The Evening Review from East Liverpool, Ohio on February 10, 1939 · Page 22
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The Evening Review from East Liverpool, Ohio · Page 22

East Liverpool, Ohio
Issue Date:
Friday, February 10, 1939
Page 22
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EAST LIVERPOOL REVIEW FRIDAY. FEBRUARY 10. 1939. SKATER 79, REFUSES TO QUIT FANCY STYLE A/hirls And Jumps Still Liked By Elderly Ice Artist ————— ^ By Th« United Prttut. CLEVELAND. O—Fred Scharvt, 79 -year-old fancy skater, still likes to skate and “jump around to fast music.” Scbarvt, who lives on Kelly's Island in Lake Erie, has been a patron of Cleveland's oldest ice rink since 1t opened in 1906. He 1» still one of its most familiar fig- tires. '■I’m not a figure skater,” he said. “I’m just what we call a fancy skater—ami thero’s a difference. We fancy skaters are long on nerves and short on form. We’re reckless. I’ll show you. •When the music starts 1 circle once around the ice at top speed. Then I head lickety-split for the center, whirl, jump up high, come down, whirl some more and then start, cutting my first sunfish.” Scharvt said his favorite trick was cutting two sunfish. nose to nose, and then rounding that off with a grapevine. “That one was a wee bit tricky, first time I tried it." he said. “Of course, that was about 60 years ago.” • URBANA CLAIMS HONOR OF FIRST USING NAME By The ABMcfstcd Press. URBAN A, O. — Ken Kimbel, whose hobby is checking up on cities of similar names, declares that Urbana, O., was the first of 12 communities which now bear that name. This city, laid out in 1805. by Col. William Ward, drew its name from “urbane,” which Ward declared to mean “pleasant” in its Latin derivation. Of the 12 present Urbanaa, that In Illinois is the largest with 10,000 population. It was settled in 1822 by former Urbana, O.. residents. GANDHI’S WIFE JAILED OH BOV ! DO I SMELL PANCAKES » K WP* V« «i if Taste better—easier to make! Just add milk or water! This Is one of the few pictures taken of Mahatma Gandhi’s wife, Mrs. Kasturlbhai Gandhi, who was jailed at Rajkot, India, when she defied a police warning. The wife of the Indian leader has served six periods of imprisonment for political activities on behalf of her husband. MILK PRICES CHANGE FOR MIDLAND BUYERS Special To The Review. MIDLAND, Feb. 10.—Milk prices here and throughout the Pittsburgh milk marketing area dropped today from 13 cents to 11 cents a quart. The reduced prices were authorized Feb 4 by Gov. James on recommendation of the Pennsylvania state milk hoard and will result in price drops In Allegheny and Beaver counties and sections of Westmoreland, Butler, Lawrence and four other counties. New retail prices effective today are: Quarts, 11 cents; pints, seven cents; half pints, five cents; buttermilk, quarts, nine cents; half gallon, 15 cents; gallon, 25 cents; cream quarts, 48 cents; pints, 26 cent's; half pints, 15 cents. Prices on chocolate milk are the same as regular milk. Marry i-Go-Round By MARY ROWLAND Makeup—An Art Or A Habit? “W/HAT i» the psychology of the modern woman’s use of cosmetics?” inquires a puzzled bachelor, “Is smearing the face with rouge and powder and mascara a habit, a custom or just a racket? Does she really think she fools any- ibody?’ . Well—yesstr. It is a habit a “custom", often a “racket”, and •sometimes a positive necessity! Bid to tell you all about the psychology of cosmetics. I should have to read at least four volumes of Herbert Spencer and then interview a few beauticians. The use of cosmetics has become a fine art. and a modern girl isn't trying to fool anybody. She carries ; faer war paint around with her and frankly paints a fresh face on her- tsHf, right at the dinner table. Which is had form—hut perfectly honest TRY PILLSBURY'S BUCKWHEAT PANCAKE FLOUR,TOO! BAKERY SPECIALS MARBLE CAKE each 25c CREAM FILLED CUP CAKES 3 for 1 OC Valentine Cookie» 20c doz. Whipped Cream LAYER CAKE ea. 33C INDIVIDUAL DANISH PASTRY each 5C SESAME SEED BREAD loaf 10c New System Bakery PHONE 1540 8 LIM KEEVERT’S HOME OWNED SIXTH ST. MARKET 245 W. 6 TH 8 T. Free Delivery Phone 9056 Bell View 8andwlch SPREAD .. f.’; 25c Tasty Soda Crackers 2 15c El bo Macaroni 5 25c Buck-Eye Yellow Corn MEAL.. 5 £ 15c Avalon JELLY .. 2 £ 25c ASSORTED FLAVORS Spredit OLEO ____lb 11C Rhino Matches 6bo„.19c Canlon Provision LARD .. L.l lOc Nice No. 1 POTATOES ok 28c Blue Belle SALT ..2 b‘:b,. 15c Canton Provision Bacon Sq.2 ib.. 27c Light Brown SUGAR 5 ib* 25c PERSOHN’S A UNION MARKET 609 8 T. CLAIR AVE. A UNION MARKET PHONE 40 Pork Loin.... lb. 17c Pork Chops ib 18c Pork Shank Ib. 1 3C Pure Pork Sausage ..... O o CM -D HOME DRESSED STEWING QU Chickens .... lb. vUC ROASTING Chickens .... Ü CO CO -o Plate Boil.... o CM -D Pot Roast... u 00 JÓ LARGE SIZE HEINZ KETCHUP £«,. 3 '° 50c Sirloin Steak .......... lb. 30c Veal ^ Rump Roast lb. Veal 4 Pocket Roast lb. ■ o CM Lamb Stew., lb. 1 1» O Lamb 4 Shoulder .... lb. * 00 o Lamb Chops lb. 2 o IO At*, m Leg of Lamb lb. 25C Mild Cream m Cheese ........ lb. ■ !0c Breakfast Cheer # Coffee ......... lb. ■ 00 o STRICTLY FRESH EGGS 25c doz. STREAMLINE Over 100 Fin» Valut* For All of February— in STEAMLINE'S BIG ANNIVERSARY SALE JACK * Jill OEtt'TS Jr«s 10 SAUERKRAUT VAN CAMP MILK 3T,nIS 000 FOOD 100 0 CâM 311§ SALA0 OIL lt,u*n Cook 0,1 18 PREMIUM CRACKERS Lb Fk' l3 CATSUP 3 m* Bottle» 25 CUT BEETS CORN WHITE CORN Yellow PEAS Bit Can g 4 Bis 21 4 no. s 22 4 no. a 29 4 No. 2 22 PEAS ftOSXCAUC No. 1 4 cana 19 ■I« Kernel { 3 No- 215J ¿iimii''’ iiiiiiiimiiiimmiimiimiiiimiiiiiiiiiiiiimmiiimimiiii: “Ju*t Good Foods” at Barker’s" | When you shop at Barker's • • = you get more than just bargains. =j You receive choicest fruits, \cge- E tables, canned goodB, and meats. 5j You also receive prompt, efficient 51 service. Come in! = Free Delivery — Phone 481 | BROOM—Colored Stravv and Handle—4 string 63c =j Pomco’s Fall Sliced Apple Circles, 2 No. 1 cans 25c 5 Staley’s Cube Starch with Dish Cloth 3 lb. box 25c = Try Goddard’s Delicious Doughnuts—Pkg. of 6—12c jjj ARMOUR’S PURE VEGETABLE SHORTENING S TEX— In a 3 lb. Enamel Saucepan ............. 59c = POMCO’S CANNED * Youngberries 2 cans 39c Pomco’s New Proce»* Golden Bantam Whole Grain CORN .................. 2 cans 25c FRENCH’C HASTY TAPIOCA box 10c RIVER BRAND RICE ........2 boxes 15c IRON CORDS—7 Ft. with Switch....................50c 3ILVER DU8T—With Dish Towel ....... 23c WINDSOR j tall OA. DEL HAVEN - ,b * Q MILK ...... 4 can* 23c cocoa .. 