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The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee • 2

The Tennesseani
Nashville, Tennessee
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I THE DAILY AMERICANNIISHYILLE FRIDAY 3I011NING 17 1893 MEEICAN NlisrtvILTAE FRIDAY 3rouNTINIG 3tARCII 17 893 THE DATI IIIE VEP113101 "rtir 1 It' 'r- I I ilL EPILt10 anti riri 'Pd I I lil Filtilli i 1 I- 1m 1 'a A ti 1 t11 i it 11j i 1 11 Li ft 3 i 1 ri 1 Our Spring tioyeltics! Our Spring '01re ummorti rrtitit 0 i 42 41 I Fa t-4 1 1' 1 i 3 ut 1 I a a A JI ill i 111 and 1 A 4 tini PJa I Vild II II i I 1 1 OF HIGH ART Dress Goods 4-01 SA0PRSZAam And 1 fl 8114 OF HIGH ART Dress Goods Silks inui 'Sill Your attention is invited to 'our extensive stock of Carpets We handle all-ple leading and the most roll-able makes The Carpets and Curtains sold by us receive the highest praise for reputation excellence of fabric richness and durability of coloring novelty and beauty of designs Your liaspectionand correspondence is solicited We offer the following attractive lines for of lia te of ad co or Are pronounced by all as the handsomest exhibition of Dress Fabrics ever shown in Tennessee or in the South Eager purchasers crowd our Are pronouneecl by all ae I Rich rare and racy are the styles 'Ive s5oly in Oxford Ties and Slippers from the 50e article up to a pair tide ulj to a pair the Spring ot 1893: Alexander Smith Sdn's Goblin Axminstq Alexander Smith Son's lioquelte Dress gods Counters! Hilton Hughes' Body Brussels Roxbury Tapestry Brussels Co Oran's Tapestry Brussels Hilton Hughes' ill 1ton To avail themselves of thia grand opportunity to make choice selections Pxices moderate and within the reach of rich and poor alike Special attention is called to our neW display of Only the Lest established brands of 4 1 Only Ille Lest established brands of 4 go T4 Also a full line of Ingrain Carpet in All-wool Two and Three-Ply Floor Oil Cloths An entirely new line of patteps in American and English Goods FOR THIS SASON we have put in an exceptional line of China and Japanese Matting Oriental Designs and Colorings Latest styles ap the Lowest prices The coming week we shall offer: 50 pieces Velvet and Body Brussels 100 Rolls China Matting 1212c with Borders to match at 95 50 Rolls Yard-wide Floor Oil Cloth at 10'2c 50 pieces Of Tapestry Brussels good A 100 Dozen Oil Opaque Linen Shades on styles new at----------------- qv 25 pieces All-Wool Ingrain Carpet at- 49 Spring Rollers in the New Color 20 pieces Half-Wool Ingrain Carpet at 39 mgs Nile Green Olive Brown and 10 nieces Union Ingrain Carpets at 20 Terra Cotta for choice 25 50 pieces Velvet and Body Brussels- with Borders to match at 95 50 pieces Of Tapestry Brussels gooct styles new at-- 49 25 pieces All-Wool Ingrain Carpet at 49 20 pieces Half-Wool Ingrain Carpet at 39 10 pieces Union Ingrain Carpets 20 ths ns Ter: 212c 0'2c 5 Handled by us and every pair warranted 'White Goods Embroideries Laces Hosiery GlOYCSI Corsets Underwear Drapery Nets And Don't buy a Shoe tor Man Woman- or Child without trst sing our styles and prices We promis to save you money on every pair you buy COLLEGE STREET ENTRANCE of IN 01111 YWCA- nEr'A1lr1731111Nrr we carry a most complete line of New Wilton Dagheston Mo- quette and Smyrna Rugs and Mats from the largest floor covering to the smallest door mat 50 large Fur Rugs in gray and white at 10 40 large Symrna Rugs 6 feet long by 3 feet wide at $290 Door Mats at 39c 50 new Art Squares double extrafheavy and all Wool and Worsted Warp in all sizes 9x101 9'12 andl2x15 feet in all the newest colorings IN OEJTL cmTAIN ANI) 1)1011'A1trintENYF we have the largest assortment of Lace CurtainsPortiers and Silk Drapery in the State Irish Points Swiss Tambours Brussel Point hand made Swiss Embroidered Curtains Arabians and Dainty Silk Curtains Chenille Valour and Sheille