The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee on September 30, 1906 · 1
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The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee · 1

Nashville, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 30, 1906
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I 44 1 4 -Clothes do not make tbe man"---but to be well dressed is a valuable asset Burk's Suit or OvercOat Is a guarantee of correct attire VOLITME icXXIII burr sad Lulea St& State Fir —Edition -----"- A t"41 Pages to--L7is t1 THE NEWS IN BRIEF THE WEATHER Tlit71CDERSTORM5 wAsursciroN BP pt 29—Forecast: Tennessee and Kentucky—Showera and thunderstorms Sunday order in west portten Monday fair shcivera and cooler is east portion Alabama—Showers Sunday 000ler in north portion Monday fair cooler In south portion variable winds becoming fresh northwest 110T-11117 TEMPERATURE SEPT 11 6 a m 69 1 D 7 a m 71 2 p Al 5 a m -4 8 p m g a m -4 4 p m $O 11 a ra 14 5 p m 79 11 a in 6 6 p m 12 m "8 7 p m 78 Sun rises Sun sets 646 (For detailed weather see Page iti) - LOCAL Building news and notes Million dollar deal In Dhorrphate lands reported Prorramme of Dellatedt's Band for the State Pair Preparations are completed for the Ten-Leases State Fair City Park Commission may take charge of Richland Park Heavy rain of Friday rtlght dot soma damage in thls city Judge ilert sends Addle McKissark to colored reformatory Extensive improvements being made at the Hermitage Club -- What Tennessosna have achieved la retains Jersey cattle Mellen McDowell addresses the Colored Methodist Conference Wonderful advaner of the cement mantifeeture in Nashville Conference of Methodist Episcopal Church meets here Oct 4 Unveiling of monument to Sam Davis will take plata at Pulaski Oct IL Preparations being mnde fnr taking religious census of the city this week Anniversaries of Walden University and Meharry MedIcal College are celebrated Prize Perkshire hogs of J Ist Overton and J D ii Dello will meet at the State Vali Counsel in the Cumberland Proshytertan Church case issue signed statcnient regarding Court s decree George It Enos ends his thirtieth year ns General Freight Atzent Of the Naah villa Chattanooga & St Louie to-day Namirrille Chat tannoga & St Louis Thuiwity erects monument nu the Stone s River hattletield near McFadden's Ford STATE Lneg County Democrats nominate a Legielative tieket len Patter nn athusinaticrilly received In Dickman County l'-rtday's storm did vast damage to crops all over Middle kind West Tennessee I' Thomas Saii lev a farmer living near Geudiettsville k lI hy the aceden:al chsclisuge of his gun Eertine and two mail cars on Lottiscliie & Naahviile went through open bridge acrees Cumberland at Ciaiksvitie and tea men were drowned SPORTING Monday's racing entries Vnkeraity of Virginia's footfall ached11 10 HON one gnme p1ave1 In the American Lea nue !O to I shot wins the Oriental Handicap ae results from Louisville and Gravcsend SWAtit'l deft ats Inoney In first game of the ecason G EN FM A L Perele COuin breahs jail atDecatur Mobile still cut off from communication by sire Itattiestafrg Miss damaged VIOO000 by the storm immilise paint deposit company organized In Alabama Milliono of daniao done crops In MISbr the storm Over six Inches Of raln fell at Firming-ham I twenty-tuur hours Forts and army poets along the gulf greatly damitcod by storm Feeretary 'rot took formal pOSACSSIOn of the Government ut Cuba yosterday Two towns in Mobile Lay completely wreeged and great loss of life resulted Wreelool schooners plied across Louis- afll & Nashville tracks just beyond 1StoIPer 4 9t00 American troops destined for ila leave In the next live or ItA titos Alabama Conviet Devi rtment earns oNer thrw-queitets of iiuIioti dollais Living the past year At Fort Morgan Alit there wos a genriot IkrPtliaZe by the EitOrtil &lid 0118 tt)lillor It lits Liglithoitse loper on lloin Nand III Ins ssIte arid doinhtcl rtin ms of the F 011 m SIX Psoplo drowneb n I nearly Zs) yeswrPck41 14 thr report of the 1rriclitiC 8 Wrk p(q-8)1A1 4h rly forty Icor Is sieolod ami three isnds sdiniebeed Is tale ot Twentv-sts the bile of st“1118 vietims l'ensiwcIa TU In 1aws ir brown to inelerne tril tho niaos r-rk8g Nsfich 111s the SAMPLES OF WATER Being Taken From Tenne33ee Rivcr for Government Analysis 611)Tt n t-t‘)real11 V14' itSITINIToN --Arta:10- 7)13 110 t oNr11y ido the hydt-gliphie td-trt of thp 14tm(s Co0114:0 SdrVty C11traCVAr of trA4 t' the Tf Elvev Fatnvi s of tla v-ttrr nre keit Fit Knox aid 11t1 tt f-rst trc r (a-mry of the ev at A t!!1 t t WI e 'hey 11 :t 0tLp: le ttInflA rrvt!:e s kVater tht- tf tt firia iro of ft !0 ltot 1 Imo t 01 nrnoant and itltd4 t tto r rift 1 thr tat r and t variatha frla wAea ia this mam- th- ti blitly Of the litat-E'r tor t purpmice rsn rts rtain fl' taok ba COIICTIO11 for a yar at It ktq au1 its con-4et Ian t10 tallittIts w-111 ye rot 110ht4 tn a 9ater 841ppy ittirrr cap Y't Vkl1 t-a oh'a'rPtt frPeof tt siattlanr have 1 rrn f-tr 01AI-truing frryi the ca tt Liver from wh1 r-!