The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on January 22, 1971 · Page 6
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 6

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, January 22, 1971
Page 6
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Page 6 THE TIPTON (INDIANA)! DAILY TRIBUNE .. The Tipton Daily Tribune EZl-223 %. Jefferson Street Tipton, Indiana 46072 Phone 675-2115 . By carrier In city ............. 45$per week BY MAIL: Tipton and adjacent Counties; 1 year $11.00 6 months ................ 6.50 3 months ............... 3.50 Subscription PAID IN ADVANCE - No mail subscription accepted where carrier delivery is maintained. '; ; Member: UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL Entered as Second Class Matter October 4, 1895 at the Post Office in Tipton, Indiana, under the Act of Congress of March 3, 1897. SECOND-CLASS POSTABE PAID IN TIPTON, IND. PUBLISHED DAILY EXCEPT SUNDAY Edwin Hannah Dies Today unt t wn J Do and Willi tL flrd CLch une Edwin Hannah, 78, route 4, died at 10:10 a.m. today at Tipton County Memorial Hospital after a long illness. Funeral services will be Monday at 2 p.m. at Leatherman-Morris Funeral Home with Rev. Lawrence Sweet officiating. Burial will be at Fairview Cemetery. Friends r^tee'Invited to call after 2 p.m. |/^unday, at Leatherman-Morris Funeral Home. The deceased was born July 15, 1892, in Tuscola, III., the son of George and Georgia (Geiger) Hannah. He had resided in Tipton County since 1909. He was married February 16, 1918 in Tipton County to Esther M. Hartman who survives.- They were the parents of five children. He was amem- ber of Hobbs United Methodist Church and attended Tipton County schools. He was a farmer and retired from Delco-Remy at ' Anderson. . Surviving with the widow are four sons and a daughter, Mrs. Max Todd and Carl Hannah, both of Tipton County; Paul Hannah, * Nixon Applauds (Continued from page one) Money JANUARY ABOUT GONE HOW ABOUT RESOLUTIONS? WELL, what do you know? The month of January has just about turned the calendar.. .we're all one twelfth of the way through the year.. .and haven't really 'touched the ground' as yet. NOW, how about those resolutions you made? How many have been broken, how many have you stuck with., .and how many do you believe you can keep until we celebrate the birthday of the Fattier of our country. . .George Washington? Now, whether it is age creeping up on us.... .or. the tempo of the times, don't you feel that the earth is spinning around on its axis just a little faster these days? Stopand think just aminute before you answer that question. They say you are as young as you feel.. .but we would say that is true sometimes, just when you are in rare form.. .not when you have a few aches and pains. Time flies! This is a saying.. .yet it is also a truth, as one may suppose in this JET Age we are living in. YOU KNOW FOLKS, we saw a card the other day which stated very simply; "The HURRIER I go the BEHINDER I get" "There just may be somethinginthatstatementatthat. Maybe it is a case of the man- being willing at times, but the giddyap is weak! WELL, in any event, if you have any resolutions still intact, try to keep them alive. . .maybe February will be a little kinder to you.. .and you a little kinder to your neighbor! MAKING NEWS IT IS SAO very often, things which "make news" can include the biggest, the smallest, the most, the least, the best and the worst For instance every year, at the start, the "FIRST CHILD" to be born on NEW YEARS DAY is the : baby making the headlines. Granted? • For instance, it may not be too often that a $5.95 semi-bard cover book rates special attention. However, recently there was one, by a man known and respected by both the citizen who keeps the law. . .and those who break it, = merits some comment. NOW THE NAME doesn't make it especially