The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 10, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 10, 1908
Page 7
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The Mathie Brewing Company OF LOS AGELES Brewsrs of Celebrated Bottled Beers Red Ribbon Wurzburger A. P. EYRAUD, Agent PHONE MAIN 241 Free delivery to Bakersfleld and uarantee for purity and quality. The best beer of all—a $1000 gKern. UEQAL. nt (he time of the opening of said bids any responsible person, firm, or corporation present or represented may bid for sold franchise or privilege n sum not less than 10 per cent above the highest sealed bid therefor, and said bid so niade may be raised not less thnn 1" per rent by any other responsible bidder, and said bidding may so continue until finally said frar- chlse i-li:,!l )),• si nick oil', sold, ami awardul by said Hoard of Supervisors to thi' highest bidder therefor in gold coin of tin- United States. Dated tbls day of October, 1908, at Rak.-ixficld, Kern County .California. 1. U MILLER, ''•i 1 ': "f the Hoard of Supervisors of Kern County. 11-2 rJnbllshed in "Tfoe Wy^*::::W- »8 m W C S, California Home .Exteu- snjl uubll irnla.'a( e the day of rjearirie" Dated this 5th dav of Octolwr. . . J. W..MAII 5.00 10 10.00 'JU 20 2H.OO 2(1.00 , ,. NOTICE. | ''" v -li<mi il may (onciv.'ii: usenlo I Cii-iniand, my wife, iiaviir.: .m.-mioned j me 4111 the i"ith ,].-,,• ,,f October. 1!>ox, I without any justification or any reas-i I on. this U to notify you that I will not! j be respunsiliic for any debts'eontrarf- i ed by her wtiatsocver from said last Imenltonad date. PIERRE GRIMAUD. | Uai«er f .fii-|,|, Cal., Oct. 30, 190S. SS NOTICE" ~oT~SATE PROPt In the Superior"" Iforniii. ,„ and tor IHITfc WINS THE PHOENIX, Xov. m.—The White Steamer won the race from Los An- fefe!er to Phoenix. The White arrived at 6:33:30; the Kissel Kar at 7:41; the Elmore at 8:*;,: 30 and the Franklin at 9:50 p. m.. Pacific time. The FranlOln had several hours' lead in C"!"^-iia, V-.t got lost on the des- eut an 1 t'.e drivers slept four hours until ii;ij-j.. ;. 'Cains to make a bad matter \vo:.'j President Bullard ot the Automobile Club says the White won; the Elmore second; Kissel Kar third and Franklin fourth, but no official determination will be made until arrival of ru.iilej reports showing the time de-ii"-te-i nt the Colorado river. HAYES AND ITALIAN RUN;:!:; WILL KACE AGAIN. NEW YORK, Nov. 9.—John J. Hayes winner of the Marathon race at the Olympic vames In London last summer, hti" si-:iu-l :i contract, it is announced. 10 iiKC't i j ii'tro Dorando, the Italian runner, who was half carried and hall pushed across the tape first in front of the American and was disqualified because of this assistance. The agreement calls for practically a re-runninu of the event in Madison Square Garden, this city, on Wednesday, November L'5. H Is stipulated that the fall Marathon distance—26 miles, l!S. r i yards be run. DON'T PUT IT OFF UNTIL TOMORROW. FIX YOUR ROOF TODAY Ii' tin 1 rost worries you consult us. AVe will agreeably surprise you. .V-win you i_-;iii tin it so quickly. MALTHOID ROOFING IS JUST WHAT YOU WANT. COTIH-S in rolls, quifkly ap- t'osts so little. plifil. rinni's iii ,-jiiy width; *» Pioneer Mercantile Co Pru/t<' Main D8. WRESTLERS ARE TRAINING WELL The wrestling match which is to take place November 20th between James Brown and Professor Crawford will be the first of this sport to be seen In Baftersfleld for some time. Both wrestlers are In training and are rounding Into shape nicely for the coming encounter. The men will ^restle the best two out of three catch as catch