Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on May 3, 1895 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, May 3, 1895
Page 7
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Picked Up In Church Sold SANTA CLAU3 \> ^T^^ Everywhere. SOAP. V-"*^ "^^ ONr<Y BY THE N. K. FAIRBANK COMPANY, Chicago. WELLINGTON WAS UHtKKtU. I B» Whipped the 1 ^-*H'xji'iji. I 'i at n * Dld J * While Wellington was still a marquis ho went to Paris from Toulon:;:,..-.where he had fought and -won thq.r.'X^i&attlo I of the Peninsular way. '•«"' JEIe went to the opera the same evcn- | Ing, and., though he wore plain clothes and sat in the back of tho box, he was I almost immediately recognized by | some ono in tho pit, who cried out: "Veiling-ton!" The name was taken up by others, and at last tho entire pit rose, turned | to tho box u'nd called: "Vive Velltng- ton!" Nor would the people be .satisfied until ho had stood up and bowed to them, | when ho was cheered and applauded J n, says Frank Harrison's Family azino. At tho end of tho perform- aucu the passage from thu box was I found to be crowded with people. The ladies of the party drew back norvous- •ly, but the duke said: "Come along!" in his brusquo way, and conducted thum on. While they were still in the cor- .ridor a man in the crowd was heard to say-to his companions: "But why arc you applauding so much? Ho has always beaten us!" This was very true, and the question seemed a natural one, but the answer was charming: "Yes, but he has always beaten us like a gentleman!" William Wilson and James Conycrs, farmers near Carlisle, Ky., engaged in • fight with revolvers and both wera j TOroha.bLv.-fn.tnHv xvonndnd. ' Childhood 1 * Greittnt Vat. Owing to rapid growth of chlldre I their stomach la impaired by eofeeblo digestion, this leads to stomach worms | and they Induce favors and nervou I troubles which In time will oauee ill neas nnd general Impaired vitality Tho best euro is Rlnohnrt'a Worm Lozenges, they remove all kinds o worms and worm nest. Sold by B. F Keesllng and Keystone drug store. . nMpBf&ywMriok. w*g*n her Cfeitortk. HMD til* WM «. Child, the orlod f or Cwtortft. JbCD *• became Hla, the clung to Gutovla. JTkeu «h* h»d Children, ito j»t«*M>m CMotta. Do Too Foul Dull and Tlredt Nature signals you for help;to throw off the accumulation of bile and If you heed not the wain tog, sickness wll follow. The best and most promp relief li a few doses of Rlnehart'i Filli, they will make you feel like a new man; act pleasantly and leave the bo well with natural t tool. Sold by B. F. Keeellng and Key a tone drug •tore. _ Children Cry foi Pitcher's Pa8+orla. " If you with a pill that will leave the bowels with free natural stool, use Rlnehart 1 !. Sold by B. Kaetlin? and Keyitone drug (tore. Children Cry foi Pitcher's Castorla. If your child has swelled abdomen give Rlnehart's Worm Lozenges. Sold by B. F. Keosling and Keyitone drug •tore. Children Cry for Pitcher's Cantor'" . Far Orar Fifty .Tun MM Wlnilow'i Soothing Syrup has been used for over fifty jearg by mLN of mothers for their children teething, with perfect sucoets. thot the child, aof teat the gumi, • all pain, cure* wild oollo, and l> the belt remedy for diarrhoea. It will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately. Sold by druggists in every put of the world. Twenty-five cents • bottle. Be lure »nd .ask for "Mrs. WUslow's Soothing Syrup," and take no other kind. °~ - Col. Fred Grant Gets n Job. NEW YOKK, May 2.—Col. Fred D. Grant has been appointed by Mayor Strong as a member of tho board of police commissioners of New York in connection with Theodore Koosevelt and Andrew D. Parker. Antl-Tlffbti mil Killed. Ai.liANV, N. Y., May 2.—The bill forbidding the appearance of women upon the stage unless attired ia skirts failed in the assembly Wednesday. The vote was 55 yeas and 21 nays, not the constitutional majority. HAVANA, May I."—Limit Gallego, who surrendered fifty Spanish soldiers to the rebels and who was afterward arrested and turned over to tho military authorities here, was, after trial by court-martial, sentenced to be shot, and this sentence was carried out in the fortress of Cabana. A Cloudtmrnt. WINOJ-'A, Minn., May 2.