The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee on November 23, 1891 · 4
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The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee · 4

Nashville, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Monday, November 23, 1891
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and can go Into the election linked against It Many of the Eastern Democrats do not yet see the evils of the single standard policy of tha Republican party It certainly would be the height of folly for the party to determine to make the rght on the currency question driving off many Eastern Democrats whoa by makle It on the tariff these Democrate woeld remain In line and niany recrulte could be woe °ear hocu anionest the Republicans who are begin-Meg to be educated to the point of seeing that the tariff Is a ter The tariff is the greater evil and It le the otos which cen most easily be conquered While we agree fully with the Democrats who think that the demonetization' of silver was robbery we think that a protective tariff is explicit greater ono and that if the fight in 1ve2 made oo the remocetLauon of silver ‘oth iliS11114 will be loet If It is made on the tariff Le the chief point of attack' Democracy will win and then free silver' coinage will come in good time The nomination of hit Cleveand would be one on which all Demrwraus could 11a stands as tl-e very CM bOdi Tee It of purity in s11 14) tht tf tL TIIE'DAILY AMERICAN NASTIVILLE MONDAY MORNING NOVEMBER P3 I891 y An Unnatural b:mutton We defy eny man with a Belem of humor and eepecially with a sense of the ludicrous to contemplate the confederation of heterogeneous elements attempted by the Alliance leaders without bursting more or less buttons off his clothe' What for Instance could be more preposterous thau a combination between land-owners and men who indorse henry George's scheme of making land bear all the burdens of taxation? The organization known as the Knights of Labor has solemnly declared in favor of the George theory of confiscating the private ownership of land and yet the esteemed politicians of the Farmers Alliance In their med hunt for 4votee have joined political forces with the Knights and propoee to unite with them in shaping the policy of the Government and the legislation of the country That men whose Interests are bound up In the private ownership of land should have anything in common with men who hold that land-owning is a crime appears utterly impossible to men of average intelligeitce who look no further than the formal utterances and declarations of these respective bands of patriots and reformers Yet it Is even so that the resolution adopted by the Knights In session at Atlanta was hardly cold before Powderly and a committee of Knights were being toasted cheered end taken Into feliewship at St Louis and now the two organizations &re whooping it up together thoroughly confederated united and harmonious The Knighte also demand that eight hours shall be considered a days work of course they do not and cannot CODSill tently make any exception In favor of the firmer in this respect The Knights represent hired labor the Alliance represents the employer of Ishor The farmer Is a capitalise-he may be a very small capitellet it is true but in the sense that he is an employer of labor in the work of produethee that is what he ts Bow are thee two elements to pull together? Is the farmer willing that his hired hands shall work only eight howl per day? Is he willing to unite with the Knights of Labor In the effort to raise the rate of wages end diminish the hours of wok? Is he willing to have all the burden of taxation piled upon the land? Is he willing to have the system of strikes and boycotts applied to himself by the laborers on his farm? Of course he is not Of counts there Is no genuine sympathy tior unity of purpose between the farmers and the Knights of Labor The 'thing in common between the two organizations is the common de1 sire of the leaders to get office and partition tbe treasury among themselves The forces which these respective leaders repreaent are merely two roving bands of office bunters who have agreed to go in together and divide the swag hien who are eternally howling about the overtaxed farmer and men who ere clamoring to put more taxes on him would never have dreamed of a coalition for potiticel purposes if either hid been governed by honest convictions on any question Think of Simpson the free-trader and Powderly the protection-let Peffer who wants no tax on land and Powderly who wants ail taxes on and whooping for the same candidates and the same party! These patriots are merely out for the stuff It is calculated that the men who favor all taxes on land a protective tariff an eight hour day labor strikes boycotts and high wages can control so many vote the men who want less taxes on land free trade a fourteen hour day reliable labor and low swages