Chattanooga Daily Times from Chattanooga, Tennessee on August 19, 1961 · 1
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Chattanooga Daily Times from Chattanooga, Tennessee · 1

Chattanooga, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 19, 1961
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"To Give the News Impartially Without Fear or Favor" r111111'M " 'REFERENCE-ROOM CHATTANOOGA PUOLlp 41i Tristate Weather (IT?—Varm todae and Sundeol 1111ertrell ' and evening shower" TENFERAWEE—Pate and warm GEORG1A—Partly cloudy and warm ALABAMA—Pante timidy and vatm Full Wtsther Rept:en-oil Pogo i ' -1T:- ''' '": ' -ii ' ' '' l ''' ' ''''''''' '' 'Y A 1 A P I TEsis l'y sENA'TE t"ntiRp DROPPED BY NASA i ) USE IN spEEDellp movE 'AIMS ARE Needed Data Obtained byl A 2 Flights—Man-in-Space I CONFERENCE DUE11 in Crew of Cuban Snip Bid Due Late in '61 Representatives Refuse 0 Took Control Fled to US I Ily JOSEPH A LOFTUS 1 c New York Times News Serttet I 5 WASHINGTON — The National -Year Authorization ' Aeronautics and Space Adminikj Vote $12 Billion 1 tration has decided to skip further i suborbital flights and to concen- 1 REBUFF TO PRESIDENT 1 trate on a full earth orbit shot with 1 REBUFF TO PRESIDENT Many Feel Compromise on 2 or 3-Year Borrowing Authority Doubtful By F W RENWOR'rillt c Nme York Times News Service NVASHINGTON—The House and Senate Friday night passed foreign aid bills that were cornpletty at odds on President Nennedy's long-range development program and the means of financing It The Senate granted the President's request for authority to borrow nearly 88 billionfrom the Treasury over five years to finance the loans which the President regards as the core' of his neW aid program of his new aid Program 1 C: : - 4- 1 Landing by 1970 The House version denied the ' ' ' '41 I Beyond that is a scheduled flight President this authority in I - - ' 1 :around the moon and by 1970 it stead it authorized an appro- '' ' '' ' hoped a lunar landing 1 : ‘ 'is' g priation of $12 billion--the ' — - 4 : ! The immediate future calls for The House version denied the! President this authority Instead it authorized an appropriation of $12 billion---the amount which the President had asked for the first bear This would mean that the President would have to get! the funds through the annuall appropriation rroces 1 senate Vote 66-?4 The vote in the Senate was 6 8 to 24 Eleven Republicans and 13 Democrats voted against NORFOLK Va (AP)—Eleven dicated the 11 defectors from the ' -r- — I MOSCOW — The Soviet Union clear away which we have no comment" 1 litiblik lititititi I) crease inn ftr on emUnited 5 000 States t o 6 Berlin m e n the bill An but one of the op- crewmen of a Cuban freighter regime of Cuban Prime 'Minister All seven US astronauts includ- published Friday purported t o p The new Wall is almost was dictated the President said posing Democrats—Sen Alan bound for the Soviet Union sub- Fidel Castro including the ship's ing Cmdr Alan B Shepard Jr and secret plans of the United States complete in northern and Bible of Nevada—were South dued 23 fellow crewmen in a master will be allowed to re- Capt Virgil I Grissom wtio made' that and its allies at specify targets central districts of the 25-1 ibv "recent developments 'mind ernerS :bloodless encounter on the high main in the United States Mercury suborbital flights the Middle East for atomic at Inle border winding from Rein are AL man military forces into East The House vote V as 2S7 t seas locked LIEDpRorfEsTlitg the movement of East Ger them up and sailed The s u g a‘r - laden freighter candidates for the earth orbit shot ekendorf southeast of Neuoelin lack in case of war in 'i - 'esst k' - — !i o Berlin" 110 here to ask political asylum the space agency said ' Tass i ' the Announcing its abandonment of ' ‘er it peered Communist Soviet Union Commander' The Western allte3 accused Conference committees of the The US State Department In See raze Two Column l'h e ! Soviet government " news troops their rifles 'sometimes r r 'aloseew Thursday of violating flights NAsA said A agem) warned the popula- two chambers will attempt to suborbital h 1 1 ti tie with ficiwore frnm ctirla rd Says Red German riemme tniir-rtnts"” es esevvtrtvA i 30 reconcile the differences Thursday Kennedy had urged the House to reverse the vote ill on Wednesday which lonz-terrni stripped n Birmingham Tossed Out thfi b of both the z orx Imes IVEIVS aerrice - the bill of both the long-term i- — " "-"0 """ ' which would require additional ter ouensive Imo me - - - it and the barbed vire fencing BERLIN ---- The Soviet Union Must Speak for Selves approach and Treasury bor- 'suborbital flights" East- after m Britain with 4 000 troops in rowing The amendment had BIRMINGHAM — US Dist Judge IL ) Hatch Study Continues The Soviet foreign ministry installed Sunday a er three East Friday 'German men escaped to Wesel night rejected as "co - Berlin and France been offered by Rep D a Grooms Friday ruled unconstitutional a 1954 Binning The agency said however it is vited foreign correspondents to atin pletely unfounded" the first of with 3 000 erlin by gunning a heavy truck 'also are expected to send swil- l ' i hit inn nhrstne nf this ftrnts-D sauna v-car a memoer y ordinance N lc 'ham eit ord which prohibits Negroes an d white g research into the causel—- — 'th iwri en ocuments in the Toss rough the wire Itne two protests made by the ibolle reinforcements but the persons from taking part in sports contests together the Foreign Affairs CommitteeJ lo Building The documents ere Truck Shot I p t g the malfunction that blew open Western allies against the clos-1White House said it could not w' Saund is a naturalized citizen Ilthe hateh of the capsule on the xvoQt nni fro eq11 rnryw inEf of the border between raqt !sneak for other ril Ora rcontinuin tn 'Berlin by gunning a heavy truck 'also are expected to send syin- Saund ithe two protests made by theibolie reinforcements but the LI" - Ull"VU '"vP —Itarooms r-rmay mica unconsututional a luoi Dirnupg-' ag-ency sato nowever is: exhibition of photos of the type- D-Calif a member of continuing research into the cause iiff fh c! through the wire '4 1:f - i ham city ordinance which prohibits Nezroes and white 111111 13 11 11311113i&Lu tine natcn or me capsule on me police said Corn- g of the border between Eastlapeak for other governments Indian of birth ow But he turned down n a Negro request that he rule aateo ieb 3 1953 and attributed West Berlin m - “43' cap- Inunkt trunrcit chnt ir th fru 1 t anti Woof 1:torlin For Avmholin rpasong niqo nRE :- Gov Nelson A nockcifeller immediately that segrega- AID El AD 01111 stile and its films and records sank - tcr neaaquarters ot tne tor of Now york had renforced tion in city recreation facil-i in the oc Baghdad Pact which in Au ean 1959 was reorganized as the the President's plea by tele- ities is unconstitutional He 1111 U111111) far" said th-? agency "It tral Treaty Oreanization CE:s grams to every House Repub theordered that question set' I urging the defeat of r aund amendment on a roll for trial—probably in 0C-i call vote just before final pas-Itober all 101LO JIA41 V A A Fc sage The ruling came on a motion! AU morning end afternoon by the Rev F L Shuttlesworth DPW Plans Long - Range the House lobbies and press a Negro integration leader and i gallery buzzed with specula-!others for a summary judgment' Improvement But No communist restncuons Detore a me East uerman govern-! --- -- ---- ----- — ------ tion whether there would be a integrating all Binning- him-parks - - 'failures in other areas pansion of the moon exploration Added Funds Now Itary of State Rusk and special special session of the West Ger-ment acted "to protect its 1 (Lincoln White the depart- roil call on the Saund amend- ' and recreation facilities program asts in German attain will corn- rnent w h I c h had originally The ordinance overturned by The agency previously had an-'ment's spokesman said no United man lower house in Bonn as a:legitimate interests a right Re MARION' PECK States official had seen the pur-tviolation of human rights that is granted to every g plete the party passed by a vote of 197 to 185 Grooms prohibits Negroes and - ' notmeed it hoped to putan astro-i l The vice president will be the t vereign state v3 e " Col Solo -v ported secret documents and! Adenauer said West Germany so Hope on Amendment iwhite persons from taking part If services for dependent and naut into an earth orbit late thLs The US official to visit the In a number of forms of Washington therefore did not will step up its military pre— said lie sent similar letters to The hope of some Demo- compe- neglected children in Hamilton year orearly next year The hope' Ntaj Gen Albert Watson II former German capital since the erats was that the amendmentitition Among those specifically' County are to be broadened muchnow is that the agency can meet know their contents He added paredness