—There was a territic cloudburst here Wednesday afternoon. Within ten minutes '1.03 inches of rain foil, flooding the streets beyond all precedent. Numerous buildings were struck by lightning, but no material damage is reported. PAHIS, 'May "2.—The Autorite says seventeen soldiers have died in the military hospital at Vitrie from eating American tinned meat. It is added thirty-four others are ill, suffering from the effects of having partaken of tte moat. THE'MAEKETS. Gruln, Provlftloni, Kto. CIIICAOP, May 1 FLomt-In fair demand anil tlrm. yuotablu n> follows: Winter — Patents, 82.OOffl3.SO; »«nvl|?l>t8, J2.75ijJ3.00: clears. t?-353>2.00; second*, JiOOffiilS: low (trades, »l. 7531.00. Spring— Patents. $3.40«ia60: straights, K76iB3.15; bakers' }1.85Oi25: low frnidus. SI.7531.00; Rod Doff, $1,03® 1.75; Kyo, $a75jJ3.«, WHEAT—Active, unsettled and higher. No. 2 cash, 03afflW^c; May. fi37J<&<M5ic; j UIV| 04^55 05140. Coitx—Moderately ficclvo nnd firm early, now easier. N"o. 2 and No. J Yellow, 49JJ49^o; May. ^Ji©49Jjc; July. WHG&OUc; September, OATS—Unsettled and higher, with cood ir.idlnt;. No. 2, !i8Vi©i!83£o: May, liSKQSSSic: Juno, 20321)Wo: July, '&%'3,%>a. Samples aro higher. No. 3, SOaaio; No. 3 White. No. '1. MJvftSOc: No. Z Wfclto, 32MOS30. KYK—Slow and quiet. No. 2 in store. sample lots. W>4Q05o: May dsltvery, G03(Ec. BAJILET—Qulot at former prices. No. 4, 43® 5!o: No. 3, 4935U(o for fair to choloo, and No. 2, 6V&520. Screenings at (10.00318.50 per ton. MESS POBK — Trading fairly actlvo and prlics blgher. Quotations ranged at $12.203 12.50 tor cash regular; $12.20312.25 for M»y; I12.35Q12.SO for July, and 81S.55O13.05 for September. LAKD—Active and higher. Quotations ranged at »C.n^fflft75 for cash: fa,72,4130.75 for M»y; |«,87K<B3.95K for July, and |7.02tf<a7.07K f 0 , September, LIVE Pour/rBT—Per pound; Turkeys, 7(J lie: Chickens. 8K4tBc: Ducks, 8®ICto; Gccse, per dozen, $3.0»3».00. BUTTER-Creamery, *D17c: dairy. 7@16o; Pnoklnc Stock, &Q7o. LiiqcoRs— Wnlsky Quoted steady at $1.20 par gallon for hlghwlnos. NEW YOBK, May 2. and western. Arm, moderate demand. , WHEAT—No. 2 red opened strong and advanced 141 H'c on tlrmer cables, foreign buying, bullish western report, hlchor west and local covering: declined xQlc on liquidation: allied Ho; steady: active, Ma.v, 68 1S-185>08K; July, 13-16c: August, 69069X0; September, October, OVTifflTOJio; December, COBS— N'o. 2, fairly active, Irregular. May, June, MmiSlXo; September, M* No, 2. B7M<3&8Mc: steamer mixed, OATS— No, t.Qtilot, steady. July. 3S l-10a33Xc; state, May, 37&40o: western, THEY ALL WEAR COESETS Women Acrobats and Trapeze Performers Incased in Steels, B*formcr*, Ta(t« Notice—Tho Stars of the C'lrcmi Do Tnelr Mo«t Darlnc Act* 111 tho OorseU, and Declare Them lacJUpensablo. ICOPTRIGHT. 1695.1 EE first request made of all frirls who go into a gymnasium i s the surrender of corsets. This request is supported oy physicians, who declare it utterly impossible to do good "gym" work in corsets. Dress reformers tell how injurious to health the corset is; how the action of the intercostal muscles is prevented; how the floating ribs are crushed, how the lower portion of the lungs is paralyzed, but here is a fact thut they will find some trouble in explaining satisfactorily. The champion women acrobats, equestriennes, trick and bareback riders, equilibrists, aerial specialists and trapeze performers wear corsets. They do their most wonderful acts in corsets. Contortionists are the only class who habitually work without them. These women are the most energetic of their sex, noted for their endurance, activity, fine physical development, and especially for length of wind. Now, if corsets are such deadly articles, why don't they take effect on the queens of the sawdust ring? Imagine being introduced suddenly into the dressing-room of Barnurn & Bailey's circus, where fifteen stellar performers of whom you had intended to ask: "Do you wear corsets?" had just reached the corset stage in their toilets. Every one of the fifteen had either just clasped on a pair or was about to do so. The sight was convincing. Xo questions were necessary. "Oh, you do, 'don't you?" was tho natural exclamation, "Do what?" asked a young woman in lavender tights, The