The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee on February 29, 1908 · 6
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The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee · 6

Nashville, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 29, 1908
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I EASTERN SIStEll OF BETTING ADOPTED AT CITY PARK TAMA RA WON FIFTH RACE ArTA:R HARD DRIVE Ida May a 25 to I Shot Capture! the Six Furlong Race—Other Outsiders in Evidence—Laring at Los Angeles and Oak lane—Today7s Entries NEW ORLEANS Feb 2S—Tamara at 11 to 5 won the nith race tody at City lark in a hard drive from Prowler by lull( a leneth The Executive Committee tit the Crescent City Jockey Club at a meeting today deckled to adopt the East-out by Mem of betting to be resumed at the Fair Grounds race track next week and for the remainder of the season to replace the Western system or 51ate betting :A rather elear track fast First Race—Three and a half furlongs The Slit ker 00 tJ W Murphy) 7 to 2 1i:elm-hire Queen II tT (haJidiertin to 1 Edwin L los (C Kerner)- 6 to 1 Time A2 3- Romp Columbus Yosekit Tont Itoiland Trappe Tyler Miss flaps111ra Chaliee liCSSIP Trent Sliverite And lerryinander ran Second Raee—Steeplechase handicap 4bort cour9er )(luster Mt (fielder) Even Profitable 10 IE Riley) in 1 )(liekman 9 to 'Bine o4 K Slit de DaWfcon R Sandlateher Gault and Ralph ie ran Third Rare—Five furlongs selling: :A301111111 IR (J laei to 5 Pink 1t) t A Mindrri: 4 to 1 Miss Searcy 1 J W Murphy') to 1 Tine 102 Amontillado 1100 liertie !:azirnova Mecomb Phil Chitin Ylizahein Franees T Kmper lialironia Adelaide Royer end 1)114 ran Foin Iii Race—Slx furlongs MAY 97 (A Martin) 25 tn 1 Shin W 'Murphy— 11 to lX1 ti Bellwether (W Walker) 5 to 1 Time 1 it 1 Itaithridge Apaehe E T SillPP and Earl's t 'mint ran Fifth RAce—Eive turiraigs (ening: Tamar 1(0 SUMIPT) II In 5 Prowler VII (A Martin) 15 to 1 Tied Mill log (TrOxieri 5 in 2 Time 1 o'd righertt Firmament 1-1ey al Chanee Margaret T Meadow (reen I irate 1)tana Sir Maurice Contanna l'ilanuset ipt Raimondo and firri ati Sixth Race-Seven furlorrs: Sam Ta vier loll (1 'W Mitrph vi IS in 1 Ilannibal Bey 1109 ISkirvin I 9 to 1 yomenlaire 109 t A kitriin I 5 to 1 Time 1 27 4-5 Belie strome “arribrinus 'lco Reach Ziphngo Fred Mulholland ace Bileslied Seventh Raee---One mile a nd a half iiU toç Koerner) 12 to 1 Ft Reliant 101 IS Eli uni 6 to 1 ji1lit pet (1 V Mitrol-m 13 to 5 rune Havigny tleole V 1 Vio nitiog4111r ftriokti aj 1-a1V for!rraoi Finning Star and :aloty tan )shi Wngton: A Ole TuroY S ENTR ES Pi Fgt ra rP 31 furlongs '111 mos—Gioia !Pk 11linclarrinnta1 Mi Pinion lo4 1S011t jir 1:(nle114111 110 itst- 111rg II II: 14 a Svo11 1111l Soinittl race nirlottgi )r Finrrinnn N lads Ftisu 97 Virginia Maki Linda filht Fivotrivil 104 (Inn Whiz lion Q Hostile Hyphen (at litesi 1Vtird Third rare 4i furlongs: sn11Ing--11 w nf lta rt Dona Tin Thorn 97 4441avolt text: Arnow Salft Viornaild Aunt ftnsn Sitar I - ldittnr Sir 10 Rttral By 1-1iniali 11-e full (ours: tlt goinplliasp Ha ndirtipi $1s-w) added "rl111 1'1411Y I15 Bank liolidJy AVotafloti ReInctalii 141 P Viiinkt:ilr 144 1tkiin 49 1r lirifrd Irio Bont Sam 11ffit ninr I 44 NVoridatile and Ilu krnatt nu-try 1 !nil: Ians Tokalitti Illigg trI1 John 41rI! lit Soon tio - I-la PI