2 can 1 9C MOTHER'S COFFEE a lb. 25C San-Nap-Pak 2 boxe. 35c I Fresh Meats—FruiU—Vegetables—Groceries B arker ' s M kt »214 On the Northside j phone Avondale FREE DELIVERY iltannffinittnniiiiiiiimrtimmmiHimmimmimimmmimiliiillil ÎIIÙ PANCAKE FLOUR 4rk“ 19 PANCAKE SYRUP Qt 23 j |4 Salad* <i-Lb. Brown U«d 39 CHOCOLATE CHERRIES ¿;bx 23 EGG NOODLES f r*6. 19 SPLIT 0REEN PEAS 4 Lb 19 PHILLIPS BEANS 16‘ot 6Câ,u!» SLICED BEEF • oaJ.rji l BOW MACARONI 20-lb 75 GRAHAM CRACKERS ^ ^ 15 PHILLIP MORRIS 201 Pk‘ 13 L & S PRESERVES H u:\eept Htrawberry and IU*i>o«ir>. WALDORF TISSUE... SCOTT TISSUE 4 Ro,‘* 25 SCOTT TOWELS 3R o IU2I CUT-RITE WAX PAPER 12lKt 14 MATCHES 6 H oxm I7 HYGIENE TISSUE 110,13 SUNBRITE 3 Can* 13 Oat Wyandotts lor lc 2 iw B SAL SODA rkk 8 WASHING FLUID gi 9 PURE HONEY Lb 14 PURE HONEY VLb °“!49 QUAKER CORN MEAL 2 pk‘* 15 SPICES 810 MIT c“ 8 OOG FOOD Can 4 CORN FLAKES mLLLR Pk‘ jj MUSTARD " .!? BEAN SPROUTS 4 V IS SALAD BOWL DRESSING Q! 25 wHui.r. m CHUCK ROAST 17 MURKKt.’» «t’*UTV SKINLESS WIENERS 19 OT4LTTY ''TejK KJKt* ROUND ROASTS 27 OK *9*1*» »MAH ÖLEO 3 lb*. 25 TOMATOES 4Na 2 22 JOAN OF ARCS 4 No*2 29 ASPARAGUS HURF,S 2 No 2 25 DEL MONTE CORN 2 Na 2 19 LIBBY APPLE BUTTER 2^25 mu»»» n* r * r H,l'_r’„ ur-_ Wh. Psslsd Apricot* 2B**29 f T p COCKT a T l 2b,‘ 35 F & P SLICED PEACHES ™ 8 KAD0TA FI0S B,tC“ IB DOLE PINEAPPLE 2Bls35 APPLE SLICES 4No 225 0RANQE JUICE 4«-°M9 4*-Oi. (an F«f 1» ~ Rolls 15| 2 con* 37 l l arge |3 3 Cana 10 - 0 *. || 4 CtkM 19 SANI FLUSH 0RAN0 BRILL0 2 Sm,lt nr 2-IN-l POLISH MOP A HANDLE IVORY SOAP Mf<J 3 * 0 ». |o can 21 Qt. |0 4* 0 *. ,9 Qt. 19 2 lMXt 35 ARM A HAMMER LOQ CABIN SYRUP SLICED DILLS LARGE DILLS SWEET PICKLES HEINZ CUC. PICKLES PEANUT BUTTER Dufl * 2“ 29 PASTRY FLOUR 5Lb 8achl2 RICE PUFFS or WHEAT 4P«» 19 PIG FEET GAl 95 LAROE LENTILS 4LM_I Pork Shoulder • STEAKS lb. I® Carefully Selected FRESH EGOS 2 Dos. 39 VEAL CHOP8 lb. 19 GO STREAMLINE ... THE SAVE WAY Firm Ripe BANANAS 5 23 Large Peck 23 Potatoes 100 lb. bag 1.50 Marsh Seedless GRAPEFRUIT doz. CD Iceberg LETTUOE Lge. j head’ English lb. OC WALNUTS . C ÖD Large Size ONIONS 10 ib. 2 Y Cosmetics, like clothes, manners anil morals, arc uiattera of geography, climate and rashion. For instance, in Turkey their use is a i custom, and in China they are a ne- Scessity. (Did you ever see a native Chinese lady, without her lovely pink - and - white enamel conjplex- * ion?) But in some small towns, rouge and powder are still a breach of taste, a vulgarism and a social offense; while in others they were a “misdemeanor”, punishable by the policewomen, who washed your face the moment you stepped off the ferry from Manhattan. (Won der what ever became of that old law?) In Paris, face powder and lip rouge are perfectly genteel “habits”, but rouge 011 the cheeks is “mauvais gout"—bad taste, a crime against art! While in London most women use tons of face powder, to tone down the high color in their faces. And in New York City, the lipstick appears to be the staff of life, the chief article of diet the only realy substantial thing you find in the average night clnb. In the large American cities, the use of makeup has been a "habit” so long, that it has become a “custom”—or a “custom” so long that it has become a “habit”, t defy you to tell me which! A smartly dressed