The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 11, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 11, 1908
Page 2
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THE BAKERSPIBLD CALIFORNIAN WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 1908. Bakersfltia Caiifornian timed Every Evening but Sundays at B.-'kersficM, Kern,County. California. City and County Official Paper Entered In Postofflce at Hniicr.sflolf Cal,, as Secor.d-class Mall Matter. 60 cents n month; $5 a Y< ALFRED HARRELL, Telephone Editor and Prop. Main 31 •\VEDNK.SD.\y. NOV. II, l!H>s. THEY DIDN'T VOTE. In Hi.' late election in Kern >uui.>, ;>rni;lieal!y .">()( Hi votes nisi, the exile! number for the first presiilentiiil elector in each parly set hi-ing -11177. The vote on the. other otlicers to he chosen comes well up to this fi^im though the number in sonic in- Wednesday, Nov. 11 DEAR TOM:If your face wants to sn.ile. Let it! If it doesn' t. Make it. And if you want to see your best girl 4 • siLile ' ' take her a box of Uruenhegen's Candy. For Sale at Meroney's, BILL Yours In Master, tin love and Forvlce of the \V. 11. 1110NDKUSON. the I .It I). Illat ever> line, inclll 1- (nir i-e|ioriers ami mini.-iUTs of the will •, i:;ft ihese meeting sirrl for themselves whether (ioil honors iliis Uiii'l of work or not and we 'I especially inviie them io be present , iii-xl. KahliKih afternoon find evening. 1 Bach afternoon and evening from now stances fulls 300 or 400 helow the'"""' tlu '" w " "^i" 1 ' 1 ' <!l){| '" our nilll8t full vote cast. But in this same" 0 v1ll - l "' ! «" " ls " w « h « nor election, the citizens were asked to declare themselves upon certain proposed constitutional amendments and propositions, and a scanning of the. otnViul returns show that a very large majority did not render any verdict upon the questions. On the important question of changing the method of raising! revenue, hy a radical departure in the assessment of public service corporations, and which amend- Slavery in the Wilds of Florida J. B* Berges & Company Wholsale Dealers in Wines, Liquors And Cigars The cream of all goods served in sample room. Quotations and samples sent on application Phone Main 237 .1623 Nineteenth Street Brief Over Death/ w * M * FI <MT AGAIHST of Carmack THE ™"*» OIL wtLL NEWi YORK, Nov. 10.— What was aasertetl to he the practical marooning of 3000 men In .the wild regions •of Florida and their detention there under hard lahor for a period of sev- ment was discussed here more fully than any other, 1140 votes were no, and 052 were yes. Why .any cral montlis was dealt wlth at length citizen of Kern county should have j ^''tL^nlt^d'sfate^'c'lrc^lt Court! declared in tavor ot a taxation h n the course of the trial of the gov- scheme which would have cost thelernment's case against employes and county thousands of dollars ,an-'agents of the Florida East Coast Rail- Dually, cannot he-determined, but !J* y c °mpany for alleged violation of Ai. * • t i .. ii • j. i the statute prohibiting: peonage. that is not so much to the point .us 8lavcry Bnd erif £rced servitude." NASHVILLE, Nov. 10.