The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee on May 17, 1881 · 2
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The Tennessean from Nashville, Tennessee · 2

Nashville, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 17, 1881
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American people u f all in the world may be trusted to smile contemptuously upon this Ppoiled-child business They will take them at their own estimate as unfit to werve longer IF Ár Conk ling thinks the Atnerican people are going to be lost mad-ring contemplation of his resignatory coup d'etut be will think differently of it when he finds them emitemplating with admiration rather Blaine a 641: which kicked hint t) it MR CURRI1( as an ahle lawyer ought to have known that there h4 an unfortunate unity about a conspiracy a hich render it extremely dzing-crou for ono party to tb to confess upon another he can do Po beneath the safeguard of State 's evidence Unfortunately there is no Statevidence in politic a and Ntr Conklines testimony has sufficed to convict kith him and the for political instead 'of tiovernment ends Tua Northern Republicans tintl a conaiderable class of people in the South who got their first education in war who have been forced out of an eivy indolent life by the necessities of the times since the war silo are learning new ideas of manhood and independence Seeing thi: musrh sem! of thern appear to favor all i anoe with that class to render them assistant &nee '114 them look closer and they will find that the FiteceFs of that clam tinder present conditions with pment leadership and present views would destroy them and everybody e!se an all intereots North and South Tiny are engaged in their Frd great battle in the political world and social world too for that mat ter but they are now finding in the world around them that foe to their progress - and elevation which exists solely wihin themselves l'srliaps it may he said that exterior conditions growing out of slavery and the iscal srtem of slavery onee stood in their way but now thcir way is clear if they but take it and aid or syinp'ratity accordtd ls fore they have learned that important truth and ceased to wage war upon etablishrd principles of social order of law ot industry of right and wrong bvfotti they have teased to war upon the riulis1 others w ill not only he misplacel but riiinoti4 to dic country The NI alioncA arc btt c1r-h leadrs IliiiL r-ckle- madmen 113oe condition not th ! hest and who are ye: takinLz the very st l A 11eh ttonhl drafy !her - dnwn and 111 leN ate Omni-eh EP V--- THE IRATI ROIst0E The Revised Statutes of the United States say sec 17: "When during the session of the Legislature of any State a vacancy occurs in the representation at such State in the Senate similar proceedings to fill such vacancy shall be had on the second Tutsday after the Legislature is organized aud la MY notice of such vacancy" That i the Legishture shall elect ma provided in the preceding erection when the vacancy occurs when the Legislature is not in session The section is awkwardly worded when it would have been tos easy to be clear For the present case it is sntlicient to Ray that the Legislature now in session ill elect successors to Platt and Conkling as they well knew when they resignelL or if it should adjourn withont electing they know that Cornell will reappoint thtw if they desire it Such resignal ions are unusual if not unprecedented on account of differences of opinion amongst Senators and it is this makes such action childish The State kends its representaOvert to the Senate to represent its views to do the best for it after comparison of views and finding out what is best for all and if after comparison and study there are antagonisms and they are F trougly opposed they are to contend strongly When the majority is against them they are to submit There is no ease we can conceive el I n which Senators should resign because they are beaten in the Senate There is a ditlerence of opinion as to w hether a St nator should resign when instructed by the Ifrgislat ore of his State In a matter w here he cannot obey the instructions Perhari the better ()pinion is that he should vote his sentiments and appeal to the people at the next election The man who resigns because be cannot have his own Way in a body where that mnst be the ease daily as to many and thaP too upon a mere qttestion of patronage exhibits himself as an overgrown boy Ile i placed there to do his duty in adversity and in sunshine and never to leave unlms when he feels that he cannot discharge his duty by reason of differences not with the South but with his own people If Mr tonkling resigned in order to be approved it would have been accepted that Cornell approved that the Legislature would re-e:ect him It would be however the sante Legislature which approved the appointment of Robertson which elected Platt which has obeyed Conkling implicitly in local affairs If the appeal is to the people it is a very absurd appeal and the more so if Mr Conk-ling supposes the present Legislature will be taken for the people At the most if he should find his action approved in a new popularelection it would be only the opinion of New York and 3f States 74 Senators might stand the othiir way and then the spoiled boy frotn New York would have to resign again and so on until resigning might become chronic with New York Senator- PossinimiEs OF AMERICAN DEVELOPMENT It IA strange how some people wait tin-tit the moving world runs over them and I crushes them before they will ever understand that it is moving at all It is safe to say that at least nine-tenths of the people of this country have little faith in Mexico as a field for enterprise and little belief in the future effect of Mexican development upon this country When one looks back a century and sees a handful of people occupying a strip of Atlantic coast and reflects that the gigantic stride across the continent has been taken within one hundred years that the great territory of Louisiana was added that Florida was acquired that Oregon became ours that California and all the territory of the Mexican conquest became the property of the United States it becomes still more a matter of wonder that any man can doubt the destiny of this country When the value to the United States of the territory acquired is known and acknowledged it becomes St ill owns a matter for wonder that any one can doubt the value of the great commercial movement into Nlexico our history soggests but one doubt and that is whether the methods of the United States have become those of peaceful and commercial extention of mere influence or whether they may not be floe of compiest anti istree That we are henceforth to he a peaceful commercial people we think not at all doubtful With the end of slavery the im-enLive to conquest and acqui-dtion of - - Tha -- aim at now is pecuniat7 advantages the profits of commerce without the expenses of war We have grown prudent and thrifty eareful in developing our resources cautious and economical eager to find markets where we can make the most of them at the least cost to ourselves and in railway extension cementing close ties of commerce an mutual interchange we find more profit them in conquest In all this broad country there is scarcely a handful in laver of conquest while the great majority of the people of the United states oppose any acquisition of territory where our interests clearly lie in quite other relations with our weak neighbors The development of Mexico will furnish the United States for fifty years a market which will atrord them the profits that always accrue to those who triule with a people that have not acquired their own stage of developwent and civilization When they have advanced to a point here that is no longer the case we -hail enjoy with them the mutual benefits which accrue to nations which trade with each other upon an equal footing The question of ac luisition of territory is not one ion present consideration by the people of either country It is sufficient fur both that thcre is nut only no desire for such an issue but a positive opposition on the part of the great majority of the people of both countries to any such con Insion In the far future if it -hotild ennIP about it will Ie when both hesrtily dtsire it auI the interests aud civilization