wardrobe woman, who was tho intruder's chaperonc, made a speech. "Ladies, this newspaper woman wants to know how many of you wear corsets when in the ring, and if the most difficult feats can bo performed in them." Then Lavender Tights, who was recognized as Linda Jeal, who flies through paper hoops and does daring bareback hurdle act, said: "Everybody that I know of wears them. I'd have a broken back if I didn't, and I guess all the others would. There's nothing the matter with corsets if they aren't laced to death. If I left them off I'd never be able to do a thing." "Don't they disturb the action of your heart? Can you use your inter- costal muscles?" "Well, I've been in the business over twenty years and I fruess I'd have ,been dead before now if corsets affected the heart, and I've got the use of about every muscle there is in ray body," and the girls all joined in Miss Jeal's merry laugh as she turned to them for confirmation. "Of course, ypu can't use tho lower part of your lunsrs in breathing. No corsets' to 'soc tn'o r.oies in :in arguments. Thero'b -Jury Wentworth. Ask her." jliss Wentwcyth C3":o over from her dressing trunk. •Tni dressed now for a. jontortion act, nnd haven't rn_T corsv^s o::. I dou't any contorloiiisi of (irsl ruuk . in every- who does wear them. thing else I Co I wouldn't thir.'.c of going without them. Yes. I practice in them as well as perform. I always wear them in trapeze acts." Miss Wcntwcrth is one ot the all- around performers, who :s considered to have a long career ahead of her, and she expects to wear corsets to the end of her days. Just then along came a little woman in pink, simply one bunch of e::quisite muscles from neck to heels. "Come here, Miss Juliette. Yon always wear corsets, don't you?" called Miss Wont- worth. "I never go without them. But what's all this about?" "Why, you know there are folks who are trying to get women to stop wearing corsets because it injures their health," explained Miss Wentworth. "Injures the health? Look at me. How could I do mv tricks if I wasn't healthy? I've teen training since I was three years old, and have worn corsets ever since I can remember. Do I look as if they hurt me? See that,"' and Miss Julieua threw up a muscle on her arms like rock, and took a couple of deep breaths that were like filling a balloon. "Why, I can do anything in corsets," and the muscular little woman hurried to her corner to change her dress, and in a few moments was saying good day. Miss Julietta is a gymnast, an acrobat and about everything else except a for infants and Children. IHIRTY y«ar»' obxrvatlon of Ca»toria with th« patronaga ««t million* of pcrtom. permit nm to »p«iah of It -without gne»«ing. It I* nngnmtJonably th> be»t remedy for Infant* amd Childr«E. the world ha* ever known. It i« hnnnle»«. Children like it. It them health. It will thatr IJTOB. In It Moth>rm hair •omething which i» absolutely «.»f« and practically porfaot child'* medicine. Castor!* de»troy» Worm*. Ca«tori« Cnrtorla prevent* vomiting Sour Curd. ' . ' ->ri» cnrei Diarrhea* and Wind Colic. |la relieve* Toothing Trouble*. C*»torm curei Comtlpation and Flatulency. Cnrtoria npntrnJiren tho effoota of carbonic acid Ra» or poiionon* afc, Ca»torla dooi not contain morphine, opium, or other narcotic property. Ca«toria animHato» tho food, rcgnlaten tho stomach and bowel». giving healthy and natural sleep. Cattoria i» put op in on»-«lie bottle* only. It in not iiold in tmlk. Don't allow nny one to »oll yon anything elie on tho plea or foromiac that It it "ju»t a» good" and "will aunwer every purpose." Be* that yon get OA-S-T-O-R-I-A. Tho fac-nfanila signature of » on ever}' Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. THE WOMAN CLOWN TURN'S A CAKT- WITEEL. contortionist. Slic does a wonderful hiffh rope act now, where she jumps up and down on the rope, changes her costume, and keeps the audience breathless, wondering why she doesn't shake herself to pieces. Two aerial performers are Josie Ashton and Miss Potter. One works with a partner on a double flying trapeze, and Miss Ashton in pendulating rinfi-s. Both [ire devotees of corsets. It has become the fad now among dances on the stape to scorn corsets. Miss Girdeless performs some eccentric dancing' feats and high., kicking, which has been considered feasible only sans corsets. Grotesque acrobatic tricks are combined with the dancing 1 . 