The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on January 25, 1971 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, January 25, 1971
Page 5
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MONDAY, JANUARY 25, 1971 *. if E TIPTON (INDIANA) DAILY TRIBUNE CLASSIFIED RATES 1. insertion 2 insertions 3 insertions 4 insertions 5 insertions 6 insertions " 5$ per word 8? per word 10? per word 12? per word 14? per word 15? per word Minimum Charge $1.25 Charges are at a reduced cash rate and apply if the ad is paid within 10 days after the first insertion. Service charge of 25?.will be adde&after the 10 day period. Advertisers should check their advertisements in the, first issue in which they appear and report any error at once as no allowance can be made except for the first incorrect insertion. BLACK FACE LOCAL • 20? per line LIGHT FACE LOCAL Memoriam 15? per line Card of Thanks $2.00 Classified advertising - Call 675-2115 before 3 p.m. lor insertion next day. Saturday,, call before 9 a.m. CANCELLATION- • Preceding day CLASSIFIED DEPLAY- Classified per col. inch $1.10 1 inch daily per month $22.00 Each additional inch — $13.00 Rates Quoted/Are Local FOR SALE —! Like new, G.E. washer and dryer, utility cabinet, Shetland sweeper. Call 675-7241 after_5:30. C-22 FOR SALE — Aluminum siding. Storm windows-doors. Kool- Vent Awnings. A. J. 'Bute; 675-2646. . " C-TF Livestock Wanted Jo Buy * WANTED TO BUY* WE NEED USED FURNITURE Top Dollar— Fa*t Pick-up 552-5315 EARLYWINE'S E. Edge, Tipton, Co. ~-: Wanted For Rent For Sale •"OR SALE — New Admiral color j TV. 3 year pix tube warranty. 1 Was $959.95. Save $400i Coopers Home Furhishings.j TF FOR SALE - Good Spotted Po- LASTED TO. BUY — Used traps land Boars. Right type at 0 f any kind. Contact Ue Purvis right prices. Jas. O Mt> & SonSi sharpsviUe 963-2455 <torkle. Rd. 775 East, 100 c _ 22 North. c ' 25 «aa«BWi^»B»- Help Wanted HELP WANTED — Man or woman for Indianapolis Sunday Star motor route, Tipton area, Sunday only. 3 1/2 hours per Sunday. $21.00 profit per Sunday. Write or call Jerry Cottrell, Box 216, Tipton, Indiana. 67^-2934. C-22 Male Help Wanted HELP WANTED ~ Janitor for new nursing home. Apply at National Nursing Home, 701 E. Jefferson, Tipton. Monday, Feb. 1 from 1" to 5 p.m. C r 25 Female Help Wanted WOMEN — Need work but un- Aable to devote full time? Watkins has a splendid income "opportunity for you. Write Ruth Bergaus, Watkins Products, Inc., Winona, Minnesota 55987. C-79, 85, 91, 97 FOR RENT — Half of Double. Three large rooms. Furnished or unfurnished. Close to town. Damage deposit and reference required. Phone 675-4590. P-22 FOR RENT/^ 1/2 double. .5 rooms, bath and garage. 121 So. East. Phone 675-6916 P-23 FOR RENT -- Trailer space. Upstairs apartment Phone 675-2343. C-20 Almost new 3 bedroom modern ranch home with attached garage. Has wall to wall carpet, air conditioning, humidifier, drapes, garbage disposal and finished garage. Edge of Tipton. Price. $18,000.00 JOE ROSS REALTOR Phone 675-6492 Services FOR RENT — Upstairs 2 bedroom apartment with or without stove and refrigerator. Adults or one child. 334 1/2 N. Independence. 675-6639 P-21 FOR RENT — 2 bedroom trailer in Windfall. Phone Elwood 552-9731 after 5. C-20 FOR RENT — Four rooms, bath, close, downstairs. Small back porch, partially inclosed. 6754478. P-21 FRONT-END ALIGNMENT --. Smith Tire Service; 115 N. Indep. St. Phone 675-6165.. ' . ! I" TF CLASSIFIEDS Pi FRONT WHEEL ALIGNMENT WHEEL BALANCE '-..-'-' TUNE UP ERVICE 5-7125 ISARCO 1 Blondie -—4 ® By Chic Young BUMSTEAO.' 