CONKLINti REsitiNED Mr Conkling deft:mot in his effort last summer to nominate kraut and secure control of patronage in 'New York declined to support tarfield until assured of a chance at spoils Angtied at a personally offensive appointment he formed a league with Southern repudiators endeavored to array the Eepublican Senators in hostility to the President to shear the executive office of its constitutional prerogatives Ilefeated in his effort to create an irresponsible oligarchy of the Senate depriving the country of any personally rentonsittle appointing power he hat resigned not upon any great and vital question but upon defeat in a matter of mere patronage and machine polities and that too when it can never he the duty of a Senator to resign unless it be when be finds himself at issue with his own conAittlenta npon some vital question The President has gained a great victoy for the Constitution but Mr Conkling goes tt repair the machine to engage in war to place himself at the head of the stalwart Republicans It will not do to consider this the end of Conk-ling in politics The public will consider this action either tha of an arrogant man smarting under disappointment or an attempt to gain the advantage on a mere question of patronage The result will be to throw together the Mahone repudiators of the South and t he stalwarts of the North against the conservative element of both sections I of both demand it It will not prevent or hasten that event for' the United States to neglect the fieid of Mexican development or for Mexico to refuse to be civilized Indeed looking at the matter from their own standpoint of opposition to American unity the Mexicans may well fear that their State of semiCiViliZSCWEI alone gives ground for apprehension Civilization would perhaps remove the only danger of American aggression 11 along with opposition to conquest and annexation there is a feeling that events may render such i conclusion necessary it is only because Mexico ir uncivilized anti unable in her present F tate to discharge the duties of an enlightened nation towards an enlightened people As to the quest:on whether fifty millions of civilized and enlightened people at a stage of civilization relatively and comparatively the highest on earth will or not teach and civilize eight millions lying near them and closely connected with them by mutual interests nut the slightest doubt need be entertained The very nature of the questiun determines the issue THE END OF THE REPUBLICAN PART Just after the election when the Republicans were expessing great confidence that they had won the final victory which established their party forever when many Democrats were either giving up in despair or openly porclainting independence and critittising Democracy as a wooden-headed blunderer we ventured to take quite a different view of the situation nod to assert th-at neither the confidence of the victor nor the despair of the vanquished created fit condition or disposed to the calm frame of mind necessary for the consideration of the actual state of a trai rs We then asserted that before the end of two year this stoning stroeg party actually strong in nothiug but a certain close organization for the purpose of obtaining and holding on to the spoils would find itself hopelessly split into contending factions and past into final and utter disorganization Criticism of Democratic blunders of which it has committed enough as most parties composed of human beings do declared a healthy process provided it were not done in despair and cowardice anti were not carried to criticism of truth along with falsehood In considering a moribund party we do not concern ourselves as to when it will die but only to know that it will (lie and to await its demise calmly The present situation of the Republscan party shows how little value were the fears of the despairing and the confident braggadocio of the victor No party Wa3 ever so helplessly and hopelessly torn by factional disturbance so beslimed and befilthed and shown up as the fool corrupt honeycombed thing it is From the Presidential center out to the remotest star route its hollers agents understrappers first second and third rate all are shown to be a mere ring for the securing and division of spoils money and honors socalled ready to bargain intrigue promise offices for influence pledge and use inthience for offices in utter violation of every principle of republican government and pure administration We call the attention of the conservative Republicans of the North who vote for support and do not belong to this ring that there is no evil principle engendered in the South which will compare with this in magnitude and baneful effect upon society anti government The worst that has ever been charged a determined hostility to the negro is but an attack upon a race which has but a small place in this country at the best while this is an attack upon the entire social and political fabric under which all white and black North and South have to live To halting Democrats in the South to the despairing poor souls who require to be solaced and encouraged by a little success and perhaps a taste of office now and then we ask them to pause lest they grow faint just at the wrong moment We make no prediction as to the precise outcome or the manner and form of it but we do take this exposure anti the recent fiasco and all that has come out of it and flowed front it to assure the American people that all Conkling-Mahonism all stalwartism all bloody-shirt politics all centralization ideas all war prejudices all war passions all Northern and Southern Es' torbonism all carpet-bagism all the evil relics of war and war politics all paraphernalia of corrupt and desperate party warfare all that is not compatible with pure government and trite nationalism will be laid finally acd forever asleep in the next election "Fate (lie anti none resign" was not said of Conkling and Platt but if they think this is a shrewd movement they will be disabused of that opinion when they find the verdict of the public taking two directions neither complimentary Some will view it as the spoiled-baby action which would natural flow from Conkling's pettish arrogant dictatorial style others as a cheap piece of sensational would-be smartness which is not smart at all Only two ix rsons in the world will see in it devotion to duty and the attitude of profound statesmanship—Mrs Platt and Mrs Sprague Tito!:4: two whipped children Conkling and Platt have taken their spanking like badly spoiled little boys and got angry and broke their Senatorial combined whistle and rattle so that it won't rattle any more until it is repaired Now it would serve them right if the New York Legislature should turn their combined whistle and rattle over to some of their unspoiled brothers or even some of their little Republican sister-4 would do better titan thy into a passion and break their toys in that way Any two of their strong winded sisters would afford an agreeable contrast skw Books t have just brought out two new stories that will be in demand if for no other reason because of the justly earned fame of their authors The first is entitled "The Amours of Phillippe" by Octave Feuillet and the other "The fled Hill Tragedy" by Mrs E D E N Southworth The Peter-sons have also just published new editions of all Mrs F H Burnett's earlier stories that first brought her name and fame and which originally appeared in Peteyvan's 31t9Tvine They are entitled "Kathleen" "A qutet Life" "Pretty Polly Pemberton" "Theo" "Mist Crespigny" 'odarl's Daughter" and "Lindsay's Luck" The Southern Methodist Publishing House has just brought out a new work by Bev A ttictis G Haygood D D entitled "Our Brother in Black: Ilk Freedom and His Future" It discusses fairly but vigorousl3 questions that concern both races and all sections of the country While pouring caustic on fanaticism and prejndice the philosophical treatment of this delicate question will commend the book to the patriotism and good sense of the people North and South To give it a wide sale it is published simultaneously in Nashville and New York Norarrnstsantx the efforts made to diminish election expenses in England they remain enormousc 31r Courtney member of Parliament has been computing the cost of the last general election Here are a few santples: City of