-1 t taro Itto V r l'rart It tz 1 ort t-to 1 It vet at Alen-11)1db ftr am Tor WATKINS Urecks Many Forts and Ann Posts Along the Whole of the Gulf Coast Forts l Fly LIVES WASHINGTON Ferit damage to life and property was &me at FevPral of the army forts and naval stations along thl Southeastern Atlantic Coast by the recent hurrleane Maj Gen James F Wade commanding the Atlantic division rcportcd to the War Department that six civilians were killed at Fort Morgan Ala and one enlisted man is missing The damage to the post is estimated at flilialtal Chief Quartermaster liodoson at Atlanta reportea to Quartermaster Genaral Humphreys the Kuria facts adding that the fort was completely inundated Authority was telegraphed to Capt Thomas B Dwyer commandant at Fort Morgan to make suCh repairs as are necessary in the present emergency In addiCan to this aiitton Quartermaater General Dumphrey has ordered to that pont L IL Dolan il Engineer attached to the Quartermaster General's Department and Sedley W Chaplin Civil Engineer and Superintendent of Construction at Fart liamilton to direct the work of rePals icon' NERAE DESTROYED Capt Lawrence S Miller commandant or Fart Barrancas Fla reported that three enlisted men are rnissing from that POSI that Fait 1"icliae was almost totally destroyed and that Fort Pickens suffered severely Concerning the damage abForta Barrancas and McRae Quartermaster limigson at Atlanta sent the following telegram to Quartermaster aleneral Miralatrey: "ATLANTA Ga Sept il—Quartermaster ieneral Washingtan: Following telegram received from Quartermaster at Fort Barrancas: 'With api royal of cornmanding ()facer request authority to purchase material and hire labor in open market for temporary repaits to WlittriPS and builaings at this post and Fort Pick-lens aildnximat!aly Dt a ilcd estimu t to follow Fort McRae entirrly gone except eight-inch battcry and tank' '(Signed HODGSON "Chief Quartermaster" Via authority requested was given by the Quartermaster SPnirat Tho naval tura Uneas and Iforeules from this' city and tha Osceola from Ley West have been ordered by the Navy part Meat to praread Immeduitely to the THIitt station at Pensacola Fla to render snch assistanee as may be pos - ilonr Admiral Washington L Capps Chief Naval Conatructoir hasbeen otalerel to go to fPrisat-ola to !IlVeStit gate the dinnee and report to thes dapartment Rear Aol!ti ral Capps s tid today that all of the vesNcla sank at pensmieda can probable he raised and repaired hut that the work will require much time and money LIFE-SVING STATION CONE Superintendent Kimbal of the LifeScrtie to-day recaived telegrams fiam Senator Ntallory aria Supt Ilroaaheat stAting that the Sants pa-a S i vine: SS i01 Lear Pensacola Fat had 11 Maitrayed and that tha craw were a it Mariey or ninth Mg ' A crania iracts Pr made to relitia a them ho f ei ing telegram was t'eceived at the N tvy I tt psrotetttt to-day fret the NCottltoihPult Pf the Pensacola Navy Ytt'cl dt t‘t!rgr the gr at ?lain:lire suftre1 hy t rytment irt the retT'ent Ftorn: t—ts ru r ings in bailn v I al f C-11 large No I aef on to an I 'sea hum on beriiih at west Ctltn-etr en beaoh outside Wood a dcy dock fiasteayed Nea to a aimast gone Permanent C Phrictirog on the rati W irf el the sieel dry dock vnarf I rtnrhnin wharr It3Inagel Ako t JH sktk Ktrcre iLr Prokn up tgt g-t Tanga 11isi eirstrayA The flolting L1-1 bnen but leakiaa i-y tk ari"araitila k iga in jr1 0-Ps ss -tp ar t toasts oho Alt elttri 'at sk-'1-Ps rowe An4 nc worng rtttillings generally damaged by wina Ono s T - - - - - ASIIVILLE TENN SUNDAY3IORNING SEPTEMBI11 30 1906 ALSO LOis Morgan Barrancas Pickens McRae and St Phillip MI Suffer PEUS1100111 THE HARDEST 1111 Llany lava' Vessels There Suffer Damage and Lives Are Lost by the Score Faithful Light! muse Keeper Refused to Desert Post and is Drowned At Millie and Elsewhere