The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee on January 22, 1884 · 6
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The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee · 6

Nashville, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 22, 1884
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I it A special to the St Louis CilobeDemocrat gives a graphic description of the lynching at Ouray Col of ' Michael Cuddigan and wife who so cruelly murdered little May Rose Matthews their adopted daughter The work WHE done by an armed body of vigilantes whose plans of operation had been so well laid out that the Sheriff and his men who were guard-Log the prieoners were powerless to prevent the consummation of the crime Third street was well filled with pedestrians at the time the vigilantes forced their way into the hotel but the lynchers had evaded melee by stealthily creeping up the alley which runs parallel with the main street until the hotel wm reached Then they boldly entered' the hotel Their sudden appearance In the 8treet in front of Delmenico's did not crente any excitement and it was not until after they had entered the building that by the discharge ef a pistol the pedestrians in the street knew that anything unusual waegoine on Tao shot was fired by Sheriff Rowles who upon the appearance of the mob and its demand that Cuddigan and Ilia wife be given up ordered the vigilantes to leave the room 'They refused to go and quietly but firmly gave the Sheriff to understand that they were determined to take the prisoners from him and advised him not to ieterfere with them THE SHERIFF OVERPOWERED Sheriff Rewles defied them and ' with revolver in hand bade them advance at their peril The vigilantes then made a bold rush They closed in upon him on all sides The Sheriff fought desperately and fired one shot but with no apparent effect Before he bad an opportunity to shoot again the vigihtntes who had crept in behind him grasped him tightly pin-lolled his arms and took his revolver away from him lie was then thrown upon the floor and held there by four powerful men while the remain mg vigilantes secured the prisoners and prepared to take them from the room Cuddigan and his trembling wife knew well enough what the tramp of feet in the hallway of the hotel meant Before the vigilantee bad fully filled the room they began to cry with fear and to beg piteously for their lives The mob paid no attention to them until after it had disposed of the Sheriff then it bade them stop their whining as it would avail them nothing After Rowles had been securedne of the vigilantes d went to the door of the hotel to recon meter - Quite a number of persens bad collected in Third street but they did not seem to show any disposition to interfere For that matter meet of them were too dazed by the ever whelming boldnessof the lynchers to - realize the full horror of the scene which waa about to be enacted Deputy Sheriffs Vandever and Woodcock who were with Sheriff Rowles would ' have rendered assistance though it would have done no good had they not been placed under the muzzle of a brace of Winéhester rifle' and concluded doubtless that it eeeuld Pe folly for them to remain where they wi! Thtly got sway from the scene as rapidly as they could No one blames them for it They Could have accomplished nothing by remaining The mob was deaetermined and had they remained they would probably have been killed Rowles did not give in until he was completely exhausted It is believed that the vigilanteo would have killed any other man who made Bo desperate a fight to thwart them Their respect for Rowles coupled with their desire to shed no more blood than necessary was all that saved hint ' TYIE HANDS OP THE MOB It is surprising that there was not a terrible battle at the hotel at the time ef the attack by the vigilantes Two brothers and a brother-in-law of Cud' digan were in the hotel armed with self-acting Smith & Wesson's