London $75- 0100 Greenwich over 5300t00 Southwark i75ittr0 South Essex $1001000 Nliddlesex eittuuo Yorkshire over $)0: Dutham $23000) (one candidate paid $4kt- 0110:) Montgomeryshire $10000n Here is iv9700F0 among 3olue half dole!' co-stitnenotes after all the reforms of the priA fifty years!' And Mr Courtney remarks that tinfoetinately it has become LOU evident that in many cases the official return of expenditure represents lint a pertion of WM DAILY AMERICAN NASHVILLE TUESDAY MAY 17 1881 CONKILINWS VERACI I Y Kole Ho Mid a Faisebood sed Trusted to Ike Esereey of sit Executive bete sloe to Preteet M The Washington correeponident of the Cincinnati GaAte thus tells the story of Mr Conk ling's lack of veracity The occasion was the noted debate over punishing the witnesses White and Rama-deli for refusing to tell who gave them a copy of the Treaty of Washington The Senate in executive sesion had pase-ed a resolution ordering an investigation into the premature publication of the treaty The newspapers had charged Mr Conk-ling and the late Senator Carpenter with originating the inquiry It was well known that this was true although their action had been in secret session Mr Conk ling SMARTIN UNDER THE sumte of nearly the entire press of the country and trusting to the veil which is thrown over executive sessions stood up in open session and in the presence of his associates who knew the resolution of inquiry to have been his denied to the galleries and to the country that he and Air Carpenter had taken action in this matter On this point rising toa personal explanation he said: Mr Conkling—Mr President The matter before the Senate as seen by the public has been beclouded and encumbered with allegations so unfounded as to merit correction Some of these inventions relate to me and were they wholly personal in their effect no notice of them here would be appropriate They relate however to acts done if done at alt in my representative character and nothing is plainer than the duty of a representative to hold himself responsible at all times to his constituents and to answer to them for all public or otheial acts I th(refore improve thisopportunity to say something of toy connection with the pending inquiry meaning and wishing to take the whole responsibility of every part of my Participation in it The investigation was NOT StAitiRSTED OR ORRINATED BY ME or by the Senator from Wisconsin It originated in executive session and therefore under the rules of the Senate I ant at linerty to say only that the betrayal of I he treaty and the need of an investition aire not brought to the notice of Senate by the Senator from Wisconsin r by me Indeed I heard for the first time in the Senate that an alleged copy of the treaty had been made public The statement was node that a newspaper in Cincinnati and a newspaper in New York bad published it This was the day after the publication and was toy first information on the subject I had seen neither paper and did not see either until the committee had been raised to investigate nor had I ever heard a suspicion of the hand or means by w high the document found its way to the public THERE ArPRE EVIDENCE3 or SURPRISE on the face of the Senators at this brazen statement and the correspondents who knew it to be fa?se watched the course of the debate closely to see whether it would be allowed to pass unchallenged Some fifteen minutes alter Crinkling had spoken Henry Wilson came in and as the debate was proceeding on the resolution which had been introduced to discharge the witnesses he at once took part He had not heard Mr Conkling and the startling ellect of his words can well be imagined when he said: Mr President we have had an investiga- tion The honorable Senator front New York (Mr Conkling) prepared the resolntion It was introduced by the honor- able Senator from Wisconsin Mr Carpenter Mr Carpenter—I call the gentleman to order lie has no right to discuss what took place in executive session Mr Wilson—I beg pardon for that Mr Conkling was in the cloak-room at this moment tme of his friends went In hastily and told him of the exposure Mr Wilson had made of the secrets of the executive session Mr Conkling appeared and stepped quickly to his seat and sat down ahnost as white as marble while the eyes of most of the Senate and all in the galleries were fastened upon hint Ile sat for live minutes pale with lout-treed lips and with rage written—M-Iover his face When he arose it was as if in the chamber of death He scented to feel that tie stood convicted before the audience Then followed an attack upon Wilson for revealing the secrets of the executive session PiTA NIL El' 11AT-1'11E11'S I he Supreme Court Dettrodett by Rio Contirmotion New York Commercial Bulletin The real significance of the Senate's confirmation of Mr Stanley Matthews as a Supreme Court Judge is not in connection with its party relationship but in the fact that a power has arisen la the country tehicit is strong enough now to orertwar brith the great political parties and right in the teeth of an opposing popular opinion and of every dictate of propriety to compel those two parties as occasion may require to do their bidding Party spirit party lines party policy and party principles in times past have been prett:- tightly drawn and pretty well defined in this country but the new power we speak of has brushed then all away as easily ai if they were spiders' webs It has overborne them all and achieved success as it were at aeingle bound Philadelphia Times The nomination of Stanley Matthews to the CM ted States Supreme Court was simply one more step in the degradation of that tribunal which has been in protess since ts70 That he actually received a majority vote in the Senate on his confirmation even though it were only a majority of one is proof that a sort of moral dry-rot has taken hold of some of the public men of the country without consideration of party and that the old-fashioned idea of our highest judicial body has undergone a decided change for the worse To see Stanley Matthews don the robe and go upon the bench will be the saddest thing yet witnessed by those who have watched with pain the gradual degradation Of the bench 1V--- IUNDS' THREAT Be Will Retire from the Judiciary Committee ir Chandler la Confirmed —Nor Would Illael'eagh Ecnial R the Cabinet astlingtou swcial to the Mine Tim The sensation inSenatorial circles to-day was the speech of Senator Edmunds in the Republican caucus this morning The caucus was not very largely attended on account of the extreme heat of the day After the caucus adjourned Senators were very reticent about the proceedings or else said nothing of interest took place It was °thy at a late hour this evening that the Times correspondent learned the real facts of the case in spite of the seal of secrecy that has been put on everyone The original cause of the trouble was the consideration of the nomination of William E Chandler Hale LI Maine acting for Mr Blaine was vehenient in his demands that the Republican Senators should rally to the support of Chandler He pointed out the fact that the D mocratic Senators were nearly goiid against Mr ('handier He thought that this fact Ought to be enough to show the Republicans their line of action Then by insinuations Mr Hale made an A" 1s2o emzw eLa 1 swge -mor - M MEE alleging that it bad been biased in its oe-4 tion by a desire to gratify the personal spite of Mr Cookling This was not atated in so many words but the inference was obvious This sort of talk brought ont Senator Edmunds He electrified the caucus by stating that he for one would resign his seat from the Judiciary Committee if Chandler is confirmed The Senate had gone far enough in challenging the intezray of the actions of the committee If the Senate proposed to steadily ignore the advice of this committee for personal and partisan reasons it had better disband at once He bad his resignation ready and should Chandler be confirmed in the face of the report against him be would insist upon hie resignation being accepted Senator Edmunds then in his most bitter and sarcastic fashion reviewed CHANDLER'S POSITION AT THE CAPITAL No one recognizes him as a lawyer lie is a bold tinwropulous lobbyist—a man of ability bit notorious from his close relations with nearly every prominent job ever brought before Congress To put him in the