The Evening Review from East Liverpool, Ohio on July 19, 1947 · Page 6
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The Evening Review from East Liverpool, Ohio · Page 6

East Liverpool, Ohio
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 19, 1947
Page 6
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PAGE SIX EAST LIVERPOOL REVIEW, EAST LIVERPOOL, OHIO SATURDAY, JULY f9. ií>i7. Ktwi Of Diitriflt Ohnroht Church In CalcuttaTo Extend Call To Pastor At Rochester A oon(rwtIon*l nwettnf to conildor a call to » now mlnUtor will tM conducted Monday at 8 p. m. In tlie CalcutU United Preebyterlan Church. The call will be made to Bev. Daniel C. McCoy, paator of the riret United I^eibyterlan Church at Rooheeter, Pa. Rev. MoCoy preached for the contregatloo aa a candi d*——date on July 6. and bat Indicated that he will accept if he ii called. Rer. A. 8. Fleming, pastor of the Second United Preebyterlan Church of Bteubenvllle and moderator of ^ the church while It Is without a pas- Wondrous Story", tor, will preside. The church ha* been without a pastor since last Church Directory And Hours Of Sunday Religious Service« Churches Try Again Sunday To Put On Outdoor Service April 1. If Rehe and his family will occupy the "The Lord’s Prayer". Hls lub- ject wlll be, "Thy Klngdom Come". A trio consistioff of Elizabeth tCetchum, Viola Douglass and Henry Douflaes wlll slng" I Wlll Teli Salvation Army Colonel H McCoy .oc.pu th. «n.jTo Talk At Tent Service Reinartz On Radio Rey F. Eppling Reinartz, former pastor of St. John’s Uutjier- en Church and a native of East Liverpool will be th*- speaker for Vespers progi'am Sunday from 130 to 2 which will be broadcast over the American Broadcasting Co. network. Rev. Reinartz Is now secretary of the United Lutheran Church In America with headquarters In New York. His subject will be. ••There la Always That Third Day" Station WCAE In Pittsburgh is one of the outlets of the American Broadcasting Co. Col. Fred Maplaaa of Cleveland, divisional commander of the Northeastern Ohio Division of the Salvation Army, wlll be the gueet speaker for the last of the evangelistic tent services to be held Sunday on the former Vodrey Pottery Co. lot at EMt Fourth and College 8ta. Mri. Malpass will accompany her husband to East Liverpool. The teiu service at 7:46 p. m. will be preceded by a street service in the Diamond at 7. Other services to he held at the Third St. citadel ■AST LIVtRPOOL ■APTIST firvt. R*v. Richard C. Shanklin School 1:46 a. m. Worship 10:40 a m. and 7:80 p. m. •oeoBd. Rav. R. U Latlmor«. School >:}(0 a. m. Worahlp 10:46 a. m. and 7:20 p. m. CBDRCB or CHRIST rtnti Rav. D. Park Chapman, iehoot 1:10 a: n. Worabip 10;}0 a. m. and 7:80 p. m. ■•road. Rav, Rob#rt Thomas School •:46 a. m. Worahlp 10:41 a. m. and 7:80 p. m. Rradahaw Ava.i Waltar E. Baukcs mlnlatar. BIbla atudy 9:46 a. m. Worahlp 10:80 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. CATBULIC •t. Alayalaa. Tha Vary Ba». Pran- eia J Lavary. Rav Fr. Homar O. Olivar and Rav. Fr. John Dunn. Masaea 7. 8 *0, 9 *0 and 11 a. n. St. A rm ' s . Kev. Fr. John C. Rath. Masara. 8 and 10 a. m. riiUT CMUHCM Of CHRIST, SCIENTIST 411 Waat Sixth at School 8:10 A ra, Sarvloa 11 a aa CHURCH OP GOO Brochar Shirl Stock. School 9:45 A m. Worship 11 a. m and 7:30 p. m. EPISCOPAL. St. Stcphaa’a. Rav. Fradarlck T. aupt. School, 9:46 a m., worshipim. Worship 11 a ra. and 7 p. m. 10:46 A m. and 7:30 p. m. Worship MCTHOUIBT V !**■ I Pirat. Rav. W. C. Snowball. School « *• «»• Worship U A la. and Rast Sixth St. Ilcv. Hsnry Hillfrr 7 ¡jo p_ .School 8 p. m. Services 7 and 7;30 p. in. CHURCH OP JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAT SAIVTS Eldara Grant Helleaon and Marvin .Millar. N. B. O. 10 a. m. rn. , * NAZARENK lOillatta Holy Communion I a. m! school 8 p. m. Preaching aervlce Ccatral. Rev. Henry Holyoak. School 10 a. m. Worabip 11 A m. and 7:30 p. ra. CATHOLIC Immaealata foseeytloN. Rav. Pr. J. HynsA Maasas t and assemblv op goo M rs. Mary Louisa Clutter.