lin :o4 tiremird potina Ic: Hon Ilidoui :t'r 14 I iidNi k1in0'nt Ia 1 I 'HI Vit- 3r 11:: Ara !1iL-61 101 B II 1t! I '1'11 16 - "Volunteer's" Ix tile Nebo Name for elliczxhvilles Dosaeball Club The Nashville Baseball Club in the future will be known as the Volunteers This tame has been unanimously selected by the fans in a voting conttst which has lasted for more than a week The ballots were cast with 'Manager Bernhard Ile necivekl hundreds of them and as he stated last night "It was not an easy job to keep tab On the Votes" The other narnes—Eimerocks and Pocks—received many votes but when all the letorns were in the Volunteers had a very large majority The baseball writers of Nashville have agreed to use the name selected Not only this but all sporting writers in this Jkagne have been requested to use the name when referring t(1 the Nashville club Lady POWP11 107 tOoldtetn) 12 to 5 Time IA 4-5 Jane lied Lace t ey N tit well f1ni5heii1 as named AT OAKLAND Mendon Quote' at Long PtiCe Fin' Shed First OAKLAND 4-41 Feb —The fit st ra't at Oakland today was won by Mendon a :91 ti 1 PhOlre who in a long hard drive outg pried Belniera the latter finishing FPCond from John T The ra4) as for toekeys who have not ridden n OFP 0Hn tme winpor sInre Nov s Myer well inatiagEd hy Gilbert captured the fourth event in a driving tinifh from flrives Stan-clover outla&sed his fiid in the mile and twenty yards Stimmark: First Rare-rSix and a half furlongs: :kiendon 114 tStewart) to Pelmere 109 tF Kelley) 4 M 5 John II 94 (Boyd) :) to 1 Time I 1-5 Sophomore Annie II Elotros Eatrotie Nits Matthews Marian Louise and-Ita darn ran Sreond Race-Three and a half furlongz Carrie Thateher 103 W 1elly)10 to I Minnie 'fright 99 tillibett) 7 to 7 Charles IV lloriges 117 IA Waishid2 to Time a 4? Modena Yoh Ornate False Nun 1118khand and Lackville ran Third Itae-- One mile and one furlong selling 13(PPI'Vatinn 102 (ndhert a to 5 1"11 to 41v Nilleri 4 to 1 IMIlmen 0 l)7 I Puxton) li to I Tune I Pal Pant' Henry 0 Orr in and Clatiainator ran Fowl)) Itace---Six furlongs Is ening: (( ilbert) 12 tm I "W a to 1 10i 7 to 7 Time 1 15 trystal Wave nxchequer Emma 1341eille1 Jockey Winn e Alsatian and Kismet Jr ran Filth itace-Orle little and twenty yards Sa11(i0V01 hA INV Miller) 9 to S tni (Keogh 10 to 1 (leorae Enhorn Ina ttlilbert 10 to I Time 1 ii Silver Line Royal S ot Periesti ICM kvonm Sycamore Alta Spa Jo imd en1 Ekereall ran sixth mile and em'enly yards pur-e I -Ionel hit lo7 Milleri 13 to 5 bowi Patrok 14 'Menu y) 11 to 5 Import 141 it niberti rt to I 'NW 31onvina and aahh)) rrii N A C WINS ----- Defeats Birmingham by Score of Twenty-Six to Sixteen The aivjli Athtti Club basketball tea ro kpI lip Its inqing t-trca1 Fnday hight hy runniog a wiv ith Itirrudd ham Athlt:t rho) rani and d fting It by a t : 't 10 vh dor thtv1 a eshstr-tent ttI"Pe 0-yr obi to oxr1:e thb thc itt 11) Iln-kt bait Th r 110 WkA 17 to 1i with the i h th e e$)et n4t (0' o tri11 points to tho:r t :d-1 I !Or the volters vtss 11 r 1 t r If I tdst tji aIre kt I 1 41 :)ggr- rtiak fi In !"fl I k14! tki tly AT LOS ANGELES h"y wondr virdb r ' 1Y-a v v d Colonel Bab Won the Fourt h Pace at t! dildience rtr pnr! r in atter tlic Very Short Pike z Los ‘N1'1 I:S CHI Th!:n1 n! vv tr(IA s lint t t of It 4 von It T N A C S71t Nkp4iiv l' ! oliri k AI WA iv In 11'1 Very Short Price t 1 Il 1401T IS p:-!: r r 1 in a tor tlic i 0 ti IA) S A N VI ES r1 rh 1 r:rvI 1 H l'tielp vv a trq( IA s lint 411 041 T 11411 441(1' q I I 4 von ti It A ( 1ft T 144 N A r 1011 CI '114'4 AT 4 14440444114 4- id S44411 ' 1"1114 l 441444'1 V4P4k444 14- k41-1 444r4 I k AnitA l'1 t ' is r:i I ''' I 1 rio 11'1 It' :''11 I Imo 11 Id it 1- !