Portieres 100 pairs Lace Switzerland Curtains fall lengths at 90e worth $200 100 pairs Lace Nottingham Curtains four yards long at $195 worth $350 50 pairs Swiss Embroidered Curtains at 4f 250 Every known make of Lace Curtains can be found in our stock rangingiti prices from95c to $1000 a pair 350 Wood Poles in Mahogany Walnut and Cherry Wood or Draw Trimraing your choice 1Se Window Shades made for any size window fromli to 10 feet wide in any length Awnings for private residences and stores made on short notice at the lowest possible prices OUR ENTIRE STOCK OF CARPETS AND CURTAINS ARE NEW Selected with the greatest care by our Mr Geo Rosenheim who has just returned from the East The people of this and the Southern States who are in search of exclusive and private patterns in high grates ofMoquettes Wilton Velvets and Brussels cannot do better than to look at our stock We are prepared to make up our goods to your entire satisfaction mo gray ares trigs sort- awls ock ling Geo wive ock ilia The Hosonheim C01161PALIY 010100 17 EliI EIEDPvii: 00 i'vEgA RT Id I I 1 I 4 i I 1 I I -k 1 I 7 I 4 i 1 I i i- I 4 1 1 4 4 f7-!" I 1 1 7 toc rJ 1 1 i I i i 1 1 4 i 1' --2 i i 0 1 I 4 4 1 1 i 11 4 41') 1 I 1 REPORT OF THE CONDIT1011 11011 BISIXP BROWN REPORT CF THE 1 REPORT OF THE CONDITION REPORT OF THE CONDITION or THE Of VIZ TirwsniNitTos Afareh Brown of the African 31e1hodiat Entseopal Church died bere kJ-day 1re1 75 he hint been 111 for some und his death was not unexpected Bishop brown was eminent In the church ind was greatly respected and esteerciett or THZ Comurcial Nat'l 'sank flk American national Bank FIRST NATIONAL BARIFourth National Bank AT NASHVILLE LOCAL' NOTICES' ARTIST material A Frank Co rolild wefri ART studies A Frank Co mh15 wefri WI' will frame your picture cheap A Frank Co mh15 wefrl WALL paper 5G A Frank Co mb15 wear' Rotors Your raper Hanger And buy your paper of A Frank Co If Iota WIWI it ebesp mki15 weiri ARTIST MUIerial A Frank Co inb15 wefri STRITcuEns A Frank Co: mbldwefd ELEGANT gilt wall paper 10e A Frank Co mbid eftl Stu our $5 portrait frames A Frank Co mb15 wefrl At Nashville In tho State of Tennessee at the close of business March 8 1883 At Nashville in the State of Tennessee at the elms of bustnees 6 1893 L11P At Ille in the State of Tenn soe at the close of bustnesi Merck th 11593 Information was received here yesterday by a telegram to the African Methodist Epitico pal Publishing House that Bishop John Millen Brown colored of the Methodst Church died in Washington yesterday at 12 o'clock Bishop Brown watt born in Cantwell Bridge IN THE STATE OF TENNESSEE AT THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS MARCH 6 1823 RESOURCES SOURCES RESOURCES Loans and discounts lie545400 tverdrarts 60065 74-- 1634515 05 bonds to occurs circulation 4 per et 50000 00 Storkm securities judgmental cluirns MAO 25 no" 1111 ftrnrcatoui I iverdrafts bonds to tweurs elm-Illation 4 per et Storka orrurittes judgments cisims Duo from approved ARTIST materiaL A Frank Co tnbla wcfri 91896764 I 76113 19 80030 00 1M588 33 190540 86 96- 406477 01 200000 4 21I 41 6100 10 7744 11S 19 00000 ASS SS frt 01 00000 P1 4 I 51501818 95 75250 93 rn COM On Ok IVO lid 211153 51 49797 E1115 44 52371 91 tria713 00 1155 9000 00 100163 67 111000 00 6011 7500 00 ESOrECES Leallii and diarouuts 112381033 19 Overdrata aeouted and toisecutal 42r71 2'7-92403110 40 1auda to secure cif50000 00 US houde to secure dfle poats 100000 151) rlot) 410 Stoek4 seeurities 155343 IN Due tram approved ra terce itiMULA pile crow other Hational bank $14814 83 Duo from State banks And lookers 6104 PI 466510 79 Banking how feralture mei natures 15492 06 Other real ehlata and mortgage') owned 40130 00 Currant expense' and tax' pd 0197 91 rremin ma on 20500 OV Cheeks and other eavh Dews 609C1 91 Baia or other banka I131430 011 Iract'nal paper eurreneyohAwle and ceuta- 29 