can. They will receive a portion of the box office receipts and also have a side bet of $50. Brown halls from New Orleans and Is said to bo one of the best men of his height in the southern states. Crawford Is the champion middleweight of Iowa. The bout Is to occur In the Scribner Opera House. The general admission will be 50 cents, with reserved seats to $1.50. Crawford Is training daily at the Opera Cafe and IB making quite an Impression on followers of the game In addition to the main event there will be two good preliminaries. How to Cure a Cold. Be as careful as you can you will occasionally take cold, and when you do, get a medicine of known reliability, one that has an established reputation and that is certain to effect a quick cure. Such a medicine la Chamberlains Cough Remedy. It bus gained a world wide reputation by its remarkable euros o!' this most co;irr,',;;n ailment, ami can always be dom-nde,] upon. It act.s on nature's plan, iviii , os t hi- llings, aids expectoration, opens the secretions nn I ;<!•!;; r.-iture in roslor- in.t; t!if- system to a healthier titm. Din-ins i ho man.-,- years In which it l--,s l-4-en In e.'-neri! '.!•;> A.- ha\f y ( t to learn of ;> sin.-!- c;i--.o <if c-il-l or atl-.ick of the Rrip bavins result!-:) in ;: -iinioni.1 when this rente iy was UMM '..''.ich shows ronclu.'lyely that it is a ce-t.ilu preventive of that dangerous •'.'• t '--e. C'.-.r.nil "i 1 iln's CoM-h Heine'-. cii'ii-i'p.-i 1141 ;i|i'n;,-i or i- State of California, and to answer the Jomnlaint tiled .tnerelp. wfthin .ten ys (exclusive of the day o Ler service on vou of this biiniiiiuu=. served within said Count v: if served service> Summons, elsewhere. within thirty davs. And you are herebv notified that if you fail to so anoear and answer, the Plaintiff will take iudement for any money or damaees demanded in the Complaint as arising: uoon Contract, or will apply to the Court for anv other relief Uemanded in the ComDlaim. Witness mv han' ild tness mv Superior . State of and and the seal of 'ourt ot the County of ia. this 2nd day of November. A. D. IfOS (Seal) r L. MILLER. Cieo. E. Whitaker. Attorney I -, Cle for 1 k. SUMMONS. In the Superior Court of the County of_Kern. Suite of Caiifo ' "" " "'lalntL-. . _ pefendant. Suite of California. T. M Hodcens. Plplntiff. vs. Silver Bow Oil Comn Actio of the fornia . jany. in broueht. In fornla. Countv . Clerk of .The People 8 la send o. n tfie'Siinerfor Court l - , State of Cdfi- nt filed in said e office of the fne"'StnTe r of Califor- Sllver Bow Oil : ~Ereetine"tb ~SlYver"Bow omnany. Tjefendant. , You are nerebv reauired to ann^ar h an action broueht aeainst vou by e above-named Dlaintlff. in the Superior Court of the Countv of Kern, itate of Call" ffic ot the Countv ..prnla. and to filed ^therein, live * ~ ifpfnla'/aml "to answer the - • ' wjthin .ten lavs (exclusive of tne dav of service) after service on vou of this Summons. If served within said Countv: if served elsewhere, -witnin tnlrtv davs. And vou are herebv notified that if you fail to so apnear and answer, the Plaintiff will take fudement for anv money or damaees demanded in the complaint RS arisine ui)on contract or will jinniv to the Court for any other relief demanded In the cornol: witness mv hand and me said Sunerior Court of ' lamt. seal aid Suoerior Court of the Countv Cern, State of California, this US lav of Oct.. A. D. 190S. 0-4 I. L. MILLER. Clerk. of of ,Sth NOTICE AND OF APPLICATION FOR SALE OF FRANCHISE. OF PERSONAL RTY. ourt. State of Cal- t-ountv of Ken r. ileceased. ice is hereby elven. that in mir- rv,,,,, 1 ." , "",, order of, the Sunerior Co it ot. the Countv of. Kern. State of California made on the 26th dav of October A. D. 190S. In the matter of HIS V,y? u> , ut Rali'O Bower, deceased, «•?»», I< r rslc Pf' 1 aflmTnistrntor oftlH? n?l5.,Vn° f i sa - 1(l '.'Pveased win sell at ?Sm?i? , S(|1 .'' ln "'? offlce of the nubile Administrator and coroner of Kern unty. situate In the court house. In . Ci v of niikersfleld.Jn said Kern "fi,V- to the hji^est bidder Tor cash. ~ ' ' tes on at the oersoual of 90 S £ we thr hi». h dav .of November. 