Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on January 29, 1964 · Page 2
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 2

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 29, 1964
Page 2
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BEN CASE* By NEAL ADAMS UCeJSE PLATES SAW yCWRE A DOC, RIGHT? , THEN M3U KNOW IT <\ TAKES TtM£ TO ORE SOAE THINGS. THISS PATIENT, OKAV^VOO WIN. WHAT DOESAGUy DOTOWU. TIME AROUND HERE? SHORT RIBS By FRANK O'NEAL DAN FLAGG By DON SHERWOOD MORTY MEEKLE By DICK CAVALLI THE weCTHB2 ) O SAIOTHECS'OBeA / LOW CEIUN0 TOCAY ^J^ §J CWlr tJt*. k.TU I.t Hi V. O- ALLEY OOP By V. T. HAMLIN PRISCDLLA'S POP By AL VERMEER CAPTAIN EASY By LESLIE TURNER YEAH.. I TELL HIM TO GO PUT ON" A WOMAU'S- JOE GYCe SHAWL, DKE&S' AMD C0AT.,.ANP PAKK 1$ VSITIM'VNEABLTH-^IPE EHTRAtJCEi THEN YOU FOP ME IM TiTT BRIMS HItt IM HERE,' TH'CAK.L0N. WhV5 &AT?KJ JOE BALKED t-T ^AT FIRST-BUT la GAV£ IN! WOW.., | \ WHY THIS- UAUE, 'CAPTAN EA5y? f I HAP HIS PAPERS. N WHEN I WRECKED HIS CAR. IP HIDDEM IW It WHILE HE WAS IM AM AIL-MIGHT PIMER. SOUTH 0FT0WM.AND SLU6SE0 HIW AS HE OPEMEO TH' POOR. I DRUG HIM WTO TH" WEEPS.,. THEN DROVE OFF SO FAST CCKS GOrOWttYTAILl I TRIED TO SHAKE 'EMi BUT LOST COUTR0L!/ OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY 2 - Wed., Jan. 29, 1964 Redlands Daily Facts WASHINGTON California is biggest test for Goldwater, Rockefeller By Bruce Biossat WASHINGTON* — (NEA) The delegate cash register will start to ring up hard currency for Arizona's Sen. Barry Goldwater on Feb. 28 and 29 in Oklahoma and North Carolina. These two states lead off the long parade of GOP state convention Feb. 28 and the North Carolina affair the following day. The Oklahoma meeting is considered a formality. By earlier official party action, the state's 22 votes have been in Barry's pocket for some months. The North Carolina situation is not quite so neat. Leaders there say two or three of the 26 delegates may hold themselves uncommitted. This prospect rep resents Goldwater's slippage in the state since President Lyndon B. Johnson took over. Another measure of slippage is the fact that North Carolina Young Republicans invited Pennsylvania's Gov. William Scranton to their Jan. 30-31 convention at Durham. He turned them down. But the invitation suggested more than casual curiosity. Goldwater will pick up anoth- UR-in-Europe program starts February 8 With 33 student participants, the eighth UR-in-Europe pro gram will be underway on February 8 when the group sails from New York harbor aboard the S. S. Maasdam oceanliner. None of the 33 are residents of Redlands. Continuing to serve in their European posts for the spring semester are Dr. and Mrs. Henry G. Dittmar and Dr. and Mrs. Edward G. Tritt. Both pro fessors and their wives will re turn to the Redlands campus for the fall semester. Studies and classes will begin on board the ship in preparation for the five-month program which ends in June. Approximately one week in France, one week in England, one week in Vienna, two weeks in Italy and shorter periods of time in West Germany, the Netherlands. Czechoslovakia and and Switzerland are included in the study-travel schedule. Based on a core course of instruction in the field of Con temporary European Civilization, reading and lectures will be coordinated with travels. er easy 16 votes March 21 at the South Carolina convention. Yet, despite these first easy collections, Goldwater is not particularly advantaged by the 1964 schedule layout of state conventions and primaries. In presidential politics as in baseball, the schedule can hurt you. For instance, more than a fourth of the total of 1,308 national convention delegates will be chosen by state convention or state committee meetings in June, most of them after results of the all-important June 2 California primary are known. Discount part of this total, since it includes New York's 92, set for Gov. Nelson Rockefeller, and