will contribute so many add them together end they may be enough to get some offices for some demagogue& That is all there is In IL The action of the Alliance convention at Indianapolis in solemnly denouncing the Clothing Es-thistles of Rochester N Y for locking out their employee and chargihg that it had procured the conviction of a knight on a false charge by a corrupt Jury was a mo4 transparent piece of demagogy Not a man in the convention knew or cared anything of the facts of the cue or whether the charges which they then and there beard for the first time from the mouth of a representative of the knights were true or fake They proceeded to declare a boycott against this clothing establishment on an ex parte stetetnent five minutes after they bid beard It for the first time in their lives It was all a most transparent vote-catching scheme The plain truth is the farmers of Tenoessee do not care five cents a bunch for the Knights of Labor or their quarrels and the Knights of Labor do not care two cents s thousand for the farmers of Ten 'tteseee Their political ideas are as wide apart as the poles lint the men who are bossing the two concerns have one common aim—office and demagogue polities Like misery sometimes make straege bed fellows rho Forrest Monument A start has boon made lowardsthe erection of a trionnment to the memory of Goa N B Forrest Momphians have taken the matter in bandbut it remained for i Nashvilliart an army comrade of the grand cavalry officer to sot the ball to rolling with a good round contribution In referring to this donation the Memphis Appeal-Aralanche says: 'Fellow-ernens with the gallant Gen W It Jackqon thus to lead in the move meta to build a worthy monument to Forrest every soldier w 1)0 served under the Napoleon of the cavalry and every soidler's son should fop l it to be tits bounden duty to contribute to the memorial The eulogy thin Jackson miss Forrest et pretsets tile sentiment which nil the briAtt of every et-Con felerste Too tong hie the monument been delayed taough the memory of the imiomitabie warrior is still green Time tots only increased hit tams ills ligure rises more grandly with the longt betting Yistsof the plIA'“11$ Years The proposition to erect a noble Forrest monument hsa boon frequently dislooled since the ar and recently an sulociation ws 4 orrtht in Met-nolo' to carry it through Now C0111‘ (Yea hilITIPit Otte txt thi n I'SUto11 or ti91 ikol1111 5'IP t r the Phi' I Nil in t 14 trt I tpa-i t r ry y 1 t it tribute of one hero to another and as such is admirable in the highest degree Who will be the next to subscribe a like semi The Appeal-Avalenche will take the greatest pioasure and latteateti011 In aunouncing the contributions" Tee AMERICA-1S takes profound pleasue In coming to the aid of Its Memphis contemporary There should be a monument to Gen Bedford Forrest It should be & cent splendid tribute to his magnificent splendid courage ability and devotion to the righteous cause of the Confederacy The South has a number of Isionuments to build These should be on every lofty hilltop and their glittering beauties should tell to all the valleys and the inhabitants thereof the grand virtues of our Southern leader& The South has emerged from WI? Into a prosperous peace That peace will never be complete until the memory of inch heroes as For feet are perpetuated in marble and bronze for the benefit of our children's children unto the furthest generation Every old soldier who followed the matchless Forrest every one who hu seen his eye flash in battle and his strong arm sword in band waving to heroes to follow every one who has road the glorious story atlas dart ngand every soldier's uu should out of the fulnees of their purses spare mite to such a cause Ti4modesty of our Big Three is to be commended but it occurs to the average citizen that Messrs Kennedy Nestor and Kercheval have given hostages to the proprieties In attempting to say when tights shall sullies and where the abbreviated skirt needs lengthening We trust that these gentlemen are connoisseurs and IJON able to draw the line between art and ltdecency IN THE FIELD OP CUFWENT FOLIITICS Over in the Second District they have decided upon a suceassor to the late Leonides C Houk It Is John C Houk son of his father and heir to the latter's petit-cal craft and prejudices The result Is no surprise however much good citizens hoped for a better men than young Hook The District Knot County excepted was prima facie liotik4 from the very first moment that it beceme known that he wanted it It was his because of Its linorauce its bitter prejudices its mercenary greed for pensions Its hatred of Democracy as the party to whieh the twitter clesses of Southern people intrusted their destiny and it was his because of its post-bellum history and Its rotten traditious Gen Williams made a corn pieta canvass of the district and dared the young Houk to meet him in a discussion of political