The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 10, 1908 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 10, 1908
Page 2
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Che Bakersfieid ftiiiforntan Evpry Evening but Sundays at rsfiel,], Kern f.innty, California. City and County Official Paper Tuesday, DEAR TOM:- Nov. 10 red In PoMniiico at nakf.'rsfleld, I, ,-IH Snooii'l chiss Mull MiiHer. M'S ;i nioM-li. J" a Year in Adv.inr" ALPPED HARRELL. Editor and Prop. Yr'ephone Main 31 M i'.-OAV. NnVKMI'.KK 1". I'.'"- WHY AND WHEREFORE. dispiitrh in i li'- Surprise tonight with Gruenhagen 1 s Candy bought roney's. It's the beet •her'' a box fine at Me- of BILL l;irl I he t iiniinir whittles the elee- ;i|-e I.ilil I! Ill I leys. llil\ e sllakdl oil' . di-hiyed railroad lieel] l-esUllied. illld iin-ii are atraitl 'lie ro'iiity enmity aii'l r.-malneil at t!i"ir posts until they we'e nllnwetl to t.'ll'e Up Choice illlolllH'lltS J!l till- llf'W ••'•lion |i ': .>!!. ...| thai after perI'crtlni: their rlj^li, to the land those men tiii.inl it ovei to Dwinell ancl his associuti.-: an |i' yi.ient of tltc sums ptivi.nsly lixcd, .'bout I- 1 '" each and tlieir I'Npeiise.J EX-SENATOR CARMACK IS MURDERED business their letliiiru building' liiis ],(IOO.OIMI idl juai\iiin- i" llieir employment. Thi.s is all a very liin- thinir. uinl every irond American will hope Iliat the picture is not overdrawn, ],,it since the. revival is so put- NASH VIU,K. Tenn , Nov. !>.-As a ently belli!,' treated by the press | sequel to -the recent bitter controversy 1'f(.i;i a political standpoint, we : in the gubernatorial campaign In Ten- may. without In-ill^ partisan, in- ' ""«see. Edward Ward Cartnack. for- i ., 41 i •» , . ' mer U. S. senator from Tennessee was quire how it that it wns, shot ,,„„ knle( , |n n st ,. ( . (> , (lue] h(>rf , necessary to resume ? j this afternoon, by Robin Cooper, and When were tin- faelory wheels' Cooper himself was wounded In the stopped, and why? When did the i shoulder by a bullet from earmark's mnoke sto| issuing from the eltim-1 neys and whnt for? What caused 1 the business lethargy? Who put] out the fires, that they must he rekindled? When did railroad work cense and for what reason? And why wen; there a million idle men? Did all these untoward e.ondi- tions become manifest because a presidential campaign was on? Hardly. They date much further back—back to a time when there was no talk of any election. The news that the eastern papers are publishing js very <rood news indeed. It is also a confession of the existence of a condition that was most vigorously denied ten days ago. Hut let that pass-. I.rt us all hope that the tires will not again go out, that the| smoke will keep on pouring from | chimneys, that there will be no' further stoppage of railroad building, and that the million of idle men now returning to work will continue In find employment. The tariff will not be revised. we are now told, until a yen! hence, and ev.-M t|>e:i, it i> out. that revision is likely upwards. This means still prices, and il is well t hai m to be employed. Tiny in nnd at good wa'_-es if they meet the enst o|' liviiiL 1 '. revolver and Is tonight under police surveillance in a local hospital. Ills condition is not serious. Carmack was wounded throe times J. B» Berges & Company Wholsale Dealers in Wines, Lic ; : ?r: And Cigars The tiT-cim of all goods served in sample room. Quotations and samples sent on application •* Phone Mun 2: : .7 , 1623 Nineteenth Street an officer. Th Curmack had I" street besd.le h ; lump of a cigar Mr. '•a .-milking was in the. pital Inlet- :,n.| ;i! police he.1.1 no statement. licint; nltmnev, -7 Kle. COU'MHIA. Ten; VV. {'imiiiicl. l«-!t 1 at 5 o'clock tlii- IH'ured cm the \ Her mother. Mis •ilTfe-1 to a how- 'ii ! Tooper IH held '•• . He has made :i Cooper Is a prnc- • iii's old and sin- , . Nov. [I.