The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 11, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 11, 1908
Page 7
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-•«*•, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 1908. THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN LEGAL. Georire K. Ober. at the time of his r v T' • • - •-f. - \ death. In and to that certain res urouertv situate in tho Citv of Ba wonem sinuu^i in ttio < ersfU'ld. Countv of Kern. State ot Ca i nlarlv describe; ^, . "l m -• —_~ ^ ^r ^ ^ ^ • -l ^^ ^m mt V fornia. and more njirtlr as. follows. to-\vlt; .nine (iu and ten dft) 1 1 - , - I " * * * I I f — •<*, A"l * — — - • " m m m m t - 1 q f | * * 4 T + * \ * • % • ' P •"» — »-" - *-~ ' hree hnnrlrei] and seventy C5iO» in tpe Citv or Bakei-Htiehi. Countv or kern. State of California, aoeonjmsto Jut omcial man of Mild Citv. filed in ho office of tne Countv Recorder nt fiaid Countv. November 25. ISMS, lo- ireiher with the buildings an 1 imurovi*- wonts thereon. And bids or offers In writum for .said nrouertv will be received bv the »aid adiuinlBtrator H< the office of Thomas Scott, rooms 2 ami 1. in ihe Baltic of liakersfleld miHdlnc. corner of Chester avenue and 20in street, heiue No. 1-VW L'otji street. HnkorKfleld. Kern Countv. (;al- Ifornln. or may be Hied in the office ol'} T the Clerk of the abo\o named Siiuen- UEGAU LEGAL. LEGAL time of the opening said * *» &' *** ; oiv Court at anv time after the , i publication of ibis notice, before UK- sale is made. , : Done this 10th dav of November. » p'lS W, A, AlcGtNN. t 'ublic Administrator; Administrator ol itu- lOHtate of (Uiorue K. Ober. Oo- \*\t\* any resi.onsthle person, firm, or corporation present or represented may bid for said franchise or privl- !i*at' n sinn not less than 10 per cent aimve (ho hichi.Pt scaled bid therefor. and ?aM hid so made may be raised not lees than 1" per rent by any other respdnsiltU' }>iiMer t and said bidding may .to rovtinue until finally said fran-! Oii-e sJinll i)e struck off, sold, »p.i ! awarVd ] y s'ij { ] Board of Supervis- frs to iV;-. hijL'iKst bidder therefor in £<''•'! toln of the United States. Hatrd tin-* Kith day of October, IOCS, P.* f'.al;';sii* M, Kern County .Califor•'« I. U MILLER, MJO Hoard of Supervisors of County. 11-2 aio; for „, CiiKter loetation. trustee Warren F. es. . John A. ''"-'" ^-'»* •P-*J-HB»» 4 « • •••••-I anrornia Home Isxten fciou AHsqcFatJrtv trustee for Cnaies 2 6 &.00 0 20.00 JO 5 > u F . , _, *-'••*»«»•'«» m I »,»**, ij, ini| . ahforniu Home Kxten- biouAHKOClatioiK trust GO Uindlicn. VVjn. F ,o<ts. J OS. .. ...160 u^itornlii Home Extension Association, trustee for Cooler. Chns. M. .. 37 Uilifornia Home Extension Association, trustee lor Crow ton. Cvrus ...25H C ahfornlu Home Extension Association, trustee Jor filclcinsnn. Win. J1..191 20 Honahne. Michael 531 20 Horr Frank 534 20 ( alilornta Home Kxten- y ion,Association, trust ee 89 10 10.00 there show cause, if any. tber have why the anultcatfpn lor the ctuinice or narn not d»r«i 10.00 5.00 5.00 10 10,00 'JO. 00 0 20.OU You c-*h\ l*"c , O f a man locked within *' 2 confines cC his own town. This h-, j been amply demonstrated. Same way v.*:ih Impcrialcs Cigar- c M .es. They started as practically u .oral Western product. They bc- TTjoniMs Scott. Attorney for Estate, HM' .JJalirornja. 13-11 SUMMONS In.the Suuerlor Court of the County . -. Kern. State of California. n! , \ i n .1. O. Motions. Plaintiff vs. Silver Bow Oil Comiianv. Defendant. . Action brought in the Superior Court of the County of Kern. State of California. rtnM the Comn-laint filed in NOTICE. if may (.onrrni: u^enio my wife. having .. ,'iMloneii "n flie 2f.'th day of October, HMIX, * * + —....ion. trustee for Kviuis. litiinls A. Home Kxten iation. trustee Qvans. Lumts A. .. California Home ttxum- "ion Association, trustee for ICvans. hum Is. A. .. 91) Ifi California Home Kxten- .trustee 97 20 20.00 98 10 1C. 00 of the said corporation snould e .granted, ami it ia further or- that a copv or this order to &how ;auHe bo published iu " me uaKunir fold Caflforntun, a newspaper imntei uid published In the Cuv of Bane leld. County ot Kern. State of ornia, nccordlL* to law. for nt four weeks successively next ureeert* ine the dav of heartmr. _ Dated this T)th dav of October. 