The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on January 26, 1971 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 26, 1971
Page 6
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l'age 6 BRENTWOOD, L.I.: Rescue workers carry'an injured young girl from the wreckage of a derailed Long Island Railroad train late January 24. At least one person died, about 40 others were injured and two youths remained trapped in the twisted metal. Police believe that a switch may-have been sabotaged. I UP1TELEPHOTO * Reflections (Continued from page one) tion to-show units and bands... involve more people...Senior citizens, youth, etc. Better care of JWHOI PAY BY CHECK A.CHECKING ACCOUNT with our bank will save you countless trijA on bill-paying days during the unsettled winter months. Mail checks! It's safe and you'll save hours of valuable time! CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK visiting VIP's. Keep foremost in mind something for everyone and the promotion of all Tipton County. A kick off preview meeting to appeal | for community support the Frustrations Interest in the future and success still in the minds of a few. Some lack of dedication among those working with~"the committees. { Tents ordered from 2 companies due to an oversight ...near delivery by both com, panies.on the same morning... tents delivered by one company ...tent man says impossible to put commercial tent up on Court Street [(Can't drive stakes). Space already allotted and sold' .Frank Larson says no sweat... borrows city's air hammer and drills stake holes himself. Had planned j to use Rotary. Club's homeshpw dividers for booths ...find out divisions don't meet needs. | Have 2500.00 either in bank account or committed and ; facing ja §4500.00 plus budget and weather man says chance of rain...tjeing an election year, local political parties and candidates find it difficult to understand rules established by parade committee...they want to take full ..advantage of the crowd...we don't really blame them. A flurry of late parade entries.. The moment of truth...why did we worry? COUNTONUS Call us EXPERTS! We can fix your car's tires, muffler, balance the wheels, lighting, just about anything. You may oil us" experts but don't forget to call us. BILTZ'S PHONE 675-4668 \ Electronic Diagnosis Equipment I TONIGHT & WED. I fOpen.6;45-Start 7: 3Q| uxrux of TIPTON Xlie motion picture designed to save the world from sanity Friday, September 11. all confusions melted into readiness. The steam calliope sponsored by Citizens Bank set the mood. More people were saying hello on our streets and smiling then usual. Thanks to a co-operative Rotary Club and its members the dividers in the tent were installed by light from auto head lights late Thursday night. Charles Weber, a real asset to this community, and his crew from Indiana Gas Company gave us equipment, layout and hookup you wouldn't believe. The city Utility people provided power hook-ups gladly without complaint showing a real patience with pur inexperience. Booths started to appear; in the commercial tent. And.the people came. The food tent took in twice as much money as on Friday night a year ago. Opening ceremonies...ribbon cutting...a band concert from the Tipton High School Band with members who would have rather been at the Huntington football game. We're off and/running and .everything is go! Saturday, Sept 12 It's Worth It A pang of panic with the clouds and sprinkle at 8 a.m. ...great crowds for breakfast..Earl Sottong starts aligning a great antique implement display... Floyd Collins, Gene Cottingham and Stew- Haines greet the Pioneer Auto Club and their gleaming display of antique and vintage autos...Fred Robinson and the Quarter Milers put those fabulous custom cars on display ...our local-artists unfold an exhibit that will draw endless praise for the next two days.' And the people came...and continued to come...pork chops, ribs, barbeque consumed in unbelievable amounts. . VIP luncheon under. way. A delegation from Eaton, Ohio Wants to know how to. start a Pork Festival. Queen contest finals...MC York doing a masterful job. Queen Janet is crowned and she is lovely...the judges certainly had an unenviable job. How about the smoothness of the contest and the beautiful stage provided by Eddie and Judy Burton and help. Real pros at queen contests. Constumed Shriners, uniformed bandsmen...ready National Guard units prepare for thepar- ade. Bob Fakes, BUI Cunning- • ham, Jane Henderson, Maxine Patrick and their crew do professional work and parade is ready to start Words won't describe the parade.. ,fabulous...tremendous just inadequate to do the r KATHARINE HEPBURN as The QfCIiftlLLOT YUL BRYNNER DANNY KAYE EDITH EVANS JOHN GAVIN COSTUMES DESIGNED] BY TIPTON NATIVE [MR. BILL TICE. . . . sum TRUST at Your Friendly Bank FARMERS LOAN & TRUST COMPANY 110 E.Jeff. St Tipton, Indiana .THE TIPTON" (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE Hospital News Friday, January 22 ADMISSIONS: Stella J. Lewis, Elwood; Bonice Wolfe, Tipton; Murtle Swem, Forest; Gerry Paul Upchurch, Windfall; Noel. F. Todd, Windfall; Harriet L. Morris, Frankton; David Dannit York, Elwood; Kimberly K. Rhodes, Kokomo; Ora E. Jones Jr., Goldsmith; Katherine J. Melton, Tipton; Everett Wainscott, Noblesville; Nancy Ann Dent, Atlanta; Joseph F, Jackson, Atlanta; and Sarah J.