The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee on December 19, 1897 · 25
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The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee · 25

Nashville, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 19, 1897
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voLtalz LIGHT THECAI1P FIRES E 16 -101I f)11E11-110 Vast Army of Christiin" Endeavorers Wilt'!fitch Their Tents in-filashvillel - - ' 4 44 o oo SCOPE OF THE GREAT' MIRK IS OUTLINED ileeretar'y Joins 101140311 Relert et Loot Tear COittlintOinek of Interent Anent nest Ap ' proneklatit Neoltvillo A Convention a Z 0 It is now um tor ever' tittle° vilie and of Tennessee tawitint up to the Importance of the great gathering of the Christian Endeavor armit which- will pitels their tents In Nashville or one week next July In order that the pubIlo May more fully ua dereland the 'vastness of trio army ot Christian young men mid young women The Ames ken publishes tbe puma tepall of Omni Eerrstart John Witliallasts of Bosto n as presented to the convention at San Francisco lest July t ' ts ' - Christina tiOndeavereeARivere "There is a river thei atreams witereer shall Make glad the city ot God "—Psalms xivi 4 "And by the river upon the banks thereof on this side and ontioat side shalt gmw ail trees for meat "hese lest shall DCA tilJe neither shall the fruit thereof be consumed it shalt bi ing forth IIEW fruit accoroing to hie moutos because their wawa they honed out of the eanctuary—Erektet 'civil 12 Ard Chriatten Endearor II such 'a river Reverently the dimly La -borrowed from Gods weld ta make p Miler to you and to me what God really intended to do with this river which he caused to spring pp In Portland Me sixteen years ago and the overflow of which be has caroled until its waters now extend through themtterniost parte of the earth Careful tbservations of the onwsed sweep of this river of Cbriation Endeavor have noted that it has widened durtng the past year Siam last we met this great eurient has been ewelled by 50tA) new toticties Ilejoie with exceeding joy for the world-wi4e enrolment is tow 50747 local rorteltieri Walt a swift and mighty flood! In 1a81 one society end fifty-seven 'member's In 189T 607a0 societies and a total membership of 3000000 of its large tributary State and provincial streams in this country that Mee over one thousand local societies Pennsylvania still leads with 3443 New Toth 3049 Ohio 2393 Illinois has now passed to the fourth piece with 2013 Ontario 1783 Indiana 1387 Iowa 1336 and Michigan with 1(71 for the drat time is entitled to a place in this class These figures do not include the Junior societieswith their boys and girls the intermediate secieties with their lade and lathiesthe Senior and Mother's societies for tho f tors and mother and those who in years art ::o longer Considered young Now 4'9 are reminded that Christian Endeavor bag flowed into many and unlocked for fields for there are Chriatian Endeavor societies in colleges in public NatiOnions of various kind" in prisons and schools of reform in alms houses asyluma institutions for the blind etc on board ahips men-of-war at navy yard in life mations and among lite savers among the boys lu blue in United States army and navy - In large factories etc to the total number of 231 Junior Are the Spring-rt The Juniors now claim our attention the Parings that feed this mighty river The Eeystone State Pennpylvania etill leeds with 1397: New York ordy a little behind with 12 Illinois 993 -Ohio 970 California has wade a mighty 'leap and passed into fifth pisee with 551 The Junior badge banner given to the State that has made the largest gain In Junior isc-leties during the year was first presented at i Montreal to New York and at the three an' nual conventions since that time Pennsylvania has proudly carried it away t but this year our good -pig iron" friends must pass that banner over to the "buckeyes" of Ohio :t The other Junior banner first given to the !Harriet of Columbia at Montreal for the greatest proportionate inerease in numbers of junior societies and hdd successively by Delftware Assinibela and Mexico must now pess from Mexico to Slain Ftrange histcey that we are writing! 0 that ) It might be carried by the shortest route by way of Cuba and that to bieroing Cuba it Might be an emblem of libetty peace and preaperity The Intermediate sncieties next claim attention The that am 'sly was organized a few years ago by Rev A 7 Conrail D D of ' Worcester Mass There are now 3C6 Int - mediate societies enrolled California leathi the States with 51: Illinois has 44 Ohio r2 rennsylvania 27 As busy pastors eapecially in large churches are beginning to pee the wisdom of banding Ore eider boys and girls ' i Into separate itoeieles preparatory to gradini piton Into the rerliar Young People's Society the grow ii of the intermediate societies the orming year is like"' to he huger Make way tar new applications et Chriallan Endeavor ArMeiples Already th 4 Mother's Societies number 70 - Example of Se nior Soeletten California New Hampshire and Pennellr "anis t anh have thiee and Connecticut two Senior Soclethe I A l'ar as we know Rev II !ti hilvney at the time a redent of Conn erica and now of Syracuse N Y was 'he lint pastor to ippon atithilor Society In all 't twenty-seven churc:ies have announced that they have trganind incir reenter midweA prayer-meeting into Seel r SOciFtica by apS'rtng the Christian Endeaver idea England'a Grand old Man has well paid: "Precept freezes while (sample warms pre eept addresses us example Jaye bold of us precept is a trlarbe statue example glows with life There is at 'pint one kind ot exchange between nations te hleb 'hostile tariffs can hardly cheek the eiChange of high per penal example" Our rtyer is internationsi and interracial anti loafs upon its bosom this exchange of high nersnal exaMple England has 3925 societies: Austra)ia 2- 124 Settland 433 NVales fill: India 274 Ireland wen Franee ea and so on through a irdig tat with a total of 79111 soelerias In addition nil Canada has 1390 am-Mtn! E(kt rs deeriutom of big yision of the holy stalortt from which I gutted in the beginning ' el thin report tells us by th river nun the bank thereof on this aide and en that side grow all trcies for meat whose leaf shall not fade neither hail the fruit thereof he consumed" Our attention is now attractud to the treen that line the banks of the river ChriAttan Endeavor Jo the ratted Stetc the Pt shvtorlan tireckare mere Punter COO than it n other there MOSS rhi:ti Young Poop:f's sottett and 99314sturtior soriettsa The Congreiinmailsts tetreAsonftwith '415S Young I" eitto and 2 PI Junkza the Diselplest i of Christ Oita numbering 14e9Yournit People's socitt les sal 132 2 titniurs nap tist s tfiM Yenng Pertple' and Lilitilottnytor Cumberland Prosite tt 1 nt o n'7 YnungPeople'slititt Sql ple's Junier :klettindist Protestants 971 Young People's and !:-1 Junior Lutherans lieti Young People's and 321 hinter Ittut g0 On until we ' I