The Chattanooga News from Chattanooga, Tennessee on July 28, 1939 · 4
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The Chattanooga News from Chattanooga, Tennessee · 4

Chattanooga, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Friday, July 28, 1939
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ft- 1 Page 4 ESTABLISHED 1888 THE CHATTANOOGA NEWS An independent Newspaper HE CHATTANOOGA NEWS INC 4 Chattanooga Tennessee GEORGE F MILTON 1 President and aenernt Monader President and General Manager ( ALFRED D MYNDERS Associate Editor - HARRY P CLARK JR Managing Editor J C AlcKINNEY 1 Director ot AdvertngR a NICHOLSON Director of Circulation ALICE W MILTON 4 l'reasurrr GUY AYCOCK f 111 cchattical Supertntentirl I - Meniner of the Associated PrePIS A'hich i$ exclusively entitled to use 1 or publication all news dispatches credited to :t or pot othrlWise credited to :hi pap: and Olso Local IIPWR plibillitied herein ftlgtit of republication of special dipat-cm-s herein reserved - r Exct11ent Ilan for 11()1 i it Fid SAic for Hip I 11j1141 Sirv l tin 1'1111111111w I-lawk II IN an exurlJoni alipinnIinont Sayic a atiorl lilIi 111(1 iiiltiI Aarpr Ilis ‘‘a" totindiqz Alf iii‘cr-tiv )iia A 1 loy training for many filtojt‘ of l'idlegt In Pr2:I iiii King I4 Siam :II Sa‘rp rIniniry athi-A the Ge‘11Inlielit and pailirti Jarly to forrign Air 1‘ I t 41i iii Slain 0 () diiillig ‘Olich ilniP 110 11(t lifP itI ig(P IC04'111111(111 unique kingolom 114111W IN 11(1(1)111- '011(w Hi A 11011' 11111(pill 411I)( ( I 11014 iti the itt At Ihtit tilt ttit-Iuk Ince I it '20111t1 H ttle 11141 colltitirrt irti It 1x t litt4 1ttttlitt01 I ItIttt4 L I I tutt- mitt it Ltt IIuI Itttit ttt wilt It II 111114 rimittly retml(tt college vt)cli In 113 Avitit the retort) to 1)ower of the 1)ettittrudtit pitrt" he vit- cAlleti to 1111 ill) sittiiktr tt II( I I 11A firld ri I hi !hi SIA!1' t Vk IIpIH 11 :-tt eLtry I tr111 I:II oi lilt A !1' i Any thi II- d ii Vt'ot it tr 1 k (I- (I II (0 11( I tlf lit' iii hui -41111 111 Ht I 1111t111'! 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contender But it will he hard to him to live up to the reputation which Mr Lewis gives him of being man of action' a man h o can menace Labor and all that sort ol thIng Want 'Ads 67121 Phrases for Europe of Today A 'Hot Peace' and a 'Cold War r THE SORT of thing that has liecn upon the open markets of free ecogoing On in Europe the past botmes All thiS is undoubtedly true It few months is anything other may be a temporary peace For peace means IVA change or It idy be a long-range one But the the absence of armies in the field and bombers in the air but choice with winch Europe is con honied is under any circumstances a quietude and restfulness of unlit! r one of extraordinary distress On a certainty Of anticipation and peetation which is anything whet !II one hand were there to be a hot war" instead of the present II)an the condition in the k hole con ‘Yar it is hard to expect that tinent of Europe today Writing in the curreni tlf !Hie could be any other quick re-the Allautic Molt! lily thansuch destruction of life Ilutton Associate Editor of 111 puoperty such disintegration of London Eron0004 and on of already dislocated public finance shrewdest newer generation econottlY that Europe would vers of what is going on Hi 1111' out of the struggle bled as worm awl vchy 111 omit yinte as Germany was after the phrases to descrihe I1I'o' IX : Hit V ari War Undoubtedly the stale of affairs today If "'Quid be a general retreat our prrwnt rondolon reason and a retersion to bar-or rold6 In 0110r There ‘t owl! he some sort peace only In the of despotism in c cry country enmairi are not showing a tod and although at tile start who thought tin sat on at Frenchmen and SUBSCRIPTION RATES vers ot wnat is going on In H -- — stitigo: inuu ic 1 yr 6 Mos 3 Mos 1 Mo 1 Wit world and why 11y omit : iii lc as Ger many was after tht pY Carrier $760 63 I() Si itS 66e lac eitch Final 1040 ri 10 2 66 85c 20c phrases to descrihe move ix : i IiiitY reari War Undoubtedb By Mail 4 00 2 00 I 26 6oc i 1n Tennesbee Alabama an0 (ieorgia the stale of affairs today If I to ''" ''' would bu a geolral retreat our prcwnt