—The boily or former Senator E. W. Carrnack, who was killed here yesterday in a street duel with Robin J. Cooper, w,an Bent to Columbia this afternoon. Impressive scenes at the Union station marked their departure. Members of tlie W. 0 T. t'., whose cause Mr. Carmack had ably championed, gathered at the station in numbers and as the casket was borne In joined In singing "Lead Kindly Light" and "Stand for Jesus." A brief address was delivered by Rev. Ira Landruth. Mrs. Carmack is thes fact that more than 3000 j The mcn undor lndlctment out of the oOOO citizens who east | Francisco Sabbia, Edward J. Triay. a ballot did not take the trouble David E. Harley and Frank A. HugK. After a Jury had been Deputy Attorney General 1o vote on the proposition at all. The same proportion holds good along down ihe line of amendments submitted, except that in most instances the vote was even smaller. Only lu'OU out of 5000 men cared enough for the direct primaries to vote for the amendment, which makes such primaries possible, selected. Glenn E. outlined the prosecution's case, contending that the treatment accorded the workmen supplied to the Florida East Coast Company by the defendants was nothing short of slavery. The government would show, he declared, that In 1905, the men had been Induced by alluring advertlse- and a few of her closest friends were on the special car which conveyed the body, and the profusion of flowers was but another of the many testimonials of grief from hosts of friends and sympathizers. All during the morning hours a strong stream of callers had entered the nome of Frank handler, where the body lay. The funeral party reached Columbia about 4 o'clock this afternoon and \Pere by a large body of friends. Jhe body j was at once taken to the Carmack I home, where the funeral services will held tomorrow morning at "11 'o'clock. The tragedy was the absorbing topic In Nashville today and many sensational rumors were in circulation. MEXICO CITY, Nov. 11,—After an outlay of between $400,000 an;l $500,000 in a vajn endeavor to control the burning Dos Bocas oil \\clls, Pearson & Sons have decided to abandon the attempt. The oil Is (lowing at the rate of fourteen million gallons a day. Millions of dollars have been lost as a result of the fire, two men' have been suffocated by the gases and fifty soldiers used in fighting the fire are in the hospital as a result of poisonous gases. meroiis stories which gained clrcula- lion today among Carmack's friends and were cited by them as tending to show that the Coopers had previously determined to attack the former senator and were searching for him when the tragedy occurred. In addition to the statement made by Governor Pjit- if-r.Tm this morning, which Is one Of the few bits of positive evidence so far. the police are at work on reports (hat Colonel Cooper'sent written as well as verbal messages to Carmack, warning him to refrain on pain of death, from using Cooper's name in tut me editorials. Oarmack's race for the nomination as Democratic senator, in which he w;i« defeated by Senator Robert I. Taylor, and his more recent race for the governorship, in which he was defeated by Governor" Patterson, have served to draw his following In the state closer to him, and his tragic end „ ,. ,. lias spread distress and bitterness Robing. Cooper, who fired the fatal ] ;imotu , , nem . lt iB feare(] by 8onle tnat shot and was himself wounded, is under arrest at a local hospital. He is doing well, but his physicians stated today that the wound, which is near the collar bone, is in a dangerous place and complications are not unlikely. Colonel Coopers, who was with hi ami ~>~>\} of these voted no. Home neonle were thinkinir -oi' *" ey wcrc K iv( ?n nothing hut oonn. piopitwcif, uiinKing , -01 b j fl bologna sausage and course, as is evidenced^' the <I40 UlPy vparhf , (1 f hp lau( , *£, ™ negative vott-s aszainst .);>!) atlirma- j louniev mnnv refused to 'oave the tives on the amendment to remodel i 'r.titt. !