The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 10, 1908 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 10, 1908
Page 3
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TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 1908. THE BAKERSFIELD CALIPORNIAN r Champion Interchangeable Range Greatest Stove Out n with people Kern It has mad<? County. Just think of having an elegant range that you can instantly turn from coal to gas or vice versa. The operation is simple—and is something bsohitely new in cooking and baking apparatus. * Saves fuel, no mailer which you use--coal or gns. Hakes well and is satisfactory in every way. It's time you were calling on us and letting us show you how this fine Champion range works. Come anytime—you're always welcome. Phones—Dry Goods, 142 > Hardware, 224. Groceries, 142 1418-1422 Nineteenth Street CULTURE MISS JANE BARBER Late etro Conservatory of Music Studio Phon Main Residence Main 302 CARRIERE'S SCHOOL OF MUSIC Business address Phone 161. THE MAJESTIC. THIS IS THE CAR Thirty" Now try ami conceive a car as silent as the photograph itself— ' car vibrant with pout-up power under ftingcr-tlp control; a car that will glide noiselessly up alongside the aristocracy of motordom and lack nothing that the latter possesses except a higher price—and you will have formed u fair mental picture of the revelation that awaits you. Dismiss from your mind tho idea that you have ever seen a low-priced car which was In the same claaa as this $1050 four cylinder 30 horsepower Cadillac. Where you have seen little cars at a low price, you will now see a big car at a low price. Where you have Hitherto seen spidery outlines and bapdbox proportions, you will now aee size and strength and dignity. Where you iiave seen Indifferent material skimped and saved to make possible a low price, you will now see a car built of the finest steels money can buy, used in full and generous measure—and the same palnstak- ang, conscientious system of construction, down to the last nut and bolt, that has been typical ot the Cadillac plant from the ttrat year of iU history. Deliverlefl early next month. First car load already soli. 0. B. QetcheU, Agent, Bakersfield Auto Supply 19th and 0 BU. Tel. Main 1260 TOMS FIRST SEWER WOODMEN'S MERRY BO'S The first official action for the di- the nuwer work is drawing to a close vision of the city Into sower districts the board is beginning to prepare for was taken at the meeting of the city the operation of the system and the trustees last night by the acceptance rental of the farm site is one of the of the city engineer's plans and spec- 'quesions to be disposed of. locations for Sewer District No. 1, * Trustee Muuzer spoke, urging that and the issuance of an order to the the site be rented for a term of five city attorney for the preparation and years and that it be advertised for prooodure of steps, the necessary * The final determination of the dls legal rent accordingly. No action was | taken, however, some of the trustees of the opinion that the lessee trict was only reached after a very should be offered a longer term. Tho heated discussion in which Trustee j question was laid over until next St. Clalr and Assistant City Engineer Monday when a full board will be In White were the central figures. St. attendance. Clalr had Ideas of his own as to what Saloon License*. territory district No. 1 should be 0. Vurc\ was granted a transfer of composed of and while the plans sub- liquor license from 1228 Eighteenth mlttcd by White were not exactly in street to 1304 Nineteenth street. The accordance with the strict interpre-J vote was 3 to 1, St. Clair being opposition of the board's motions, they were, according to the engineer's Judgment, the best suited for the desired work, and his position wag also sustained by Trustees Bailey, Munzer and Stoner. McDonald was absent. The