“ 1 I1 t 1 I I ' e rr ci '" v c1 t' iiJn (i li ' — Ccia'd 1k khitt lyin SK ?:-1':!1 wIt 1(1v C14'1'41:1 T 4 44 i it1 I t pok"y to- !-110 T-4114 1111V: 14 14- 4114' 11 1 TIT I 11111"l'e S144111 l''411 101 F41C 1'414140-4- 444 144g 14401444 101 4 1-14A-11 4 4 t 1 I g i 144g )1 t :0 -4 114 11'40 T4T4114 4 1 10 1 BURNS AND JOHNSON & ‘1! 4 If! It to I ' 1 tt1 It4 II! 444 L t4- It to I ' 14 t Beavywelt:Itt Chatrptonshtp Battle to Be tt1otV tr-'" Fought in England 'Lht I44 41441 41 44 p41 141 Tont 11110t 14 I - 1' env TtIprt lid 14 1 tWoi) r1 : ttit1r or t 1i ate titt)41 7 t I 'txt! t 14 to bVt‘'11 31 11' 140 141 4I04 !It 't I 7 I44 1tIt":u 14 4t4- to 41Pr ttt 41m 4- sI ittrItt 14ItttlnPY:i elh1 t kntl I t4t:44 1:- 4414 u'' NV' " 41 I 3'414 " An“ '111 "' tin"' 1 tr''1'' -1 t t11v1t 11V I I tt ho d I441i illtt V-Viv 104 (1" 'h" ' tr' i' 1117 t tis t 11vg 1 t 4441 4 I 4 xr 'It 1C4:O1 11at ! 147 (If 4:44 :4 1 144 4444 1'141 'V 1 I "' 1' - 1 I '' 111 1 at lit ittth TL 'r i'1 ' ' '- Mtt I 11 I‘ r rtt 34 "1 1 win or loe syIr 4411 I 4 t V110 rt f PItt 1Z I) 10 4 tptvi In 140 i i 1 IV 4 L 41-h1444 i w L it) 44t 4r 14414 'Lit 4 4 ft t4t ha'V ittl 14 ttl dI v:-1101 the' T4444 I 44 '4 7' t L t'' to LW' 'I: - 414 1 t?' )11 t ) lI 1 Ix the pro1:tiho)11 pot "d 44141 44 tr totind 1) I Si 11 11 ) 1 V t11 ttP Ton rittrtttitlit' I: t1 1 -“t 4 to' f44 41 ti 14 1 444 4! is 14 444t 41 14 41 14 11411:41 441 1:4 4 444L i Ow It 1 1 Ide0 that t114 t xN!1 h t 4 to I 44f 4' 444 1‘44 skt r 444144 1N t PIO V7Itil It ttt to f ott) 1 I IPP'n California and the Northwest OPMEPOOMMINMMMMID Your chance has come to go to t OMake your plans now—the rates will be very regOrt I low during March and April You can buy a one-way colonist ticket to California P n d the INorthwest via the Rock Island-Frisco Lines IMO flUittalltOildir IMMO 0111110 any day during March and April at I tr I 11 T ' rii a Remarkably 1404V Rates Ticket will be ood in coaches chair cars and Tourist I I Sleepers 1 hese economical sleepers are noted for the comfort and refinement one finds inthern e Scop Overs allowed at many points in I he far west 41kkei0 Side Trips may be taken to ti any points of interest at very little extrL tr:4k-rf 4 I 4i q ''t'"''' k' IloItot from vont I : i 10 to 1 $0 1 4t i4 II - In 111 :v h 0 d 1 k touilIt ' ' Cner ftior An4 0nitno SD til rtiltS0 to 04 DO ha WWI I ' P S IVELVER TPA- 22 1 Fourth Ave North Neglitvile Tenn : Tut NASIIvILLE JA3rETZICAN1 SATtEpAY9 ITBUTTATIr c9: 1008 insiets were 06 NiZP of the ring and James J Jeffries to he the referee Jeffries was ehriFett hy him beraitEe believed the Amer! an pubis: will be tc r t tied with Jeftrirs than if an Eitghhman psiges I he tight" EMPTY VCTORY Won by Shiekera for W01113n Suffrage h Enijand LONDON FP 11 :8—The wornen'a enfranchisemen't bill passed its first reading in the lionise Of COMMOnS !Imo ar tern oo n by a v4tte of 271 TO 92 and as soon ajt the news reached Westminster Palace yard the waiting- crowd or