Nashville Banner from Nashville, Tennessee on November 25, 1963 · 29
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Nashville Banner from Nashville, Tennessee · 29

Nashville, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Monday, November 25, 1963
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-ur 'By RALPH H SHAM New York (UPI) ---- Television has discovered the American Negro During the past few months Negroes have been popping up with increasing regularity on television screens across the nation not as subjects of objective documentaries on the race issue but as actors and actresses and as models in soap beer and razor blade commercials It has happened so quickly so quietly and apparently so naturally that nobody has bothered to protest—with the result that it is now too late The people who matter are delighted with the results Sponsors Matter Most ' The people who matter most of course are the sponsors And the most important sponsors --- the soap companies — were the ones who decided whiteness isn't everything It was not altogether a spontaneous outburst of humanitarianism on the part of the suds maker s They were jogged along somewhat by a Congress of Racial Equality task force headed by Clarence Funny& "The response was much ''i)11 T1 EL 011"Zss 4'070 TRAINEES NEEDED! For IBM Machine Operation Computers— Programmers etc PerSOnS selected can be I trained in a program which I need not interfere with present job If you qualify 1 training can be financed I Write today please include 1 home phone and age For Information Writ AUTOMATION TRAINING BOX Z-24791 co BANNER-TENNESSEAN "Originally we had been prepared to use selective purchasing as a weapon in our campaign" Funnye said "but when several companies Integrated their advertising without being approached we knew it would not be necessary" Fairer Representation Lever Brothers went a stage further than merely integrating their own advertising They "let it be known" to network and independent TV producer s that they would like to see a 'fairer representation of Negroes and other minority groups in television programs All three major networks have stressed their non-discriminatory employment policies for some time but it is only this season that an in I bili 161311111SE MES113 ks gumB UE—thdiasta1410 tinsenunble these fotmlumblee one letter to each square to form four ordinary: words HE GOT National radio and television networks are expected to re- sume regularly scheduled programs Tuesday 'AM1::':ZU:'7M175271SM2717M WE SAY Lit 711-otetkortitmese AND COME IN AGAIN SOON noRWOOD LAUNDRY & CLE Over 35 Years of Dependable Service MODERN DRIVE-IN-16th AND CHLIPOIT AL 5-5678 LAUNDRY & CLEANERS better than we expected" crease in the use of Negro runnye said "The companies actors In dramatic shows has quickly realized that it was increased significantly good business to appeal to the Even now with Negroes nation's 20 million Negroes" playing doctors nurses law-CORE la negotiating with 36 yers and law enforcement of-companies and already has ficers on many of the major made preliminary agreements network eerie s only one for integrated advertising with dramatic program features a 14 of them—representing an Negro as a regular member of annual 6350 million in tele- the cast She is Cicely Tyson vision advertising who portrays a social worker "Originally we had been in the new CBS series "East prepared to use selective Side West Side" Many Negroes — even 'those purchasing as a weapon in our campaign" Isunnye said directly affected by the in- crease — have yet to chars "but when several companies Funnye's optimsim They want Integrated their advertising to see whether the trend con-without being approached we tinuea or whether it is merely knew it would not be neces- 44token integration" Boxy" Michael H Dann CBS vice-Fairer Representation president a n d programming Lever Brothers went a stage director is convinced it's here further than merely integrat- to stay "Don't forget I work ing their own advertising six months in advance so They "let it be known" to net- can see what's happening" he work and independent TV pro- said duce t! that they would like to Dann said he felt the No-see a 'fairer representation of groes' scepticism was fair but Negroes and other minority that he was convinced "there groups in television programs Is no role in television that All three major networks will not be occupied by We-have stressed their non-dis- groes in the years to come i-irninatory employment poll- "Advertisers are urging us ties for some time but it is to make sure that a