The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 12, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Thursday, November 12, 1908
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Vol. XX. BAKERSFIELi), CALIFORNIA. THCRSDAY, NOVEMBER 12, IMS. No. 88 THIEF GIVEN TRUXTUN BE ALE RETURNS- UNIVERSITY LECTURES TO BE RES UMED IN SPRING *> * * * * * * * * * * * * * v * * * * A * * * * * A * A A A A FRESNO, Nov. 12.—After spending fifteen months in the local county jail awaiting trial on the charge of grand larceny, Bernardo Esponda yesterday in the Federal Court pleaded guilty to selling a government horse in Kern County. Attorney Crichton made a strong plea in behalf of the prisoner and United States District Attorney Lawlor admitted that the prisoner had probably been punished sufficiently. Judge .Wellborn thereupon inflicted a nominal punishment, ten 'lays in the Jail, and Kspouda departed happy. At the time the horse was stolen a troop of cavalry was crossing the Tehachapl. The train was wrecked and most of the horses escaped. Later all were recaptured save one. the missing horse, It was ascertained, had t been sold by the defendant 'to a man named Weldon. TCsponda's defense was that he bought the horse for $25, not knowing that it was a government animal, although the horse was branded with the government brand. There was no proof to show that Esponda knew the horse had been stolen and the charge was fixed at that of buying stolen government property. The prisoner's case should have come up at the last term of court, but through a misunderstanding It was overlooked and this fact was probably one reason why leniency was granted yesterday. * MINERS PERIL * * * * flon. Truxtun Boale arrived in Bak-1 to the curriculum, that of athletics, ersfield this morning, after a month and Mr. Beale Intends to bring down spent In San Francisco, and will re- an Instructor in this department who main here during the winter, dividing , will help to make the course popular |< n T!;.. Ketbod mine this morning will his time between Bakersfleld and the , among tlie men, as well as the wo- HAMM. WKSTPHALIA, Germany. Nov. lj-~\n pvnlnulnn of fll'O damp * * * * Tejon ranch. Mr. Beale is still very enthusiastic over his University Expansion scheme, and declares that the course of lectures was abandoned probably result in a very heavy loss of lif.' Alread twent-seven bodies __.„_. ! '-" • ''' . \ 11 '•((' I > \ « l'UL.» •£«.:: > i/11 i Jim II-n ' tl „ „ . luiv- !, V en taken out and SOO are stfil "What r wan to do," said Mr. Beale | un( ierm-,>»inii , in(l in ffroat pern , Fom In an interview with a representative hundred men were working at the time it - * f+ • • n h .VI .._._ __. ft b* . —. fJlnl_f*l, )' . * • * t though! 0 * the California!! this morning, to give the young men of Bakersfteld * * * last spring, Instruction In all of the, . . old branches will begin anew this i j heir horae year, probably l n the month of April, lego llfe ' A and new subjects added, and that >lthe lectures will, in all probability, be given In the Greek Theater at College Green. An additional course will be added * * * * * A * *' * MANILA WATER r who have no chance to go away from a true taste of col- little direction in the right way, a hint as to how to pursue their studies, is all they need. They can do the rest themselves." Mr. Beale saw several of the city trustees this morning, In regard to improvement work at the park, and stated that It was probable that the city would take charge of the park, planting vines and turf, as soon as the rains come. It was his opinion 'that the city would also complete the cinder path, although the donor of the park is by no means ready to cense his own benefactions yet. MANILA, Nov. 12.