bouso uninhablte(1 Watt dame to machinery on croond floor No lives lost in navy yard BICKNELL" IN MISSISSIPPI SOUND ---- Six Persons Drowned and Nearly Forty Veseela Wrecked NEW OFLEANS Sept M---Rix persons drowned eight good-sized sailing yessels wreeked about thirty smaller vessels sunk or ashore and property damage et more than a million dollars was the result of the hurricane in the Mississippi Sound The full extent of the disaster there became known to-dasg when Ship Island Cat and Horn Islands were heard from They had been completely aubmerged according to the reptirts of tugs sent out frvril the mainland tO the Islands to investigate from ten to fftee'n miles off shore All the loss of life and the greater part of the wrerkage occurred at the eaatern end Of the Sound about l'ie miles away from Mobile 114DIT KEEPER AND FAMILY LOST The worst catastrophe wes at Horn Island where Light Keeper Johnson with his wife and daughter were event 'into the gulf with their lighthouse and drowned Ilefore the Storm JOIlliiintt refused till offer to g(i ashore One necro was drowned when the schonnfr Daisy of New (rileans went ashore on Vern Island lie climbed a tree to escape the rising 'water but could not hold on The other four members of the same crew escaped although three of them were precipitated into thei water by the blowing down of the pine tree into whieh they had climbed During the storm two bodies were seen floating in Pesefigoula Day but were not reeovered Pascagoula lighthouse was partly demolished The wesietant keeper Gaston Perteentit saved his wife and two email children at the height of the worm by lowering them into a lunch with ropes He then climbed safely into the launch hrtiself The head keeper was rescued In the open bay where he was drifting in a mail boat without mirs The federal quarantine station et Ship 'slued was badly crippled the isolation hospital and Dr Mencuree residenee being the only bitildings on the islartd to fiscane damage FREAK OF TIM STORM Three men vvre in the Klondyke building on Ship Island which wee th11101- 1-d and they were swept out to sea Th ( shift in the wind came when they were half a mile off chore and Swept them hack safely to lend The Pritish bark Itautrirn with a St''- 00 cargo of lumber and the Norwegian bark Anna with $2Ae00 worth of lumber were both blown upon Born Island and left lyiug on the beach Their crews were saved by tug boats which put out from the realido1 The ex i erienee of the American bark Flotirine whii it was wrecked on Cat Di land show S the strength of the wind When the bark began to drift a tug made riA a line attempting to tow theFlouriee I:Jo the harhr but the wind dragged tlif in he'd h at its mercy until the tug MA orr 1 line 6t1 1-hit) I ':n lid four vessels were eyrie ked the ship liereuics and barks Nur) rg Maeloiens:aral Fl!gra NPW Orlane Lem had communicatiel by rad elth lillexi all day and no 10 icrtil darniige W a A done there (setside Cif shirring destroyvd the main property loss to the FoUnd i itlfil occurred about Peaceglejla Fifteen lumber mills located there lest many of their builchngs and machinery razed to rhe ground - Large quantities of pine tlilber latelests were virtaally destroyed ' Atfernets by the Louisville (to Nashville Retiree I 19 run a wire vast the wesh(et at Fameligetria in an effort to r7s h NI - ie to-night were without euccess The WPV(1111 Union Cernbor!and 7!phone I —7--- 'Continued oin Second Page) CUBA IS HOW AMERICAN HANDS Taft Proclaims Himself Provisional Governor DURATION MAY BE SHORT LONG ENOUGH TO RESTORE ORDER AND HOLD ELECTIONS Cuban Flag Will Still Fly and All Er' luting Laws Not in Conflict With the Changed Situation Will Be Enforced Action Gives General Satisfaction HAVANA Sept- 21—An American provisional government aseumed pose session of Cuba to-day when War Secretary Taft's pmcinmation declaring himself Provisional Governor of the Island was formally isisued The proclamation was published In the official Gas Ite and thousands of printed copies of the document were distributed in Havana and elsewhere It is as follows: "To the People of Cuba: The failure of Congress to act on the irrevocable resignation of the President of the Republic) of Cuba or to elect a suecessor leaves the country without' a government at a time when treat dimorder prevatis and requires that pursuant to the request of Mr Palma the neeessary steps to be taken In the nnme and by the authority of the Prestdent of