1! WMV ARE VOU WAi_KlKK5 ABOUND WITW THAT CONTAINER? I 'M COLLECTING CONTRIBUTIONS FROM TWE EMPUOVEES FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY PRESENT NEXT WEEK VOU'D TUINK, •N A BK3 OFPICE UKE TVllS THEV COULD AT LEAST COME UP WITH A BUCK.' ^ 1 <sr / \ / 1 VQ .A \ !' r * Brick Bradford By Paul Norris POPEYE ® By Bud Sagendorf tT IS MB BLAST IP 6KEAT-61?EAT- fiREAT -ePAM 'mPPy.' HE HAS BSEKI A 6MOGK PER TWO HUM'! i. TOVHAA/K VA FBRCAtUH' FOR ME HGLf? lAVDY.' RipKirby ® By John Pr«ntic« & Fred Dickenson SEPTIC TANK Cleaning. Raymond Tragesser. .Call 5527162 .or 675-2163. C-TF WANTED - Willdesignandesti­ mate cost of new homes. Phone I 675r2214. P-25 Real Estate For Sale POST BUILDINGS Commercial-Farm Call Collect 317-985-2541 MILLIONS of rugs have been cleaned with Blue Lustre. It's. America's finest. Rent electric shampooer, $1. Carney's Drug Store. •:'. C-25 HOOVER TAX SERVICE — H & R Block graduate. Phone 675-2754. : P-28 PORTABLE WELDING — Water line thawing. Tony Hancock 947-3832. TF ACCOUNTING - small business and individual tax service. Carolyn Coy. Phone 675-6960 • • • C-24 NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION ID the Circuit Court cf Tlptao County, Indiana. • Node* is hereby given that Clayton Wlttam ' was on the 6th day'of January, 1971, appointed: Administrator et the estate n(DayUB,Witham deceased. All persons having claims against said real •state; whether or cot new due, jnost JUe the same In said court within sti months trom the date of the first publication of j this notice or said claims wUl be toreier barred. Dated at Tipton, Indiana, this 8th day of January, 1971. - ' - .Paul R. Jones Clerk of the Circuit Court • for Tipton County, Indiana E. 8. Chance, Attorney L-18 P-8-14-20 NOTICE OF ADMINISTRATION In the Circuit Court of Tipton County, Indiana. - Notice is hereby giren that Farmers Loan and Trust Company was on the 8th day. of January, 1971, appointed: Executor of the will of Alma K. Doversberger. deceased. . All persons having claims against said real . estate, whether or not how due, must file the same In said court within six months trom the date ot the first publication of this notice or said claims will be foreter barred. Dated at Tipton, Indiana, this 8U> dayol January. 1971. Paul H. Jones Clerk oMhe Circuit Court for Tiptpi County, Indiana E. R. Chance, L-17 P-8-H-20 , : NOTICE OF SALE OF REAl ESTATE : Notice is hereby given that The alliens National Bank, Administrator of the Estate ot Em» M. Harrison, deceased, pursuant to an order of the Tlptao Circuit Court will on the 2nd day of February, 1971 at 10:00 o'clock a.m. at The Cltisens National Bank, 102 North Main Street, In the City of Tiptoe* Tiptoo County Indiana, and from day to day thereafter until sold, offer for sale thafollowingdescrlb- ed real estate, to wit: The East Half of the Southeast Quarter otsec- tlon 15, Township U North, Range J East, containing 80 acres, more or less. In Tipton .County, Indiana. ^ . • Such real estate, will be sold for cash, for sot less than the full appraised value, and at the highest and best bid therefor. ' . Said real estate will be sold free and clear of all liens and encumbrances, except the taxes for the year 1971, due and payable In the year 1972 and thereafter. The purchaser required to secure his bid with adeposlt of at least Ten per cent (10%) of the purchase price, with the balance of the purchase price being; due and payable in cash upon the approval-by the purchaser of the abstract of title, and the delivery by the 'Administrator to.the purchaser of a proper deed of conveyance. ; Any sal* will be subject to the approval of the Tipton Circuit Court. THE CrnZENS'NATONAl BANK . . ; Administrator of the Estate of Ettie