The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee on March 12, 1901 · 8
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The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee · 8

Nashville, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 12, 1901
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- l$Pb rJ'M & A 'f-V Vtyr ipSftdS' - -s -' -“W&i fry-- f ’4-Syc®F”¥P 9V’f ITIIE NASHVILLE AMERICAN TUESDAY MABCII 12 1001 iiuin ui ii k will do so what Ill EH OE WET AM) STEV N NAY BOE'RS HAVE NO AMMUNITION Artillery Alsu Depleted nml the Men Durylnit Their Gun— KIm ig Ed- uarcl'i herd— Hen CoUillr LOl'RENZO MARQUES March 11— Gen Botha Is willing to surrouder Ho nskud an armistice in Older to communicate with Gen De Wet and Mr istejn Should they decline It la blieved nevertheless that Gen Eolha will surrender Tho Boers have no artillery or ammunition and are burying all their guns The rail-w ay from 1 ourttizo Marques to I’retorla Is piactleally clear of Botrs KIYU KDW MIUA FM'KANKS Increase In Civil 11st Hinted sl-tirn Co’vlllc LONDON March 11— In tha House of C'ommoi s to-day &ir M Ichu'T lit kn-Boarh Chancellor of the Exchequer surn M ov-lug the ttppo'ntn’ont of a aided committee to smolder the near civil lint conveyed a hint that an lieremo In the tlvtl list might bo expected lie said that while proparuls would be based on the late Queen iuiorla's clvrt lid it mutt be remembered that hlng Edward had a Queen UoDort and tint ho was not only King of the Vnlied Kingdom hut ' the head of a world-wide power In the precious reigns the Parliament hud been asked to pay the debts of the rovert Ign but no such application was ever made by Queen Victoria i The country might look forward with confidence to King Edward who ha for many ware occupied an exceptional position involviig exceptional expenditures Ills income although not large when compared with that of some private Individuals had sufficed him to perform his duties in a manner which had won the gratitude of the country The proposals would be framed in a spirit of Just lee to the crown and people “NO T’OPKRY” OATH John Redmond the Irish leader gave not ice of his Intention to oppose all con-Bidevitlon of the subject until the Government promised to alter the monarch’s antl-Catholic declaration known as the “no popery” oath But on Mr Balfour s announcing that it was proposed to appoint a committee to consider the matter Mr Rtdmoud withdrew his opposition for the present The committee was then appointed Charles McKinnon Douglas Liberal moved for on Inquiry regarding the retirement of MaJ Gen Colville who was rent home from South Africa by Lord Roberts for inefficiency in the field Mr Prodrlck Secretary of War replied that the motion compelled him to say things lie would prefer to leave unsaid but that he would tell the House ihe whole truth After declaring that he had nothing to apologise for In the course the War Office had taken he proceeded to criticize severely Gen Colville's conduit BLUNDERED ABOUT “At Sannai Rost ” said the Secretary of War Gen Colville blundered about nr maneuvered about until his force was weary while the Boers carried off guns unmolested Lord RoMrli thought Col llroadwood del right although Geu Colville took exception to Col lli-oadwoods behavior Gen Colville left Col Broad-wood and Ins shatter d force severely alone and marched his troops in another direction He showed a la k of enterpri-e whiih lost him the contidenee of Lord Hoi erts “Lord Roberts however postponed hla decision until ho should be fully informed Then came the unfortunate Lindley surrender for which Gen Colville was blara-abte as he ought to have attempted to elleet re'lef “I consulted Lord Roberts regarding the Gibraltar command and I had no alternative after the advice Trota Lord Rot arts and Sir Evelyn Wood 1 gave Gen Colville an opportunity to resign but he insisted upon being removed I conHid'T Gen Colville has been treated more leniently than if he had been court-martialed Every possible pressure has been brought to hear In his favor but so long as 1 hold office I shall not give way to such clamor” The debate was adjourned WITH THE WIMERA Orest ilillain’s Former Ilnemles Ctieuic' Their Altitude BLOEMFONTEIN March 11— Gen lie Wrt Is repored to be moving northward steadily