10-5 f _, -jtaor J. W. MAHON. Judee of tho Superior Court DIVIDEND NUTrCE. At an iidir,uriu'd of Hoard of inrct-tois ut ttic S. \V. and BL (;tl Co. hpld (Jet. ;>s. liios. a dividoti* w«« declared ol four OIMIIH a sharo o tho stock pi' tiu» coiupanv. pavahlo iY<t vxMiihor 13. ISWS, ;ii the ollice ol th« company. HHiJ Cluster avpiuu?. Hult- 11-2 H. W. THOMAS. Bocrotarv. 1(1.00 ? ion/> flsocintion. trustee or Hvans. Lnniis A. . .100 >iiUforuia Home Kxten- witiinut iuiy justification or any on. tlih is to notify you that I will not I'spnnsil.Je for any debts contract-1 FrledlahaerV M'ax by h.'.- whatsoever from Bald last! £opt_er. John PIERRE GRIMAUM. he ed souAssocratinn. trustee for Pindon. Walter islU-l(i, Cal., Oct. 30, 1908. RS . ..... ..... California Home Extension Association, trustee said Countv oi' Kern', in the. office ot Clerk of c ;:ne general Western Now favorites. *.vc g-o^n ro V;^ in fame and favor that r-'ts a:r steadily advancing all over America. The rn?n rf the West alone smoked over 125,000,000 Ir^t-rialtsin 1WT. Ks ihe absolute merit of Irnpcnales vhich has boi?t up this trcmciulop.s sale. Imperiaics arc nllcd in, pu:e ::^:iis y>a; cv—-crimped, not pasted—and huvj individual mouthpieces to cool tlie smoke. Smoke them all day long if you want to — no after effects. 10 fcr IGc Sold Everywhere THE JOHN BOLLMAN COMPANY, Manufacturer, Can Francbco ,.v. ,..,.„. v. said Superior Court, .Tho People- of the State of Calif nla send Greetinir to Silver Bow < Comnanv. Defendant. , Yon are hereby required to anuear iu an .action broueht apninst vou by the above-named ulalntlff In the Superior Court ot the Countv of Kern, ?tate of California, and to answer the Complaint filed therein, within ten davs (exclusive of the nay ot service! And you are hereby notified that, if you fail to so apuear and answer, the Plaintiff will take Judgment for any morev or damages demanded in tne Complaint as artsine: upon Contract, or win aoplv to the Court for anv o relief demanded in the ComDlaint. the NOTICE OF SALE OF PERSONAL PROPERTY. In flu> superior Court. State of Cal- uornia. in iind tor the County of Kern. Iu the matter of the E&tate of Ralph deceased. • is hereby clven. that in tmr- ,- (>l an oruer or. the Superior Court ot. the Countv of Kern. State of California Juaile on the 26th dav of Qctoi,(. r .A. p. 1908, in the matter of the .-stale of Ralph Bower, deceased. the midersliqierl aclmTnlatrator of Uie estate of said deceased will sell at siile in the office of the Ptiblic, _. ,„„ oroner gf Kern H a W court nousQ. in I PWif aoplv to the Court for anv other d Witness mv hand and the seal of said Superior Kern. State of of November ourt or (lie Countv of 2nd day (Seal Geo. B. tiff. Court or. ie o f California, this . A. D. 1908. ^^ J- L. MILLER. J ,, ™ i • - i •«« \H»^' ndnuiuHirator and coroner Countv. skuajtein the coui the Citv of Bakersfield. in Countv. to tho highest bldd sai use, d K ider or cash. nlted States awful monev oKtHe tjnlTeJ States on Jor f Hefner. Nelaon^... he v«th dav of November. 1908. at the California Home Kxten- lour of 5 o'clock p. m.. the personal §»onAsBqciatlon.trustee Dropertv bplnntrlnff in tha f>«tntr» nf 1 lOf Hevden. KdW. T. .. for Gardiner. California Home Extension Association, trustee for Griffin. Kdw. W. ... 73 California Home Extension Association, trustee Kffff for Green. Alrred 277 20 California Home Extension Association, trustee for Green. ITenryW. ..310 10 California Home Ex ten- si onA ssocfatlpn. truatee on Jor Harvey. XM...... 54 r of California Home Bxlen- ilon Association, trubtee or Harvey. X M avea & Hurray aves & Murray J f Murray >CK. vsjuric •....... M;-iornla Home Kxion- ? Ion Association, trustee „ or Helnen Nelson ... 14 4 20 20.00 20.00 2(1.00 10.00 20 20.00 10 10.00 20.00 10.00 5 5.00 ern SO 14 !!