The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on January 26, 1971 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 26, 1971
Page 2
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Page 2 THE TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE The Tipton Daily Tribune 221-223 E. Jefferson Street Tipton, Indiana 46072 Phone 675-2115 1 . By. carrier in city 45? per week . ST MAIL: Tipton and adjacent Counties; lyear ..$11.00" 6"months . . ... * 6.50 3 months 3.50 Subscription PAIDINADVANCE-Nomailsubscription accepted where carrier delivery is maintained. Member: UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL Entered as Second Class Matter October 4, 1895 at the Post Office in Tipton, Indiana, under the Act of Congress of March 3, 1897. SECOND-CLASS POSTABE PAID IN TIPTON, IND. PUBLISHED DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY TELEVISION SCHEDULE J ^ound \nd Willi lite 'Drilyune M aney . CAMPAIGN WEATHER - THEY SHOULD TURN the weather around a little and save the • gusty winds we are having for campaign times, then the politicians would not have to exercise their vocal chords as much... and the 'wind' would be there.. .as well as the .sound. Perhaps the two 'modes of transportation* we witnessed this a.m., while on the way to the office, spelled out the trend of times as much as anything else we could mention. As we drove along, a little girl about 10 was struggling against the strong and gusty wind, still about two blocks from her destination. The corner of Green and Jefferson was a * little desolate this a.m.; normally there would have been kiddies along the walk, waiting for school 'patrol members and the MAN IN BLUE to help them across the street. AS WE APPROACHED the corner, a taxi which preceded us, stopped and a little tot about 7 or 8 alighted from the vehicle and ran up the walk to'lhe school. We really felt a little guilty at not stopping to offer a ride to' the other older girl; but then some would not,accept, warned by parents, not to do so, unless they know the person offering the ride. WOW! When we stepped off the front porch to open the garage door this a.m., it felt as though it was 30 below! Wind, combined 'with temperature, certainly sends those chills up and down the spine, at least to this fellow who no longer has any affection for winter, due to a condition called arthritis, which tends to nake/^ one long for the good old summertime. •"•* JUSTICE AT LAST BUT WILL IT LAST? « THE CONVICTION of Charles Manson and his cohorts in lies Angeles is an actual fact, although the jury must fix the penalty, and will* have to be kept together until this is accomplished. Despite a snarl from the leader.'. .to the judge, "you'll never live to see the day", the girls and Manson were led back to their cells to await sentencing. If anything could point to the senseless life led hy these people.. .and the weird thinking by them, a hatred against everything which is law and order, this mass killing was it. Now, if an appeal is made to the highest court in the land; we can only' hope that 'thinking has changed' a little.. .and they will sustain the verdict. The defense statement by a defense lawyer.'.. that they would not have been convicted by a jury in ANOTHER AREA is all wrong; we.maintain that in the middle west the trial would not have lasted as long as it did.. .and the verdict would have been the same. In fact the defense lawyers looked as though they might be members of the 'hippie league*, INCOGNITO! '.' • • ', i • - LOCKSVS SKIRTS \ ' ' WHERE HAVE we heard this tune before' "What goes up, must come down!" Well, while you are contemplating that one.. let us._ take up the matter of the long hair vs the short skirts. Since we can remember. . .and we are beginning to suspect this is quite a long time ago, as we approach retirement, skirts for milady (at.least.the younger set).. .and those who follow along and wish they were young.. .have gone up and down like an elevator! . - ..' '• „ The gals have gone along with the CHANGES.. .and the GARMENT MANUFACTURERS and STYLISTS have prospered. However, tfee male specie has been slower to take to the Robin Hood- tresses. . .and there may be found many "holdouts" among the : younger generation. Now however, the young boys and some middle age men, seem to feel they-MUST follow