at the rate if twenty-live miles a dny with a view of rrosslng the rail-wav to Hie eastward He should now be west of Kroonsladt Several small commandoes are in possess'on of the soirth-ens'ern portion of the Orange River eol-cmy from which tin garrisons of He Wels-dorp lYrpem i bmithfiilJ nnl Rouwljlc have 1"m n withdrawn it is Impossible no to be struck with the fact that a great proportion of Hie former enemies of Great Britain in Siuih Afriia now Lankly throw In their lot with (he BritUii llrindfort Krcoastadt and Bloemfontein i unquinies of cx-burghcra are now hearing arms against the Boers Thov Mate thi Ir obj’ct ir not to operate against their former comrades hut to defnd their homes and fropeity ngnintt maurnuding hands Evcrv town li ihe Erie State) occupied by the British v ill soon become' a center of Itrithh influence ev’i iding a longdistance in t ho Ir vicinity O’ er 15000 refugees ar' now vvtihin Ihe Biitirh line's and many of lliom di irund arms end pc rmisrdou to lake the field It Hu fie requests are grouted It will l" idsv to get 2 OnO ex-burgherx enroll'd on 'he British side' ciiomim viuih: si:itini s Itnlioiilc I�� I imin- ue fcipe- Tetvvn Still j I lecri'nslinr CUT THUN March Il--The bubonic plne-ie is di v eloping scrimiMv in I’uv Teievn Fifnen new i ii were f flic e : 1 1 v leporte-d to-day and nluet v-se en oilier perroiiR were moLiIcd I ee nils'- of having rome Into ton lac t veil !i v Ic tuns of the d s-c VO' To-dav two ro!o-ed ersons who had icon nttnekid ley the pliqyie ill-I In the streets of Cape Town A European dial while being removed to the1 hopltnl The nifHudv Is reai lung flu- mute prosperous c lasers and ft lias been iiri-csMirv to remove to tho hospital the entice turn ly or a renth turn The Malay priests are taking tin- sale of the authorities and It Is now hoped iliht re'igtous trouble will h- averted Ihe rtonm h coeM-cIs Ihe vitiation rh'fle win) ue h'srlv it’"' Mionc mo those who con rat nml dig M lib otv ef I oil Koei q )vs-"‘p-l I Cure digests wlllt jmi cat auc( allows J mi to eat all the good pd v cut w mt if you differ from indigestion ImPlmin h hh-ieg or rnv other stoinu-h houlde Hus pr -p nation rant help lent (to 'm got d He mod sensitive stcunai ’is can tike i' lie-Movillc & Co The removal of several thousand Kafflrs from (he city to the Kaffir location will begin to-morrow JI()AU1IIT PLOT Sulci to Be feared by Uraalllau Government NEW YORK March U-A dispatch from Rio Janeiro revs: While it la ofliclally denied that a monarchist plot has been discovered theie are many circumstances which show tha Government Is guarding against an attempt to overthrow It A most significant eetton is the Bending of the cruiser Al-mlrante Barroa to Santos The warship will go ostensibly to relieve the cruiser Tamayo Jt is - believed however that the authorities are not fully assured of the sympathies of the officers of the entiser and have therefore sent them away until all fear of an uprising is removed Precautions have been taken by the police and military also Great fcve-cautions are also being taken on the other war vessels A Government decree Just published proclaims tho extinction of the plague as twenty days have passed without any new eases having been found The quaiantlne therefore has been raised GERMAN EAST AFBICA Affair Dlscunacd In Ihe Relehstnar o t Berlin BERLIN’ March 11— In the Reichstag to-day during a debato on the budret for German East Africa Herr Bebol Socialist made several veiy seveie attacks upon the administration of tho colonies I)r Steubcl Seeretaiy of the Colonial Office in a lengthy rety admitted that the commercial conditions In the colonics wero not so good as might be wished but this was principally due to lack of communications Tho revolts weie not duo to the collect inn of taxes nor the execution of nineteen chiefs which lind occurred under circumstances admitting of no other rourse Slavery was no longer legal the only slaves now existing were those horn in slavery Dr Steubel concluded hla reply saying that Capt Kannenberg had been convicted of a fatal assault and sen-teiHeed'to thiee years’ Imprisonment and ellEmlssal from the service Capt Kannenberg was charged with having committed a number of cruel deeds in German East Africa and arrived In Berlin in April IkOO to be