* 20 20,00 SUMMONS. Superior Court of Uio State of California. County of Kern. Southern Tactile linflroad Contputitt, Plaintiff, vs. K. H. COIIIIUHH. .iuini "u Stoualand. Henrietta N. liouiis. Klvirm W. Percy. CLirence \V. Hobhs minor t. kud John Ope. Defendants. Action brou^nt in the Superior C of the Slate or California, in and the Countv of Keen and the Ooitt- plaint Oled In tlie office of the Clerk oc Hiiid Couri iu tne Raid County. The People of tne State of .. . nia send Greeting to R. H. Count Jonn 1. StouBiand. HenrfetUjN. Hoi Elvira W. Percy, cflarence w. Ho v « (a minor), and John Doe. deienaanti . You are. hereby reaulrod to at)pem In an. action brought against .vou within ten davs (exclusive of of service) after the *ne. abovo-namod PhiintllT.rL, „.._ _, perior Court of the State of Gallforhl^ in and tor the.Countv of Rerfl. ai*I to answer tbe Complaint nle_ e da _... . .„ ice,on,you this summons ff served within the aa County; or. if served elsewhere, wit in thirty days. . t .« , „ And you are hereby notified thotjft iu fail to so atmear and answer, tji will annlv to tn B aint e Jjourt fur the relief demanded tn the Coinolaln anu Clerk. Whitaker. Attorney for Plain SUMMONS. In the Superior .Court of the County M He Bow Oil Company. Defendant. of Kern. State of T. M,_ HodKens ...'ornia. intiff. vs. Silver •- -+r • - ftf ^ — ^ -mif -^- -i ^— »-- ^r— — j v _ —- — 3^^ ' B ••• . Action brotiKht in the Suoerior Court of the Countv of Kern. State of Ca fl- fornia. and the Comnlafnt med in said County of Kern, in the office of the Clerk of said Superior Court. ^ ,,, The Teoole of the State of California send ereetina to Silver Bow OH Company. Detendant, --_ l • "^ ^••«> »••» ^^ wtf *^ v prppertv belonuinir to the estate of said Ralph Bower, deceased: Three sninn houses: 1. easoilne engine: I ater .tank; 1 horse :. i corral, all situated on the west one-half (W) of the north- of section A thirty. nshio Uifrty (30) ty-seven 37) pump and pipe: 1 water .tank; 1 trough; 1 barn- I corral, all si on the west one-half (W) west ouarter < X 4> of se thrtM- (33) in township south of ranc*; thlrty.sev M. D. B. and M.. in Kern county. fornia. BdwfV. ..179 errman, y. M. .......374 all fornia liqme Bxten- lonAsBOcfaUon. trustee or Herrman. p. M. ... errman. y. M 4 rrman. p. M. ... — .4 11 fornia Hpme.Exten- onAsBOCtation. trustee dM . or Hernnjan. 7L J. ... 105 flfornia Home Kxt 18: n_ under lor a rn. on AUKUS ell S Given unae ot the Buperl Clallfornla.. In hand, iurt of lor tho e tate a l.KTl. Clf rlr. putv Clerk. Wra. Slnirer. Jr.. and D. V. Cowde ttorneyB for u lain tiff. i*-, TAX OOLLECTOE'S NOTICE 20 20.00 And notice is hereby even, that slonABBOclaUon.trustee sealed, bids will bo received by said | Jor,Hernnan. A. J. ... 'California Home Kxlen- You are hereby reauired to annear In an action brought aealnst vou by NOTICE, Persons knowing themselves to be Indebted to the late L. Gartman will please call at the office of the public administrator and settle at once. w. A. MCGINN, Administrator of the estate of Gartman, deceased. 99 .,. i» WINING LONG NG TO THE FRANK CLAIMS BE- ESTATE OF fAl?£ above named time after the « unerior Court at any rat .publication or ibis * t ••* • ^^ •** ^^r * ^* notice Before the sale fa m Dated November lOm. :_..,. Public Administrator: Administrator of the Estate of Frank Lass. De- the above-named ulalntiff. in te Su- of K swer mt file'.l therein, within ten | perior Court of the Countv of Kern, (State.of California..and. to answer the oe. 908. UIN m ceased. Thomas Scott. Attorney _jBaUersfteld. Calitorniu. NO for Estate. 11-tl ^r. 1 . , Of ^California. In and for the County of In (he matter of the estate of Prank Lass, .deceased. s hoi '«' b eivon that in nur- ED, TO ADMINISTRATOR: In the Superior Court of the Countv otKorn. Stale oi California. In the mutter of tho estate of " CJjirtmiin, deceased. ir N ot co s hereby uivon hy tho under- slened lulinlnlstrator of the esta h. Uartman deocaHod. t(i tht» cre 1 «t *^» ** * I- A » B Ll 1 • , ' ot. . and all te or ditors nreson.s haylni; clainis ^^ ^^mvf-^^^^^^-^ ^"^^^ -^ ^» ^e ^f ^ ^* ^^^^ ^T - - ™- — w — - — ^ - - avs (exclusive of the nay of service) after service on you of this Summons, if served within said Countv; if served elsewhere, within thirl v days. . , admnustrator tur said propcrtv UP the hour of tsaU- thereof, that bids must be npcomoaniwT bv cas or certified check, in an amount' equa to ten per cent of the bids m^de. \V A McOINN Adniinistrator of the nsfnte of Kaloh Bower, deceased. lf»-30 v^ ., POSTPONEMENT Notice is hereby civen tnat the date ot the above sale of personal property has been no.stnouf.J in Tuesdav. No vomber 24. 