—Mrs. E. for Nashville iltenieon. She ap- iire of prostration. l-.'Hcn Dunnington, C IN Illl: COllS pany four years ago with stock of $1.000,000. Small a capital j investors . who has been seriously ill, was over- conic and physicians were called In. Fears for her life are entertained. The body of Mr. Carmack will reach here at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning and the funeral will probably be arranged for Wednesday. It is believed that Bishop E. E. Hoss of the M. E. church will ofliciate. MEMPHIS, Tenn., Nov. 9.— Former U. S. Senator Edward \V. Carmack was born near Castlllinn Springs, Sum- tier county, TenneesHee, Nov. 5, 1S58. Bedlam promised to reign at the meeting of the stockholders of the Carlea Chemical Company, at the headquarters in the Marine building on Front street, when the holders of stock gathered to look into the methods practiced by Manager F. M. j \} }c company MelgF, his associate officers and the ing board of directors. " *•• averted TnB only by he announcement that the meet int.- bad not been regularly called and consequently »" not a valid meeting, but merely a conference. The meeting was the purchaser), tint since that time not a bit of the sulphate of soda the com- I pany Is supposed to produce has been marketed. It Is claimed that Melgs and his as- j soclates in office have refused to per-1 • mlt stockholders to have access to the | , book? of the concern. Aa a result of this Attorney T. Norman Harvey acquired a hundred shares of Block In the concern and yesterday, through his attorney, William A. Nunlist, filed suit against Melgs, the directors and asking for an account- H. C. HARNESS With J. W. Brocxman Real Estate and Insurance Rom 25, Qaltee Block Phone Main 232 Bakersfleld. Cal In the neck, the breast and left should'-! rio " al Democratic convention in 1896 He had an academic education, stud , led law, practiced in Columbia, and | Plaining W:IH a member of the legislature In | Mnna K er Melps claims to control 1X84. Ho was a delegate" to the r.e- the majority of stock of the com- complaint alleges that a year ago the report showed that over $10,500 was in the concern's treasury, and that on August 31st of this year there was not only no money in the , . ,,, ,. i_t.i .-, treasury, but there were claims port rendered by Allen Knight expert ftgalnst the concern amounting to ov- accountant, who went over the books' -- of the Carisa Company several weeks ago and found things that need ex- er. Colonel Duncan Ii. Cooper, fath er of the younger man. was with his son during the affray, but did not fire a shot. It is. said he stood by with pistol In hand. He is detained here at police headquarters. NASHVILLE. Nov. !>.—Former Senator Edward Carmack, editor of the Temieeseean, was shot and killed at 4 o'clock" this afternoon on Seventh avenue, North, in front of the Polk Flats, by Ilobin Cooper, a son of Colonel Duncan li. Cooper. Cnrmack was going north on Seventh avenue in front of the flats and Colonel Cooper nnd his son Robin were approaching Seventh avenue on I'nion street. Soon after they camo In sight of one another, the shooting began, Robin Cooper, It Is said, firing two shots, and Senator Carmack, one. Colonel Cooper, It IH said, drew his pistol, but did not tire. j Senator Carmacn fell to HIP ground, i .iyiii.: Instanll. 