the United States to restore order and protect life and property in the Island of Cuba and the bitands and keys adjacent thereto and for this purpose to establish therein a proviminnal government The provisional government hereby established will be meiptained only lohit enough to restore order pence and public confidence by direttJinn of and in the name of the President of the United Sieteis and then to bold ouch electiens as may be necessary to determine on those persons upon whom the permanent government of the Itepublie hould be devolved "In no far as is coneletent with the nature of a provieiomil gsis4nmotet established under the nw lion of the United Stutes thle will be a Cuban government contrirming with ths constitution of Cuba The Cuban flag will be hoieted as lomat river the government bnildings of the Island all the executive department e and provincial and municipal governments Including that of the city of Havana will continue to be administered as under the Cuban Repubite the courts wtil continue to admiinster justice and all the laws not In their nature inapplicable by renson of temporary and emergent character Of the goveinment will be in revise "Preeldent Rensevelt hag been mnet enxiotie to bring about periee under the constitutional geverninent of Cuba and he made every endeavor to avoid the present step Longer delay however would he tioneeroue In view of the resignation of the Cri bin Pt "Until further notice the heade of all the departments of the central government will report to rue for instrections including General Alexe andro Rodriguez in command of the Rural Guerda and other repute Roe ernment forces and Gen Cartes RI lotr Treasurer of Cuba 'Until further notice the civil Governors and Alcaldes will also report to me for instruetions "I ash all citizens and residents of Cuba to assiot me in the work of restoring order tranquillity and public confidence "WILLIAM If TAFT "Seeretary of War United States Provielonal Governor of Cuba-"Havana Sept 21 lisie" ND FUSS AND FEATHERS ATTENDED THE TRAlkISFER HAVANA Shlt 29—With far loss ostentation than aocompanies the accession of a new municIpal adminisiratiop the government of Cuba Wal3 formally taken over yl-day by -William If Taft Secretary of 'War of the UnitedStatos who in a proclamation couched in a kindly and diplomatic tone indicative of the policy he would pursue declaring himself provisional Governor of the island Promptly at noon Gov Tali Assistant Secretary of State flacon and Copt McCoy Gov Taft's aide-de-camp called officiallyat the Palace and paid their spects to the retiring Presidert ignoring President Palma message to Congresa on Friday in which he wrongly interpreted the mission of the American MOeliRtors Gov Taft spoke kindly to- Senor Palma to whom he said the people of Cub owed an unquestionable fR it of gratitude President l'aima's brief reply NN FIR devoted entirely to an exprlon of relict for the opportunity of shifting tle burden of guiding the tempestuous republic tr) the representatives of j natmn strong enough to enforce control over MASSES INDIFFERENT The fact that the Government etit4ati2o1 hands from a position of absolute independence to the restraint of a temporary protector wan received by the with utter Indifference Most of tho reticea and thoughtful Cubans while they feel sa certain sensitiveness over thb of the island's scoureignty ars In iiropt to hope that the United States' roftc- torate will he brief A Cohan returning to lItivana to-day after a brief flig1:re wr141 nrr paye recoglized from the general attitude of the people that the form of government had been altered Ruttiness °mallow() the same except for the vigor Pxhihited by the wholesale merchans manufacturers and railroads to regain their f aTher trade throughout the island w)101 li13 ben at stoflsI1 $IO t C 1W111ing ur the rfvolkitIon stx olg-) Alt ir-t!r7'v It wns knwn PridAy that an Attiotician provisional goyernaint could not' be (Contlauod co Secord rag") lI i Li A PENSIICOLA 11714 SPpt !