condilaw 110 1 if iiiii licasnll and a reer-ion to ban 01ILSICIP theaa Statea the tauter delivery rates apply — or cold war Jo othcr A01 : :-in There oiiil be some sort THE BRANHAM COMPANY National Ftepreaentativeh New Vial( Chicago peace only In the en Iluit G of depotc-An in e ery country en mairi are riot h014 hd ir I ted and although at tile start Detroit Atlanta St Louts Dallas — :iiiie who thought thcv at On EnteredTi secondelitti nIt ter J 2 at Frenchme n and liall o l al 11 jaiii4 at iie postoi t lee S ri I I Cnat I uly 11100ga enn under act (It March 3 Iffit raining poison ga awl h 2i : npus and hurled 'tic thunder-NEWS BUILI1IN(' 117 Said Tenth Stteet— 1)1()7iVP bombs on Ith 1::: I os would be old men sell tyled Telephone 67121 n v early eery of her It 1 'i11W11 VV Milli it 14 v inolithi All lapartmeniti it-- I pcdce hut a condition of aim' - olig tight IWItt'd init P1 folk : g7-r7t strangely akin to ‘11 iinfy-l of a bandit 1 lie ould pu-11 '-'1c!4' to-- The phrases are Waal ii 1i H '' -'! ()I Ile" OW Of I I"! ll'a-'101' e a sort of condi I ion id' 111 ‘ ! 01! ''its dill! take 0 e1 ( 0 itt ol them between arul w Ii ! ir j1 I14es '1'he proiviiPt an(' en)titional mF- the Itt ot "1 "11"tht'r ir J it'L1 -1"1)111' (langer the sitadmv '"11 "1111 that are ever presitit ii 1 var Ilia tin th(y (olier 111tal I And then on t i d i 1114 I- the wit have that tinifiett itatlotiat of the tow to'lI'tult "I 'ft" Itiat ceasing to differ a- citti pi I-4111 condition of itht1-gd not" he sough) that coott 0:1 What Nlit Holton potty wiL vor hotn Hum coast 10 41114 1WConling 1111111-itigly ()h Ii iIii I ho entis they are sevkitttt thf the NA'Orl(I nit tto tttit-te If ao gin to enti)t-a(( ittoto ilti Hi ttt-ts as it has wen 111 St:mulct nleans that are avallaft ti i tHtlt ttt"I 1"()1)"14 viII """1'1"g1 HIP generally agreed tktrol 1)11g tht? littler (41)1t1111N ‘a is destructive and - II" ''-(tteti to nhilsing things tor out vhtle it is in procts th Jte war insttati of I-or the ctlaie "I certainties and sure:let—es It 411- people the NVOI :(I Will kiction which enable it to be o 1 I14HHA nights and holous much heifer than eithet "hot I To I"' still' then' 11"t-I or "cold Vk ii al call I) kkg1 111 to such a clisittroll- chotl - (hillg Mr Hutton 1)olitirs out 1111t -11g14vsted abwe Viten "1 ii interisling fiishio' intik 11111 the time ititHt romp Nk 11111 j forjj hi&i sujjj tio1 d Irk in-still) such as II a ler! ill1(1 co t eat iro dm and iiratici dull ilorh Mussolini s Nall deride the gantille Ainuatiitatorships its Ittintinta and "f "11' l'""1""g"'"" l" Poland are making to offset the' II" of a l"111"" at' ittrparali(nts of the AxIs Pow I 111114 11(1 )t things that (iin be abated only llY flg and thantegratmg effetts wpm the ryllItallitg to a more sensible eroila mantes I litterly JO 1110St roun l"tl!y Wi"" " 111"" I OIiO ((!I( le- In iisne tt-iitt Britain and k ill (()Il 11'lloll'e to I! Loire iti‘e already about ceased ! l'")! 1111- tic free eionoilites atI are erg wilt' linotaeke-! The IlltOnt'y jog jaj jjjj LJOII jjyrji sjajj have to mile from abroad Ity the raintaltsuns ‘Viten they fount' it salltv tiJ I"' f'sf'111111 thi" necessary to focus a major part of ttll'Y '41'41114 lilt' uuiie al!"t that I heir nal tonit effort upon prej)ara 01 11" "Nu° "" I h' indK 11n1 for defejjt ill tOI 1)1y v(Ire 11 11)IIPIIiik 101' HIP !MilliOti to Introduce planning faller It'll11" for 8 ""ltl'scit lhal iliov hlie both iLjoofo10 jun you you j3jjijose i-imple product ton for nee& at 111‘11 yjjjs jjj -ittil markets for goods and uIrI(I lid to Ihe ii u(u tlIu oh SP""" ''''11' '''-' their industrial pm ‘'hoin this Imio 111 !Hifi It 111 lion of help k I h t ii ill! 1(1 Ihe I w" thil!"!!- "I TIP' Isked as mr 11! w1(1 s) 11 hum" '1'" 0 Molter all thes:e u‘Iti!! Iesioure 0- roo !!!I 111 i! i!!!- ma initially so nottk mil ! — 11-"11i'e Itiavtectl a itirrili! ingly etri'l!!! Loth of ! on t I u u uu I Ii 'y that ei! tries eti!!)i titn the Pa io tio tort titre t I Ito Atlantic I h They Itit ! (lnicerned itoi! es sttiitcyit iit arid in!' 1110 Ihrin to rinnfM!!' ! ! !1 ent rat ion (iiitt or Illighttly :o tiormalizat kw uf !' tiuut 11 Intent' to hint le erpit iti1 doted ‘iitail P" - I !' it he tio(s fnoa hat tihl 11111 111 Liffilft fitinng ‘ 111(PII and ntore pre-am' - 10 ot hilt peace! Nk ' 41 io! cartel and! taime It!er ‘!t !! 