19 ° f uo clock u. m.. the n i t ( -'l9 ni -'lns: to the estafa Ralph Bower, deceased : Three hoiises: 1 easollne engine: 1 and nine: 1 water tank: 1 horse 1 barn- 1 corral, all situated ot the north- c on the west one-half est miarter. (wi of ree (33) in h south of ranee thi fornla "" ' n And notice Is here ki wln Le ' section township thfrtv 37 hirty-seven countv - no thirty- v (30) ) east, reby elven. that bv said 'fceived , ' 1 nrouertr , s;it >- thereof, am or certified chec to ten per cent ertv in) to id that all a hv cash ount eaual ministrator of the Sower, deceased. ?ek in an aniotint e t of the bids ni-de. , \v. A. MCGINN. estate of Ralnh 10-30 NOTICE OF MEETING. Notice is hereuy nivt-u i'u.,t the annual meeting of stockholders of the McKittrick Oil Company will be held at Its office, room No. 307, Producers Savings Bank .building, Bnker- sfleld, California on Monday, November 9th, 190S, at 4 o'clock p. m. of said day, for the election of a board of directors and such other business as may be brought before the meeting. C. BRO\VEU. Secy. Office, room No. 307, Producers Savings Bank building, corner 19th and II streets, Bakersfield, California. 10-26 sion Association, trustee for Coo-ley. Chas. M. .. 37 California Home Extension A ssocia tion. trustee for C'-owton. Cvrus ...2,"iS Caliioiiiia Home Kxten- Hion.Association, trustee tor Dickinson. Win. II..101 Donahue, ftiichael s:il Dorr. I- nuik S;tl l.:ilitornia Home Kxten- sion, \SMicl a uslee lor K*. aus. l.umis A. .. II" 20 Liilitornia llonie iOxten- sion Association.trustee for I'.yans, l.umis A. ..PS 16 K, m i a.lilin nia llonie Kxlen- sioiiAssoclation.lriiKtee loi I.\aiis. laimls. A. .. 03 16 li'm ( a)lt(irnl;i I lojno Kxten- sion jsiiciation. trustee t"! ICv.ins. l,umls A. ,.1"0 20 "" n, CalMernia. ll'ime Kxten- for i-'imloi-. \Siillei ...^Sti 2(1 ;••'.., •-I'ledlalider. Max ill 20 ••••'n- JV'ster. John -i 15 lo T.I..I. i ;;l;!4>ni!a Home ICxti-n- sum A ssi 14 -lat Ion. trustee '".'• Canlinor. H. 11. . . .210 20 20 in l a.liloriiiii Home Kxteu- sion.\s.--oclatjoii.triistr'e Callfo.mia }lome'Bxteii'-' Daflfornian. a newspaper and uubllshed in the City ot , field. Conntv of Kern. Srntc f fornla. tour in _ to Taw. weeks .successively Jtidae of the Superior <lowrc DIVIDEND NOTICE. : At an i Hoard of Dii • Oil Co. lldd : was declare'! the stock oi l i vi'inbcr 1!!, 1 comnanv. 1M ersheld, I'al. 11-2 H. Vi (let L' ineellne o/ tlio S. w. .-in* 1 liiux. a (ilvi." mr cents a «n;»p*-mi • n iiiuaiiv. oavabic .3 v . at the office of t'l.i-ster avenue. THOMAS. Secrelan* SUMMONS. ! Sunorlor C'nurt ol t'"' Stale of CSV • Ifornla. Countv of Kern. j Southern l'ad:!e Kailroml Comi 1 Plaintiff, vs. H. 11. Co-'utlHs' .Irj? • Stoilsliiiul. Henrietta -\. lloliiis. K • W. Percy. Clitvence AY. Hol.tis t'.linori. and .loliu i.Ji.c. Det'cii.liini's. i Acuou Oroii-Jlit in the .-iiiieruir CV.TTK Slate of Ctilfloir.M. In an* *«• sion A ssocfiitlon. trustee for (iii-en Alfred 27 ( alitornia Homo Extension Association, trustee ,'ot-ttreeii. Henry W. ..31' California Home Extension Association, trustee for Hiirvey. J. AI. 54 California Home Exlen- slonAssoclatlon. trustee Jor Harvey. J. M 30^ Haves & Murray &1' }]i 1 \? 