-The new water -There has been some little opno- system of the city, costing $2,000,000, „ is completed. It was brought twenty sitlon to my plans, I know, he said. will Is' of the disaster, nnd seventy have been brought (o the surface. The majority are nior*' or less Injured. One has since died, one hundred and fifty are in the shaft and are believed to lie doomed. The fire nuule great headway Mini is still spreading. The police surround the \vorkt AUGUSTINA DUSERRE RETURNS ARRESTED Claiming that she had boon Induced 10 leave her homo by the spiritualistic Influence of Mrs. M. W. Dayton, sixteen year olil AugviHtlna On- sorre arrived in Kern this morning with her mother, who has been POLITCIANS FLOCK SYSTEM MPLETE AFTER TAFT • I HOT SI'UINKS. Nov. ,1!,—What .. In- designated "near oapilol" is established here. President-elect. Taft is surrounded by a rotorio of states- and politicians, There are Vice »r lUir- for her slnre she mysteriously left Kern throe weeks ago. Tin* girl was found yesterday afternoon in a house on West Twenty-fourth street, Los Angeles, where she was employed as a domestic. The runaway was overjoyed at the sight of her parent and this morning seemed pleased beyond measure to again be at home. From the story the girl tells both (he naytnns* Mr. nnd Mrs,, have played different roles in her disappearance and as the result tt is expected that Dayton will l>o arrested In Oakland tonight on a oharRe of abduction. Up to the lime slio ran away. An- gustlna was employed n« a servant girl by the Dayton*. Mrs. Payton Is scarcely more than a year older than the girl. They wore more companions than mistress and servant. AIIRUS- tlna declares that Mrs. Dayton was a spiritualist and exorcised ijueer powers over her. Tho night before they wont away, throe weeks a30, the «:lrl derive* M"~ 'v,••"•:> >• .-( failles' pffimlintf on end. chairs and Dayton were traced to the lodg* Ing house and finally to the private home where she was united with her mother yesterday afternoon. A short time before the meeting took place, however, the girl received a tetter and railroad ticket from Dayton instructing her to take the train that loft IX.R Angeles last night and meet him at i ho Oakland depot tonight The letter was turned over to the police nnd Instead of the girl meeting Dayton ho is expected to be greeted by an officer who will place him under arrest. "I am awfully slad to be. horaa again," the girl said this morning. "Mrs. Dayton was a spiritualist and just made, me run away. I was afraid to write and tell anybody, where I was because I know Dayton is a bad man and I was afraid he would hurt me, I am awful glad to i't h/une." ! Augustina lives with her mother* Mrs. (.Moment on II street near Owc-n. * *! *l *i miles through concrete and steel and is one of the greatest accomplishments of the Americans since the occupation of the islands. FUGITIVE KIDNAPER IS CAUGHT IN WASHINGTON V V V V V »•* » •• •• •• * •• **« »:* *:• SKATTKK, Wash.. Nov. 12.—In a ('arm house owned by David Fo> on the south shore of Seattle lake, five miles north of Seattle, asleep, tired, footworn and made desperate by the pursuit of the posse from Mount Ver- uon, Leo Uezmer, alias Rufus,' 1 was taken by sun Superintendent C. A. Hlvely of the j raptured this morning at -'' o'clock by S. P. lease leaves Saturday for Coal- ; Deputy Sheriff Wheeler, Hill and inga, where he has been transferred j Meek. He is now in the. King counts SUPT. H1VELF.Y I TRANSFERRE "but t think that this will vanish when people really understand I am after. 11 Mr. Beale has In contemplation the purchase of several handsome marble vases, recently imported from Italy by Giu-k, of San Francisco, to be placed in the nlchos of the theater. Me has also in view several bronzes, which can no used for same purpose. These, Mr. Hoalo .stated, would be purchased and put in plate when It appeared the park u.n of Ohio, an! H< nnie of" Oregon. ' «"<> highland fling and all tho while! ;:n! Natji.n-il Commit teaman Ward, die was pouring advice in the young senator from New \ork. and many others. * * PASSENGERS HAVE ESCAPE * # ^ * t • t .