1908. at the hour of q [Clock, p. m. W. A. McGKNN. Administrator of tho estate of Ralph Bower, deceased. ? lonABsociaUoi „ or.Hera California ...211 xten- 20 vf e V *J * W \\ £*?• rf • "JL* • * " \± * * * * • Ii fornia Home Bxlen- on Ass Hu atlon. truatee ^^ ton. JChas. 239 5 Boclation.trusteo -w- eoev. J. w, 151 >ia Home Bxton- yo Pla , . , And you are hereby notified that if u fail to so annear and answer, the intiff will take ludement for anv NOTICE OF MEETING. Notice is hereoy Riven ilj rt : the an money or damages demanded in the at its office, room No. : coniDlaint ns arisine uvxm contract or c.ivin t »« n^nu i«inrti will Rrinlv to the Court for anv otht^r '^.^V". 8 ? 1 mnK l)uil( > 1 relief deniaudecl in the complaint., \\itnops mv hand anil the seal of said Sunenor Court of the Countv of T IP* ^ ^ fw t . - . e ft \ * a . t »*f at/til Kern. State of California, this 2Stb of Oct.. A. D. _ 1. L. MILLER. Clerk. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR AND SALE OF FRANCHISE. nual meeting of stockholders of the) McKlttrick Oil Company wiU be lield 307, Producing, Baker- sfiold, Cnlifornia on Monday, November S>th, IftOS, nt 4 o'clock p. m. of said day. for the election of a board of directors and such other business as may he brought beforo the meeting. C. BROWER. Secy. Office, room No. H07, Producers Savings Bunk huilding. rornor 1!)th nnd H streets, BiikcrsfieJd. California. 10-2G r or al if ornia Hoime ICxteh- RionAssocfation for Ke< Californ ,_„. _ # . t ? lonAaaocfatlgn. trustee ,„„ Ajv n or Kecney. J. w, 173 20 California Home Kxten- ! slonAasocfatigu.trustee „, f for Keeney. J. w., 174 , California Home tlxten- isocfati 20.00 20 20.00 . trustee enry ...1 • •••••41^ ........ 4 1* * * » •* * » *11 * «»»*****TV 46 1 above .entuled estaie. the uudersiened administrator ot the estat e of Frank Lass dfceaned will aoli on or after Monday, the :«tth dav of. November. 1^ 1S - M nnvnte sale at. the office o^ Ihoinas scor. rooms 2 and 4. in (he Bank of HakerKfielrl huildinir. corner of 2mh street and Chester avenue, be- fner No. 15MH 20th street. Citv of fcak nlnlfitrator at his office in the louse, in tho Citv of Uaker.s tit-Id. L!onntv of Kurn, State of Californfji. tho sumo th<- \t\ucf: for ihf ' Is hereTiy given that Edwin AJrlorson has made application to the Hoard of Supervisors of Korn County, NoHcf 1 IK hereby elvpu that the an- ctn'o nf PnUCnvTilfl fnr n frnnrht^n tn uiliil inoetitiu: of the stockholders or Ma.e oi i.anionna, jor a nancnise to.j^^, | )( ,j ow u anu , ( canal com nan v be granted to him (his heirs, success- j ors, or assigns) for the period of fifty; years, to erect polos and stretch wires i!ie t is tnav NOTICE OF MEETING. below naniou canal comriimv tor ounxiKp of ficpJinir directors and transaction of witch othnr business ro ^^^V^V^^L McCartney. Harry McCartner..Beni 48 California Home Kxt en* sion Association, trustee for McConnelJ, J. S. .. McKjnnje: 1* MoKinnfe. cKJnnjo^ cisqugRun, ^Wm.' end. A i ! ' transacMon o! l)usiness ut said estate ; and other appliances theron fo r the purpose of conducting and transmitting electricity, and electric current in said Kern Couutv. OciolxM 1 I I. vill }><> h<'KI he lirouuht before the ht t)je Uu o *-•»• er. raney Ann fornin liome I xtt*n * * 4 Notice is hereby given tnat tn« taxes on all personal property, ant 20 20.001 one-half of the taxes on all real prop. erty, will be doe and payable on th 20.001 second Monday In October, and be delinquent on the last Monday November next therafter, at 6 o'clock p. m., nnd unless paid prior thereto fifteen per cent will be added to Utv amount thereof, and that if said on* 20 20.00 I half be not paid before tbe last Mo*» day In April next, at 0 o'clock p. DEL. 20 20.00(an additional five per cent will be added thereto. 