Boundaries. White excluded from his plans that part of the proposed district along- n street from Fifteenth to California because of the level. It can easily be sewered and at less cost by a 6 inch main running that distance, which could be included In Woodmen held tlu>ir holm parade last night arul it was oqtiiilly as big n success as the first "no. There were all kinds of music and drops and whoa (he roundup was banded together in the lodge rooms after the parade for the social time. It was a happy although rather ragged looking regiment, Kuehn's orchestra supplied tho music and the entertainment committee provided many things to make tho time pass Interestingly. contests One was here were three boxing which wero full of action. Over The Tehachap Dayl Fresn to the granting of the transfer be- of Puccfs indifflerence to tho s of tho board. Purcl, however, has his license paid up and further states that he has legal advice to the elf";'t iiiat tho board Is powerless to prevent his removal under the conditions. Harry Dillon, having purchased into the Majestic saloon, made application for a transfer of the iinecse held by Kenfro and Slkes to Kenfro and Dillon. The matter was laid over for a week. Tho sewer contractors were grant- a separate district. St. Clalr argued o t i a further continuance of 60 days that the small strip of territory, which gives them until January 10, should be Included in the district to' wore instructed to construe shrdlhru Vho east and thus save what little; ^"'». *<> complete the work They expense would result from adver- were instructed to construct man- Using for tho two districts In- holes every sou feet on the main out- stead of one -a matter of ?25 or 930. (fa " lln «- t Engineer White, however, figured • • "f monthly n-port of Poundkeeper that tho general cost to the taxpay-, M. A Cox was made as follows: ers, considering double advertising,,?^ 9 impounded during October, 47; would be less by following out his destroyed, 47. There were 11 dogs, plans and the board members, with 5 cats and one horse found dead on the exception of St. Clair, were sat- the streets during the month, isfled with Engineer White's Judg-; Would Extend F Street, ment. St. Clair voted no to the mo-1 Attorney C. N. Scars, represent- tlon made by Stoner, His was the ing residents in tho southwestern only dissenting vote. Following is tho district as described tn the plans: Commencing at the intersection of the center lines of Chester avenue and California avenue and running north to the Intersection of the center lines of Chester avenue and Fifteenth street, thence west along the center line of Fifteenth street to a point 305.25 feet west of the west part of town, south of California avenue, petitioned the board for the extension of F street south from California avenue two blocks, crossing Blanche street and the Hlrshfeld tract to Orange street. Ho asked that condemnation proceedings be begun. The property in question Is just west of the Macmurdo property and has only recently been sold by bHwwn blind-folded contest a nt« and credited one continuous Hcrcam. E, H. Meonk rendered a pleasing musical number and tborr wore a number of olhor entertaining features. The hitf spread was thr tbinu, It was dished out in true hobo .stylo. The fan* was Rood and In proportions that y«» genuine weary while delights to cast bis eyes nn. The prizes wore awarded to K. II. Boenk for tho hobo and Tom Curry wan s<-< Thirty-five applications worn takon, FINDS THERE IS MONEY EVEN IN PIG'S SQUEAL A Chicago dispatch says; An in- \vntivc genius has discovered that there Is money In a pig's squat. That, (tie late K IX Armour said, was tbe only thing that went *o wagtc at the Ktockyards, and it now has a cash value. Millions of dollars' worth of squeals have gone to wasto because It was no| known what use t« Jituka of I hem. But now that thofr real vuMm has