have tnumratcd wanly forty tlithrtnit itorio ties' 1 SOttreP of 11111111)'' ' ' Irrienfig 'iVIll you please notice that all these trees on luth sides of thc river have r1111012 in coil mon th ir roots interlaeing - gaining visfornits lifej as tin v stretch their 1 cleat limbs allisturdy It'll dis iiiiveriAverd 'each and every one pointing to the one Forests - 'rover ell none other than the I c ing ofkings and the Lord or Invis Look ear nily ttlid you yf Will see that the fruit laden t tres are tholte whose mots ate clost to the deep we and itink azah: topt :$ ou see that itlooe salt ' trees the tribst-rtspernue ard thrifty iii turn - oast tbeirproteIting sh od over theface of the river? Is my figure to detie? Well in plain ! language tiis is what I metro: that the etott t " somination that wisely fonters and conserves i ‘ Its Christian Endavor SocteMsirisnrca ha " s own vitality anti increases its e wit usittuinesti i A i VS Veri "the fruit shall be for : Ilisiat Slid tire kat thcroot or medicine" Let us taste nt the fruit gathered by some of our large city union Philadelphia thil City of Brotherly Love at Washington last year gave tip to Chloe- go the ' banner tor the - lat test t increase ' In butther of societies This year Memo nmy Wpm the tanner for Philadelphia hal trecompliaLed more than any oturr city in the ltition in plantlng new victim thus extendlIng our iissind inter-denominational fallow 3111p May wo all like Philadelphia by inyal &litigant and energetto endeavor re-agirtn Olt thereasing confidence in thia Inter-denomthstional epirltual fellowship through altfrh we hops not for organic unity but to fulfill cur totd'a prayer That they may all be one" " 4 blisolostory Roll of Donor ' ' But better :than Orly 'theory the following heti wi I ttorerwy stittement A "Missionery toil of hotel" siti be enrolled neat Monday bearing the names of 1046S Christian En-&axe rocistiet that hese gives nearly net- the to missions through their own denomintCrest -inflationary hoards And these name toe eta have given an atqual amount tor oth-r benevolences The larcat islet to ere ta reperied by any one society la the Ile: 437m1 et tlet ChirolVon-ltrePt Baptist Society et lea en The Calvet" Prabyteetan Society of Deflate h emend with 11101614 and we must telte elf our hats to is Chinn society in Fan FT Unelsely that has given nestle tiod to its own denominational mieslooary board and is Mine Ong sit Inial'OnSir01 in the geld Thus tht missionary roll of honor is emOmitting the seventh plank of the Christian Erdeaver p'atfirmt of principles which in Tint all moneys gathered by the verious so-e'en of Chris tan Endeavor tor the cause of rti-ttectia be always sent to the missions'b a di of the epecial denomination to which the terticular toe ety telongs The Christten Endeavor officers and some-flee are effectemately reminded that appeals to them for memo obould rorne thrcugh their peso e teed the officees of their churches: and wham arch 'aerate 'are addreseted to the vedettes dire° 'y they simuid be referred to the yet Ore end chit et Effcets for their apprimal teem being acted on by the societies Alto that the causes to which the soetetioe give !timid be theca approved by the dement-notice to which the acchties belong Thus I the wellies mold henget tica and supped of independent and irrespmeible movements ' Cleveland as litronabold ' Our Icurney dawn the elver brings us to Cleveland the "Forest Ware immediately attracted by her nbundince of all kin& Of fruit Indeed we have not forgotten how Dr Tyler and others from Cleveland proudly bore the citizenhip banner at the head of the promesion le Washington on the omelet of Christian Ettilleavor's memorable Merril from the steps of our National Capital down Penneylvahla avenue - In Cleveland and everywhere Chrtstian En-deriver always stands for Christian citizenship It is forever opposed to the saloon the gierbling &tn the brothel and every like iniquity It tends for temperance for law tor order for Sabbath keeping for a pure pout teal atutzepheret in z word for righteousness And thin it demi pot by orgaulzing a new po- litteet tarty but by attempting through the 1 quick coneolenceof its ledividual members to 1 permmte and influence- all parties and all communities" Well Cleveland yours has been another year of splendid Toledo Kalamazoo Syntothet Colorado Springs Reeheeter Chicago and other ether too are entitled to boo-ratite mention but as a reward for the best reports sent in to the Culteti Society CleveIllnd will Men her banner over to Indianapolts During the meet year-In view of the metreP:dented peril of the Sabbath medal Activity has been put forth In organizing in Bode-ties Lord' Day committees whom work should be to create $ t eublic sentiment which will be a nu nEet to all forms of Sabbath dew- mitten It Is not sithin the scope qf thie report to give a detailed report of the blotted fruitage California ben tecumi the horde Day banner which was cffered at Wasletiaton by Dr Crafts of the Reform Bureau Piero° do ziot think that California ectiree this banner bemuse she la coosMered a model for Sabbath obeervance I do not know that ary of our States could be conselered models in that respect but it does mean that California Christine Endeaverers under the leaderallip of their Secretary Mr Frattele W Reid have mapped out a campaign which promiees a better day for the Pacific cook and their aggressive methods Mould be a etimulus to every State 4n the Union Tenth Lewienin Birthplace In our wanderings along the river's course we have reached New York the birth place Gt the Tenth Lesion and what is the Tenth Legion Eimply ancprollment of Christians who promire to give Gel notlees than ono-tetith of their income You remember that the glory of Caesar's Tenth Legion illy in the unflattering loyalty with whb-h eack h emergency tey were ready lo dart or sutler at his word The United Society's Tenth 1rirm believes to-day is a time of rigida for tThilat's army the missionary advance has been cheeked at home and abroad Our leader calls flr largr self-sacrifice and braver serviee and so we have Prviblazoned on our banner rot "renelcr unto Caesar the thing that are Caesar's" but "unto God the things that are God's" Will you enlist? It was the New York City Union that first coneeived this plan of securing a revival of Christian ' beanielence and it is the New York Union that transferred Its plan to the United Society with the boric it would rally theusands to Its standard Although the Tenth Legion Is but three months old it now numbers over 10441 With this spirit rife in New York it is not surprising that she again secures the banner for the largest numbers who give prorortionatelynot less thnn one-tenth of their ineqme to God Return with your banner N'ew York and long may it wave to intpire int to a closer walk with nod and may it as it waves also evend a prineittle Whieb when adopted more enthmlasticarly will make a missionary board &tit forever impossible Jones) Conies to so Clone Now let me bring our annual