1. That the remaining one-half 6K the taxes on all real property wil payable on and after ' the first Mo day in January next, and will be delinquent on the last Monday in Apr! next thereafter, at C o'clock p. in* and that unless paid prior theret* five per cent will be added to tttfl amount thereof. 2. That all taxes may be paid 41 tho time th first Installment, as her* nti I in provided, Is due and payable. 3. That taxes may be paid in tfc» office of the Tax Collector in ttM county courthouse between the houi* of 9 a. m. and 12 m., and 1 p. m. 5 p. m. Dated October 1, J908, C. JB, DAY, Tax Collector, Kern County, California, NOTICE TO CREDITORS Fo~V fiHNT_fHEfflt CtAlMS \GA\ office of said Com •j-inv. Kern fount v Land Compiinv'R slon AsBocIat ion. trustee tor Myron Raymond ..151 MuHen, Roht. Jr. cert. J. . .no cert I'u ;,- .--- County of Korn, State oi California, to tho hiLilu-st bidder for cash. jroM coin ot the United States, find BUbJect to confirmation of said Superior Court, all rho riirht. title and Interest oi the said KranU Lass, at tho nmo of Ins death, and all tho rieht.titlo and interest of the estate of said! Frank I .ass as bv onennion of law or , 0 VW r . u ' fH '* «'"? f ' UJI ' t> '*- pinor than or in nddiu.on to that oi sniil Fnink Utss. at tho tinu- oi his death, in, and to all those fv-rtani minintr cJ»inis siturui"! in (ho Countv oi' Korn. Stato of Pali, tortiia. and inoiv narticuiarlv tloMfi-fhc 1 . US-follows, to-wit: . 1. Thiit c-ortain auari/, inluiiu;' (-.lain «itu-itf-d in Kovosvillf Mjn!ii'.r Uisir'"' (ouijiN .-itKl Stare afcn-os-tid, ;iiH Into-n H.S J ho Crackaiaek Ouai't/, CJ riliu. con- ; tainnif-r filteou huii li'od (l.'.Oiu linear' loi-'! a Ion-.: rlio cotn'-sc of (lie vein, and ; Un-t- inindn-.l r:ioo) feet on oaoh sido ; ot ino uuddle ot said v-'in. and inoroi lut: (H'uiarlv described as c'.utnienein^ .'K nio location monument ami runnin- ^'v. n hundred fiftv (7">ti» teet in a northeasterlv <Hrection. and i,nii:\rfi\ fiitv r7r>n) feet in a \vosterlv direction and that said loins the Southwest end of the Ke\ \v. A, MCGINN. ™ \nlie Administrator oi Kent Count v, I for light, power, and other necresary itn 1^M^^nV ri VKA«^H th(f ] ' :M:tte ot 'and useful purposes, over, along'and tor. NOTICE OF ASSESSMENT. o Thos."Scotu"AHorire\"{t)r AdmlnVstv.i-! upon the streets, alleys and avenues ll 'j l 'of the uninoorijorater] town of Delano ! in said County of Kern, under such restrirtion. 0 . and in accordance with •t!o!ic as said "Board of Su- shnll. by proper ordinanco in that behalf, provide. H is proposed to grant said franchise i'ivl s*fil*-d )/ids will be rocoivui thore- p-r. and said franchise will b'- award- tn tho highest bidder at the time in the manner hen-inafior set ^ Oi! ConiDanv. location of iK'ncmt place of unsincss, H»<iX Uroa-l- •,-,tv. ()a i <l<in'l, Aiametla Count v. State tiluco Iniibiiuu. corner of 19th and n *\" ':.';'eetr: ljl;tl-u-r^lU'ld. California, nt, tlie JJU., - fi . ,. . • iato ami hour set onnoslte tho name; i ;VUR« n - .K 0 ". 1 - •'• *v«« cert Korn River Curia I and Irrjuatine ' California Home Kxtpn- Co.. Nov. 7. HMN. nt •? i>. , n , HionAsHoclation.tni8tce 4/i for Neman. Goo. K ...IS Nelson JunieR J. t 4t F. 0. MJN55RK. named Canal 4 , See. to above . Kern Couutv Land ConiDanv's nJTlc.c hiiildiii!.'. corner liHh and H streets. HaUersfleld. Calif. 10-2-f STOCKHOLDERS MEETINO .\:j|ico is ln'i'i'bv f : vou. ilmt at a ; oi ilio l*irot'i;)i ; j 'M M on the dav ot XovomhoJ'. l:t(t-<. ail At:- •jji (M ;'. ronts ner sluire was lev- io 1 upon Uie ^t(u-k (ki 1h" Co--'< «.:'.. Pav .t!d< i ai />Jicc to J. 11, 1 '^'"j. Hof-ronrv of s;iU Welling Oil '.' :m.i:iHV. at ills otllt'o. looms IS ;i r' Oil "• v. California. Anv Mock UIK;U this iisvo^smont sliali n-inain iid on the ninth Uav ol' I)or*-m))fi-. i and AucUou and iin- ' will );e lor ,sai.' at l j ubll< ; nnvmoiii is nia« 1 nn rho 2sth <bt\ x. at * a. m. to oa\' lioiiiuniont si'H'iii loiiodior with f-ost of lau ,'If i o.