discovered, the jmbll« will httve to for •n«»* 11 j ] ust t ke same as H pays for the hams, the loins nnu otticr parts r>f the American porker. Last Saturday a man carrying a camera, nnd a machine for making phonographs records, presented himself at the etockyardn and miked permission to take some pictures for use In a 5 cent theater to Illustrate a pictorial slide that Is to be entitled "A Day fit the Stockyards." "I will first take a set of moving pictures/' he said, "and then I will get a) record for the phonograph." The numj proceeded to can the squeals of hogs hoisted to their death in the shacking pens. Mrs. J. EIHs returned Sunday from Los Angeles, where she has been vis- Iting for tbe past four months with Annelt s TOWN Phone Goods uy them now and make use' of them these cold mornings. n Absolute Guarantee line of F street, thence south parallel i J. W. Wiley to J. Shomate, who into F stree to the center line of Call-: tends to construct two tenement hor daughter Mrs Alma Stoner fornia avenue, thence west to the houses. The board did not regard the center line of Oleander avenue and , petition favorably and no action was taken, the petition being placed on the table for one week. The petition- for one year goes with every Hot Water Bottle or Syringe from us. Get one today. California avenue, thence south 351.75 feet along he center line of .Oleander avenue, thence east to the p rs assert that they are inconven! 'center line of H street and parallel - "need in going to and from town. to California avenue, thence north to tbe center line of California avenue Claims Allowed. Following is tbe report of the n- and H street, hence east to tbe place nanrp committee, which was allowed: of beginning. i COFFEE Poor coffee has to be sold in bulk, it isn't worth BAKERSflELD DRUG CO. Kahler Bros. O'neill "l , will* « wnr> <\iivi«v>n, * * fit-own, $1504; C. N ' packing". PHONE MAIN 42 Corner 10th 8U. The estimate of material and prob- Jofinson,*$25; E. Toti, $60; n. Smith, ^B A fl . . ^^^ ^^ . ^^ . - I ablo cost is: 12-J4 feet of S inch sewer pipe. 5S2fi feet of fi Inch sewer pipe. Twenty-four 8 inrh lamp holes, Three 2-i Inch man holes, Eighteen S inch ys. I3fi 6 Inch ys. Total cost, $31Sf».GO. There are twenty-two blocks in tbe district entailing a cost of approximately $150 per block. The Sewer Farm. 7!io maittT of the disposition of tho sewer fiirm, the west half of section 3, also occupied the attention of the city fathers. Now that County Co., $3.95; Almost Covered with Eczema—No Night's Rest for Nearly a Year Feared Lifelong Disfigurement All Treatments Failed and Limit of Endurance Seemed Near, $37: John Uicoy, $U».tfO; n, B. White, $13.nn; M. A. Cox, $S'(; Hiiffh Honry, $72.50; R PrlmHvnU', $108.50; 13. Swpenoy, $52.50; Klecfrlc Wafer Co., S2.f*S; \V. S. Fowlor, $o; K. N. GouJd, ?S.2.- t ; J. R. VailCPy. $100; n. R. White, ?M.~; AHo R r,. flai'dner $1.25; I. 13. McCaron. 3:7.nO; Tom Ranches!. $32.50; C. 0. WIIMtts. $77.50; J. S. rpton, $7.50; Alfred flarrc-11, $12:fiO; P. T. & K. Co.. $2; Kern Land Co., $2.fi5; P. T. & $77.",3$; Morrow & Klmball, .field Iron Works, $1; Grocery Co., $3; BakerafleM Grocery Co., $17; Ed Swcneey. $55; O. Archeleta, $47,50; O. A. Morris, $18.40; Electric Water Co.. $5; Morrow & Kimhall, 50 cents; C. N. John- Ron, $2; J. E. Yancey. $155; Bakersfield Hardware Co., $10.50; A, B. | Herrlngton, $4; Bakersfleld Ice Do- livery, $3.50; J. Anderson, $f).50; King dumber Co,, $25.35; A. Welll. $0.85; Smith & Burnett. $5.25; Matt- Echo Publishing Co., streets fair week, Your grocer return! your money K jrou don't Ilk* Schilling's n<-s< we pay him ftORT. 