—The loss of life and the damage resulting front the hurricane which struck this c:ty Thursday morning is something terrible to contemplate Already the list of &did has grown to twenty-six and it is known that many more have been lost others Injured while more lino P101 see '"onwless For two days reseiig parties have tj'111 are strewn the wrecks of homes and vessels of all classes Commencing at Fort McRae on a point overlooking the gulf and continuing to Eseambia Bridge east of the ity there is nothing but &valets-Lion ruin and desolation DEEDS Or IIERGISSI At Fort McRae five lives were lost The experience Of the twenty men there is something horritle to contemplate They ecoight the batteries this very highest point as the waves began to dash over tinm and lashed theinselves to the guns There they clung fur more than twelve hours Only one lady and her little child were at the post She was the wife of Sergi Prentice 'and although the big strong soldier fought to save the lives of Ins young wife and baby they were almost wrenched from his arms Three artillerymen were lost by being washed from the batteries The fort was almost razed Across on the Santa Rosa biland also on the gulf is Fort Dickens where over 100 men were stationed The mortar batteries were driven In and guns wrecked The banacks were early demolished and the M under the Captain Nought higher pointe Five artillerymen volunteered to go through the water then dashing over the poste to the batteries carrying a line which enabled all to reach safety where they too lashed themselves to the higheet points Fort Barrancas has been badly damagA The navy yard suffered probably to the extent of $1000000 Many tic the new buildings have been damaged or destroyed completely and the floating dock cruithed againet a stone one the latter damaged Bud the gunboats Vixen Isla de Luzon Machais and Weep as well as the naval tugs Wauban and Accomae and a number of smaller tugs and launches are complete wrecke Some of these vesels have been driven in shore for more than two hundred yards The homes of the workmen at Warrington and Wooleey were wiped off the earth and three lives lost COMPLETELY WIPED OUT Across the bay at the Lnited States life paving station directly on the gulf beach there is not a hoard to stark the spot where the station hoilSeS and Wharves once were rverything is their The Men remained at their post everYthing was carried away then with their families launched a life boat and were later 'picked up by the army steamer Poe Further down the island the rotted States marine relarantine station has ids appeered from the map except one house Several vessels detained there are damaged Custotne Inepeeter Italleye stationed ehere saved the lives of eight of the attaches by swimming with a line across a channel to the remaining house and the men wet° enabled to reach that point The hospital there erillar?1 early in the night Eight seemen Run an English 'eteamer were inmates They with t wo nurses Culliris and Pass clung to the floating reef rive spent the night on the riieing peas and were washed up this fedi The other eve piaashed Flirliwr down the Wang wits camped a pleasore party Among these was the aheriff of this county They fought desperateiy to save therneelyes and were PE SA IN DA r Twenty-Cix Bodies neon Recovered and More tire Buried Bennth the Wreckage Heroes Face Death to Bring Succor to Comrades in Peril NAVY YARD COMPLETE VIREO BAILEY IN DEBATE We Offen Distinction in Style Perfection in Quality Satisfaction in Price 7 (betty sail tiolmii Slak Three Gunboats Two naval Tugs and Innumerable Smaller Vessels Wrecked Hospital With Its Inmates Washed Out to Sea and Five Lives Lost—Tales of Horror PENRICOLA FEU SP pt !—The toss rescued When nearly dead Two had of life and the damage resulting front the perished hurricane which struck this city Thursday At E'scambia trcstle a mile in length morning is something terrible to content- W" the cOilage of the ket per of the This w plate Already the list of dead has grown This ssats carried air and W110 and two little children drummed to twenty-six and it is known that many Ile and his assistant wasiud up on the more have been lost others injured while !teach five miles distant more 'Ina lii101 ere 't-nteless lig1 AWFUL For two dayst rescti4 parties have Actom it the city here the scene beg-working to bring conditiens tO Point ("' dv$P1 iplion end it will be fully three greet of order but their efforts have not months before the veeela van be dug out shown to any extent and there are Tnitn) from their positiona of the twenty-two 'indica yet underneath the masses of ahlus and barks of foreign flaga anchored In the harbor only one remains which is wreckage badly dArnaged The P Ione s fared bet-For ten miles east and west of the city ter but they are damaged Some of the ifitnterttie ocean ships of 201 tone ftre resting hi front yards others have