issues The youngster conscious however of his own infirmities political and otherwise declined and bunted out the sinuous and silent hog paths as an exchange puts it to hide away his weakness and incePacity from the sight of men He will go on to Weshington and may the Republicaue of the Second District reap the whirlwind of their mid choice But speaking of young Rook calls up In nand nb less an individual than my old friend and legislator Hon Christopher Catawampus- Collins the red-heided orator agitator legislator &editing expander from the Republican wilds of Car ter County Chris went Over to Knox County to make some speeches for liotik and In one of his sublimest perorations raised his hand to heaven and declared that it was his most earnest desire to see the time when every dollar in this fair and happy land could steno flat-footed and say "I know that my redeemer liveth" Collins' bead crest eye brows 'Mekong nose and language are about as red as the bloody shirt which be never neglects to wave but Its a cold day when any ordinary everyday specimen of a mangy Republican orator can discount any of his efforts on the political stump - Anent the expresined determinitloa of Carter lierrison the newly inducted ed itor of the Chicago Times to substitute the singniar pronoun "I" for tiee usual plural "we" In his editorial columns the Courier-Journal makes the following observations: "The experiment has been made before and It has invariably failed The anonymity of the editorial 'we' in solves a mystorious power which Is always reepectecl if not feared Throw ofr the disguise and mystery which that potent monosyllable affords and editorial utterance is robbed of ball ha importance T represenui merely an individual opinion the editorial 'we' repreitents not only the writer and newspaper but ale° the newspapers constituency whatever that may be This reminds us of a speech made at oue time by the late Roscoe Conkling It seems that In one of his communications to the Senate President Hayes dilated upon what "we" Intended to do Conkling properly despised Hayes and he saw here an Opportunity for a sarcasm ol arn sure" he aid "that tbe S'enate shares my desire to get an understanding of what the President means when be uses the pronoun 'we' There Ire u we know three classes of people who by common consent are privileged to use the pronoun in communication with the public they are sovereigns journalists and people with tapeworms Let us ascertain if we can to which of these classes Preeldent Hayes belongs" There are two figures In the political developments of the times which seem to be growing longer and broader and bigger In size u In the affections of the people One of these lion Peter Turuey Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Tennessee Ls peculiarly the property and the splendid 'hope of the Democracy of this State the other Hon Grover Cleveland attorney and conneelor at law Williams street New York City and ex-Preeldent of the United States Is circumscribed by the geographical bounds of no State and no religion belonging to all the people of ail 'lands who believe in the splendid truth of his grand epigram that "party honesty le party expediency" and that 'public office is apubiic trust" Apropos of Mr Cleveland I quote front a letter to the Atlanta Journal written by the latter's stall' correspondent The extract is this: "Having lived in New York State for twelve montte and having been connected with one of the great metropolitan newspapers X made a study of New York poiltics a study which netessaril y I soperliolai tor 111n have studied It tor gortrIAr of a contory and found not niftg g!otit it I have rump' out 001 fTt L) CY' TL t'ne uo wile tee or most about affairs political in New York Stet As are the newspaper mem The political reporter of the Sun told me that in his opinion no power on earth could stop the tide from flowing In Cleve land's favor in New York State 'It has grown' said be 'every dai since he left the White House until now no political or ganization in America could stand in the way of his nomination and election to the chief magistracy The World reporter who followed Fassett around on his stumping tour of the State and reported the great gatherings in Cooper Union and Madison Square Carden at which Hill and Cleveland spoke said that Mr Cleveland's presence was the signal for more applanse than was accorded all the other speakers 'His speeches In my opinion' said he 'Injected an amount of unalloyed enthusiasm that was as goon as a guarantee of a successful close The Herald"s political man who is a trustee of the Press club told me in the parlors of that organization thatTamm any hall or no Tammany ball Cleveland would carry the delegation from New York at the national convention and that in his opinion he would capture about 30000 votes from the Republican party in the rural districts of New York" There has been a dark cloak of uncertainty hovering for