tried by court-martial Herr Bebel tried to raise the question of the commutation of the death sentence of Lieut Prince Prosper Von Arenburg for the murder of a native in German East Afrlra in 1S‘9 but tha President of the House refused to allow the question on the ground that the commutation of the penally was a special act of clemency bv the Emperor of which he need not give account to anyone llerr Von Vollmar Centrist urged that the immigration of Boers to Southwest Africa should be encouraged as much as possible rOHPEIXEII TO FIGHT SI Bullet Receive Farther Al)ue ley IJeRonlede BRUSSELS March 11— M Andre Buffet in a letter to hla seconds on the projected duel with Si Paul de Roulede mentions the receipt of a further communication from BeRoultde more insulting than the frat which he refrains from publishing at present out of generosity “Although I am opposed to duelling from a religious point of view” says M Buffet “I am compelled In these circumstances to fight however Absurd it may appear to be 1 cannot however close the incident wteh a dud M DeRoulede must still prove his words Otherwise he will lay himself open to the charge of being the uthor of nn odious invention" authoj’ Ja imi near Diet TOKTO March 11 —The imperial Diet which had been prorogued until March 8 to give ihe House of Peers an opportunity to assent to the new taxation bills covering the expenses of the Japanese expeditionary corps In China was again prorogued for five days If in the meantime the Cabinet of Marquis Ito does not overcome the opposition of the House of Beers two alternatives only will remain the dismissal of the Cabinet or a temporary suspension of the Constitution A third prorogation of tho Diet Is not permissible under the Constitution Emperor ’William BERLIN March 11 —Emperor William ia progressing so satisfactorily that lie was able thl3 morning to spend some Mme in his study The Relchsanxeigpr (official) to-day saya that in consequence of the Injury sustained by Ihe Emperor at Bremen he will be obliged to take special care of himself for some time to come and that in view of this the unveiling of the three new sculptural groups In the Sieges Alle fixed for March 22 and the unveiling of the monument erected In honor of Emperor William at Potsdam have been postponed until further notice Mausoleum at IroFtinore NEW YORK March 11 —Apprehension appears to prevail at London according to a cablegram to the Journal and Advertiser as lo the Jjouxlblllfy of on attempt to eleseirnte the rnausnlontn at Frogmore In whldt Queen Victoria is entombed Not content with the strong guard of poiico that has until now kept watch over it by order of tho King the authorities have established a strong military post there rnd roldirrs ai e to arsUt the police In future in keeping guard over the bodv of the late Quern That the arrangement is to be a permanent one is uppercut from tho f:ct that a guard house of eonsulera-blo dimensions 1 being built In tho Immediate vicinity of the mausoleum uj Pres tele lit Realigns NEW YORK Mari b 11— A dispatch from Valparaiso save As a result of the discussions in iho lust session of Congrras nml the rei-mt political revolution the President has resigned The retiring Cabinet lmd several members of tho Conserval l e party The new Cibmet will be composed of Liberals only It In belie' veil that Honor Keseo’s nomination for tho presidency will he a severe blow to Don Pedro Monlt Ho is nnibl' loos and popular and is a near rel atixe of Preside nt Krrnurls T Riot at inlnle-uln TARtTLOW March 11— A riot Is reported to have taken place at Manlleu a town In Catalonia forty miles nneth-northeaU of Barcelona in consequence of a strike The str'kem attacked some factories :v d burned two of Ihepi The gendarmerie intervened and ill Hie resulting conlllct two persons were killed and a number of Olliers were wounded ineluding the Mavor The telegraph bne between he re end Manlleu have been cut Hopefully teenttfel rPETOHIt March 11 -The result of the rcgollntions between Lord Kit hener and til’ll Louis Botha Is anxiously but hopefully awnlli’fL The presehc of hr Aided Mllm’1’ n Pretoria Is to ronsult Ith Uird Kitchener Is expected t'b his'en the change from the military to the clttl admlnlKtiatlon llotu'iittrt'ft Trotib'eN VH GI E Bohemia Marth 11— Hnr