cross-only this season that an in- section of all minority groups 11-25 WHY THE 5u51NE55MA4 WA5 LATE FOR AN IMPORTANT CONFERENCE -o Now arrange the circled lanai to form thesurprin answer ass invited by the above cartoon ¼A J (Ammer tomorrow) Jumb Tie PUDGY WHOSE GIGGLE ROTATE Saturday's Answer: These sometimes have plenty of staying potter-011RDLES Social Security Query Answered (Prepared by Robert B Overton Jr? Nashville District Manager for Social Security) QUESTION: When I retired this year and applied for social security benefits I had already made $1700 My boss has asked me to return to work on a part-time basis earning no more than POO a month Do I have to notify you that I have returned to work? ANSWE R: Yes Even though you will be earning less than WO in a month when you return to work you will have increased your total earnings for the year thereby affecting benefit payments for the entire year If you have questions on social security writ visit or call the social security office at 1600 Hayes Street Nashville Tennessee Not all questions can be answered In This column Please give your name and address in letters to be sure of a personal reply Names and addresses are never used In This column view — Miami UP—Becky Seitlin 8 had a busy summer The young girl won 70 trophies medals and ribbons in swimming meets She learned how to swim three years ago EI SHOP WHEN AND WHERE YOU PLEASE Associates' Christmas Plan provides the cash to shop when and where you please makes shopping easier and more pleasant And there are no first-ofthe-year Christmas bills to mar the enjoyment of the Holidays You can get the Christmas cash you need quickly and conveniently at Associates Get $300 $500 $750 or more today no payment until February A LENDING HAND TO n CHRISTMAS GIVING GET THE CHRISTMAS CASH YOU NEED NOW-NO PAYMENT 'TH FEBRUARYI 1r is given fair and adequate representation on our programs" be said Few Protest Letters "Certain Affiliates" (specifically Atlanta and Shreveport) had blacked out one of the "East Side West Side" programs dealing with a Negro couple living in a Harlem tenement he said and the network had received a few - protest letters f r om individuals But these were isolated W!'Z":::011011tv: f ' ' ' : :" tkilkaosoksom-ammhalk40 foto CICELY TYSON who portrays a social worker in the new CBS series "East Side West Side" is one of the growing group of her race to find acting roles on the major television networks There's a cycle for regular garments another for delicate s and a third especially for wash 'n wears Blends in detergent and filters out lint 3 wash-rinse temperatures It's like two dryers in on Gives you the advantage of a regular dryer plus the con- venience and speed of an extra-fast dryer Six drying cycles five heats big capacity RCA WHIRLPOOL Connoisseur erl ae nd l r ee cutomatic 11411- ov en Automatic Mealtimers starts and stops oven cooking automatically Bake broil or even barbecue in the big full-width oven Looks like a built-in only 301 wide MiS 2 rop0::''Iip:!'i'1 t'torn:tdti RE5TTY!nEMMNL&IL111Mq 10'0iO0:S' I :1 ft 8th Ave Cr Church 254-1744 incdents he said' a n d the trend was meetng general approval "The waters are rising" he said "and I have no reservations about saying that they will continue to rise until they find their proper level" in the same vein an ABC executive said many of the roles now being given to Negroes "do not specifically call for Negro actors" NBC similarly has been reinforcing its non-discrimination policies with interne memos caling on staff members especially those responsible for producing panel shows to remember N e g ro e s "not simply because they are Negroes (But because) Negroes in various walks of life are p a rt of the respective communities you serve" As with Negro actors and actresses the position for Negro models in the fields of television newspaper magazine and billboard advertising Is improving — but apparently the trend is meeting some resistance particularly in the area of fashion modelling Agency For Minorities Lois Williams an attractive woman in her middle thirties runs the Gra c e Delmarco agency f o r 150 N e gr o e a Asians and other m in or ity groups "The position is much better Exclusive Filter-Stream' washing and rinsing! Scrubs dishes clean with powerful jets of constantly-filtered water from revolving spray arm No pre-scraping or rinsing! Huge capacity lets you store dirty dishes as you use them—keeps them out of sight 'til ready to wash Easy "Random Loading" no complicated pattern to follow Exclusive Roll 'N Load rack for straight down loading of