within NATO but that' 'end of World War II To drama- w could be defeated by a nar-llisted are card games dice'beyond their present scope it aP''Friday's demand by Chairmen that the CENTO alliance "of msolve ilitary measures will not of the 'nited States Brig Gen !' ro margin and that then somem 'gaes dominoes m checkers golf that the comunityis g&''Overton Brooks D-La of the course has been and continues to Um the West s refusal to recog- the crisis He pledged coopera- Jean Lacomme of France andi we the barricades erected by 'Republican internationalists'-ibasketball baseball f o o t b a I I mg to have to provide the mew House Space Committee for a be leritimatelv concerned with tion with his western partners In Mal Gen Sir Bohan Dela-: ' : - - - 1 - the heart would move to recommit the track and swimming one way or another 'manned orbit by November I See Page Five Column T 1N est talks lefforts to get East- 's combo of Britain t iEaqt Germans across of the city last weekend he may bill to committee 'with instrue-1 It vas voted into law hi 1954 In That was the gist of an inter- 'started Reliable sources said! The Allied commandants had bons to bring back a specified 'a city referendum view Friday with James Vaughn y :Western notes probably will go termed the East 9 e r m a nt attempt to tour the Communist sector well as the areas po- ' - t ' compromise 1 That ordinance nance was he onlyidirector of child welfare for theldearned Hand Dies at 89 Ito the Kremlin next week in 'measures "repressive' in a pro-Iliood by as United States British Such a compromise it was one specifically listed by num-iTennessee Department of Public' s :answer to a Russian expression test note sent to Col Solovyevland French troops hoped would authorize a three-lber in the otiginal petition The Welfare and Mrs Martha Smith Kii Ti u ( j d y 1 e :Aug 3 of willingness for nego- on Tuesday They charged 1 ge s uage titons aimed at concluding a that East German military and Response : to Demand I Viet' s to use year loan Program with!Patition also sought relief fromdirector of public assistance' i LULU The special mission was or- ---ail-- ttusolet11 rnent which had originallyt passed by it vote of 197 to 1851 Hops on Amendment 1 The hope of some Demo- erats was that the amendment could be defeated by a nar-i row margin and that then some' 'Republican internationalists"j would nlove to recommit the the administration could live with it But all these hopes fell apart during the day when it became apparent that all factions stood to lose much and gain little by risking a roll call Democratic leaders discovered after repeated nose counts that they could not corral more ' '6"4-C1884447111 PrlYlift!es Authorized' rweeeee NN 6ov - AP Wireoho CAN' NAVARRO TELLS OE' CONSPIRACY AT SEA Ban on Integrated Sports a integrating all Birmingham arks 310 LO ! p e Funds Now -------- Added F ci N I - --- -' --—----'"' '—ifailiires In other oansion of the moon exploration r areas - 1 (Lincoln White the depart Communist restrictions before al The East German govern-! special session of the West Ger-iment acted "to protect its1::7c d-land recreation facilities rsrnorrn M ' 47r1bitjt - 1 'A - J 7-7-7-7" 74" 3(4&: ClIATTANOQOA' T8N114 SATURDAY AUGUST 19 1-961' 4 a manned vehicle The attempt to t - - - ' ' 'orbit a man may be made late A 4 t this year The NASA announcement made i no mention of the Soviet Union's ---'" - !successes in sending two men 'around the earth or of their inthl- "-1:':'::--:— ence on US schedules ' The agency explained only that - the two suborbital flights already - - i made supplied the needed data A 'third had been planned i v 1 The apparent effect of the deci- - - - sion is to speed the space agency's program After a manned vehicle 1'' r --' -I' : 'has been fully orbited the agency it:ct -f-'-' : - ''kr''': '' (t I L- ' 9 e- - ' " twill proceed to Project Apollo " - 1 --4 - ''''4it - - - - which will begin with the orbiting of more than one man possibly BERLIN WALL GOES UP: Cr 'three That flight however is munist pollee erect concrete - three tct four years away '''' !onerete wall to be topped by barbed vire betueen zones of Berlin ' Is nopeci a Lunar lanaing 1 The immediate future calls for Foil cEtlirro sllowif thh fr11 an attempt possibly withikl a few days to launch an unmanned Nier bill to committee with instruc-1 It was voted Into law in 1954 In That was the gist of an inter-I 'Ld Hd D bons to bring back a specified 'a city referendum