* paator. m _ — ________ avangsllsile ! flUViCA.. Ct’ofta H6V. C. L a Oftrdn^r j pnKiiii wviiiaiii ^ Worahlp 10;4I a, m riroti R«v. John C LIttlt. School and 7 80 10 a, m. Worship 11 A m. and 7:30 7 ^ TV orship 11 a. m. School 9:46 A m. Worship ana 7;S0 p. m. ll ^ m URITED PRESBYTERIAN School 9_45 a. m. VNorshlp 11 a. m pir«ti Rav. Charles Smith Jr. ^eondi Rev. [[laudo ^ Roe School 1:46 A m. Worahlp 10:10 a Hchool 9:46 a. m. Worahlp 11 a. ui B. O. R building. School; Preaching aervlca 11:16 NAZARENE Mrs 1 ^ _ a.*^**’!*' »«hool!.school iU 9:*0''iL”nÌ:;"ìo74S’'A' ifiso p m. *■ Worahlp; 7:30 p. m.. avangalli and 7:30 p. m. HALVATION AR.WT Mai. George Hulihan. School I p. m. worship 10:45 a. m. street meeting 7 p. ra. Valvation meeting 7:45 p. ra. SEVENTH DAT ADVENTIST Room 8 Potters hall Saturday School 9:40 a. m. morning prayer and sermon 11 a. m. PMBU METHODirr PIrat. Rav. Paul Haxlatt. School 9:46 A m. Worahlp ll a, m. and 8 p. ra. OaklaaC Rav. W. M. Cowaert School H:«6 A m. Worabip tu:46 a m. and 7:4{ p. m LUTHERAN St. JohaW. Rav. will be A hollneez zervlce at 10.45 i Worship 10:4I a. 3 p. m. by WlUon Johnson, pastor. gPIHlTUALIH’l PIrat. (Review building). Lyceum 2:30 p. m. Service Sunday and Monday 7:30 p. m TRIUMPH CHURCH nf NEW AGE Rav. Luthar McNelL School 10 a. m. Worship 11:46 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. HEIRHTS UNIT4:i) RHETHHEN o , . Flrai. Rev C H. Harley. School a m. . fA'iL 9:4a a. ra. Service U a. in. and 7:46 CHURCH OP NAZARBNR m. PIRB BAPTIZED HOLINESS Rav. Arthur L. Southarlln. School 11 a. m. Service 18 and 7:30 p. m. CHURCH OP THE ASCENSION F. Q. Maaon, lay reader. Mornlns prayer and aermon lu a m. CHESTER METHODIST School 9:46 A m. Worahlp 11 a ra. and 7:30 p. m. PRKSBTTBRIAN Rav. Calvin T. Weimar. School 9:45 A m. Worship 10:46 A m. and 7:30 p. in. UNITED PRBSBTTBRIAN Rav. C. Howard Rank. Worship 10 A ra. and 7:80 p. m. School 11 a. m., Sunday school at 2 p. m. and youth* meethig at 6. Services at ths East End out- lH>st on Mulbsrry St will consist of Sunday School at 8:80 a m. and holiness meeting at 10:30.. METHODIST Rav, Stanley H, Mullen, m. Worabip lu:46 a church parsonage localed on St. iiurch.*"' 'iPatty Jo Moore To Sing th. pjpgt Methodist Service The service at church Sunday at 11 a. m. will be conducted by a student from the Plttsburgh-Xenla Theological Seminary at Pittsburgh. Rev. Hinerman To Give Second In Sermon Series Ths sscond hi a series of three ssrmons on "Prayer” will be dellv- ersd by Rev. Philip Hinerman, the pastor. Sunday rooming at Boyce Methodist Church In East End. He wlU speak on "Learning How to Pray”. The »ervlce at 10:20 wlll be preceded by Sunday School at • :I0 A m. with Howard Tice, new Sutkday School superintendent, In charge. , Rev, Hinerman will preach on "Divine Goodness and Human Shi" Sunday night. This is the thlri In the series on "Problems o< Pain and EvU”. The Youth Fellowship will meet at the church Monday at 6:30 p. m. to go to the monthly county rally at East Rochester. A Bible quiz wlll feature the prayer meeting Wednesday night. This Is the *«H!ond contest hi recent weeks. The first In June met with sn enthusiastic restponse. New Choir To Appear At Second Christian Church A newly-organized adult choir wlll sing for the first time at the 10:46 a. m. service Sunday at the SiKiond Christian Church In East End. The choir will sing the anthem, "Living for Jesus". Rev, Robert D. M. Thomas, the pastor, will preach on "The Purpose of the Church". The nursery