS'S Th-ve 2000 to t. in Ken, City for e parts 8 and a Wy good time «!.. Pr.ces from |B5 to $360. Terms was enjoyed. The refreshments were easy. A. J Woody 816 Baker st t GEELAN Saturday teenth treet i VT **U %^»»^ —rf-^*»» — — — - - • ^^ served in cafeteria style. Each guest helped herself to whatever sne to the desired and little table to eat. \V. J. Brown has gone to Ixm An geles to reside. Get a lot in Kern. Two thousand to pick from. You can't miss getting CLASS LEADERS FOR by it ns they have not been by any other production for many n djjy. The love of Ben Cameron, a South Carolina cavalier, for Elsie Stoneman, a Vermont abolitionist's daughter, is the theme, and it is the Kn Klux Kan that I first parts and afterwards reunites MORRIS CONFIDENT HE CAN DEFEAT NEllX* Billy Morris, Frank Carlllo's tege, who is to fight Al Neill Thai**giving night, has started tr work at the Standard to the Among those present were Mrs. C. what you O .. F Will Brady, Mrs. W. M. WaFlace, Mrs. C. J. Johnson, Mrs. Gus Johnston, Mrs. Newhouse, Mrs. Roberson, Mrs. Curtis, Mrs. Stewart, Mrs. Elmer Carlisle, Mrs. Ernest Tyler, Mrs. J. F. Donnelly, Mrs. Davis. Mrs. J. C. Herbert, Mrs. Dun* levy, Mrs. Rusesll > Mrs. Henry Owen. At the next meeting of the auxiliary, which will be two weeks from last night, several new members will be Initiated. can't miss getting) The flrst quar ters worH is nearing these interesting lovers. Terms easy, prices lan tnd at lhe high school. The exam- +++ — NOTICE. Notice is hereby given that Tee Lee has bought the Valley restaurant, situated nt 1313 19th street in the City of Bakersftfelti a'nd has asbumed all bills owing by said restaurant. All persons holding any such bills, will please present them fo/ payment to the undersigned on or before November 15, 1&08. 91 YEE LEE. GOLDEN WEST HOTEL THE LANDMARK OF SAN FRANCISCO—NOW OPEN Cor. Powell and EIIU Streets FRED P. PLAGEMANN, Prop. New building. Modern in every respect. 150 rooms. Opposite Railroad and Steamship offices. Especially convenient for commercial travelers. IN THE HEART OF THE CITY Free bus meets all trains and boats. Take Market St. cars or Fourth and T31Hs car to hotel. Entrance OB Powell St. Promenade Concert And A Barnabas Episcopa Guild At s Hall NOVEMBER 12th PROF. KUEHN'S ORCHESTRA ADMISSION 25c. right. A. J. Woody, 816 Baker st. tf E. M. Ernest has resigned his position with the S. P. Company and leaves in a few days for Idaho. L. M. Johnson has returned from an eastern trip and expects to go to work in the oil fields, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Powell are recent arrivals from Denver, Colorado, and expect to make Kern their home. BOY ESCAPES WHILE i EN ROUTE TO WHITTIERJ i inations have been practically concluded and the grades are rapidly being ascertained. In the commercial department this work has been accomplished and the leaders are as follows: Senior*. Nellie Scofleld, 93 1-3; Marguerite Kloffenstein, 93; Teddy Handrlck- son, 92 2-3; Verna McCollum, 90; Mamie Vlasnick, 89 2-5. Freshmco. Bertha Moore, in 1-7; Tma Semor- LOCAL HUllES AWAIT mm noons, with Boh Jones, a dusky yweight, as his sparring p* Morris is confident or making a showing against Neill. He rfcce put Abdo the Turk out In Tour in Los Angeles, and Billy "dopes i out that as it took Neill some rounds to do the trick that he Is better man. Wieman's ankle is stronger and he will be able to do all that is expected of him. John Stroud and Babe McKlnley at half positions have _ _ ^ _i tJemitv Sheriff Alters of Fresno He. 87; Beatrice With row, 85 3-7; ,,.