The fact that they were armed would indicate that they feared an attempt would be made to tear Cuddigan and his wife from the officers and hang them It is therefore somewhat remarkable that they should have disappeared on the entrance of the vigilantes Carroll the brother of Mrs Cuddigan was in the room with his sister and brother-in-law The vigilantes did not seem anxious to secure him though they kept R sharp eye on him to prevent his escape Cuddigan and his wife were the victims whom the lynchers sought Finding that there was but little to be learned from the few people in the street without the vigilantes proceeded to carry out their programme Mrs Cuddigan was the first to be taken out She was led into the street scarcely able to walk because of her awful fright cry- inn' hysterically for help for the saints to defend her But her captors were unmoved "Spare me lam innocent God knows I am" she screamed but the masked men who held her fast answered not a word One would have thought they were deaf so completely unmoved did they Ramer to be by her wild and pitiful cries for mercy VAIN APPEALS TO THE VIGILANTIN A moment later Cuddigan and Car roll were brought out They were but little more composed than the woman They cursed and prayed and beeged all in one breath hut all in vain They v ere gruffly told to cease their meet' and were harried on From the movement of the vigilantes after leaving the hotel it is clear that they had mapped out the minutest details of their work They at once started toward the northern part of the city :But a few frightened pedestrians who were standing helplessly around the hotel followed On they went enoeing swiftly through the darkness draegi lig their victims after them The night was made hideous be the fearful shrieks of th&r woman and cries for mercy which were made every now and then by the men They begged for time for an hour for a half lieur to prove their innocence but the vigilantes moved on in their inexorable ' purpose Carroll the brother-in-law WWI led down eeventh street Of his fate You shall ' know hereafter Cudslimin and his wife were eilaite to the northern boundary of the city Wh'eu Uuele Tommy 6 THE COLORADO LYNCHING now the Ouray Monsters Were Hanged 14 a Mob' Ifichael Caddigan Swung from the Ridge Pole of a Cabin Lila Wife beft Dangling from the Limb of a Tree - Andrews' cabin was reached the vigilantes without order or spoken word came to a halt In fact there were no orders given All the men in the great body of masked men seemed to act by preconcerted arrangement The trembling Cuddigan and hie wife realized that their end had come The wocnan's wails and cries for mercy were louder and more pitiful than ever The scene was a horrible one The darkness was lit uR here and there by thefire-flylike glare of a lantern and the rising moon cast a weird light over the awful scene CUDDIGAN 11t1NGED FROM A ILIDOM POLE There was no time lost Ropes which had before been carefully concealed were suddenly brought to view The very sight of them increased the terror of the victims and their supplications for mercy were almost unearthly "Say your prayers" said one of the vigilantes as in company with two of his comrades he approached the trembling Cuddigan "Spare me ! spare me! God save me l" yelled Cuddigan dropPing to his knees "Did you spare little Mary Matthews?" asked one of the vigilantes "I am innocent Save me Don't hang me" wailed the miserable man "Make your peace with God Your time has come - That was the only answer the vigilantes made and poor Cuddigan began praying It was a short shrift these relentless revengers gave him The rope was made fast around his neck and with the air echoing and re-echoing with the cries of the victim they hanged him n from the ridge-pole of Uncle Tommy'a cabin Ile struggled violently His ala fal contortions were hidden by the darkness though had it been broad daylight the vigilantes would not have been affected by his sufferings IIER BODY