opened last Sunday for the care of children during the morning church service wlll be continued thia week The nursery also will be open during the evening service. Miss Theda Smith will he the Miss Patty Jo Moore will be guest soloist at the 10:45 a. m. service Sunday at the First Methodist Church, She will sing "God .Shall Wipe Away All Tears" (Sullivan). I Rev. Stanley H. Mullen, the pastor, will preach on the subject, "Why We May Know We Are Chrl.stlans". The Senior Methodist Youth Fellowship will meet at 6:16 p. m. The congregation will Join with other churches for the Sundsy night open air silrvica. St, John 16 will be the subject for the midweek service of worship and Bible reading Wednesday at 7:30 p. m. Rev, Martin To Fill Chester Pulpit Sunday Rev. Alfred Martin, pastor of the Olenmoor United Presbyterian Church, will preach Sunday at 10 a. m. In the Chester United Presbyterian Church, of which he Is a former pastor. Rev. Martin will taka the place of Rev. C. Howard Rank, the pastor, who will be absent over Sun­ dsy to officiate at the marriage of his niece at Alexandria, O. There will be no services tomorrow In the Tomlinenn’s Run United Presbyterian Church near PuKbtown of wblch Rev. Rank is the supply minister. Special Anthem On Program At First Church Of Christ m. rivst. _ Scbuul 9:4 b m. and 7:10 p. m. Calv«^. Rev William & Longsworth. School 9:30 a m, Worahlp 10:46 A in. and 7:80 p. m. OrekaM Greva CoaaaiBalty, Rav. David W. Sksan. School 10 a m, Worahlp 11 a. m. and 7:30 p m Aadaraon. Rev. William FoBt#>r. School 9:80 A m. Worahlp 10 .iO A m. and 7:30 p. ra. .. ■•yaa. Rfv. C. P. Hintrman. Uni- flsd aohooPand worahlp aarvlos 9:30 A m. Kvxnsellatlo aervica 7:80 p. m . ^•■■■ylveala Ava. Rev. Charles L Toder. School 9:45 a tn. Worship 11 A ra. and 7:80 p. m. Shartdaa Ava. A. M. B. Kav. F. H. Goler, D. D. School 9:46 a. m. Worship n A m. and 7:30 p. m. MISSIONS Gar4leadala — School 8:30 p .ra. Worship 8 p. m. AasMiatod BIkla Staieata. Pottara Hall, West Sixth at. Bible etudy 10 A ra. Preaching aervlce 11a ra. _ talvatlaa Anay Oatpaat. Sgt. George Hennsti. Atiilberry et Scn.«ii 9:41 A rl ; hollnesa meeting 10:46: Salvation meeting 7:46 p. ra. Tri-State Uoepel Miaelon. Fourt and Market 8fa. A. Paul Tldhall p. m. UNITED PRESBYTERIAN Pirati Rev. W. H. Lawrence. School 9:40 a. m. Worahlp 11 a ui . and 7:30 p. m. Seeoadi Rev. Charlea Smith Jr. School 9:40 a. m. Worship 11:80 a. 111 . and 7:30 p. m. JEHOVAH'M witnesses Third floor 508V4 Market eL Bible atudy 7:80 p. m. PENTECOSTAL Rev. J. a. Oott. School 9:30 a. m. Worahlp 10:30 a. m and 7:30 p. m. WELLSVILLE BAPTIST PIrat. Rav. William Ocloahy. School 9:30 a m. Worahlp 11 a at. and 7:30 p. tn. CHRISTIAN FIraL Pastor Archie M a c k a y. .School 9:30 a m. Worabip IU;46 A m and 7:10 p. m. CHURCH or NAZARENE Rav. Clark Allison. Uchool 9:46 A at. Worahlp 11 a. m. and 7r30 p. no. EVANCEl.ICAL I'NITED RllKTHREN FIrati Rev. L H. Carothert. School 10 a. ra. Worabip 11 a ra. and 7:30 p. ra PRBR METHODIST Rev. Edward GresA School 9:46 a ra Worship it a m and l:iv p. ra LBSrS AFRICAN N. B. Rev.J, D. Dickerson. School 9:30 a. Rev, L' E. Lucky. School 9:46 a. m Worship 11 a. m. and 7:80 p. in. ST. MATTHEW’S EPISCOPAL Rev. Edward A. PedrettA Evensong and sermon 4 p. m. FREE METHODIST Rev. C. L. Douoa School S:4I A ra Worehlp ll a m. and 7:30 p. m. FIRST CHRISTIAN Rev. A. F. HaneA Worahlp 9:45 A m. and 7:30 p. m.. Bible Study 11 a. m.. Christian Edeavor 8: 80 p. m. CHURCH OF CHRIST Evangallst Denver B, Cooper, School 10 A ra Worship 10:30 A m. and 7:30 p. m MISSIONS EmaiaBaeli In Allison school near Chester: echool 8:30 p. m. Worship, preaching by Paul BrookSA 8:15 p. rn. NEWELL PRBSBTTBRIAN Rev. W D. Lewla. D.D. School 9:45 A ra worship tl a ra and 7:10 p. m