Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on January 29, 1964 · Page 12
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 12

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 29, 1964
Page 12
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Redlands Daily Facts 12 -Wed., Jan. 29, 1964 Plays on another team TIILDENBOROUGH, England (UPI) — Mrs. Annie Burgess received a printed form from the Old Juddian Rugby Club at Tonbridge which said, "you have been selected to play...on Saturday." Mrs. Burgess wrote back Tuesday, but don't you think my age might be a slight handicap?" She is 70. Assemblyman STEW HINCKLEY .... Says I received a report recently from the California Department of Industrial Relations on union ..r .nil j . . .. . i labor in California. It pointed I shall be delighted. |out , hat unJon mcmbl!rship has increased at a faster rate among government employees than among workers in private industry enjoyed better fringe benefits and greater stability of employment than most workers in private industry. Now there are more fringe improvements in the private sector than in government. Furthermore, some benefits in industry — such as employer-paid health insurance In recent years, government I - have: surpassed those enjoyed membership increased 48 per cent while employment rose 33 per cent, in private industry, excluding agriculture, union membership went up less than 2 per cent although employment climbed nearly 18 per cent. Unions of government employees have been in existence for some time, particularly in the Federal service. It is only recently that organizational activities in the public sector have been stepped up. Several factors have contributed to this trend. Employment in government has grown rapidly. It is now the third largest of the industry divisions in our state. Unions are, .. devoting special attention to;conditions of public employees public employees in order to| other than unions affiliated with counteract the lag in member by civil servants. Another factor is (he executive order at the Federal level, by legislation at the Slate level, and by policy statements and resolutions at the local level dealing with the subject. Still another factor that may have contributed to increased public employee union membership is the arrangement for payroll deduction of employee organization dues instituted in recent years by the state and by many local jurisdictions. There arc, however, many or ganizations concerned with bet tering the wages and working ship growth in private enterprise. At one time public employees the AFL-CIO. The California Slate Employees' Association and the California Teachers Association, which have a combined mem­ bership of around a quarter of a million, are examples. These, as well as, intrastate associations of city, county and other local government employee groups are equally concerned with the well being of their re-' spective members. ! The majority of union locals • have no women members. Fifty- five per cent of the locals consist entirely of men. Women accounted for only 19 per cent of I the total union membership in | 1962. They were in the majorityj in two industry groups, textiles: and apparel manufacturing.! Unions composed entirely of the weaker (?) sex are uncommon in California, numbering just 31 in 19G2. The three largest all-women locals arc the tele-i phone operators and the wait-, resses. ! Men, look out. for this is leap j vcar and the ladies will get you i yet. j What do you think? Your opin-j ions and suggestions are invited. Your letters should be addressed to me at my District Office. 204 E. State Street, Redlands, telephone 793-5029. SUCCESS TUCSON. Ariz. (UPI) — A drifter from Tennessee wanted a place to sleep but was re- IN SERVICE —Allen B. Carter, son of Frank E. Carter, 25004 Court street, Loma Linda, and grandson of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Carter, 1150 Alta street, Redlands, is now in training at Lackland AFB in Texas. Allen is a graduate of Redlands High school. Class of 1960. He left Redlands January 1 to begin his training period with the Air Force. WATERY ROCKS SEATTLE (UPI) — Research ers at The Boeing Company fused lodging by Sheriff's here are producing water from deputies because he had com-1 ordinary rocks in an attempt mitted no crime. So Doyle'to solve the dringing water Bailey, 40, stepped out to the problem that exists on the deputies' parking lot in front moon, of the jail and took a blanket; Experimental equipment has from a car belonging to a range > been built which heats crushed deputy. Grinning widely, Bai-jrock, reduces it to rubble and ley finally got a place to stay. I in the process produces about He was locked up on a burg- j three per cent of its weight in lary charge. 