8 ¥ ^illrray 11{ IV lurray 504 ,.,).,,„. vJark 398 Klifornia Home Intension Association, trustee or.Hefner. Nelson ...144 nil Mr " ' .if tin-'Slate of Calilo the County of lie :M and the , iihiint tiled In tlie office of the C" 1 2tt an ijnj said Court In t!>e said County. The I'oonle of tt.e State of nln .semi tirei'tim: to K. H. lohn 1. Stoiislaiul. Henrietta Hlvira W. Percy. Clarence (a minor), and John Doe. d 5.00 Vou me hereliv required to In an action broueht aeainst •be above-named Plaintiff, it 2M> 2.50 perlor Court of the State of t 10 16.00 in ami for the Count.v of I 20 20.00 to answer the ComnUilnf nlei Culiforni I rune IP.xten- nst< T. £M>_ 20 20.00 slonAsBocfatiQn. trustee for Hevden. Edw. T. ..] Herrman. D. M. 3 California Home Exten- 74 20 20 BlonAssocfatlon. trustee .for Herrman. D. M. ... 02 Jemnan. D. M 462 rrniau. p. M. 463 fornta JHome Bxten- 20.00 30,00 mr Herri Herri Callf — ------ ----- slon Association, trustee Jqr Herrman. A.J. ...105 20 20.00 CnJlfomm Home Ejt*en- sion Association, trustee , for Herrman. A. J. ...106 20 20.00 Calttornta Home Exlon- . .,-_jciatldn. trustee for, Herman. B. W. ...211 20 lallfornia Home Exten- glonAsBOcfatkm. trustee o 20.00 slon Association, trustee for Herman. B. W. alifornla Home __ onAsspefatlon. trustee Huodleston. Chas. 239 .....fornla Home Extension A^ssoclatlQn^r.ustee slo Jor Cnll »lon Association, trustee for Keener. J. W. .... California Home Extension Association, trustee for Keener. J. W. ---- 17 California Home Exten- 20 20.00 20 20.00 173 20 20.00 sionAssocfation.tvustee for Keeney. J. W. ---- 174 California Home Exteu- slonAssoclnti n. trustee *— " r -— Henry ... 20 20.00 Notice Is hereby given that Edwin Alderson has made application to the Board of Supervisors of Kern County, State of California, for a franchise to be granted to him (his heirs, success- I ors, or assigns) for the period of fifty : years, to erect poles and stretch wires ' and other appliances theron fo r the) purpose of conducting and transmit- j ting electricity, and electric current) for light, power, and other necccsary / and useful purposes, over, along "and j upon the streets, alleys and avenues ' of the unincorporated (own of Delano in said County of Kern, under such restrictions, and in accordance with such directions as said Board of Su- ir-ri one j pervitors shall, by proper ordinance NOTICE OF MEETING. Notice is herebv elven that (lie an- ,ual meeting of the stockholders of below named canal company for purpose of electing directors and transaction of such other business as mav be broueht before the meeting, will be hold at the office of said Com- panv. Kern Countv Lund Comnanv's office buildine. corner of 1!ith and II streets. Bakorsfield. Cullfornia. at the date and hour set onnostte the name: Kern River Oan-:'.l r rol . Chas. rol , Chas. cCartnev, Harrv McCartney. Heni California Home Intension Association, trustee " McConnell. J. S. .. Jer. Brant Californi'i H Co.. Nov. 7. I'.iOS. and Irrigating . ^ p. in. F. (!. MTNJCRR. Sec. to above named Canal Cornnajiv. Kern Countv Land Comnanv'K office luiildini.-. corner ifttli and H streets llakerstiold. Calif. 10-24 ome I xten- sionAssociaUon. trustee for Mvron Raymond ..lf>1 no cert. no cert. California" Hbnie Exten- iociatlon. trustee son. Oeo. lor Mvron itavmon Mullen. Hobt. .lr. .. Niullen. Rojit. J. .. Milieu. Hobt. J. .. for - V. Olson.l-VankA.nndCiraco 4!in •>() hi.dee. Wlllard 4, r )2 10 California Home Kxten- STOCKHOLDERS MEETING. clven that the an- kholders will Notice n? heiebv _ .... iiiial meetintr of the stockholders of Kern-Utah Oil Company will be held at tho office of .said coriioration at the sheriff's office, in tliis citv. on Thursdav. the I'.rd day o!' Iiec.enibei-, fit (lie hour of s 1 D. m.. for Die .sionAsHocintion. trustee for Peiider. Geo. M. .. S ('a)lfornfa Koine I'.xlen- Hion Association, trustee for Ilickerson. C. A. . . 