the lead.. .and allow, their hair to grow, thus forcing some barbers 'against the ropes. However in most cases the barbers are called STYLISTS.. .WOWIE1 It is predicted that the long hair styling will continue for ten years. Frankly, this writer doesn't believe it.. .in fact the only time his hair will be near LONG. ., .will be when he NEEDS a haircut, Leading . personalities may prefer their hair long.. .and some businessmen, but it is hard to conceive that most men will adopt milady's style for any lengthj of time. So they wore wigs.. .and some long hair in the long, long ago! Maybe so, we had regular, vehicles at that time, too.. .some fancy ones, but who would want a'tin lizze'in this day and age? ° . Can't we have casual clothes among the males and females without having the. males look like the females and vice versa? If the long hair contributes to the 'casual look'.. .there 'aint a hound in Georgia! , Blame it on the Beatles if you wish, blame it on anyone you - wish, we'll take the style of hair suited to the times.. .and we don't believe the men should be imitating the girls! They say the BEATLE CUT was longer than then had allowed for generations. was combed forward, and allowed to lie' loose. Well, as far as the aformentioned group is concerned. ... ^ we say they brought the VIRUS to this country.. .and should have taken it home with them and along with it, the loose morals that went with it! ° YOUNG TEENAGERS and those just past can be overlooked for falling for the fad, but middle age men, especially businessmen should know better. END OF SERMON! WANT ADS PAY 6:00 O .'B) Dick Van Dyke O Early Report O Bigy News. IB Eyewitness Newt © What's New 6:30 O Daniel Boone Q: Early Report (Cont'd) O Newt (Cont'd) O ABC New. 63 Misrerogers 7:00 O Daniel Boon* (Cont'd) Q NBC New* O CBS Newt O Beat the Clock ED IB) Origami The art of paper folding. 7:30 O Petticoat Junction O Julia O lererly Hillbillies Q Mod Squat GD (B) Experiment •:00 O Truth Ot Consetnencoo O Den kiiatrs Q Green Acrat (Q r Mod Squad (Cont'd) S3 (B) Forsyte Saga 8:30 Q What 's My Line O Don Knotti (Cont'd) O Hce Haw fQ Movie of the Week ED (B) Forsyte (Cont'd) 9:00 ODavii Frost O Tuesday Maria O He* Haw (Cont'd) , IB Moyia af the Week (Cont'd) BD The Advocates 9:30 O Frost (Cont'd) • O Tuesday Movie (Cont'd) O In The Family Q Movie (Cont'd) *B3 Advocetes (Cont'd) 10:00 O Frost (Cont'd) .. , . O Tuesday Movie (Cont'd) Q CBS News Special IB Marcus Walby M.D. ED San Francisco Mis j 10:30 Q Local Newt » Tuesday Movie (Cont'd) News Special (Cont'd) IB Marcus Welby (Cont'd) Q3 Thirty Minutes 11:00 O Perry Meson Q Final Report O Local News IB Eyewitness News 11:30 O Perry Masea (Cont'd) O Tonight O (B) Late Shew IB Dick Cavett -. IB Pout Dison Show 9:30 O Jock LaLohne O Graham (Cont'd) Q (Bl Thenrer (Cont'd' (0 Paul Dixon '.Gint'dl 10:00 O .Lucy SVow O Dinah's Place O (B) Theotcr (Cont'd) IB Paul Dixon (Cont'd) o o a CD O o o IB a a a CD 10:30 Movie Gome 'Concentration Beverly Hillbillies That Girl ' . 11.00 Girl Talk Cent jry Sale Family Affair Bewitched 11:30 News ~ Hollywood Squares Love of Life Eyewitness 'News 0 Secret Sturm (Q. General Hospital 3:30 O (B) Lone Ranker O Bright -Promise • O Edge of Nighf © One' Life to Live . 4:00. CI Popcye and Jonie O ' Another World O Comer Pyle " O Dark Shadows ' • 4:30 O- Popcye (Cont'd' O Mike Douglas O (B) Early Show O Big Valley ED Sesame Street 5:00 O Batman O Mike Douglas (Cont'd) O (B) Early Show (Cont'd) CD Volley (Cont'd) ED Sesame (Conf'd>. 5:30 O (B) Addams Family O Mike' Douglas-.'Cont'd' O (B) Early Show lOnt'd! fB Dragnet ED Misteroqcrs Urokinase Will Dissolve Clots WASHINGTON (UPI) —A substance found in human urine may prove to be the first really effective agent for . dissolving blood clots, according to the National Heart and . Lung Institute. | Extracted from the urine of prisoners, nuns and military servicemen in clinicai tests, the substance, urokinase, was tried on 82 patients suffering pulmonary ..embolism —blood clots in the lungs. - I .The patients also received standard anticoagulants, which prevent blood clots from forming and stop their growth but don't dissolve" them. Another 78 patients with blood clots in the lungs were treated only with anticoagulants. "There was a high rate of clinical improvement irr both groups," the institute