The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 10, 1908 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Tuesday, November 10, 1908
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Vol. XX. BAKER3FIELD, CALIFORNIA, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 1<>, No. THINKS SNUB A TRIBUTE TO HONESTY DEXVER, Nov. 10.—Samuel Compers in an interview refused to discuss from a political standpoint Roosevelt's exclusion of himself and other labor leaders from the dinner invitation list, but said he deemed himself honored by the exclusion and cbnsidered the President's act a tribute to his honesty. • Gompers said he had always been invited to such functions heretofore l>y President Roosevelt, but had never accepted. His dealings with the President had always been on a strictly business basis. Other leaders decline to discuss the question, but many declare the action of fhe President is simply a part of a plan to divide the forces of organized labor and nullify labor as a factor in political contests. President Gompers' report was a long and exhaustive accounting of the work performed by the president during the year. At the outset he declared: "There must not be permitted to grow up or to be maintained a permanent army of unemployed. 1 ' The part or the report that touched on the Buck Stove and Range Com- j pany injunction was frequently Inter- j rupted by applause. The statement of the stand taken by John Mitchell, Frank Morrison and Samuel Gompers on the Injunction matter also was applauded. Mr. Gompers said In part: "It is Impossible to see how we can comply fully with the court's injunction. Shall we be denied the right of free speech and free press simply because wo jiri' workin.nme'.i'.' "Now it is the American Federation of Labor and the American Federa- tlonlst which are enjoined from the exercise of the right of free speech and the liberty of the press. In the' mainder faun-.- it tr -,'.- !M- anotb. >' oubli. -at ion. j s . ltunl ., v and this injunction will then be quot- fd ns a sacred precedent for further and further encroachments upon the rights of our people. ; "The suppression of freedom of the press is <i most serious undertaking, whether in autocratic Russia or In (he independence of I lie I.' lilted States. It is because of the present injunction and the contempt proceedings thereunder to suppress free' speech nnd free press that I felt It j my duty to enter a most emphatic protest. | "The decision of the supreme court i in the Hatters' case Involve every j •wage worker of our country. No more j unjust decision has ever been Issued by a court. The Prod Scott decision; did not approach its scope. "Speaker Cannon has packed committees not only against labor, but against any other real reform legls-' latlon. ' • "Congress adjourned with the ( ]e- fliint declaration of one of the Republican lenders. James P. Sherman, that' the Republican party was responsible for legislation or for the failure of legislation and that he and his party were willing to assume the responsibility. "The report of our legislative committee reveals a tale of perfidy to tlic common weal and In telling the truth perforce besmirches the name and history of a political party that found its ombldlmont ami idealism in (he martyred Liti'dii. "The Itepuhllenn party adopted declarations for (be enactment of a law ilial would legalize the worst abuse and perversion of the Injunction writ, this in direct opposition to what we have asked." .Mi 1 fjompors made n detailed re- field Noted Editor Killed by Auto ST. LOUIS, No. 10.—David DeCaiup Thompson, editor of the Northwestern Christian Advocate, died tills morning from the effects of an automobile accident in which he suffered a broken arm, and several cuts and internal injuries. Death was due primarily to a nervous shock, the age of the victim, 66, contributing. Thompson came to St. Louis from Evanston, 111., last Thursday to attend a meeting of the general committee for foreign missions of the Methodist Episcopal church. He left the hotel for a walk to the church. It was* rain- ins, and Thompson carried an umbrella. He stepped from the curb on the north side of Ltndell boulevard, when an automobile struck him and knocked him down and run over him. The driver was exonerated. BRYAN, CABBY coyNTY HORSES HE GUARDING H. Gardner of Fresno this morning lodged complaint for horse stealing against M. A. Anderson and John Mul- rlna who last week made away with five horses and two mules valued at $1000 from Gardner. The sheriff's office has been working on the case .several days and Undersherlff Baker has located Anderson in Los Angeles. I Last week Gardner