METHODIST Rev. Anna B. Pottar. School 9:80 A ra Worship 10:41 A ra and 7:10 A at. CHURCH OP NAZARBNB Rev. O. F. King. Scho-q 9:30 a. m. Worahlp 10:45 a. m. and 7:30. CHUHCH Uf CMKiS’l Rev. C. W. Diehl, School 9:48 a m. Worship 10:46 A m. Chriatian Another attempt to start the outdoor union Funday night serviies will be made tomorrow by 10 East Liverpool churches in a movement sponsored by the Eaet Liverpool Ministerial Association. Outdoor programs arranged for July 6 and 13 were conducted inside the Calvary church because of rain. The same plan will be followed in the event weather interferes*:------------------------ “ row, but leaders are hopeful the' ARMY NURSE GRANTED rain Jinx has been ended. The service will be held at 7 p. m., REGULAR COMMISSION Endeavor 9:80 p. m. RURAL f>se Mctkadlst Haakatowa. Hav. W. M. CowaarL OhlavtllA Rav. Carl Flaak. CUfUSTiAN PradarlelitawBi Rav. Robsrt Dyka School 10:80 A ra Worship 11 a m. and -7:30 p. ra PRESBTTERIAN Loaga Ran. Donald Peraohn, la> minstar. School 10 a ra Worahlp 11 a. m. Tallow Craak. Rar. Harold W. Eller. School 10 A ra Prayar aarvica 11 A m. Oak RligA Rev. Stawart Butten Worship 0:80 a m. School 10:80 a m _ Haakatowa. Rev. I* M. Wither 7.30. r , t H» .A moc iaUd Pr»M. spoon. School 1:10 p. m. Worahlp* An audience estimated at more WASHINGTON*, July 19 — Col. 2:30 p. m. Chriatian Endeavor 7:80.than 300 attended last Sunday Florence A. Blanchfield. superin- ** Min Craak. Rev. L M. Wither-; «eTvlce in Calvary church tendent of Army nurses, became apoon. School 10 a m. Worship 11 1 at which Rev. M, Rudolph Miller the first fully-commissioned woman 'was the speaker. An equally largeJn the Regular Army, crowd was present at the Initial' until yesterdav. Army nurses School 10 A m. Worahlp fT a ra iunion service on the previous Sun- jjgid only relative rank without CalaattA School 10 A m. Worship, day. when Rev. D. Park Chapman'the status of Regular Army offi- Ww R^lvaV Rii. T Aikin cers and without their security Worahlp 10 a m. School 11 a ra. | As originally planned, the out- and retirement benefits. A recent- Naw Lakaaoa. Rav. T. R, Alkin i door service scheduled for tomor-, ly-eoacted bill however, provided Sohool 10 •- m^-,Wo«hi^ U A ra row will be held on Jackson St. in'for establishment of an Army front of Calvary church. The;Xurse Corps within the Regular service wlll be in charge of Rev. * \rmy P.U1 F. Ob,n,ut. pMtor, and tha ' fommiaaloi. was prawatad UNITED PRBBBTTBRIAN Glaaaiaev. Rav. Alfrad .^Lartln ra. Worship fT a NASARBNE Pawar Paiat. Rav. H. W. Appla gatA School 9:45 a ra. Worahlp 1 A ra. and 7‘3A a m. CaagA Rav. L W. Lovalasa School 9:80 a m. Worship u a m and 7:89 A 0>- HBTHODIBT Rllay*s. Rev. Paul C. Bailey. School 1:30 p. m. Worship 2:80 p. ra. members of St. John's Lutheran ■ Church. The speaker ito Col. Blanchfield by Gen. Dwight Hlgklaadtawa. School 1:16 p ra 'Lutheran Church at Zelienople, Pa., Worahln 2 o. m. whose subject W’ill be “The Soul's laawraaravflla Mlssloa. Rev. Roy vjost Earnest Ouest" MaysA School 8 A m- Preaching 8 „i., t "®!- "I; p. ra 111 ha Rpv Waltar Eisenhower at a ceremony in A Ft.har na.Jr Chief Of Staff'S OffiCA ItWaS A. Fisher, pastor of the English such nurses’ com- MISSIONS Oleadaia Ckapal. Rev, Elmer Heath. School 9:45 a. m. Service 7:80 Walkara Ualaa Saaday School. Howard Prince, aupt. School 2:30 p. m. Young Paoplea 7 p. ra Wtr- ship 7:30 p. m. • alineville Methedtot. Rav. Paul Ballsy School 10 A ra. Worabip 11 a m worahlp 7:30 p. m. Assambly et God. Rav. Alta Wathburn. School 9:30 A m. Sarv loe 11 a m.. worahlp 7:80 p. m. I'altad Praakyteriaa. Rev. George A. Brown. School 10 A ra. Worship given by the combined choirs of 11 a. m. Praakytarlaa. Rav. Stewart Butten School 10 A m. Worahlp tl a