excited woinen suffragists NS4110 had assembled there broke in round after ri und of cheers The measure which 1Nas introduced by Henry Yorke Stanger Liberal membe for North Kensington is identical with I hp bill of NV 11 Diokinson meinbor of the 11011Sq' for the north division of t Paneras which was defeated March 9 1947 Herbert Gladstone the Home Secretary who spoke in behalf of the Gov ernment i-aid he left the decision of t h I InuseIn the vie sAs et It individuat members He declared that personally he favored the principles of the bill but he thought that the great mass of Public opinion would have to be moved before any effect could he giveit to It Undoubtedly Mr Gladstone con Drilled there has been a great and growing movement in favor of grant In suffrage to women hut it stit lat ks numbers :iind it has not been iiermInstrated that women as a whole det4lre to sPeure t he privilege of voliniz The opponents of the hill made no objection to the vote of the House being taken and as the promoters of the measure consented to its referen Ni a committee of the whole House the bill is effectually Ehelved for the prosent session This course of procedure enabled the members of the House to treat the bill rather In-the nature ot - resolution expressing their opinion" Brokers Pet cafirnettes NEW YORK Fob 2t3--Advooa tett (It NA °Men suffrage invaded Wa II strt yrsterday but I heir visit was brief À carriage in which were Mrs Borrmal Welli‘ the Englftt stirtragette E! tnor Murphy a n1 others of the tofffntgo party dio—ty up in front of Stroot Exchange and tire wo-- tnon at temptei initkp sprPhes IU th ir MotVoolont litstantly tho !71 rttmlI-tj by a mob et yonnig Inosstigt'r Odic 1101" ly110WS In the fiiHglIber11eel i1j f tkr pe and ot Ii r iirticles neludm4 tk I I !IOW!' Of t sponge wore rhrown t I ho Orators Sy h-rwitttna W124 jrI anti I ho rria-go r01 t-131 to heat -a bAsty re nal CONGRESSIONAL DOINGS House Rejects Proposal to Give $1noonoo tor Militia Manoeuvers NA'A SIIINIVMN Feb 23—FY th tnagin nf nnt vote thes if mis fteionentativo-4 'why a te-r art a ns111-sit11 lorb-1 by :!4 to tin an amendment by Mr Fnrinr t k I he army atproprlathm bill appro prht )g $100000 for Joint Inmouvts or I he tnilitia organizations anti 1 he rr cla'ar trnapt tt ilont a denting vote the !Inns° Pitio'r in tho di4y by spelftl rule rntore1 the provistats to increase ihp pay to nolo( nnimIssinned °In ors alt1 no-nl and In prohibit the private VWplo) no int army rnushaam4 for both or NOli 111 ye-terday Avent out on : older ' The aoimarat ton if the Indian or- pr“priation hill :and a spoo by Sena' ha d of Utah On curt t) y hcarIN hi en! tune f thr a t tudty 'The tidtI 1)1:1 v as paed fillyz-tit11 hrtitor Congres baq jrk1 !km r('I I h transmission ot in if I ' tato tnessa grn by 1110111nini arel t Inrjiy 1I110 S oat 'ominitt tilt 'tato t I r 10011 um r onaderation tho 1“ fraillong HU NIIOnthl or 01 Iiimittoo ay that ‘‘ itImut t 01 pla-mg the a'angrap and tel rnane onipmd-s iit CV' nr I - Intplnito v tji hill xkuttit be iit“ onstirtitinital and a -111wonni 1 Vl npainted to tIt'" 111 Th z-tw1 It It rri 14 totit ordered a It 'ort nn tbo reino‘ tho -11i1)rotig relictions freno l'hlitindnn ade bo- t 0n t 114! ipis athl pot ts tile Unit ect :-aatrs H ARNESS MEET AT MEMPHIS A nnouncei lot Next Fall by Controllers of Billings Park ENt rbn-1 SPe(la o noun Poo'bt y by tip :1bopitl i 1it h -has Iq ti k I I ft ! 