1S8 California Home ICxten- sloiiA.ssocialion Inistee for Prcwitt. Ki irar I). .2::x Hose. Waller M 422 Calllornla Home lOxten- slon.AKsoclalion. trilHteo to answer the Coninlaint —„ within ten davs (exclusive of of n-rvice) after the service oa rate this summons if served within the Countv: or. if served elsewhere. In tnlrtv davs. And you are herebv notified von fail to so annenr and answer. Plaintiff will niinrv to tlie Court the relief demanded in tho Com Given under my hand and tho of the Suuerlor Court of the state "oruin. In and lor the Couatf Aueupt 14. Wm. _.. attorneys . ell Snyth. Depiitv Clerfc nger. Jr.. and D. V. Cow* DlalntllT. TAX COLLECTOR'S NOTICJE Notice Is hereby given that <*•* taxes on all personal property, tnC one-half of the taxes on all real . erty, will be due and payable oa second Monday in October, and *# be delinquent on the last Monday ** November next theraftcr, at C p. m., and unless paid prior fifteen per cent will' be added to amount thereof, and that If saW < half be not paid before the lost, day In April next, at 6 o'clock f. Ok, an additional five per cent wBt Mk added thereto. 1. That the remaining one-lit* * the taxes on all real property payable on and after the first day in January next, and will be Unguent on the last Monday !• next thereafter, at 6 o'clock IL m., and that unless paid prior five per cent will be added t» Q amount thereof. 2. That all taxes may be patf the time th first Installment, aa In provided, Is due and payable. 3. That taxes may be paid hi tM» office of the Tax Collector county courthouse between rue' ot 9 a. m. and 12 m., and 1 p. m. •) 5 p. m. Dated October 1, 1903. C. E. DAY, Tax Collector. 10-1 Kern County, Califonrtfe. ..102 of In the Superior Kern. .Slate " .. Court of tin ,-- -. ..... ...... of California. In the matter of the S.on Patterson, deceased. .Notice Is heroliv irJven.liv (hi- 'sl.-ryd iidinfnlstrator of the esi J. ,M. Patterson, deceased (o (hi of .1 20 20 2(1.00 20.0(1 leilhet&laylor FOR The best that fall offers to <--t is •-•*-i<e<? 0 . ; ) we r (•,-„.• the best apples you can pet any I T'i.:rvY'.> found, fic-od and Phone ro oicitr in today ccl ^pple: to ect this ev- 1Ttii St Phone Main 401 & JON y.i'ievt!! Directors Embalmers AMblLACNE Phone Answered Day or Night • ri'JCKTOX, Nov. 0.—Now that lock I on has cinched the California tate- League pennant for the fifth preparations are under way for txInR a ten in next year. Mana- ner Moreing is going to Oakland and nl a mass meeting made up of prom!i--.-n( liuslness and professional men, county and ciiy oinrials. cx-mayorn and wealthy farmers tonight, it was in•aiiimoiisly decided to hack outlaw ba-ebnll next season with $50,000 and put the best team in Stockton ill a i money can get. The meeting also declared positive. !y !nr outlaw ball and if the other managers In the California league stand for organized ball a new league will he fi.rnied. A committee was appointed 10 visit Pan .lose, Fresno, Sacriin:ent'> and Santa Crux at once and confer with the managers (hero, II \vii4 a roiislui: session and Stockton will i,e after the pennant again next season, In the if Kern. .1. O lion- Oil Action SUMMONS Sunerior Cmr't of ;':n Si.'iti' i'i I'-ililornia. Mnd'-ens-. P'.al.tilifr v. iii'-uiuht' in - Ooi(rt of ihe County of