journey to a close We have been A long way your eye lies caught many things worthy of mention that I have not noted The waters of our :ever have turned meny a wheel of Industry barite neon their surface many It burden mention of which could be very worthily made but let uq now rest and be still Come cloae to the hanks Is the river where you are clear-- quite Aear? Can you see Gods face reflected thee" it is Go' a river you knew not ours Itr bAci is the elmrch the church of Christ We wan't forget that The river in many place has deepened the tart year God be praised Did the chahnel deepen in your vicinity! Liston! During the last eleven Months 2f204 of the Junior have Joined the church From the yoong pponic'e societies 1871211 in Ell 21339 What a ransomed host! What-a blessed testimtny to Gods grace en proof of fidelity to the church: (ince more I say that If Christian lemicavor is the river the church of Jesus Chrite is its channel Its bed and banks Dr Henry Van Dyke has said "The life of a river lihe that of a hinnan being consists In the union of cool end bodg the water and the benks They beicmg together They act and react upon each other The Ptream mold and mattes the shore hollowing out a bay here and building a 'Milt there The More gUide and contrals the stream now detaining and now advancing It now bcnding It in a hundred intents curved ana now speeding It straight rot a wild twf co It homeward flight The perronality of a tivcr I not to be found in its water nor In It bed nor in its shore Either of these elements by itself would be nothing Confine the fluid contents of the noblest strram In a walled ehannel of stone and it ceases to be a stream hut take aeav the water from the roost beautiful river banks and what is Itft? An ugly road with ittne to travel it a long ehasly seer On the boconi of the earth" And is It otherwise with Christian Endeavor God speed the day NI hen: in every community and in every land the mutual -relationship of the rhumb and lir sebordinate life the Christian Endeavor Society 111211 be as truthfully st forth by mutual icm and inseparable achievements se the relationship or the river and as beaks is beautifully portrayed by the lines which I have quota& Verily the river of Christian Endeavor Is one of the btr(111111 that make glad the city of our Clod for God hitnelf Is tho fountain from which it Must flow Meylt be to this busy world a pure river tiftrater of life clear as errant proceeding out of the throne of Sind and of the lbamh I Infantile Irtfdriettots "I guess paw hasn't got t-tiucit money this year" geld little brother ntikes 'you think to?" asked little FlOrt "Tenet he was telling too that It wasn't right to Impose on &int& Claus Just because the old feller was good nutured"—Indianap ells Joui nal A Little Rusty' I "fs4 (len go Jim!" saki hie friend "I never saw you as nervous before when you were utting "'You must I'emember" geld thei Chimp bridtgroom"that this is the first tithe I he vo been nurrnd for more than two yeam all I Drum "ut 4 vriutiic6'--leAtiouaititttlti Journal iru SUNDAY MORNING DECE3IDER 19 ''1897-PiTrEN'IlY-EIGIIII '41AGES SOUTHERN BOYS IN BASE BALL THOSE 'WHO HAVE BECOME FAIJOUS HOYI TIIEY PASS THE WINTERS BY PERCY Int BLABS No element that has entered into the spring he wag scoured by the Detroit club and his work wIth that team tbe season history at our great national game within Pa stamped him as one of tbe most pre- the past few years has beeu more remark' Wining young twirler in the country -able to distinctiveness in advancement Before the ciao el the Western League than the progress made by Southern boys waxen the Cincinnati Club made arrange' who have adopted the playing of the game rants to seem hint for 18911 and he will as I profession As Oat a period as live be a member of the red-legged band text years ago there were not perhapi half a year Hahn together with Nqwt Fisher dozen young men who claimed their place "Lefty" Davis and Charlie Petty is spend-of bb'th south of the ' Mason and Dixon Inn the winter at hie borne In this city The quartette are i ll taking good care of line who figured prominently on the dia themselves ' mend This was not because there were -A Southern boy whop deserves to rank not illeutirrti players fully competent to well UP at the Lead cc the claim Is bage hold their own with the beet They bad ball is George T Stallings manager of the simply never been given an opportunity bi Philedelphis National League team Both 1 demonstrets Hies —ability player and taanagee he takes a high Al time went on however and the us- stand hi the history of the game Stallings was born in Augusta' Us about 31 'years (tonal game began to obtain a firm foothold ago and began his proftasional career with in the sunny South the Southall player the Pensacola Fla 'team in Mt The began to make himself' a prominent factor following season be irabght for Philadelforging gradually to the front under ad- phi anti Brocklyn an in 18s9 went to verse circumstances climbing the ladder Texas playing in that league' until 1891 to base ball ferns round by round until a eviten be went to Calif° tc i In leek Ste!: t number of them have become celebrated Hogs returned to the St th and located his diamond yells with a national reputa----- famous "California aggregation" at his us- tive place Augusta winning the Southern Hen Other young Southern players are 1 League peneant bands down against what 1 following In the footstep of °Home Run was perhaps the strtagest let of clubs 1 Dtiffee the Mobile boy who up to his that ever represented Eouthern citiea For death three years ago ranked with the eve stecessive season's Stallings was with greatest exponents of the national pastime permit winners end on Altree of these oc in America Charlie Petty the once great vision he Lad the management of the teams In 1894 he canie to Nashvale ta pitcher who claims Nashville for his 'millet the iota' leant and put professional home Jinney Illelemts the Washington ' ball upon a plane that it had never before itchtr Wilson of Cleveland: George P etecupird and has never binee he left here Stallinge e'Hank" Spies Charley Frank In ISte3 the "Doctor" eciinaged the Detroit team and his great weans earned him the "Bill" Hill of Leuistille and others in whose veins Courses the warm blood of the position he occupied feet season as mane-Southerner ' ' ' - ger of the Millen The events conditions The Southern boy In base ball is a sub- with which he had-te coatend in this work are ' feet that has been almost entirely neglec't- familiar to The Markens readers bet it is very safe to prettietthat he will ed by writers on the game and a brief make a creditable showing natiyear Be- a summary of the lives and achievements 02 iths being a handler of players far bove the akin diamond of a few of the mast the average Stallings le 'alto a first-class prominent will be read by fazdom with outfielder a steady and reliable batsman deft) interest tend cne of the reetest nod most brilliant deer interest end cne of the reetest