high °film of Solicitor General would be in effect to piace the Department of Justice at the disposal of the most powerful rings in the country Charitable must be the man who would suppose that Williatu E Chandler would be in any too much baste to prosecute his former "clients" Mr Edsounda says that Chandler's nomination was also aa 'TWIT TO THE ATTORNEY UENERAL - who certainly would not remain in the Cabinet if be should be confirmed Quite 1 a number of people said the Vermont Senator are suppoted to be in danger of indictment if the present Attorney General remains in the Cabinet Perhaps for that reason there is so much anxiety in the lobby to get rid of hint Senator Edmunds then proceeded to speak of the ork of the Judiciary COMM! ttet It was a uoo-partisan committee Every member felt that it was the court of the Senate for the trial of everything relating to pnrely judicial que--tions in the Senate The committee was very jealous of its approval of judicial nomination& It wm the earnest desire of this committee to consider every nomination before it upon the basis of actual merit When such t man as ebandler was brought before it for the high and honorable position of Solicitor General it was only in keeping with the committee to REJECT in the most unqualified manner So bad was the character of the man sad so illy fitted was be even to be mentioned in connection with the place and he for one would not brook the insult of his confirmation Further discussion upon the subject was postponed to the next caucus What with the Democrats' objection and the Republican objections developed to-day Chandler has no more chance of being confirmed than he has to become an angel of light NO STIR ROUTE MONET FOR HANCOCK Baltimore S MIL Gen William B Franklin of Connecticut who took an active part in furthering the nomination of Gen Hancock at Cincinnati says the whole amount ot money expended passed through hie bands and was paid by personal friends of Gen Hancock The whole number of contributors was less than a half dozen and the whole amount contributed was precisely $1250 Of this amount WO were expended for rent of headquarters two small parlors in a small hotel $100 were paid for 30000 badges absorbing nearly all the proper-sized and colored ribbon in Cincinnati making a corner in ribbon and $315 were paid for banners portraits printing placartiv and telegraphing The remainder stir' was left in tien Franklin's hands and was turned over by him to one of the Democratic Nationai committees during the campaign only one of the contrib utors was in political life and the name of 10 One of them has been connected with the star route or any other scandal Gen Franklin rays: "When we saw the brilliant parades and displays and the splendid quarters of our rival aspirants for the 1131111111116011 our marts sank within us but the very poverty of our surroundings was waielp to us reminding the delegates who visited us and beard what we bad to say of the days when simplicity and absence of show was a sign of true Pennsylvania Democracy" This with a recent letter of similar rurport from ex-Senator Wallace of Pennsylvania certainly thoroughly explodes the recently published statements which sought to attribute the nomination of Clem Hancock at Cincinnati IA) money put afloat by star route contractors - EMMET IN THE HOSPITAL: Suffering with Incipient Delirium and the English People Ignorant of it-- Booties Vain Appeal - The New York Everting Te legraut has the following front Liverpool: J K Emmet's unfortunate condition excites considerable discussion here For the first three or four days after his arrival at the Washington Temperance Hotel in'this city he kept hard at work in his roonts preparing for his reason at the Alexandra Theatre Then he becatue unsettled and began to drink to excess On Mohday last just before the performance in Wilk!) be was to open the season he was in a condition that made it very doubtful whether he could appear at all Mr Saker the lessee of the theatre and others in to get him Sobered suthciently to gj through the performance which he did matisfactoritly The next night he was missing aithough all the artilts of the company were waiting for him The management was in despair On Tuesday afternoon Mr McDougal the proprietor of the hotel vkited Emmet in his rooms and took with hint Mr R T 11toth and American temperance lecturer who was staying at the hotel prior to railing for New York They bad an affectionate interview and it was a pitiable sight to see the actor Booth urged upon him to reform and sign the pledge -I've done it thousands of times" whined the wretched Emmet He seemed to be in great trouble that his boy who had accompanied him before was not with hint this time and he was very revere on his wife for taking his son away All this time he was crying and throwing his arms about wildly Seeing that nothing could be done with hint Mr McDougal and Mr Booth withdrew On Wednesday he was worse having got more drink The manager of the house finding reasoning vain and ineffectual resolved to try a rise de guerre He sent a gouple of sturdy fellows to the hotel and by a subterfuge induced Emmet to accompany them in a cab to the Work-house Hospital where he was placed in one of the lunatic wards Here he received every attention front the surgeons who found him suffering from incipient delirium The public knew nothing about these facts as the theater people itaptyery close about the affair THIC PRIME MINISTER OF GREECE M Conmoundouros whose name and whose views so often crop up in dispatches from Athens has had a very remarkable career At the end of the last century his family were the Chiefs of Mania whose inhabitants had always preserved their freedom and independence Counioundouros betook himself to Athens to pursue his studies but be distinguished himself rather as a leader of his fellow pupils than by severe application While thus engaged the (4 etans broke out into revolt To Crete he went where he fought and was wounded He was conveyed to hia home and as soon as he was cured of his wounds he returned to Athena to continue his studies On their completion he settled in a provincial town and remained there until ta-56 when he W83 tient to Athens as a Peputy There he speedily made his capacity as a leader of men felt He was chosen President of the Chamber and a few days later become a Minister bince then helms been the acknowledged head of the party of action but it was not until 180 that- he took a leading part in foreign affairs Manv stories art told of his fearless courage Once an old soldier who had been dismissed from some small pose determined to kill him The would-be assassin waited for him at the door of the Ministry and on his appearance raised a loaded pistoaand pointed it at him Conmoundonros rushed forward snatched the pistol from he inane band and held him until thearrival of the guard Finding on inquiry that injustice had been none to the man he reinstated him a few days later in the post from which he had been dismissed Here is another story: When Otho had been expelled routuoundottros and his friends made prisoner Lootsakes the Colo-net of a regiment that wss acting against them A report reached the regiment that Leotsakes had been killed and they managed to seize on Couceoundou:ot in order to slay him Nothing dinnted Couniountiouros pretended to regard himself as their guest and so effectually did his courage aud eloquence stand hint in good need that he and his captors were 80011 engaged in tirinking toasts to their common country As a Minister histcheet fault is that he never knows bow to refuse anything to his friends and owing to this amiable weakness there are tarn about him who might do better away He is now about sixty years old and possesses a wonderful facility for work often resitting official documents and giving orders to half-tdozen subordinates at the Dame time To his untiring energy it is due that Greece has now sixty-five thousand -men under arms well drilled and well-equipped CONKLUIG CRUSHED Washirorco cmeciat tcr-vbe Cincinnati Commercial There is nothing to add to our very full dispatches last nitillin regard to the (hr field-Conkling complication Tfie fight is at an end Conk ling gives up He will not longer attempt to prevent a vote or ask the Republican Senators for further delay lie may let the Republican party