Kern. State of California, and the Complaint filed ' cam said County of Kern. In the nine the Clerk of said Sui)f|-|»r C'onri. The Pi-oii)e of the St-ite of California send (iri-etirur to Silver Bow Oil Comnanv. Defendant. You are horelA required to mniear in an. acti'in brought ae-alnst *vou bv the aliove-nained nlulntlff in tlie S\l- nerlor ( nurt. of Hie Countv of Kern in that behalf, provide. It is proposed to grant said franchis and sealed bids will be received there ! for, and said franchise will be award- j ed to tho highest bidder at tho time j and in the manner hereinafter set forth, namely: Sealed bids will bi> received for said franchise up to 12 | o'clock noon on Saturday, the nth day lot' net-ember, l!IOg; said bids to he (filed with tho Clerk of the Hoard of , Supervisors of Kern County, California, at his olflce in tho court house of 'said county in the City of Ralierxfli Id, California, and the successful bidder ' for said franchise, and his awnk'ns. must, during the life of said franchise, <pay to the County of Kern 2 per ci nt of tho gross annual receipts of the person, partnership, or corporation to whom said franchise is awarded, arU- ing from its use, operation, or pus. session. No percentage shall IIP paid for tho first five years succeeding (lie date of the franchise. Each seal' d bid must lie accompanied by cash or a certified check payable to the Trf-a-v urer of said County of Kern for Ihf full amount of such bid, and nb R"- 1 'ed bid will be considered unless snid .cash or check is enclosed therewith; | and the successful bidder shall deposit 'at. least 10 per cent of the amount "f Silver lU i s 1)1(l wlth tho County Clerk of paid County of Kern before such franchise shall be struck off to him. Said bids will lie opened and considered on Monday, the 7th day of Peer rn her, 19.0S, at 10 o'clock, a. m., ami faid franchise will he struck off, sold and awarded to the person, firm, or corporation who shall make the hlglii-st cash bid therefoi ; provided on'.y that nurnoso ot '.lectlnL-- ilin-ctnrs for the for Schlueter Kred W.' TS i eusiilrnr vear. and tor Ihe tiMiisactimi I Scbroeder IJobt r>:','J 2 '. ' ; -iK-li i-t -;-i- HM-ln'-^i? us may uroner- i Sterllnc. J. U. 505 Iv come lie ore. t he nieciinp. '.SfrlliiL' (jeo. \V 11 in KI.OII .1. T. A. linker. KWI t.Y. President Superior ' "1 of; ASSESSMENT NOTi^E Oakland Oil and .AsnbiiltTini Com iian.v. Location of '.irlncinal ulace ni ljusines.«. O.-ili).,iid. California Notice Is hereliv n|ven that at a regular nif-ftlna of tli». lv»;in) O f nirerlors held on tlie ifith dav of Oetober inns an'iit of one rein t>«r sliare was levied unon tin- sutiHcribeil fanital stork of i lie corporation icivaMe immediately in I uited St lite... i-rdd eoln to (lie serrelarx- lit !-.-|iil ' 'f)p(l ua.'l \ . 'it its= t'f'lee. i-ooiii 7i. at ii'n'r llroadwav. in the <'it-.- of Oakland. California. .Miv slock uni'ii which ihis iissi-ssiiuMil -liiill rein-:!'! uiijiii'l mi !!ir 17f)i ilav of .Niueiiilier, I'.ms. \\i\\ l,e ileHlHiHetit :'iid i(dverils-"d for sal'' at iribiir ,1110- lion, and unle-« irn'inent Is :n:n!c I'e- lore, will In- .-'j|r| on Alondav. (lie 1'lst diiv "i li'-ceinlicr. to nay Hu- ile- llnniieni a.s.~e:,siiK nl. toteilier wii'i ilie (ivsis of adyeriis-iri!,' and exuen^es of I"-u:i .1. KNXIS. Secivar\-. NOTICE. To whom it mnv ccinceru:-- Notice is hereliv tilven that we. the nii'ler- sluned. have tins lili.h dav of Octolior, HIII.X. enii-rerl into articles of auree. mem and co -partnership for the nur iiosc ot conducting a ncneral merchaii- ilis4- and sture-keiMiint; liusiness at and In the Town of .