00 I ii)verfurietlial arrange ! t)r can it out at lite natural ('fil —0- ma tests anti Is dependoncel of thitn2-7 because of his record UtUaLUSU ietOrn iv Promote& j AMES LAWRENCE FLY for a Gd Oo Will Forum rum o ntnnher of years chief counsel - E f Law rrement of Tennessee ennessee Valley Authority n o has been uninitiated by the Presi- A SUBJECT which is given all dont as a member of the Federal 11 too little attention is it Conummications Commission tak- touching on tho citizen's part in law log l'he place made vacant by the enforcement It will he discu-4sed in all its phases on the WAN) Gooil rosignation of Frank AlcNinch be Will Forum hour Simildy eening from 9:15 to 10:15 Principal speakers ilinotinced hy Mr Ernest Forstner director are Capt Homer Edmondson of the city Police department Claude F Brown Chief Deputy Sheriff of Hamilton County Judge L D lkill7 ler and Attorney General Peabody Howard Thus the citizens part in law enforcement will be 'discussed from all angles ' Many citizens have give! ( their time and effort to these wor while programs and we hope that the other e2eni I or the (mernincli! ' I really not " - mt hOdyS foe he jttst iit f Ino(1 imd 1)t happy a iiI tIO I In Ht propmoloti of the Alohor I present then Ire minty tv e iirgtlinont for the 111) intagine likt that th ihrpojildge ot 1 poloiciim And l'rtsidentsl I 114tv 'h111111()Igi two ytNirs ago TUE MATTANOOGA NEWS 1 ' '--7- : 1 C 7''''4-1-" tPt--:4tet ?1 ''':--':-17-:77- - I IP 04044 I- IIMV49e-'4-- J 40 Ici ' ''e ' ' - ifil '”---:'"': ''' 404060f41:: ' 1ti't'l '4'444v ::AtIoT r ')-: c4igi'"i' t-:'2':4 1::-n -----:f:!:'il''k -: V 1 '1 ' ' -' ' 1 ' ' ' ' t1i:4 r i I 4''' - - ' i - momIESotwor)1 1 - -r-qt-- 14:z -4 it i - corkist-1"- ' '''10 fill r-ify f A ' 4r 1 air ti ti 4014-4Homismomasaommaffatyi interpretiN C h groping tor me rvrog result v (1)1111)101e CtOry fUl !!" need tor new blood TINV the Anthority SIr Fly has - - and new capital State go-to be proud of the legal work he railroads real estate agents did for TVA All societies boards of trade !11 ndristrial associations launched Here recently he has been on loan ‘ progTams to tittract 11111111- from the Authority to the Public t:viiiences of the movelmmt Power Project at Bonneville in iromediately following the' tte IsSO those efforts began to Oregon selection for member ship oil the Communications Coin- --tters Southward In 1900 every sotiHoin State had a bureau of immiMission is hut- another attest to the I !t stiwi These agencies distributed high favor which has come to hint iiirrdro in the North and in Europe because of his record P‘t”hrlz die economic advantages of to prospective settlers Hort- out maps and charts of its GOOd Will Forum on Hil'qral mineral and industrial os Louisiana South Carolina Law I: M nforrement nnd ceorgia urged immigration of ell frf rlty:1(4- il r Ite11IPPNit ' 0' ejl 1 4 (1 'il '1 11 1 k' I --1 I' t t- encourage totitttnent Southern climate iv ihii 4)1t of qualification "" " ' ititi) i 'iii1 i-4iiie4 and hind Thera i wont Tinzet her t 11 John Lorii 11111111g for instance te work In until their pas'aage 011riati the veil 191:Into El'0111GENIIENT "as p1 o their wagps All lin people Mr 1e‘vig multi! '' Civil Vat a fl'isaltPi Nla orkerg to take the tvngth wok cause of ill health 11 MI IPA i Air Garner had no st Will F5irtmi hour Sun( 11v e‘eiting '1 "1"11' II- - A speed of fifteen mile 11abo anywa r y 1liii h is of h strength Ditrin 3: m via't ty g his ears in the 'alley from 9:15 to 10:15 steam Ile would ha iontost?there an upset in that beau " - tiridotibtlitilv is Wity Democrats Mr Fl w i h liti Principal y as n the thick of the pa speakers imnounced by "No It ckme out entirely according h His pr holy c i h Tor throug xvito :-Ilocked vitt) I' 11 Li look cation broncht against the Authority Mr Ernest Forstner director are to haw" device of Satan to lead to Hell" tabout tlicin for sooleone who w ill by the prkate power companies Capt Homer Edmondson of the city Ft TI RE TOURIST lknot he so confoundedly active Few First he had