m. Chareh Of ChriaL Rav. John KInnar. School 10 a tn. Worahlp 11 A ra. worehlp 7:30 p. m. NEW CUMBERLAND Freahour. School 10 A ra. Worship I*’, H*®, street for the service and 11 A ra. and 8 p. m. Praabytarlaa. Rev. Butcher. School 19 II A.m. Trlaity Methodist. Rev. Ivan J Howland. School 10 a ra. Worship missions, ranging down through first lieutenants, recommended by caliTo fhf SsirrrDL:itmenf at: wUl Gettysburg College, where he will |commission notices occupy the chair of "Contemporary | ___________________ Religious Thought”. A native of! atiiaiT Greensburg, Pa., he waa graduated, DISABLED VETS AWAIT from Mt. Airy Theological Semin- aaaairsriri n ary in PhlladelphlA He received RALLY AT MANSFIELD hlB Master’s Degree from the Uni- i MAN.skIk”'). jlfy ;r- Sora» van?. 0' ,IK) Ohio Dlaablad World War II w..', I,, V ' veterans are expected to attend Mu«Ic for tha larvlca will ba „6th annual Disabled Amerl. St. John', church. Directed by Rev. Obenauf, the choirs will sing Men- delssobn’s “All Men, All Things". National service officers and Vet- J. Russai . ra Worship “NaalTMÜS.“ r J v .%“*B. pandiaton ! i*'« services Include St. | with Mrsri'eatrice Hogan^^ Miss Christina Sager will he heard '’''ans Administration officials will In "Panis Angellcus”. ¡head the chapter sendee officers’ The task of arranging the chairs »<^bool on the opening day. The speakers list includes Gov. returning them to the church for Thomas J. Herbert and Lloyd E. storage at the conclusion has been Oleson of Ventura, Calif., national assigned a detail of men from St. commander of the organization. John’s church. j -pf,e women’s auxiliary Is sched- Other churches participating Injuled to meet at the same time. School 10 A ra Worahlp 11 and 7:46 p. ra A violin solo. "Melody In F (Rubenstlne) will be played by day at 11 a. m. at the First Presbyterian Church, taking the place of Rev. M. Rudoph Miller, pastor. Rev. Miller is now at Camp Lee, Va., Migaged In chaplaincy work among troops for a period of two weeks. He wlll return to bis home here Aug, 1. Rev. Walker will preach on the subjact, "Grounds For Our Faith" The'cholr will sing "Hear Thous Our Prayer” (Tkach) for the gratf* ual and "The God of Abraham, Praise” (Buck) for the offertory. Mrs. Jessie Hall Kaufman will be at the organ. There will be no Sunday night service, the congregation joining with other churches in the outdoor service In front of Calvary Meth odist Church on Jackson St. Sermon Topics Listed For Tri-State Mission will attend divine service« Sunday at 11 a. m. in the Pennsylvania Ave. Methodist Church. The program will he patriotic in nature, A quartet consisting of Miss Ethel Peterson, Mrs. Wayne Russell, Norman Hall and Carl Warning will sing "The Amer-;the Inter-American Bible Seminary leans Come”, while another, inadejat Medellin, Colombia, South Amer- up of Misses Dorothy Carter, Bar-{lea, will be a guest at morning ser- bara Petersiai, Patty McIntosh and ¡vices Sunday In the Orchard Grove Patty Poole, will present, "The: Community Methodist Church, House I Live fn’’. Rev. C, L. Yoder, SEMINARY DIRECTOR VISITS HERE SUNDAY Rev. William Gillam, director of Church Notes Rev. Walter J. Clouse, pastor individual Sunday night services of the New Cumberland Methodist; until Sept. 14. Church, will preach Sunday at 11' Stephen’s Episcopal, First United | cjnnatl, national commander, in Presbyterian, First Baptist, First ' charge. Church of Christ, First and Second! Presbyterian and the First, Calvary and Orchard Grove Community Methodist. All of these congregations have dispensed with their a. m. in the Chester Methodist Church, The church Is without a regular pastor at present. Rev. A. Paul Tldhall, superin tendent, will preach Sunday morn- The rite of infant baptism will Rev. Glllam ha*'been a long-1 J® the pastor, will preach on “The time friend of Rev. David W. i J.'