* of »''iiturv * ;•! ^ • 3 "\\ histling was more advanced, sunirise and ^^-« to take charge of (he S. P. work'Jail. Be/mer, it is alleged, recently there. He will be tendered a fare-! kidnaped a wealthy looser named K. F. well dinner under the direction James McIIugh at the boarding house. Congratulations will be somewhat divided on that particular day, as it also Heralds the anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. McHugh's wedding day. LABOR MEMBERS DEFEAT ATJSTRAUAN CABINET. or one's curs to leave nor home and I £o uith her to Los Angeles, where KUV promised to find Augustlna em- , ployment. Tho influence over her, Augustlnn said, nnd she went. Soon after their arrival, Mrs. Day ton found the girl a position in r small town just out of Tx>s Angeles Almost a week later Mrs. Dayton re- \ /. where her husband I ji^iiti " n r*, unit i» M|<|"i4i*i i u • j 11 til 1 tX falling out with the result that Mrs. Dayton loft her husband and went to her home in Santa Hosa. while Dayton immediately departed for Los Ancep>s to join AugustIna. He took tho Klrl away from her place of em- plovment and brought her to a turned to Kern, still was, and it appears they but ni ' MELBOURNE, Nov. 12.—The government having failed to bring for- forced him to sign a $r,wni ward in the Australian parliament demand for ransom and then tied him measures sufficiently radical to to a tree. Sheriff Harmon of Skjii;it P^ase the labor element, tho mom- county offered a reward of $.V>" for bers represent ing that party in the house withdrew their Mipporf of the DeaUin ministry and the tfovennnent was last nteht defeated on a division.; Fisher, a radical lal.or b ador. will • \ V., Nov. L'.-Throo the ;iesi bound Twentieth Limited on the New York \\ei<> thrown from tho r.vN ).-n Uoad. eir-t of (his city at \ ibis morning. Many pas- were hurled from their berths. Ing house in Los Angolos, promising were M-riousIy bin'!. The ae-, to find her hotter work In a few days, was caused by a broken rail. Kvontually the position in the home on Twenty-fourth street was secured nnd then Dayton wont to Oakland. in the meantime the girl's mother \veiu lo LOM Angeles and put defer- Uves mid police on the rase. Th» SHARPE CARMACK MUR NASHY1LLK. Xov. 12.— John Fi. Sharpe. ex-sheriff of this county, was arrested for murder In aiding and abottiim tho luuider uf ex-Senator Carmark. His arrest followed a rnoeMiu; of tho mud jury. It is alleged i hat Sharpe was seen with lli' 1 Coopers shortly (•• tl.e killing ami also at (•«'!!<• of :h" killiim Immt- diatel> afterwards. He was taken t (| Jail. * * • * * mm IRON BIG LKR. I'a.^Nov. rj. - I'assenue* ti-ain No. 1! southbound on !ln; lles- :>riner aJi'l l.aUe Krie railroad jioinu at foity miles an hour was wrecked live noith of Iiere lasf ftkh'. Over sst'DL'fi's escape'! light injuries. louder juini»ed the track in a cur th rupture. ^\ vigorous search for .mer, in which blood houiuls were pressed into service has been prosecuted unceasingly for o\er a fortnight. ENGINEER GAMBLING CAUSED A BANKER'S DOWNFALL. TORONTO, Out,, Nov. 1L—Duncnu Cameron McCallum, late teller of the Fanners' Hank of Canada, pleaded today to tho theft of $li),iM"> form a now cabinet. This is the second EXPLOS time the labor POtlTICMS FOR SENATOHIP party has been In power In the Aus- and was sentenced to three years in { trallan fe.leral parliament. - IllHnr * 1 the penitentiary. McCallum attribut- NVatson, another of the labor leaders , Kxcelsior Siirint;s I'owder Corupany at I'latt of New York in March next, I • ' .»_..-_ . - m . m * I Nov. man at this time has a clear path to MTV v i*» --fr. 1 " 10 S( ' al jn ( ^ l(> t<Tni * ( ' 1 ' ^'''tos Senate exidosion in Hie KlaihiK house dr'the' 1 " ht ' vafflicfl by Senator Thomas C. ed his downfall to gambling. was* premier for a short time In 1!»"1. Ready ou oat? verc coll verco invite GERY Mo,, ten miles s(Hith of Kan- was evidenced Citv this niornitm. doiim consider-! aid" property damage a nf one man nnd a ,„,. , '•'•'f"ron o n yesterday at several | the subject at tin .i raiiMu^ me ; ...... the ininry of j White House and in \ViishinRton ho- tblrty-fivo, but one sorioiiisly. lloraro t t .ls. Kline, the engineer in the uln/iim house, \V;IH killed nnd Mrs, J. U. Mc- of Fort. Scott, Kas.. was s rlousl'y injured. The Kansas City and'ed to become an active oandldato ofh- Southern [.assen^or iraln, north ' f , r aK piraiitH for the place would with SAN KriANnsro. Nov. 12.