KlofaU "q mvl a In ho provtihial Birt ytvrOav at- Difkiriff tho Gotrrmrnt unl th 'nun ('re h pntv who ho aerinl hatllrft him and 1’oir Fressol in tho lunh in IurU:imon( Iff added thnt ho nnd hl nrtv would not rrt until fhoy hud ru'nnd tho imporlal rarHamihl I’lofy t( Ivl'l 1(iNH)N NKirdi 11-Ttto 81 Jumes Special Weekly bargains Our innovation in the Piano trade inet with such success the first wee'J tlmt we have decided to continue it We offer this week a §250 Piano of a good make Ubed but a 4ew months in splendid condition for $150 GASirS This instrument we can guarantee for five years has a good tone light action double veneered mahogany case ivory keys and is in every tvay as we represent it — a Piano of good value at 8250 Would be glad to have you come in and see it P D CARR & CO 237 N Summer St Gazette this afternoon says that according to representations received from The Hague the Roumanian police have been Instructed to watch certain persons at Jasxy who are suspected of being engaged In a conspiracy against the lives of Queen WUhelrulna and her husband Grave Fenr Ovrisloneil ST PETERSBURG March 11— The Minister of Public Instruction M Bogollepolf who Feb 27 was shot by Peter Karpovich continues feverish His temperature has reached 1035 and his pulse 1)9 Ills rest is broken and his condition 1b occasioning grave fears gqotcnceil to Dentil CAPE TOWN March 11 — A couit-mar-tial has sentenced to death two rebels connected with the recent wrecking of a train at Taaibosch Others concerned Ih the crime weie condemned to various term- of Imprisonment Norwegian Coiniioacr COPENHAGEN March 11 —Edward llagerup Grieg the Norwegian composer Iihs been suffering from Influenza but has recovered and has been able since Saturday to go out of doors He Intends to visit America rrlttcnl Hlmiflon MARSEILLES March 11— The Industrial tltuatlon here is now very critical Twenty-six out of eighty-two soap manufactories have closed and the others arc virtually at a standstill AT THE HOTELS Tl’LANE TaDncwupG-It P J R James Ltnrir City A K Frazier ChaUnnooaa J T Jay KnczvlMe Mrs O J Adams Trenton J C W P Havps (’battanooK S ( HetPkeU J L Pemberton Knosvillf W P McClure Lewisbtirg E H Tatum and wife Woodbury A Pray (‘larks?iH I W Wi k-hsm Palmyra 1 8 W bite and wife Spring-field A L Gholson E Erwin Columbia J M Rurxer Chattanooga W L Noeil Huntingdon Kietrter McMinnville C L Johns J T MfClatn Lebanon L M Carter W R MoCrft'kiu J M N White Huntingdon O Pj Snodgrass Croatville f Sparkman Reaayvllle y p Hall Dresden Aiubama—J A Hensley Mils Wary Leslie Huntsville E S Morris Florence DAILEV Tennessee— J P Murphv Knoxville J M llrooks Hunker Hill W L Lyon liluff City MAXWELL Tennessee— v 8 Dhkaon Momatown T R Carrlck Jr Knoxville Wm J Wcbs‘er Columbia John K McMillan R L Cates A S Caldwell Knoxville Mrs M N Montgomery Cameron Montgomery Spring HMl J S PuLteraon Lebanon F J Malone Chat-Luiooga M N Whitaker J N Donaldson Winchester F P Nuddell Memphis’ J B Johneou CroasvUle A S Lindsey jarkson C N Patterson Cleveland G MeCnll Huntingdon E T 8 inford C C Howell Knoxville Kentinky— C D Marth J W Weaver Louisville pvncan Tenuere— A H Mood Harrison J p Own Clarksville E C Jordan Clarksville Kenfurky-J Lorry J E Lusober Louisville COMMERCIAL Tennessee— A A Llpseomb Ash wood J W Adams 1 Rhum lltidstown O C Nelson M Pleasant J L Coehrnn Fardls C T Ctawrford Paris Mr and Mrs W K Aber-nntbv Helmer M F Oler Henderson A R Patterson Olivw Hill F P Hill Dresden: L A Wlnstad Latham J C Allen Cleveland M 8 Mobs Bolls M Fishman Trenton wo-r MlIl) Toil ACT O THI ST lux estiaatlon of It Method Goes on it lloMton BOSTON Musa Mareh 11— Additional evl-den was lotiodu'ed before lb'- t’onunittee en Meresnille AffilM at the State H u-e today iKiimat the method' alleged in hare hoen empteved l-c tile qo-i ailed lobieco trua‘ lo prcxminp ilie hole of the goodi of atniller nixnufiu tii'i’i s E U Horrinc'en of this eitv staled that lie void s me tiboreo to E Sanborn ef HolvaVe and nl'e 'he g ods were delivered 1) cy were relumed with t note from Mat oan-horn h'atirt that the ' ontlnrnt! Tobnrro rntnf any had dr ppd him frem the 1 °i cf rustomr'3 s'fl I’mt he war fni d to give up tile go-dp A E Tue'ui ol I "Wo it als) hnd written Mr Harrington that h- could not handle li'a got d peni'se