fWUNO PROM THE LIMB OF A TREE They were then busy placing the noose around the neck of Mrs Cuddigen Words cannot describe the scene Imagine a woman in the hands of a mob of men who are actuated only by a desire to avenge the wrongs of a little child whom they honestly believed had met its deatkat her hands They knew no mercy Pity was not in them Her face was ghastly in the breaking light of the morn and under the yellow glare of the lantern's flame she begged ' she prayed she grov- eled at their feet and 'seemed to have lost all reason Fear : possessed her soul to the utermost but her awful agony did not affect her executioners They stand by unmoved those who were not engaged in preparing the rope turning their beads from her white face and wild despair The noose is now around her neck She is too weak to walk They carry her to a tall tree which looms up somberly against the heavens It takes but a moment for strong hinds to adjust the rope and then the body of the poor woman swings convulsively in the air Their work done the vigilantes disappeared No ene knew who organized or led the dreadful band of avengers nor who cosiposed it THE CORONER'S winter Two hours later Coroner Hazard found the bodies hanging one from the cabin ridgepole and the other from a tree directly opposite The cold forms were cut down and removed to the stable of King (k Co where an lin:pest was held The Coroner could go no further than to direct his jury to return a verdict that the dead Cuddigan and his wife came to their deaths at theIlanda of persons unknown csenott IN THE 'LANDS OP MASKED MEN But to Carroll When Cuddigan and his wife were led off towards trlicIS Tommy's Cahin Carroll was taken down Seventh avenue to St cend street and at a point opposite the Pacific House was placed in a buggy and driven off by tuaskedlionen It is impossible to learn whether or not he met a fate similar to that of his sister and her husband If clemency has been shown him it is because there is some doubt as to the part he played in the murder of little Mary Mathews It is claimed by him and his friends that he was absent at the time and had been for some days previous to the girl's death From the manner in which the vigilantes took Carroll off in a different direction from that in which Cuddihan and his wife were taken it is believed by aline that they had prepared a hornble punishment for him It will not be long before the truth is known Whe town and surrounding country is ta a ferment of excitement CLARKSVILLE The New City Gevernment—Probable Eleetions—Personal Gossip Correspondence of the American CLAIM31111A Jan 20--Our new city government chosen ab the election Saturday is as follows: A Howell Mayor D Marr John Young G B Wilson B M Degraffireid T Hyman J H Smith and R D Mosely Aldermen It is predicted that Mr C H Bailey will be our new City Recorder and J J West -City Attorney at the election of city officers by the new Board of Mayor and Aldermen which takes place on the first of February - Wm Stafford and company in tragedy will appear at the opera-house on the 28th inst Mr Beauregard Wood and Miss Doelt Phillips were married at the Presbyterian church in this city on the ltith inst by Rev J W Lupton The bri1( groom is a well-knoWn young news agent in this city and is much esteemed on account of his worthy character and hadustrious habits The bride is a very sweet and loveable young lady The youth of the newly-wedded couple gives to their marriage an allditional interest and everybody wishes them much happiness They were given an elegant- dinner at the residence of the gmom's parents the (lay after the marriage The I A tit T It It under the management of Judge C G Smith is progressing slowly but sure - ' Our new Postmaster Di W F Green has assumed the duties of the office and is giving general satisfaction ' Novi THE DAILY AMEIIICAN NASHVILLE TUESDAY MORNIgG JANUARY 22 1884 N211 Eating cancer John Naves a young man living near this place- has