brought the I stock down from the north to sell It | here. He was called back by illness I in his family and entrusted the ani- i mats to Anderson and Mulrlna during ' his absence. The two men sold two of the horses here and shipped the re- of the stock to Los Angejes for sale in the southern mat'- 1 ket and when Gardner returned both ' the men an.I his animals UL-IV n;i--iiifi ! Deputy Baker took up the C.K-O wini •"D I results. The official count shows that Taft received in Kern county 5a votes more than Bryan, but an analysis of the j figures also shows that Bryan ran bo- ' hind his ticket and that the county Is ''Democratic by a handsome majority. | Murasky, Democrat, for supreme. judge received 376 votes more than Melvin, Republican, and this may be taken as a fair indication of party strength. Murasky to be sure had Ihe endorsement of the Hearstltes. but that "party" only polled 50 votes in the entire county. Shepherd, Democratic nominee for congress, has 113 plurality over Smith, Republican. The latter was running In his home county, and certainly should have done a little better than his party vote, which If reckoned the vote for supreme judge may safely be fixed at 325. The Socialist vote decreased from 1J6 to 1)80 and the Prohibitionists gained 4, the vote being this year as against 51' in Hml. A comparison of the figures (his year with those -of four years ago U of Interest: Roosevelt, 1904 2::29 Taft, 1908 2-'7o tlio fir at elector*; Tilf: ... Bryan . . of each set of [int'sldcntiaJ Chatln Mi Tali's plurality For Supreme Court Justice Melvin. K Murasky, D Lewis, s MurasUx's plurality For Congress Smith, H Shepherd, I) Richardson, S 2151' 1'1'fiB in Calcutta C.\I.CI;TTA, NOV. 10.—This city is teiiorlzed by ail outbreak of political crimes. .Vi [lltfinpt three days on the life of Sir Andrew II. L. Ki'a/or, lieutenant governor of Ilengal, was followed last night by the murder ol a detective trailing the revolutionists who was shot down In a crowded .street by three men, who riddled him with bullets. The people, fearing the criminals, are afraid to give inform i- lion and the police are powerless. IN SCHOOLS IS LEGAL STEAM HAMMER CRUSHES HAND Shepherds plurality For Assemblyman Manuel, H on | Irwln. I) Sharp, ,S •I . 1SSC, ' Irwin's plurality For Superior Judge Mahun. I) Allen, S 724 Taft's loss Parker, 1901 Bryan, J !>'>,>> . 172:; 2215 Bryan's gain -T»2 The official count was completed by the supervisors- just, before noon to-lay. but up to a late hour, the totals had not been completed. Unofficially coin- puteil the ft an res are as follows on the vole of t'. S. Grant and .1. D. PlK-lan, Do You Wonder Jno.D. Stood in? "FITZ" DIED \ IN SERVICE Poor old in the fire ing. The Frits is dead ami tile boys online house are sorrow- canine mascot of lh" -le- pariment was compelled to give up the battle yesterday, but not of his own accord. A bottle, of cholorol'orm, administered by A. II. Dixou, the undertaker, the agency that en led tlio .surffi'iiiji.-) of the do?; . 1 ' He was ;-o old that the boys really i lost track of his age. Mis eyes went i back on him and rheumatism mad<' j him a pitaful sight as he em1t.Mvori.-d j to keep his physical body apace villij his spirit. "Frit/." liat'i" ii'-.l ju I , about the time Roliert Fil/slliinmii.-, ,-ct ; IVtot in the I'nited Ht:iti's and l.i-u:m j lo establish his veimialion. Fil/.slni- : mons was the whole ftuhi game and ' as the little puppy likewise was the kill'.- !>ln in its class it soon acqiiiri-d ( tv.c cognomen for "Fit/.." The ilott I grew up in the service, seeing the do' partitictit evolve from I'M- conpU- of pieces of apparatus and a boll, to the present well eiiulpiied and modern CHICAGO, Nov. li'.^-TjH- pftliioii for tin 1 ii'-lii'.iriiiu of Hie ca~c in which Ihe I'nih'l Siati- circuit court of appeals ivyo'.-!.i"l the tri;il court, in fining the Standard Oil Company $2'J, - Jl'i, | nin for alleged rebating, was denl.-il b\ the court of apiH'als today. Ii Is now authoritatively stated that the tovernmeni will attempt >o bring (he whole I::-.!- tt.-r before tl.i- siii>n-me cmirt on a '.\ rl' of t-erllorari. Mabon's majority 2;:sf> For Supervisor, 1st District ' Hollsei', D lifii* Peterson. R 2u(i liouser's hiajorily I t:> For Supervisor, 4th District, Bush. IX- ir.o Corset t, H ;j50 Kdmonds, S r»!) Bush's plurality 100 For Supervisor, 5th District, .lastro, D , 1235 Criles. R f,s:> Bumly, S 7!» .l.istro'.s plurality r, If, Senate amendment No. 1, on taxinu corporations, yes ti.'iL 1 ; no 11 In. Senate amendment No. It, on com- licnsaiion of il~. ;, e.> 7'.''''; no ~~" Sen.'