of the so-inlltj trust nriGiMAEii tiiiiiixrui Agent of I nllrrt Mine Worker I nilcr Ii-llriiiew V EARLINGTON Kv Mnnh II — fFpe ia I Paul ylmnis who nirivfd in Eatilngtr'ri this morning in tin isriclty of rnsnnHor f r ill-Unit'd Mine Wnikerz was nrre-H! to-nigot tv Denim Sl'fTitT Iiciigcre on a hen b warrant ic-tucl by the Cliciil Court liprr Imllct-meet rrrtn'IrtK him of fel'iniooslj uHimidntliig nou-un'on ni!n-rs of Hopkins County lie was t iken to MaiiPonville and turned oror to tlv biller Hla comnunion Clia-le Nnul-lund havl-g displayed levnlvr- Msraliil Coyle put ilm limit r arrest tharglng hbn with hiea'h of the pen He wns Liken b -tire Pnlme Judge Cowell wlm p'-imltied him to go on Ids own ie uaulznnee in tonil of fl') to sionm- 'oi' I r i 1 ti nn-") iHfN ”'K‘ nx3 unto uvtHio conimement m The latter attain Uisc&x bv using exiernally thsunlqu BY inlmont FrSC£til” r beneficent tofluence make child g a pteaunre M ' -f it relieve uil nervousaesfl headache ptiinx and naune fJ- - A citsurnifr wl ftM ifi ucrf Priori’ a that i thu had to m thffM ruh ittOtt) aff unflnd Init ft ui 1u(tlri ie to fw oMmntd mhhco't wfl loader Untie h woukj Juve thivn tj t) LAYTuN LiruMgtit O" Seni by express pnM on rwnpt f ior battle Book for tw’' math n ’nude 1 “ Mothv'rhmwj ' mailed frFw THK DIM mil I Itrir Ltlolt o Aiinntn C MolUi rB kVU-ltd l V J Ly 11 iJru-" lh Socfety AHA SCOTT IlICR EDITOR Tek-phiyna 1211 No more successful party attended the Inauguration than a little company of Ward Seminary students wlia were chaperoned during their trip to Washington by Prof J I) Blanton and Miss McDonald of ihe faculty They returned to the city Saturday night after a week’s etny in WashlDgSon under the most favorable conditions Not only were they fortunate in seeing he isual points of Interest roost attractive to tourists but through tho courtesy of Seuator Bate Senator Carmack and Representative J W Gaines had the opportunities or few travelers Senator Bate hlmsslf took the party into the private boxes of tho Senate gallery reserved for Senators' families where they could observe the Senate at work and afterwards conducted them through the Capitol and to the Supreme Court chamber During (he stay In Washington they visited the various departments the Corcoran Art Gallery the National Library the Smithsonian Institution the National Museum -he army and navy gun shops Arlington and ML Vernon An Interesting incident was the visit on board the battleship Puritan that fired tho first gun at Morro Castle - Put the feature of tho trip was a visit to the White House and a private presentation to the President This distinction was brought about through the kindness oJsHon II Clay Evars and was In every )Ray delightful Escorted hy Mr Evans Vho party went to the White House at 11 o'clock lest Thursday and were received in Mrs McKinley's private sitting room The President and his private Secretary chatted with ihe school girls for half an hour or more and presented each one vfih flowers from the White House conservatory For the inauguration the party had a favorable position in an open stand on Pennsylvania avenue and the next night attended the official concert in the ballroom at the Pension Bureau Except on the day of the inauguration the weather was good and the whole trip was without a single disturbing incident The start from Nashville was made on the afternoon of Feb 28 Part of the next day was spent In Roanoke and Natural Bridge Va and Washington was reached Saturday night Special sleepers were used going and returning by the party which was quartered in Washington at the Ebbttt House Returning short stops wrre made at Luray Cavern and in Chattanooga Those composing the party were- Misses Ruth Aldridge Mississippi Saliie Bais-den Florida Helen Banfleld Mississippi Willie Benton Tennessee Virginia Brown Tennessee: Maggie Connally In dian Territory Willie Cowan Tennessee Huldu Glaescher Ohio Genevieve Good-rum Arkansas Bessie Hefley Texas: Myrtle Holmes Tennessee Katie May Landrum Kentucky: Essie McBride Mississippi Zlppoiah McCoy Arkansas Bertha McElroy Iowa Ruth Mllisaps Louisiana Louise Mllisaps Louisiana Let tie Owen Louisiana Grace Phillips Illinois Anne Rhea Tennessee Carrie Stuart Ohio Ethel Swartout Indiana Lillian Williams Kentucky Kate Wooten Arkansas Miss