in New York suffer a defeat or two but that is another matter The fight over Robertson's confirmation is ended He will be confirmed Tuesday or Wednesday There will be about twelve votes against him The Senate will adjourn next week and trlartleid comes on t complete master of the situation but Conkling is not in a very good humor AN ARTFUL DODGER Washington Special to the Baltimore Sun Mr Mahone's dodging the vote on the Stanley-Matthews case is not regarded as a striking example of that great independent roie be announced he was to play in the Senate It is said however that he intends to dodge the vote on all the other contested nominations Piton J W PRICE of the Atlanta University is a full-blooded negro He lately returned from a visit to Virginia with a handsome young white wife After a few days the bride left him and took refuge with a neighbor She said that ahe had no recollection of marrying Price or of coming withti ra to Atlanta that she was ea be la Hill the possessor of $75000 that miscegenivion was utterly repugnant to her and sbe could only have taken a black husband while temporarily insane Price maintains that she Is an octoroon but savs that be has no desire to hold her to the marriage against her will and now has no doubt of her °cessions! insanity st - PA RTI AL records of the lire S tOCIE n te rests of Texas show a yearly yield of something over 4000 head of cattle Eight dollars pow head is abont the average market price at b'au An tunio THEIWANT Jit CON ISENOTSD "An old inhabitant" writes to the Washington Post: The Weahington correspondent of a Cincinuati paper style "There is some agitation here to take the statue of Gen Jackson out of the square before the White House and put it in a less prominent situation It was the first equestrian statue in the United States and although It has mechanical meriot it is considerable of an eye-sore ritrouling before the house of the President as if it embodied the Executive taste of the Nation" This rumor if revived as stated is nothing new The Whigs in Fillmoras time moved heaven and earth to prevent its being put there It has been an eye-sore to the Republican party ever since they came into pawer and I can hardly blame them It can not be pleasant to have the Democratic patriot always frowning upon the Republican occupant of the White House whenever he looks toward tle Avenue No wonder they would like to have the statue removed but the job is too heavy for I them CULLMAN'S ANNIVERSARY The eighth anniversary of the settlement of the colony of Cullman Alabama will be held this week and extensive preparations have been made for the event Eight years ago the town of Cullman was a wildernes—it has now about 2000 people and the region all around is settled by industrious thrifty farmers They are mostly German and such has been the success of the pioneers that there are now almost daily additions to the settlement induced by the reports that have gone front the pleasant homes of the settlers They by no means devote their well-tilled lands exclusively to the great Southern staple or to grain They are growing small knits and vegetables with gratifying success And this is especially the case in regard to the grape Cullman is oue of the pioneers but a few years will doubtless witness the founding of many such colonies in the South where land is cheap and the soil exceedingly productive flow WE WIG CHAMPAGNE Washington Special to the Cincinnati Commercial A striking Instance of the unparalleled financial condition of the people of the United States is shown in the official reports of the French Government giving the value of champagne exported from France to the United States The consumption of chatnpaigne in America has steadily increased for the past three years but the increase of 1380 is remarkable showing the largest per cent of gain of any like period since this wine has been known to commerce In 1877 the value of this wine exported to the United States was $1293398 In 1878 and 18711 the amount was slightly in excess of this but in 1880 it jumped up to $2317593 These figures are suggestive as showing increased ability to purchase luxuries As a matter of fact every artiee of luxury upon the list of imports shows an increase in 1880 over any previous year So far as can be judged front this the American people are becoming what is called full-handed and are slinging their money around right royally w - THE "BLIZZARD" QUESTION SETTLED New York Evening rest As a reader of your newspaper I have been greatly amused by the various attempted explanations of the word 'blizzard" none of which approach in any degree the correct one No person living east of tbe Mississippi river can either define the word or describe or appreciate the thing iDelf In order to do so he must live upon a thousand mile prairie where the northwest wind has not less than five hundred miles of Clear run scoot and jump The word is original and undefiled Sissiton Sioux native to this soil and according to Alexander Demurs an old French and Indian half breed signifies 'limply and only "a h--1 of a time " I will add that no one acquainted with the genuine article ever doubted the correctness of that definition "Buzz en" MEMPHIS AS A "SUMMER RESORT" Memphi c Avalanche The Aralanche is again reminded that Memphis ass summer resort is equaled by few other cities and excelled by none That is to say in respect of weather The heat has been greater in Northern cities the past week than in Memphis And this comparative frigidity in Mempb is is not an unusual occurrence But our facilities for the entertainment of stammer visitors are not what they should be In fact it must be confessed that there are very few facilities except pleasant weather to recommend Memphis as a summer resort Reform is necessary Tug maddest man in Nebraska is a saloon keeper at tineoln f ha 3 beifi tidying lottery tickets and some loafers "put up a Job" on him by publishing a fictitious telegram in the local paper that the number held by him had drawn a 113000 prize His bar WM free for the entire day and all the loafers in town got drunk at his expense It was a very difficult matter to convince him that he had not drawn the prize so strong was his faith in newspapers but he will never again believe a word he tees in print env oldvertistmlnis MASONIC NOTICE 1ALLED MEETIN1 OF CLAIBORNE LODGE 1 No 2J3 F and A M To-day (Toceday) at 734 o'clock p Work in E E and F C degrees All Masons in good standing are invited By order of the W M JAMES S WHITE See'y ADVANCE BIDS r WILL RECEIVE ADVANCE BIBS ON hotttwa Nos 13 and 15 Ilaslatu at until 4 o'clock Friday May 27 at my office No 40N College at (up stairs) Bidding on No i3 will commence at Seat° and on No 15 sit 1100745 A 'vacant lot of 30 bet adjoining will be offered at public sale to the highest bidder also at the hour above named A V S LINDSLEY JK Special Com'r EXININATION OF TEICIIERS Applicants for positions as teachers in the City Public Schools will be examined at the Fogg Building corner Broad and Spruce streets on SATURDAY 2Ist INST commencing promptly at flue o'clock a mi Papers will be takin up at 1 p m ' - - By order of Corn on Insh-netion S Ye CALDWELL my17 " Supt tilebols FAY YOU SIVILLIAG TAX A LL PARTIE3 USING HOSE FOR SPRINK It ling atteets and yards are hereby notified that the WRIPT will be shut off unless the tax is paid la ad ranee as the law requires No exceptions will be made as tbt city needs money JOHN L GLENN utyl7 Water Tax Receiver ADMINISTEATOU'S NOTICE IP VINO ttil Ling Y'VO ADMINISTRA- tor of the 'mate of J R Turner deeeeeed I hereby motif ell persons indetuied lo said estste to make payment without delay and those having claims against the same to present tnem duly authenticated within the tittle prescribed by law or they will be barred m3'17 ut gt J D TURNER AADDA'r etintatiormL HARVARD UNIVERSITY Instruction in Political Sciences The following mail& courses of Mudy are open without examination to competent students not candidates for a degree The free are in no case less than t30 nor more than Shin a year urea in ( ) denote the number ot exercises per week: CONSTITCT ION A HIS TOR Y--1 COMMIX IODILI Government in england end the Unit d States (2 IL Constitutional and Political History of the U S to ihso (3) lit Forams Goveminent and Political 4201mAil Jolla IOW )69 POLITICAL ECONO31 t Principles