'All in corsets," she says, "and couldn't be done without them."' At this point a little woman in street clothes came in. An English sailor hat was perched on an elaborate coiffure, MANHOOD RESTORED "CUPIDENE* This KrcatVcRCtablr VIUill2..r,Uicprt>«:rliv tlon ol n faniou.s 1'rcncb pliysiclnn, will quickly cure von of till III-P. vou3 or ditji'^tcs of tbo K^'i"'r»uvf orcann, isucli ns J>fwt Afunhnod, Insumnia. I'altiahi tbu J^iclc.StjinliiHl fimit^Nnis, Nervous DrblJliy., Pimpk'.s, tJiifltnuss t« Marry, Uxlmustlni: Drolns, \'nrlc(XM>!« mill ConsUpatlon. 11 stnpH itU losses by day or niffhu I'tx-vor.t^ quick* ness or dlsch.irgo, wjiicb if notchrrVfr] Vdils lo Spi^rrnutnrrhoju IM»! all tho horror.sof Impotfncy. *.'U1*II>EKEclouuacsi UioJJvur, the kidneys and tin 1 iirlnnry orc.i"«oJ nil impurities. CCPIDENK Rtrongthonsiind reslorcsRnmll wcnk organs. ^_ Ttio rfnson siiirorprfuro not onrcd by Bnoiors is bcraiusi; ninety per cent wo troubled with ProMittltlx. CUPIDENE 1» tho only known remedy to cure without mi operation. WKW t.>ntlmr>nl- «!«. A written truiirantpoclven and money returned if six boien docs nottulccia pcruiuQ EjOO»box,8lJefurt5.00 1 by miill. Send for jnixKclrculnrand lesUmonlnla. Address l>AVOIi flllDICIKE CO., F, O. Eci 3070, Sail Frmiclaco, Cnl. Fur Sale fry BEFORE ANO AFTER For Bale bv P. F. KEESLING. "A HANDFUL OF DIRT MAY BE A HOUSEFUL OF SHAME." CLEAN HOUSE WITH SAPOLIO THE MEEB8 RISTERS—A SKTRT DAJICE ON HORSEBACK. Biff— Quiet, atondy. Extra mess, ftOO: family, »11.003iaoa POBK— Quiet, ite»dy. Moss, LARD— Quiet, steady. Steam rendered. $7.00. BUTTKR— F»lrly actlvo, steady. W»»iarn dairy, SaiJo: do, croamory neif, JS319c; o,.bld.9O14o; do,.f»otory,7(i}llo; Elslns, I9o; imitation creamery, 9Q14C, CBXISE— Moderate demand, new steady. State, large, 'Old, SHOUc: do., new, Ota&a; do., fancy old. lOHOllo: do, small, old, 6«ailo; do., new, &38c. Eocs— Fairly active: Erm. Western, Lire Stock. CHICAGO, May £ Hoes — Market active and feeling stronger. Prices firm so 60 higher. Sales ranged at r plfpi: W'«JJ> i «.S | 0 (or Uftht:. M.40^ 4.55 for rou(?Q paclcing; H50S-1.85 for mixed, and J4.60SB4.90 for heavy packlngtmd shipping ot»- . • . . ' . ' ' • CATTLE — Supply moderate and demand fairly active. Prlcei flrm and 5310c higher. Qno- r»n«ed »t JS.70O425 for .choice to •xtr* shipping Steers:; *i!5i>^TJ for good, to bolcodo,: l-l.Si35.30 for fair to, good: H1IXJ .SO for common to medium 'do: HWSI-iW for Butchers' Stwn: 1*809*85 for Stookera; 1800-1*5 for F*eden; tl.TtOaSO for Cowi; for-Jielfen: S£.SO<&&00 for Bull*: for Teim» Steers, and Chester "Minshell, aged 11, accidentally shot and killed William Norris, jped-rj.3, , »t -Viroqna, WIs. Ho warn (laying with a revolver at She time. anti-corset preacher would allow you that privilege." "That's just what a doctor said to me when I went to be examined to get my life insured. He said I looked 'delicate.' So I let out my breath and then, while he held a measure, .1 inflated my lungs. The doctor said I was 'very deceiving.' In this business a woman has got to have as much wind as she can get. If she don't, sho can't work. I can do anything in corsets I can do without, and for that matter, I can't do some thing's at all without the corsets." The insurance company accepted Miss Jeal at a very moderate premium, because they decided she was an exceptionally pood physical risk. "Doesn't corset reform ever get into the circus?" "Sometimes, but not much. My niece has been riding for six years, and she got an idea she couldnt perform with corsets on. Her mother and I have always worn them, but she had her own way. I saw she was getting a stoop in her. back, and last fall .1 told her she must come out in corsets. She did, but she was sure she never could bend this way nor that" (drifting 1 backward and forward). "But she did. One day when the corsets burst she insisted on stopping practice to take them off. I said, 'Go ahead.' .When-she came back she couldn^t get along without them, and now. she's converted to corsets. I read everything I see in the papers about