McDonald Prof J D Blanton The Earnest Circle of King's Daughters mot In business and social session yesterday afternoon at the residence of Mrs W G Ewing The newly tlectej Piesideit Mrs W M Woolwlne presided over the meeting nd the next meeting of the circle will take place at her n Mre Thomas Plater was dieted to a ploce on 'he Executive Committee Miss Davis tile Klhg s Daughters' nurse was present and made Interesting report of her work Mr and Mrs Leon Cheek celebrated the birthday cf the boat with a dinner party at their home on Woodland street fcat-urday night Besides members of the household Misses Rltclde Cheek May Williams Martha Byrum and Lalria Ray were present A menu of numerous courses was served The decorations were entirely In pink Vy At Boscobel College Saturday evening Mr and Mrs C A Folk gave a reception the honorees of which were Mrs Bella Estes and Mira Annie Lynn Estes of Brownsville and Mr and Mrs Reau E Fok of Nashville The sractous reception and dining rooms were decorated iu crimson liberty roses and carnations being used A musical programme which Included voice piano and violin numbers was rendered by Mrs Came McClure Mrs R H Ltikenbill and Hough Guest The programmes designed by Miss Fulkerson made attractive souvenirs of the oi casion After the music a menu of two courses was served Saturday afternoon the Sans Facon Club met with Hie' Misses McBride of the t'aughn road A guessing contest which vas the entertainment feature resulted in a tie for the prize between Misses Nannie Brooks Jordan and Bessie Beasley won on a cut hy Miss Bcazley Refreshments were served The East Nashville Literary Clrdo meets to-rlyht at Ihe residence of VV R Bryan on Russell street The subjct for discussion will be China Also the annual election of officers will take place Miss May Moses will entertain the Friday Afternoon Euchre Club this week at the resldcnc- of her sister Mrs J Fous-terwald Robert F Jackson will entertain a par-Jy of gintlenieu at dinner Wednesday cveri'ig al Ills home in West End compliment try to Col W A Henderson of K"ox-M'o The MpinorinI Ho-pital workers and avn'pathllrers will meet at 3 o'clock to-day n the Maxwell House parlors ! H McMnnie Stratton and Miss Louise Bradford Elam were imrired last nignt -at (I JO o'elork at the home of Capt Thmras A Elam father of the bride on F'lt’ocrlniid street Rev W 8 Jacobs performing the ceremony The wedding was a vry quiet one only tho Immediate relatives ef the bride and groom being pres-i nt Immediately after the wedding the young cnu le left for Chicago and points Eat They will he at home to their friends In Hi's c'ty niter March Hi The bride and groom aro well known in Nash- vlllfl and have many friends Their mar-1 rlage Is in the nature of a surprise HOPKINSVILLE ICy March ll-(Spe-cal I- Alphnnso Elgin and Miss Mollie Soinz Soon tffbe Mothers" T -’VT -T AXD DEAR ITT jnd ohor hive tnon’ht of peace nnd comfort Deflator through the wnry tune brfnre confinement They New Foulard Silks Newest Colored Ladies out of town are requested to write us for samples Tell us just what you want— we will send it A THOMPSON & CO AT THOMPSON & KELLY'S FORMER STORE Nashville Tenn Goode both of North Christian wer married at the home of the bride near Carl this morning Aoe nml Peraoal f Mir Eva Polk is In Hopkinsville Ed F Riley Is here from 8t Louis Walker Flournoy of Pulaski- la in the city Lieut Bam Van Leer has returned from Washington Miss Willie May Briggs of Franklin is visiting in the city ' Mrs John C Doyle has returned from a visit to St Louis Mr and Mrs Martin J Condon have returned from New York R M Reams editor of the McMinnville Standard was in the city yesterday Mrs Georgo Farrell Is st home after visiting her rarents in New Orleans William H Bruce came down from Louisville Saturday night to spend Sunday Miss Fanny Haley is at home after visits to relatives in New Orleans and Baton Rouge Albert Shipp and Arthur 8 Ransom have returned from several weeks stay in New York Mr and Mrs John W Thomas Jr and Miss Elizabeth Thomas went to Chicago last night Mrs Emma Higgins of Indianapolis la here to attend the funeral of her brother Archie W Pitts Mrs James Q Moore has returned from a visit to her sister Mrs Isaac S Boyd at East Point Ga Estelle Grossman the little daughter of Mr and