been driven through houses some have their noses pointed into stores while aiime others are keeled over 011 their side In the bay are piled up masses of wreckage Only leur tugboats out of 11 fleet of about twenty remain About thirty fishing sehooners of fifty or seventy-five tons were moor'ed alengside wharves and two remain intact Some of thetfi are half a mile inshore The Immemite wharves all eking the water front are gone excepting two of the Louisville & Nashville Railroad the third going down with about kfty cars and an eneitie Everything with a tin roof has been unroofed stocks of goods damaged provisions ruined and unless traffie is resumed there will be atfil further suffering Flout cannot be procured but other necesities are at present being furnished For one mile west of the city were the small cottages of the fishermen all chime to the beach The have been wiped out Three people are known to be dead there Many daring rescues were made In get titi the poor families from these positions when the water had driven them to the rafters TALF OF 110tROlt A terrible 'story of suffering was brought to the city this afternoon from Careen Point up the bay by one of the survivors He etated that fully fifty people were homeless and starving with no way of reaching any place He left there Friday meining and at that Moe the enure party had been twelve hours without food cooking their last morsel the 'night before They have no clothing or shelter and if relief does not reach them soon many will perish To add to the already heavy loss and demoralization the rain poured down today in torrents for three hours the water attaining a depth of four and five feet in the streets The rainfall In the three hours measured seven inches of the business houses have been unroofed by the atorM and the water is standing in some of them a foot deep: Stocks were ruined aria what food that was not heretofore spoiled was badly damaged Tie turpentine farms for a radius of DO miles from the city are completely devas- t? The ocean-going tug Astral from Port Arthur for New York with Standard Oil barge No tie) in two wee caught in the hurriesme when 5 miles northwest of Tortugas The hawNer parted and the barge with nine men on board is either sunk in the Clatif or else is floating about waiting for assistance The tug put in :here to-night for repairs and assistanee t Will Defend His Course in the Waters-Pierce Affair DALLAS Tex Sept 29—Unite1 States Senator Riney and M Crane of 11 former Attorney General and Lieutenant Governor of Texaa wi!I Jointly debikte the questMn As to the propriety of Senator Balley'a eore in connection with the reahniaaion of the Wettera-Plerre Oil Company Intoex:is in no() after the aid Wa- ters-Plore Company had been ousteI for olatiner tho anti-trust law Tte dehete wUt tiae placeot Howie-in next Saturday Senator Palley aeceptIna the chaflenge of eieItoweton Good Government Club for a Joint debate e NUMBER 11216 INTO THE RIVER I AT CLARKSVILIAE Went Part of Louisville k Nashville Train TWO MEN WERE 0!30‘NNED ENGINEER AND MAIL CLERK ARS THE MISSING ONES Engine and Two Mail Coaches Went Through An Open Bridge Across the Cumberland River—Seven Men Went Down but Five Wert Rescued cLArKsvILLE Tenn Sept 29--(Spe cial)e-North-bound Louisville & Nashville passenger train No El due here at Ti40 p me ran Into an open bridge over the Cumberland River this evening The engintli baggage end tnall ettr were plunged into the river together with six employes The dead: ENGINEER FRANK 'PORTER of Bowling Green Ky EXPRESS MESSENGER liTM WOOD of Clarksville The Injured are: ROBERT MARTIN of Paris Tenn baggage master slight burns about the arms T A FRAZIER of Russellville Ky mail clerk okull fractured and may not reeover J G MARTIN of McKenzie Tenn mail clerk slight bruises JOHN MORAN of Bowling Green Kr flretnan arm broken HOW IT HAPPENED The accident was one of the worst that ham occurred on the railroad here in many years The bridge watchman bad turned the bridge to allow a boat to pass and the train ran almout to the opening before the signals were noticed The engineer threw on his emergency brake which is said to have refused to work and the engine went down Into the river carrying the mall and baggage cars and tense aboard The passenger coaches remained on the bridge being locked by the air brakes Engineer Porter is supped to have gone down in hie cab and was drowned Three of the men were rescued one hundred yards from the