lower rack Automatic detergent dispenser too Hurry this offer good a limited time only! rink NOW WHILE QUANTITIES LAST Model SKP-30 °112095 than it wads" she said "But one of the major problems we still face is that my models have to do a double job when they try for an assignment Not only do they have to sell themselves but they have to sell integration first" She said some of the larger stores were using Negro models in their advertising but integration had not yet reached the "more exclusive" stores "Mary Farrington is the only one of my girls who has modeled in some of the more exclusive fashion stores on Fifth Avenue and that's only because she works for a manufacturer who sent her there and they had no choice but to accept her" Mrs Williams said Mary a 20-year-old from Little Rock added: "Nobody seem ed to mind though Everybody was extremely nice" According to Mrs Williams the to women's fashion magasines in the United States have drawn the line at using Negro models on their pages "I was told by a friend of mine at one of the fashion magazines that there were people there who said they would die rather than see a Negro model on their pages" By persevering the agency has managed to get one of its male models Mike Field into VIE STOP LEA 910 Stop-910 Palk® Old Roofs Repaired or New Roofs Applied SOUTHERN ROOFING INC 1803 Church St 39 Reliable Years U 5-7506 PORTABLE DISHWASHER Model SKP-40 THE NASHVILLE BANNER Mon Nov 25 1963—PO4'2f - ills 'PM TOYS' YEAR 'ROUND - Nashville's Largest PHILLIPS TOY VARY 1905 Sth Ave S 5201 Harding 114 70 WOODLAND ST SUMMER C CRig F TT : sWpRININIGER: FALL WITH Westinghouse TOTAL COMFORT SYSTEMS for fir IP iS INDUSTRY 'AMES H NATURAL CAS IIITER'S AL 5-3708 HOME BUSINESS INDUSTRY Co INC AL 6-8683 an upcoming issue of Esquire but generally speaking "we have found it impossible to break into the national magazine market" she said Number of inequities Don Halley a tall 27-yearold former football player was the first Negro to appear in an integrated television commercial (for Rheingold Beer) in May 1963 He has done a number of commercials since then and says that while the situation is improving there are still a number of inequities "For example some companies will integrate a commercial but they will use Negroes as extras so they don't get the benefit of residuals fforn repeat showings of the advertisement" he said The general feeling among bwhile e getting situation n itseems is "too Mrs Williams' models is that to soon to tell" whether it will u" of kodoinarks 'tad KA by Whirlpool Corporehoo foonolodotor ot ACA WHI1100( 49:4460:14 elbodisd by boa Cat Palatka Of Alum los '- a a be a luting improvement: "One thing we really would like to see Is every major fashion show linewno includt ing one Negro model" Mrs- Williams said "A few do but not enough' It would make ik tremendousi difference to us if they all did" AUDIVOX 'Savoy Hotel) - Successors so Wester Elects Hearin' Aid Divisiou L S RITTER JR ' ToL AL 6-5394 142 7tb Ave H Green Hills Shopping Center 298-5821 Belle Meade Plaza Shopping Ctr 298-1133 ALL 3 LOCATIONS OPEN MONDAY NIGHT 'TIL 9 PM PS' A 4 otO I OP V fkag 01 06 MK A 3 Green Hills Shopping Center 4111 ' 8th Ave hurch Ai -4r 298-5821 Cr & 254-1744 Belle Meade Plaza Shopping Ctr II 298-1133 tr (I) 44 12 Cfi o - " " D 17 :::::: rili : ' s 19 A ir ::: I I : :i:: iiollong 1 - - t ' s4 El -i -"J " :: : : woBARG6IN :: PRICIvED 0 :s::: :i:::::ii:::::::!!!: : — — - - : — - : — " " — ' 5dOtittM40:15010W -1::40:8:0: (':::i:ii:iX:j ' 0::i-:V!?: ' '': g8kggggggl ' ' s ''':'N ':ifneliMs:::MM1 1 :::4-oi " ' H:::::?:a:::i-: :-y - N 'i:::::i:i3:3:::i:g::iK:ig11wit:K4K IF ::::::::::iH:- 1‘61fr' 1::: '' ' IS r - Ilispop :nijO:EiriiMi::!1::ORii::::4-!::::Ry0 :--::iii:::::::::: :1 : Ns ' :i: :Mi4a101e:iSetti:n 0::C 3 0 '-':i C t v : Abor ' 1 1 ''::1111111111111111144ti::i4 tfii i!1::2 IliFtlixqi:Emig!vdãyt!dt471-1-- -:::04bi::1:?qm:::Nii:41:::::4i:N:i:7--i- : ::::::: ' PORTABLE DISHWASHER o7r7711r081W:koi::RaI::::::(2n:c4 i ::''-': : :::::' : dPL' ' "--- ::"4i - Fagi : ::- :' ' ' ''''''''' ----- ' - 444111a1 Exclusw e e- — 4ts - lliz 4 :: ' 0--'0 1 rItt ii) Filter-Stream' 111 1 -'4 4111iP Miqia:S ' -' ''''-:''::11s'::' V ' I 41 io rr ' C! x::0:::::::: &111w fil washing and rinsing! t v- ow fd ) I -NIN : 441h if '1:kirs6:4 ' Scrubs dishes clean with power- it kd f It o N ' ' ' '-O' )1 ' I jn!e 7:1--: - ful jets of constantly-filtered ' v '"141ij : - : 4110 water from revohring spray ann ' ' t Ali"7 409 ktik ' '1:::X ' ' No pre-scraping or rinsing! 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