nod most brilliant One orate first Southern ball players to be runners in the ceuntry to-day achieve tame in' his decent profession was A Nashville boy who during the season o Du Just past made for himself s re utation ffee of Mobile who began playing with P second to none froe length of time no the team representing hi s nati m thve city in hen been in the busitess watt "Lefty" the early days of the old Southern Leagite-- Davis Two years agot this fine young His magnificent work from the very be- plaver was tossing the ball about at Atli-ginning of his prefessional eareer attraet- letio Park for "Dr" Stellings tsluggers to ed attention all over the country tic bat at The writer well remembers one day s could play nearly any except a battery po- whin peaking of Davis big George Bitten aceeptably but especially exetual Tutrahte r:1yo Lios ofn eN aort vs gni pomi ttc hperros se He bas every actiong as a batman and outfielder b players eter esides beict of a t exeeptionally speedy on tbe base lines His Arai-eines ball plaer and some day capacity for hitting the ball bard and often b e will be a star in the -profession Mark moon gained for him tbe soubriquet of my prediction" "Home ken" Intifee by which title he wee Tht "big chief" very probably did not know how seen his prophesy was to begin known op to his untimely death Dtffee to he rallaces for sinco thett "Lefty" has played with Washington Baltimore and roam to tba front with a rush that is Both- Boston of the Nathinal League after log short of phettomenel In Me through log the South and did splendid work for th Infltrnce ct aNntdtaa Hahn and ail His last engagement was with 0011 Newt Plther he was given a trial by the ton Mobile club and did such fine work during Charlie Petty the well-known pitcher of the seasbn that be was drafted by Detroit this city has figured prominently on the last spring Owing to a surplus of out- 11(elidertronetthenWeiverices' list and Davis diamond for a decade and up to the last two years his work in the box was up to lanrfici)d'a tio"thYe "Jauctittsrisnd Atn beef whael4 the bight's standard Petty first demon- Michigan State League His great playing strated his excepticnal ability while a tbwe caused Vanderbeek to make a place member of the old Columbia Reds which for the young southpaw on the Detroit team during lie ealftence was one of the 4 team the latter part of the seamen and be strongest In the South During the early aMT1 drnonerrted his ability to hold his days of the Southern League Petty pitched "n In :flat company Davis will be with - Detroit agsin next stereo ad if be con- for Birmingham Savannah and othfr & 1 thyme to impmve at the rate be has so teams of the organization He reached the 1 1 far he will mut probaely find a berth in zenith of his fnme while doing box (luta ' the big league in I899—maybe before that 1 for Jimmy Manning's Savannah team in Davis is an exeeptionar outfielder and a 1891 His work during thls season was of hard left-hand batsman so high an order that New York purcbased Henry Mtn kit who pitched winning ball for Jake Wells' Richmond Va team' ! his release paying therefor SLOW During of the Atlantic League last newton is yet the early part of the season following 'anotner Nashville boy who is winning ! Petty ass given little chance with the laurels on the &meta Like Hahn "Sehtridty" learned to pley the game on I Giante and !n some manner lost much of ' his effectiveness He Was traded to Washa the VACUA lots around Nashville and soon ington later but his work was of an un- earnellat reputation as a 'Ocher He first satisfactory naiure and be went to Cleve drew attention to himself on a trip with land Here hie teed luck P till followed him the Deppene of this city when be went and Petty was released He next went to in day after dey for a week and held the strongest ameteur teams in the State down Minneapolis but was egain unsuccessful to three and four hits per game This led and lost out He drifted around le vale- to Schmidt's becoming' a pitcher for the ors minor leagres in '95 and ate and was strong N A C team an his work while signed by Billy Work to twirl for the with tble aggregation wee of a high class 1 Nashville team of the Central League the Ile signed with Evansville the latter part past season He remained with Nashville of the season of 1895 and went to Mobile 1 the next xenon where beeeept up his good doing splendid work at times until the ' work Last season he was with Richmond club was transferred to Henderson Ky cud is on that clubs reserve list for 1898 Petty then went to Cairo and did good While playing with Mobile "Schmidty" work or that team entil the Central took unto himself a wife and has pines Prague disbanded lie then played the re- made that city his home although he is mainder of the setutoa with the Hopkins- Still at Richmond now waiting for all the ville Ky team of the Bluegrass League yellow fever germs to freeze out ha the with whet his work was of a magnificent Gulf City character Petty hag not yet signed for Joe Dowle who is known to all southern next Selt90n but as he has demonstrated random having -played third base for New that there it still plenty of good pitching Orleans every Reason for the past MX in him he will likely have little difficulty years is a native of the Crescent City in cetching on with some good club Doyle has bees playing battler more years No young player has ever entered the titan any one except en altiquarian can profesaional ranks with more promising figure out but he Ile still apparently as prospects than Newt Fisher the fine nimele as ever and plays the bag right up young catcher of this city who did such to the notch besides being a reliable bats brilliant werk behind the bat for Colum- man bowie held down tbe third corner bus O of the Western League the sea- for Baltimore ten years ago and has on eon put Fisher first began to give evil- fame on many diamonds During the wilt-&ewes of exceptional ability while a ter menthe he puts in his time working at- member of the Nashville Athletic Club the Crescent City race tracks where be has team His first regular profestional en- a stool job He will likely be with the New gagement howesetkr was 'with the Atlanta Orleans club neet year Club in 1894 During the early part of Very few ball players are better'or more that season he was relestwd to Chattanooga favorably known In the South than Charley for ebleh team be did splendid work both Frank who proudly claims While as his in fielding and batting In 1895 Fisher birth-place Frank earned considerable played with Mobile atere his fine all- reputation tuta player before he ever round work attracted the attention of played profeseional ball He was first seen managers all over the country When in Nashville -in 1891 as a member of the George Stallings took the management of Maroons a strong amateur organizatIon of the Detroits in 1896 one of the first men he this city The next season found him selected was Flatter but a hitch arees on playing with the team reeiresenting