CO Specie 134oa notes 21L40 158041 01 land filth Treanurer OS per eent or eireloiktion) 1250 03 ue roni STrettaurer phor 5 per curt redoolption fund 6000 00 1E3144771 13 113144171 13 I' Anne and diseounta overdraft I bonds to secure eiroulation Other storks bonds and taiOtt Due from approved reserve avows ibte front other national 46' Due front $tata banks and istitliera 1601 Roal put furniture and fixtures Curreta 'openses mud paid utns paid Citeoi0 slid other efthb KI1 Bilk of other 18 I ttotiouni par curroneyi mid" and pen litoo pee le 10 I Lofaltender notes bi 14 nertItioates V111 ellvor eertitienies 1Zot liodomption fund with I'resauror a pot neut of circa tation) itlORA 18168 10 bomiwt ro000 20LIOU 46841 169594 lt0 iigint: 2it II il'1711 4 i I fi 1 4 "-t ---1 t- -------T 1 0' If 1 5 I e' Loans and discounts Overdrafts secured and ansoeured bond's to secure circulation Steens securities bun from approved reaerva agent Due from other national banks Due from Sint banks and bankers Balikinithouse furni lure aud Other real 1tatI5 and niurtgaves owned Current expenses and taxes paid I'renilums on bonds Cheeks and other cash items M4f4 flf! Dills of other 400011 OU Fractional paper curreney nickels and ea 1 Il al 1114s0 1gai tondernotcs 5W) lled pt ion fund with Treasurer if) per cent of circulation) Total reserve VP 315374 Di Dna freim other national bunks 54337 57 Dun from State Istoks Ind hankers 9151 IM tl king house furniture and fixtures SR MO 00 Other relit e4tate 0900 12urrunt expenses and tuxes paid Premiums on IT It'd Cheeks and ottler cash Items 43145 05 Hills of other banks kuuo oo paper eurren cy nickuis sud cents 104 90 Speen) 44riti5 00 (told certificates 8) 00 Silver nertiticates 13 00 00 101ml-tender notes 300 Itelemption fund with TNAntirtr (5 per cent of circulation Due from Tr011bUrer other than 5 per cent redemption fund Total 215674 Di 61337 Eft 6151 16- DIR 000 00 0600 60- 41 0 I i -I i I i 4 0 i 4 0 i (4 00 was elected deacon and watt sent to Columbus 0 where be preached for three years In addition to his ministerial duties be was appointed principal of the Union Seminary by the Oh lo mice out of whieh haa grown Wiluerforce University the largest school owned and controlled by negroes Al the General Conference of 1864 be was elected editor of the Christian Recorder Later be was elected Corresponding Secretary of the Parent Home and Foreign Missionary Society of his church which position be bold four years lu 1Oh3 he wu elected arid ordained to the office of Bishop by tue General Conference which met in Washington At the time of his death on the Ilith init he was Presming Lishop of the Eleveuth Episeopal District which comprises Kentucky and Tennessee figured during the past year as advocating a political independence on the part of the negro race and counseled his people to vote in the recent presidential canvass for Grover Clevelawl the Democratic candidate PIO 22 trfr 00 no 00 1113920 02 eon 115245 88 2250 00 2000 00 250 00 ro no Total 1124MOVI out 333734 34 I IM053 de ttt50 00 12515691 IS The) Latest Product of Genius wbo will not recognize that the world movea and that improvements are being made in typewriters la in great winger of being run over tiy the peogrea of The Bmith Prcirilertia the product of geoluo Brian tie tend you a tiiiidognet Brandon Printing Company Naphville Tenn le2d3in LIABILITIES Capital shock paid ilnronno fw toirpluni fund 11010 Ot1 Endivided profits 3i0 II Bink note outstandiou 440'0 00 Individual depos101 sub olteck OIL 120 a Demand cortiScates or 44 C'ertitied cheeks 714 fl 00 Cachier's checks out standing 1611 Bile to ofliar National Hunks trA510 PO to State banks and bankers 135504 1L9701 07 t510dul Is JfyOIY fw 1000 00 3i 40 II 44M0 00 LIABILITIES Capital stoek paid in 111000000 no butplue fond I CO Undivided profits-- 1104 143104 01 at Ittniti hank note outetanitiow 