. ‘**® wiTmlr ¡5« More Excellent Way". sgeen, pastor of the church, and'^“^ tiia i win Mr« ^kAen When Mrs Skeen!^"® *®rmon subject will Mrs. Skeen. When Mrs. Skeen ••claiming Praver Power A meeting of the planning com mittee will ho held In connection visited in South America a year with the Youth Fellowship period ago. she was a guest of the Gillam s. Rev, Glllam traveled around the world In 1936-37 aa a member of Rev. 4-H CLUB NEWS Barbara Hamilton was hostess Thursday afternoon to membera of the Hlllcrest Club at her home on the Lisbon Road. The business meeting was conducted by Carolyn Mick, vice- at 6:30 p. in. Former Pastor Returns As Guest Speaker Sunday W’elraer will preach at 7:30 p. m. j pr»8id®®t. Listening to recordings on "The Thoughts of God and "as the divereion and lunch waa Man”. served to seven members and a guest, Kathryn Craig of Farrell, A meeting of the session will be,Pa. the Ambassador Male Quartet from held following the 11 a. m. worship! The July 24 meeting will be with Asbury College. He went to South; service Sunday at the Second Pres-! Ruth McDevitt of the Lisbon Road. Rev. J. F. Dlnilt of Alliance, for- America in 1943 as a missionary i hyterian Church In Wellsville. Rev. mer pastor of the First Methodist,and within six months after his Lymau N. Lemmon, D.D., the pastor, will use the sermon topic. Protestant Church of East l.,lver-!arrival was preaching in Spanish. Mlsa Olsnda «^''Ing and nikht in the Tri-Sute"(;or'speaker at: He was severely stoned because'-xhey were Praying’’, at the mom- devotlonal nerbtd of thi • P«*l Mission at West Fourth ju„d'teachings while In South ing service. The church will Join aS Sundav it 9 m MarkK Sti. “ '>®'hodist Church, taking the -America. I with others in the city for union The subject of his sermon at the^*^*^® Lnngsworth, Rev. Glllam is an outstanding service Sunday night. 10 45 a m seivlci i!™ vacation. 'musician, talented on both the pi- ------------------ OuEht Always to Prav" «nrt far subject will be. “The Power!ano and organ. He frequently has “The Way of Christ" will be the the 7:.30 p m worship' "Things broadcasts from sta- sermon subject of Rev. Richard C. Transferred" John Wilson will •’^lusic for the .<?ervice will be Shanklin for the morning service leader of the Christian Endeavor! Mrs. E. M. Applegate, aoprano'. and morning service. hx a duet, ‘Raise Me Sunday at the First Baptist Church. Motion picturea are "flicks’’ tn New Zealand. called The Ohio Valley Memorial Works Menumanta and Markars Rock of Agta Daalar 1901 ST. CLAIR AVENUE PHONE 882 Near tha antranea to RIvorvlow eomatary. Vlalt Our •howrooma. the First Church of Christ. The choir will sing an anthem "Thy Will Be Done" (Wolcott), at the 10:30 a. m. worship period Incidental solo parts taken by service at 6:80 p. m. when the •ubject will be, "Pagan Areas In America". Rev. Thomas will routinue at Bight his aeries of sermons on The choir wlll slug the anthem. Mp., (Which will be sung by Mrs. Sara' T’ho visitor will teach the Young -savlor. Lead Me” (Clark). Mrs. , \^fYy Ann and .Mrs. I’asy McDonnell Kittrldgo will be organlstjl IT’8 Not Too 8oon To Plan Your FAMILY MEMORIAL A fitting memorial for your family is an investment which calls for care* ful thought, and the time for unhurried decisions. The earlier you begin to plan this most permanent of purchases, the greater is your opportunity to make the selection that will best express your family’s devotion. Our Representative C. W. (Bill) Stoddard Formerly With Bergner Service Station OPEN EVENINGS By Appointment GRAHAM and WAGNER Inc. Waihington St Ph. 088 Miss Mary Prl’oa. i5Ht’ra‘lt‘o.