Waco Tribune-Herald from Waco, Texas on February 1, 1959 · Page 71
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Waco Tribune-Herald from Waco, Texas · Page 71

Waco, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, February 1, 1959
Page 71
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yes...MIRACLES Happened al Fatima! You may not agree with the Catholic belief in miracles. Perhaps you don’t believe in miracles at all... and especially not in miracles attributed to the prayer of the Blessed Virgin. But if God does look with special favor upon Mary... and does wondrous things at her request... is it not of vast importance to you to find out? Is it not worth the few minutes required to examine the evidence? What, for example, did God’s angel mean when he said: "Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with thee; blessed art thou amongst women...”? Was she to be full of grace only temporarily—and "blessed amongst women” only during her life on earth? This is not reasonable in view of Mary s unique role as the earthly mother of the Son erf God. Nor can we discard and forget Mary if we believe Holy Scripture, for there wre find Mary’s words (Luke 1:48); "... henceforth all generations shall call me blessed." Where, excepting among Catholics, does anyone honor Mary as did God Himself? "But,” you may insist, "show me a mirade! And prove that Mary had anything to do with it.” We might, of course, recall that Christ's mother appeared to Bernadette at Lourdes in France, and that scientifically-authenticated cures have been occurring there ever since. Or we might cite similar apparitions to the three children at Fatima, Portugal, and the subsequent awesome spectade of the sun spinning and dancing on its axis and then seeming to SUPREME COUNCIL KIIIGHTS of COIUINBUS RELIGIOUS INFORMATION BUREAU ST. LOUIS B, MISSOURI plunge toward the earth... a spectacle witnessed by 70,000 persons. And we could mention Mary’s prophecies concerning the conditions under which Russia would be converted. But Catholics don’t require earth-shaking supernatural demonstrations to attest Mary’s love, nor to prove her influence at the throne of God. It’s the litde "mirades” that take place in their daily lives when... in faith and trust...they pray; "Hail, Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee...” Catholics pray for one another and ask the saints in Heaven to join them in prayer. "I believe,” says the Apostles' creed, "in the communion of saints.” And Mary is in Catholic hearts the greatest of the saints. So we ask her to intercede for us with God, Who has often performed mirades in answer to her prayer. An exciting and authentic pamphlet-describing the miraculous happenings at Fatima and a peace plan from Heaven—will be sent you in a plain wrapper. And nobody will call on you. Write today for Pamphlet No. FM-41. Am You Were Saylntf... MAU COUPON TOCA I SUPREME COUNCIL ■ KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS , RELIGIOUS INFORMATION BUREAU J 4422 LimJoH Blvd., St. Laws «, Missouri ! Fleo»« send me your Free Pamphlet *n- I titled "Fatima: Mary's Peace Plan From I Heaven." FM-41 I I I NAME. I j ADDRESS I I CITY _____ -STATE- «422 LINOELL BLVD. NAGGED BY BACKACHE? —why put up with sluggish kidneys.. .when relief it often so swift and aasy to obtain? Backache, dizziness, lack of energy, rest- lesMtess, getting op nights, may be caused by functionally sluggish kidneys, mild bladder irritation. For 50 years people have found swift, effective relief with De WITT'S PILLS. This famous diuretic stimulant 1) flushes congestive waste material oat of kidneys; 2) increases circulation of blood through the area; 3) reduces irritation of kidneys and bladder; 4) fights infection and resists reinfection. You can see that DeWITT’S PILLS are at work when "the blue comes through.” Get DeWITT’S PILLS today without prescription. De WITT’S PILLS.. .‘‘the blue comes through" my sunshine box the 25 -hour day a tale of two overalls a left-handed optimist do-it-yourself jigsaw puzzle I was stricken with rheumatic fever last Spring and was told I would be confined to bed for the rest of the school year. At 16, it seemed like a dull life ahead for me. Then one evening two friends from church brought me a large box covered with bright yellow paper and tied with a multi-colored ribbon. They said it was my “Sunshine Box.” Inside were individually wrapped presents, each one from a different member of the church. My friends said to unwrap one gift each day. Now I had something to look forward to. Each morning 1 would wake anxious to see what surprise awaited me. The sunshine these gifts brought me helped speed my recovery, I’m sure. — S.E.A., Anderson, Ind. my neighbor ' s watch is always fast It gains more than an hour a day, yet he won’t have it fixed. “I like it better this way,” he explained. “By having it fast, I not only get places a bit early but, at the end of the day when I set it back, I get to live part of my life over again,” —Jack Brown, Ogden, Utah. an acquaintance of mine , who operated a tearoom, was once choosing between two applicants who had applied for a position as gardener. Her mother, who was seated on the porch behind her, pointed toward one of the men who seemed less impressive than the other. Supposing that her mother had some knowledge of him, she hired him. Later the daughter asked, “Did he ever work for you?” “No.” “Then why did you choose him?” “When you pick a man for work, go by his overalls. If they are patched on the knees, that's your man. If they’re patched on the seat, get rid of him. — Mrs. Helen Millham, Fullerton, Pa. in downtown A ustin , most of the streets are restricted to one-way traffic and consequently left turns are forbidden at certain comers. Recently I saw an elderly farmer in an antique and very rickety pickup truck attempt one at the wrong place. As the truck, laden with crates of squawking chickens, started creaking into a left turn, a policeman ran up waving his arms and shouting, “Pop, you can’t do that!” “Don’t worry, sonny,” the old man yelled back cheerfully, “I think she’ll make it!” — Jim Cockrum, Austin, Tex. we sometimes make jigsaw puzzles for our youngsters from Family Weekly covers. First the pictures are pasted on cardboard, then cut into strips of various sizes and shapes. The strips are cut again into smaller pieces. Once done, we all try to put it back together. Thus Family Weekly continues to serve us long after each issue has been read. — M.W. Lowry, Spartanburg, S.C. We fmy $1# for Yoor Lofton. We welcome your views on any subject of general interest. If we print your letter, you t oill receive $10. Letters must be signed, but names wül be withheld on request. We reserve the right to edit contributions. Letters cannot be returned. Address Letters Editor, Family Weekly, 179 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago 1, III. JPBJXliljr WeeJdjr LEONARD S. DAVIDOW President and Publisher WAITER C. DREYFUS Vice-President PATRICK O'ROURKE Advertising Director Send all advertising communications to Family Weekly, 153 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago I, III. Address all communications about editorial features to Family Weekly, 179 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago I, III. February 1, 1959 Board of Editors Associate Editors: BEN KARTMAN Editorial Director ROBERT FITZGIBBON Managing Editor RALPH J. FINCH. JR. Art Director MELANIE DE PROFT Food Editor Kevin Brown, Jack Ryan, Thomas Gorman, Honore Singer, Jerry Klein, New York; Peer Oppenheimer, Hollywood Contents Copyright 1959 by FAMILY WEEKLY MAGAZINE. INC., 179 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago I, III. All rigMs reserved.

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