of Political Econ only : Financial Legislation of the U S (3) Cairn& Principles of Political Economy: GliTen's Essays in Finance (3) lIt Pablic Finance (I) LCIIAL Science—I Jurisprudence: a UM ID (1) IL Constitutional Law of the U S Public International Law and History of Modern Treaties (3) IV Roman Law Instituter of Gain and Justinian (3) V The Roman Lase of Inheritance VI The Isnot ise4lintioos of the Franks Anglo-Ekixons eel Normans The next Academic year bin e Sept 29101 For furher inkrmation ddresa F W TA USSHI Pec'y Cambridge Mn spin tnfri lOw L7ettinti tat:ds DR T U MUCKING rrIHE wELL-KNowm STiliGEON-OTNECO1 LOGIST now loeatad et N ST West Seventh Street Cincinnati Uhie onotietten to treat Ala Female Divesees Medieval and Sae sicial Chronic name Acute Cease " nervous DiseaveskTunntire Fistulae Etc - ' ' with KW usually unprecedented InteaSill and ratio-faction A peat many patients view hint from Tennewee wad all ever the South for his special treetment and are happily titre& - lie invites all La friends to ewes to him met Maim the very beet treatises( prortible to bo had (Sowers aro cured without be knife pain Sr loose( Wood 'Ward arid mules furnished whelk required Respectfully T Al 71116CISIS61 D" 67 West Seventh L Cincinnati O eu27 satuly eistellantons PRIVILEGES AT FAIR GROUNDS MILITARY WEEK Ill" H FOR ROOT PRIVILEGE AT FAIR (rournI hing Iiiiloary Week Milky 211h 25th and 201h will be received it the ofbee of W T RANOLX 50N Chrry street until Idity 2ttib as follows: 1st Exclusive privilege of selling Sodawater and Lemonade 24 Exclusive prit liege' of selling Ice Cream and Confections 3d Exclusive privilege of selling Beer lth Exclusive Restaurant privilege All renters will have privilege of sling Cigavs and Tobacco The I 'onunittee reserve the right to reject any or all bitta There will he between I:0 and 2o0 soldiers encamped upon the grotiods and ruttier of restaurant to he prepared to loutish them meals croopa will begin to arrive on morning Of '221 ntyl:l Ot 121 Last 234 Street New York City 1?IEGANT PRIVATE BOARDING 1101-SE r4 near Madison Square adItteent to the principal promenade and pleas of amusement All the comforts of first-clime hotels at much lowwr ruler's For particulars addres L LEACH mv14 4t 121-East 2:4d et New York City PASTURAGE BLuE AND ORCHARD GRASS PASTURageat 50c per week Farm on Brick Church pike six miles north of Nashville lionuing water shade and good fencing No liability for accidents or escapee Refer to Berry Demoville A Co my3 tut1Latt int JOSEPH PHILIPS einantidt ItIEUCIIANTS' NATIONAL BANK NASHVILLE TENN Paid up Capital 8300000 TREASURY DI4ARTMENT °Awe of Comptroller the Currency WASHINOVON April 2 IS81 Whereas by satisfactory evidence presented to the undersigned it has been made to appear that "The Merchants National Bank of Nashville" in the city of Nashville in the County of Davidson and State of Tennettsee has oomplied with all the provisions of the Revised Statutes of the United States required to be compiled with before an association shall be authorized to commenee the business of banking Now thereiiire I John S Lang-worthy Acting Compttoller of the Currency do hereby certify that "There Merceants Nflt)Onal Bank of Nahville" in the y of Nashville in tr o County of Davidson and State of TeillIeSMNI is authorised to commence the business of Banking as provided in Section Fifty-ono hundred and sixty-nine of the Revised Statuleaof the United states in tenimony whereof witness my hand and seg: of office this 2d day of April ISSI ISignedj JOLIN S 1110it WORTHY Acting Comptroller of the Currency This Bank is Now in Operation ap5 2ul THOS PLATEH Premw Fourth National Bank WAS 11 VA IMLAY: L'1NN Capital $500000 Surplus $100000 We transact a General Banking Business buy and sell U S Bonds and all other valuable Sc- curitles and deal in Foreign and Domestic Exchange JANES WHITWORTH Pres't R H GARDNER Y Pres't IV M litcCA1tT1117 Cashier I1 food 1 t SPECULATION! t 1o 011'440 $50 or $100 Invested la our new money-making eo-optwative plan of speculating wises a constant In come and lays the foundation of your fortune Send for new pamphlet free FLEMMING de MILLER Brokers ap16 3in 23 31errhauls' Building Chicago Public ejaki 'VALUABLE Iron Property SITUATED ON WATKINS City Property FOR SALE AT AUCTION IllesdayItlay 31 at 10 Deaderiek Cedar N Spruce MtLemore and Church Streets As Executor of the estate of Sam'il Watkins dec'd I will sell at AIVICTIONon the PREMISES on Tuesday May :31 1SSI the following property viz: Lot on south she of Betideriett street between Cherry and Summer streets on which is a brick shop fronting intxtie feet Two-story brick residence No 145 north side Ceder street containing about 8 rooms Lot 69x145 feet Brick house No 70 N Spruee street near Cedar hnown as "Bird Nest Cottage" Lot 40x90 About 7 rooms Britk house No 62 N Spruce street Let Hahn end °contains 4 room& TOO VILMA lots N hicLemore in rear of above two ast named houses 40 and 50 feet each by 90 ft Three lots vacant tech 2ix911 feet and One lOt 85x90 on which is a two-story frame house on N MeLemore north of Cedar street Five Iota of 25 feet each sod 90 Scot on I Spruce street north of Cedar and one lot of 18!‘ feet on which ate a number of shanties owned by patties leasing the ground and which will be removed if purcharers desire Alms the three-store NTOME-1101114111t Olt Cu ukt Sit WrKer opposite the Allebolmtn Moline e 184 The sale will begin at 10 tecleek on Beaderick street and will be continued in the order nettled The Church street store-house will be sold promptly at 12 o'clock m Remember the day and the hour and be on hand se the sake will be rOlii TEll118--One-th1rd eseh and residue in 6 12 18 and 24 months with Interest cud mortgage on property to secure deferrod permente ISAAC LITTON Executor Thos Callender 150 N Cherry et Arrington Farrar st Weekley 36 N Collebe sL Agente ni y15 tds FOR SALE 13Y VIRTUE OF A TRUST DEED EXE12 cutest to us by Charles R Young and wife Martha C Young registered in record book No of tenet deeds pages Zit to 241 of the Register's office of Decatur couety Tenn we will mil al public vale at the Osurt-licsise in Nashville Tenn commencing at o'clock I m on the I FIRST DAY OP AtNE DitD end continuing WI the itale lit completed that valuable iron property lying in Decaturcounty near the Tennessee flyer known and deeignated as Brownsport Furnace ThM furnace la well built and with all the improvetneeta and appliances for operating a fine-clean iron-works These works ere loaded on a valuable tract of ore land of about eleven thoitaand eight hundred acres—the same tract of land oonveyed to Young & Walker by David Dick and othera We will Pell said lands as a whole or divide the same in tracts as may seem beet to us on the day of maim This property is etteeuted se valuable as any in the South te West for the purpose of manufactitriug Arm rate iron and when in Operation is capable of turnip out 25 or 40 tons of iron per day Iron ore of the moat superior quality abounds on the lands to be sold We wilt also sell publiely at the time and place above designated whatever personal property is Dow on the Brownsport Furnace property used in running and operatinz the mum The sale of the lend embracing the furintre will be free from the equity of redemption and cm terms EA:Too LTtnutees-nth Ida one-third rash and the balance on a credit of twelve and twenty-four months the porch:mire to execute notes with approved seeurity hearing term and a lien retained The personalty will be sold for cash and wipers' ely D J le SWAB April 17 ISBLEDWA -- The Semi-"Weepy American mmle or from three tod Is full of thole matter It to moill lemiutedays 8atorduyo Mr ae Paid for KM per year IAA tante nontkIL06 Summtr Psuri" BEERSHEBA SPRINGS On top of Cumberland Mountains Grundy Co Tenn 2250 Feet Above the Level of the Sea CHAS E SMEDES & CO PROPRIETORS Will be open on the 1st of June for the reception of guests Buildings and grounds beds bedding talkie linen and ware all in tit-di-class order and new Turkish Russian cold and b t water baths directly in the he-tel Watera—Chal y beat° freestone and cistern ice in abundsnee liar billiards tenpins all first-elass Magnificent hrass and string hand Good drives goal horskst and entirely new vehicles Fare and attendance equal to any Daily mail and telegraph to all points in the °thee Round