'water. IN HOLLYWOOD She's 91-61-91! say it isn't so By Erskine Johnson HOLLYWOOD — Hollywood. includes Peter O'Toole and Al- has stumbled, slumped, reeled ibert Finney. . . and lurched under the thwacks Jack Benny goes to Australia of changing public tastes, tele- 1 in the spring for a personal ap- vision competition, censorship, ;pearance tour. and the rise of foreign films. Nothing has been very funny — until now. I mean until this movement to have the United States adopt the metric system for weights and measurements. The coming of kilos, meters and centimeters could be the hardest blow of all for sex kittens and their press agents. Can you imagine Jayne Mansfield's measurements suddenly changing from 36-24-36 to 91-6191 (centimeters)? Frightening it is. Trade paper headline: "Civilizing Tarzan for Television." How? No yowling mating calls, says Sy Weintraub, producer of the series due in the fall. If he shows up in those branches in a dark pin stripe suit with maroon tic the whole jungle may never be the same. State-of-confusion note from MGM: We have changed the title of "Viva Las Vegas" to •'Love in Las Vegas" for Europe due to the fact that "Meet Me in Las Vegas" was rctitled "Viva Las Vegas" for release in Europe. Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald nixed another "together again" offer from the television show, "Burke's Law." It's their law to forget the remembering. . . "Dr. Zhivago," with David Lean directing, goes before the cameras in February in Finland and Yugoslavia locations. . . Danny Kaye's television show is set for another season. . . Oscar second-guessers are betting that "Tom Jones" and "Hud" will make it a two-movie race this year. . . It's a laugh — now. When the Frank Sinatra Jr. now has aikidnapers of Frank Sinatra Jr. pistol-packin's bodyguard. . .!set the price at $240,000, some- Producer Sam (Lawrence of Arabia) Spiegel's casting dream for his next film, a big western. A&P's GROUND MEATS GROUND BEEF "I5 H 3"" 99 s GROUND CHUCK EI 55- GROUND ROUND B55f 59» MEAT LOAF »,S5 59i SALE ON USDA CHOICE GRADE STEER BEEF SUPER- RIGHT ROASTS GRAIN FED SUPER- RIGHT STEAKS GRAIN FED WILSON'S CORN KING All Meat 12-or. Pkg. Jr BLUE STAR /Canned Whole\ S CHICKEN i 5 3-LB. 4-OZ. CAN M While Stocks Last £ CENTER CUT CHUCK ROAST .39" BONE IN £f%< RUMP ROAST. W" BONELESS CLOD ROAST. . /ST BONELESS RUMP ROAST. / a 7-INCH «7fy RIB ROAST... /9 s FOR BRAISING J| A' CROSS CUT RIBS W" ROUND STEAK. 59* BONELESS "7 A' ROUND STEAK. /IP .89; T-B0NE STEAK. 98' TENDER JUICY PORTERHOUSE. 98 1 FRANKS SUPER-RIGHT SLICED BOLOGNA Mb. Pkg. 39« 49< RIB, TOP ROUND OR SIRLOIN TIP.. CHAR OR BONELESS TOP SIRLOIN.. 29 lb. JOHNSTON ^ FROZEN ^ /PI ES* t ( I" CREAM PIES txcept enstard 5 3" FRUIT PIES—Apple, Piacb, £ ^ Apricot, Boysenberry & Blackberry 4r ERIANDS * Jf 9 Pieces & Stems ICY a V/l -OL Jelly Candies 29 WORTHMORE YOUR CHOICE Pineapple, Cherry, 8-oz. Raspb'ry or Orange Pkg. w TAVERN PAIE EASTERN* A&Ps Garden Fresh Fruits cr V egetables Red Ripe FANCY FLORIDA Rp j ^ ^pjw TOMATOES i19 GOLDEN RIPE H BANANAS 2* 25 with Pull Top Cans PIllSBURY OR SWEET JUICY -ffc Grapefruit o * 39 Pka. Ballard Biscuits 2c OFF DEAL, KRAFT Parkay Margarine lit: IV FINE FOR DISHES Lux Liquid* 35' For Automatic WASHERS All Detergent* 79' 3-lb. I-ox. Pkg. GIANT Rinso Blue* 69« 10c OFF DEAL Pkg. GREEN GIANT NIBUTS .... PEAS . . .2 CORN . 33? 3S I5« Price* Effective Thurs. thru Sun., Jan. 30, 31, Feb. 1 & 2 320 REDLANDS BLVD. *TmU» ktm Mattel I. f*-Optm leWay 31< 15« Mb one wondered why they didn't ask for an even quarter of a million. "I guess." said Joe the bartender, "they were afraid it I would put them in a higher tax bracket." Denver and Leadville are having a feud of two cities in bidding for the world premiere of "The Unsinkable Molly Brown." Leadville city officials are steaming because Molly, as they tell it. "was continually snubbed and rejected in Denver." But in researching the real Molly for his play on which the movie is based, writer Richard Morris says: "Of her life in Leadville there was almost nothing and only a I vague indication that she was | rebuffed by Denver society." Maybe MGM should skip both | places and found a Mythville. Colo., for the premiere. Sonja Henie, wearing all her emeralds at a holiday party, reminded me of the time she wore them at the opening of the Shamrock Hotel in Houston. They made no impression at all on two diamond-bedecked Tex TELEVISION IN REVIEW By RICK DU SROW HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — CBS- TV has canceled "East Side- West Side," the season's finest new serious show, as network headlong plunge for exclusive television drama continues its domain over the comic book set. Since last season alone, the three networks have disposed of such series as "Naked City," The Richard Boone Anthology, "It's a Man's World" and now "East Side-West Side." Is it any wonder that while works by important playwrights can be seen on Canadian and British television, most significant American writers avoid this nation's networks like the plague? Does it tell you anything about the stature of network entertainment when, each week we read about the constantly expanding reperatory movement across the country while video drama heads di- recetly away from the