bridge clinging to the beggege coach Another was found on the top of the mull coach about two hundred' yards from the bridge CARS FLOATING DOWN RIVER Messenger 'Wood is supposed to bay been drowned In the baggage ear which has eot yet been located Loth the baggage and mall cars are floating down the river and one man was on top of them Among the passengers were the follow A Barber Republic: G T 'White Elkton Ey L H Garrotte Fox Springit Tenn W T Garrett Fox Springs G AV Kellogg Bowling Green Ey IL P Martin Cincinnati J W MeCianehen Nashville and J T Morgan St Louis Jelin biller Patis Tenn J J Stewart The gleatest excitement prevailed amung the pastengors some of whom be tame hysterleal aed threatened to jump arid take chances Of getting out of the liver fifty feet below TOO passenger t'usches fetetied the same fate by ahnoet a hair's breudth the meeker being within a few inches of the bridge when the air brakes eft:unity locked it Seven Killed in Pennsylvania rlinADEL1111A Sept 2--Seven sons were killed and 29 injured in a fright ful rear-end collision of passenger trains on the New York division of the Pennsylvania Railroad at Ettilington Pa 19 iniltst north of this city hOrty after o'clock to-day of those killed three nave heen'identifled as follows: Miss son ag(' 17 daughter of Richard of Trenton Mary OMalley Philadelphia Mrs Vol C Conell had ft n employes' pass believed to be from Philadelptidia It Is stated by passengers khat the Long Branch express bound for kolladelpIda had stopped to cool a hot jrairnal While the train crew was at work on the Jour nal th e erpreis train which left New York at 721) a m thundered around curve and crashed into the Long Brant train It Is declared the the expr from New York disregarded signals anti thus canoed the accident ktost fit those killed and injured were hi a Pullman ear on the rear of the Long Branch train It was cut In two as with a knife and the intliart smashed the two COStelleS ahead of it On the I C in Cheatham ASHLAND CITY Tenn Sent Ilit--(Spe dal )—The Chiefum Limited ro 3)1 north bound was wrecked last nIght at Pegram Station three Miles from this place The accident was caused by s slide in The engine and tender left the track and were turned over and the track was torn up for several yards No serioue damage was done The wrecker from Paducah called to the lecrIO and ha ti the trail( eiearod so traffin could be resumed by o'clock this morning EXTENDING CIVIL SERVICE Internal Revenue Employee May B4 Added to Classified List WASHINGTON Sept 2--(l-lpecia1) Some! weeks ago it was agreed to try the experlinent ot civil service exami- nations for ernp1o3Ts or the internal revenue service the initial step being in the diatxict of Western North Caro Una Fair warning- was given rtnd the rxarnination was held the results of hich have lust reaed the Civil Ser ice Comnihes Ion Most of the employes and officers datnined passed creditahle examinations The commoners were 16) melt pleased that theY have determined to recommend civil service examinationI end tile embracing of the (Wire internal revenue sereiro ItLirt CiTil serske elasaineauon It Was lit first thought to make the trial in the Southern States but it is now seriously contemplated as a good thing fot the whole United Etateta I k Jr x itd y nurse tecognized from Ine g1A1 attitlidt of s g s ' 4 former Attorney General and Lieutenant "ts ' s''"“""'"--"" --- ' -' "- -"' — I' tll-1 Ag to week In this mart— the iota la i1 rt1 wl :irr DI:1 OW eieet dly dock lest many of their buildngs and machins the people that the form of government ' bllitY Of tl'e 1"Cr L''r "''''I't trlt'''''''''''l ha f at1 iitn wlairf Iltinaged eryrasel to ate ground Large nonnt had ben a l the night Eiht seamen ft un an 1" rig: n V P MAI t le purposes ra n h e ns fq-tain ei T!