\lpjav4-. Countv of Isi-i'li ami State of California, umli-r tin- firm name and stvli- uf the- "Molave Mercantile Company." D;il4-<l itiis dav of October. I'.mR. .. . ... . ' if H. ,l : \l\\.\., at Moi.-i California Home Kxten- si4)ii Association, trustee for Terrell.. Daniel R . .aOO C.-illlnniia Homo Kxten- s!i >u A us toe tor Tlft. H'irt Trodueu. Keulion V.;. Tramh-n. Itnchi n 1-'. ...r>:!i Warrecker.Otlo -t:|l 20 20.00 2 M !iD 1'n 10 L'u •>(! (lO 2H,Illl 10.HII 4 \> >*".'. - ...', v>. IIIVT estjiiK f. ,M. Patterson, ileceasoil (o (Ira ami itors ol. and all persons h«vil claims aualnst the said defeat exhiliit tlii-ni with the upt. youcliers within four months ah., first nuldication of this notice t* administrator at the law office lhomas_ Scon. No. 1509 liuihlilu:. corner ('hestw -t. in tho Cltv • ,. . . ountv of Kern. St.; alitornia. the same lu-lnu tlie for tho transact Ion of buslnoi "• s l\"!' i u ^ s;li ', 1 l<<1| '» r oi ""\ Dated October \:\. H'OK , , . . KOMI-IUT PA'LMRH . .»dli,iii,:-!:-;.in; ul Ihe U.-itiil'.- of PiHi-rsnn. DeceaK(*d .J'lionia--. Sciitt. ailonn>y for 4-sl •• • •• ' * i ,-M 11 • 111 1111111 g-5 1 -' nue and ~iw\\ 2.50 kerslleld. Cr C *.. 1 i 4',, .1.. t ., . I Ci(llfornia Homo Rxten- sion.\ssoi:ia|i4)ii. tril.Stee for Williams. Mrs. C. P. II California Home Rxl/'ii- sloti Assoi'ia I inn. t rilHt''4» for U'nlodai'akv. Alovcr 202 California Hume Kxten- ulrin .> :• :4iei:iH'iti. trustee i >- "i -".-I i i Ii :!17 10 in,nn •.!••'• nidi law ami an o ' ", :•-; n'.' liirei-tors made 4in tlje L'.itO dav i '. .'.ut'iiKt llillS. so llialiv shares of. each unreel of such stock as inav lie 114-cessarv \\'\\\ he S4)hl at public auction at the ofllce of tin- secretary of the comtmnv on the 2oth dav ot October. )!Mi8. at. tho hour of 10 a. in. of said day. to nay na|d di-liiHiMent n^sessnient thereon, toiM'th- er with costs of advertlslui; and <;.\- Di-nses of Male. Al,l<'l{|-;f) fi. .JORDAN. Secy. Wasco. Kern County. Cal. UK! DOG LICENSE NOTICE. Notice |s hereby inven sons ownlnir and koenlii:- Ihe limits of the City oi that, l.ici'ii-r. '1'ima tor II--. are IID\V ie >.\\ for dellvi (Ice of tin- Cltv Clerk. In f of Proiluei-rs Saviriqs Hank Hill and on aficr the lath dav of Isal ;jrv. I will proceed |4> luipoimn td dims tiiiimi niiinim,' on the streets 1tet the vein- liiii's. ' < 1SL if, S! n , i r •'• '^ f' 0 ^'. Poundma«lor. Dated .lanilarv ',». HillS. NOTICE In ill. TO CREDITORS. I'OSTI'ONKMKNT Couni v 111 thi A. Siiiir Nollci bimenor Court in and fur ilfc it Kern, ^tiite of Califormts OK(ale of Rs Nollci' of -sale of the 10-27 . . . Resldintr at Moiave'. CalUornla. Bakersfield Iron Works Oil Weil Tools and Supplies PHONES MAIN 29 AND 230-L, M AND 24 STREET -in DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. Fourth Extension tVater Comijanv. Un:ation,ot nrinclnal place of luisiiness, ttfiKco. horn Countv. California. , .Notice.- - ; i hevi are d'liiuuu-nt upon the followlni; described stock, on «c- couiit of asHeKHiiK.-ut (No. nnel levied on the 2nth day of Auuust. 1!id8' the sevc-rul anirniiHs set opposite the naiiies of the restioctivt} shareholders, as follows: .. I'ist of Khiireholiict'B with No. of cer- j tint-ate. No. of shaves ami amount due' ; ^^.. No. No. I Name • en. Shs. Arnt. ; California Home Kx-cn- | stonAssoelation.trustee i for August Andersdii - ames I',. Amli-rson .... James Is. Anderson .... : i,:(lliornia Home Kxt<-n- ! si4>nAss4)cj,-n jiin.tnisiee I for .1. K. Aiuli-i ,-un .... i Ban.:er. John ! Ueanl. Thos. C.-n. . -y. | - i i JiecKett. Alice M ;.|!" L-,, >'- Hi-nnelt. Mrs. Sarah . :;-i> ;n ]IM l';|li;oriiia HOIIK- Kxiejj. HloiiAssoelatlon. i'- ! i*n-e tor Ilowf-r. Sanjin 1 . . ',',<', "', " Caliiiirnia ftntne ivxieii' nlon \.s-ocia 1)1»!,."