1 i is101 I P"'"Vg f I1) liai1 IrUjt dt 1 Nifigh11 itinnot taV molt' I'mt Xn 1W oftr1 for dm e4 n1 1115 for 111'0111''' l' 1nrFV11111 111 11164 (1d1r11)"1 I Vrolitc il 1)-11t114 TR? :trt kiiiI thP 11Pw ED WALSH IIAS MADE GREAT RECORD WHITE SOX PITCHER PERFORMED I 56 CAMES DURING PAST SEASON Handled 266 Chances—Lost Many Battles That He E'lloold Have Won—His Fielding FsLoke All Frevious Records Other Baseball News Modern baseball knows no 8ue4 record as that eattablished by Pitcher Ed Walsh of the White Sox last season says a Chicago writer Walsh didn't lead the American League percentage nr games won in fact he was down in fifteenth place with Nvo of his own team-mates White and Smith far ahead of him up the ladder 'Yet AValsh's season's record was the most wonderful ever made Ile pitched in fifty-six games which ill itself constitutes a record being well over a third of the games his team played Lis flelding rigures broke all known records as he handled 4266 ebances ninety-six more than given any other pitcher in that league Walsh Is uharged with eigineen detcats and nearly all of them were due to the most fiendish hard luck a pita her vviati ever subjeeted to If Walsh had been favored with just ordinarily bad luek in those games at least fourteen of them would have been victories In-load of defeats and the fans havent tot gnu en that just four tnor e games in the won colitinn would ilia‘ve brought the pennant to Chicago instead of sending It to Detroit Out of the whole tn losses suffered by Walsh in eight his team was absolutely shut out en of course he had no ehance whatever to win although in most of them he held the enemy to a very low 14C0r0 TWir!e "4)g l'1' figured in the games and did really' sett-tuitional work hint on account of no tilt rig behind him couldn't hind the game which his twirling so well merited For instance at Boston in the June series he jumped in at a moment's notire pitched -five and two-third innings allowed only one hit but couldn't have the good fortune to see a run counted for his side But the tough games that Walsh lost WC re extra-inning ba tiles and frequently games by a margin of one run which the Sox tinder ordinary circumstances WOUld have captured by a big n'argin Four games VIThich had to be called (bleats and which if won would have given the Sox the pennant the tans will nPVer forget and they Avid shoav the hard luck Big Ed was up against Thv most exasperating trimming Walsh ever suffered was that well-reroemhered game of Sunday June 23 when Cleveland beat him in twelve innings 7 Ito rt That day the Sox I whoe had the bases full with nobody out and couldn't get one run out of either opening In the same game Walsh himself opened an inning with a three-base hit and the hi 'ad of the batting lt couldn't bring him hOnle It was just hard lurk for ' the Sox were hitting Joss very soundly driving him from the box in the sixth inning But Cie only little basehit that would hae ended all never came at the right time Ten days later 'Walsh was pitching the second game of a double-header at ! Lietrait White having won the first lle gave Detroit Only three hits only lIII' of thent inn of the diamond and not a Tiger deserved to get past first dase