„.,. counTYs in h to" n frXaroh of a run-1 Norman Semorile, 85; Vasbti BBWW, nomctMn; up their jleere a II t ho away boy. The boy is about sixteen j 85. years of'age and left Fresno Tuesday | afternoon In company with Officer • Akers on his way to Whittier Reform, school, but at Tehachapl he made* his i escape while passing through from the' smoker on his way to the chair car. The boy was just ahead of the officer ,and as he started into the chair car. i he noticed tin? door in the vestibule open and Immediately proceeded to make his escape while the train was still traveling at the rate of about 15 miles an hour. As soon as the office I THE BAKERSFIELD "Look out!" is what a man yelled' at the top of his voice, who occupied a and are always in the wrong place— for the other team. Stroud will prob- al/ly tlo the punting and Wleman the place kicking. Grandy will be at the 1 quarter. The big football game at Visalia on Thanksgiving Day has begun to at- track much attention. It is expected that a special train will he chartered ris nu\ny people from Bakersflehl want to see tho big game. The. rates for a special as ascertained by Prof. Ganler will be $2.85 for tho round trip. A limit of a hundred will have to be 1. J. PI re rthur r .«.„.« «« „„„.. ~~ BW « .« ^v - soat in the front row of a theater rediscovered the disappearance of hte cently when the train in "The Rocky j R(10A \ 1 ! P1 V ? ^ i« <• <,-K, „.«« i charge he got off the train and pre-l Molll t . lin Exnn . H , » lho new n.elo* A ", the * w *** r * in fa l f K™' 1 . . , m , pared to search . He was told by a ;f )UuUin Lxprch ' U n "" ' "' « r "™ * llul f £ e W< T" WaKi-iBlM.! and brakeman that u bare headeO boy was '^ania, came ruling on the bM«e. Dlniibn next Saturday. A UiiU> hard riding on a freight coming this way so lhe officer came here to look for him. When the snorting engine made its appearance the auditor thought tho train luck has visited John Sinmd and 1 \VUH going to plunge into tho an;J!enoe. i i LADIES WILL ENTERTAIN I ! " ™ s sini ^>' om ' ° r llie Kr " 11 """ | THIS EVENING. ; j ehanical effect of this powerful play The ladies of St. Barnabas Guild ] that is maUiafc a big hit en tour. will give their promenade concert and j dance tonight fn Kaar's hall. The program consists of Heve'vil (J.'inciiitf and stunts, monologues, ami l iie number \viM be a one ;i*"-r ta »• j entitled "Dearest Mama." After (he program dancing will be enjoyed and Processor Kuehn's orchestra will furnish the music. j production is different in every particular; the interesting s*ngc? story IK told by a ooij.p'iny so dourly jiuf OH that it has been caIU'<l t'u- )>e; railroad plays with a \vesVrn nhere. The KMm •ui of ;j]J atmos Amuse nient Company are r« i si»'»,-».«il !e for It. it will have if^ iintii'i presenta House "Tlie Horky Moun- Sprains, swelling" and lameness are tion ul l ' K promptly relieved by Chamberlain's: tomorrow evening Liniment. This liniment reduces in- tain Express in no xvay r»-M ,ubles ilu lijinimiuion and soreness *«» fl! '* 1 » ! old fnshJono-l :-a.Mroa<l i»»-iy t bur is now •ain may lie cured In about one-thlrd | tinie reouired by the \\v\\:\] treat- | input. LT, ami r.O cent si/es for >;t!