The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 11, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 11, 1908
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s; "wr Vol. XX. BAKERSPIELD, CALIFORNIA, Tl'ESDAY, NOVEMBER 10, No. 86 Last night eighteen lives, so far as known, were blotted out by two train wrecks, one a rear end passenger collision near New Orleans and the other the collision of a runaway freight train with another freight train. Both wrecks caught fire, cremating the ^unfortunates who were held under the wreckage. Many passengers and trainmen were injured. The death lists are incomplete and the number of fatalities may be in excess of eighteen. Wants Tariff oft Southern Pacific A MIGHT TRAIN UN GRADE ERS DIE IN DINING CHEYENNE, Nov. 11 Nine mert are known to have lost their lives in the collision of two Union Pacific freight trains last night at Borie, Wyo. The wreckage took fire immediately. But four of the bodies have been recovered. At 10 o'clock this morning the fire was still burning and it is feared that the bodies of the others have been crematedi The wreck was caused by one of the freight trains getting beyond-control while going down a heavy grade and .running away for seven miles, finally colliding with another train. ! The dead: .'Engineer Schley, Con- ijiictor Murphy, Fireman Christen«en, Brakemen Duncan, Stltt, Rodgers, and! scene was horrible. Moans of the dy NEW ORLEANS, No. 11.—At Little Woods, a water tank station in the swamp twelve miles north of New Orleans, last night a rear end collision occurred on the New Orleans and Northwestern railroad which cost, so far as known, twelve lives, and many j injured.. The New Orleans and Great Northern ran into the Northwestern paaesnger while Incoming. The latter was made "up of five coaches and bag- gae cars, and all were derailed. The wreckage caught fire but was later extinguished. The Northeastern train was late, and the other dashed into the rear while both were on the same line. The Post Holes people hereabouts know "film Murphy; perhaps not by that name, but they know him by sight at any rate. Tim does odd Jobs of napst any kind. The other day he work with a shovel, when a cltlfen passing by stopped for a few wopn with him, when the following conv^r- satlon took place: f "Well, Tim, you seem to be bust; plenty of work, and good wages, presume?" "Oh," replied Tim, ""plenty of work, "but I am digging post holes, and there Is not much In that. The wages are low, but Congressman Smith has gone to Washington, and th_ey tell me his work this winter will '"be ito get a tariff on post holes. Then, t will get good wages fofr digging* Found Guilty s, 1 MONEY PROVI give the board more power to provide in cases of contingencies, was made FRESXO, Nov. 11.—The first conviction of the present session of the Federal court in this city was secured yesterday when a Jury brought In a verdict of guilty against the Southern Pacific railroad .accused of violating the safety appliance law. The Southern Pacific was convicted on five cotmts, and as the flne on each Is $100, the flne which will be Impos- «d against the railroad will be ?500. Judge Wellborn granted L. L. Cory, attorney for the railroad, thirty days to appeal the case. The case was brought to an abrupt' haa now been i ncrea8ed " to ten per end shortly before noon yesterday on cent a ruling by Judge Wellborn. e«ry Appropriations were also made was cross-examining James A. Law- thlg mornlng from tho present gener- son. one nf thn witnesses, for (he • ., ' .' . ' ". " ... ... I ! prosecution, when he asked him If he i A change In the manner of appto- with the exception of that of Super* priatlon of road funds, which will! visor Corsett, W»B given $1000 for 1 extra work. Mr. Cornell was allowed i |1500. The Keru County Agricultural A»at the meeting of the supervisors j sod(lU(m presented a claim of $4G» tills morning. Heretofore 5 per cent for money expended la premiums of all road money has been set aside' during the county fair. An approprl- as a general road fund, to be dlstrtb- alien of $700 was made for this pur- nted among the various districts, as pose, In the summer, by the super* the board saw fit. This appropriation J visors, but on account of varlou* classes failing to fill ail of this money was not used. The remainder of the money could not legally be used for any other purpose. It was paid roa( , fl , nrt pf districts from the special exhibit fund. them. Foreign competition must be had ever mentioned any of the alleg' stopped. Protection to American triced violations to any employes of tho; dustrles Is my Idea of It." I railroad, | objected -three Japanese laborers. Only tho bodies of Duncan and the three labor- «rs have been recovered. TWO OLD SOLDIERS COMMIT SUICIDE. LOS ANGELES, Nov. 10.—Two old soldiers, veterans of the Civil War committed suicide at the national home at Sawtelle today. Samuel ing was heartrenderlng and the bodies of the dead made an awful spectacle. One doctor aboard the wrecked train worked heroically. *and was assisted by the passengers. Mr. Martin of Slidell, and Mr. Lowry of Chicago are among the dead.. Owing to the ames there was much difficulty in removing the dead and injured. A partial list of the dead is C. E. Ross, teacher. Atlon, La.; Wm. Mar- LORD BOMS IN UAIL FOR SflflOTlli 1 "' 0 *"^"' —'•"»*"' District Attorney Lawlor to tin 1 question on the j grounds that court decisions hold that j njero proof that the law has been via la te(J ls sufficient evidence against WINNIPEG, Man., Nov. Sholto Douglass, brother of the pres ent Marquis of Queensbury, and sou of the eighth marquis, Is held In the provincial jail at Nelson, B. C., on a chnrge of at'empted. murder. Sholto went shooting last week and upon his arrival home found his house I at Creston, B. C., occupied by an tufa 'officer of the British army nam&l i Rowland. He ordered him to leave, but Rowland would not do do,, where- ^ the railroad alone to see that Jts 1 appliances are in order. Judge Wellborn sustained the objection and Attorney Cory stated that there was nothing left for tils client but to plead guilty. After instructing the jury to bring in a verdict for the plaintiff Judge Wellborn stated that the law is for the benefit of railroad employes and that it Is the duty of the railroads to DISMISS CHARGE FRANK FEMR AGAlNSTCARRlltO WINS PROMOTION The case against Prank Carrlllo, local saloon man and dance hall owner, accused by J. B. Bolender of tha so-called reform movement for battery arising out of tho fight at the election booth In precinct three as a result of which Bolender was glv- by Charles Bustlllos, this morning. The | prosecution learned that Carrlllo was i en a beating I was dismissed short range Into the head and neck ,, , .In no \»ay Implicated In the fight. The see that all appliances are In goodj^ „ \ „„„,„.» nv,~ condition. He added however that if a coupling or other appliance j „.....„„,„ _._ J n , Frank A. Fether, formerly superintendent for the Twenty-five Oil Company in, the Midway and the Monte Crlsto In the Kern River, has, after a short service with the Standard, been promoted to the Important position of superintendent of drilling 10 this state. Mr. Fether resigned from the Twenty-five during the summer to take charge of the Standard's operations at Peachtree and less than « charges, however, against Tom \ week ago was elevated to the more upon Sholto emptied his shotgun a t^ hould br eak as the train was going between stations the railroad com The wounded man was P a "}' co ^d r.ot be held liable provH- rembred to a hospital, where he is , erf tlle tl<a ln or car affected was tak- now in u precarious condition. Wiggins, 70 years of age, a veteran of j tjrl) C(ja| busjness> New Orleans; Geo. i WOMAN KILLED Company I of the Twenty-second | Ede | Ssorj| S |j de ||; c . H. Lowry, Ch! New Hampshire cavalry, severed the j cago runner f or creosote works, Otto- arteries of his wrists and bled toj way . a | itt | e ch \^ O f siidell. death. He was a patient In the tu- ! — - IN en out at the next station In tills Instance he said It would be a physl- ' j onl impossibility to comply with the RUNAWAY ACCIDENT. letter of the la«', but that (ho company would !;<-• complying with the LOS ANGELES, Nov. 11.