but coetly errors by Davis tossod the gairie off the final etraw being a wide simot that Sullivan failed to stop l n mg Davy Jones score the winning run from leird a mimte before the game k11i stopped on acolini thirktiess pitchers have lost tough ganics courr hut Walsh surely wade a new record HI that urtfortunate parte War I! didn't Win one game tlitough good lurk to live he Jist throug-i bad luek according to a sizing up ot his record 1Valsh 111 lied so muish during the ot June July and August tliat he wisn't in just hiS finest tettie at tle thasih aild carne harder :or hi 1401 111 khare of tmnnii just ! Lioe sa me I ril Lite 41 1IIISV110 WWI tiii ydr ' THE WEATHER Gaugo realIngs etc made at Weatht lic is an old if JP11-11tT hidfi hOW- WU '-P Ft i r Bureau Statos at a p ni 75th inerlillan en r and is ‘ i11 klitIV li 1 tiltitli41101AL thC IfICA I r"TA ' - 1t 4 h ! I 00 :-Aouth — - I kr " 1 t- ' !! ! 7-- ! i - 7 411--z4- !avr rbf the! Ficklity Alutukil L if e in i 1- ii:i 'z' Z E '7 ---a I W A NVe bsier the !tow district man I 1 - i i i i i 111i A n-n-d ' ' IGul4s ayi ti3rch 4 19Ga 4 I STATIONS IL- c1 Ls - - 7 ' 1 I t ) - - " a b : I a : j Niiihvili- has addel a :lumber ef ! 1' '': At 12 0Clock M ' s 4 ! r'' '' '' iT -1f44 T- 'TT- b tr 1T-7 L70 i P: — 1' agi)ti I tilS fPn 0 rce idly and i! ! 17 I ' '': :::4 4 1 4 4 ! - ! rr :: ! 1' t 1 I l I ' 111 100144 14)1r lorrt y e!f! r N v l'i I'l- "' 1!tririge 41 7 : I -" 3 1 til 1 ''" 1 ticsm This 1 ine t the 011 relialM Nni'd t iii tee A ' -- 11 1' 't 1 Ilk int:401r lerlor N '14tr s111111-1 ' 4" 1 1171 ' -I:4 I ''''' ' iti11 tit hdis chat t nitiks NarliA iti e i o i 1: ii c l ot ' 1" ciit k-ii — 4 Jr 2 ---0 I ! I:: ! 1 AT IIIE AESMENCE OF THE LATE JOIN NI BLNILEY :4': 4 4 :i -':: - 1 :12 11-1 iln II '':: 11'111 l t ': r' r:: ' i II k1 !"11' il l) I ' 411 it'l f 'f'''-ntt'l fl 1 d a ift(:Ir fltliri- I i ' 1' :':ii )::: ''''Y' l ' ‘':': ni'i'iT't '' ' 41 ''''f' :-'-' t h I''': : : - ' I ----- t e' ITs of (lorks and a:4-ft!4 here ivit1 ' Nt'r'''tt l'I'''''‘' ' ' 817 CIIEATIIAN1 STREET AVIIVI:1TN'' ‘ Va Fel) x-I-iiier: idhos Iti I lif'' 11ksuil I luiIthx ' - '' 11'1" I' ''' v I"' II"' 1 ty ' - 14 11 - ' 1 1 10 v s ! t st 01 1oli II tuot :ta t 1 3! y ' 1 jdn''''' 1 i''"' '11t f th " 'Ig'rnt l' 1ii ) I1 ' tkl '' ! '-'-' " - '' ' ' ''' VIM 1! 111 f- of jo1 I Reotlev 13110 1)1 Fel ''C- 1-44'41' 44 tailing Artna etre fir iiittrird hdi rotiirp 4 '111 1114f J iii 'I "I -"- ! i i I w:i I 12 f '-'1 k iti NV11) Iur 3 ii1 uut ' from a llab ovor A'k")a- O' h S101 1 --- - i1 !I I 1t at It v N tli 1 ciNgINNATI r h f:-' -Rip '24 fr'7t i is iinder hts supriiiii Ily iO: lhaL ' Summary- nf otri'valtiins Inalm St tt ' Lilti '''t ''2--iii: lir: I'elin t-ai t 1 1I"oic 101J' Ana ')l'a- i 1111114 t- iluptol mg it iii Stu' i 'C'Vrktiler Ic'itraii striiiihr iit I p ni iu : 1 :: t t 1 I 1 forht b1!1 f”! ' S'f 14 ot 1'-' NI- 4'4 srihrr In' 3 i hut ithi I t4b fir: 1-: t hi'le ll'att'' ii: ' nr"1"1" I'm"' I-'b -' - p u:1 11 rf1 t 1-opio Itio 1)olv- 'tmr3tur 1 -nod 111 Liti it tJ11ItiJIr -iiIIII Crfp11 ' l'irg I i111kIV Cid oiod :3 if i ‘1N hIgh t'1 hit' HI' 3-1r 8 p In II'gh ?I V tTI 111 1 t01101Hr ri Ph 14 Murry ' "1 rI'S'F f 1:' l'a 1' rh - River I t' h I'' V14 hi "1-1' gi 1'1-11 inanag p -it Sl'ijiti171iii: f 1WIV 4 ' i0" HO Nit' ' ‘ t'4 i -oil '1101F 13 - 1!11I 31311 7 9 1-0 Arid laillW4 ti ru Jo )11N NI -1 ilil f'SS(' Itu-1 I i 11 14tir111 t 'Atilr! 