1 '. Robin Cooper WH i shot In the right shoulder, but not I biidly wounded. and a member of congress from 1S97 to 1901, from the Tenth congressional district of Tennessee. He served with distinction in the senate for six years, being defeated for re-election in the primary a little more than a year ago by former Governor Robert Taylor. Senator Carmack then resumed the practice of law in this city, which was then his. home, but within a few- months removed to Nashville. l/ast spring he opposed Gov. Patterson for the Democratic gubernatorial nomination, championing the cause of state-wide prohibition. He was de-1 feated. Shortly after his defeat Sen ator Carmack was offered the editorship of the Nashville Tennesseean. He accepted and since then had been at the head of that paper. •>»* • WITNESSES IN FEDERAL COURT AT FERSNO. H. McDonald and a number of other wit nesses went to Fresno > es-tcrdny pany. and it is said he also controls the directors, to the extent that when a minor stockholder is so bold as to make a suggestion regarding the conduct of the company the answer Is, "What arp you going to do about It?" Meips organized the Carisa Com- | er $48,000, which Melgs said was | due him. I n the meantime no devel- j opment work has gone on and there ' was nothing to show where the money had gone. Other Illegal transactions are charged In the complaint, and It waa prayed that the defendants be enjoined from paying to GENTLE HORSES. We always have on hand safe- and gentle horses that ladies can drive. You will find everything spick and spaii about our stables, our horses good animals, and car- COMING SOON. It \» understood that the \viis one of tlie results of a •recent j Democratic i;ulicrn:itnr!al primary In which Ciirin ick was defeated. far'"' i UI:H k, since he became e.liior of the .•n I Tennesseean. had been caustic in criti- |,,.'; w'iat In c-ill.'d the Democratic i m-'dl'lie ;i|"l l|-|i| prlnte | sr\cral edit- i ii! i ii.- aliinn < 'oliniel Cooper. "''' ; \Villiin the last lew days, It is as- !>c i-et'ted. Colonel Cooper notified Car- I , , ' III,lei', th.ll lile-e t''I i' < ll'i;l I Cfi t Ici.slll s ,' MMIM reaie. Aiiniliet e.liloiial rel'er- rint; to the ( nlnnt'l .'tjipeai eij in the |>a|.e|- tips nioniiiii; -illil Illis Is .stippiis'e I 'in !i.-i\e been tii'- Immediate c,m,e of ; t he t rouble. \ "I-i As Si'iia'ui 1 Carmack fell at the .,. i e h;e o! 111. street. Colonel DUUcail It. ' ('iioiiei- )int his arm at oiiad llobin ''' (' and liot'i \v,ill:e,l a few feel ' I !<'i- II S.'e-,-e|ll II -|\ • II' 1 '- III 1 1|-. l{. ]•'., ,,j I".til"'-: nllice. \\ilefe l!|e sih'.lll Ullllll'l ill Itu'.iinV shonbler wis ex.nn'iied and j lli-.!lf'| All II III llUl. I Il'-e (Mllii'll tile bm!\ ol Cannaek to an nndei t a!- in-; es- •'" talilislnneiii. The ]ii:-lol of I'.u inacli. i ',:; i.ililne. l\in.'. .11 lii' ;>- wltii I'A o ell.imlie's i-HI|>!\ \\llrll tile 1 t ; < 1 t I U t > a n i \\ .1 ; I une-.i user to on the Ceo. Klnkade case, in era! court, but owlni; to the the fH absence of important witnesse^, there was n I del-ty ill ti.e lien-ill'-'. "t'l-e C->KP f>' Sam I,. ITogr.e will bo tried at this < i >.vam ul i |>e court. I A fc-l'-i'al urairl .iu;-v lias been i;»I p. .Hide I as lollow-s: \V. \V. F'l'.iiii"--. I foreman; .1. K. Forney, .loseph Alien. il) C. Bennett, I). \V. Smith. .1. ('. Itice. Maurice Kophtiro, Thomas I'onton, I,'. 1C. (ioode, .1. II. ||iiil"iiii, (i. .Morris . Homicll, T. C. Hrattoti. U'il'iam F. Mr' V. v. U'. F. Hank-, T. II. Hurt. 1). .<->. .McCiilloiie.h, T. Klro-1. N". t'. ,/ii.--iy, .lollll C. Cooper, S. llhoefer, R»!a-,t C'aswell and .1. P. Wllkius. . TEA If the tea is good you ask for a second cup; if not. you ask for the money. 8117 sh a a r re 80f at th a e ny m meeT- riages, cabs, surreys, etc, etc., in good running order all the time. W. T. RATLIPP Cor 21st and .< Sts Tel. Main 88 Ing until the case is settled. The next meeting of the stockholders, at -which developments are expected, will be held on November 18. —Chronicle. v ilk* DI vt"fr n I anf vmir rnonej il ron don'l <hill>r.hi • btM. we pay him. FOR SALE EUCALYPTUS TREES 3.000,000. Leading Varieties l-'.-i.