view Friday with James Vaughn compromise 1 That ordinance vas the onlyidirector of child welfare for the ! earne an ies at 89 Such a compromise it was one specifically listed by aunt dTennessee Department of Public s hoped would authorize a three-lber in the original petition TheiWelfare and Mrs Martha Smith i r Y K n J udge s J udge' to use year loan program with!Petition also sought relief fromiclirector of public assistance' own as I annual appropriations This is 1 "all other ordinances" dealing DPW what the internationalist Re-With segregation The two Nashville officials spent: NEW YORK (AP) -- Judge 1 ' ! ' publicans originally wante (LI But Grooms said the main three days here this week work- Learned Hand one of the most and many Democrats believed Part Of the suit was based on ing with the local DPW t taff s---- o respected jurists in American his the administration could live C41111M11 Th a Seo Fago Nin Column Four tory and hailed by his colleagues! 'ry' Page Nine t e with it as the apostle of liberty under the t But all these hopes fell apart in A TA n 1 !law died Friday at the age of But all tnese nopes reit apart lime elet nsay at we age of c s' during the day when it became Prisoners Allowed More Baths in i apparent that all factions stood s Hand who retired in 1951 as to Inse much and gain little by Remainder of Requests Refused chief fudge of the 2nd Circuit' risking a roll call 1Court of Appeals—the busiest fed-1 Democratic leaders diacov- By FRED TRAVIS eral appeals court in the nation-1 ered after repeated nose counts Chattimoors Tines Boring ' died in St Luke's Hospital He that they could not corral more NASHVILLE—State Corrections' security and solitary tells other had entered the hospital Aug 51 than 180 votes against theCommissioner Keith Hampton" prisoners who vere in the disturb-I Often called the "10th Justice of Baund amendment—five fewer 'Friday rejected all but one of a ance but apparently not active the US Supreme Court because' See rsge Tin Column Six 'dozen demands of rebelling prison-' participants of the high regard In which he - ' :ers who holed up in the main pen-I Hampton talked to Frankle San- and his opinions were held by i itentia ry commissary here for nine ders 24 who the cornrnissionerihigh court jurists Hand served In Today's T ml es hours Thursday 'said admitted having planned the 42 years on the federal bench —' :Fare He agreed to consider further a:revolt with Charlea Raymond Far-llonger than any former fudge Amumements II request for more frequent baths ra and John D Bohannon both 261 Supreme Court Justice BenjaCbereb News I 10 for men confined to their cells and Sanders b serving 25 years forimin Cardoso once referred to - Classdned Ads 6 17-11 who complained of getting a show- armed robbery committed initlin as the most distinguished' Comics 8 It o 20 or only once a week - Montgomery (Clarksville) Cotustylliving English-speaking jurist" Cromeword Puzzle 10 The commissioner spent mostFarra a life term for robbery ana'and he was widely acclaimed in FAiltorials - I of the day at the Ng white-walledIlddnaping in Overton (Livingston) legal circles as a "fudges fudge" Financial News II-15 penitentiary Investigating the up-County and Bohannon 45 years for Some of the 2030 opinions be Legal Records II rising In which eight prison em-la murder in Davidson (Nashville) wrote also received literary ac- Local News 2 ployes and 19 other convicts were County clean 1 ONtuaries 4 l held as hostages until a threat oft Others sti'l being held In the One of his most famous opin-i Radio and TV rrograsol IS force collapsed the revolt maximum security building were ions was the 1950 court of appeais Society and Clubs 4 He reduced to siis the numberiaated as Robert Riven 26 aeirvdocument that affirmed the coni I Sports News 1143 lidentilled as perpetrators of theIing so years for armed robbery ini1 vicLon of 11 top Communist lead- Tristate News 11 'uprising aril said charges may be:siewart (Dover) county James ers in tb'e Crilied S's!es on We giber Reports 2 preferred against these Ile or-i ' icharges o f conspiracy to teach - Wotruus's rise 4 I dered re:eased from maximum" See rage l'ilit44 Column Two land advocee overthrow of the' ite' government by force and violence II rie In ing which eight prison em- a murder in Davidson (Nashville) wrote also received literary 2 ployes and 111 other convicts were County claim I In that hIstory-making opiruon i: ' 4 1 he11 as hostages until a thrt'at