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I) ti1 t1)1 no! 11d tor I he' 1rer111 ' ' '‘iii 'is' 'IS 141 woo provwd toe L wi In K to Olt e°'111:ral (1pr-!1'fl now 0T orteil tr ok or IS tottios 41 TS- vre'Llutirg ' 1 '(44i0-441"te yuGult-r olat oil toktkamL i AGENTS DYER STATE NAMED NEW COMPANY GETS BUSY INDEPENDENT LIFE NOW HAS 1800 POLICYHOLDERS HERE Frank G Fite Writes Three too000 Risks for Fidelity & Casualty Company of New York—Philadelphia Life Enters Tennessee The Independent bre Insurance Company of Nashville this week rounds out its first month of active business and the report made at the home office Friday told a splendid story Just one month ago the Independent began writing business in Nashville arid now has a little over 1800 policyhelders in Nashville All departments of the company are now in splendid working order and agents are being appointed in all parts of Tennessee and nnicky IL U O'Kain superintendent of 'agencies stated Friday I hat the business aiready dtone vias far beyond his expfetations During the past two weeks he has apptrinted ninnetrous 'agents hxcluding the-following N el) knewn men: J E Greathouse W Mellen and J Y Cattiness speeial agents in Nashville J G Martin of Tullationa distrk agent for Coffee pedford Warren Cannon Rutherford and Grundy counties A 11 Ruff and W C Austin district agents Portland for sumner anti Robertson counties W F Sanders of Chesumt Mound tor Smith CotilltY Mitson Sanders of Weakley tor tiumithreY and Perry counties J L 11 Ii ot Alutherry distriLt agent for Lincoln Bedlord Franklin and More counties H A flothwell of Knoxville dirtriet agent for Knox County E T Iran of Paris district agent Mr lienry Weakley Carroll and Linton counties Alexamiler Pay agent at Duntland Thesu agents have it II received their stil plies and are now talking insurance in their respective COMYTIUllitieS While the company has Inns far given its attention to opening Tennessee it willglve its attention to Kentucky next ntratth and will invade that State vi-ith a vim Already a number of agents have been appointed there and they will begin svriting business within a week or ten days The Independent has made a splendid start and on every hand has been given a substantial weleoine Into the tient In Nashville the heads of neally lett large business concerns have taken policies ranging from $10114) to Foote and the agents at work here are reporting new unes daily -- Three Como° Policies Sold Out of the iiv r sik 111P11 in Nashville qualified to arcept the conditions of his contract Fronk cf Fire of the Fidelity & Casualtya'ompany of Nov York has sold three polieios for $1sitt- eel) each The policy is it double in: tit innity and under it I he insured is entitled to draw an indermoty of $1000 111 month for ordinary sickness anti 'ItiO0 per monih during disability cwt asioned by an accident But the policy !S only sold to men who have an earnIk capakaty or ineot114 cormiwntitirate lie indemnitY and lot that reason very few in Nashville are qualified to insure under It While only a few can buy the SM- Otto pot icy there are a number qualified to' insure under a similar one for $4001) and of these Mr Fite has written v-ral The is policy I he sort