bis hands full with the Police department Claude F 'Fete' (to infant son sucking his SP E R EAKIX6 H MI S mor I - 'e "inactive men en have ever sat Ash case before Judge Grubb BroWn Chivf Deputy Sheriff of litinitii: "Ilev bov don't bite that Mrs Smith-Brown v Ain the Vice-Presidency than Cactus in Birmingham No sooner had this Hamilton County Judge L D Mil7 mum') off You tnay need It when you final arrangements fol iJack been fought through the courts to ler and Attorney General Peabody get Old enough to travel" reception citizens art in i The Lewis attack may give some the eventual T Howard Thus the VA triumph in the — "Bridget" she said to P NoT A NtOPER QUESTION "for the first 30 minute gpeople the idea that Mr Garner is Supreme Court of the United States law enforcement will be discusseu in IS'S th Lancaster (Ohio) school I want you tostand a "menace to Labor" - and hence than he was likewise put hard to from all angles board refusee d room door and call UT the use of the school 'may attract p Garner a number of It in the once famous "conspiracy Many citizens have give! i their house for a propod dehate as to as they arrive" ' se Ft people who leirould dearly love to suit" brought by nineteen power time and effort to these wor w'hile whether oads were praet Leal or not: 42 ther rad dget s face lit up menace Labor But this gives M M r companies agast the Authority for programs and' we hope that' the Themllitites ofi thnelesctohouose th chool been in I board read Z ma'am' s e salAn:te 11' to do tl ----100 –s—a14–Aortli 'ego— II I 4 t1fKM)1 A i i rn i 1 cnir: 1 ou 1 Von iflarLV: : ss"Aall i-pr nuo:o inn S velt 1 r friondq for voart i ' :::17:::::: - :is '1'-vO'rtzt '' t-t:4''44-- A -i t --1 t°': ' 4: ': 'A-:1c'''''' 4Ip Ii"i:41: 10sIt t $ 1 4Vis::4 'ft:"14' ''1 Y''' t rit V -:-4''11) !V'Vil4'' 4'-ft -I- --0:tM $: s--11:-!i1404i 11' :13itAr 1-0b': 4teklhp3ItZ::ti '?''1!4-414F tiNfoo''iist''r ? t )y1 t L 7:i0040 0 4 r I '0""-tr!"- -( - ' re0A440 ' 001 kt p 0)it SO 1 i1 - "'! 'it t 144: r11- v c c4ifrftl-h ' ' ' l'' ‘ ' i : t J Editor ?al But It Isn't Quite As Simple As That! i - t1 -! f:' - 7:-7772- -' - - 7itv j4' '' ' o41-1- - --'r::51p p:4--:-1 -ra-'t: -i: i:—ret317ins-?itti-ioffil l 1: 'Z' '--trAtt6400--7 fe! V:7:' & —1 :- 1- - - ' W 010PWWWWwWWWw 1-"6eff-1( ' 4 5 vy ff 1 NV '3 szt --!'t - i 4! 7 I " l' N14: 4 (A 'fi21- 4'4 :I : - : Ipeie't kvit If '''--IFK4!i:Ici:c$ 4 A 4r72i17:-- 4'' ''''' ri r4 't' -' P 4 -71 rp ': l'4'" ' 1 ''' A443c-i-(-:A-43-'' o 1 yt:: :aio‘Attf 3013:433A 2)311:31- 3 -3 33wit J' $ ' lIi ( ?74 Ir:14t ::''N - -:4-:t 1 4':i!A64010- doe The Population of the South What Peoples Constitute It? F07-74:1rti r7io4 ---40-4- t 151Ltlok " 01 4Arire: fIA 111 e7 ' ' "(r-fti44 1:1 How Alany Immigrants Can Be Absorbed and Prom Which Countries Should They Come? An Expert A nalysis of the Elements Which Make Up the South's Population - !flI ng to Iry o a IIP ‘k 1 to Nvork for 1 1 x pre 1 nite1 l i e ' I t ' Jo hody's foe lie pist IIIN4 "I I I " ' I "I'd 11" ''' It :-1 r ""iri m arsdiniliart (1 1 11 m0' vonand mid 1 1 f) 1 (pitil sts 1 11I H11 m ind be happy and rio In iliti pi iipitolon of thri A iiihnr- ' i — - n ti o It If et it t si'es tit hi 1! ki- i'inn" Te 54 hell ler origlita l al c hild I In 10 ' - it 11 all ninferi(lr" 1 t 11 11 0 (t of 1sv2 bad European c n oulrie 7lloa N r crr 1'' t1'4 I pi eselll t hen' the' m a IllittlY ity's 0 'den ii il r m gu ent for the ' no‘‘rnors deer!I thit (1 it tiin vi-aern mills to mans t 1"oomont or l'11tins nt-noni in 1""1 "h" timigillo th'Y Ilk' that trial hiihnn the ihroe-joilge coin' ' ' ' cid licnties' In the l4olit 11 and '‘11111111 aa ‘A iitiirn firms In l'-iti'l Milt N('sd in ntinthiir wi're hboll“rants ol 01 a 1)4)111 Riau And a Presidents here 11 ch11111 " ' ! ''' lite Vest or rettirtiiii to the an aii NN 11—41 to' Congress a r- utho flinty Engh(1 ow II1h vt4 stme Iiii ' i' licon Ilecte(t I() offirv on exact- 10 Li'l l'" I) ea t s h4'" ''' i Ill ig I ellilfsrleV int (so ificil the 'zi ng ' pet ir! ii make con ra tcts in c a n ti ft Itii I 1 a n it s‘veden Mr l'''v k ot kl'il dd‘' and night iiir i ' ' '' e of the South lirim Negro Iiirehzii ten' e to import laborers CZN110-SIMilkIZ I and Norway iv Him ort of qualification Nur kw) the hie1 4'nes and hind tlieril Mo ling for instance n 1 ii Fogel her lin Lor — It II 1od ' ''''' ' i wo to work II I it- until their paisiiirte 1111113W I'llEY SVITI1111) Czetho-Slinakizi and Norway l'IlEY SMITH!) Louisiana Flortdi 1(en: tit kv and irgifl )PeVI 1110P ne‘‘ comers than the collor—SrlIttiv'a!ztorn states Germans Iwo Ky Florida and Louisiana: Italians into Louis collor—SrtItt-iv7v4torn shallett anti ptesented Here I ( k i IVa l ( too till' ' tlitlirg alti-Inl " I oltli:1tilisif:1 It laill:I itnite n " '1(2ontliPisris- resu ot lt v a cont(tic tor y fur 1 i'i'l't hgli:tiipingf(ira I i f elPsrl'cllott4P: II dg'"'''11 f ''!'-ia't‘ l''r- krierkr9 t(l t a i tl rNilvoke' w(liPt than the states '''1 ' ill'4"1 I'm' new l'1"1"ii ilr'"' into tigi a fill aciyi-a and to the n w e (iermins Imo ed bit 1ro u u Ky Frl the Ain)ority sir Fte v ly has reaon - - ' and new capital State go- phire urrattiti by the growth of in ans to he proud of the legal work he ia'-- : railroads real estate agents dn a and Florida: Canadian Into Fiori- did for TVA :l- irati societies boards of trade The wort wit had given sn im (la: Canadians into Florida: Irish into Here recently he has been on loan ' all 11Ktrial associatiofl s launched petu s io !ils development of the' lennicky and Louisiana: Russians into from the A ut hotat y to I he Public t':''' nil' Arneriian I ibiii mmtement and i n Virginia and Georgia: Pols into Vir- e A re- Tennessee: English into Virginia Elor- a1:!ii7e)grucaeisrisofto ozliettntilti(twolint nnie Power Project at Bonneville in ida Alabama Louisianaand Norweg- order to illaia- it4 gains permanent the einia Georgia Florida Kentucky and Dre ii lb' last) those efforts began to gun Dia selection for member r " A I tro 'Ni'li s011 linmediately following the' American 1-ipration drew up en"It"('°"" Pr"71am ' ions int K t k d Louisiana ' " 'Ws Sollibwar" n i-M everY of 1919 an important item on its Pro- 0 en uc y an hip on the Conununicat ions Com- Northern fanners settled in Louisi- i-iitelioin state had a bureau of imilli- gram WAS the restriction and reguls- mission is hut- anot her attest to t he a itiail These agencies distributed thin of illmim Iipu In the Summer ana Several settlements of Scotch Ca-ugh fa k or which has come to him Iiii—en-a in the North and in Europe — nadians and Germans were formed in aecause of his record c‘tal'aia the economic advantagoa of XEcno LABOR South Carolina -A large number of ph' Sw1!1 to prospective settlers Floc- T11P illoVeMent Of immigrants Into Scandinavian families settled 00 a id it out traps and charts of its the South enhanced the Neizro problem single tract In Smith Carolina tn 00( NN ill Forum On AL7611I'1ral mineral and industrial Slexieans WiWP more easily obtainable Greenville foreign labor was imported nil—aii1-iics Louisiana Smith Carolina in Misaissippi and were cheaper for the mill villages Several factories Law 1:11forrement :1 ccargia urged immigration of Hungarians Slays and Italians were received at one ton as many as twenty- five famillea each from Germany and A SUBJECT Avhich is Wien all ----- Poland In the year 1904 South Caro- r-1 00 little intent ion is 1)11t but such things as railroads are lin- line reported the settlement of 904 forouching on the (itizen's part in law OCICIS and Ends possibilities and rank infidelity If Cod el n farm families g North Carolina desired farmers and inforcement It uill he discussed — in had designed that Ills intelligent erea- In the early vears of the twentieth 11 its phases on the WAN) God o I lutes should travel at the frightful century many English and Seotch tam- Vill Forum hour Sinithiv (holing Ff1111411 OCCASION speed of fifteen miles per hour by 'Ilea were arriving each month A coin loin 915 to 10:15 viu't there an upset in that beau steam Ile would have foretold it nv of Italians settled ha Wilmington ' ty tantast?" - Italian and German Colonies moved Princi sp rs pal eake ilitiounced by "v It came out entirely according through His holy prophets It is a Into Nlississippi and Alabama By 1904 1r Ernest Forstner director are l') "IC device of Satan to lead Immortal' souls four