some time over the ultimate and definite political complexion of the New York General Assembly Republicans have of course laid violent claims to both branches Indeed Editor Elliott P Shepard of the New York Mail and Express has threatened the country with a war of the b-loodiest character if the Democrats so much u attempt to prove that there Is an anti-Republican majority In spite however of Elliott the Democrats have gone' along successfully doing that very thing They have progressed so far in fact u to establish their claim to the Lower House and with the kind and very timely assistance of Providence are about secure In their tenure by a :Arnow margin of the upper branch The Senate according to matured esti mates wu Republican by one majority end the followers of Platt felt safe In their ability to prevent any legislation favoreble to the dominant party in New York politics Just at the time however when assurance began to assert itself with fullest force Republican State Senator was so unfortunate as to die Such event makes the upper branch a tie and gives to the Democratic Lieutenant Governor the deciding vote upon all political questions The death also gives to the Democracy of New York an opportunity to elect as the late Senator Deane's uccesnor one ot the proper way of thinking and voting With the Democrats in power in both branches there will be an immediate redistricting of the great State of New York upon a just and equitable basis which will make its Legislature surely Democratic in the future and secure to the State Democratic United States Senators grrbe new Senator from Maryland Is ex-Congressman Charles IL Gibson Ile is a comparatively young men of marked intellectuality strong In his Democracy and as handsome as Apollo Ile hid entered the contest for Clerk of the new HOUlle when the Governor of Maryland saw fit to place upon his shoulders the toga of political distinction which the law Senator Wilson had worn with so much honor to himself and to the Country The cold winds had better do all their shrieking through whiskers while the opportunity offers Next summer the Democracy of Tennessee proposes to get out ItS razor and clean shave Its face of every blemish that bears even a resemblance to hirsute It is upon the beardless patriots that the country has got to depend A plan is on foot looking to maturing a prominent committoe place for Senator David 11 I1III This Is as a compliment to the very exalted and distinguished position be occupies in the &my of Democ racy and is right and proper There is little doubt but that sir Clevelend is the overwhelming favorite of the Democrats of New York State as well as of the country at large but there is absolutely so doubt but that David D Util is entitled to great consideration for the eminent services he has done the people sod especially the Democracy of New York — Rico Pierce has gone to Washington and will vote for Benton McMillin for Speaker One year hence If Democracy has Its way the clods of disapproval will be piled so deep over the political remains of this same Rite Pierce that the bugle blast of I thousand Gabriel will not mar the doom of his disgraceful oblivion — The two Sams Jones and Small down in Atlanta are contributing their wit and scurrility to the alleged cause of prohibition Bore by the way is what Sato Jones thinks of a certain prominent American citizen: "Let me say it—not as a Democrat but as a Prohibitionist—the greatest President this country his bad in a hundred years was Grover Cleveland because he bad the backbone and the grit to do what he thought was right all the time lies got I backbone as big as Ilarrisou's bat" d 6 The speakership situation looks more favorable to Mr McMillin than it did a few days back and now be has become from a stroeg possibility more that a mere probability The signs up to about the middle of last week Indicated an overwhelming preponderenee of congreeeional sentiment ft favor of Mr Mills The frieeds of Mr Crisp however have been making pronounced headway and It is likely that the two will be Limon even up le numerical strength on the fIrst ballot Personal feeling has been !ejected luta their opposition to one another and It either tII he cannot secure the plum It is more than likely that he will select some aspirant to whom to throw his support Mr MeMillin will undoubtedly be third in strength and will therefore be the most available mars In such a contingency Ile is regarded as of the speakership dimensions and has great Ramona! popularity Of course every loyal Tennesmesn hopes and believes that he will win because all know that he should win It is a fortunate thing that the fellows in office have to write the Thanksgiving proclamations The fellows who are out might not do the Job well 01ro PLTL Hen storm g TRENTON Nov 22--ISpecial1—The severest bail storm known to this part of the country for year's fell here this afternoon at o'clock The storm lasted for fifteen bn tot and the hail was git large as part ridge eges It wes followed by a hard raln whIch corepletely flooded the town with water Three Thousand balsa burned rkateTrr Nov 12-Thr pe thousand baios of enttqn and a portion of the camprpqs plattnrm burne41 this evening Lois liik)oifo roily insured Charged With ilitenling 115n A negro namod Ilinry Stone wa trrmktA yevprtilty on the c1)3rvn of steaNfig t'6 fruihsd lierktIL Fik was cumzuttyl tajaa LEAVES FROM A NOTE BOOK Two hundred men and seventy one Are waiting in the street And are they standing there for fun' - Or just some friend to noset? Its Sunday eight and late the hour - And what can make them wait? 'Say what desire can have such power To make them stay so late? You haven't heard? Jost listen then tell you what I think— In fact I'm sure that all these molts Are waiting for a drink The chrysanthemum show and the flower mission have been recorded in the archives of good thing and now across the horizon another vision dawns It is the vision of a thousand faces tiny faces that shine In long rows from a vague whiteness like Danteli dream of judgment Brown eyes and blue eyes black eyes and gray tresses of gold and tresses reflecting the rsven's wing gleaming and smiling and fluttering above dainty dresses of tulle and other materials forever unknown to me Miniature ladies and babies cbils every one of them And when they have been taken to the grand reception in Baxter Court early in December an Adamless Eden will have been created for men to wonder at And spend money on And feel good for having helped a noble charIty Credit for allot which belongs lathe women of Nashville the moat beautiful and self-sacrificing creations in the universe You can't fatten a man like log cap a beef because a man thinks and yet you will find that the deepest thinkers are fregently the plumpest and beat groomed of men The difference Ilse in the method The deep thinkers have chosen a particular line for their life work and pursue it methodically The ordinary run of men catch an idea as they step from the household of their youth into the opea field of their manhood and that idea is usually that pleasure is the aim of life and work an incident Pleasure worries the soul and devastaum the pocketbook and after awhile Its followers find out that happiness should be the aim of existence and that more happiness comes from work thah pleasure and more money Nothing on earth makes a man do more genuine thinking than to be dead broke and thats why so many men are thin and peaked—they are always broke The red-cheeked deep thinkers found this out In time and set about putting a foundation under their feet before drawing the beauties of living about them and while their brothers struggle and ries a little and fall a good deal they sit by calmly plot and grow fat on the follies of their purposeless follow-citizens whose strength Is sapped in the eternal chaselor bare bread This la right The fellow-citizens might have been deep thinkers if they had listened to what their elders told them and since they chafe§ to waste the vicr of their lives on pleasure it is perfectly fair that they should be debarred from happiness in the days of the sere and yellow leaf Otherwise the world woult be worse than It is thee tabula docet that young men should think first and fatten afterwards since respectable fatness shows an ability to appreciate happiness — And now we revel in the twilight of the year the closing In time when the lamps are lighted and the drear winds rush down the streets and whistle through the bare trees and around the gables Months ago our little world went out In the bridal dress of the early spring radiant under the kiss of heaven's breath Then she was wedded to the glad days of summer when the zephyrs came down from the mountain and told her secrets brighter than she had ever dreamed and the sun shone down upon her and bleeeed her with a crown of gold All the flowers were In bloom and the birds sang and nature broke into rapturous applause And now the flowers have falleethe birds have crouched in hidden places and nature has drawn her shroud around her and my little world has come back tfred and sleepy dressed In tho same dainty dross but tattered and shorn of all its bkessoma In the evening you gather about your hearth and hear the wind blow and watch the firelight playing among the curtains and through the deep fringes on the floor you think of the one away the one who once was glad at that hearth but now maybe—maybe—out in the cold where brightness is not a wild longing vague and depressing comes over you and you go and bang the latch outside the door a sweet relief comes over you a gladness lights your eye and you fall asleep in the hanclikpf God Thursday Is Thanksgiving Let him who puts the latch outside and him who lifts it and enters in render praise and love and honor and glory and thanksgiving to the Ruler of the universe for the privilege of giving