>»' n bos was turned on them ments to apply for employment In the I son when the shooting occurred, was Bouth. Throughout the long Journey I transferred from police headquarters ihe end of the .trouble is not yet, and ii is sure to play a prominent part in i lie coming political alignments. In each of Carmack's political campaigns leelinz ran to fever heat and on both occasions Cooper was with the opposi- Hon. In former years the men were dear friends, Carmack having declared in public print that Cooper was his benefactor. But the friendship had been replaced with enmity which was more noticeable since Carmack became the editor of the Tenneesseean following the late primary. Then the editorial attacks began which culml nated In yesterday's affair. H. C. HARNESS With J. W. BrocKman Real Estate and Insurance Rom 25, Gal teg Block Phone Main 232 Bakersfleld, Cal COFFEE Insist on the roaster's name; never mind the country it grew or is said to have grown in. T««r nrocar r*t«M r*w »OMT tt m 4Ml stale when and In lliis manner Hip entire consignment was driven aboard a wall- Inir steamer. When (lie ultimate destination wnw i reached, salil Mr. Unfed, the men i finiiiil flint Hie paradise tna< had liern i she—The iip.'i'tl.ocd Mierji wns a barren wilder-'„ ties-, overrun with reptiles and "iia!--e«, where no plarp fn sleep had liceti* provide/! for them. Their "liinh wall's" the prosecutor said. were slips of paper exchangeable, at the i iini|ialiy's store. The escape thai many sought was impossible, as the reulon was entirely cut off. Thinking t" be discharged, some refused t" work. These, Usted said, were tlireitciied \\illi death and brutally beaten. Finally some were able 111 '" -•.iiiuiv.Oc letters UirniiKh to roln- f their la\V>,\vllcii I lie 1 llvev anil in ibis manner Hie irov".-n tn them ill a euiiei'ete j n" nl bad In en apprised of the condl- • ..,•... i (ion;-- exisili!-.- _' ' ! .In'm 1!. SisnichrH'ld. attorney for '"'"'' j'be ri'iiMa Knst Coast Company, and i'ersiin:i! counsel I'or |[eiirv .\I. | Fhr'ler. the company's president, j moved thai the indictment?. cbnri:l;.u pc'imue and slnv ry be dismissed. ;\~. file nil.' cli.Mriie destroyed the otber. .liid-.-e HfiUi'.h was inclined io ':i. • ! that the Hiarpo of ncnnape could ' ei rest, but declared that, he would ru!" In the matter on any point broniilif out during the presentation of tho Hence. o|' in i ill ;ii :i( tin simph the state hoard of education. Hut again, the provision limitin<: the number of legislative employes, a very wise amendment, we think, folind iJII'J citi/elis mil u!' lijllil \, P |- ing in the iie^,-i!i\e. On the capital removal Mil. the verdict,WiK tli.- i 1745 reci/fliiiu 11 the measure ami record in favor u! it. The deduction that must nee warily he dra\vu I'roin these VIM and the propoMtion holii-, eo throuirlliillt tli«' .state, is thai 1 people have Kill linle inii-resi the fniniifiy matter is put form, l-'very > nler in ('a received n eupy u| the meiits. and thei-e \v;i-. liitd excuse fdi' his iiiil arris iii'j intelligent lUldefstalidilllf .several propn.sii ions. II did not take inl-ivsf i-nniiuih '••< reach a ci!iif|i',si,iti. and vl"ine; irin ;ll.' :i;i:!n; I.ox W;'.!|oiii .'III opillinfi. he Irf! the ;'!:ii->!i | ll!"!il i-u|l'|Mo« hlauk. I'olilicii! pin-ties ill the past !i;i\ f snll.ulll tn m.-dC" ;MI i-viic nil! nl'di- reel • ..