—In set for tomorrow morning and that of Uustlllos November 19. employer, and | responsible post. He arrived from .O'Brien's trial was 1 ,'Oakland this morning wllh J. M. At- wll, chief of the producing department, on his maiden trip ot Inspection. They will spend a day or two In the local fields. Mr. Fether has many friends in the Kern County fields who will be glad to hear of hll success In the employ of the octo- WANTS BRYAN TO BE EVANGELIST berculosls ward. Francis M. Anderson, 69 years of nge, a member of Company D, Twenty-second Iowa Infantry, took morphine and expired. He was afflicted with asthma. -4 . » PHYSICIANS TESTIFY TO HER INSANITY. SANTA BARBARA, Nov. 10.—That Mary M. Cavallero, on trial for the at the time of the crime was the testimony of four physicians «t this afternoon's session of court. Dr. E. J. Boeseke, mayor of Santa Barbara, and Mrs. J. C. Balnbrldge, R. F. Winchester and William T. Barry, all testified positively they believed the girl insane when the shoot- Ing occurred. The closing argument will be made — >•"- ----- -.... ~. ... .. u h runaway accident at noon today Mrs. T "'° nf !l ° f '° i Harriet Johnson was killed and her daughter-in-law, Mrs. Rhoda Ostrom, was perhaps fatally Injured. A daughter of Mrs. Johnson, who witnessed the accident, became hysterical and may lose her mind. The horse was being driven along Broadway when he ran away. At Eleventh and Main counts on which the Southern Pacific was convicted were found' at Bakersfield, where. It was alleged, two cars were found with broken couplings. Two other counts miHUNGTON. Kits., Nov. 11.—Kev. Krone)) Oliver, holdiiiK revival meet IngH here, has written an OJHMI letter to William J. Bryan urging the Nc- charged a similar violation in this j I"'ii8kau to become an evangelist, we- city and the last count was the find- dieting he will becoi/io i n equal to ing of a switch engine at Mojave with streets the women were thrown out the front C ™P»"S apparatus missing. Mrs. Johnson striking a tree with ! , James A - LaW80 ° Bnd Henr y Kirch < murder of Walter Spronl;-*waa Insane i tomorrow morning, [her head. TWENTY YEAR SENTENCE FOR MURDEfUNG COOK. Ready For Your Overcoat? The very thing that suits you is waiting for, ypu in our splendid collection of models. We are showing a line of Overcoats without equal in this town. If you want further proof, we invite you to make your own comparison. Paul. He asks nlni to consecrate his "wonderful talents to God ! as an evangelist. Personally you\government Inspectors, were the only three defeats resulted In sorrow to witnesses examined by the prosecu- j me as I had hoped to see you elected. tlon and the defense did not put on a single witness. "THElRUM BELONGS" TONIGHT The young people of St.'K church will have a good rliaiu-o 1,0 show their lilstHonie abilities tonight lit Scribnor's Opera House, when they present the four art comedy drama, "The Girl That lioloagtt", 1'or tin- ben: ofit of the debt upon the church e II: flee. A number of prominent local i amateurs, who have previously <lon<> good work before the footliK))t« are 1 In the CHSI. All have been rehearsing i faithfully for the past four wuekw under the direction of Fiddes Page., the | author of the ]>lay, who will also tnko Patsy Who knows? Perhaps God withheld the presidency In order that you may become more to your country than the President." thu character part, that of Qufnn, the troop trumpeter. A number of the members of Com- FLOWERS BRIGHT The llornl fair of the Woman's Club closed luMt evening with a musical program and dancing. Tho event was a urent miccoHH both from an artistic and financial Klandpolnt. A Hum said to be more than flOO waK reali'/.ed by tho saiii of tho flowers, candy and cookery and this Is substantially Increased by the uilmlHslonB. The flower booth alone noid mure than $40 worth, while the others aver- SAN; FRANCISCO ,Nov. 11.