M. ' Harrison, Deceased. , HORACE C.HOI IfES 120 North Main Street Tipton, Indiana 46072. Attorney for Estate. L-J4 C-14-20 NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE ' Notice is^hereby given that Rachel Wolf and •NUB Ericsson, Co-Executrlces of the Estate of Charles Dewltt, deceased, pursuant to' an order of the Tipton Circuit Court will on the 3rd day of February 1971 at 10:00 o'clock a. . m„ at the office of Horace C. Holmes, Attorney for the Estate, 120 North Main Street in the City at Tipton, Tipton County, Indiana, and from day to day thereafter until sold, offerfor sal* the following described real estate, to wit: TRACT L The- Northwest Quarter of the Northeast. • Quarter and 24 -acres .off the East side ot the Northeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter, all in Section 13, Township 22 North, Range S East, containing 64 acres. ' ' ': TRACT n. ! - The' Northeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter of Section 18, Township 22 North, •i Range 5 East, containing 39 acres. TRACT m. A part of the Southwest Quarter of Section 7,.'Township 22 North, Range 5 East, described as follows: Beginning at the southeast Corner of the Southwest Quarterof Section7,Township 22 North, Range 5 East marked by aniron pin, and running thence West on and alongtheSouth Section Lin* of said Section G46.S feet to a point marked by an Iron pin; thence. North 0 degrees 56' East 202.1 feet to a point marked by an Iron pin; thenc* East 650.2 feet to a point marked by an Iron pin; thence South 1' degree 57* West 202.1 feet to the point of beginning, containing 3 acres. ^ Each ot such Tracts being located in Liber- - ty Township, Tipton County, Indiana. Such real estate will be sold for cash, for . not less than the full appraised value, and at the highest and best bid therefor. Said'real (State will be sold free and clear of all liens and encumbrances, except the taxes for the year 1971, due and payable In the year 1972 and thereafter. The .purchaser'will be -required to secure his bid with a deposit ot at least Ten per cent (10%) of the purchase price, with the balance . of the purchase price being due and payable in cash upon the approval by the purchaser of the abstract of title, and the delivery by the Co- Executrices to the. purchaser of a proper deed'. ; of conveyance. Any sale will be subject!to the approval of the Tipton Circuit Court RACHEL WOLF and NINA ERICKSON, Co-Executrlces of tb* Estate of - Charles DeWitt, Deceased. 0> HORACE C. HOLMES 120 North Main Street Tipton, Indiana 46072 Attorney for Estate. By LESTER L. COLEMAN, M.D. Understanding Your Illness Dr. Coleman MY HUSBAND was told that he has "the Eisenhower disease of the intestines." I don't understand his explanation and he doesn't understand the doctor's explanation. We thought you might be able to clarify it for us. Mr. and Mrs. A. R., 111. Dear Mr- and Mrs. R.: It is astonishing how often such confusion occurs and and how large a role misinterpretation plays, in messages transmitted from one person to another. Hie patient, anxious and often . afraid, does not clearly understand what the doctor says. Embarrassed to ask the doctor to, he leaves the office confused and bewildered. '.