--'•'lii'ii. hut il is not lilt' 1 I.V III • • ''-If |-o|i;||,-||' \vllll the IM-.I-. pie, ' » in an alistrnet way. at least ' .tntil a ma.ioriiy of the , votevs -s'lunv an iin-linat inn to piir-i tieia •• ';i law makiit»' when the Opportunity is present e,l !,> tlle;,i. CALLS ATTENTION T O THE REVIVAL MEETINGS. To the Kdltor ol tlie Califoniliiu: I (riiwi that >'i>'i will nllmv me SJI-HC In your paper in whli'h to s-iy a few \VQlMs t-.i li'.i' vi'i.jjU' of !iu!: 'rsiiel,! and vicinity ooiifei-nins rhe r.-.iv-i i:.. ei- lngs which are now In inouress in itie Armory hull being f-.-nidiiP'od by t!;e Jiev. Setll f'fioii Kees atlil U'il'e, Qii:i|(e; evangelist, auibor and pnUllsln r I believe (hat every reader of youi paper and resi !, nt of our ciry will admit tli at "Hlivhieoiisness exaltetb a na tlon, hut sin Is a ri'in'oacb io any people," We have in this city lir.d many evangelists an 1 nv>v<> t'K eUnsts carried on, but never buve die people of Bakersfleld had ihe opportunity of hearing ami swing dcmnnst.-ati.ii' tin- POVOI' of .". f - .l!l KOSpel iireaehivl in our rntdst. Without fear ot fenir-i 'i. HUM t!: ( .]e is not ft ; '-.'.Ister In 13 il-,-ersti. Id or any . ,TOUI'IIH;:.::I t.';: 1 .'. will pi-e.ii-. Hie ^n>. l>cl In as t'earlostH, Ufic'en.-, •(.!,;;. !• .: fiii'l GiVl'honorerl way tin !':>• < t \ MI ibat Ii; now lu our ml'lst. If all I.l-i!:"r.-4ib'l,| con! 1 have been present lu the i:;i-ei- In-,' of Afonclny jil^ht airl could have seen (he s'int'tlfyiii'.; jtower'ei i!|.|'.-i Ki-ace aianlt'esti'1 in our very midst, the critk'f- uml opposers of full ^ai.a- tlon through the baptism of the i! ly OhOKt which IH God's Btunilunl tor every true believer in iJesus Pb.\ t, would have forover been sllfent ni» to whether the preaching of Bible holl« ness lifu up or cru£hen down. 1 sincerely hope that uu these unset- to the jnil today. He had nothing to say. rrlends of Senator Carmack are loud In their condemnation of the Coopers, and the Tennesscean. ot which Mr. Carmack was e li;or, this morning, both editorially and in its news columns, made Ihe umiuallflc;] charge, of murder. The police are investig.-all)!; mi- man 1 marry must be 'only a Httle lower than the angels." i He (suddenly dropping;—Here I j am on my knees, a little lower than j otle of lln-m. j He sot h'-r.— Tit-Tilts. 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To lay old in! i Relay: Be per yd 9c per yd 10c per yd 8c per yd 5c per yd 5c per yd Cc per yd 50c 25c PAYNE & JON Fv!nera> Directors Enii'almers AMbULAGNE Phone Answered Day or Night each primed lino- Sc cer sq yd .... 10e pel- sq yd lino- 10r 0'-:- cq yd 1 linoleum 12c pt-r sq yd 1 ell and linoleum >;,• my jsjinipli"; < m TI- |:o\v I Pin-): Iil>'. i.i't |r,c him;r ;i»il yi Uldli 111! tl'e I Will illldU ;| !ll |||.|- ('c'lll C, count mi all Carpet Work If p oil rnn'i)!clil)ll il!' v.ur l'. tlU'. !:iti>l\ p Roy White The Mm th^t Buys and Sells Anything that Dcn't Eat. DON'T PUT IT OFF UNTIL TOMORROW FIX YOUR ROOF TODAY If (111' rust Wul-l'i,-- ! consult us. We wilhiL'T.vdMv racist ynii. A-: -i in i":n : i ';t .«. 'juii'kly. MALTHOID ROOFIK G IS JUST WHAT YOU WANT. •",1s . JIM dth; Pioneer Mercantile Co Phone Main 98. 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FOUP AND ONE-HALF JOYOUS DAYS ON THE JELEGANTLY EQUIPPED CTEAMER8 ASK AN)V * * ' 'W'H ^^ -•'VrfgifiS&- i W-^iw ? "sfe DR. LUNG CHOW DUCK ON TONQ CO. DRUG STORE Cor. 1Sth and Q. Bakertfleld. OLD EELUBLE Painters BNYDER & JACKSON Painting in all branches. Interior Decorations a Specialty. CARRIAGE PAINTING 8IGN8 Phone Main 1138 1627 Wall 8t •ak«ra1t«td, Oil.

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