dress reform and the evils of corsets, but It'is only necessary to see what acrobatic feats -women performers do in and as sne' appearedMiss' jearcaliea out: "How do you do, Miss Pink Cheeks? Do you wear corsets?" "Miss Pink Cheeks," who is one oi the flying Dillons, looked surprised at such a question, and dropped into her dressing chair. "Do you wear corsets in your act?" "No, 1 don't." The girls looked surprised as she went on. "I never have worn them while performing." "Why, you look just as if you did when you walk into the ring." "I know it; that is because every muscle in my body has been developed, vvnen nslcca to account lor LUC ciscrep ancy between her idea of the shape o: a:!woman's waist :ind that tho Venus exploits, sho said: "Why. Venus didn't tako any exercise. If she had used her muscles as she ought, she would have lost tha' lumpy look about her waist, worked of some extra flesh and had a respectable shape instead of looking- like a dowdy.' Miss Dillon's act is exceedingly daring. She works on a high trapeze, anc after exploits that make timid women wish she wouldn't do so any more, she takes a dive from the top into a net below. Mme. Catroni, who had been listening to her side partner, Miss Dillon, said: "I didn't take to wearing corsets until I was twenty years old, but I think youll find that most women performers, unless they are contortionists, wear a corset into the ring. There may be a little fondness for making a good appearance, and nobody would want to A DASCE ON TBX SLACK BOPB. and the body has got its natural shape." • , Miss Dillon has an idea that will delight women who are so tired of having the Venus deMilo and the Medici lady's waist : -hdif'np 'to; them ** models.' FEOM THE BDfGS. se« a woman without them unless she was very slim and compactly built. I never heard of a woman's being- injured by a broken corset steel. I got my head smashed and a rib broken in a .four-horse tandem hurdle race a year ago, but the corset steels didp't even scratch me. Even the lady clown wears corsets, and she can turn somersaults, backward flips and handsprings. She doubles herself up and rolls around the ring', and all those things that dress reformers would say were impossible." The Meers Sisters, who perform four times within eight hours what would seem to.be most exhausting bareback acts, and at the end of each number still are able to go into the dressing, room smiling and joking, looked scornful at the mere idea of not wearing cor- •ets. "What a silly notion!" one said. "We never could do without them," another exclaimed. "Corsets give the hack support. Sometimes a steel smasnos, i>ut tn;« never stops us.- As to asking about injurious effects on their three hearts, it was useless, after seeing- the trio make standing] leaps from the ground to a running: horse's back, then perform an acrobatic dance and more feats on horseback without a breathing space apparently. Which all goes to bear out the speech of Dr. Mary Green, of Detroit, sprung on the dress-reform session of the National Woman's council. Ix. Washington, when she declared that corsets, when properly worn, were not injurious in any way, and that she had even prescribed them. If DC. Green wants any arguments, get the records of these champion women pet- formers, who all wear corsets. MES. McGutEK. Mix Delia Steven*, of Boston, KMB., hire *lw*y» nufiered from hereditary Scrorok- [ tried various remedies, and many reliable pbgr- ilciani, but Done re- leved me. Alter taUng. I •Ix bottle* ol 8.8. S. am now well. I am very 1 grateful to yon, ail feel' ' .hat it MTcd me Irom a He of untold agony, and iholl take pleasurefc tpeaklrig only -word* ol praise for your wonderful medicine, and in recommending, tt •; — — — nil who are affllctaC with this peinfnl diawtt. sss . SWIFT SPEOlrtO OO- AtUnta,Ga. m A LADY'S TOILET Is not complete without an ideal POZZONFS Combines every element of. I beauty and purity. It is beau*- J fying, soothing, healing, healtk-'^ fill, "an'* Harmless, and when : lightly used is invisible. A most j --delicate and desirable protection t» the lace in this climate. "VW"\.'>^V Indst npen hrri&f tin (tndnt. IT IS FOI SALE i

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