-•[• When he gets home, he tries to reconstruct the message to his anxious wife, adding more confusion and concern, until finally it is totally unclear to" both of them. ' .. . Now, how does this relate to your.question about "Eisenhower's disease"? Undoubtedly, your doctor told your husr band that President Eisenhower had a similar intestinal condition. i . The medical term for this condition is "ileitis." an inflammation of the ileum, or the ' end of the small intestine, where it joins the large intestine. . •! It is also known as "region-', al enteritis'' or "Crohn's, disease." <Dr. Buriill Crohn is one of the pioneers in the study of the nature and control of this intestinal disease, i . The diagnosis of this illness is confirmed by X-ray studies. Early and intensive treatment can usually keep:it under con­ trol. . Surgery is • performed only if simple, conservative measures are unsuccessful. I hope that this explanation ' clears up your confusion. The ideal way to relieve your anxiety, ' however, is to listen carefully to- your doctor, and- to be sure that you definitely understand what he is saying. If you do hot, then you' do him, and especially yourself, an injustice. ' •. 1 " • • * • • ' How does "active immunity" from a disease differ from "natural immunity" ? . ' - Miss H. G., Conn. ' Dear Miss G.: "Active im-' munity" is the body's reaction to a disease. Orice having had . the disease, the body develops • protective forces that resist similar infections. , Some diseases, like diphtheria, scarlet 'i fever, mumps, and.chicken pox. may produce permanent Immunity. Active immunity can also be produced by the injection of a vaccine. Smallpox and • polio vaccine are typical of this method of producing active immunity.- ( "Natural immunity" refers to the. kind that one is born with und inherits from the mother. In this type of immunity, genetic and racial factors play a great role against some diseases.:. SPEAKING OF YOUR HEALTH:. Bad posture must be corrected early. Dr. Lester Coleman hits',u snerlul eye-rare booklet uvnil- iible for reader* of this column railed, "What You Should Know About': Glaucoma und Cataracts.";' For your •;-copy. »end 28 cents In coin and a large, self - addressed 6-cent stamped envelope to Lester L. Coleman, M.DJ. P.O. Box 5170, Grand Central Station, New York; XVY. 10017. Please mention the booklet'by title. (C mi. King features Syndicate. Inc.) . Page DAILY CROSSWORD Saturday'* Answer 31. Call a stop 32. Employed 34. Weary 3T. "Out," translated 38. Longing '.':.' ACROSS DOWN 19. Actor, L Assail , 1. Stupefy, as Mac- 8. Place of with drink donald worship 2. Wed "on 11. Imbue with the run" 20. Canal- Joy I 3. Less risky boat 12.Gardor 4.PUot'sab- 23. Akin Victor? breviation 24.Propor- 13.Wordfof 5. With con- tion- ehcourage- ciseness - ately . ment 6. "Love" in (2 was.) 15. Unclose Spain 25.BibUcal (poet); 7. Ship's story 16. Knightly. record • 26. Speci- -tltle .y.'.' 8.Untimely men 17. Mythical (2wds.) 27.Barbe- " founder of 9. Excites cue rod London t 10. Blush . 30. In 18. Three lines 14. Location ' ' front - ; of verse 20. Abject 21. Fermented ; ' potable 22. Solar disk 23. Brisk! 25. Chief executive: '•' abbr. .. 26. Father 27. Droop . 28. Chinese port 29. Sermonize : 33. Russian village' 34. "Aunt" in Tijuana 35. Hawaiian game 36. Improvise: slang • t<jwds.) 39. Subsequently ' 40. Let-; I 41. Expunge 42. Terminated - '" as DAILY CBYPTOQUOTE—Here's how to work it: A X Y D LB A A X K . ' is L ON G F E L L O W One letter simply stands for another. In this sample' A is used j for the three L's. X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the length and formation ot the words' are all hints. Each day the code letters are different. 1 2 3- S b 7 s II 12. • 15 15 lb 17 19 r» P i 21 H 2S - P 2b -. P 27 1 28 w 2» 30 31 35, n • 15 56 57 V> -. to ">> - -m 42 A Cryptogram Quotation T A EMM P ZD U D J O M P O W O . J 6 M P O W O ? M D WO? 