of - Oth ers en being held in the One of his most famous o Hand said in part The advocacy may rrtirsnlaa IS force collapsed the revolt maximum security bullciri g were ions was the 1950 court of appeals'° violence ma) or not fad: f Fzbert i as Rivera zs serv Adocument that arrmed the coo jbut In neither case can there be be 4 Ile reduced to si:c the numberqisted I 1143 lidenpled as perpetrators of the in 40 years tor armed robtry intviction of 11 top Communist lead-11111Y 'right to use it Flevolitions II 'uprng and said charges rny be stewart (Dover) county Jam" ers irt tbe uni:ed su!es el are spften eillta' but a riglit or a 2 icharges of cv oniracy to teach revolution' is a ccntralction in s a a — pr le r-1 1 1 emed against these I o 4 dered released from inaximuml See rare l'ilit44 Column Two land advocale overthrow of the‘ 'S l' NW C' I- 0 Age is ge e 0 MIR DA ICENNEDySENDS JOHNSON 1500 SYMBOLIC TROOPS TO RAISE BERLIN MORALE uat latt111 uI unu V31 - ! BERLIN (R) — East Berlin communists Frldreasyez-relin and kill' thus re-em P ha- cury capsule into an orbit around the earth Russia Releases Supposed closed 'part of the boundary between East and IAsi Allied determination to de : Reports that this would be fol- Moves for Atom Attack lowed by an orbital flight with a' himpanz0e in the Mercury cap-i Middle East 'sule were described by the agency! VOrk & St t is "somebody's speculation on T Ttlf Km Pr ee 1 MOSCOW — The Soviet Union IC which we have no comment" - ' UILFUL S11U J11611LN betal t --- hung with flowers from girls of detailed evaluation of the medical tions Of Iran Pakistan and and training aspects of the 31er- 'Afghanistan that some 40 atomic the East German youth organi- zation curs Redstone suborbital 1 i g h t strikes were planned against their! ' It was thrown up evidently to program had revealed no problems I cotuaries to block any Soviet 0 Es ro P:11A 1144 AV ps V01140 d b l s create a no man an eteen ''w 'which would require additional ter - offensive into the Middle suborbital flights " East 1 it and the barbed vire fencing trte4 n It eirt trgrUagr (pm 4-11wes" tf I -AP Wirphots JUDGE LEARNED RAND '-:''' ': 1! if-- tor ' j By MAX FRANKEL I 4 x k k e New York Times News Service - '- - 4er: --7:4 4 :- ''''''e "7: w-— ti 1ns neWdyASFHrIi1GyTOorNd—erPedresltdiceentpKrees7 '''')'1 4 4" M1 dent Johnson and a symbolic bat-- - - 40 ' tie group of 1500 men to go to ' -" -- g'!-0 0 1 3 -!'!- '" 4 ''' 4!''3 4 - '''' --- k I Berlin to assure restive West i -! - C'A--i"-:!"" !Germans that they will not be V!!! :!': '!-i ''''' 3- '- labandoned by the United States - — ! "4"-m-r"'s '''1---- 3!- '4"" I The vice president will confer f ' k4 X " '')' '''' q ' :04 4'''-'' '' 'in Bonn Saturday morning with 4'' ---" '!' -: '"7' 1!!''' "h411!" ::' s : s - e-4' - -- :v-44 -s's-:-T Infest German Chancellor Ade- i !!!: :!r !!!!! -r-"i! 40!!z!0105!z!'"--24 00--!!'- ---c 7- ' 1 - 1 '"i f:Z4 1 r1SOki r4 ''! 1 nauer In the afternoon he win -- um Radiophoto lily to West Berlin to deliver a imsfaced East German norkers under Isatehful eyes of Corn- Ipersonal message from the Preston to be topped by barbed vire 1)etween zones of Berlin dent to the city's mayor Willy - !Brandt I f Reds Build Concrete Wall viln wStiiint day Tarirint:tt eTdohbnysottlh'se !arrival of the troops They are !to long one of Their Dependents Pull Outmove overland the three autobahns a used to sup- Iply Western garrisons In West ---7 ' I et -( York TTtlf NPWR SPrt tee 'calleu ou toe nubialis Lo Icgnraeerras:seoonliltillohiliii00:iclo:Sia6te:09shBeemin: 'as "somebody's speculation on ' E ci MOSCOW — The Soviet ITT11011 clear away 'electors from the which we have no comment" 1 '' ' n Prime 'Minister All seven US astronauts includ- published Friday purported t o p' The new Wall is almost was dictated the President said eluding the ship's log Cmdr Alan B Shepard Jr and secret plans of the United States complete in northern and I A 1 L 1 E D pRolisiby "recent developments inelud- e allowed to re- Capt Virgil I Grissom wIto made and its allies that specify targets central districts or the 25-1 ling the movement of East Ger- ited States Mercury suborbital flights the Middle East for atomic at:mle border winding from Rein-1 are lman military forces into East in i ' — - laden freighter candidates for the earth orbit shot ack in case of war 'eckendorf southeast of Neukoelin! - Berlin" l those routes of access 'rheroNplihrnitoeveHmoettilsteFraidnanyounincgehilt Berlin