sold in Nashville I8 for S211- itte anti under it the insured gets an indemnity Cl $'2(0 per month for sicknt ss and SIeu for disabilltY ----- Philadelphia Life Coming Tfif Philadeipina Lite insurance Ctipany made forma I pplication to to4ini5intr Folk Friony to he admitted to Tennessee (7 V Dorsey potiptit manager at Loinsvtile tor Kf11111diy 'Lenin ssee arid the Carolinas was In Nashville Anil Imple the necessary arra ngt melds hile he application has heen tiled and me Dersey stares that t he company will operate In Tinaessee he has not so far made a dotinite ppointinent of a manager for Nashville nes city seier ho teadquarict s tot the Tenn 41 2tr I ' trsity on IN ieoIty titis conipany l000ng betn Iice Presidt nt of tbe linen:South- i 1114111i11 : 1-11s'it IZ'tf101Z airrillA'"i t!' —— LOOT FROM PEKIN A Fi t01 Ppkul I110 II t (1A npri N tv 1 oiwt-two t‘r LOP 11 41go r 1011111- 11111 L 9 hlur 1 itil ii ' e ‘sf"14Ao k311' 1R03 r fig' 16 - 1 i I a 114-ii ii-11-: 1 !: i:5--1' 4 ' it:44 l'i : -4-'-IZ : """m'ALIPtel ow Wileivitoloa JAC & 1 v 1 tiA A'' t 4 tb 1 't are the distinguishing qualities of Purity Mellowness and Rich Flavor SunnyBroolt THE PURE FOOD Whiskey It Is distilled in the good old Kentucky way and is eSpecially adapted for home use Every bottle is sealed with the Government "Green Stamp" a positive assurance of full proof full quantity and a fully matured age It stands unequaled its a rich and healthful stimulant—a sure cure for many of the minor ailments of the human system DELIVERED DIRECT TO YOU EXPRESS PREPAID BY ANY OF THE FOLLOWING DISTRIBUTERS: 919-925 BROADWAY NASHVILLE" TENN '944 PIT 'AN Bottles Stit 15th Chalon 5 Rye or Bourbon Bottles Full Quarts Rye er Bourbon Shipped In plain boxes Send remittonce with goer order No goods shipped G O D 1 — o"tou""PesWalW"0"04"464A""0"""A""40mookA The Fidelity Mutual Life Insurance N111 110 ittlii1 — I ( k11114111A I 1jiiN 7 c )11111 I 1il t Is 111v l')‘t- hilk clir '' ' S41) 111110 1-11 111dy - 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ILP11121 W A Webster Manager tor Middle Tennessee Agents Wanted Liberal Contracts Write for Terms 301 302 303 Jackson Bldg Nashville Tenn For Absolute Fire Protection Insure With Shelton Kirkland & Sharpe REPRESENTING HOME INSURANCE COMPANY OF NEW GERMAN AMERICAN OFNEW YORK NORTHERN ASSURANCE OF LONDOPi PHOENIX ASSURANCE OF LONDON Plate Glasr and Bond Insurance Suite 402403 Stab !man Building Nashville Tenn Phone Main 295 Blekernaret Pluton th Campbell General Insurance Jr we have a Ppørialty it la the STI1ENtiTII conittimea Every one if a financial z-ampson VS el are pntupt accurate anil wflug and wol gr preciefe yonr pnl rtmitze BLAKEMORE PICTCN & CAMMELL Nos 2 Noel Block Nashville Administralor's Sale Titn!!1 IV IV111114 Cn Agrnts 'It T 1-11 hdrgrI c1i an a t tempt efi o ItU ipral a NT t'91 A 1)fy ThA itt-1 2 k tionoly and nothing wtsi (0 the lynching' 1000 tin ty Inintid I morning K OF B BANQUET I t Fieh 20 'I I 4111641 hiiiteswI 111 )1 jILo Nt IS ill honor ”I it 1 III Knight )f' 111f t I l a ho Nrintrtrd 110- I el Dr ROLAND Not a Dollar Nowt Do Paid UntilDure'd ni004 and KI4rity 1r!fryik 14vAr itnd REGISTERs in 1)le”uc-IVat4dr Digeo lev 14tomoteh Trnubloll in Um wood rohrm VvricN WI eu Tna t imn-1 9nloviIng i i u0! 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