\i)on:-o ol sau forth, namely; Sealed bids will be received for said franchise up to 12 o'clock noon on Saturday, the 5th day Dvcemht-r, V.MI}>; said bids to be filed with tho clod; of tho Hoard of of,. Docoiuhor. ', Supervisora of Kern County. California, at hi* offico in tlie c(-ut' house, of 'said county In tho'City of liakorsfleld, Jddor i that tlio an- 'K.'l\bo)dorH of Company will bo hold at l ho nfMoo o)' s-tid rpniorntlon at tho sherilfs otiu:*-. iu this cltv. on Thursdav. fhe l^r*) dav of Moronibor. Hit) for ?on^ JapioH .t. t t'nnUHi. Willanl 45 California Hume Kxt«n- > ion A SKooiatiou, trustee tor Peiui^r. C»ao. M. . . C.Vilifornia Home Extension Association. trusUiO for DCckcraon, C. A. ..188 ('aliforuia MOIIH> Kxton- Unix, Mt ihe hour of S n. m.. for the imrno>e of el'-i-iiutr directors fo vear. and for rhe , oJ sneh other businews as inav Iv ootne before t!'e inpotlnt;. n , % TI J. \\' K12I.LY. President. T. A. Haki-y. Seeretarv. 1 1-2 ASSESSMENT NOTU'E. Mv (M^lioy)!' thy^HoM^; <^JHrc<'torrt.«California, nnd the Kur<ro-.;ul bi \ <);>KI:md. Alanied i C'ountv. at ''. Also that certain nunrU rtifninir :;b«MM Known a.s TJirer No. °. .ituatod 11.1 I'lom-iM' Mininir Uist i. i in sal'! Kern rounlv. Jmun'.loii {tu. f •'.!•>, .' i' <• i of f l": .-or No. 1, ruuuin-j t'.» j o*j iliv i'n(o K:»id Tiiior No. 1 and sftU'-'i-I on Mod- Crook ami Sourli irom "Iron about thivo linn U'C'd fli'.H') and ro-' net, during the lite of said franrhlse, pay to tho County of tforn L' per cent Oakland Oil nanv. i.ocatlojj of cs^. Oakland, . tion Is hei'ehv civcn that nt a n»(r- aud AeoTiaTtiU I i Com >HICO ot ssociat Ion, tninteo for rrewftt. KdKar D. Hose. Walter M. Homo Kxtcn- NOTICE SALE VATE OF ADMINISTRATOR'S F REAL ESTATE AT PRN ALE. of the gross annual rorfijs of the partnership, or rorjioratton to In the Suuorior Court of (he Stato C'.Uitonii'i. in and for tho Count v of whom said franchise is awarded, arls- efiitfi of the Bo;»nl of niroolors held on !l:o ifith dav of Octobor 190K. au a^seHsment of one c*»nt nt'i- HM'iro was levied uuon the ,sulmcri)>tMl raoHal stork ol' ihe cornuratlon uavahto lin* nuvtliitclv in T'nited states «old coin sion Association. tniBto« forScliIiietpr. Froil W. 78 Schr<)odor. Uobt R3 Stor nu. 3. II. .... 50; S(< niiiir. (.!&<). \\ * California Home Kxton- HionAH»oclatlon.trtiHteo foi• TeiTfill.. banicl F...269 ' Homo Fuxttiit- .or Tlft. Bert .., 7 4> Trrwlir^n. Heuben F. ...5; 1JpiK(l«n. Ku«!>no F. ...5* % r.Otto ?;<4 . -' 420 1 lOl'tH 80.00 ?P-!> 0 20.00 20.00 20.00 20.00 18:88 5 5.00 20 20.00 20 20.00 20 20.W) 10 1000 In Uie in«Uor of the entate of J. , Notice JM horolVv tiivon hv th 1C. «lKjM»d HdmlniKtnitor of the estate J. M. l*ritt(;nson. do<u;ii«od to thv <T itnr» of. »nil all jeriiK havi tho said with the tfxi jiin wt te ne<-ewsa?r. vouchers within foiir months after th» 2.50 ,50 20 20.00 first . imolicnuon of this notice to ndmfnfstnKqr »t tlie la Thomas Scot t. No. l f,u:i Htn-er moniH ^ and 1. Hunk nf ernfield tiuilfjfuu. corner Clu^trr nue /nl 20fh Htreel. in the Ciiv of Countv of K^n\. Stato . tin* sann- IMMIU: H,.' uf-ic* or i« fc tnuiH;i/rr;i;ii of busings of salt tatf n . Kihl Kr-rn Dau v ,f October . . Adin tn.sfnilor o the iOhtate. of .]. ti. UtM-eaKetl. Haitt. Hitornov for 0 P 20 jo the sef-retHry oi KHid ConiDanv. at its of III e. ro ( UP.7?. »t i*' 1 " Hfoadwiiv. In the City of OnuiHiul, California. Anv stock uoon which thi s from Its UFO, o]u-ratlnn, or pos- sossion. No erronta^f shu,; ho paid cor - • (•tux i. '» "*''.M<. iiii'l Soutlj irom "Iron! In 'he v.iattt'.- r,. ire c-tuto oi (u-o. ," abriut tlii.-o hiuiUx'sl (i;<Ht) ; K. Uher. Decease,!, J.ooMtcil Oct. N. limCI. an»i v^-' Noiicc jrf iK'i'eb) ni\ou tlv.i in ijur- iu Mr»ok st.vtv-six (»>'"'•) of Mm-! surmcf of an or.lei 1 o: j\\v ?\\\wu)i: f-wi]*. !);v.. four nun Ireii oifflit C^iut of tho Couutv of Kr-ni. ;.;ajo or MI itu- uillc" of tho Couutv Caltforula. mnd*? on the JU*i da. oi No* *-r Kr.n f'rnintv. CV'l^orQin. vuniher. MM)S. In thca UU».U«M' ol Uio ':: ;l t.vrujn f;u,)]'t/ cbtlm Known -.bovc vutiilud cst^ttv 1^« liii.^r-A'.liirtoM. U' of i i "" :MI 'VcMin f;u-)i't/ cf:tim Known v«>, :', Mii'l (le^crilte.l as fol- •iiuiiu 1 -' a> tin> Northwest \o, l l . beiii .' i')l extension Mtu •;•' l on th* 1 Bij.Hlsix. liun-lrod jj "Jvon )'j"fi ro- ire c-tuto of (U-o. for the first five yearn su<-<•< "iling the date of the franchise, Kruh scaled bid must be accompanied by rash or a certified check payabV to the Trens- iuV|W er of saia County of K*-ru for tlie full amount of such bid. nn<i nb seal- l)id will be eonsldereii shit!) rciw-iln unnalr) on tlie nth dav of Noveuiter. lliOS. \v . nnd advertised for ft,i 11 h o nt nubie auc ion. and unless uavmeiu iw m:ul«? be- lore, will be Bold on Mondav. the 21st dav " f Decf-iuher, l!