|^««‘' h C. Lloyd Dpffenbaugh of Midland! ^ Chaprnan^^wm p*!-Mch”7^ W^8on''sum^%^vl^^^ Agnes Shadduck wllV'brat j®«' Sunday olghtl his series on thT (? of S? Wilson will bo the pla« for the organ. I It thl n » ra «er I*"® ’ John, using ^he siKt ’iesus^bo'h services. ■ J. l, Montgomery will be the wr I!C alvi:^ ! Overcame Temntxtlnn” I Grace Walker. William Walker, leader of the midweek prayer ser- organist for the morning Calvary J Overcame Temptation”. There will ship service because be no evening woOi''""*”^ Wakefield. Ronnie Walk- vice Wednesday at 7.30 p. m. lu «orshin scrvic lecause of the union "’“■'’ue Blatchford and Iwanna the Sunday School room. His sub • There will t orship sorvice. the congregation' union sèrvice in Methodist Church. be no Sunday night Rev, Archie Mackey of Indianapolis, former pastor, will be tlie outdoor service In which the J’®«' l>¡d and'^^-'h ! “i,"; he congregatTm'X^^^^^ rainu!Lr'’a^ m 45 a Ti gregatlon Is rrartlrlnaHno- PIT' s conference near Butler. Pa . What Ho Mid”. T minister at the BJ.45 a. m.| gregatlon Is participating. Former Emmanuel Pastor To Be At First Presbyterian To Hear College Head former pastor of Emmanuel Pre.« pie’s conference near Butler. Pa . What Ho Mid”. ;,,nltine with other churches for tSnx’untirj*L^‘>s"‘‘‘‘^’ church and Sunday,,ho outdoor service in front of ilnulng until July -8. C:ilvarv Methodist Church on ^h First United Presbyterian ___________ byterlan Churoh, will preach Sun Dr. Kobert Montgomery, presi dent of Muskingum College at .New (joncord, will be the speakei MISSIONARY COUPLE TO HELP IN SERVICE SALINEVILLE TO HOLD service tomorrow In the WellsviUeil Christian Church. The mixed hoir will Bing "That Beautiful Name” (Camp). YOU ARE INVITED TO ATTEND CHURCH ON SUNDAY NIGHT! Boyce Methodist Church PHIL HINERHAH, MINISTER 7:30 P. M. "Divine Love and Hnnan Sin” 9:30 A. M. SUNDAY SCHOOL 10:20 A. M. "Learning To Pray In PnUic” . , M. A. Curry of East Liverpool, at the 11 a. ni worship servii-e Mr.s. ('lifford F, Church !f> 0 junjj,iana county welfare director, will speak at a union service Mrs. BesHio Thomas of New Castle, Pa., will be the visiting JOINT SERVICE SUNDAY worker at services of the First JUliY I Ol-iiviwi- itrra Spiritualist Church Sunday and Sunday in the First I'nited I’res .of Akron, who will leave soon to hyterian Church. He will lake the t»ko up missionary work in Africa, place of Rev. W. H, Lawrence, the pa«lor, who is on \acation. Sunday at 7:30 p. m. of three Sa linevllle churches in the United No. 6 JESUS WAS IMMERSED (Matt. 3:13-17) John the baptlzer and Jesus gave to the world a new ordinance. that of baptism. John’s preaching concerned the Christ, and Hii inlroduetlon to the world. Jesus came to John to be hap tized of him In the Jordan River Jesus was ready at the time to begin his ministry, and to qiiali fy for the eternal priesthood after the order of Melchlsedec. (Heb. 7). in fulfillment of type. Jesut was anointed as a high priest, having been cleansed and robed in the fulfillment of all righteousnees. .Matt. 3:16 and ACU 10:37. 38. Not until hli baptism did God declare Jesue to be His Sou. God declared Jesus to he well pleasing in His sight. From this incident onward John decreased In power while Jesua Increased in all power and purport in the giving of the only plan of salvation. Not for bis sins, but in type of his death, burial, and his resurrection Jesus was Immersed, Baptism was Immersion in water. Jesua commanded Baptism. Please read John 3:1 to 6. Your question solicited. CHURCH OF CHRIST Bradih&w Will take part in the Sunday morning services in the First Church! prps-bvtenan Church. A union Bible Schi>ol service d' the .Nazarene. j Members of the Methodist and will 1)0 held at 9.;U> a. m. with Rev. ami Mrs. I'hun-h were grad-’preshyterlan churches will unite •Miss Fanny Gaaloii as the »pcaker uatcd from the Eastern Nazarene |i,j fnls service Rev. G. A, Brown, M. A. Curry 1» superintendent ot College at Wollastoti. .Mas.