his pa-account of the Nashville boy being under tive city in the Southern League where reservation to Mobile and be was corn- be did splendid work In i1se3-4 he was r pellei to return to the Gulf City Colum- with Memphis finiething tbe season of 1894 bus seenred Fisher last spring paying a with the St LOUIS Browns In 1895 he re-good price for his release and during the turned to Merrephis remaining 'there until ecaeon past he was the mainstay of that the league went under In 1896 he was club behind the bat easily ranking as the witit Minnettpolle and Grand Rapids ante star catcher of the strong Weetern League the past season he Wired with Columbus As soon as the drafting period came on O Frank is a good outfielder bet tope-Cicero Stallings at once drafted Fisher for Malty shine as a batsman He is besides the Philadtiphia deb ned he will be one one of the most poeular players in the of the Quakers' caWherenext year Filth- country having been a close second to Joe er can play any position except pitch in Quinn In the Sporting News coetest sevgenet style but especially excels as a eral years age Frank usually attends his cateher being therougely reliable in every winters in either Memphis or Mobile but respect a remarkably strong and accurate Is now on a hunting Jaunt with "Hub" thrower fast en his feetland a very hard 1(noll and a few other companions in the and regular hitter It is safe to predict wilds of Indiana - that be will be a Mar in the big league Doctor Jimmy Mame' the fine young itle a little lexperience pitcher of the Washingteat club but who Another' voting Nashville player who has will be with Bailin:ere 'next year calls climbed to pear the top rung of the lathier Chstritelon S C his borne- Mceamee' first within the petit two years le Frank lighn professional engine:merit wits with the' familiarly I eknown to his Ifrinetise as Richmond tesini of the e Virginia State "Noodles" Helm began playing ball on the League in 1894- His success was tssured lotsround NashvilaVed from the very' from the start and in lhe5 be was secured outs t gave tinntistak le evident° that he by Washington with Which dub 11 has Valti compoe'ed of the proper material His since beeirup to recently and to-day emir RfnlihpaNt curves soon became terror to nutlet as onset the star pitchers of the local teams and the N A C Induced hint eountry ' Mcjemes is 'n full-ftedged doctor' to pitch for 'their team in 1894 His splen- and Reseda the winter menthe at his home did work with tete club Added to his fame in Charleston 'practicing hie profeesion and in 105 Lew Weller manaster of the with hilt father who is aprominentephyMobile club cligaged his seryiees Malta Metall of that city ' became the Ear of the Sotethern League Frank Willert the Cleveland pitcher Is In 18n6 still with Mobiltebue early last' native of Mottgomery and first came lb All Afa1 Palliskifi ' Into protoinence as an exponent of the ea- An tional game while p the itching for UK team of his uative city in UK His work wasp of AyilalP11111Shilleill aucb a class that be went to the Eastern ' I - :: ' ' o ' LPIlitlle the following year where Ito did even bettor This led to bis engagement Of all the horrors that have 'Mell by the New York club In the spring of Mankind throughout all history ono 1896 but that club being "long" en pitch the meet terrible was the pusishrom ing theretaulsennt tWrialliseope:tatrreeblcoatosoed nwaltbotoutthas imse5tletatioutht obyloottecoBorittistlibeGotovmernonnio esoutp 14 best Judges of a tall player la America Mutiny They were tied to the mouti immediately Misled Wilson and ' he ban never bad cause to tegrot IL The Mont- of loaded cannon and blown in mut gomery boys work for Cleveland has been lined fragments- Into eternity while t ot the highest character a thrill of horror weat through the eivilizt tied he will be w )' wits the Indian's semis' next eaten Wil- ' - 1 eon winters on his farm $oar Montgomery Mankind le glow to realise the tu meaning Big Bill Hill of the Louisville club bails of' punishment and penalty all i from East Tenuessee near Knoxville and looks so orooLvindictive and usnatura Slut 1 first attained prominence as a twirler of whenever it law is broken there is I the very nature et things without cruel' : the leathern sphere while a member of the orbatriteL an awful necessity for punist 1 Knoxville team in 1896 At the opening of the season of 1E96 the big left-bander went which is sometime deadly ' was signed by Louisville and sine then When the ImPerer MulmilltenI was 11 has done phenomenal work it times The ecuttee and when the brave Marshall Ns went ' only bar to his becoming one of the best out to death no doubt the firin r squad had pity in their hearts and teas pitchers in the big league is his habits of in their eyes for the man they wore odiool diesipation However he has promised to y i reform and if he lives up to it next seasou twig down The crime at these men wil n lo I will witness his development Into one of that the bad made a mistake Whet ou ' the best pitchers in the business Hill Ow Collates athed Nathaa Hals Moo 1 spends his winters at Knoxville or Chat- with the rope about his neck sad an 1 tanooga dreadful as his punishment was be pal I Wiley Davis is another Emit Tennesnean only the penalty of the laws of war I who has gained 'considerable reputation on Miatakes and broken laws Involve a 1 the diamond within the past two years awful penalty and the most vindletiv 1 Like Hill his home is near Knoxville and men ere not more cruel than Nature bar ' be first became known to fame as a ball sell sac be whoa her laws are violate Every se ' player while with the Knoxville team in day we e men and women suffer 1895 Reports of the great pitching Davis Mg almost the torment" of the oeudemne as a penalty for breaking Natures sine ' was doing reached the ears of the Melina' I nett club officials and late in the season of pled lass Mistakes and carelessness noun 9S g Knoxville to Nature never forgives a mistake Irregu sHisoalliDdaay welonadispatched up inediesplageenehini to t as crime beer Nature's stern tribunal be came up to regutrements Holliday saw lor habits wrong feed over-work worn I his man work and was well enough pleased late hours neglect of little precautions with him to seure his service tor the are punished by the pangs of dreoeolla Reds Davis went to Cineinanti the fol shattered nerves and a wrecked and wait wlocwrikugascessinsosn leaned dniidd sboamtetervseryotcred But this misery and b0Pelessnese ite theitiNbale- cd "astitutien ' Heusi League He was s trine unsteady not forever fastened on those who Cr however and it was thought best to ship willing to come back and obey the law him over' to the "farm" at Indianapolis for wkich Nature bas laid down Her pen a little more seasoning He did excellent Miles Cr severs and inevitable bu pronounces a' death sentence Thous ewoonrtkratcott ftoletrilisscriebrout sten! wsaaslarytenddereid dnota bar rewards are generous She 'olden suit Davin and he refused to sign The and° of broken