the 56 in Texas, a Goldwater bastion. But if Goldwater lost the Cali fornia primary and its 88 votes, sharp tremors would swiftly be felt in the conventions sched uled in the days immediately following in Colorado, New Mexico, Minnesota, Connecticut, Ida ho, Washington, Utah, Montana and Virginia. Since more than a half-dozen states still have not fixed their convention dates, the post-Cali- OUR ANCESTORS by Quincy "When I said 'get me some Danish,' I meant prisoners, not pastries, you stupid oaf!" Africans show thin veneer of civilization By PHIL NEWSOM UPI Foreign News Analyst Last Nov. 19, the Congo government seized and reportedly beat two Soviet diplomats returning to Leopoldville from Brazzaville across the Congo River. Two days later, the Con «.uu.<. U u UU — r ,goiese summarily expelled the fornia June list may in the endjentire 100-member staff of the be still greater. Both the Goldwater and the Rockefeller camps now put California down as critical to the 1964 nomination fight. The present prospect in t h c New Hampshire primary — and the schedule — underscores this judgment. With other entries fogging up the Goldwater - Rockefeller confrontation, the New Hampshire verdict could prove indecisive. One Goldwater man, basically optimistic, thinks the senator might win no more than 10 of the state's 14 delegates — against opposition the Gold- waterites argue is "going nowhere." After New Hampshire, Goldwater and Rockefeller may not meet head-on again until t w o months later — in the May 15 Oregon primary where a mere 18 votes are at stake. Here, too. Soviet Embassy in Leopoldville. The charges were that the Russians were trying to undermine the regime of Premier Cyrille Adoula. By coincidence or not. it marked the beginning of a Communist upsurge on the Dark Continent which in recent days and weeks has seen Leftist revolt succeed in Zanzibar, violence spread to Tanganyika, Uganda, Kenya and Libya, and the tightening of so-called Marxist rule in Ghana. In the Congo itself, terrorism at the hands of half - naked painted youths under Communist leadership has spread to three southern provinces, with death to at least three Belgian priests and to an American woman missionary. Familiar Story The sad trek of white refu other entries may muddy thelgees seeking escape from waters. black African violence is an Late decisions for face-to-facelall-too familiar story in the Congo. The thin veneer of civilization and the long way to tests in District of Columbia, West Virginia and Maryland primaries in May would alter the picture somewhat. But even!go before there can be any these would still leave Califor-ihope of orderly development nia, far off in June, as the great!among many of the emerging watershed for 1964. I new African nations is one Anti smoking campaign in Japan TOKYO (UPI) — The Japanese government, which has a monopoly on the tobacco business here, has started a nationwide campaign to halt smoking among juveniles. Spurred by the U.S. Public Health Service report that smoking causes lung cancer, the Health and Welfare Ministry has instructed regional governments to curb smoking by teen-agers in cooperation with parents, educational and police authorities. J. R. WILLIAMS Auto Trip Answer to Previous Puzzle OS ACROSS 1 pike 5 Lodging for the night 8 road 12 Unicom fish 13 African, town 14 Notion 15 Hindu weight 16 Cavity 17 Overall cloth 18 Post office marker 20 Constellation 21 Possesses 22 Diameter (ab.) 24 Early German protestant 28 Explosive nasal sound 32 Mouths 33 Female name- 35Awry(diaL) 36 Lean 33 Be borne 40 Loose 41 English composer 43 Musical performance 45 Pen point 47 River (Sp.) 48 Oriental fish sauce 51 Restate 56 Journey 57 Round body 58 Untied 59 Feminine name 60 Everyone 61 Eternities 62 Violin parts 63 English river 64 Biblical patriarch DOWN ISod 2 Unitary 3MissHaj*urUi 4 Equine calls 5 Pretender 6 Fastener 7 Famous 8 Motorists' Mexican Mecca 9 German