and receiving of loving and being loved of helping and giving help: for every human soul has abundant reason to sing louder than the roar of cataracts "Gloria Gloria in Exceleis Deo" PERSON ILL lion L F Livingstone U W Bell and M A Baldwin tleorgia delegate te the Alliance convention at Indianapolis arrived in the cay last eveuing eu route home Pope Taylor of Memphis is spending a few days with his Nashville friends Mr Taylor is an old Vanderbilt student Ite will be remembered as the champion sprinter of the university - The Highland Moccasin Toll a A learned 'physician of Nashville wee once asked by a snake-fancier now living here some elevation in regard so the anatomy of a shake The doctor replied: "I known nothing about snakes I despise snakes and I despise any man that dos not desipise snakes" I was hot to with the learned Dr Uerard Troost who is re- ferred to In an article in TIM AMICRICAN to-day es the authority describing the highland moreasin Dr Troost was for many years atate tieologist of Tenneesae aud his accurate report form the basis oil which the geological history of the State has beim built lie wits it this same time a profesaor in the University of Nashville and wait as muchlloved by thire who had the good fortune to be his pupils for his genial kindness at respected for hit great learning In regard to the highland moccasin one Of our few poleonout snake the following story was Vild: Dr Troott was In his laboratory one day when a negro came in with a covered basket on his arm "What have you in the basket?" asked the doctor "'highland moreasin sir" replied the negro "Where did you get him?" "In Lewis bottom air" "Thorn are no highland 11OCCRAInti In Lewis' bottom I am personally acquainted with every snake in Lewis' bottom" said the doctor and Wiring the cover from the basket put in his hand to take out the snake and was severely bitten It would seem from this that Dr "'roost bad an ititimate per4Ona1 knowledge of the snake he described as the highland moccasin A Md The Door Was Open Last night at 11:41 o'clock the front door of J V Manier tt Co's boot anit shoe house on the Skoare was found with s oPon b7 Senn Davis The owners wfre notified and the door was locked It ie not iti001 Et whether tho door was ol4nd ty toririero lett open thronrh carfil:N1 Lit biUVIt1 Opea by the high wu ' GROVER CLEVELAND Roston Herald Nov 15: Still we do not confidently anticipate that Oov Rua- sell will be nominated either for President or for Vice President next year Ile is rather more likely to take the platform and name Urovelevelandof New York for the tirst place ou the ticket We nominate the Governor for this proud position lie would admirably till the bill Galveston (Ti) News Nov13: Cleveland luspires the country with confidence Grand Rapids chtich) Democrat Nov 15: Ex-Mayor Timothy Nester the well- known plate and mineral land dealer of Marquette took lodgings in the Morton last evening He said: "The northern peninsuis is unmistakably for Cleveland for the next Democratic presidential noinbeet and Is in line with ail good Democrats" - Lynchburg Virginian Nov 14: Leading journals in all parts of the country continue to reiterate and emphuize the opinioo that the logic of recent political events points ont Mr Cleveland as the coming man for the presidency - New York Letter to Portland (Mc) Argus: On the tariff question the Democrats can surely elect Oeveland next year No well-informed man doubts it - Memphis Appeal-Avalanche Nov 13 Cleveland's magniticeut services for his party in the recent election are recognized all over the country Milwaukee Journal Nov 13: It Is indeed pleasing to see all the Republican newspaper earnestly trying to show that Mr Cleveland must not be the Democratic candidate next year NThen we find out just what the Republican organs wish us to do of course that is Just what we'll do Providence Journal Nov 17: The nom !nation of Mr Cleveland at the next Democratic National Convention now seems Inevitable It would be an extremely creditable choice for a great party to make as it would lead to a dignified honorable campaign with live issues and every assurance of success Omaha World-Herald Nov14: What Is apparently true in Massachusetts will prove true in many other States and It is this personal II vength of Grover Cleveland throughout the nation which makes It almost certain that if he will accept the task his party will Intrust him with the banner of leadership next year The same reasons which led to the nomination of Russeil in Massachusetts and Boles in Iowa would lead to the nomination of Cleveland at the next National Democratic Convention lie can do in the na tion what those two gallant leaden have done In these doubtful States Baltimore Sun Nov 16: The lion J L M Irby United States Senator-elect from South Carolina who wm chosen over Gen Wade Hampton by the votes of the Farmer' Alliance members has been interviewed on the political eituation He