'ZD U D ADI T A E M M MDWO. — MOPFAUDL - Saturday's Cryptocniote: THE HUSBAND OF A POLICEWOMAN OFTEN TAKES THE LAW-INTO HIS OWN HANDS. -• ANONYMOUS j . iOlT.: King Feature* Syndicate. Inc.) CHARMER IS SNAKELESS RAPID CITY, S.D. (UPI)-A go-go ; dancer called "Lovey" told pplice her partner in her night club act was missing after a late-night party in her motel room. Police said they suspect one of the guests abucted the partner —an eight-foot "boa constrictor. PUBLIC AUCTION As I am leaving town,-1 'will sell at Public Auction at my residence located 303 West Adams Street in Tipton, Indiana on ! - '.: Satiurdc^, January 3P, 1971 at 10:00 a.m. Spinet desk & chair; base rocker & ottoman (Tipton made); book shelf;- dehumidifier; Magic Chef gas stove with grille; Duhcan Phyfe' maple dining room suite very nice; maple bedroom suite complete; head board tor 1/2 bed; humidifier; nice glider; 2.rattan chairs; wicker rocker; aluminum folding chairs; lawn furniture; round umbrella table; electric hair dryer on stand; rug shampooer; double sink; cooking utensils; dishes; waffle iron; roaster; lots of fishing equipment such as: rods, reels, minnow buckets ETC; iron skillets; party sets; aluminum step ladder; Nesco electric roaster; coolers; folding picinic table; 7 qt. canner; flower fence; jack for basement lantern; vise; 16 ft. wooden ladder; 24 ft. aluminum extension ladder; 8 ft. step ladder; lawn edger; electric drill; extension cord; camp stove; bird bath; ivo lights on pole; ladder jacks; lawn seeder;, rubber tire .wheelbarrow; push mower; outm door grille; 2 power reel mowers; 9 cans outboard motor oil;) 1/4 horse electric moto£ and many other items not mentioned. _ , PLEASE NOTE-THB IS A MORNING AUCTION. PLEASE • REMEMBER THE TIME. TERMS-CASH NOT REPONSIBLE FOR ACCIDENTS. EDNA A. WHITEHEAD-Cwner Charles O. Mullens & Hershel Robinson ) Phone 675-4805 Tipton, Indiana ) Auctioneers ) Phone 292-2371 Atlanta. Indiana 1 1- PUBLIC AUCTION j \ye will sell at Public Auction at the late residence of Mrs. Audrey Cunningham located 5 miles west of the junction . of- State Road 28 & 31 to Road 1150 W. then north one mile across the railroad then east to Main Street then north 11/2 squares in the town of Kempton, Indiana on Saturday, January 30, 1971 at 1:00 P.M. j 2 piece living room suite; swivel base rocker; pull up chair; ffey base rocker; knee hole desk^ matching coffee table and "end tables; lamps; 12x 12 grey rug; Royal Air sweeper; New; Home sewing machine; what nots; 18" Ad- : miral portable TV and stand; Hotpoint chest type deep, freezer; Formica table and chairs; utility cart; 30" Hot, point electric! stove; KeMnator refrigerator with freezer across fop; dishes; cooking utensils; 4 piece bedroom suite, ' complete; chest of drawers; bedding and lamps; maple chest; odd chairs; bed; springs; mattress; portable apartment size washer; porch swing; 18* ladder; fruit jars; clothes hamper and other items. ; ANTIQUES i Golden oak china, closet; cherry pie safe; oval drop leaf table with extra leaves; Boston.type rocker; low type china closet; ,cherry chest of drawers; 2 library tables; small sewing rocker; pictures; reflector lamp; cane bottom straight chair; ironestone pieces; plate rack; Germany deep dishes; old dresser; chocolate pitcher; Shirley Temple pitcher; some harness and many other items too numerous to mention, as this is a partial list of what sells. AUCTIONEERS' NOTE — This Is nice merchandise and has haid excellent care; you had better .plan to attend this one. TERMS-CASH Not responsible for accidents , AUDREY CUNNINGHAM HEIRS-OWNERS Charles O. Mullins- Auctioneer Phone 675-4805 Tipton, Ind. Hershel.Robinson- Auctioneer Phone 292-2371 Atlanta, Ind. CLIP THIS AD AS IT WILL NOT APPEAR AGAIN

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