*(tK. to uav the <J<> Ilncniont. aHHensniPnt, to-other with tlie costs ot advertising and CXDOUHOS oj J. ENNIS. S*!(;rt-tarv. , K 5 (.Miuortita Ho:::.r "-t!;ii- yton A BHocfntfon. trustee foi'Wolodarakv. Movor 202 California Homo Exten- Californla Homo Exten- iution. trustee i^'8*; zo.m a(>,o<! 10.00 20.00 5.00 OOG LICENSE NOTICE. ercTjv civ. n to all i >Jl« Kfjpnln'r doirs. wit tiio Citv ( S f Dftkersfij TacB for the vonr 11 Ci "' . Korn lmnna. :tt Count v Horonier s m <IH ant nir clnm fuiministrat.oi in \vrftiit-j' for .»aid >e rrr.-ivt'.l hv tlie venincr. KMKV in uiw iiu i .n* 4 t ,): UK* j " . ( bov<- vutilled cst^tt?. t u «(j UiMO/.Miirtou. fu \V. A-, AfoCiun. imblic ndidini-Jruior. f , r i ^(iniinltitrator of the ostuto of Ceoruo M1 K. Cher, deceased, will soil on <>r after . r « ??,?»C lla \' lh i e V (lth ( Ii|V . oi 'i N^Vtmber^and the wiccppsful bidder s-1 lios, a( orlvato MH lo nt tbo uiHre o (lt i fl) ~ t ir, Tl «^ «*^* ,,f ihe Tboniaa Scott. moniK 2 iind \ in the a loa>t K , I|P [ °^ n ° r '!, B:'U]v oi U.iKorHlifMd huil.Hn:. ronier blw hid with the County ( : of riu>>tcr avenpi ''nd :*<M;I streets, r*r^n»^ ,.f w-n™ v.nfnm MUC' 1 v sh or eht-ek is enclnned therewith; nil deposit ninount of rl\ of said 5lt V 5 ct A rminty O f Kern before wu« h ^rnrichise \.\\\ \)\ , ,. ; , ,_ _ f* !„ 1 ***n NOTICE To whom it ma at tin C 1 Mivet, hv ofDee of Hakers rorner 2*>tli street uu avenue bolnir NO. 1 "»<>!» i»)ii (Mtv nf H;iU(M'sfielil. CotiUtv Tnonins.Rroti.'in the Rani; Geld im M or i'n<»>ic{' avenn^ ''n; ''M;I streets, pmintv ,,f Korn Vinfore win beinir No. 1509 futh hlreeu eltv of l " n " f i °% V /« n l, rn HakerKMehl, Countv of Kern. State of shall be strucU off to him, Cal fornia to, the hJehoja, bljldor for ; ^\\\ » )0 opened aifd <-ori cash, tfold coin of the Un tod Ktntes. >,-,„,,".. J- 1in -*». t ^\\ of ami Hitbieet to couftrmat on bv said MOTKIB>, the »th (.a> oi Suuerlor Court all Ibo riu jt. liUe -ml UiOS. at 10 o'dooli, a. n Said bids '(•red on Suuerlor Court all be riu H, Mile ->iu InttTf^t oi.tjhe said -Gfior iif o K. Oliev. at ! 1» H na s - * >»»T '"• tr'^|i<tir&j^»T|, * • ' x » •* • * ' " * I I " " ' i t «'i;n Htato or' California, or mav nc law. or "tborwlso acou eil in the offlco nf the Clerk of Mi.* or in addition...to_th.u IIM .be tim«» of his death and all the ritiHf tiilt- nnd intere-st that, the f slate <r (;« ori.',* 1 K- Obor lias )v oneraUou of , I • 1 • l 4 » I **!*,. 1 1 h^ « | 1 t, the fslatc ot awarded red. othe or th than said porntUai ;r oYlorli, n. \vlll he gtriK-K to the persc»n. HhaU 10 wiumi u mav eoncern: IK he rf b \- tri vr>n t ha t we. In signed, have ihjw IGtU (lav ov 1'JOK. entered into articles o inent and*rehf(> for tho nur- IK>HI> of /ronduc-Untf u tenenil mercnan- -Notice jo under October f aereo- 20 20.00 for Youritt. J«8. R ...,317 10 10.00 Anu In accordances with law and an onler of^the Board of Ulrectors made on the 25th flav of Autrust. 1908. BO m«iny Bhares of each narcel of sncn Htock as may bo necessary will bo bite auction at Die office,* ^ . * ^ ^ ^ -fiP^^^py.on.The th day of Octohpr. 1908, at Uie hwir Notice IB herein* t iiH t pwnin^ an tho KmltH of that Licenno Ta^B tor the vonr uro now rftuir for del.iverv at thi «ct> of the City Clerk, iu the basiemt of Producers S«vines FJiink builrliiifc and on after die ftth duv of Jaw urv. I will nnxieoti to imnound i <10KH found running on tho slroots th i^c no* wenrinKlhe llcensy tntt * K oB ™ **j ^ COX Duted Jannurv 9. NOTICE TO CRED.TORS. Hold at nu *• fJUITl* 01 < ie matter ol nir csiau |0! c auction at tne offlee*on,.t n ! he 9"iP |irloi 'cr ourt !" '"I.' 1 ! " r >ounty of Korn. Staff* oi <'ah ^^^ ^ rm . ^f ^_ ^^ ^^b^ ^^l^^r ^^^^^ ^ ^B_^r ^^^^m ^^la ^^ ^m —l ^ ^ ' ~w k L H (J \J \M m, •)• b ^BM B • ji • m Jlf I • & 1 fc m* M *•"""" ~ ~ - -- -. , . 