trip trin tickets to be had at all the principal railroad offices 'E1n:1314-4 Per day $2 Per week 812 per month 640 Children under 12 years and servants half price my4 2m Cif Ars E tSM lizit CAL Prop The norkbridge Va Alum Springs AND TICE LATE "Jordan Alum" Now CONSOLIDATED IN ONE PROPERTY AND UNDER ONE MANAGEMENT A joint stock company haring bought these two contiguous pruperties to be known under the old title of ”Roelibritige Alma apriagos” will open it to the public on June Int under the Cu twrvisim of Mr W I II isms Frazier who was before the war and for four years titter the war in charge of the original Alum Spring We think the public will find hint the right man in the right place FRED EFFINGER rresident Itockbridgo Alum Springs Co After twelve years' alsenee I return to this post of duly It is hardly nevessary to dilate to the Southern public nisio the virtues and va'lle of this mineral water it has in the last half century made a retqlrd 1f cures in chronic diseases which for variety and aggravation of the cases brought under its intluence is unapproached by any known mineral water in Ilds country The prtacvisional testimony to this effect is distinguished and anima-peach able But it is of the preparations now being made by the new proprietors for the proper entertainment of the public I would hay a few words A great work of expurgation and renovation is now going on at the old Alum Springs including a thorough system of drainage a new and abundant water supply of pure freestone from the mountutn repainting and new rooting a very large introduetion of new furniture and in general a thorough orolviut i en 1 ire preon Lew Tbe elegance of the new 6Joreirtn Alvin" its spaeilI nutl emenualions l'-girnolitt !Motet" and Collagem and the Heaney of It Grounds are widely known to the springs-going palate Mv alto ale! earnest effort shall be to keep this now combined establishment in a manner to give ardisfaetioll to all reaInable gun sta An Excellent Livery is engaged under a contract imposing a reasonable mild of charges All the customary diversions are provithsi for such as Band and EMI-rem1m atinatc Bowling anti 111lintils and all that 1nt I do riot "hank" much on these things My main eirwts shall directed with lite alit of an efficient staff to wake the patrons of the Mime C iørtjaiic au! ”At II " and egain if possible for this a t rat U se Pit mmer resort its ohl popularity and i re-tiee Please Fend to Pr R(111 LADD Riehmond vs or the undersigned for descriptive pamphlet with rates of board routes and medical testimony WILLIAM FRAZIER Gen Supt my12 thsu 4t RED BOILING SPRINGS Macon County Tenn TimEsE WELL-KNOWN AND BELL-able Sprint:a are now open and will he at all I imes to all who may desire to avail I lieiitscl Yes of I heir celebrated waiers—enrative for kidney and liver diseases dropsy scrofula and many other complaints (neat improvements have been made Place last season—new rooms 'milt and well furnished—and the enlire establishmedt placed in good repair roads to the Springa from tiallatin Allen A hays new hacaa will ran daily from Gallatin to the rings First-class physician resident Good board anti music It ATES OF BOARD—Per week es 51 per month t-10 per day $125 children end servantt half price THOM Ali Mc AR roger !lute tmthsal21n ?Nedit:aL Health is Wealth DR E C WEsr'S NERVE AND BRAIN TREAT MINT: A specific for IlyAteriA Bizzinem Convulsions Nervous Ileadat he Mental Depression boss of Memo y bperioatorrhos Impotency involuntary Ltnisi ins Prematime Ohl A go (111101 by 0 Ver -exertion iielf-alitise Or over-indulgence which lead to misery decay and death One box will cure recent cases Each box contains one month's treatment Ono dollar a box or six boxes for five dollars sent by mail prepaid on receipt of price We guarantee Mx boxes to cure any case With each order received by us for Mx boxea accompanied with five dol ars we will mend the purchaser our written guarantee to return the money if the treatment dos not effect a cure Guarantees issued only by C V SMITH Druggiat Wholesale anti Retail Agent 158 Church at corner of Vine Nashville Tenn Orders by mail will receive prompt attention my5 drtwly eons' arzin and &omission CHOICE HAYS Ten Cars Choice Timothy Hay guaranteed sound for sale on track B S RHEA & SON my12 tf No t2 S Market et t17 ® 0 P! GILBERT PARES & CO Commission Merchants NASH - "1"Nror Have superior arrangements to handle the new clip of wool and will either buy or sell on commission at highest market price Sacks furnished op171y 1aSt 3E:b11113t le AND Agricultural Salt For Sale cheap by SMITH RILL & ROSE m6 tutbatf St Wtconth Markel vH E A Peelers wake Money with W T SOULE CO130 La Salk Street Chicago Write for particulars su14 estuth 17 livn Changes DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP min PA RTNERSHI P 14ERIII1OFHRH EXIST-A lug betweou Thos E Wasth aud P MeHovern under the firm name of Walsh hirUevern has been dissiived by the death of num F Walsh P WHOAERN Surviving Partner Nishvill0 March 20 1801 NOTICE OF PARTNERSHIP M Walsh of Cincinnati O and P: McGovern of this city have formnd a partnership under the firm name of Walsh & Me0ovent aa dealers in all kinds of Loather Mao Findings Boot Shoo and Gaiter Uppers tildes 011 6heop Pelts Wool Tallow ote at 10 and 18 N Market st Out Mock of spring go:ode in very complete to an inspection of which meimite OUT friends and the Pblio goner-ally WAthit & McsiowERN Nashville April eft 1881 ap211 thnatu ti Cooking tares VLIZT rA't4T MANAGED ZCOITOMICAL UT PITZL AND GUARANTEED TO Ei ferfc:t !:t:tl:: IT:r171::: BUT I 0 NADEONLY 3 rf el ceislor lint c0 of T LOUIS MO - 11tEPONTIPES AND Dm tr173 Tirl-PLATE WIRE 131MT M017 Evrity CUSCO? GOODS rsEn OR soup xi ANi STOVE CEALERSs SEND Aeo R Pnrcn LISTS tat owe byPRILLIre BUTIOILIT & CO Bliabrias Isom sal &&yrty I I Jul fstate jaents -sP4 11-C)11 SALILAk Fine residence West Nashville S1Z000 Brick residence 174 N Vine mt --- 4000 Frame residence West Nashville 400 Frame residence lisyesst 1000 Brick residence 132 la Summer st 1500 Brivk residence ill' S litigh Pt t :SOO Krick residence iii MeCroevy st - 1300 Frame residence 342 N Vine st Mai Frame residence aill 8 Itisit st -- 12941 Frame residenoesnear Cotton Factory 1100 Brick resilience I$O S 1511111111Sr it 5“ 3500 Brick residence 21 Burrien at - 350) Frame residence 4 Psrrien St 900 Frame residence 40 Maple st- 1710 Brick residence 71 Ash st 1300 ermine residence 9 S-leiter-sou at 754) Obibrick residenen liinkin st-- 2500 Brick sesidence ftrtmil st 0000 Brick residence co Ntetiorork and McNairy 8000 10 lots 3Kitti feet South Nashville each 125 9 lots Kx154i feet South Nashville each 75 2 lots '3ly1ti5 feet con Lee and Lanier each 175 5 lots West Nashville each — 125 2 lots West Nashville each----- 1(0 IN EDGLFIELD Frame residence eor loth and Fatherland $1100 Frame residence No 44 S 4th st 1050 Brick residence Cornet Russell and 9th sta— 8000 Frame residenee 234 'attn! land st &non Frame midente 29 S ht at - - 3)04) Reirg rysidenee corner liosettlad andS 7th- 'IOW Frame rldenoe 002 Bceieolvel st -- 2440 Frante residence $ufi Ps-tscolici st 1fsel Frame residence 24 l'uttiam at 540 Frame residence 20 Webster m 1110 Double residence 24$ and WM) Shelby st 1000 Brick rosidence 84)9 Woodland at s750 Frame residence hS Bell St 100 Frame residence VS Watson St 900 100x195 feet Fatherland in MO 150010 feet Fatherland st 900 1001(170 feet Ru9e1l st 1000 Is lots on Bosoubel Shelby and 10th Ms 3500 50x1G0 feet Woodland st 300 25 lots 50x195 test N Biageneld each - 254) 502170 feet ItasSell 5t 300 Also a large amount of property not Mentioned in the shove list tVe take picasure In showing our property to all AlatiNti ION IA IlltAlt it IVEAKIEY ' 30 North Caitlin btreet ta1l20 suiiith ly top ill h col !hip IN NASHI ILLE Crofts:jar:xi Dr DEERING J ROBERTS Office117 church st I RESIDENCE Houma 12 to 1 pm I 1 to 10 a m No 351 Brood ot 734 to 9 p re not tt 4 North High St Corner Union Especial attention given to Catarrh Throat Lungs and all Chronic Diaoseer OFFICE ROVES—From 2 to 10 a ter 2 to 8 p tn 7toapm WTI ly DR H FALK Crarriatr5 Pungit5 M' ap29 2In 1:2133:21 NOTICE Now la stock a full lire of Platform Spring Wagons Buggies Phaetons Crocers' Platform Wagons and a general assortment to meet tile wants of all Call and examine stock at 62 and 61 South Xarket street Nashville