Alabama counties had been Ger!apt Homer Edmondson of the citv - -- to Hell" manized and It was estimated that 'I OURIST -- there were about 100000 'Italian farm 'olice depart Mein Claude F ' Furl Father (to infant son sucking his SPEAKING HER '311INII laborers In the Southern States of the IrOwn Chief Dentity Sheriff of litinitit: "ilea' boy don't bite that Mrs Smith-Brown was making the Mississippi Valley !amnion County Judge L D SW- Ilium!) Yo t off it Min fled it when )ou ina I an angernen or her elaborate f ts f - - N '- ' ' r and :Atto rney General Peabody get old enough to travel" reception THE EW PROBLESI South Is bgn The lowar Thu d s the citizens part in "Bridget" she said to her old servant einin Its immigration history ig to look Into n the light of NO T 1 NtOPER QUESTION "for the first 30 minutes after 6 o'clock tw' enforcement Ivill be diseusSed the political and religious refugee 'om all angles In ISlait the Lancaster (Ohio) school I want you tostand at the drawing problem For the South will be a big board refused the use of the school room door and call the guests names influence In determining our future Many citizens have give! their ho for a proposed dehate as to as they arrive" me and effort to these wor Ruhile whether i r raroads were practical or not Bridget's face lit up imatligration leg! sI a t len And the ( use South must decide whether or not it rograMs and' we I hope that the The minutes of the school board read: "Very well ma'am" she replied "I've rani welcome and absorb immigrants a i "You are welcome to use the school been wantin' to (to that to some of fleeing before persecution in their 611113r Cnirit m n elni‘t iall rwrInp r io-0 nr fdq f v or oart" iv-4 nl ins velti rion (From 11i Yort Crirolina I -ix-011 or14111 vAiwialk from 1relaii(111)rotight from New York to 1hp 1tc (7001 11 v Scottitod Ind P1-111re ! 11111101m district to ‘vork in forrtacci4 Tin chi and if acted inducements Nikere offiiiiefl to 1 and niiiiv ItIj in Alexicani-i 111(1 no heinians replaced Negroes in Mississippi iind toy 19no the Negro t 1(itig rapidly io other races in truck liirtorie and do c!1114 Ole 0111 01 01110 061' 1 1011111'2'1010011 C'1110° 100 '71'00' 011 010 and other f 1111 11‘ 1 I 1)v over ! '1:001 III 1110 (! h 1 H ) e('m tioi li nh 111111)12Ta1t: 01'1411 01' scruLl:111 211111)f) oreign-bot ii I f “r thi 111 1' 11 7100on 1)er t lip total forownhorit po:01- r hifieult to '44111 (0' for '-1)horit in ii t toled ti tio 1111 0t) Prlo0 iti i serd Sollthoo4teril !41a1- l the Georgla Alalm111 ii Ill' oppeeo(1 un1 flood slows' II I 111 hout iyi :()1111 Carolina i ' Ii j rpt 'clod 11Th vigor(usly :()(1(") !"01211 out t)t" a total of ss:1)1 f parentatzo ood for 1( ‘ere thTe 111: fly 1It()It eignhorit Iliti0 ' 1 1 L!1!)fi foreIgn-horti In v p P tit ItitfI0 1900 011001 1:1041110010'n 1 ! 11111drictvel !”111(141 1m19A K019111)1! gr11 ion ! thAt it created J 11110 11()4111e ttt 1110' 11111000111(1111 gi diThell(1Pnt 1)01)11- 11 P110: IOO0n 1911- : m - -Hort condition 191 F 11)nno 101111) 19o 11() 101MOtt 1 his L'1"" ' " ' V Math thVIII 14111P 1!r21: and 9ono Po2: Pf r II igt ' I " "I' "r(krlY period in i!'!K Friday July 28 1939 Wabhington— Worl Relief Near Ciastv Dole Likely By BRUCE cArroN WASIIINGTON—Although it has commanded newspaper headlines all over the country for upwards of a fortnight the fundamental problem in the Federal relief situation has so far escaped public attention It Is no exaggeration to say that it is the most serious problem that has arisen since W PA was started Briefly the whole xvorkatellef program is headed Ubtard collapse Th9 collapse is not al hand—yet—but it is on the horizon And if the trend which Was begun by the new WPA appropriation bill continues the country is heading back to wa id the old system of the dole This at any rate is the Opinion of men who are directing the WPA pro-grain FER1011HS TO BE PERMANENT First of all the npayless furlough" ordered for the 650000 WPA chentl W110 have been on the rolls IS months or longer is going to mean permanent removal from work relief projects for most of those people When their thirty-day furlough ends t he y must get Ate-certified for WPA hy Jocal relief