Mrs 8 Grossman Is seriously 111 wl'-h pneumonia Mias Minnie C Vesey and Miss Martha Bcruggs reached home from Chicago yesterday morning MaJ and Mrs T F P Allison accompanied by Robert Scales are making a star at Pensacola Fla Mrs J M Bolling returns to-day to her home in Huntsville after visiting Miss IJyas and Mrs Vra Slmnson Miss Saliie Bostick of Denver Col but formerly of Nashville is the guest of Mrs John Lindslev on Russell street Mrs J T Yeatman and aon W N Yeat-niau of St Louis spent yesterday In the City en route' to Palm Beach Fla The Mobile Register notes the presence of Mrs Charles 8 Caldwell who is there visiting Mr and Mrs Erwin Craighead Mr nnd Mis George A Washington spent yesterday in the city returning to Washington Hall from a month's tour through Mexico Little Allecn Ravmer celebrated her 2d ‘anniversary Sunday at the home of her parents Mr and Mrs L F Raymer lift Pearl street West Nashville Miss Annie Green of Natchez Miss Is visiting her sister Mis Edna Green and Miss York at BolmoDt College Miss Green la a Belmont graduate of last year and her finished readings are remembered as ono of the most pleasing events of the commencement davs She recently mode her debut 'n Natchez and Is very popular After a ntay of a week in Nashville Miss Green w'll visit in Franklin WAVERLY PLACE The literarv department of the Junior Epworth League will meet this evening at Mrs L G McClure's on Bethel avenue 'John Stuart Mills” and "Matthew Arnold” will be studied hy the membors of The Waverly at the meeting with Mrs Durrngh to-morrow afternoon Mrs Leon Trousdale and Mrs Harry McAlllnter bnvp returned from Working- ton Miss Maggie King who hfB been tho guest of her sister Mrs W E H lb-belt for the past month has returned to Pmj'rmi W E Morton has gone to Sparta for an indefinite slay— —Miss Mary Neal HIbh“tt is the guest of relatives in Smvrna H II Worke has returned from u month's stay id New York —Miss Jennie Fattereon of Sprlnafield la visiting Mro Bell on Pomeroy aveniio Joe Skclly nt EmtlcvUIe is the guest of his daughter Mrs Brattom 'tv F MV IM hi'1 1‘IAIS” The pupils of Miss Jessie Charlotte York of Belmont will give “An Ever ing of Plays" in the coliuge chapel next Friday evening The firogroraroe will consist of a drninn slnpted from the French railed "The Violin Maker of Crommia" a pantomimic farce "Lochiniar” and a fane entitled “The I nexpected Guests" by William Dean Howells moving a tovy The pretlv little town of Danewood Minn is two to lies tlletunf from Brahma Tho poopi thiTj hsve rtec'did to move buddy houses and all to Rrahst) Have Just Come In Chillies 50c 60c and 85c Embroidered Swlsses Ginghams Dimities and Penangs latest styles Dress Fabrics light weight and best shades White Goods for Shirt Waists All kinds of the best quality of White Goods Embroideries and Edgings in vast assortment new and exquisite designs WEATHER AND RIVER Hourly Tfisertre Marclz 11 !’ M M W M M ('ominkrntlx e for Mareh 11 XrmtU umu thi 1 hW lor thettor hv?n Mtio ftrtof th month jnoincjr ulnr first of tb yr -Norm At DPHMp’n tint da t 25 years lfluipnry for tho iftx sine first nf iharaotiili Deflfitucy lnee flr? of Umjrear Total 4inc Jo 1 19U1 ftO derre dfxrw 30 dreii 17 iooha inchefl inrnrs Isabel 17 A1 ft fr t 37 Sammnry of Obirrmflon Mode at Weather Ilurtsu auuoui 8 p m n Man:b H Itt-'l in March It IDOL indicates rise —fall R rl'lag F tailing The lire Ipltstlon Includes rani hall lri ml melted snow — (In precipitation column) tvdliBtes an amount too small to meur H C BATE Official la Charg The river was falling at dark last night the gauge showing 12 feet Departed— Thomas for Cellna The Dtinbnr will leave to-dav for ell points on the Upner Cumberland The Richardson w'll li due to-day nnd will lenve to-morrow at noon for Evansville and all points on the I-ower Cumberland The Dudley should arrive this morning Bhe will leave Thursday st 5 p ra for all polnta on the Upper Cumberland The White arrived from Celina with a big trip of hnrter and large miscellaneous cargo She has made the unparalleled low water trip in the' history of steamboating above Nashville She leaves this evening for Cellna on her return trip tllxer T-1 It re in MEMPHIS Tenn March 11— River 4 1 feet and rising Weather clear and warmer 1 CINCINNATI O March ll-RIver 21 5 feet