10 a; in. of aald (lay, to oar »ai<i 1 A..Hnur!in. dccoused. nt n t (h« -» T — - -I- -» r ^m ^ -• • r rr I • j ^ ^ - » —v v -r r^ ouoni asseflsment tnereon. tngoth* with cost a of ndverUstiu; ana ex- of er uen&ea w Waflcn. ua- e. O B. JORDAN. Beev. rn Co untv. Cal. ta -1, ** ilierefoi ; provid*-: said and j or cor- highest »nly that (Use and sioro-Keei)in« buHin^KS ut and <n t!ie Town of Mofnve. Countv of <enj. nnd Slah? of Canforni*!. under tbe firm mi mo an<l stvlo of tbe "Mo iuvo Morcit.ntHe .Company," lotted tltiri Kith <hiv of October. 1008 10-2 7 R. li. .I t UJI*'^ o nve. ^a ojp ft nu at Momvi\ California • POSTPONKMBNV N'otlce Is hereby ijjyen that the dato 01 auto of ctennquent stock of the Fourth Hxtennlon Water 'omn'inv has been postponed until HnnxlMv. fiownilter 19, J&08, at 10 o'clock, u. in. „ . „, v ortlor of the Board of Directors, AN. Sec. al. WIIKC oru Countv. Not.ic(* iH hevcbv i.-ivfli h^ tin* of Kinllv A. Sourlin' dcccuKnl. 'n of. tiixj :ill in'i'soiis h.f v f*(imt UK-- v<\}t] i)e<'c;i;-»''l, exhibit tlieui with ihe n< <•'•. sarjr, yoiu'iu*rfl witbin four months itficr tp nrwl (uthitc/ijion of (his uoiie* . 10 th said udniinfKtrutor at (In- olii* r- o Mntlhe.w H, IMatz. ix>oins (1 iind t i Uu- ruriklln KiifMfnu. in UK- riiv Hakfi-Hfipht, County of Kern, St;»to Callt'ornni. tlu* wnne bomi- ifi« t'tft for tho (nuisftction of business m ^'< osl;itf) iu suid Kern eounis h ' B ak ersf ield DELINQUENJT^ALE NOTICE, . Fourth Extension \>'nter Conumuv Looatioii of nrincfinit OJIK-B of bui WHSco. Kern Countv. California. lt ^ sO J i r, <> -—I bore are dellnnnent nrxm the following (iesrrlb*'(f sfor-ff, nit »o- counf tif ,'i.ssosHjn*v)t (No, one) on tlK- ^Tith dav iiiiionntK of MI*- rt'K 'IK foilov. - r ] ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE, frj fh#» Siu«rfor Court of tft of K*rn, 8ta\o of California. fn th<» innrtfr o' (ho aiinll fhf ifmhiJjt IHivuiK Park AH , , f r A. J. SI't'Ki f\'. A(/iufiifK(rator or the KM:I'«- or Knillv A. Hourlln. h* i « i -e<j. Matthew H. Plat/-, attorne'. !•»(• a uifniHtmtor. Dale of tfto Countt of first nublU-aiion August.. tjMtS*. rhe p^f ooi/OHitr* tho vo ' a f-ornoration. "Kuril Ooimt> application of ^ Park AHSocluUon tr» cb'imro ft« name lo .\;;i*tc«!tural Ansoria List ?diar*'holdi'M w!(h No. of tlon " It satfsfr»ctorif tl\ft "HtjdniJt OrJvlnjtr Park Hr.n " has nled thin Ua\ me ihav No o and nntnunt due: No. tJop Mas nifd iniH Uav an aiUJiicaiKui to chanue its name nt "Kern County Crt. Slia. Auit. Well Tools and Supplies pL JL f(jt .laiut f H. H - 9 \ f f 11 t; for .1 K. Anderson ... PHONES MAIN 29 AND 230-L, M AND 24 STREET tear.) Tim- (iro ::«1 Alice M 412 . . ... . MTH. 8ar:i!( . ..'M8 Califouiia Hoiiu; sionAs^oei for Bower California f JO K;.0u ift Kxten- .trustee 1 10 Id arid ttiJit appliration or petition in Hl^ru'd '• liy ;i iijjijority of tli«- «lir<*otorH of tho .'sahf "Ihidniit Driving; I*ark '. rfoci," nnd Mini Hani pet ft km •nt reason*) for ffm rhan^ of <.f th<« Hufci rorfiomtiVm. 'ore. ft Ks ^fi/jJjv onl^n*'!. that Hie of trie finiiTlcation for cMnn^o n in the foreirointf t*r<wr*>«ijir» th*f WUIH? J» Iii'/ebv wet for dav. the fttb ifav of Navomhor. at U' o't-IocK u rn. <rf ttn'nt nav at partmcfit one «t HH court rOotri tln?rtjof in the County court hnu»d. JtakersfloW. Tultfornia. ana uiftt «nv and all i»r- tiwl in an Id matter to be before tn)8 ooart at tb NOTJCE OF ASSESSMENT, MuHrot Oil Conumnv I'riin'fnal 2#. Towrishlo .^2 &>nAi, KatiL-e ^.J i^a Kern Countv. California Notice i.s nif'etfr«r of tfon. Id an uas »o«ni Oil Conn tue Fiffh levied ut.i.n stock of thf? conuM-;<(i'-'i. . a of O(;tob *' cents the rne ( (i.',telv tu UK* S» * r-i rv ol the. cor j»orafloii. itl lite i ;;it)'b o!fico T Oi t-bj (^oinuam, f^oom 41 ; < ', r 'M'" 8 ^ T ','*J? 7 *.** n.-uik Hu7M»«^ ro.-n.T I hjrd and Matt si reeti.. i.ixi ^n!;»-If t :^ ( aUfomfa. Anv stocfi ,, , If r I alifornia which this l on . will and a'Jv«?rtiHCHi for sale at n net ion, «n*l. iinlcHs unviuc made n*'f(»ri . will be sold on tho of *jC<-miH:r. 1908. to n«v t>i»? toirether an uof mile. W! M fc \S^T*KAC >W. Socrctan- of Masrot OU Cxmugimr *r- flee,, nwni „ 413 Citizen a Natl ft k buwfne ooroer

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