down Inen and Women club official proved equally stubborn so - ' fee Wiley spent the pastseason pitching for his cld club at Knoxville He is still on er e — the reserve list of the Cincinanti club i s '' es Davis spends his winters bunting squirrels 1"'"----- --- ' through the mountains of East Tennessee It I that 10 and it la said at he can bring down Ono of the bushy tails from the top ' of the ' lit 0 highest tree with only a stone A Southern bey who rank" high up In his ' -- 1------' 1 ' 8 ' --44 ( prefesolon of ball playing is Prank Butler of Savannah Ga Butler began plating to -4 s el i gmnEvery agon gt tooo 11Nattract sawaah oLvryik II el aebnIuntyta nic oittt9inaswi I ttiaatihsmea rtoial nhbt a rilly: al a - the Souttern League some eight years ago - ' al lips Iti tav it etyanti Ynt hi ligoe ndb cc :a a 1 a 1 with thn " splendid work be did for Stale : ling? pennarters during that season up -- to the time be was sold to New York The ' latter elub did not give Butler a thanes to - 1 ' show' what was in him releasing him after he had played only two or three games to t tbut- hlt i the spring sottBpPf ri ti fai ingro b of c aDo 1 the E siring bnudna a t upon ea ri it h ehLeague t lmvesItn v era League purchased his release and for the last two years he bee been with that club doing high class work all the while Ile in under retervition to Columbus at 7er ' 4 I present Butler spe'Eds the winters at hit e I Or' home Or Savannah He hi not compelled ' — - 4 -- e - -- ' - --T ' to play ball for a living as bis wife is the ' '-' ' '' daughter of a man who allows' her an ate 1 - nutty of $1200 There is no more premising young player ' ' ' ' in the country to-day than Pat Dillard se who was with Nashville and Detroit this year but who will be with Louisville next who could not find either 'encouragement season Dillard's that regular professional or cure la the medicaments of ordinary engngement was mast spring when be signed to play with Nareiville The writer doctors have obtained a perfect restora- tion to health and strength by the use recommended to Manager Work that he of Dr Pierce's Golden Medical Discover'' sign Dillard in The American office one simply because It put their entire physical night when Work was lamenting the fact being Into perfect 'mooed with Nature's that he needed one more good man who law and brought them her rewards could be had cheap to round out his This extraordinary "Discovery" begins team" Pat was accordingly wired at once its restorative) and building up rprocess in for terms and they being satisfactory the human systnem at the same point that he was signede His great work for the Nature begins her own work that is with Naebville team 'Until that organization the digestive and blood-making organs turned up its toes to the daisies is well re- It gives the entire autritive organism membered by all and it led to his engage- power to appropriate the essential Moment by Detroit Dillard winters at his creating elements of the food that is home in Chattanooga and will be a tower eaten and convert them into healthy nu-of strength to the Colonels next season triment firm muscular flesh and active unless somethingeunforesfen happens vital force Harry Steinfeldt the infielder who did A residect of Shiloh Church Sevier such magnificent work for Detroit the sea County Tenn Mr A W McMillan son mod lives at Ft Worth Tex He will writes: "I am over 58 years of age One be with Cincinanti next setson and prom- year ago I was prostrated-and from that lies to develop in a great infielder and bat- date until the 15th of the following Januter Steinfeldt has a good job in the ary I was treated by two as good PhYste Opera House at Ft Worth in the winter clans as theca ere in the country They and does not have to ett snowballs pronounced my disease thickening of the Nance who made an excellent showing wails of the etomach a sloughing off of with LOUIPVIlle the latter part of the sea- the mums lining of the stomach en-eon just past la also a Ft Worth boy He largement of the liver neuralgia of the alto has a job in the Opera House at ale stomach and ulceration of the bowels I home when he is not playing ball Nance had frequent attacks of biliousness and will be a Colonel again next season was badly constipated Thus matters stood Henry Spies the well-known St Paul until January 1895 The doctors were catcher is a native of New Orleans and doirg Me no good Prepared chalk Do-'Tends hiss winters there Bob Stafford who played first base for ver's powders calomel would not reach my ease My wife note got me a bottdo New Orleans in 1895 for Milwaukee in 96- of Dr Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery ' 7 and who was drafted by Louisville this and a vial of his 'Pleasant Pellets fall le a North Carolinian and runs a "The medicine taken My wife said I country store in partnership with his was better or at least was holding my brother during the winter months Own She went back and got another sup- John Dobbs who played the outfield for Piet I took the medicine and then could Mobile and Chattanooga in 15-6 lives at see for myself that I was gaining I have the latter place—or rather on his father's used in all twelve bottle of 'Golden farm near there He -spends the off semen Medical Discovery' end also some of the bunting on "dad's place" Dobbs will be 'Pellets lei biliousness has left me eon-with Springfield of the Ohio State League mtipation is gone and I am as regular tit ' i next season ' my bowels as I ever walk I was almost A young player who has forged rapidly a skeleton I lived for months on boiled to the front during the past two yars is milk but now I can eat a little of any-"Monk" Mrzena of this city Siqce 1S95 thing I want sleep well go anywhere I he has played excellent tall for Nashville want to 'hilt my children and friends Milwaukee and Richmond and next season and look after my business In fact—Tick- will te with Springfield O under Lew ard is (nearly) himself egale' In May Whistler's management Mrzena is a after I was able to sit up a little I steady reliable player and one of the best batsmen in the business tober 132" ' weighed 116 pounds in August 12'2 in Oc Tom Colcolough the Charleston S C Many little warnings areusually given pitcher gained his first reputatioo as a by Nature lolls before her moat terrible' boxnian of more than the average ability punishments are visited upon those who while playing with the team managed by disregard her regulations When a man Denny Long at Charleston in 1893 Bee feels that something in his way of living fore the close of the leelt011 Colcolough and has put him "out of sorts" even though Joe Sugden were sold to Pittsburglor L not seriously ill he must know that be 509 Colcolough did not prove a great sue- is to some extent a trespasser If te has eMs in the big league although he did headaches or bilious turn and periods some creditable work Since being re When he doesn't feel like lifting a band teamed by Pittsburg he has played in the or a foot about his business something