.te ami'H.imeiit No. H!, on limiting e\)ietises of legislative employes > •'< Mil ; 110 ."lll^. No 'J'i on assessin i;7:i; no sr.;. No. '-"<. rebitin;: to vl ness, yes r,:! I , no i:7s. \0. :;l, lor eXlejlhinll ol n-,-'iii-i:ises, ye.-i 7.",:!; no M; No. ;:L'. rimltiiiK numlier iii' e-|i|i|/>; os yes I"IL'; no No. :;::, dcliniiiK liabilities of .'rolilei-s. yes MI I; no fifiS. N(;. "I, 1'elalillK to lotterie yes Ml!'? no t'AV Assembly amendment No. .'!, for ilic •lireci primaries, yes 1127; no "i.'il'. No. 7, yo.s Mlti; no f>72. No. S. aniendllig school sections, J e.s 7;!.' ( ; no S Hi. No. 21, to remodel the stale board o! education, Yes, , r i">!i; no !Hu. No. 2\ rehitillg to veloer--, \es Mt!; no osT. Uick Bills, a well kuown smith employed at the Bakersfleld Iron Works, lost two fingers this morning by his hand being crushed by a steam hammer. Ellis was at work placing a bar In the hammer when the latter was suddenly let down unknown to htm and his band caught. Everything possible was WASHINGTON, Nov. 10.—in deciding the case of Berea College vs. th» Stnto nf Kentucky favorably to the state, the supreme court, holds thai the states of the union may constiti» tlonally legislate to prevent the c» education of tho white and "black races. The case was instituted to teit the validity of the state law of 1904 prohibiting white and black children from attending the same schools. Tho higher state court took the position that the white and black racei are naturally antagonistic, and th*l tho forced separation of the children of the two Is In the line of preservation of peace. Tho opinion of tho supremo court was handed down by Justice Brewef j and affirmed the finding of both th* Kentucky circuit court and the cou:t black-I of apl'^ls. Justices Harlan and Day I dissented. Justice Brewer's opinion dealt entirely with corporations as affected by the Kentucky state law and did not consider the question of Ita applicability to individuals. Proceeding upon tho theory that a state had complete control over corporations as Hi own creations, he construed the law of 1,004 as in effect an amendment to done to avoid the accident but It was inevitable. The Injured man was hurriedly removed to the office of Dr. N N. Brown in the Oil Exchange building, where the index and middle finger of the right hand were amputated. Ellis has been particularly unfortunate of late. Only recently he was injured while at work and laid up for some time. Habaes Corpus for Valencia n 'HOW BAXTER IN BUTTED ' PLEASED capital removal, "< For tin- seawall act, 7 V 1_. l-'o, 1 I lie III.Mil Hasitl, 11 • i. MANY A comedy drama which pleased a large audience -opened last night at the' l T u!o:i—-"How Baxter Huttej In," ti Is a continuation of laush.-i from start to finish. The parts are ali Rood and everyone did i-M-clb-nt work. The comedy was so good you would imagine the company enjoyed tin performance ns much as Mie audience. The scenic effects were better than ever and required many changes. This bill will run until Thursday evening. Friday night, "David Har- inn." Saturday evening, November 14, $20 cash prize to be given away. LEE STALEY HAS LAMB GETS BIO c, I HI! II \hlii U. Hors Attorney pie. \V. A. Mcfilnu. coroner and public administrator, was today appointed administrator of the estate of the Hto 1. (iartntan. The articles of Incorporation of ilie Livestock Oil Company were tiled to- 'lay. Tile liii'Di'iiorators are I,. 11, Coombs, Louis Decker, S. L. Cole, C. T. Hart win. Fred .1. Cr.-aM-. S. A. Stimpson, U. \V. Mcliill and \V. ,1. Drowning. BARfENDERS FINE HOS TS tho charter of Berea college. Responding to some of Justice Harlan's strictures, Justice Brewer said: "Thore Is no force In the suggestion that the statute, although clearly separable, must stand or fall as an entirety on tho ground that thfl legislature would not have enacted one part unless It could reach all. That the legislature of Kentucky desired t« separate the teaching of white and colored children may be conceded, but H by no means follows (hat It would not have enforced tho separation, so far fis it could do so. eve n though It could make It effective under all (he circumstance!." Contending that H would prove lm- practicable and unsatisfactory to -separate corporate from private schools, Justice Harlnn in bis «li-senting opinion said the court should nvot th.6 entire question squarely and decide whether if were a crimP, under any conditions to e<liicnie whi'.e children . ini'l negro children at the pam^ Institution He did not concede thai It should be so rcKfll'ilPrt. "Have we," hi' a-kei'. "!'• "!'.•• *o Inocn'aled with pre.iudi'-P of rnr<» that an Ainei'f.