newsworthy, yet "J. Edgar Hoover Speaks Concerning Communism".. .might be one that will 'wake up' some people who seem to have been asleep concerning the dangers of this DREAD DISEASE! : IT WON'T BE James Bond reading, but will give real knowledge to scholars, speakers, writers and teachers. . .and even the AVERAGE American who may wish to be BETTER INFORMED. .. since there, are certain people in this country who would have you believe there is no danger in Communism.. .and we can all live taking their word they will not work against us, and wish only to be friends. THE BOOK breaks down writings and statements of Mr. Hoover, made throughout the years, at perhaps news conferences, talks at Kiwanis, Elks, Rotary, Lions.. .etc. meetings and tries an interrelation in short form, noting the danger of the RED MENACE. The breakdown may refer to "Espioage", "Infiltration", "Informants", "Fronts", "Cuba", "Oswald"; and many other class-? if ications which would give the average person also, an inner vision into the depths of what the reds are really trying to do to this country. I THE AUTHOR, Dr. James Bales, is well known; advises all Americans that "in all the years of his public service, Mr. Hoover has never been wrong about the nature, the objectives, the stragedy and the tactics of communism." Quite a tribute... and although this may be as near 100 per cent as possible, he's still worth heeding, when he tells this country that they are "out to destroy us". WHEN WILL THEY LEARN? J' IPS A RARE BAY that another report does not come from some part of the nation, telling of the death of another youth because of DRUG ABUSE. And it has infiltrated into every section of our land, in every state, in every county, until it has become a national problem and hazard. There seems to be no limit to the abuse, no matter what is being done. Perhaps this is because the PUBLIC, as a whole, won't accept the idea that it is a real problem. Many fathers and mothers until proven in error, would swear that their children would never touch drugs. It seems that youth, in this day and age, are taking drugs as a DARE.. .and will try any of them for "kicks". Secobarnitol is a common barbiturate frequently prescribed by doctors in the form of sleeping pills. For this, use, it is not harmful. But it has been transformed into 'trouble'according to the latest reports, by kids who "soup It up" and make a HYPNOTIC DOSE lasting 6 hours or more. We are not trying to give out information not known by most of the youngsters, just pointing out to the SENIORS what to expect }. THE BIG DANGER in this type, is that the human body adapts itself_ to the align chemicals and builds up a 'tolerance' for the pills, and the 'user', the adduct, not a doctor's patient, in order to get the kicks.. .must use excessive doses. Anxiety--, weakness, insomnia, restlessness nausea, delerium and convulsions may be the result 1 DRUG ABUSE is America's No. 1 enemy. This means it is your No. 1 enemy. The.No. 1 enemy of every family in these United States.. .so be on guard.. .try to help when you can! ABA Holds Secret Draft Meeting GREENSBORO, N. C. (UPI) — The American Basketball Association, pledging to follow an "independent course" from the National Basketball Association, held a secret draft of • college seniors today. ABA commissioner Jack Dolph would not disclose the number of rounds in today's draft, but he predicted the ABA would win "the signing war hands down." Dolph announced Thursday that since merger negotiations between the .two organizations had broken off, the ABA was reinstituting its antitrust: suit, against the NBA. .. Indianapolis; Bob Hannah, Hobbs and Wayne Hannah of Frankton. Also surviving are, two brothers, Harry Hannah of Richmond and Clarence Hannah of Indianapolis; 16 grandchildren and 10 great-grandchildren. Nina O. Stewart Succcumbs Today Nina