0. ftAtTON, Manager SECOND ENGAGEMENT OF KIRK LA SHELL'S son Bros., $4.50; $16.32; cleaning $250. WHY SUFFER? PERFECT RECOVERY IS DUE TO CUTICURA "With the exception of his harvte and feet, my eon Clyd«> (thirt^-a ynr.i old) waa almost compl<»My covert"! with eczema. Physician* frontal him fur nearly a year without b-!;>in^ h::n any. While they wen* very Uiiul an t -h 1 all in their power, yet nothing s^-m^i to r**~ lieve him. • And 1 hiui tri»-d miny tvm- edieg sent to nu» bv kind fri»'i" allfttiled. His h-'ixd, iivv, nnd covered with large acabri v, hi- li h«; would rub until thr^- ff-11 off. Th.-n !il.K>d and matter would run out nnd ih;it would be worse. Many a tun** h» i l 11 ^--! tw if hie ears would dn.p uff. V'n'-mU coming to see him naid that if h* would be dUfl^urod for l.i"" "When it winoU n^ if eibly stand It no try Cuticura. I cura Soap, a box of and a bottlo of Cm used thorn in thu <«v -.KM*; the firtit night f-»r jifurly a slept. This may to you, but in tho great chnngo for th* six weeks you couVi hehadovorhadnnvtliinc^ I treated him twico a day and at pnj*»*»nt ho has a 1 and not a f car on his b< •< may seem overdrawn, bn' n , nor pen can dmsorlbe H>M ^ KuiTormg and TJOW he looked. Our I-admgphj-- Hloian, Dr. ——. rocommfinii tho C uu- cura liorttt*dt**8 ior <*o?somri. Mrs. Cockburn, Bhiioh, 0., Jmi*» 1 ». M)0 Frequont dhampooD Boap and w**;kly Big Production of Henry Blossom's Character Comedy well ha »M nos- pica to -.f Cutl- , t i hat was ir that ho J t •!*; was a In about that him. x montha Breathe Hyomel and Kill the Loathsome Catarrh Gerfs. JUKI »s lon« »M ynu havr» your nose will itch/ your bn-nth will ho foul, you will hawk and spit, aiul you will do other (UKgusting things he- ••'jiuso you onn't hell) yourself. The cnrnis of cntnrrh hnvo not you In their powor; they are <*oiitfuu:illy tind |»«»r- Histeuily dlKi^ing Into :ind Irri (In* nnirons inemhrane of your ;ind throat. They are now in Me tut; ( your life miserable.; in titne. they will I KO|> your entire By HI cm of its onerR.v, I i(» strength, its vigor and vitality. 1 But there i» one remedy thitt will' 1<II Iho germs ;md and eure catarrh. 1 and that IH Hyomol, tlie AuHtrallan dry alr'treatment. • Baer liros., the driiKKiwtH, will KIKU'- antee Hyoniei 10 cure catarrh, or money hack. Oon't delay thlH iilcftH.-inl nn* llso|>tlc: treatment. Breathe in Hyoniet • \\t\ kill tlir p,ertns. B:i»'j Bros will si-n yon a complete UyonTei outfit. Including Inhaler, for only $1,00. li U fil:U) guaramecd to cure bi'oiH.-hitiH. asthma, contain, cohls, hay 1'evor and With the Same Excellent Cast, Headed by HANS ROBERT in the Title Role, and DAVID BRAHAM, JR., as "Push" Miller ft^l ' I hi; o same company n\\>\ ]>ro(hiciion which ojx-neil iiiis Ihcatcr two seasons a^o, and the only company which has ever presented this fascinating American play of Love and Luck. Prices 5Qo, 75, $1, and $1.50 SEATS NOW ON SALE. ins story 7." wit d Cutirura * with Cuti- atop falling hair, rmnovo cnwU*. , ami dandruff, dwtrcv hair parti- , ft(Mitho irritate!, Ifluntf **urfa««, Htimulat" tho hair follirlw. .-'ipply tho roots with nmirUhwnt, l(K>Min tho skin, and mako tho hnir K { "" W u iwe«trwhi>lniBC)mH, h**ftlthr *f-a!p, when all oiher rfHnmlii^ full. COMPETENT JUDGES, BentJty r>oc(om I'.miornp "\Vom«n who m;U<i: a bunlnosa of beau- tifylnff olh*-r women como protiy ne*af knowlntc what will hrtnjc nhout the Iwat rwaultH. Hero arw letters from two, coa- oernlng If rt rplcl»ic: "I can r-voinmor.d N>wbro'< "Horpl- clde," nn it htopp^J my hnic from fulUng out; and. an u drifSHinflr it has no lor. "(Stoned.) DREAMLAND > TnillhiK«*r, ' t < ! Mur/l *'Aftor i my lutir h.t.t noaip In cr. on on Or*;." : hottU ff "Tr*Tp1cld*j* • \ r»HlnK out, and my fr. '• frr-m Co r G a nd Hours 10 a. m. to 12 m -- ' ul-.I I Kv«ry •Oiuthd Culkum Oinuncul u § > W f SOu ) to H«ui ,<orto **a, ^ hv ilrM£*tfte 1<V. in itamps for munpte to The Herytel'to Ck»,, wurl4. P Detroit, Mich. Two 50c 11.00 2 p. m. to 5:30 p 7:30 p. m. to 10:30 p. a J. A. HUQHIS, Agent ree FBIDAY AND TUESDAY NIOHT8 LADIEfi NIGHTS Prof Oamer* Kwic •rahortra

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