been afflicted for five years with one of the most angry looking eating cancers that I ever saw - His nose has been eaten away and the cancer was feeding itself on his cheek month and throat and all thought it was only a question of time when life itself would give way I advised Swift's Specific and its effect was wonderful After the first bottle be could attend to his business and after five bottles he is nearly or quite well The poison bas been forced from his system and be is new man L K CRI'MLEY M D iti22 DAT Oglethorpe Ga :-- ---:- 341-"-::---- - -2--f---:- L -- ---:- -'N‘' - - :- - -::-- -::-- - i 1: ----- ------- — ----: -- :-:-- - - ---- -----:---- j --:--—-----------r -------- —- - -' - -- ---2---v iIf i- ------ --- ---- - -- - ----1--- -----4-4---$1- RN' el iv Voorhees U S Senator from Indiara Among the representative men of the West few have more affluence in political councils than Senator Voorhees who was jhoosen in 1877 to fill the seat made vacant by the death of the Hon Oliver P Morton The mantle of that distinguished statesman could not have fallen - upon worthier shoulders Mr Voorhees was born in Butler county O on the 2fth of September 1827 and is consequently in the prime of life After completing the usual course of study in the public schools he entered the Indiana Ashburv University from which he graduated when twenty-two years of age He immediately began the study of law and two years after the conclusion of his collegiate career was admitted to the bar His career as a lawyer was remarkably successful from the outset In 1858 be was appointed United States District Attorney for Indiana and he discharged the duties of the position with energy and conspicuous ability Ile as elected to the Thirty-seventh Thirty-eighth Forty-first anct Forty-second Congresses Shortly after the death of Mr Morton the famous Republican leader in 1877 he was appointed his successor although a Democrat and s as duly confirmed by the Indiana Legislature He was elected March 4 1879 Senator Voorhees is an orator of no ordinary abilities His speeches are all prepared with the greatest care and he ha0 the gift of using manuscript in delivery without detracting from the effect of his effort His term will expire on the 3rd of March 1885 Senator Voorhees is among the counsel for the slefense in the trial of James Nutt the slayer of Dukes now in progress at Pittsburg Pa JACKSON A Hetvy Snow—Judge Tomlin's Illness —Another ExeursionTite Dattrymens' Convention Correspondence of the American JACKSON Jan 20—There was a snow fall last night of about an inch and it Still snows to-day Messrs Meyers Brothers merchant tailors of New York have rented the house on Lafayette street lately occupied by W F Murdock queens-ware and will open up about Feb Judge John L II Tomlin is quite The doctors fear he has pneumonia but at this time he is doing a little better tlis condition is not considered dangerous on the 13th of February there will be another excursion to Jackson from the Northwest We expect a larger number than on any previous excursion and that many of their sturdy farmers will come prepared to invest in our lands and make their homes among us We welcome them all The I C road has done and is doing much to develop the country along its line A convention of farmers and dairymen will be held at Jackson Feb 13 and 14 We hope Mittdle and East Tennessee will be represented There will be delegations from Indiana Illinois and the Northwest and the meeting is expected to prove of great benefit to our novices who expect to give their attention to' stock and dairy farming The practical ideas of men of experience will if listened to and adopted do much towards making ours what it should be—"God' s country" Mr: A G Vele who has been running the Hopper House hotel for about a year has given it up and Mr R E Hopper the proprietor of the building will run the hotel for the present There was a phantom party last night at the Robinson House