and failing Weather clear mercury 46 riTTanURO Pa March It-River 177 feet and rising Weather cloudy and cold CAIRO III March ll-RIver 15 S fed Weather warmer Departed— City of Clifton Tennessee River EVAN8V1UE imi Marh ll-(SpeclaI) River 13 6 feet and rising slowly Weather rlcar nnd warmer Business good John 8 Hopkins for Paducnh 4 30 p m Speed due down wires her arrival In Ihe morn Ing Wabash River rising rapidly luw- ) ’ FzUiogbalrsiiJsdSndvufi'peed- 11? otei com irritated itching and eruptive scalp permanently cured the hair preserved It brllincy beauty wad natural color fuiiy restored rvour home DPKAATOLOUiST WtJoiun RY IbJ State Stow Jloeree Lhe-sge Gold Mine Stock For Sale In richest largest and most economic to operate gold mine la th world mining today Is a science lo which blind luck no lortS'r plftv An important prt We point with pi do to the Amtiriean poseesnlops of S') min that havo paid In dividend ovr I'2(K'000 )d enormous profit to II supporter court comparison with any other branch of Indueirr Bon t you think a good gold mine is bet'er than ocher mine? No truata prices of product the eame ail the time Suppose you look into thlt One of Naehvllle e bfat bu-neee men bought a block of thi stokyea-torday Come around Will tell you hie naira CROWN MOUNTAIN GOLD MINING £ MILLING ’0 2"3 Union street Nashville Tcnn W H CRAWFORD ft CO DISSOLUTION The firm ef Alderaon ft Usury having fce-n dl-eolved by mutual conaent Ihe bueinee of the late firm will be condurted by Hugh K Alderson ft Co th latter Arm eseumlng all indebtedness and collecting all outeiaiidlng accounts ALDERSON A HALEY Cook'e Duchess Tablets seseucessefiiny mooibiy by over lUOVilsdic l’rico By tneu ( Bend 4 eents fur mle srd porticulsr The Cook Oh Woodward svo Detroit Mob Bold fn Nashville by Rage ft 81m Company BOWMAN LINK— For Hsrtavtlla Carthage Gslneeboro and Cellna Th Steamer J H WHITE W A Hunter 3 W 8 Bowman eesCtrx Will leave for the above points thi sven-nu at 5 p m For freight or pneznge apply on board or to J P HARD Agent Tel yso Broad snd Mnrket R1 MAN LINE-For Hortsvllle Certhnfc Gaines boro Cellna Burkosvllle Lick Branch Kowent Greasy Creek snd Mill Springe — The S'eemer J H nUNUAU T 'J HYMAN JR Maste- j B HEAD Clerk Leaves every Tuesday at 1 o'clock p m For freight or paaaage apply on board or to T M UALLAOIIKR CQ F ft P A HH ltroa-i etreet Telephone 2h8 lands overflowed Oscar Sugg porter on Jewel probably oldest porter on river fell overboard and was drowned 8T LOUIS March 11— River 12 2 feet and rlstcg Arrived— Dolphin No 3 Lower Mississippi Weather clear and springlike LOUISVILLE Ky March 11— River rising ransl 10 3 feet falls 8 1 feet bo-low locks 21 8 fed Weather clear and pleasant JOHNSONVILLE Tenn March tl — (Special)— Rlier 117 feet on gauge and j rising Weather clear The Tennessee I uu 1-st eight 1 PADUCAH Ky Mareh 11 — tSperlnl J— River gauge reads 104 feet snd rising l)lrk Fowler lo Cairo at 8 a m Joe Fow ler to Evonevllle at 1 p m II W But- tor ff to Clarksville et noon Beaver to 1 Mississippi River at noon T H Davla to 'Cincinnati to-night City of Clllton from St Lou’s at 6 p m City of Paducah duo out of Tennessee River to-night John K Speed ' due te-morcow from Cincinnati Clyde leaves hero Wednesday for Tennessee River Weather clear and warmer Business good down about the wharf The ' Avalon left for Chattanooga at II a ra ru IJATI-THREE IthtIB IT) Ioenl Nth I Ion Media lll gaeeess in Eiillstln Soldier rapt II O Clay Of the lo al Army Ho minus Offisr ha Memphis where he enlisted )" day for tb to new regiments to be O'S”"'1 ’ AtnofiR the nurobur Tllw v Gnlee-wh was krrg'wnl Motor ef tho Thir y-eeventh under Col Frank thi aihuii ' Copt Clav will go to Bowling Greea There doy and expert te enlist quite a numb r while there Bessy there la coos d ruble enthusiasm err the ’C new Infontry and five IHTW cavalry leglmenl to be organized e a recruit eland more of a chance of becoming a Bon-eoinmlsaloned officer lu in -(I rely new regiment Only eleven days the present novslh ere "" "' ( “h1 ‘ has a I -end y enllfted twenty fhree nun II hope to break 11 pievloue recorde before tbs mouth ovpt ( : si 1 1 i 1 I I! '' s I ' i j f f 1 r o - ) J i f i I p i I L ff i ti ““‘llZjjll P i' ’ f i it ! ' ' 1

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