is Eastern League and done excellent work certainly wrong It ought to and can be His father is a wealthy man at Charleston set right immediately by the "Golden and Tommie always‘remains near tho "lit e Medical Discoveryee" wonderful tonic and tie red smokehouse" during the winter alternative properties Pitcher Sparks who was drafted by Phil- It clarifies end enriches the blood adelphia from the Texas Leaguethis fall arouses the lethargic liver tO rid the drill a resident of Cave Springs Ga He be- eulation of excessive bile purges the sysgin his professional career with the Mont- tern of scrofulous and muddy impurities gomery club in 1895 going thence to Texas which render the skin unwholesome and the next season where be has since done unsightly: makes every nerite and muscle work of a charactet that has attracted the thistle with vivacity and lire - attention of the big league managers Phil- Mrs John Crozier Box 52 Morristown adelphia has decided not to retain Sparks Ilestmont County ' Ohio says: "I wrote and be will probably go to Brooklyn next you May 3 "dating to you my -condition season My fare was in a solid mass of pimples or I Besides the players mentioned above red toots and very sore I commeeeed I there are other Southern boys who figure using Pre Pierce's Golden Medical Digproniinently on the diamond and many covery about the 34 of April: I also used more who would be seecessful if they only hie 'Pellets' I was jiist nearly crazy when bad the chance' Such men as Charier I wrote to you Then I received your let-Watkins will Geralds Curiae Douglas ter telling nee to use a strong suds of Vero! Doreight and others too numerous to warm water and castlie soap on retiring mention only need the oPportunity to at night and behold in from ten to twelve chow their worth and that they are cotte days my face 'Was well Iv Piercers medipotent to hold their own with a majority elope are worth more than their Weight in of diamond experts P IL 1$14111e gold to um' My entire system is built ----- ptieponblyetchaemme'tkelyaefiateenhgaott wi edilidtoIfandot tbhea! ' Double Operation - He sought a dentist where in truth ' hove that the cure of this case has sold His purse was ealted down a per For first the &milk pulled his tooth R great tleal of your medicines to the ente- And then he blithely pulled his lest rounding COuntrya I am daily telling pee ‘ e-elemphis Appeal pie how Dr licit' ceredetay face I be- ' of all the horrors that have gilded mankind throughout all history one of the moat terrible was the pusishment meted out br the British Clevernntent in 1857 te the leaders of the famine Piney Mutiny They were tied to the mouths of loaded canson and blown in mutilated fragments- Into eternity while L thrill of horror weat through the civilized world ' - Mankind le slow to realise ' the - full meaning ofJ punishment and penalty It all looks so oruelvindictive and usnatural But whenever a law Is broken there is la the very aature et things without cruelty or hatred an awful necessity fee punishment which is sometime deadly When the Mmperer )4111XiMilltill was ex-'muted and when the brave Marshall Nay went out to death no doubt the firing squad had pity in their hearts and tears in their eyes for the man they were Shooting down The crime at these men was that they bad made a mistake Whet our own Cerious patriot Nathan Hale stood with the rope about his neck sad and dreadful as Ids punishment was he paid only the penalty of the laws of war Mistakes and broken laws Involve an awful penalty and the most vindictive men are net more cruel than Nature herself eau be when her laws are violated lever day we see men and women suffering almost the torments of the condemned as 'a penaltY for breaking Natures simplest lass Mistakes and carelessness count as crimes bettire Nature's stern tribunal Nature never forgives a mistake ' Irregu lor habits wrong food over-work worry late hours neglect of little precautiona are punished by the pangs of dyspepsia shattered nerves and a wrecked and waste ed constitution But this misery and hoPelensom are not forever fastened on those who are willing to come back and obey the laws which Nature bas laid down Ner penalties are severs and Inevitable but her rewards are generous She seldom pronounces a' death sentence Thousands of broken down men and women who could not find either encouragement or cure la the medicaments of ordinary doctors have obtained a perfect restoration to health and strength by the tile of Dr Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery simply because It put their entire physical being foto perfect aceord with Natures law and brought them her rewards This extraordinary "Discovery" begins Its restorative and building up tprocess in tbe human systfem at the same point that Nature begins ber own work that is with the digestive and blood-making organs It gives the entire nutritive organism power to appropriate the essential life-creating elements of the food that is eaten and convert them into healthy nutriment firm muscular flesh and active vital force A resident of Shiloh Church Sevier County Tenn Mr A- W McMillan writes: "I am over 58 years of age One year ago I was prostrated-and from that date until the 15th of the following January I was treated by two as good PhYllclans as theca ere in the country They pronounced niy disease thickening of the PartFoür Hove in Dr rt erce and I firmly believe that if more of his medirines were used people would be !wigglier" The permanent strenetb-making quail of the "Ooldett'Modical Discovery" are vastly superior to the temporary stim- ulus of melt struts It le far preferable to nauseous emulsions It does not aid the gieCre11013 Ot 0421u lat:'hut eliminates k Inert useless tiasue from the system making the flesh Inn and wholesome and and bringing the e eight to the Normal stand ard of perfect health Anyone is stoteonte and Invited to eons rult Dr Pierce by mail He has an me date staff of 'eighteen-eminent specialists in the different branches at medical prim tice and careful professional advice will be givea free of charge Isidore Gross of -Bayfield NUM County Mo write-"I was out of health more or less ter Irony years my ailment validating meetly in beart disease Theo matism palpation of the beart neuralgia constipation ete yet 'with all those coin platnts I could be on my feet Ind do some work About two years ago another recourse came lipoil-tne In the shape of neuralgia of the stomach and gall atonà which proved more than a roatch for my broken— down constitution Our bottle physieJan said be could not help me and y could only give me morphine when the paln 'came 11 to see I did not know what to do The pain in "my stomach ink creased and it awnerally lasted from two to ten hours and the most xerucisting pains at that I became alarmed net knowing what to do Finally I thought it would not cost anything to write to Dr Pierce advised 1120 to take Ills :Golden Medical teactreert and Pellets I used his medicines according to directions for Ave months