which was largely attended by the young people who whiled many happy lours away ' Mr Gilbert Moyer attorney from Miomphis is in Jackson Miss Nellie Duling daughter of Judge Duling of Nashville is visiting Miss Mollie Marsh of this city THE SUICIDE For the American In little moans the river wept As o'er the jagged rocks it crept Dragging its wounded length on toward the sea And by it shining wave-licked brim A corpse lay in the moonlight dim Like a dull seaweed On the beach of misery l'p trim the sandy-pillowed deep 4 'Where hi still rest the water sleep The waves had wished the dead man to the shore And still with broken lips they kised iS cold Stiff aria and poiseless wrist-- Dead things that Life and Love could lift up never more Brightswatcr drops ran from Ills hair Adown his temples marble fair And wet his lips that with deathhorror stood apart one stiffened band upon his breast In mute significanre was preas'd - Meaning that underneath there was broken His frozen fingers clenched a bit of yellow paper that Walt writ With words that dim and water-blured I read this "Come borne Your Mary's dead—for you There's only one thing left to do For her you loved to well: Come home and close her eyes" go be wont home by nearest way But not by land or salty spray By Death's express that robs up thro' the silent Whose cross-ties sawed from rainbows are Whose engine head-light is a star Me went to kiss his der ing's cheek not close her eyes ARTHUR A Pure and Effective Hair Dressing Coconisse a compound of Coanut Oil beautifies the hair and Is sure to allay all Itching and irritation of the The superiority of Burnett Flavoring Estraots cepsits in their perfect purity and strength' : jazz tudteadtwit OSaiLEuTAIE BITTERS Home Items —"All your own fault If you remain sick wheu you can Get Hop Bitters that never—FaJ —The weakest woman smallest child and sickest invalid can use Hop Bitters with gaiety and great good —Old men tottering around from rheumatism kidney trouble or any weakness will be almost new by using Hop Bitters —My wife and daughter were made healthy by the use of Hon Bitters and I recommend them to my people—Methodisiderg3 man Ask any good doctor if Hop Bitters are not the beat medicine On earth —Malarial fever ague and bilionsnesa will leave every neighborhood as aeon as llop Bitters arrive "Hy mother drove the paralysis and neuralgia ail out of her system with Eop Eitters"—Ed Oswego Win —Keep the kidneys healthy with Hop Bitters and you need not fear skit ness —Ice water is rendered harmieiss and more refreshing and revivhig with Hop Bitters tu each draught —The vigor of youth for the aged and infirm in Hop Bitters jaIN c eoddiwly 110ST LITE4 foTr hperonmeetets:11171 111111101111 bold remdies I s daily growing t more im pera tire andof the-e Hosiette 's m i t 'I 4 40 18 the clikf in merit and the ----1 most popular Irrogularily of - 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LEWIS & STICKLEY Manufacthrers of all kinds of MEWING GUM and PRIZE PACKAGIS 431South Market street Coal Dealers N J Dodson C F Brown DoDBON tts BROWN General Agents for Hee la Coal s Moe: 40 North Cherry Yard :22 N Cherry W H HOWB General Atrent ST BERNARD and DIAMOND COAL 62 North °herr ottrost — Dentists I Y CRAWFORD M D D D 8 can be found with competent gagman ta at hia office No 156 Church atreet Room 18 Berry Block DR W R P JONF8 Den UM °Mem 1P24 n ion ntrAet Druggists—Wholesale PIM otrruN THOMAS & g :0 HHIVEI PAINTS OILS GLASS TOBA00116 OIGA RS A ND svms -wI g3nd 61 gorh l'Arklt rt Etrrggists and Prescnptionista WHARTON di CO Draggigla and Preacriptioniata Corner of College and Union strong ineva wotorn n env em ri ramp Dry Goods—Wholoaale HIRSCH BROS ds CO Jobbers of DRY GOODS and MILLINFBY be College litreet Nashville Tenn 16 Broadway New York esandMace5hos o s STEW A RT & BRUCKNER IRON FOUNDERS MACHINISTS and BLACKSMITHS NoAhltille Tertit Fruit Dealers L C TORTORICH HS Union rt wholesale and retail dealer in Foreign