- aok ' eltered lousin on ess otionect th e Ilish steamer were inmate Thy s e with ftit'lit7trlirounivics it'ocIt8Igle Writrttlnl lietTyl ntif IS:ma ttur :xnadmoitilliacteiroan'47a7ntilleneciolp narrsisetgliolcireennd itinat ries - An ba continu1 for a :tat at itast 8k1 Ako '-)Lne s- lk i'''''''' ''''''''' 1"ok'n tles of pme tiTcher int etests were virt ua l- same except fo r th e viti f'hihe b two s Collins and pa ss clung to lialley'S couree in connection ilth the re- t t tat well pleased that they have deter " i 1 ts eom etion f10 roltufts will t:e rot u tateet range 11 d Ise estroyed The 1r (mst-reyaj P T the wholestio nierchans manufacturers as t S a Pny reptn th chaflmge of Southern ates but it i now pent the night admission of the Waters-Pierre 011 Com the roating tont Five t 7r1 1101'4 tn a water 5pluy purer colut A Or 11 'e7! nOltillg lit hnen but leak- Atfetupts by the Louisville Si Nathville and rallroads to regain their f trther trade amlnations and the embracing of the Mined to recommend civil serviefs ex- k5ri NI Y' V la tf ohfl'oe frecof elorce T I 1 psny intlexas in Vela after the oid Wtt- ters-Pluro Corniany hied been ousted for i I di if 1-14: RMtzeitiliti unhm- 1 t - t T vtf ki!t the w ' ti-ttlihiti gliattiont have 1 een siaei-si el i ' -- i - rH t y run a I it- a atlroughritlttheisl a ild whit1 luis iien Kt on t1 Li IIIIf A t e P1-!111ing ur t!4 On TWA 'd it xiolating the anti-trust law The debate cute internal revenue sertrice within -- ii Vil for obtatiling 9iitt: crn1 the t'A i t e-I IT'11 wi-c k n4e In iir1 11'''S Fasetg-tria In an effort tr) rtsh lii t- !le tte long 7-s catnth1rsifler: verrashleidIup CITII serNite clableitication It Wag tat L "" '' revolution six w-elot ego Altiv-iich it Further tieWn thP iltlanki wns carorwri a :-t tljvreorltarr)1norwrh1:r!'!i111!7' f l:'h''''IP:'-4e' : 'v' ' 't '11 ': 'll' I "21 I2P 14- ''''t l't tn'' ''' Idle to-nght were without success The Ault talc tlacevet Houston next Saturday nrwt thought to make the trial in the r:!:i was known Frida that an Allt:TIRfl ro" j m ong these wh6 A 1 '1'71 A N res wrehel i Wes::ein Union eurnhor y rty A tand Tedeptehe provisional governitient could not b ' - entor ite acIK e e St s serious- f'"i':' a at Ja ckson M a i o 'it i n tile 'ssissit II '''''''P P) ''' kihenfr of this county They fought des- liver at 11eniva f amam er plat:t 171:-rle:i and 'red werlrg relill- It WATKINS legs generally damaged by wind One teUn ed an Seond P e) Con ' —71-- articag (tinued on S econd raga) p erately to t ale therntelves an d were ath o1 InT d 'ertcr ilte n:lood Government Club for IT Contemplated as I guoi thing far I the whole United Etzitree 1 i - - - t ' r :cTrL4'n i :rI r r ilit — r 1 ke :- I "'C jE 4 1''1 i ' ' ''''' ''''' I - 'D 3 - RS 1 ! 1 ' ' ent 1 ' the ent ' pe- lle TAO the ' t en- geld yea I 't ) ' of -c OD ') i rm the ) t Ky ' not 1 nm 4 i i Kr 1 t that 11 in ! had t '4k501 t :ling 0 en- 1 ake ova ver and re- 1 by 4 sup- t and '': were 't the ii nch l'i :47' the tttt4 'rem 4 1 t : ' lav ' :4 hien :: bag- the t - '"''''''"''" !!'2' r - --'---- r-N-nnrwv-rc''-r'T7rT-N-':-irr--rtT'7''-mT7!-s7 --7- 7------r---- - : '- -:"- 7 '-':- ""-- " nrsr-s7-rR -772'-47 Ig "-rowrf -1---:---1- - v 35-7:7---'vnrx :s-?--' ro1 - ----'"-'7--" I ' 1 t 1 ' ' c ' ' ' 0 -' ' i e 1 1 1 -Clothes do not make aCCiettAJ e kJ- 4 VI dozmpt w It I 11) tbe 111811"--tilt to be lAefi 1 4111 Dsalsttistafaccttiolon sinsptrylicee p Perfection in MIAMI 112 4 I Wen dressed is a valu- ITS' t 4 dike able ? Vt Burk a Suit or Over- 1 4 coat is a guarantee of 4 (co corm it tire - t t — - - j t I FIR IFI 44 q v t: ' ' 11 Vh VT'S i t" rs ' V‘ CUBA IS NOW Ili 1 I ri: i : t a 4 ' normyrouT IT I 11 TIO 11 ' 1111 ii 1 R rii- r 11 1: q INTO THE RIVER im AT I TITITITITT T T1 M 1W ta - nimuii iuitu laa L11 ri tr7 - Err nralcinrin r sm ? oil L)4 L'a 11 il I i I F 44 0 '' '1 Taft Proclaims Himself '7-41 l d 9a i Ps k i I 4 LI 1 I I LI Provisional Governor' f ' I 1 LI optu ii THE NEWS IN BRIEF 71 le rocks F3any Forts and Arm" posts a ( R n D 1URATION MAY BE SHORT 1 c x Bodies con 11: i : A I vet- THE WEATHER 111 IL- IPIL-11 -t 11- --: --11 P13-- rt 112 rya Mobile still cat off from communication I 1 One nee-ro vi s drowned when the schoon- government will rePort to me for in- ver E 'thin with a tin roof has becn un- coaches' Mased the sum ate b ost 14' I t y ahn 1i a destroyed and that Fort Pickens suffered I t Inns inolnAinw Campt-11 A i s:rong soldier fought to save the lives of T At Fort Alorgsn Ala there tees a gen-I the extent of $10Q0000 Many cc the new The navah turs tTurns nd Itereules 141-a'hd- :a's--ta41'1rip-plei-teuts71at-':'-:nP I HAVANA 29-With far loss os- e the entire party had been twely I - I ' —— curve end crashed nto the Long Brant Ikrt'Otat1V the EitOrtil alid take f1- I 1 from thl cit V and the 054coola from harmltal ard Dr Ntnneurra' rosIdono" hat- I imitation than aocomPanlett tne accession palluatwe U7Cit titINLII)yr1 I WILIIOUt L00(1 N)OKIng 1neir 1118V morset 1 train It le declared the the expr UF:71 Llit il 1 04 p r47 :'''''''' iti::i-

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