agencies and await their turn In my opinion" says Deputy Ai ministratoe Howard few of these people will get back on WPA In iTIOSt places the pressure On us IS so groat that we'll have to fill their jobs immediately After all we've got a million people certified arid await ing places on wpA" The 650000 eighteen-monthN people furthermore have filled most of the "St raw hoss" positions on WPA projects Because Of their long experience they have providisd wpA ‘vith its foremen timekeepers checkers and so on Their departure Yin cripple WPA ' projects everywhere What little claim WPA may have had to tliiriency in operation will largdy –vanish When they go: in some towns WPA projects are simply going to he suspended Next cmnes the reaun-al of wagt differentials This will mean drastic pay cuts for WPA workers all across the North and Middle West: in the South it Will itleati Sharp pay inereaseN—by Sill a week or more in some States—which will hike the WPAlvage well above the prevailing wage level for private employment AA a byproduct this 1011 Mean t hat Southern cities will have to pay incite Of their own looney for WPA projects For there is still another difficulty ahead On January I SI of local money must he put up to match each Sti put up WPA -Srnce the proportion of sponesrsl Contributions has horn riging steadily of late this will not change the picture much in most parts of the country Ilut It may moan utter breakdown of work relief in the great industrial ‘k here 1)10 Millley to MCP! thiR added cost is not a va liable Cities like Chicago Cleveland Nov York heti att Los Antyyles San Francisco S 1 HITi 111h) I 11 t S()1111111111 )1iS 11(l ti i 117d1 tur health it cimiliiiive pi iii1-i:ori ' g-i '''''' — '- — - ''' "'""'"'i' of vork relief in the gr(:lt industri11 rwhilth'il hy a broad ‘ A rielv a ms to Hinoines and longevity l'oht- toy l900 the Negro loing rapid1v !111 ‘'11Pi'e1)1P muncYt" "we! t11i51 11111'111A 1 m II( I ‘111111 Fi r11111I111 If I1 Ili): V iV1(1 IlvligliltH tii1O'r:111011 It) ()tiler riCeS ill pli111111i1l11 t1111 ililltil: (111 l01 1 1101 1411111)11P l'll IPA li rm t II tu 11 ‘‘ :I t I lir di 1 Vii' 1)tollu"1 Verl ill tili M11101111 !1111114 1111111 ill in 11ctorIe anfi do t 'It tiuIW:' ( 1( ‘ rh"1d N P IV 1 nik 1)e- nid 'In0aLIrr1 ere :alvertiI ()lien ineain servcre And !he NOgrn reliKing '11:-!(''"S'Ill I 1'4)1(:''en St Ire to m I ai It t in a (1111111-al Immo- IA III 1'4 Anil l111i101011)1111 Vs tit De e1)e- ottlomont 134 to act ppt 1 -:1!11 Milli 11110ILITP111 int 1 1 ) t :! Iwo Ind turcil a II 1 t i I I t Y H41 11-111 i'- it iTItitid I tut orl 1-: th '111I1: ii !I fa i hp :ale 1--: 1( 'll' 11 aid IP ‘ ()ner from -I lie Norili C1111 ji '' ' " gi it11101 -1100(10111 f()11((1 111111 It !WI '1 !() OW (1V (1)S1' 11()()4TS 1 I n4 1(iI (yr Too tro -wi r Thk Ithi- 1 ‘niro II l! (en thr rural NI' A1110‘( 'I'illE 1 ! 1 t i- 4 I)1 i() iiit! i !I:MP: h' 1 I i "I'' I! "' '1011!!!11 cti!tiry reoq r : : - i 11111)witiv: 'rith loovT1011 litidov t!loir 1l'A This provision Inkinv their IVItA rush hit ihosr Own The rvliel load normally is- higtwo and itKr hit re(ILIttliM flU P 1011:4 given them a local-relief-cost increase hev(oul that normal increase Some of those cities Air :kiitures tvon't (Well he aide to handle the rii“ ii tiroct relief costs—to say nothing of I risp in WPA costs On top of all of thR PVg adminisrat rye tiff is heing slashed—from ::moon to 210110 okes rtiughly VIII mean greailv Imveret I efficiency ranging all the way from actual project olmration to keeping chiselers off thp All in all WI'A is heading for an impossoop situation It is a cinch that the WI'A problem will Itc redThot sue for the Congress WIlich recon 11PNA January Forward Day By Day (Preparedb by the Forward Commission of the Protestant Episcopal Church) Friday July 28 Read St Luke xvi:19-31: But Abraham said Son remember that thou in thy lifetime receivedst thy good things and likewise Lazarus evil things: but now he is comforted and tbou art tor melded And beside all this between vs and you there is a great gulf fixed: so that they winch would pass from hence to you cannot: neither can they pass to Vs that would come front thence: Scientists have