O. Stewart, 91, route 1. Sharpsville died today at 5 a.m. at the Dicky Nursing Home where she had been a patient since November of 1967. Funeral services are pending at McMullan-Rude Funeral Home in Kempton. The deceased was born in Tipton County September 19, 1897, the daughter of Steven and Emma (Ramseyer) Rogers. She was married to William H. Stewart who preceded her in death January 25, 1966. She was a member of Liberty Baptist Church. Surviving are two children, Mrs. Ruth Plake, Tipton and Leo Stewart of Marlon; six grandchildren; seven great-grandchildren and several great-great grandchildren. bership of top leaders representing American industry, labor, the academic community, and agriculture, saying that "a very significant point was made, not only in the first meeting, but in the second and third. On every occasion, it was this: That that area of. the American economy O'BRIEN that has had the greatest growth in productivity and that has the highest productivity per man hour any way you want to rate it, is American agriculture." Upon hearing this fact, the President said he checked further and found that "we are the best fed people, but at the lowest cost the lowest percentage of our income, of any country in the world. And for that, we are most grateful." This fact, he said, "means that the Nation owes American agriculture a very great debt which perhaps has not been adequately reflected in agricultural income." Mr. Nixon continued, "I am not happy about the fact that agricultural income has not been at the rates that it should have been over, the past few years. I think the farmer deserves a fair share of the Nation's increasing wealth and its increasing productivity, due to the fact that A t merican agriculture productive." At the same time, Mr. Nixon said, "We have problems of hunger in this country, and there are problems of hunger inall countries, rich and poor, around the world. "But the problems of hunger in this country are, in terms of magnitude, nothing compared to what the problems are in countries that simply do hot have the enormous productivity that we have. "And so, as we look around the world and as we think of the future of-the world and what is going to happen, we realize how much American agriculture can contribute." The President said he referred not only to export markets but to "the knowledge that we are able to share with other people which may make a differ rence in these next 10, 15, 25 years, a difference as to whether millions of people all over the world will grow up without enough to eat at all, or whether they may have a better chance than they would otherwise have to survive." BASEBALL SIGNING PHILADELPHIA (UPI) Roger Freed, the rookie outfiel*. der acquired by the' Philadelphia Phillies from the Baltimore Orioles, signed his 1971 contract Thursday. ' 'MAN OF YEAR' COLUMBUS, Ohio (UPI)Joe O'Brien, who scored more two-minute miles than anyone else in harness racing history, will be named "Horseman of the Year'!, by the Columbus Touchdown IClub Feb. 5 at its annual sports awards banquet. * Board of Finance (Continued from page one) School Counselors at Kokomo this week. John Moses, Athletic Director, requested permission to attend the Midwest Secondary Schools Athletic Directors Conference in Indianapolis January 31 to February 2. All requests were approved by the Board. The Board approved the notice of negotiations for school, bus routes and advised the Superintendent to place the legal advertisements. A teacher contract for Miss Jennifer Brewer, elementary teacher at Jefferson School who will start teaching the second semester was signed. * Nash Appointed (Continued from page one) slaughtered at the following packing plants: Emge Packing Co. Inc., Anderson; Marhoefer Packing Co., Inc., Muncie; Stadler Packing Co., Inc., Columbus; and Stark - Wetzel and Co., Inc. Indianapolis. Those