with a concrete-block wall topped with barbed fend the t wire giving an air of permanence to the anti refugee I high-level conference on called on the Russians to barricades that the Big Three Western allies have ------- after a w vv" r ithe Johnson mission The in (pletely tmfoundect" the first of! ' I)' truck 'also are expected to se: !4)' 'the two protests made by the!bolin rpinfnrePrnentm 1 s ti e men were uninjured A Col Andrei Solovyev the bUt AID FOR CHILDRE in the ocean Baghdad Pact which in August cen subrnachinegun bullet gouged I "Thu:s far" said th? agency "it t n f 1959 vas reorganized as the z i o ft St -C111 Soviet commander in Berlin t restrictions before al The East German rovern-isistant tor - CLAY GOING TOO Vice President to Assure Residents They Have Not Been Abandoned by US BOHLEN ONE OF PARTY Britain France Expected to Send More Fortes in to Bolster Attitude nines Moscow Thursday of violating cis of Says Red German Regime four-power agreement by tolerat Acted With Legality ing the German Communist — !troops in the city that is Juridical- fly SYDNEY GDUSON (IV ittil under occupation by the i ir New York Times News Serowe big powers tcr headquarters of the former m UlliSt guards shot up the truck and West Berlin For symbolic reasons also Vice 1President Johnson will be accom but the men were uninjured Col ank A Baghdad Pact which in August Andrei Sohyvyev thei 195q trwt rpnrgrnnizpd nq th yen subrnachinegun bullet gouged panied by retired Gen Lucius D panioti by retired Gen Lucius D JU rtili tillitAnitri In me ocran I "Thus far" stud th-? agency "it hinottocea 1959 svas reorganized as the Cen- submachinegun bullet g o u g e d Soviet commander In- Eerlin Clay who was military governor 11 ea si It e ront aauth1No'reisitiesBesraliidn lso told th -ae United States has been determined that an addl- tral Treaty Organization CENT° of Germany during the 1948-49 p 1 1 t o ' required 1 Reed -di t no n II tehelliinghvets4oautld nooft: (In Wa(shilinarggt :nDethnieedState De- partment said Friday night that refugees were still s 1 l'p p i n g roug a a rate o 140 daily 1 relanc dBritish that French acomman-airlift that broke a' Communist 'completely inappropriate" blockade of Berlin His perform ' e then made him one of the i the hatch operation" signed by President dent Ken- s k bill si i Chancellor Adenauer and Soxiet charges of secret United marks about the East Germiaande' best known and best liked Amer :Brandt rivals for the chancellor' PW Plans Long - Range nedy Friday appropriated $1671-1'Aates plans to bomb Soviet cities a general Sept measure p 1 e - 'Ilast S d I Charles E Bohlen special as - '750000 to the space agency About' are obviously intended ' to dis-:s1113 0 election Se joined in condemning the morning un ay m Improvement But No I la fourth of that is marked for ex- tract attention from Communist ld to close the borderlicans in Germany I T t- r isistant for Soviet affairs to Secre :German peace treaty ' paramilitary force a had turned I '" '1---- ----- - -- - - I A well-informed we s t e r n East BerliA into- an "armedlgantzed in response to repeated source said that across the bor- camp" while carrying out a demands from West Germany tion " w" sv der some SOWS and children of "flagrant viola" of the f- that more than ords ere our lneeded to protest East Geri See Page Vivo Column One I See Page Five Column Three I Imany's sealing of the frontier be1 tween East and West Berlin The 1 Osborne 'Angriest' of Young Men ' - !Allies have accused the Soviet )Lmon of responsibility for this VI y Renounces Mother Englan Act d violation of the four-power status 'of Berlin but they have found it difficult to find suitable more i New York Times Newt Seertel "dramatic countermeasures I LONDON—John Osborne thefantasy was to imagine him1 - The White House and State De British playwright who was the self watching members of Par- partment are seriously disturbed original 'angry' young man" 'lament filing in their demo by continuing reports from West i has written an open letter toteratically elected hot seats" Berlin about the population's dis his fellow countrymen in which wish We could hang you !all out with sour dirty wash sentment ever Western inaction appointment bitterness and re- he renounces Britain and ac- eu in ses her people and leaders of - g on your damned Odor: Column Si Leading East German Commu- being murderers Neisse Vale and those even outi I Page Il I His vitriolic message written' of 10 