river 10 Meadows 11 Miss Turner 19 Satisfied debt 23 Exists 24 Mud 25 Russian stream 37 Citizens of 26 Warbled Hawaii 27 Masculine appellation 29 Leer 30 Erect 50 Safe cracker (slang) 39 Star in Pegasus 52 Man's name 42 Musical note 53 Metal 44 break 46 way.K.Y. 31 Sermon subject 48 sig thought to be drawn from the current wave of violence. Another is the further illustration that no matter what may be the differences between the Soviet Union and Red China, the graduates of their schools of subversion and violence work well together. In Kwilu, Kwango and Kasai provinces of the Congo, the terrorists arc said to be led by one Pierre Mulele. one - time ambassador to Cairo for the deposed leftist secessionist government of Antoine Giz- enga. Gizenga, Moscow trained, has been in jail for the last two years. Mulele received much of his training from the Communist Chinese. Government raids on guerrilla training camps have turned up an odd mixture of Chinese Communist literature and explosives along with Russian clothing and Soviet - made cameras. Slowed Communist Drive The history of the Communist effort in the Congo goes back to the early days of Congo independence in July, 1960, and the hectic and short rule of the slain Patrice Lumumba. The United Nations presence and the emergence of an anti-Communist government in Leopoldville slowed but did not halt that drive. Reduced U.N. forces continue to be the protectors of what stability there is in the Congo but they are scheduled to depart early next summer. Meanwhile, the Congo's own vast size, its agricultural and mineral riches and its accompanying lack of communications and any real cohesive force make it a natural target for communist subversion. It is in constant economic difficulty, deprived of national income both by smuggling and graft. When the U.N. departs it will be up for grabs, with the Soviet Union and the Red Chinese among the foremost competitors. 34 Lovable 49 Shield bearing 54 Motorists' Mecca in Nevada 55 Disorder 1 2 3 4 5 6 s 9 10 U ir 13 14 15 16 17 Is" 9 26 2i 23 24 25 2ft s" » 31 32" 34 36" 40 41 42 43 45 4? 48 49 so 5T~ 52 53 54 56 57 59 60 51 $2 63 64 Liz Says: OPEN ALL DAY SUNDAY & ALL WEEK TOOl FRI. NITES TIL • LIZ SAYS: — "CHARGE IT" (jihd RAGS BY LIZ Citrus Village Sage's — in the Mall Redlands Charge Accounts • Gladly Stationery Special! MO NT AG'S in white & color 2 boxes 96* TOTAL OF 140 SHEETS & 60 ENVELOPES FREE PARKINS AT REAR OF STORE 208 EAST STATE Investment class opens at Yucaipa adult school The Yucaipa Adult School will begin a new class in which is scheduled to meet Thursday evening, February 6, from 7 to 9:30 p.m. in Room S3 of the Yucaipa High School music building. This class will be under the direction of Ralph E. Mayer, manager of Wagenseller and Durst in Yucaipa, Don Kelly, coordinator, said. Mr. Mayer has had over 30 years of experience as a security analyst for member firms of the New York Stock Exchange in Southern California. The class will include the study of the New York Stock Exchange and various types of securities which include common and preferred stock, bonds, and convertible bonds, and other securities. , Registration is $3.50 per adult per semester plus a $1.00 class fee, making the total cost S4.50 for this 16-week class. Those who have already paid the $3.50 registration fee for another Adult Education class in Yucaipa, would only pay the SI class fee for this class. Registrations will be accepted at the first class session. COLOR AFOOT NEW YORK (UPI) — The bright and vibrant colors take over in the carpet and rug department for 1964. The American Carpet Institute, Inc., says that conspicuous by their absence are the once predominant beiges, the soft pastels, the "grayed" or muted versions of stronger hues. In their place are richer tones in every color family. Prominent color families in new collections are gold and green.

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