working with the show along with the chairman and co- managers are processing entries and records; Malcolm Grlmme, live weighing and identification; Don Armstrong, publicity; Don Brown, Physical facilities; John. Forrest and Bill Blake, carcass data selection and summary; and John HIatt, ringmaster. A complete rules and entry blank brochure is available at the County Extension Office in the Tipton Courthouse. In the course of his remarks President Nixon had high praise for Secretary of Agriculture, Clifford M. Hardin, saying that "when I appointed him, I wanted a man who would speak for the farmers and for American agriculture to the White House rather than the other way around. He has done that Beneath that very pleasant and disarming exterior of his is a very strongand persuasive and determined mind. And in these matters that come before us and the high decisions that have to be made at the White House with the legislative leaders in the Cabinet, on the budget and other matters I can assure you that agriculture has a very strong advocate." What Would You Do? FREE-FREE 12" GE. Portable TV phone 675-4101 For Details FINANCIAL STATEMENT TIptoa,Clr# Clark Treasurer Fiscal Year 1970 ' FRIDAY, JANUARY 22, 1971 Geoeral Fund Receipts ' Correal Tans- General...... Stat* JLB.C. Geliooage Dlst_ Stat* Excls* Tax.. CttJ Court Docket Fees..— Clean Twp. Flra Protection Contract— Private Flra Protection......................... Tart Cab Licerse F ms........ Dog Liceos*...-.-*.**.--""-'."-•«••——f- • Imp. ami Occ Permits™—...—........—- Mobile Home Finntts................... 1 Blevde License Plates—...................... Stata Hlgnwaj - Street Sweeping— Sever Taps and Flushes.............— Golf Coarse Receipts —— • Swimming Pool .Receipts ..„„«.«.....«.—. Swimming Pool Concession Stand—.......... Oxygen us! Equipment™..........™.-..... • Eactal of Equipment.. Flra CalL. Reimbursement Outstanding Warrants Cancelled. .............. Refund from Park Board .„_............_... Insnrance Claim _.. Credit Balance Refand._;_„..._...-..„_ Insurance Return Premium „ Damage to Property..,™ Transfer from Utilities., Cigarette Tax-GeneraU... . Payroll Dei, State WJi. Tax_ TOTAL GENERAL FGND.__..„ Receipts Diner Foods Federal Funds„.......„......... Consume! Deposits.. ' Electric Cash Reserve .— ' Police pension Ftmd..™_.~ — - Flra Pension Faod„ Sewage Sinking Fond. Electric Depreciation^™ ....... Electric Bond Fund 1950 Water Depreciation.._ Water Bond and Interest Red.- AccL. Par king'Ueter Fond „ ............. ', O.JLSJ. Fund .„..........„_....-..—• Cum. Cap. Imp. Fund.................. Electric Operating—........ Water Operating... —• Sewage Disposal Operating „". . Motor Venlda Highway Fund. . TOTAL RECEIPTS—OTHER FUNDS.. TOTAL ALL RECEIPTS.; DISBURSEMENTS . GENERAL FUND DIBURSEMENTS Officials: Services Personal. Services Contractual....^.......... Supplies.. Currant Charges....... O.AAL City Snare.... Total Officials... City Court: Services Personals... SuppUas. w ........ H .... Bond. * » 129,100.31 (,687.57 3,722.81 4,855.00 10.757.00 200.00 T7.00 10.00 61.00 150.00 130.25 780.00 . . 330.00 ' 40.575.75 12,292.95 951.32 1,221.00 • . 226.00 75.00 31.00 92.4.2 • 75.00, 10.00 11.60 237.00 524.87 79,612.91 3,560.64 • 5,463.26 $ 304,223.72 $ 460.00 26.660.66 ; 107,000.00 4,46.9.22 17.303.88 55,944.00 ' 337,971.13 12,420.00 25,128.00 • 55,282.00, 11,140.04 14,178.94 • 10,764.40 [1,171,488.42 ! 191,261.31 • (8.412.24 55,056.63 S 2,184,948.09 3 2,489,171.81 13,500.00 . 11,725.00 686.50 19,772.27 138.00 46.421.77 • ' Properties...... J.... w OJiJSJ.CltySli?re._ • Total Street Dept. .Sanitation Department: Services Personal.. Service* Contractual.. SuppW Current Charge^, '.cUALCIrr Total Sanitation Share.. Park Department:! - Services Personal.'.. Services Contractual Supplies.. Current Charges, Properties.. toept.