dismissed the "flames of hell" saying that flames bring quirk unconsciousness Tender-minded souls have shrunk at the thought of torment The point Is that we are acutely conscious after death Anyone of us who has a conscience and a memory knows how the two senses can torture us here and now as in the quiet we think back upon what Ire may have done We would gladly take any physical :Isla in exchange for a haunting memory Abraham s a y s "Son remember" That is what the rich man (tradition calls him "Dives") is doing He sees his past now in its true light He sees how he lost chance after chance to save not only Lazarus hut hundreds of others frommisery and nein Tie sees how by callous self-indulgence he shriveled his own charneter almost tc the vanishing point He sees how he cut himself off from the noble and the good A great gulf yawns betwgrn him and the blest Loneliness remorse realization We need no sharnee ton ment than that Rut still Dives if "Son" Is there hone in that word? V rI rit ! rli'''''''''''fF1':4' ''''-'5 !Mr: ::6:r1 ''') : 4' '''4''"-ift‘Cqt ' '' r r'''' ''''' - - --c(-v:"4 t-- -- - - --- — - tr"1i: A f w:' - r e ' ! - ' r : ) 1 IV k 1 ejte SOP S" ?'''' - ''11'''''' 1: 7' : : ' - !' : f!' : -- 4 rr''r3:17it i :- --' r - 1 ' ''t)f - ' --1 !k--44:o - immiTre t' ''' !: ti-'‘'' ' - ---' t -7 : t ' 1t31tAM'At°'''' --- - 1 1 1 -s!ielrfi'1:' -1 - -474r-4 '::''' 1--w ---" ''': A-'7z ' - '-- 4 ::: 1: -$4 f '1 - '2- - '- ' sz !-ic b t 49-:: 3 - -: '''''''Ii--'''' 1"4-'' ''' i'l : 1 ' lfl'e iftl'' A11 t ti '--31- ''' se - - c - - - -41 ' e 7-t:'' 4 -(: - --v r - r J1 t A7- '- ' :‘ -04t! i-1:-!i ! - -3 f 1 1 17 Al til 4 '---iiii'lZ715Aro t liriocik 7414i 1':117t'Wrt'4:-Pdisl is ' - 1 t:-' ?i' I '' y12f-'-4r7'-4Ylf?Z: - 4 '''''f 41:11U-1 it t:4)rts:4e: 17:17)::::c1 I ''''IgW- 1 ( fii ':' : i'miaia'711E 4 - ' s - -? - tr41 1 ' r- - !t -id -1 - - f --ritg--'i '' - -- - - ' c- 4'? :211 F -' r k 416 t ' i -frt - 01 !4 - 0 i - : - 3 4)41 var- tt 1 1 Ifi-44'r c-'''':117 '-4 1:: ' ' ' 1 t e' 1' ':":-z-4"''-'e'41'-1':- 1: ''4""1147a -i i0re''iuaPfz'' !- 1t 4 afit' ikr:k1 ''- ' ' ' - solokiAlTh '?' 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"" -) '1 44 " ' ' -'''' e '4" '7 ' kl'e' '4''' ''' '''" e ' ' ' ''‘ 74 -An ij'' ' I 04:00ei a1140 - 4 - 4zz- L14t1t 1 Izi:' :::1 :t:11' t: ::":)-- 3":' : : :( 1 t:::' - 4'1 "- 4r1 1 :-1t7''i W71-"11-' - '- Ct'1 ' 146444kit44440 : r! 4 - 1 i '' 4-! ' ' I q:4e4'‘J - 4 1 ili '4 44 1 :$':1 '1470'Y W '(74 '' tiA441: c' orfc:17--)4-e''' t)4- iii il - c !-V N "' : 7' t1 1 ki 'tit ''A I- IAtriz1 e4 f '!'40 ':' :' !lc-: : - 1 i p'$e '6t t J I 01 !' bfle r " 7'1 y !-:' '' pilitilltil :?'i ' ' ' e 11)14 i 5 ''''' y 4Jr11-: t' SA - - ''''S'ii' 6 ''14: '&1'' a i I ' i A i--i 1A:4''!'p : s - 1-tintrf ' 4 T-' 'k"g1IC ' irr2krr-1 ' - ' -!-r4 'fr'!' 1 1t 1 '''Vr' '4‘ 'I ' ' el 4044- - ? C 41)AdZ41 ': ' 1 :1 01 1 4r p'(0': ' r 4'451 ) i ei ' i' ' 4- V1!''t4""'' S' ' '' ' ' ' i' c '4 NAi'1 A 1 '' -M ePA) :: f ' ' 1"''"'t- I' - LI:r:Vje'e I -at ovitmsmitommammffmnixbiker 107 Alkoaktiimolowomiatamomaikiiii t 4 I 4 ' f e t14 0( ki Of ht 1 01 ral IFO Te NE tt-- r--: )1 t 1'11 41011 ° 1(11 AI4410 AVII ttf-'111 4111: ‘ tplk II titn( 1klt Ile litid Si i 1 1 i ' l i 1 1 1111 11' t HI 010 I 1 I I IIII1 II II! 1011 (14 ‘Ve 111(1 II land ()rue sepal -t414 along grip a dale dra s ran denue asleep rstire tandi ono uhlle lie ' Jr N 4 rday ou tur 11111 an ( 11a bor Pridouli -x‘14r) 4 sa omit 1 lamt Chore "J 6n the iJaek I ermanent ik! ijects for 4 ti heir thir- must get al relief puty 'few of )n WPA on us is fill their re've got r id await s people t of the PA Rajperience Its fore- lit so on WPA :le claim len(y IT IdICTI projects Med )1 wag drastic I across in the some m-age ge level 4 a byoutherti of their ifficulty mono ' s1 put lion of 'en rig-ill not St parts akdowni dust rill 'et this Cities tr14 4o S e espe pA 11(1'1 and Ils has ItreA SP some jgoies riSf!' tithing aency 6 4 I projt 'rS off 'or an that lot isrecon- opal ' son 'time like- J now '' tor be-mat ' mot: that ames luirk ‘ souls us nory tor Inlet may any itIon sees sees e to is of sees he te Ihe the 'triM ton s It ' —

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