—Chaa. M. S>c.hwnb ( head of the UethMietn Steel Company, which controls the t'nion Iron \Vorks of this city, an* nouncrd today thai the steel com* pany had purchas'-d the controlling interest in the San Francisco Dry- rom|)any. v, ..\t-li owns two l>i? ,-if //jjiHers* JMnf within San sf** hay. as well as a number of floating doeks for smaller vessels, Srhwab said that the docks would bo '" 1 " hi » 1 " 1 """ thc Into a vast repair establishment car> „.,,. , . of handling marine work of any , t / iule and of docking any ship afloat in the Pacific ocean. The amount Involved In the deal was not mado public further than the state* •nient by Mr. Schwab that It would reach several millions. The Hunters' Point dry docks, two BURNED AGAIN Fi»r several days it has appeared . , ,, , M ^ rt .. t lf ,, . f „, . T, * _, ,, i Jn number, arc respectively 750 ana .that if Secretary of State Hoot docid- ., w , . , , . ., . I , f ... .. -ii") foot long, tho larger capable of taking any vessel that has ever entered (ho harbor, including battle- .ships. It Ks tho intention of Schwab to build at the docks efficient repair to do any class of work, and la his st'iteniont today he said that the cost of repairing would bo brought down to a point where It would offer ship owners an opportunity to have their work done hero as cheaply an It could be handled in any port In thd world. dows were hlovvn in and itt tliis item- j Woodruff, chairman of the Republican m;iny were injured by cms airl j slate commit tee, who has had amhl- io.s. The cause of 'he explosion ; tinns 1(I b(1( . orno K( .n:itor for several unknown. Kimineer Kline was the' m*' In the building at the time. WALLACE. Idaho, Nov. 12.—Tho of James Haulers, the serious injury of EKsio. Lcrondeau and attempts to lynch a man named Green, who infuriated citizens believed to ' incendiary, were the leading features of a fire which destroyed, for second time within three months, town of Taft, just across tho Idaho-Montana state lino. The loss was about $100,00", with $50,000 insur- years, has poi assented to the pro- Kram of eliminating nM raiKlldates except Mr. Koot. \VjootIruff returned to Now York yesterday afternoon ami his friends say that he will j$tvo foi)Kidoj'abl(> thought to tho situation before rf^achiny a conclusion. Persons well Informed com-crnlng Now York politics assorted last that Mr. Woodruff had within his power the making of a very embarrassing senatorial situation. Chairman Hitchcock went to the White House last night and saw Wh t would not admit that the New York Henatorshlp had been discussed. burned to death, and a girl named KIsIo Lorondoau suffered «ov<»ro injuries by jumping from a window of tho second story of the Arcade theater. Several «Irls in the building Of the buildings Inn-nod, at least were saloons. The flre broke out In the Arcade rhoaior at 10 o'clock last night and! was subdued, only to break out , had narrow c-m-apoa from dcalh. again at 4 o'clock this morning In tho same, place, with a fury that do- fiffj the efforts of the flre brigade. The who!*.- village was soon In flames As far an can bo learned fifteen buildings were destroyed. The people, of Taft are under the impression that the flre was spite work ()i\ tin.- part of a gambler uuinori en against, owners of tho Atva^lo er, ami d"tnonstrat'ons against man reached such a pitch of ?hat Ji is claimed (hat the au•A wore forced to remove, him MUaoula to prevent, lynching. th SENTENCED TO JAIL FOR BURGLARIZING VILLA DANUrHY, Conn, Nov. U'. Henry Williams and Charles Hoffman, aroused of breaking Into the villa of Samuel L. ('lemony (Mark Twain), pie KUllty yt-storday. The court senii lloluuan to not JesH than three nor more than five yefir« In slate's prison. On I ho rb/'irfce of burglary William." was given not less than live nor more than six years in prison and on the ; » of assault with Intent to kill James nantors. a porter In UK- em nlov of the Spokane Hotel, was prison. not more than four years in state er WATERMAN FO AIN PEN HES

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