- O.AAL City Shared Total Park Dept..... Golf Course: 'Services Personal.. Services Contractual., Supplies., Current Charges, "Properties. State Sales Taxi O^SiCitySljare.. Total Golf Coarse... Swimnung'Pool: j Services Personal.. Services Contractual.. Supplies.. Current Charges.. ' Properties.. State Sales Tai.., .O.AJSi City Snare.. Total Swimming Pool.. Other General Fund Disbursements: Stata WlthheldJTaies from Wages _ - All other disbursements. Total Other Geo. Fund Dlsb_ TOTAL ALL GENERAL FUND DISBURSEMENTS.. OTHER DBBBRSEMENTS Police Pension Fund. Fire Pension Fund... Federal Funds. Electric Operating., Electric Depreciation.. Electric Bond Fund 1950. Electric Cash Reserve:'.. Water Operating. Water Depreciation., Water Bond Imp. Fund.. Water Bond I Int. Red. A/C. Sewage Disposal Operating. Sewage Disposal Sinking Fund.... Parking Ueter Fund.. Motor Vehicle Bighway Fund. O.A^J Fund. ' Sewer Cumulative Frad.......... Park Recreation Fund.. ..... Consumer Deposit............. O.A^X Clr/ Share... . Total City Court Legal: • ' Service's Personal.... Bond......:.... ...... O.A^J. City Share.. Total Legal........'.... Planning Commission: Supplies.......................— Services Contractual... Total Planning Commission.. Health and Charily: Supplies.... Total Health L Charity. ... Fire Department: Services Personal Services Contractual.......... Supplies Current Charges................ Properties O.A^SX City Share......;....., Total Fire Dept......... .. Police Department: Services Personal............... Services Contractual......... Supplies ..... w ...,..........< Current Charges......... Properties. City Shire. Total Police Dept..., Street Department: . Services Personal.. Services Contractual., Supplies................ Materials Currewt Charges. 2,000.00 < 198.86 18.00 96.00 2,312.86 v ' 600.D0 18.00 28.80 ' 646.80 12.00 40.00 52.00 1,267.91 1,267.91 56,221.15 " 3,474.11 - 1,193.02 2,273.50 '3,244.44 3.73 67.009.95 47,920.20 4,460.18 1,712.39 .3,237.65 2,812.17 • 3.75 60,146.34 914.76 8,090.65 590.89 9,788.11 4,347.81 Cum. Cap. Impi Fund.^.. Total Other Disbursements.. TOTAL AL1 DISBURSEMENTS 4,605.46 475.48 28,813.16 30,860.93 11.182.32 82.48 ; 2,242.27 927J3 45,295.13 9,578.56 19.196.24 104.70 1.152.60 126.B5 306.29 30,475.24 17,300.73 9,727.95 4,010.99 6.451.95 2,150.09 801.24 ' 807.66 41.250.61 6,944.54 310.00 899:70 J.UI.9S 260.10 247.53 385.81 12,159.63 5,062.17 1.119.18 6,181.35 3 34Z.032.75 None 10,573^9 None 1,271,936.34 320,566.00 14,945.00 154,634.91 197.988.53 12,617.51 10,738.38 53,468.75 124,754.06 38,950.85 23,338.83 47,958.69 13,611.60 . Nona * 2,494.26 43,774.40 Hone 2,342,351.41 __ $ 2,684,384.15 Fund General Fund ..Federal Funds j' Police Pension{ I Fire Pension {fund Electric Operating Electric Depreciation' Electric Bond Fund 1950 Electric Cash Reserve Water Operating Water Depreciation Water Bond Imp. Fund Water Bond Inf. Red. A/C Sewage Disposal Op. Sewage Dlsp. Sinking Parting Meter! Fund Motor YelflcIelHighway O.A^.1. Fund > Sewer Cumulative ' Park Recreation Fund Consumer Deposits -. Cum. Cap. Imp. Fund Petty Cash STATE OF INDIANA, COUNTY OF TIPTON. SS L. Carol G, Indiana, from Balance Balance Jaiu 1,1970 Receipts . Total Disbursements Dec.31,1970 t 67,404.98 $ 304,223.72 -1 371,628.70 5 342.032.75 J 69.595.95 •None 460.00- 460.00 None 460.00 '•- 5,428112 4,469.22 9,895.34 None - 9,895.34 124,632.00 1,231,631.08 1,356,263.08. 1,271,936.34 64,326.74 58,925.49 337,971.18 396,896.67 320.566.00 76,330.67 9,404.97 12,420.00 ' 21,824.97 14,945.00 . 6.879.97" 146,073.74- 107,000.00 253,073.14 -154,634.91 98,438.83 7,284.40 ' 191,268.31 198,552.71 197,988.53 564.18 21,294.90 . 25,128.00 ' 46,422.90 12,617.51 33,805.39 ' 18,827.80 ' None' .' 