^Thornton, Tipton. DISMISSALS: Mary K. Snow, Windfall; Fred Gray, Tipton; Katherine Funkhouser, Sharpsville; Judith Porter,. Windfall; Keith Ley, Elwood; Mamie Siler, Sharpsville; Sylvia Hinds, Greentown. • BIRTHS: Mr. and Mrs. Fred (Katherine) Melton, 121 Poplar St., Tipton, Indiana, 2:46. p.m., girl. Saturday, January 23 ADMISSIONS: Mildred Alderson, Kempton; Roberta Wood, Noblesville; Ronald Carson, Cicero; Edith Faulstick, Hobbs; June Parnell, Arcadia; David Pedigo, Windfall; Anita Mason, Greentown; Naomi Lewis, Atlanta; Karen Bess, Tipton; Irene Cass, Kokomo. DISMISSALS: Roy Sowders, Tipton; Debra Haskett, Tipton; Ethel Plough, Tipton; Teresa Cutsinger, Elwood; Richard Martin, Kokomo; Mytle Swem, Forest; Gerry Upchurch, Windfall; David Long, Elwood; Teresa King, Kokomo. BIRTHS: Mr. and Mrs. Judd Mason, 601 S. Maple, Greentown, girl. • • ° .' I Sunday, January 24 ADMISSIONS: R. Newton Wiles, Arcadia; Jeffery. Downs, Kokomo; Jean Strunk, Cicero; Delia Smith, Kokomo; Paul Cook, Windfall. DISMISSALS: Helen Robison, Cicero; Martha Lewis, Tipton. . MON., JAN. 25, 1971 - ADMISSIONS: Beth Ann Reese, Gas City; Gracie Swinford, Cicero; David Doyle, Greentown; Angela Ward, Windfall; Penny Sue Marcum, Windfall; Raymond Giselbach, Elwood; Diana Gunkel, Tipton. DISMISSALS: Doyle David, Greentown; Joseph F; Jackson, Atlanta; Warren Hubert Kerr- now, Frankfort; Gracie Swinford, Cicero; Karen Bess, Tipton; Doris McCool, Tipton; June Parnell, Arcadia; David Dannit Elwood; Iris J. Strunk, Cicero. BIRTH:. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Strunk, Cicero; Boy born at2:17 a.m. January 25. job. Only three units crashed the parade and two units failed to adhere to parade rules. Probably had the most attractive revieWing stand in the state. Thanks to Kenny Elliott and crew ...sound arranged by FredStroup amazing...MC York again great! The program arranged by Daryl and Janet Branneman and committee continued to please and occupy the crowds. The VIP Delegation expressed sincere gratitude for the way Steve and Lynn Collins, Joe and Pam Bilby kept them informed and in the right place at the right time all day long. Appreciation to Jim Ripberger for VIP car arrangements. Jim Ger- rard'entertaining Saturday night the smoothness of the Western Type square dancers and the loud beat of ICE for the NOW GENERATION ... something for everyone. • Sunday, September 13, despite the rain they came...the inspirational music moved to the tent ...and they had people. The Results Twice as much dollar volume from food tent than a year ago. An involved Tipton County populace...merchants tills fatter for the day ...according to Si Bristow and the 50 plus Club people registered from 97 Indiana towns, 17 other states and 3 foreign countries. Local people tired, but filled with pride at the way TAX SERVICE , State & Federal ^ Returns Farmer* byAppointment Open l :M ajn. t« •:M p-m. Dally Taea. A Thar*.'tU ( p Jn. g»t til Nora . JIMMIE DEAKYNE Untod IK Mock* north or 4-way Stop, St. Kd. U, WMSIdi Phono SU-4H5 Cicero ' •Lowering (Continued from page one) was~ politically inspired. He asked Boehning whether a lower voting age should be achieved by statute or constitutional amendment and the majority leader said both avenues should be used. Boehning had introduced both the bill and a joint resolution to amend the constitution. The amendment was tabled by a vote of 80-12. * Youth Discuss (Continued from page one) j pn the part, of adult population. 5. Problems are blown out of proportion making them fash-' ionable. The junior leaders then came . up with two ideas that they feli .lines would help relieve some of the problem. They felt that the com-] m unity needed more recreation- j al activities for older youth. These would include; dances, a'; drag strip, and sports tourna- ' ments. Their great plea; however, was for more community spirit. At the next junior leader meeting February 22, Sheriff Richard Ziegler will be present to present his views oh this problem. Another election bill which - would change the method of selecting election day poll inspectors, also survived, a move to amend it significantly. The Republican-sponsored poll watchers measure- would have been amended by James A. Lewis, D-Charlestown, to divide . election