44290 00 Lod ivolual deposits sub-pet to obwk 110762e 00 Demand otirtitlesttes of doptoptt 41000 errtilled cheeks 11143 SA tatikri slietiks outstanding 7599 91 Due to tither eittional banks 256353 13 1 NIP to State banks and baukerg 073294 1797641 33 373294 07-1797641 33 1111311171ES Ca rIlal tonlt paid In 0 500C00 00 Sdridos fud AN) NI prlifft fifffloll 195052 77 ton battle notfto outmtfAitimtr 450012 OS A i d141tg sub 111444 27390 71 Itotttot cortillnws totTr5 Cert fie' ehrvo 1041) (atiffor'l eflowkol 14E21 If ft Du t1 other lyttioffttl kink 191177 IA L)- to nttte WO Awl 1okrw 1547719 OS Nt foul r11 eountol 4791 11 it filo pa) Able woo 101 tr2cotil a4 MO 00 277 000 00 711 11 NO i 1 )1u 101 it2 pIa1 sioric paid in11100e30GO On 100te1iba bind 78001 1074 OM On I wilvided eronl 191'31 18 ionAl batik notes out-at anding 43000 liebv id int I dented ta subj" to cheek 11936689 Of Demand Cert kattIS Ot 91 ra 94 Cott Illed rhk 77h 8 depoeite '181i 59 Benteois ot dig irt 28263 90 thito to other national Wilke 235600 49 Da to 8tate bank and 130110ra 118611 21195033 51 Notes and Wilt ro-dieeounted 8036400 Bills 14135 44 $3 2731110 34 wow called Newcastle County Del Sept 11 1h17 where be remained until 10 pure old He then moved to Wilmington ksel and remained there two years in the family Of Mr William Seals a Quaker gentle man who teught him to work lie attended both the Sabbath anti private e-bottle taught by a friendly while woman in Cantwella ridae tic also reeeived instructioa while lig timiturion from Mr William Thomas win) talightthe only colored school In he city Ilia Sabbatli-school Instruction wws lie first attended the Presbyterian Huntley-school lie left slid attended the Roman Catholle Sabbath-school and Church The priest offered to educate bitu in the Catholitt school its Baltimore- la consequence of hie early training by bis grandfather who wan a blttiodiat minister sot were his parente be decliued the offer un 1 a tiling to forsake the rellrion of bia ancestors Al the pen of his stay in 'Wilmington sn older 'slaw took hint to Philadelphia arid gave him hotter educational facilities than were possible fir him where be wits lie foual a home with Dr ergoll and Henry Chester ktotti emhiciti Llit Wbile he proved sereiceable to iRrft 161 KO titi much more 1K) to him Item see foenriation of education and piety A taus They instructed him in the rudimentary brandies anti eatecinacti him In the principles of religion awl doctrines of the In compliance with their wieh be attended bt Thotuas' Protestant Episcopal A lioreb colored Houton Brown united with Bethel A in l'hilatielphis In PCitt 11 the fall of lett be became a member of the tVeslyan Academy at Wilbraham Mass tenaining two years preparing for college in the fall of IS411 be entered Mediu Colleo 11110 remaining' for nearly four years tu 1:44 be united with the Ohio conference Total FMemmemE0 Toto1 3 FTATIK or TINNIIr OVICTY or 1411ooN 1 A riArtit 4 11iwr of OW gooe-niunfol bank do sokootik ovootr thoil tflo otove pod true to OW Lid A of tigo owl hot A ii AR RN CosittEr Read Estadas Transters Tbe tollowiturare the real estate transfers since last report as furnisbed by the Nashville Leal Estate Exchance: Hubbard et nx to Or loon lot on Thnniassireet 21 200 00 It Wetaitin to Mrs Maud Priest lot on Summer street 5000 00 Fehr to Mrs AIWA Weimer et on eheVenhOn avenue 2110 00 0 IV hit worthricrit anti I) JAI Hite lot in Ninth thee Viet 5518 55 Polk et uv to Patrick Cain lot on Buena Vlsta pike 1825 00 Elinor MeAlider and husband to IN alter Clarenee McAlister lot on Carotins avenue Gift Ashcroft eI al to Henrietta Sherman lot on Tweed 300 00 Lets Lawrence and wife to IL Padgett lot in Fourth District SOO 00 b(ilfiti LIZ to Elva MAIM 14 On Shelby avenue 1425 00 II Ilayriieet al to WrIght et or lot on Brick Ciatirelt pike 700 00 STATIC OP TIENNIPPOO i ColPITT OP DATUMN raiihier of the