18,827.80 10,738.38 8,089.42 59,030.58 .55,282.00 114,312.58 53,468.75 60,843.83 101,226.35 81,728,51 182,954.86 124,754.06 58,200.80 32,232.58 55,944.00 88,176.58 38,950.85 49,225.73 31,298.41 11,140.06 42,438.47 23,338.83 19,099.64 43,608.46 55,056.83 98.665129 47,958.69 50,706.60 3,056.78 14,178,94 1T.235.72 13.611.60 3,624.12 14,521.32 None ' 14,521.32 None 14,521.32 5,536.19 None 5.536.19 2,494.26 3,041.93 35,975.01 26,660.66 62,635.67 43,774.40 18,661.27 22,139.61 • 10,764.40 32,904.21 None 32,904^1 800.00 None 800.00 None' 800.00 821,123.83 2,542,630.79 3,363,754.62 2.684,384.15 679,370.47 Lord, Clerk - Treasurer of the City of Tipton, bdlana,'do solemnly swear and certify that the above is atrueandexact statement of the financial condition of the City of Tipton, January 1, 1970. to December 31, 1970. Carol G. Lord, Clerk Treasurer City of Tipton, adlaua Subscribed and sworn to before me this 19th day of January, 1971 • Jacqueline M. PbUllpe. ' ' Notary Public My Commission expires September 24, 1973. L-40 * Arcadia (Continued from page one) land and building will remain on local tax rolls.- The building will contain 9,800 square feet. The Postal Service's .capital investment will be limited substantially to postal equipment. Bidding documents may be obtained from Mr. Hermit P. Shelton. Real Estate Officer, P.O. Box 166, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46206. The Heal Estate Officer will supply bidding forms, building specifications,- lease provisions and other information, j | Bids must be submitted to the Real Estate Officer by February 26, 1971, at P.O. Box 166, Ind* ianapolis, Indiana, 46206. i Hospital News [ THURS., JAN. 21,1971 ADMISSIONS: Shirley Rittenhouse, Kokomo; Judith Porter, Windfall; Bertha Willingham, Elwood; i Cora' 'Jones,- Goldsmith; Debra K. Haskett, Tipton; Keith A. Ley; Elwood; David Long, Elwood; Jewel S. Lambert, Cicero; Teresa M. Cutsinger, Elwood; Dorothy Coule, Atlanta; Linda A. Hiatr.WindfaU; Charles Fields, Tipton. | DISMISSALS: Linda Small, Tipton; i: Matthew Campbell; Richard Overdorf, Atlanta; Nell Cline, Sheridan; Paul R. McCarthy, Kokomo; Eric J. Barko, Kokomo; Gloria Sowders, Tipton; Roxanna Barnes, Tipton; Julia Pickett, Tipton;. Goldie Evans, Tipton; -Mary Jane Perrin, Tipton 1 ; Shirley McLerran, Tipton. BIRTH; | Mr. and Mrs. Benny Haskett, Tipton; Boy born at 6:15 January 21. Jr's SERV|C 122 WJefferson 675-2540 * Tune-up * Washing . •Brake Service * Lubrication TAX SERVICE State & Federal Returns Farmer* by Appointment Open l:M aun. to S-.10 pjB. Dally Tnea. efc Thnis. 'til 8 pjn. Sat. tU Ntwn JIMMIE DEAKYNE Located Ihi tlocka north, mt 4-way Stop, 8tBd. U, . Wot Side ^ >hoxw9»-496S Cleetw B.P.O.E. 1012 BUCK S0HN BAND Saturday Night, January 23rd » 675-4300 NOW IMy SATURDAY TWQ SHOWS AT 7:04 l> t :05 SAT. MATINEE 2:00 11% kindol a western. He%sortolacowboy: WHEQM1ANCMG Don't be anded! GETVOUR CO-OP ow Tires N0WI FARM SERVICE BUREAU ™ COMPUTE CM CAM BCRRVMAN PIKE. TIPTON This week Vlndale - on Display -- Leisure Living, Inc., St, Rd. 37 So., Elwood, tod. Let us help you own your own home. Our success is due in a great part, to helping our customers solve their housing needs which we have been doing for many yearsi We are qualified in helping in the selection of your home, site layout,, exterior masonry, brickwork, etc. You get more housing for your money In a Mobile, Modular or Factory built home, than any other way possible, when you see us. We urge you to come in and browse around. Our homes an all heated and many are totaj electric. Let "The Professionals" help solve your housing problems. Be sure and register for Free Vacation to be given away this Sunday, Jan. 24th at 5:00 p.m. Leisure Living Inc., St. Rd. 57 So., Elwood, Ind. 9-7 weekdays - 12-6 Sundays, r l' J i Tzm is DJISYDIMSMAEEE FRANK SINATRA a GEORGE KEHKEDYm "DIRTY DOwCUSMAGEE" w.™ ANNE UCKflON SUNDAY [AND MONDAY ^onl ont. Sjmday Starting At ,2:00-4:0556:10-8:15 Doors Close 9:30.

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