mainstream? There is a hunger for high-minded fare, but the net- workers continue to think thin. When this viewer suggested last Friday that "East Side- West Side" was sweating out its renewal contract after seeming to be certain to return in the fall, several key television figures told us they could not believe it. They noted that the series was not doing too badly in the ratings for a first-year drama show. They noted also that in the past few years, CBS-TV had gambled on and shifted around "The Nurses," a night-time soap opera, and the Dick Van Dyke Show, a situation comedy — both of which had rough freshman seasons. The implication in these ob- observations was that the widespread praise for "East Side- West Side," which no publicity can buy, would certainly guarantee its return. The fact that it is not returning seems doubly insane in view of reports that neither of its competition scries, "Sing Along With Mitch" or "Breaking Point," are positively expected back in the fall either. Next season DBS-TV is losing Jack Benny to NBC-TV, and Danny Thomas is quitting his weekly series. Still, CBS is by far the ratings leader, because of such coddled junk as "Petticoat Junction" and "The Beverly Hillbillies" and "My Favorite Martian." And to strengthen its ratings hold, CBS seems to be stretching its sure-fire bets over more air time, as for in- as women who were overheard j stance: by Sonja: "Which one is Sonja Henie?" "The one with the beautiful sun tan." Lukei honored by Good Will Philip B. Lukei, Redlands realtor, was presented a certificate of merit for outstanding service to the handicapped, by Goodwill Industries at the annual meeting Monday. He was also elected to honor- jary membership after having i served two three-year terms on the board of directors. Larry Hendon, treasurer of the University of Redlands, and C. Paul Ulmer, Redlands architect, also serve on the Goodwill board. Four other citizens were also honored by Goodwill at the meeting Monday. In presenting the annual report to the board, Harold Francis, executive director, stated: "Although our report indicates we have had a successful year - we have served 158 handi- |FootbaU L (AFL) games capped people, which is a total! .,„,, VBrT ,,, m „ ,,,„ „„„„„. Come April 5, the Ed Sullivan show expands to 90 minutes under a new long-term contract. Furthermore, Carol Burnett will be on three of every four weeks next season in a new revue series. And CBS wants Lucille Ball to expand her program to an hour weekly, while also trying to get Bing Crosby to move from occasional specials to a new half-hour situation comedy. Serious drama, meanwhile, is being abandoned to the other media, the big leagues, where the managerial class is kept in its place. The Channel Swim: Part of today's American - Soviet hockey game is scheduled to be included on ABC-TV's Winter Olympics special tonight ... Same network's "Hollywood Palace" show offers Dale Robertson as its Feb. 15 host. With CBS-TV paying about $1 million a game to retain rights to National Football League (NFL) contests for the next two seasons, the video grid setups are now firmed.. .ABC-TV will continue to broadcast American of nine more than last year, and the amount of wages earned is increased substantially — 3964 presents new and enlarged challenges for us to expand our program to serve more. For 1964. we want to serve at least 200 different handicapped people and pay them in wages and salaries over S200.000." "OBSERVANT" BURGLAR SHERMAN, Tex. (UPI) — A resourceful but not too observant burglar broke into a builders supply firm Monday night and used an axe to chop the hinges off the company safe. The safe was not locked. m $06 VMM Who tfox o Birthday JANUARY 30 — George Ellis Steve Schantz Albert F. Koehler Ricky Just Kent G. Bogart Louis C. Mahuet Bruce Thomas Luther J. Agre John Brejtfus, Jr. Donald Simmonds Clarence Gurr Olie Dahl Bob Whitteer Happy Birthday from 11 E. Stat* Ph. PY 3-2505 .And NBC-TV won the college contests away from CBS in bidding ... CBS is planning NFL Sunday doubleheaders (two games from different areas) to make up its high costs.. .though NFL home games are blacked out, they can be shown on theatre-or closed-circuit television. June Haver in hospital SANTA MONICA, Calif. (UPI) — Actress June Haver was reported in satisfactory condition today at St. John's Hospital, where she has been confined for the past 10 days with an attack of infectious hepatitis. Hospital attendants, who termed the case as "light," said Miss Haver probably would return home to husband Fred MacMurray in about a week. Get Channel 34 The Spanish Language Station with This Special Converter. Complete Kit. Everything You Need. $ 34 79 SELF SERVICE TUBE CBECKEB ETerythlnc for th* Antennai and Hlln . e Technician Antenna ________ Material* DO IT YOURSELF ELECTRONIC WHOLESALE MABT ltn X. Waterman Open » 'Ml * — Sunday IS 'til 5 Bedlandi Star* Bedlands Blvd. at Texas St. Open 11 A.M.-8 P.M. Snnda/ 10 A.M.-S P.M.

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