and Domestic Fruits Speeis Wee— Oranges Lemons Bananas apples NW& Ortpoil off Ord ohm ti I 1p41 nromnit Grocers—Wholesale WM ClINNINtia&M & SON Wholesale Grocers Commtesion Merohante Cotton and Tobacco Factors Rrnarl atrow0 Wqmhyrill Hardware Dealers BRANSFORD & CO Hardware and cutlery Agenta for Howe'a celebrated ileA' CS nd Hubbard & Bakewetl'e web crogwent maw Or?ermliolletted lei iv Hotels MAXWELL HOUSE 'rpm LEADING HOTEL OF Tin CITY FIRST-VLASS ACCOMMODATIONS IN EVERY yawner Corner Church And Cher ry sta NICHOLSON HOPS IRE POPULAR HOTEL OF THE CITY BEST of ACCOMMODATIONS RATES RBA SON ABLE I C Nicholson Prop Corner Church end Romeo streets Jewelry ' GEO R CALHOUN & CO Si North Cherry Street McGavock Block Telephone No 407 Cash paid for Old Gold and Silver B H sTrEF The Cash Jewelry Atom Bargains in Diamonds Jewelry ete 101 Union street Telephone No 804 S WIGGERS Formerly (tomer of Union and Cherry streets Ivo moved to No 132 Union st Diamonds Watches Jewelry etc at lowest prices Mattress Manufacturer ED Ef MIDLER Manufacturer of MATTRESSES AND SPRING BEDS M Pouth College Street Telephone No fIllt Painters -41 ' ROBERT L BELL Rouse and Sign Painter Se South College street Nashville Tenn Tifitohnne Nu 629 Pump Manufacturers UTECERN PUMP COMPAINT Wooden pampa robing and bored material de7 ly Real Estate Agents JAS S GRZES & CO Real Satiate Agents 32 North Cberry Street - Real &tate Agents - JAS HICKMAN & BON Real Anat Broken 1111411111100 and General Agents Loans negotiated 75 Church st Maxwell Houma BAINBRIDGE & WHITEMAN Real Ratate and General Ageing Farming lands and the exchange of propert3 a specialty Ineh Church mt Berry Block Saw Mills r4OUTHEttN rum taitsk'abY Manufacturers and wholesale dealers In walnut poplar and other hard wood: lumber rough and drerwed Saw and Planing Mi CAPITAL PLANING MILIA Manufacturers of Doors Plea Blinds and Trainee 1 W ficCULLOUGH Proprietor Canner Line and Vine eta Sewing Machines HEALEti di di' IcsoN'n 811MIT eiEW IN4I MACHINE No S 2114Chnrch Shirt Manufacturers SHIRT FACTORY Steam Laundry Men 'a Furniantlia Good& Agents wanted In every sown TORN A McEWEN Show Ca e Manufactarers C Manufacturers show StOre Fixtureg and Dealers In Glass Sa North Front rt Tallor3 JOHN VOGICL Merchant Tailor RIIMMer Street Nagbville Tenn Telpphone No 44 FIA Pt it tiltA i N ti'I C bta4AJEArr New Cooperage full weight 7-bushel Salt at $150 per barrel in ear-load lots B 8 RHEA & SON 1712 ly L S FERRELL 66 SONS 245 Broad Street DEALERS IN lily CORN offs BRAN de27 eocilm T"to Bran! Bran! 100 Watt choice ClICNTRY MILLS BRAN light parked for sale STAINILiCH tt HILL rr ly CIGARS HENRI STEIN Cigar lignIcturer PROPRIETOR Mocking Bird and Cock of the Walk Brands Clorreepondenee tont-lived All Orders Promptly Pilled Satisfaction Guaranteed addrets HENRY STEIN 261 Broad St Nashville Tenn eIm COAL Dodson & Brown General Agents For Hec la Coal The best Grate Stove and Stean3 Coal in the market lull weight and aatisfaction guaranteed Send in your orders early °Mee: 40 North Cherry street 'Yards: 22 North Cherry street Telephones 50 and 2213 iw3flRm The St Bernard Coal Fully sustains its well-earued reputation as the very best coal for every purpose brought to this market and people who use it are regularly noted for their cheerfulness arid contentment We keep a large stock on hand (leave) promptly and sell no higher than many in tutor 1301111 that are in the market We have special facilities for furniabins tteam coal and for shipping coal by the car load W H HOWE Eien Agent 52 N Cherry it -41ephone No mhO oot tu thn ly DUNCAN & GAINES - AGENTS FOR HECLA COAL And dealers in ANTHRACITE COAL Mee: N034 NCollege St Yard: Market to College opp Gag-works Telephone No154 oe28 statuthtt BOILER-MAKERS Alrt)4E)1) Boiler MakerIron Pounder ano Steam Pipe Works Corner Broad and Front Sta NISHVILLE TENNESSEL f MANUFACTURE boilers oil and wats J tanks all kinds of heavy sheet and plate iron work engine mill and agricultural 