*- by | H:iev Viros., H.ik*''rs{ieM: Kern iM'ut! [ Co., Kern. * Mo.Kinloy. Both are crippled, but ii expected that they will be able to play on Saturday. Coach Griffith expects to win the game hy poo<l clean play in u:. Althon^h The a walhiiver is not the idea of the play-_ ' ers, they expect to win a decisiv vie | tory. The team's line up shows husky! men throughout. Sforhton. (lie rap | tuin, has sliown pood Htyle lately. He \ and Uoyd Stroud will be the s and Donncn will play ii is a certainty (hat they will hold their pnrf of the line. Uimkln and Bennie Forker will play guards. with .1 ^ir'rantee not to let a man through iluriny the i;nmt'. Cecil Maker at center is usually sure of spoiling a punt or place Idek or HO during the K«mie. and has the hajip.v habit of continually worrying his oppoiH-ut. TERE IMPORTANT CTOR Interest is n very im 1nut Vactor in onililini: a serve i'nn<\ nn*l wise is man. \vunian MIS 1* »t ur ehihl who ilc- ln-r nmney n*«i- iihirlv in the Kirsl Hntik of i . ^ Kern, not only on iierount v»i its positive seenrity, l»ut Ivf- ejinse of the lihej-nl iniei'esl Avhieh it ;illo\v«. Your ,s^-~ eonnt is ennlially invitctl. Four per eei'J interest pfih'3 on linn* deposits nnd savings aii'l worthy of MU r.tion. The Rivals Saturday. "The Rivals" was wriMeu -ilinost 15o years a;4O hy Richard Urinsley Shen dun and ntill sfatifls as th-: ornnier of comedies, The purest ami HUM delicious ot' mirth provKiu:; i>)ay.« that have I»ecn in'odtteed on the Kn^llsh- Hpeakiim sta^e. The late Jos* )>b .lef ferson retain*"! it as ono of his j^reat- drawing cards nn-l his perform- H i!) Aeivn" is ;• His worthy sons JosejiJi and • ^ STO TURE Butternut Bread is ' . I '/' l .* •lUItl. I .11:.; the MYO 'toy f Ofl f) se:::-o;i of ; in thi -; hl'iy, t-vi y \\eng htfull oo SOJIH jll . j >• •? } .' * .\n ,;iM tliat is they're (Hilary In »•:•, 1. i I U t 1 ! ! e l ; i ! 1 ! i i : • • T U i . i hi ir |"-rlorni;ine*-s n:- nuir** Hian SNIJS- f i > ;in;i I'ullv \vurihy "C (he 1/e^t s (in clfisely aflili:il''f| «l(h Mie , Llorv .in-1 I'mni* o! f he name (»,'' . t • toi'i nt ". aii- ,i' •• .;eliC'i.'i:)- ))">^- /'i . - ! ' r.' liiiv am ot !,- s' 1. •• ' ' Hut fi vnut <'o- 1 *- '•}-> ciht-rs- -liut il i:- - i.. • « ry wa\ . Tr t^ ; :>;•• '.•i J - i >.' in. Tin 1 htis j'i e eiiu,pan> ' •- -,\ I b a : IN, i !••* < ! ji*- MI T.IJS cf j i dill » It Tin-:- 1 '' when . cnii.t'.iV visi* s t lie ( -ir a l i,- f 'HTiiM t > :,,'ii f > t • • * AMERICAN BAKERY A. J. Ferguson. Phone Main 228. GODLEY -•• (in Saturday f\ cninpc- "Uncle Josh" is Coming. i e iitiraetion ai fl:iU*'rsfiel(l Opera <• (in S'inria:, *-vriif!\L r \vill l>e UK; , ever reliable "1'iule .fush Perkins," » i undonltTedly tlie n.o.-i siiceesKCul rural 1 conie'ly drama that has been prodiieeil in >i-:u'H. It serves a distinct and i highly ('(unmendable purpose, for it r lejirht S ill the r-lt'Vetest and nins( eil and iu a thoroughly tip to date manner the truth of the old saying, thai ''Urn; • will ihid a way." Th" ohio-f interest In tho pU ce (t-nters iu the love ot I'ncle .Josh for his young duut^hter Nan. Tin* entire cast of "("in •••• .losh 1'ei kius i-u w, \t-f\t- \ fi \vi«l*-l> Known an 1 nio-t coiisrlen' inns actoi aii'l at t res tile Ainei'icai! sta^e. The iii< c. lIHi.-'l elalnU*,ilel> Stifji .1. MUl et \\ltll bc'iUllt'Ml acetic; y, 'I'lie fur i.ue night only. "The Clansman's" Love Stcry. "Tin Clan. :nan", \\lios" vl.-'it lo the Uer^f'ield (jpera Hon^e U announced for Tu*--(|a> nitrht, Noveuilier ::i, is a >iory o' the hi-urr which lias never in move au'l'^eni cs to the ver> ^ f rh"UHunii> "f theatev-goers all ov*t tli«: country have been htlrred MAIN Ma atu

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