New York woman would feel almost negligee it she appeared on the avenue without her “girlish color” or her “four- flush of youth", and would be afraid of catching the flue if she left off her lip rouge and mascara All of which goes to prove what is a “vice” in Lonesome ^ ners may be merely a harmless custom in San Francisco and a domestic rite in Hongkong; and that “painting your face” in Scotland is just “dressing for dinner” in New York! «ronrrlgh«. Ift.tft. K. P. TncA :ara * 0 i»SÖÖ 8 eSS 8 SSÖ 8 ©S 8 S 8 S 8 ! OVALTINE The Health Food Drink Large Size 59 « Small Can 33c Plain or Chocolate Flavored MEADOW GOLD BUTTER The Finest Churned It's always good news when you’re able to save Money on foods . . . and when you can take advantage of your National Brands Grocer’s FULL SERVICE and save Money at the same time, it's REAL good news. Look over these prices and phone your nearest store. 1 Lb. Roll 32 « With the Famous “June Flavorl” Crisco • • a 5 Ie Single Pound Can 23c Libby's Grapefruit 2 "V. 25c FLORIDA’S FINEST WHOLE SEGMENTS Large 46 oz. Can LIBBY’S SLICED Hawaiian 19c w Pineapple c>" 21« JUST THE “CENTER SLICES’ LIBBY'S FANCY Grapefruit JUICE PINEAPPLE 46 oz. OQf* JUICE ............................... can *#Wl# Whole Peeled Apricots 2 n‘25c Large No. 2*/2 Cans ........ 2 for 43c race ~60 BUICK SEDANS I mi with loop gauoks casoumi ★ »moo cash Mini | uivomr ^SOAP Sugardale Meats of Quality Club Franks.. lb. Sugardale Spiced Luncheon Meat ............... i *5 SUGARDALE HAMS . . Whole Or String Half 15 « 33c 28C SUGARDALE BACON (Sliced—Cello Wrapped) i lb pkg. 17c Fresh Fish, lb. 17c or;.t. p,27c 0 ~ i a m"""Sfïô i u m 2,or19 3,r17 BROWN SUGAR . 4 b‘ Pure Cane ... In Bulk WHITE NAPTHA giant S7c ROLLED OATS . . 2 Pk- Large Size ... 2 pkgs. 33c 25c 15c Or Kirk's Flake White Laundry Soap IfVRIf’C HARDWATER Q i A f* XmRXVIm 3 CASTILE SOAP ....................................... O cakes HAND O 17#* SOAP .................................... W cakes III# SHAKER SALT . . 2 p “ 17C Plain or Iodized . . Morton’* or Diamond Crystal LAVA rAllAV The Soap of VANA I Beautiful Women IVORY FLAKES f irgt toidmm 23 2 ° 19 DREFT p. a g .’S NEWEST PRODUCT r i oxypoi ! 3 For * 25c •masm'f 2ic X, Extra Large Box .59c Large OQ« . Size Ciwl# 'SHAMPOO YOUR aOTHW - . jp$0 21c • ^3 For 25c To Suite Your Taste (and PurBe) MAXWELL OQ#» FRE 8 HWAY In HOUSE ... lb. the red bag, lb. SPECIAL! 9 NATIONAL BRAN08 ........................ C Regularly, lb. 19c lbs. 17c 35c BORAXrr ......................................... X. 15c V", 27c 20 mule M ... Boraxo Hand Soap Can 15c N. B. C. OLD DUTCH CLEANSER Doesn’t Scratch because made with Pure Seismotite 4 29c Sunshine Bakers’ KOKO COOKIES . SPECIALS Honey 1 lb. 4 Qr Grahams . pkg. I Ol# Chocolate 4 Q« Hobbies ... lb. I vw Cheese Ritz 3 pkgs. 13c lb. FRESH, SOLID * lbs. «*#% _ TOMATOES . Z Z3C THIN SKINNED j for J* GRAPEFRUIT 4 1 9C juicy 9 d0{ GA j * TANGERINES Z Z9C Fresh Carrots bunch 6 c California Oranges.. doz. 23c Florida Oranges .... doz. 21c EXTRA LARGE (150 Size) ** Florida Oranges doz. Z9C HERSHEY’S KISSES .... ✓ • iMPFI MARSHMALLOWS pkg CAMPFIRE 1 lb, 19c I Log Cabin SYRUP .. 23c] ___________ ^ Holsum 1 lb. 19C HONEY . jar rands S tores

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