Tenn - JOHN J McGANOCK &trig KI4eisses — ff AfP 11 11UUS 0 t$11 AND SPERMATORRHEEA A valuable Discovere and New DeParture in Mn4- Cal Science an entirely Now and positiveiy effective Remedy for the speedy and permanent Cure of Seminal Emissions and Impotency by the only true - way vis: Direct Appitcation to the prinoi pal Seel of the Diseitae acting by Absorption and exerting It ecocide le fluent° on the Seminal Vesicles EjacUlatory Ducts Prostate Oland and Urethra The nee of the Remedy is attended with no pain or locos venience aud does not interfere with the ordinary pursuits of life it is quickly dotted and soon W sorbed producing an immediete soothing end rotor Mite effect upon the sexual and Ism-sous organise tions wrecked from self abuse and seesaw& stepping the drain friss ties system restoring the mind to healt h and sound memory removing the Dimness of Sight Nervous Debility Confusion of Ideas Aversion to Society etc etc- and the appearanee of premature old ago usually secompanying this trouble and restoring perfeet Sexual Vigor where It Ims been dormant for year 'Xhitt mode of treat ment has stood the test In very trivere oases and is now a pronounced suonees Drugs are too much pre scribed in these troubles anclom many can beer wit- netts to with but lit tle if any permanent geed There is no Nonsense about title Preparation Practical observation enebles ue to positively isurtrantee that it Will give satisfaction During the eight yeare that it bate been in general UPO we hare thetimmis of testimonials as to its value and it is now oonmided by the lid OftiCal Profession to be the most rational moans yet discovered of reaching and curing this very prevalent trouble that is well known to be the cause of untold miattry to so many and upon whom Quacks prey with their 110101511 nostrums and big fees The Remedy I put up in neat Mites of three sires No I (enough to last a mentit) tta No 2 isullicient to effect a per eminent cure unless In severe oteesi 115 i No 3 'Meting Over titres months will atop emiwiens and restore rigor in the worst mums) $7 Sent by umil sealed in plain wrappers Full DIRECTIONS for ustrig will accompany EACH BOX- Setta e fe sealed Ocoectur ice Pah ( ltgielose Anatomical I it noirtwos '- egss d-Testi menu width Will cornetts ee Ike toot okeptieett that thew tsetse be restored to perfernt ntantrotodond Itt te4 for the duties of life IMMO tie if iterer erheeeteet Motrt WILY ow HARRIS REMEDY CO MP& NEWTS Market and ath Ste ST Louie Mo n02S dimly ' DR MINTIER Dili BUTTS' EISPEN" A POSITIVE ME Without medicine& Al lan'a belable Medicated n01100114 Patented Oct 161876 One box 12o 1 will cure any ease in tour days or leas No 'twill cure the meet obstinate mass no matter el how long standing No MUCOUS domes of cabehe cordon or sandalwood that are certain to produce dyspepsia by dentroying the enatinge of the stomach Prim 1150 Sold by all druggist' or mailed en Soe eclat of price FUT fanner particuinre mend for circular P it Box 13 - J C ALLAN CO de21 ththosaem 88 Jobe et New York 31Mill00-D A victim of early Imprudent causing nervous debility premature dmity ete haviha tried in vain every known remedy ha discoveved a simple means of self tare which be will send tree labia fellow potterer& Address J B ItLIAN ES Si Chat haat et N Y nola tathAalikwly Nazrkzonn IhirliotirporTork 44Aao-10 ji-4s1 rear ri pileturr:e For tho pipeeily Cure nt It orb u8 all Woodont btettortlt tea by indkeyetion or Imam Au" Drucpst bo the itereediontot Atttreco DAVIDsoN d (Aha 7S Nassau tit tri toS tothtakirty RIPT 1011 FREE 1 iirftza-8170741-7ekireni-et! Daapeadeney Contaqloo of ItOnr Averaina INfickty hotqty Ileonowy ha oil insornors brourbt on by todiscroot Habit" sod koretionk Any drogokt boo this lartPdienta 8Pit PIO13 knit) VontOPF Aocatss D RM 8 J AITLI ES 111 Wd e alma CLECANNA WI 16144 -'141e41 -11""OW110f"1616611""1"""'""iii -kk A - F i A is 0 7 617 St Charles Strept St Louts No rats t regular treerinate of two Medical Colleges toss bowl nger loomed Men any other Physicissu m tits lsouis am city parent show end all old residents knosw El yphilis Socierhcea Sleet Stricture Orchitis Ittrottne ell 1 ::tt Drinary Diseases end nyabilitits or kinrcunittAffee Donna!' Throat Skin or Bones oured Safely Privately Vac i S Spermatorrtina Sexual Debility and Impotenc'P owe es the resulted' 8 f-tibuse in youth s al memories in ixestoter yeaesor over brainwork moducing nervouscsnat 4 - 110iiiiiwi Or0i"n14 dthilltY dirtithettit of sitritt defective f memory obyeleal clergy aversion to society of females contusion of ideas loss of sexual power or nisbt towns rendering marrinwe Improper ere permanently cm red Doossultatione °else or by mil fr aen—invited Pdttlyh tlet i 0m tsmt moth sent by DMA i or exposit' tames ananintsert W here doubt PItttS tt th frankly stated i IS t r I A rl trs 1 A " yr A 280 a 1171 fled ' et sus t6 our IMO rt tat! TA knarantratt W hore doubt PItttS tt tit frankly stead T ( Falk It R 'AC la I B2 0 e A C EA 110‘ ' ' 004 rCLIEl- - 1' CUIDE1 ties' syer WitiparemoZrfoi pen ricturem true to him on tbe VO - following soinoMm Who nuai marrywho notohr Mitahood Womanhood Ptnleoli decoy W ho rhoold marrri time life and balminess Witty be immatood t Edema of cal- Mary and atoms and many mu Thom married or 146 oordeartplation marriage shook! ranl it thro keep loader kook and ky 25 eta by moil its money or meanest al : ' Dr WhItter 'TT Et (1-48 ttfat Itoum Mat L ostbame 0re IQ 1!-7 L —---— - Aut FREELLEscrarklotilarre!-4-7:im 1 I otichems Loot on hortrolonieri e Cion(tiogin of idiom Aversion to Societ r000e VitIi' uaveni7'mx?1!) "adeDortirrden lig tr'tTalVt'Iti:rnortio7t pt Louis Otiririto 1ngrora9 St Chorho St Louis Mo Dr Lest-C a U aziris 4rAllau 014 ' TOO Ormenul St St Linos mo as Old IISMRC0f2- tonos to core Dermot otltoo hemline! Weak-nos g litti Impotency it forms or beehltio 00trhae fikteot 26 it fu 1 - 14'1110r Madder diger lerent tome owed in :A a lin a few dare A il toe diseeme rm Wog Crow eel fehole 1 P IR atoroses or expeoure re:ikon' trio od for hro with oafs Ad's is Medicine Advice fn Ch ow low Coil or write tri strict confidence d worotom 4 11 for two stonps lea filARMACLICIJIDE144Pal -qui- i no23o&way -- - - - it oz FIR IIIITTRI il!SPENSIMY r Ogeit ' mot is "wises Ertabliske21817 et 12 N Sth Street ST DMA NO TiMtthrtliV0 reillr rhtsr alio oidir nIzeinoltntowit Lilt -- variairy 7Firis nit 'Pima-rico:too lb be mailman oil - ---41 - Chronic 'Wtm-o- as hove made that skill and ability r -4 ata vo mien super to than of the ordinary preetittooners S tent they have itichtgl 71 a national roputatlon tbrougla ! eiiitent their treat mient of ednipiteetod casein SIMI& at 4 Vat rila'Z'cri -3-110i-i-y CiesCalt!ile prodne - - -"br'41i0ifttitari" o Ci411 nsi - et 1Ma 01 1 kitl b111 Or L — LA tit111 With Wag- - - di 1 ! t--i' -1 - - srithout i !iir 'detours or 1'0E10120A MOCtlealeS 0 1 I IN 0 1 and tlicase of muldie aga wino aril ' -- ia waVoring !vans ttio atlenta of a fl 150a a tit a 21e0 41 fetus P (CAI hinglinosser useigTiis sp N )st : permnently tintnitA at moderate et riotous — v Lila PE1111 bT agaillUgt - --- ' tt tes ' bet els prentltg persotal s(antidstioa is prtterrtdi which is PAR PI mid Wails '' al Liat of tiottoboao to ao waw by p aisasabg trout CAST I dressa ane '- swat mailed tree so say ad aidedU A-Peewees aistoriast hasa Kalamai amid saailtholraditroaalk ! 't - Naad lams staid I thafr adistaals it b mot a tram tasiim b unical 0 us Boll cogibilentiai and shags Pr sedgesaatii 1 -iiii tt - it MUTT I 11kulk Ikli 4 is Loss isa A)f SWIM cla a i y - a A 1LTI- - C 111A ' ' tON ) 1) j I OUT! Li Po s glikkest pv Itoloto a Yaw Tor Bleerivg t al alazgell suiv - - - - - - - - - - - - -''''''''''''"4'-'1-''''''''''' 4---v--1-" -- lomz--5 A------ ----- - '‘q1-----"- ----- ----- --'--- -- -'''''''"-''-''tv'"''''''''"' - ' - ' ' ' ' ' - ''' '' '''' '-' -' - -- -4-6-- Tk- 11-711Tiki'VAI -NI ----J- 1-1-:-----2q 41 4 yt g - - " I - - 3- -- ----- --------- (0Alt I- -------- -----t - - - -::- e Ititi 16 - 6"146-: ' p 4-- --(-tie b rl o- " 11 - '-- : ' 2 :teAtIGEs ' --b-- - - - ------- --- ----- - ------ - - --- - '- - a A t i! 4 $ 1 -: i'- 4 s 1 4 f ' !N ' k t 1 1 1 1 1 4 I I I 1 t 1 1 t g f I r P 1 t 't1 ft i i ca vAsr ic$0Roccee :: - - INNEN BUT rItzt 4 41!fNA- 1TriidA - -‘41 1 t17 o - Is111 ' OE 10 1111

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