expressed tite belief that Mr Cleveland would be the Democratic TIOnlitlf43 for President and despite his views on the Elver question be believed the Alliance men of South Carolina will fell in and support him &Imes' to a man - Philadelphia Time Nov16: A contatt between Cleveland and Harrison would be hkely to give fonr of the New England States to Cleveland and from present indications it would make both Illinois and Indtana Democratic and Iowa Minnesota and Wiseonsin doubtful with chances In favor of Cleveland New York seems to be so securely anchored in the Democratic column that only a sweeping revolution could make it doubtful - Erie (Penn) Herald: Ex-President Cleveland is entitled to a large share of the credit for the victoriee itt New York and Massachusetts Without his timely and effective ald Flower and Russell would have been defeauel and as a consequence Cleveland stock is quoted higher than ever "Cleveland and notes" would be a pramideutial ticket with a wtaning sound iMM Charleston (S C) News and Courier: The only bone of the Democratic party at the next electiou is in the Issue of tariff reform aud the only caudidauti who can load the party to victory is iirover Cleveland Demagogic appeals will not change the situation and the personal IIIwitL of disappointed spoilsmen will not affect the availability of the only man who has led the party to triumph in more than thirty years - Richmond (Va) State Nov 14: The Democrats of Virginia like the Detuoerats of the whole country are for Cleveland for Uwe The rank and hie have been for hint all along but at one time many good people in our agricultural districts were doubtful as to the expediency of nominating him because of his vlowe on the silver question Tills feeling bas now passed away Virginia may be relied on to send a solid Cleveland delegation to the convention including Senator Barbour - Macon (G11) Telegraph Nov 14: It Cleveland isn't the next President of this United States it will not be the fault of Alliance President Polk who faithfully promises to take the stump against him in the event of his nomination Lieut Polk now has a long and unbroken reeord of defeats Ever since be got to talking so much he has met with nothing but defeat The cense with which ho identities him self becomes I 10t4t C1111114i If not alreaity one and those whom he opposes' invitriably march to victory AMUSEMENTS The week's attractions open to-night at the Vendome with the Schubert Quartette who come to Nashville as °Deo( the entertainments in the Young Men's Christian Association's Star Course They are from thicago and have appeared heretofore in this city On their lest visit under the sante suspice and at the same place every seat in the Vendome was filled and by an audience that gave every indication of sattalactiou tho performance This is its seventh season They have strengthened the organizatioa this veer by the addition of it resider Miss Ida M Ciemens ftn her readings will be a strong feature of the entertainment The talented and gifted Miss Eugeela lialdwio is still a member of the little coterie - The Grand Opera House will bring out strong variety combination to-nigh t and through the week in the "Three Droles London Specialty Company" The patrons-of this house will find it a strong show - An extraordinary attraction for whirls tickets and reserved seats may be found It Hard't news-stand wits open at the Masonic for a Thanksgiving matinee and to run through the remainder of the wee in the Cedet band from Milwaukee The troune is a company of musicians of boys front 7 to 12 years of age and their playing is said to be wonderful equalling in Its merit bands of high repute There are nearly thirty lads in the organization The sale of seats for the engagement of "Mr Barnes of New To li" will open tomorrow morning at Duckworth's The first performance will be at &special matinee Thursday The play in a dramatisation by himself of Archibald (levering Gunter's story of the same name Its stags reproduction was readily sormised Mr1untr in his adaptation of the story ha give° to the theatre-goers a play quite an pleasing as was its prototype to the readers of current literattire "Mrs liarnoa of New York" !seven more Americanized in the play Elaborate scenery wiil he furnished and costumes offering many happy contra will he tow which will freshen up an airVady crisp and exhilarating comedy drama The company prsseuttog the play will be practically the same hil that which characterized former productions The Thanksgiving matinee will he at 3:30 The lector at Watkins Hall to-night by Dr J Wro—lones of Atlanta will be upon Itobt E Lee and for the benefit of the Ladles' Hermitage Association The Indications artithat Were will be a very large audience — It is expected that the Czar still take to the bottle pow The royalty of Euro liss is about to 'resent ilia' With a set ()fails's' ita bottioia

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