- vi>lns Land and Timber Con !',,n>\ Kdward C. Crihli. 1're.s. \V. ^. '! hatcher. See'(|. T2:i So. I'.n.; -:\vav. Los An-.-eles, Cal. UNION OIL LOOSES OUT IN FRESNO. HO!EL BRULE STRICTLY FIRST-CLASS. $1 PER DAY AND UP 670 EcUiy, bet. Polk ant) Larkin SAN FRANCISCO Hea'Jquacters for Eakersfiel PASQUINI BROTHERS It' you arc not satisfied with the groceries yon have had for Ilio last month irivo us a fair trial and he convinced that we carry the hest e/ooils found anywhere, Open up an account with us. A few words ahotU our lii;U(irs. \Ve c.nrry all stand- ai'i) hratids ot' wines and whiskies. GROCERIES & LIQUORS 12C9 19th St. Main 655 Prompt Delivery. I'UKS.M). No meeting ,ii the al'iernnon, the ol) ject ed to I he a plant by the the Kinstein n »^-^x.a fin-Hi lot rill/, illl" • \. i ,i*' ^ he I'.t li'' 1 • i«' I >< e s, > ' t -1 other railroad ' l <"--'^'• '••'••• - >s hi't'll elected." Well, l.-l 's \va.t Ulld see. It's a I'etty l>ad idea |o c.ondenin men in advance. There will he time eiioiieh for that when the legislature shall have sli,.wn us what stuff it is made of. INDICT PRESIDENTIAL. ELCCTO" ON CHARGE OF FRAUD. JlU'ilts \v!i! UijalllKi 1 1 Bif'liUl of ' Dctccr. and .I. placi'. cliartdli' In i-diniectioii ci-rtaln novpriiM county In 1SO!>. According tii the n-pori >- ; t'iill ilKl'Dt WlU) i IH esti :.•/-!. I l '• • the Indicted men euleir.l !-i - ^!iir;si-.', ail-1 proc'.ivc I the • e: • i 1 '' • : t::' 1 !fi.i - < . tin- i diiiil.. Ui • I -MI I" • i •••: i ;!oli (i! s; -. i-ru-i;. ;it I., i 'I ''I Vl!' ! , The men tuns hlre.l went inlo liti-.- f e iinl i.-.'.i." t-e'.cral d.i.vs prior the opeuiim of u forest reserve 1 ill' ANcBclalilcPrcpar.iliouforAs- sliuilaiiug iheFoodaudlk^ula- hug ite Slouuuiib and Bowels of PromotcsDigcstion.Cliecrful- nessandRest.Conlains neither | Opnim.Morptiine nor Mineral. Nor N.VHC OTIC. AprrfiTl Hi-iiicJy forfonstifwi- iioi\, Sour Stontach.Uiiiiitwca \VortHS .Cotivulsicns, ncss and Loss OF SLEKI». NKW VO1JK. Forlnftnit.s r !Tha Kind Always Bears tlu Signature of Children. • « •*<tfu>»f***.nH.',MMi on Have In Use For Ovei Thirty Years TMI OIHTAUN OOMMHt, NCW TOKK CIT» For Can^hs and \H> Colcls RED SPRUCE AND WHITE PINE NATU^S'S BA :..:-//• We Rccommar.'l •,h- '. 'j; of Our Guarar'jvd COLD TABLETS A Curaliv and L>xative When RED SPRUCE AND;WHITE PINE. Is Take Of Dnig Stores Bakersfield's Finest NEW YORK Groves of South- ern California; Cotton Fields of Texas - FOUP AND ONE-HAuF JOYOUS DAYS ON THE ELEGANTLY EQUIPPED BTEAMER8 A&VC ANY AGENf Capital Paid Up, 9100,000 Surplus, $25,000 _B A K ERsl EV '"'-. i-»1'iV.onM »'- A checking account with the First National Banlc has BO many advantages that you will find it a great aid in your financial affairs. If you have not already such an account with us we shall be pleased to have you open one and test it fo^ yourself. ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN BAKERSF1ELD OR KERN Corner 19th and H Streets. * •> •;• •;• •;• •> •;- •;• •:• •:• *;* * ^ <• A A •!• » CHESTER AVENUE > NURSERY <• ALBERT WEEDAUL, Prop. <• First-class Nursery Stock, Trees, *• Shrubbs, Roses, Cut Flowers, Flo/- t- al Designs. Orders promptly flll«sd (• Corner Sixth St. and Chester A*-e. (• 'Ph»ne, Main 745 ?• A »?• »t» *% »% •** •!•• •!* »1* *!< *!* »!• »!• »!• *!-• »!* '*' v '* 'SWEET BROS.' Are Agents for THE ALBANY NURSERIES If you need anything in tho nursery lino ,-eo thorn at their ranch opposite Producers' Refinery' on Bearclsley canal. Write them Runil No. 1, Box 8. Or call them up, ninck 511. DR. LUNG CHOW DUCK ON TONQ CO. DRUG STORE Cor. 19th and Q. Bakersfleld. OLD EKLIABLE Painters BNYDER & JACKSON Painting in all branches. Interior Decorations a Specialty. CARRIAGE PAINTING 8IGN8 Phone Main 1138 1627 Wall 8t •akeraflold, Cal.

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