Americans too" he wrote I s - m it See ‘e ' fro his home in Vangotmel Like Sean OlCasey the Irish' ROSSVILLE IN FINALS iFrance was published Friday playwright Osborne indicated' in - wing h through with his native Baseball —Rossville defeats eeklY i iland tAirline Park 6-1 to enter finals 1 'Mils is a letter of hate" Os-I Osbornes lengthy outburstfollof Dixie World Series 'borne wrote 'It is for you my bitterness did not specify ex Lookouts split twin-bill with I what Britain had done countrymen I mean those men aotiy Vols Jun Grant hurls of my count-TY 'syhe have de- to deserve his wrath three-hitter as Indiana down :filed it The men with manic But he wrote: Yankees 5-1 Lrgers leading the sightless "You have instructed me in Tennis—Tommy Bartlett and -feeble betrayed body of mystmy hatred for 30 years you Ilanlyri Bream 'cat Gliattan country to its death You are its :have rerfeeted it and made it'ga team in State CIved Tcnrmurderers and there's Ettle left' the bi-olt obsolete tostniment naTner-tLn rry on brain but the t is vlw I only hope it will Settben—NYI"' wIrl- in" ia thoughts of murder for you" i :state te"trmamelt itt Nanhvt':e I i °shone said his favorite Sem Pais Zak Column The 1 (Details on Spors 14e4J — 0 a 1 C -1 li 1A"1 -1 1 Nag414 p go ats44zi ' tVeather Reports 2 !preferred against these Ile or-1 revolution' Is a contradictio i n n urdr for u - - 'stato tournament at Nasnviiie tcharges of conspiracy to teach itaM-KA Ct rn - - 1 i -- t - -- I i ( ' IVOtrall'10 11E8 - 4 idered re:eased from maximum! See rag Mae Column Two land advocate-overthrow of the See Taps Nine IC-of-onus Ono 1 ' Osborrie Eald Ls favorilti foe raio Imo Coluom The 1 (Deta-ils oa Spor-s 14e4) - - - - -- t ei — - - --- I - - N ' ' - ' - i - - ' ! '' --- - - - ----- - B 44 ! CONEI : Represer 5-Yea Vot i : ! 11 REBUFF Many Fe 2 or 3- Auth By E 1 c Nme i' ' WASHE and Sentt foreign aid plettly at Nennedy's rnent prog of financir The Seri i tdent's req - borrow ne? ? t the Treasu i finance - tt ?resident : I ' of his ne i 1 'rhe Hou President 11 ? stead it a : 1 priation r ? : amount v had asked I This wou President the funds appropriat I Serts The rot 68 to 24 and 13 Der I i the bill A posing D? ' 1 Bible of I erners The Hol i 110 1- Conferer -- 1 - i two chami reconcile i 1 Thursda: - iii the House ' on Wedne I : the bill of approach rowing T ' I been offei ' ? SaundD-' i ' the Foreig - 1 Saund is 1 of Indian 1 Gov Nf ' ' of Nev ) the Presic i ? grams to I' lican urgir Saund am I call vote j t sage I: All Tiler the House Igallery tot ' tion wheth I i roll call oi i meat w h passed by i Hope The hal i - erats was '1 could be 1 row margil 'Republica t Would 11101 Lil i' bill to coir t : tions to br I compromis ' Ii( Such a 'hoped woi to-five yea annual aril ' il what the publicans l' and many : the admir 1 I ' with it is - But all t during the 1 apparent ti to lose mu risking a Democra ered after that they c - i i than 180 I Saund am I See Pagi i ' 1' In To( 1 Amusemer t (lamb Ne - - Clasodtled t Corrdes Crossword rditerials Finandal : I Legal Rec 1 I Local New I I Obituaries ' Radio ind Society an : Sports NPN Tristate N 4 Weather t ' t - f Worruurs I i ' 1 - - riousiy custuroeo ports from West population's disLterness and re Vestern inaction erman Commue Column Si : IN FINALS xtsville defeats to enter fintans' d Series twin-bill with in Grant buil' Indians down ry Bartlett and Icai Cl-'attanooCitved Tent mns win lose in it at por-s r&ze-s) - - t q - REFERENCE-ROOM ROOM ' ' ! 1 " ' - I CHATTANOOGA PUBLIC itelAliY ' ' 6 1 ' ' i 1 I "To Give the New' s Impartially' T Ir) - 11 ! 1 4?) Tristate Weather (L EITTa-Warm tnelac end Sunde7: Ill'erriwil Al'''41 'i Pf i $ v) 4te1s ' and evening thaser" ' Without Fearor Pavor (k 11 tilt 1 g )1 141 11)11 111 s t(ii' 1 I— il 1 I i 2114:) TENNESSEE-Pelf and warm ' It tat) ! 11 11 ' 1 - 1 ' GEORGIA-Partly cloudy and warm ! ALABAMA-Pactic clnude end verm A - d P P 1 - 1 '' $ !'--- - 0 ' Full Pitsther Itepeert-011P110 i 4 ‘ I r ' ' ' 1' I P - '' "' '--v-v4041 - - 1h - ' I " -ao- a le V OTXtlIl ' 'INT) ''' :247 ' ' I '9 1 e Pf t i7tt!t 1 gla sit y 1 rt P !tee g es Authortzed -7------'--"'"-"''''''"P? $ —7-7-7- CIIATTANOQOA' T8NN SATURDAY ALIGt5ST 19 1-odt 1 ' 44 A- ' ' '''''''' ' 1' : nrets re---i:t it- ''-'44-7"1 - I ---- -"--"---vs-c ‘ 1'1 74 014-7 'sivt l ia lentiesacet ii 14 4'71 t '9'7114 ""'1(742"':"r1:-'4447:-Z:::::::"51"a " ' ' - - - '''''' ' I 1110 1 ir ' 4'4 ''' '3 1' I' -' :' '''-'7--:a :: k w1 ''' :!'