5ast1ngB grate bars ere fronts bark mills ash weilfh ts etc also all kinds of machint olacksm thing repair engines and boilers and in fact everything in the 11118 Of )hinery of wrought and cast iron I an well prepared to execute anything in tin mile of engine and boiler work and all kind of castings belonging to same as well at mill and buildias casting R ts woctn t' FOR RENT FOR RENT From Jan 1 Office on Ground Floor Ircenting on Cherry Street In the New American Building - For terms apply at t4o business °Moe of the American 40031 d the American RA 1110A lb T1M TAuurs- Union nickel Office wed Nadwine Vitt reetnefee Oteeepcmg Otestitress Cormace cod Bowers L No 19 Maineett Home ekeerm H ROBINSON Arvid owl Ruperinteneel LOUISVILLE N ASHVILLE Louisville Division 01 Louisville & Neat VWf & Oreot Southern tirtilroad Daily Pool iktnly IAMWta- 145 a m 813 a ma 2:J8 a in Daily liagt I Detay ArrtTea - SAS a ni 7:45 p m 8:10 n la Bowling Orson Accommodation 8:45 p m daily Arrives— 8:50 a in dailv Doentor Division of Louisville &Nailed 14 6teatSouthern Railroad Dot ly Daily Loarai 8:2S a m 805 p m Daily Datil Arriyea 7:65 a m 7:15 p al Columbia Acoommodailoti Leavea 3 00 p m daily except Su Arrives 9:46 a m daily Evansville ki outioniou mud ea 131 vimion 01 lAntitorineh oleou rest Southern rc&tArosit t tr in Dud p to AFTV601 3:-k) Daily Ez nun 4eave p n e114 Ert not Arrive in:re) m 10 Clarksville end UupdiiviUe Aciest'dis Chattanooga Division of hastivint Chattaonoop's dr Bt LOI Railroitd Dail ' Daily Lc Am Leaves 9:00 a m 15 a B:b0 p m amvta 1 '2:3 a la b 0 11 :16 a m St Louis Division of Naahville Chainsnom & St Louis Railroad Poity onto Deay &Sul Leivres"-- 1:30 a In l:'25 p m 7:00 a tat amvea V:00 a m 12:56 a m 11-00p m Lebanon Branch of Naahville Chattalcoga& a St LOUIS Railway Te line-moo & Railroad Doi lp raSun Doi 49 Ex than Leaves— 9:46 a m 4:90 p m Arrives 59 a in 3:46 p ITI 0P ATMORE GonP end T A L & N & ED B R E Louisville Ky A B ROBERTSON Depot T A L & J & 8 R It North College et W L OAKLEY Gen P & T A N O & St ' L R R Nashville Tenn T F FOWLER Depot T A N O & Bt L B a Church wt A H ROBINSON Onion Ticket Agent Nash- villa Tenn OCEAN ST EAMSH PTA GEION LINE CfNITIED STATER MAIL STEARIN:BS FOR QUKENSTOWN AND uvERpooL Leaving Pier V N R soot of sing meek WISCONSD1 TTESDAY JAN 92 13:00 ko A SIZONA TUEsDAY JAN 29 53Om A SYSSINIA TUESDA Y FEB 5 II Su a to wYGMING TI' EsDAY ?TB 12 fi:N a In NEVADA TUESDAY FEB 19 IICGO a in These steamers art Dant ot iron in watt tight compartmonts and are Itamlithed witb every requisite to make the passage across tbt Atlantic both kale and agreeable having Bath room Smoking-room Drawing-room 'Piano anc Library also experienood Surgeon'' Stewardess and Caterer on each steamer TM state-rooms are all en deck thus insuring thoe greatest of all luxuries at sea perfect ventliatio and light CABIN PASSAGE (according to atate-room) VOL 280 and $100 INTERMEDIATE IMO STEP AGE at low rates OFFICE No 29 BROADWAY N 14 WILLIAMS & GUION D W II Kir LA N Álrent 79 Cedar Straolh Nashville iztv115 ly PIAJIAL CA111 ION r k Rol tlqt o Swift's Specific is entirely a vegetable preparation and should not be confounded with the various substitutes imitations nonseeret humbugs "Succus Alterans" etc etc which are now being manufactured by Yarims persons None of these contain a single article which enters into the compost tion of 8 S S There is only one 8wilt's SI:icnic and there is nothing In the world like It To prevent disaster and disappointment be sure to get the genuine Swift 's Specific is a complete antidote to Blood Taint Blood Poisou Malarial Poison and Skin Humour J DICKSON SMITH M D Atlanta G I have had remarkable success with Swift's Specific in the treatment ot Blood and BAIT' Diseases and in female Diseastw I took it myaell for Carinnict s with happy effect D 0C BEERY M D Atlanta Ga I used Swifts Specitic on my little daughter who was afflicted with some Blood Poison which bad realated