said in a [TUESDAY, JANUARY 2G, 1971 statement. "But i objective evidence of improvement ... was more pronounced in the urokinase-treated group." Urokinase is a proiein circulated in j the blood and eliminated through the. urine. It is believed to activate the body's clot; dissolving mechanisms. j But, in the urokinase study, sometimes severe side effects, such as bleeding complications, were reported. So the government-financed researchers temper . their enthusiasm with' caution. CLASSIFIEDS PAY Dependable Ambulance Service 314 North Main Street DIAL 675 - 7449 12:00 Chucktyagon Theater Jeopardy Where the Heart Is SO-SO Club 12:30 Chuckwagon (Cont'd' Afrernoon/Channc! 6 Search for Tomorrow 50-50 Club '(Com'd; 1:00 Hollywood Movie'-. Afternoon (Cont'd) Local News 50-SO Club (Cont'd) 1:30 Movie (Cont'd) • Words and .Music As World Turns Make A Deal 2:00 Movie CConl'dJ Doys of Our Lives Many Sptendered Thi Newly wed Game 2:30 Movie (Ccnt'cT. The Doctors ; • .. O The Guiding Light IE) Dating- Game 3:00 Q Gourmet O Another World £3 O TO o t*. o ra n o a ra o a TOWNSHIP TRUSTEE'S (ABSTRACT) REPORT OF RECEIPTS AND DISBURSEMENTS FOR THE CALENDAR YEAR 1370 Prairie Township Tipton County ' Balance Disburse- Balance FUNDS Jan. I Receipts ments 1 ' Dec. 31 Township. .... $2,334.78 . $3,650.03 i.- $3,587.22 $2,397.59 Dos 107.76 50f.24 612.00 .. 0.00 TOTALS. . ; .... 52,442.54 $4,154.27 $4,199.22 ,$2,397.59 DETAILS OF RECEIPTS ' TOWNSHIP FUND ' DOG FUND Taies—June. „.........;*•„...'... 51,858.11 . Dog Tax from Assessor....... . $ 252.00 Taxes—December l,79i;92 Surplus from State 252.24 Total Township Fund..; $3,650.03 ' Total Dog Fund J; $ 504.24 - DISBURSEMENTS ' TOWNSHIP FUND George Harlow.-Adrlsory • Board....; .' 100.00 SamBoyer Agency, Trustee William Kelley. Advisory Bond...... $-. BO.00 Board..,.........„..„..„...„. 100.00 Sharpsville Fire Dept., Fire Arthur Snow Jr.,. Advisory•Runs '.....„,,..„..„. ' 950.00 '.'"•. Board 100.00 Tipton Daily Tribune, Print­ . RussiaviUe Fixe Dept., ing 31.51 Fire Runs.. 250.00 Kempton Postmaster, Office Total township Fund $3,587.22 Supplies 6.00 ? Total township Fund $3,587.22 Lee School Supply Co., Sup­ DOG FUND plies., : .. 81.21 Livestock Claims: Vernon Harlow, Repair on Francis Harlow i: $ 40.00 Adding Machine..... 5.00 Gerald D. Shuck. . 200.00. Public Employees OAS L..... 93.50 . Owe'a-L. RatclJff : 12.00 James W. Stroup, Salary, Cora Lagarde Snook 40.00 ' Rent, etc'..;...... 1,540.00' ' ' William G. Nash t Sons.... . 320.00- Muriel Stroup, Clerical help. 250.00 . Total Dog Fund...........„...... $ 612.00' WRITE YOUR OWN CHECK... I hereby certify that the foreipingisatT'je.and.correct statement of the receipts and disburse- . ments of the above named township; that a complete and detailed annual report together with all accompanying vouchers shoving the name's of. persons having been paid money by the township has been filed as required by law in the office of the County Auditor, and that a, copy of such annual report is jn custody of the chairman of the townshipadvisory board. Said {report is subject to ' inspection by any taxpayer of the township. ..." James W, Stroup, Trustee Published January 26, 1971 $I700 and SAVE UP tO • fust for trying SUPER PLENAMINS America's favorite multi-vitamin inulti-inineral product I ASK US ABOUT THIS GENEROUS SAVING OFFER TODAY! Hurry ... this is a limited-time offer! C*nnolbtui»din»dditiantatniath*rSuptrPItntmln£of1tr. CARNEY'S DRUGSTORE THIS IS THE Jan. 27 ft 6:30 Today In Indiana Consultation . OF OUR 7:00 C| (8) Panorama rt Todo, «.- . 'I CBS Hews* fE) Safety Corner 7:30 Kartoon Kornival Today (Cont'd) CBS News (Cont'd! Kindergarten' College 8:00 Kornival (Cont'd) Today (Cont'd) T '9 Captain Kangaroo "i College (Cont'd) 8:30 Karni¥ol (Cont'd* Today (Cont'd) Copt. Kangaroo (Cont'd) Man /Trap . 9:00 (B) Topper. Virginia Graham (B) Coffee Cup Theater a n ID SB o o IB O 13 O 1st Hist fmta Ittktt is (hi ««M * It's time to call your Welcome Wagon hostess. Phone 675 -4492 ALL FAMOUS BRANDS: LA-Z-BOY, TELL CITY, FLEX STEEL, REMBRANDT, THOMASVILLE, LANE, BROYHILL, SPRING AIR, GIBSON, BIGELOW, ZENITH Shop 9a.m. to 7p.m. Monday thru Saturday 'til 8:30 Friday • —' Many One Of A Kind Items - So Hurry - Buy Now! FIRST and MAIN, ELWOOD PHONE 552-2255

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