-Z' '''' ' A ''' ' 1 SENDS JOHNS D A T 4 1 A' i 1 tnir ' RV cP11TAT1171 ictri DROPPED BY NASA 1 atinia QVIIInirlf irrt IT D 1)1-1DC 01 L'Abli-U1 AINS ARE OPPOSED IIIVYL TO RAISE BERLIN MORALE 'Needed Data Obtained by :r 2 Flights—Man-in-Space :::: 1 ian Ship Bid Due Late in '61 - 4 ' : " : CLAY GOJIMJ TOO tO York T S B 441 A N y JOSE PH A 11OFTUS : ': :: C Neu imes New s Sortioo I : :: i : t Vice President to Assure 1 - 3 " - 3- ' — NA 3 33 :‘!3 3 e 3 3 - WASHINGTON — The NationaL : ' : : g: ::: : : ::04- i': ' - I --- - Residents They Have Not Aeronautics and Space Adminik- ' I ': 1 '- '' " '': ' '' ' I I ' I ' Been Abandoned by US tration has decided to skip further : - : i : ':: : 8 : ::: ::: :i :::?': ' - suborbital flights and to concen- i'!: : i"1 : - - :: : : L: 4 i ?: - : i::- : f ::: 1 f 'i ' - - ':'' : Hi :' : 1- - ' -2--' 1 BOHLEN ONE OF PARTY trate on a full earth Orbit shot with i0 ''' t::- ft::0" : 7 : : : : :::: : i ' - - a manned vehicle The attempt to 'it: ''- '' : :::::': : '''' ' ' ' i" : '' : i l":'' ::'::::: ':: " f - 1 ' ' 4: ::: ::' ' '''' : l''''' ' ' ' ' 1 : ! ' r-:: : ' i -1" " '' '''" :::-":?--f- '' :: -': ::: :: ::::' : : : --N ' - ' Brt a :: orbit a man may be made late tvg14 ::: 1 ::: : t : ' :"'" '''-'4''‘::::'- l'"'''': -:::''' - ': : i m - France Expected i : : )-1" : : :- : ::f 7 :: : ': : :: :: !: : : ::: !::: ye A e oe i : : : :4e '" X 1 ' 1'7" 5: f """'''$''::4 -- 'MiltioNIMMAWmootwti : ' t to Send More Fortes 11 - 'r"' this ar -''' ' I:: : ' The NASA announcement made s Owe's --" 1 '''''''''''''''"÷":litH ' k' ' ': : :' ' : - P ' e-vslrof4 4nci4 t - to Bolster Attitude i no mention of the Soviet Unions e --'''' -:'' ''' ' ---f oat ''"k 4' oo-' 4 1 -- --- - rok'' 4 1 New York Times N !successes in sending two men '' around the earth or of - ''''-''''' '-::1'!:-: i ' Pr By 511X FRANKEL ' -:-' : -: :-:' their infhl 7 ' - r 7 ::7:7::14::::'7'":- ---- - - f ''''' :: i i '1 ''''t ' k 2- -: : : ! ' - :: : ' 1 :' : i ::' i':' : A 1 e ews Servic e ' : : s - : : : '' : -'1 : ' : : " r 4 ence on US schedules - - '': - '"'":- - ---A- -mg' " ASHINGTON—President Ken ii-- 0:a0717--' dneendyt Johnson oarndderaedsy‘m'ibcoeliPerbeastto -:' "' ' :"' ':: ': The agency explained only that '" 'i '' : i': p-2'" ' r 1k' I : i ' 1' -''''':: : ' ' :-': :'' the two suborbital flights already ‘ Ai - A' ! ' 1't :i : ' : ! : :: !:: made supplied the needed data A -5 -- ! : - 4 -'r 1 tie group of 1500 men to go to :-:-" ' : : r''' '"' '' i ' ' si- s4 : 7 ' thir d had been planned Berlin to assure restive West 4 i!--- A i 7 !I! : : ' : ' -! - :71!!!!:?:::!!!!!!!!!4 1 Germans that they will not be t tz ' '""-! t! )i Th ' : : ' ' :: i ' v :'"2' :: ' '''''' '' :': fl" : I e apparent effect of the dect- ' ' Is' ': '" ' " i ' ' I r :: -' 0- -- labandoned by the United States 1 The vice president will confer :i " '":''" ': -$ '' l''' ston is to speed the space agency's - -'0 t''' ' ' 'in Bonn Saturday morning with i :- '-' " "- ' 1 :' - : :program After a manned vehicle : - - "-!- : i" ':: y:':':::Ti ': :- ' L j":?7::x:1-1:t :!: '12t7I:1': - ctbi1i7cl -:i-:'::'' i!'':'-----''-7':4::::77'''i0H71:e-7-ile::-0:14:'i::1!'-"17----11-0141001 s7 : InVta'eusetr GIenrptihaen a'thearnnoeoentlorheAwiliello - - : r!: :':'ly:4:':i I :": : ' ha been fully orbited the agency LE:t -:-$::i - : :x7-r : ik ''' 'N' '" : : '-- 1 :'-J 'will proceed to Project Apollo -- : ' : which will begin with the orbiting iksAg004440--k41 p-sot0rt2 - o t -21r 1 'fly to West Berlin to deliver a --UPI Radiophoto k c it ' 1: ' It ?- of more than one man possibly BERLIN WALL GOES UP: Grim-faced E'ast German 1orkers under Is atehful eyes of Com- ipersonal message from the Presto k : i : ' : z : : 'three That flight - however is monist pollee erect concrete wall to be topped by barbed wire between zones of Berlin three to four years away — 4 dent to the city 's mayor Willy --- 'Brandt ':' ' 1:4!- : : :r W i ' 1 Landing by 1970 PURPO TED PLANS R Build Concrete Wall' Reds Bui 1 o 0n Stmday morrting Johnson: 's: I : ' ' : : ' ':1 : 4 " ': - ! Beyond that is a scheduled flight 9 visit will be dramatized by the ' k 15i ! - 5 I : : ' ! n rtm mei tha rartrin sari ht? 11111 it I 1 ' ' 1 ' ' ' - - ' I ' 1 t 1 ' C '1 --''t 1 t -- - : Rom-N 3' -4 ' ' ' ''- 71 ' " A it 4 1 4- ! 1! f 1 I 11 i ' 'e I t I -:g: - ' -- i Br: I tt I " " i on ! i ha! i 1 's -x ' his e i f ‘ - - i i L - I I ' i fro i 1 : ! tri 1 i we

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