and to-day 1 tee say with truth that I am as weirtind hardy as soy man of IS years can wish to be" Mrn R T Webb Box 5 Romney Tip-' pecanoe County Ind wHtes After using a large number of bottles a( Dr PIOCCO'S Golden Medical Discovery 'Favorite Pre- scription' and 'Pellets I 'am convinced that I am thoroughly cured of torpid liver kidney and heart disease I bad been a ( great sufferer for sixty yew and gives up an hopes of over getting eU as imy physicians said Icco1& not be cured A friend of mine advised 1110 ta take Dr 41i Co' ( tIbit z' ek qattin e 1 NUMBEIt 7682 71unthhio Plerce'ie medicines and I thank God that through him I found relief I took the snedicines a on time before I could see that they were doing any good I am now 81 years old- weigh one hundred and forty pounds1 do my men work and can walk tulle without getting tired I wish phi abundant succesa and hope that Almighty God will continue big blessing toward yoil In your noble work' There is no better heme counselor and guide to the proper care of the health of all the family than that grand book "The People's Common Sense Medical Adviser" by R V Pierce M D This thousand-page illustrated volume Is the outgrowth of his thirty years experience as chief consulting physician to the Invalid's Hotel and Surgical Institute of Buffalo N Y A paperbound copy will be sent absolutely free for the mere cost of malting twenty-one (21) one-cent stamps - Address World's Dispensary Medical Association of Buffalo If a heavier cloth-bound copy is preferred send ten Stamps extra-21 in all Ittpd sad PoteKtatey It will be strange indeed if Speaker Thomas R "f " D eed of the Ameriean House of Congress Wails a the ttemeeh' 11(1'6"" " does not see bis way to very vigo an rous d the mutous lining of the stomach en- ettetttve opomottoo to the meKtoley wing 01 largement of the liver neuralgia of the the Republican party in Ms ambition to be the stomach and ulceration of the bowels I Preridential nominee of his party in 19 had frequent attacks of biliousness and For tome year now Reed lea been far and was badly constipated Thus matters stood away the biggest inen in ttie party standing until January 1896 The doctors were largeiy for whatever of manliness or of sindoirg Me no good ' Prepared chalk Do- verity or of devotion to the people's interest ver's powders calomel would not reach is atill represented in Mat-party or this res- illeeebcleteilirte y""22euthc(lenatillendvorl:?tieetteGlit7tr with th men WHo topec!ellY was a candidate yelto could be oMIDcralei'leiroMi4wGitoelderrbtledaticarni eD the and a vial of his 'Pleasant Pellets have controlied the course of hie miot sty in past asatletl:rerr yews What wet neeeed la the ho election - oriee lli bIntedpiee my case My wife now got rne a bottle gene be was not 'la aver -with the men who especlally was a- candidate wito could b aotridtliar vPiallercofe'llleG ld "Tbe medicine taken my wife 'laid 1 pl deed absolutely to the aupport and del was better or at least was holding my ef the trusts and monettolles and to so thereon own She went back and got another sup- °lila fl)relgit Policl of tue country that there PlYi I took the medicine and then could :nWe n eittIrtrer noW miktt anY unsettlement et see for myself that I visa gaining I have the movocation to the honorerorwthhaetdringinty bet used- in all twelve bottleis of 'Golden the Govesament Reed nes not such a midis Medical Discovery end also some of the ' date McKinley wa--lis debts paid by Mils one re Mark Manna and his fealty pledged 'Pellets' ily biliousness has left me eon- r to Mark Manna in the most danger° ' mtipation is gone and 1 aM as regular in nation that this country has ever kat"' maibi n my bowels $e I ever walk I was almost I is age nst this combinallopthat 4111v certain a skeleton I lived for months on boiled self-rove( ting tietnent of- the Republican milk but now I can eat a little of an party will surely revolt in 1900 and as surely will Tom hied be the President' i a- thing I want sleep well go anywhere t b e I ment and of hie part candidat t t at e if there le want to atilt my children and friends strength audicient to repudiate Icifinleyistit and look after my business In facLfllch I and Hannaista In minimal Republicanism ard is (nearly) himself again' a may The man from Maine le not the sort of man to surrend r bionisil to a domination each as after I was able to sit up a little 1 that exercAted by Hanna over McKinley and weighed 116 pounds in August 122 in Oc- It is more than likeiythathe would also In set tober 132" ' P-- -- upon drecting the policy of the WV watch chore him ue its leader- For this rearm it is Many little warnings are usually given rale to assert even now that Reed will by Nature long before her most terrible powd by every mbine politician in his ac I ite a" party punishments are visited upon those who and thst only the unequtvocal demand of the disregard her regulations When a man masses of hie party win secure hie Roam feels that something In his way of living don 0 bin nomination can be secured Itrwill be intertsiing to watch developments E bee put him "out of sorts" even though iea ng upon this obese of the political Mina that not seriously ill he must know at be t on kto niany veers Iwo eispeed situ the In to some extent a trespasser If to bas Republican party itad a leader of democratio headachee or bilious turne and periods I ructivities that Tom Reed's triumph in the text conventit it Meted he Mildred If only 10Ir When he doesn't tear Iike lifting a band the rake of lefieshing novelty-6t Louis Rm or a foot about his business something is public - - ' Klondike - "Quick! The tree' It was a woman's intuition to the rescue Thrusting the aoughaut into her bosons rho turned to marront the desperado is he enterci "Foiled!" hissed Klondike lilt for there was noibing to be sees tut auggets—New York World Thief r Ad van fags ' Mims blue—Men fire'Itailly degenerating Thome of the oki school always took off thetr hats to women which Is loose than eau be tali of this generation Ptuyn—That may be true but ybu see ths old school gentleman nod one great advantage -be could always tell a Woman when be met 1 one--New 'fink World 4— lirettali Ontinallace Phowttleman— 'are told that Birkenha n cl ha set up tor politician Bons 1) Pus —Ha bain't net up any thing a$ yet—Chicago Tribuneq Could Dont That ' Itabinnen—Your baby la a wide-awake tk iellow watheel-Shucksi That's nothing to obat ho is el night - A NottousA 'Soto a ' ‘ Do not forget bo)is The estintry is hummbal Congress has met boys ' Cbiistma J comit! ' 44tlanta CsiultItutisib 1 a ' ' 14---14 I milk ' 1 i s N!------" " j t 1 0000000 ! t Iht II I 41 4 k—itil? It — - 'vl' I c i I '' i 8 i-----r: ( 41 ''' :-11 : : i:t- I 1 1 0 Ahillik I Wiz ' t -'4 116W1' r il P ! tai ciliti - il'InnMillint 4111114 0 v ' - ' 4 0 Untigliouo ' I - '1"11111111111" 4111404 6114 ' 74rib A - 0 0 1 T- N NI - S ' - :-- 1 - - t '' '' ae:- "-: - ' t v 0 (-4e'e ' 4 i : ' - ' Pages 5 8

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