shove-named heck do solemnly scest that the above state-went is ULM UP the 0bt 0( MY knowleiiTe sod 114Jiik1114 Cikalliet ant sworn to bsfors we this 1611 day of Mareh Pea LT rat KEITIT Notary Publlo TITTERER II )AtT Directors LIT t4Tit T1 fl TtNa Kaata ss 'otaTY ir liaol404 I Frank Portrfkid al)vo tho atrar that tho atoot 10t111rtt tratl to isit tor Illy kiwwlvkg1 and kolipt FRANK PORTERFIELD 'IMP 4 Snhorribd jsil wool u) iotorti ws thus Ititts dgy of Marh I A ki LS TA YIX)11 NLary tifo A IL A YO Sr A Pi PI: HR Dirctoto LEA kA 1 ER Ss lviggi tor 16th 110 Int FrATS TIKAINIM111 s8 ot NTT or DAVIIPmni IT Grant Inv! enhhier of the ehore-ne mod bank sohownGt eeettr 'Gilt the toVt 01110- Mlit id true to the WA of iiiv Hild beitet IL GRA NT'LA ND Ce4hter Fioterrihe I M4I SIVOTI1 141 before we this letit day of kerth le93 EASTMAN Notery tlet If ERMAN TrsTt 1111 Directors Joil WHITR worn to tmfore me this idth day 01 Marche Dot AicKAY Notary IV I It FA DiroctGts JAM ittliNS PROPOSALS Constable's Sale EL 1011 On FRIDAY MARCH II 1P3 at Id n'elock I tn al lb strhou ot Emit?) A Allen corner West t'bureb street and Wewt End 'venom will twit for cash to the bigbekt bidder I select stock ot gronvies and all tbs fixture in said bonne Also ono Inereo and two delivery onions and barneeis table A bODD a CERT AT NASH (Mem elrk blmtrh thm Ntroult this ea WW1 that I ii tom ot tt hi omrmd law 1 im thmrm mhndmilt sulimr voqim tho fir 11 ikt 100 1111 PI 04 ammwor UM 14a Ike 04 04 infhIltrat111 pg4ii 44 in I he A IlitAri thm 1 the itt' vill twr him ii r- II ki1 I pi itw 4 A Noll IO Ills Throst: A in of Mr 'toddle of Gallatin wall brought to Nahhville Oita week to have nail ettraetedfrout the tractilar of the throat The niiild who Is 4 plus oid swallowed the nail a year ego and every eliort to ettraot it Oat without result Atter he came to NaahvIlle be ttecame suddenly too ill to let the opera-von Juke place and vetocrday siorhincr the little fellow died The throat was opened alter dee and the naJ blackened by the action of the adds of thechannel visa taken out They Aro Detortutood to Pieties The Vanderbilt Gloe Chill boys are dofng Penne tnawl practice wts-K prtporatory to the cnrert whii thcy will give at the Veil otue Ttratre nttt Thoradty evening owl or de Ultuincd IQ out 'this la ttncert wh11 thvy a ill give at the 'Vett nue I'l ttr 11 ra'11Thitridgy und or de trainiined 1- lelunaa ail Into vrpuilzaLi is 11 I CULL go pica muitat aaa i 1 argil (01 4Aeoll441 6 A trial will show Its GREAT SUPERIORITY 1 a STRENOTILFLAVOR crLmwoll cock too" IllaELLTa 1)1011-7111iLAE A14 a I NVTLITIOUTI 0 if It 1 kw OAS 014m-eV6 A trial will allow its GREAT suPERtoRrry la I STRENGTH FLAVOR Bids will LO reorived by ttia ibiard Work and Affairs until Sooktoi 28 ftir forniebine and dliVVring tito Water Vomit thpartratut fr40 Apra I isdS ontil April I Speoltioations tan Poi even at lb ortiNs of OA Stiporintottilint of Wei? WorLe ti4bt te IN'sorrod to ropirt any or ail bide (IA) If 141rft Poperintoseent of abq Profiler of tbe board of Worki and Affairs lagnerintsaat of 't stvt Wort 1 Ilynvb it of the board ut rublie Watki and 1 Affairs finely manatted and won conductod an4 time fInsuorPe of volt Eteryebert tbey have 1PPenred thei have met ith enihttetailie reovinns and oue 111 so doubt be accorded tbvtu htta 100C hay met loi ith enihnatailic re- oloion and oue villi so doubt be accorded thvtu titre Siva' h4 ti ft it44 tt et CHEAPNESSl 6 my( a b1 Geld athletrIAW 0 1 reittnta-rn it arrelmrs lit-ta Filinaklis l'Uftill) ElitliVer 1 the previous queolon kt 1 03 str I ktrit 1hutAirt) or 111e l'itttlt l'arsIty i ortmlo l'epper tuuoeiult ut Mr btocy'll tuoicke eud i eck rumilia etc ALL4 IC-INDS Oki FLOIVEI: bELD 4 ris sty( 111 et CHEAPNESS 1( (Vii111tit011 tot MC teLlickt aud ILA i1 of Ho Lacs-40 Years 0-- c'- 2 ihaztuaru et 7 a.

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