*!'ii•-'.'-!"» for Hnu'er. Samm ! ... 71 In HII Cijllfornla HniiKi K.v! slon As-ociatinn, trn.- foi- liri^us. WUITPII Caster. John A f,'' 1 - "ii California Home Kxten- slou A BSqcfa1i"n. trustee for CnaleB Hezc-klah . &9 10 Cull fornla Home Kxlen- i / --a.trwitee Ol till ii. deceased, is hereliv i;iveii || V »he IH hd-ebv Hvnn that tho iU.te!nF'rVm l «v l .{'."^l:i!;'"!j;: ( ,;!|; s !] ( f '(* (;l delliHinent stock-| cn-ilitiirs of. and all ii(>r«(>ns' UM Fourth Kxtennlon Water I ••'aluis airainst the said deceasi-ft Cpnuiaiiv has been postponed until j .'.'.V. 111 .! 11 '"<:!>.'. with tin 'I'hiirsday. November l',». 15)08. at 10 o'clock, a. m. i Hv order of the Board of Directors.! Dated October 10, 1H08. ! Al.KHIJD k JOflDAN. Sec. \\dfco. Horn Countv, Cul. u? of ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE. In the Superior Court of the Countv alifornia. Kern. . In the matter of the aiinllcation of the Hii'lnnt DrivliiK Park Association. a eoi'Doritiim, to cbant'c Its name to "K4-rn County Atrricultiiral Association." It satisfactorily aiim-arliu.' to me thai th(> "Iliidnijt Iirivini' l':ii''< A«K'ic;a- i tloti." has tiled t:-i , I to rlioiit'o Its name I Auriculiiiral A.-'Soci ! said a|iplicalfon or ih a - • • - - - •••»-•*»-»«t*«j»» \i\ iinn IHMH', '••/ i iii; '1 administrator at tin- office nt Mai|))i-w S. Phil? rooms « ami : sC ;he ( oiiklin Hulhiini; in the eiu •& Htikersfield. Connlv of Kern. Stuic -if' ( allfornl'i. the <<aiue lieini: Ihe \>\W tin- Hie iralisactlon of business ul Mwtl estate in said Kern county. Administrator oi liu- KstuVc'o' Klnllv A Siiurlln. Decc«Hci; Matthew s. Plat/., attorney for vs.-- tniiiisiiaiiir. I)ate uf llrst publication Novehi 1 . 1 -' lo. 1!.nv. )) ," by ,-) jii.ij'irit v '. said "llndnut D i tliin," and that .' .'''I -Ilud!e illoll to "Kern Countv tlnii." ami that n ijiion In slmi'-i] • ,|i tors of (he •-'. Park AsMicIa- Ma- of lill-in 2'i N0Tc OF ASssSMENT Oil C'o .siilllcienl r 11 a ! i: i • of t nil:: tnl' '!, Mi inn !iann(- .-lion, mnanv Princliial i»li>r- •s, onip on N. I-;, v, B4.i-itii». l4iwns|iin .;;: Smith. HaiiL'e 'Jls (ii*; KCI ii i 'mint', ('alti'ornla. Noilce is ln-ri by flveii that -,i» V ini-4 -iiitu ot the lioat'il of Din-dor; :• l he .\1:, i lit Oil f'oinnanv, a r-i,-(/i i ii'-n. In III 'Hi the l-'lftli da\' of (')i-to(i' !'" - ;;ii as--esvnieiit of (i'e ccntu .n- f ^'-•|" > H'a.^ Ii-l'f4'i| Illioil I he I,(VJ'> - ' nriiir.-atioti. na'.;\lir r. >c| /-la j 1 -• r»t' 1 1! »" '•' anch ofllcr H i.s In !. ' Inir of tie- iialiio in !!'.< all'l tile Sald-'v. the fit a: in o'' lnr iiartliienl 41111 in Ihe ''mini '•aJlfo.iniii , m! -n • ini-r Third r.'iiii'oi tl.i N liic Noveinlii a In. ul K::|I| dav • ai |t ; - i ourl riiniii i colllt house. l!at-i ml t!ial any iiii<l at i|-- ;ii . SOPH interesled In said mailer to Inand alinear before Ihiti cnurt at the tlnif! ami place iii'mesiald. and then Hiiil ttMjre show causn. If anv, the.v have ,. . . why tho unpllcation for the clianiin of 10.00name of the. said conwratlon should not be erantfrd. and It IK further ordered that a couv of this order lo show i.r inns, \vili i (i-'t-il for s-.-ii I llliles-J ii.i i- :> ill In- Mil'l l;i 'ii, !, i-i\ Ilins Iii na i---tn/>nt. lot'eil V4-rtlsiivj; and e\ i 1 - !i.'-!t»- .- :.\ !)D>! i IVH-nt k | I1>|» S(S v the At- tiHiiur \\ . .»(. \> . V I .1 'S\\rij.. 4if Ma.-cot Oil Cnmiinnv. Oi (Ice. rdnrii -IKi Cltlxen'x K Bank hnlhllmr. corner Thir .\faln streets. Lou tiiu. '-OH Anuelos. v. tii

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