all ions of treatment The Specific relies ed her permanently and I shad use it in my practice W E BizONIE M D cypress Ridge Ark! In DiS0 I came from the North to take charge of the gas works in RUMP iis Superintendent and after the overflow which occurred In the spring following I wait very much exposed to malarial poison and in ise2 found my blood so contaminated with the poison that I as forced to give up business I was treated by the physicians without relief My trouble finally determined in an abscess of the liver and nearly every one (myself ine)uded) thought I wait doomed to die within a few days In this condition I was advised - by a friend to take Swift's specific and I took It Just as a drowning man would catch at k straw hnt as soon as my system got under the influence of the remedy the abscess came to a point and burst paysing oil without pain- In filusm days after this I watt up at my work eta have tine° enjoyed excellent health Every Pn trovr from malarial poison should take Swift's Specific C Ct SPENCER fsup't Home Gaslight Company Our treatise on Blood and Skin Diseased mailed free to applicants 1 HE SWIP ir SPECIFIC CO— brewer L Atialltil GIL New 'VOA Meet 19 WA 23d je31 illy--1 Eal no Li tZtiOr L2019 37 Dart PIA LCUSlicallf nrn A regularly edusated end legally qualified Oyu& a Ind title nest sucessefial as late practere iiii prove Cures all forms of Fan --Tt CI-IBANIG and SEXUAL IiiS4 EASES Spermatorrhea and introteney Oa the result of seil-istuuse in 'youth Detest esaesses hi mea meer yearn or other assume sua produrin( onus of toe fellowieg effects Nervousness B 0111 Kt:O-inn (01KM OM "e dons by dreams) Dimeten et b twist Defective Memory ?by- iMAIDar Pimples ot trace Aversion to &Mee of 'mask Contusion Of idese lose ot bestial Pewee he rendrring ate' marriage improper or unheppy ere triove 4 and puma- aently cure& sypHit Is posinNT1 eared and me 4rl"1Tt'd from Lk cYstr in Gonerrbe t tiriemisi Stricture Orchids Iterna (or aupturs Pairs and abet private divesees quialy cured-Ili le eelfevident that s phy eician who pays speektlatteretiolls to a certain class of Wow sod treating thoomode anus ally aoquiece grew' skill Physacteas knowing this hot ohne reoenomend 'reeve to my earn When lt is MeantMeat ta shit the eity for uustment medicines oars iv teat private and safely b mail or express anywhere Cures Guaranteed in sin Case undertaken - Conrultsucus personally or by hetet tree and weerect Charge reasonabLe asd earrespandecrat etrktiy cendstealaale A PRIVATE COVNSELOR of mo c‘ wt auy addrees securely wetted Chrty SO eat Ehouid be 'red by all adores above Utb- he re from I a V to V 41leTo P to 4 t Al oel 4 (t-wl t PRINTINti MATERIAL TYP Co TIME) BY 118 Inns Street Cinebmati Ottio ALLLISON a 1401TIL Thetype on welen Uia pupet el pellet Teta Use above Youndre—Itn Anznenen er 4k cove Sikh 111A P al tEV P En 1 ti4tia reag In )hlo d e- f 4 Loh Pm et RI Lb t re In In ed Lke !IN 3 tit- ioct 11 I ill — k 'P th !!! t c ra- ! rle ! to on t 't in it !!'h- !! I 3 rke n Je bo od by ler me fl y :Lit ild Sea mw f r I Y i itty 41 rt -E I 1 i )-Ni)4:::t r 11r '44 Rs- — 1 y-4 "7-1- i ''v - ---z - ' ''''''''' '-t :-:!----:'--- ( ' " t t'1- 101' t t t4 -: 4' 4(0ib t i 'ii 417: ' '' Lie ' ' '-- ffe 7 tf-4--------y--:) ': --e't !t'!! -:: - --J :- ' - r' - Al" b :"1 7 -?--- ------- f- - --! - :- :-- -?----- --------'s": -?- ------:f :17t1 7--2--------- Plyt L'--------::- -'‘'---- '-- ------- -5--1 -- -- ---'':-----------':-:----2-'-'' -: ------' ---- ------' I :' ::-- ---- --s - - -- -'-1-'---:" ----- ------ 1 A - k 0 ' i 4 4 k A A 1 A A 1 4 4 i AA e I : 1 ' - 'q - ' t f t ' 1 ' i :: "Wilt) - ziLT tg - ' ''- 1'' 1—V a!:( '''' A c : s 1 4)4 '''''' Ai al a a a a 4s: : FiE4 7: Irt'0rN ' I 41 K - ''' 't'r'' Gglir '1: -1' e :'''l MEN t k4!k 11 OfiLl 1v PI LItER tzie -ft't I: - cl 3-p! 1(i :)t: 1660 1i4y)'4'' - :skO cill ar4::c a WITH - IRON A jo A p 1 - - Rem:amended

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