inspector positions between the two parties receiving the largest vote in the last gen-; "eral election. The bill contains an emergency clause for immediate implementation and Lewis wanted -mat changed because he charg- | ed it is "sbrictly political." He ' said Republicans .wanted the clause to cover the upcoming mayoralty election in Indianapolis, o ' TUESDAY, JANUARY 26, 1971 Louis J. Sego Informed of Lewis' amendment.was killed by a 52-47 vote along party Sister's Death Word was received this morning of the death of Mrs. Loretta Brannum, 45, at the Wayne County General Hospital in Michigan; She had been ill since Friday, but death-was unexpected. Funeral arrangements ate pending in Garden City, Mich., where she resided. She is the sister of Louis J. Sego, 465 N. West St. of Tipton. Another sis-r ter, Mrs. Grace Sprinkle resides in Joliet, |ni. Also two daughters, Carolyn, and Julia, and four grandchildren survive. Trooper Arrest their community showed its true staff...letters of thanks to committee members that should be sent to the entire, force that made it all possible. _ Finale Tents are gone...thanks to city, county and state employees debris is taken away...borrowed equipment returned...bills still coming in but assurance enough cash in larder to cover them. Thanks to Pork Festival Board members and officers Henrietta Larson,- Margaret Hinkle, Wm. G. Nash, Guy B. Horton, James Cox, Edgar Weismiller, Ralph Kauffman. Thanks to Committee, Frank Larson, Pro-' gram, Mr. and Mrs. Daryl Branneman...public relations, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Collins ... finance, Wm. G. Nash. layout and clean up, Ray Holderriien...par.ade, Bob Fakes, Bill Cunningham, Jane Henderson, Maxine chief, Jim' Pratt...merchant co-6rdinator, Morris Dp- lan ... insurance advisor, Gene. Whisler...publicity, BillMitcheU i ..pork advisorsi BiU Ayres and thanks to all committee help... too numerous to list. thanks to local government city and county for unlimited cooperation. Thanks to the community for support. Hopefully the Festival is of age and ready .to become a definite part of Tipton County life. Financial Report 'Starting balance, $1,259.89; Income: food, $13,149.48; **donations, $1,778.52; membership, $299; and concessions, $275; 1969 $7,436.00; total, $15,502. Grand total of $16,761.89. Expenses: kickpff banquet, $559.38; administrative, $486.63; publicity and advertisement, $596.49, Tipton Co. Pork Festival buttons; parade, $1,291.55; program, $952.58; food and supplies, $8,092.08; queen contest, $200.90; tents, $680; public relations, $309.31; change, $516; miscellaneous, $52; total of $13, .736.92. ! Accounts Receivable: Tipton Meat Market, $36.10 and Republican Party, $48.50. Total $84.60. * Error of $4.16 between bank balance and check book balance from 1969 Festival. ** Includes $170.00 in queen contest sponsorship fees. Also $42.52 Glen Lightfoot hog. Probably D. Salsbury $50.00 donation was in lieu of pig. Net profit on 1970 Festival $1,849.68. Auction Service FARM SALES, ESTATE, REAL ESTATE AUCTION HOUSEHOLD MISC. CONTACT THE ACTION ^ AUCTIONEER! JANUARY SPECIAL .,. •'• Atlas Tires 25% off Henrys ; Standard 103 S. West Tipton ; Phone 675-6118 John Snow, 50,.Windfall was arrested Monday 9:35 p.m. by State Trooper Jim Sailors and Tipton County Deputy Sheriff Barney Brankle on charges .of driving under the influence, reckless driving and public intoxication^ Snow was. taken' into custody, at a site two miles east and two miles north of Windfall. He is in the Tipton County jail a- i waiting arraignment * Christina (Continued frlra page one)' test, with personal observation and interviews [during the toiir added factors in national selections. Second-ranking Homemakers of Tomorrow in each state - receive $500 educational grants. The school of every $1,500 scholarship winner receives a set of Encyclopaedia Encyclopaedia [Britannica from Britannica,' Jncl All judging and selection of winners^is done by Science Research Associates, Chicago, which also constructed and graded the written examination. Accutrorf by Bulova the most accurate watch in the world The heart of an Accutron watch is a tiny, electronically-powered tuning fork that splits a second into 360 equal parts. This split-second timing is so precise, that Bulova guarantees accuracy to within a minute a month.* Earl Rhodes jeweler l *Wt will adjust to this tolerance. It necessary. Guarantee is for one year. FINAL WEEK OF JANUARY CLEARANCE SEE OUR COATS MEN'S SWEATER SETS MEN'S FLARE JEANS Made for FALVEYS to our specifications! Reg. $7.%0 99 MEN'S BUTTON DOWN SHIRTS MEN & BOYS SWEATERS V-NECKS & CREW NECK NOW START 7 99 Values to $20.00 OPEN FRIQAY NIGHTS TIL 8.30 OPEN WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON

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