—Samuel IT/ Taylor, who shot nnd killed Jacob' Grossman, a cook, In a con- strucllon camp on the Southern Pacific railroad Hear South San Fran- ctfeco In a quarrel over the cooking of ham and eggs, which* Taylor had ordered and was displeased with, was sentenced yesterday to twenty year* in San Quontin by Judg^ Carroll Cook. Taylor broke down and wept whlla his counsel pleaded for a light sentence for him. He declared that Taylor was a Southerner and referred to the killing of Senator Carmack la Tennessee as an Instance of the excitability of tho southern tempera* ment. . t Judgo Cook, however, declared that as Taylor had shown no mercy to Grossman In so trivial a matter he saw no reason why the court should show any morcy to the murderer, and gave him the maximum penalty for murder in the second degree, tha verdict returned by the Jury, f aged $30. The ladies of the club were so well pleased that they have decided to pany I- have volunteered their ser- muke lhe nowc1 ' Bhow "" » n n»» ! " c ' vines as supernumeraries tonight, cum>lu ' u alul wi " offt ' r thl-e « c '*« fl Had in their regulation khaki fa-' l "' Uos for 1||C h(;st '•""•yH.iiitliemiiniB t!s;ue uniforms. Their presence Is expected to add materially to the appearance of the staging of the piece. Miss Jane Itarber has also consented to render one of her much appreclat- ' ed vocal solos during one of the In- termlsslons, The seat, sale has been very good, and a large house IB expected when the curtain itseji tonight. The play IK t a vi-ry popular on», with the military ! bac'i>m'oiin,l. mid a Kood reci'iitlon Is ' asMiri'i! i! v.iri-n li Is |iroilijc("l !<y the I Ki'own by IhHr number (luring the i i coming year. Jack Douglas of San i i Einidio lias promised to give cuttings .and Mike Heddy, the well known gurd- '• I oner lit Stockdulo, an.t other ehryiv | ! aiithomiim entUn.siaKt.s, will also lend j tlieir aid to the contest,-IIUK, ' Those who presented flowers, both j chrysanthemums and roses, were Mrs. j Holtby, Mrs. Oldershaw, Mrn. Marlow, J MiBH Wlllianm, Mrrf. Heard and liotlij the San Kmidlo and Stoekdalo ranch-, irs. Tho ('hr.vHanlheiiniiiU' from (lie THE Copyright, 1'JOS, by L, ADLER, BROS. & CO. TOGGERY LOWEll 4 flOOM HARDING ELECTED BISHOP. I \VASIUNCTOX, N'ov. II Kcv. Dr. | I' All'iv.l li, i(,;!':iiiif, r . who fur twroly-' two years past han been rector of St. }'.tui'?i K|>Mri>]ial church here, was >>!'vled Bhilioji of Washington to aur:- luttrr two placi'S were lieailllful and the women fuel very tliiuikl'dl to l/olii Mr, DotiKlaN of .Siin Kmidlo and Mike' Heddy of Sl.ork'liile, who oonti ibiiie,! 1 in:e|v to Ilie mcce^s oV lhe show. lee lud; yesterday. Dr. Harding was i cliDKeii ou thu fourth ballot, up to which the. Il'iv. Dr. MiCilt, also of; lliia city, hud led in the balloting, Write X Right Anytime, Anywhere A modern essential IK tho foiintnin pon. A sotiive nf i-inllcsH salis- fm'tion if it he. n wood <m<*. I\hmy people who ucoil a fountain pi-n havi. 1 as .vot failed to experience the aid lluit one renders. We arc a{;entH for th>' WATERMAN IDEAL FOUNTAIN PEN, the one without useless at- Iddnnenls IT complicated inechaniisiii. Tin 1 one that writes riirlit all tin- time. Dr.iji in and si>e them. $2,50 to $15. THE KODAK STORE. J. A. HUGHES The Leading Prescription Druggist. Phone* Main 64 and 74.

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