-»., in 1944, father-in-law of Mr. Curry, is pas- the schiwl. and have pastorates at Water-1 tor of the host church. W. W. tiloan will lie leader ol vllle. Vt . and Warwiek, O. They; Monday at 7:30 p. m. in Headquarters on the second floor of The Review building. Dies Of Snake Bite CHILLICOTHE, O. July 19 — Mrs. Flo.vd Butterbaugh, 22, died Friday from the effects of a rattlesnake bite received last Saturday as she picked beans near her Rev. Brown will preach at 11 a ! Piney Creek home, 12 miles from the midweek service Wcdnesila.v at Hit> schedule«! to fly to .\frlca in the Salineville church on the here. :3U p. m. Rev. Henry Hillier will he the guest speaker. Legionnaires To Attend Pennsylvania Methodist Members <*f Alfred Wetlgcwmxl Sepifinber. . subject. "The Holy Spirit, the Pow- Rev. t'liurch will sjmak on mis-^r of All Christian Service", sionaiy work and Mrs. t’hurcli, aj Holv Comniunlo 4 i will be cele- soprano. will sing at the morning, braled at 2:3U p. m. in the Grant's ! service They al.-:o will participate in the Sunday S« hool service. Rev. E. W. Martin, the pastor, Baby Drowns In Spring PORTSMOUTH. O., July 19—Cor­ nili United Preicbylerian Church of oner Virgil Fowler Friday reported whi«'h Rev. Brow n is also pastor. | the drowning of 16-month-old Ar- The subject of his meditation at ¡letta Litz. whose body was found Post 374 of the American Legion ventimie his series of ser- ,his service will be, "Why the .Son, in a spring near her rural home. I.U041S on the Ten Uummandments ,,f God Becarae Man”. _______________________ For World Crusade the S^unday night service. His subjeti, the second in the series, will be. "The Peril of Easy Tol- ercnce |IGHTIN6 FgWCRUSApf Evangelistic Tent Meetings Sunday July 6th to Sunday July 20th At 4th and College Sts. 7:30 P. M. . . . Testimonies— Musical Attraction — Gospel Preaching Tlieip are m:'ny extinct voi- NEGLEY Brother SHIRL STOCK Pastor PAUL STOCK Evangelist Song CHURCHofGOD 242 W. Ninth St. Sunday School 9:46 A. M. Si-Mchlni IIVOOA.M. Morning Subject: “Relation of 7th Day to the Creation” Evangelistic Service 7:46 P. M. We Extend A Cordial Welcome To All. .Mr, an«l Mrs. .Arthur Hostetter s of Negley and Mr. and Mrs. Glenn s (iarby of East Palestine have left S canoes in the nortli of .New Zt i-jfor a vacation trip through several E :aud. southern states. ¡E 'llllllillMMIIIIIMIIIIMillllillinilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllHlllllllllllllillllillllilllllllimilillMllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllQ JOIN THE MANY IN THE I ^ I Second Presbyterian Church 535 Virginia Ave.. E. L. Claude L. Ros, Minister SUNDAY, JULY 20 MORNING “WHAT IT MEANS TO KNOW GOD” EVENING Union Service m co-operation with the other Churchea of the city, in front of the Calvary Methodist Church on Jackson St. Speaker Rev. Paul F. Obenauf. We invite you to attend. Services Sunday School ................... 9:45 A. M. Morning Worship ,....11:00 A, M. Youth Fellowship .............. 6:30 P. M. Evening Worship .............. 7:30 P. M) Mid-Week Service, Wed. ...7:30 P. M. EVANGELISTIC HOUR AT First Church of the Nazarene SUNDAY EVENING AT 7:30 REV. E. W. MARTIN, PASTOR, PREACHING ON ^THE DANGER OF A EASY TOLERANCE’’ SECOND IN A SERIES OF SERMONS ON THE TEN COMMANDMENTS 7:15—7:30 "MOMENTS OF MELODY” S. s. 9:30 A. M. WORSHIP 10:45 A. M. N. Y. P. S. 6:30 P. M. “EAST LIVERPOOL’S EVANGELISTIC CENTER” | itiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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