-an yovenunfnt pr'ifr-s- jsi-illy haserl mi (he principles! of frP»>- 1 doin mid charged with the protection or all Htl/ens nlike can make distinctions between such citizens In the mailer of their voluntary nssocla- Itloii for innocent purposes, simply j because of their respective races? i "Further, If the lower court b« J right, then a state may make It a 'crime for white and .colored persona I to frequent 'be name market placet i at the same time, or appear In an as- seniblagf of cltl/.ens convened to consider questions of n public or private nature' which citizens, without reuard to race, are f-q'ially Interested." .In.-Mci. ilarlan mM'-d that he did not want lo lie understood as crltl- Hie system of separate public -: for the r.'icrs, but that hlf a-; ilii i-' !•"! a: tlK penal pro- i if the Ki-ntncl;y law Involved case. ••llOlli )ort 01 nis WOI-K in me POIIUCHI iii'iu nre lighting service. '1 he nre laddies iiring the last conventions of both 1Vl> , , hat Ul( , v h . lV( , , ()( . t ., U)V . 1 , , inlitlcal parties ami also of his ex- . , ' , „ , ' ,erienco with Congress, ' tnu ' frleu(1 in Flu nlltl the - v wor " The American labor movement, he truly sorrowful as.Poundma.ster M. A. wd. was not partisan to a political Cox carted the old dog iivvuy for an •mrtv; if was partisan to a principle official burial -the principle of equal rights and hu- _ man freedom.' "Our conventions havo freqiiently her shall vote." leclarr-d." said Mr. C.ompers, "that Mr. Gompers' defense of his action our movement has neither tho right during- the late political campaign nor the desire to dictate how a mem- was greeted with cheers. Lee Stall A BROKEN HAND. v suffered tint fracture Of two bones In his left hand yesterday whilo at work threshing at Canfleld. He was In charge of the engine, it was knocking slightly and shutting off steam he started In to make the repairs. Ills hand wa.= can«M under 'a moving rod. "" •" ' • " — Shirts Underwear Collars Handkerchiefs Overcoats Hosiery Neckwear Trunks Suit Cases Did You Ever Get Into Store You Had Trouble Getting Out? j a f in ! t \Yhetv they keep "ttiniiii^ over" a oustoinor from one salestniin to another? Never ill ntir store. We'll show you , \vlmt we have --irond clothes jnul nothing else.' Vmt needn't luiy unless you \vmil to. KuM'V L'O'ii! 1-11)11)', patti-l'l) illlii style jvm-i 1 * Aii prices, llt'lv. tod. THE TOGGERY UC1WEI.I. 1 VLOOM setiii'il in Gloves Muffjers Suits Suspends ' ' Suit case Trunks Hats V c ~l*ft Hosiery A bin Brew.sler lireoii Htudeliakei 1 toii\ horse p_ower louriiiK car U in town today lor delivery to Sam L.imb. Midway Miporiiitemloiil for tin- Stand- ar.l Oil Company. Tin.- car was driven I'rojii San Francisco by .lames C. Cooley of the titudebiikcr Compain. The Snwlebaker has nlven the Standard excellent satisfaction. Chief of Drilling McAllister lias had a (hilly horse power (onrint; car <oi the past three months (liii'lriK which lime lie traveled (iliiin miles without the semblance of trouble. The car is now at Coalin;;a. ] Lamp is ut present using a forty Tourist. Tbe car will probably bo went elsewhere for service. ARRESTED FOR DEFRAUDING BOARDING HOUSE KEEPER. (1. \V. Brown was arrested on his return from Coallnga last night for alleged defrauding of a boarding house keeper, tho crime being said to have been committed about the 15th of August. Mrs. H. R. McMauns of Maricopa Is tho complainant. Tho amount of the bill IH $32. i -•••*• ; BUT HE SENT CABINET OFFICERS OUT STUMPING. WASIfLNCTON, Nov. 10.—I'rosl- dent HOO:;OV!' lias di cidi-d to IMnOVe Postmaster Htowart of Seattle bo- ciiiiMO lin Boliclatrrt campaign contributions. Ttii records of tho m»ut B! ow that th« service »t ' '* »bio un*«tUfaotorjr. , Komi-thing doing every second, uas Ilie slogan for tho members of the Uai lenders' Union last night. One of the biggest and best smokers e'\er i;|vcn ia Labor Council hull was tiie me- al which the bar boys . were- hosts. A lew of their friends ' and as many of the wearers of tho lit il<- blue but ion svitli white letter-! lug as possibly could were In allot*- \ (lance, making a gathering of tlui moat jolly wort. . ' After tho union business had been transacted, Herb Baker, who provided the banquet, proceeded to got busy and tho tablt-a were spread. It certainly was a banquet. There were all kinds of roast meats, chicken, turkey, salads, rellshos and lots to drink, and everybody went home happy- Tho entertainment feature of the evening was well handled. Charley Russell, tho popular songster, was In charge. Ollie Gotfhett, Perry Kmerson and Charlie- Russell rendered (heir favorite .songs, Howard and i Davis several Instrumental numbers. I.eo Hrshfeld presided at the piano I In bis only finished stylo and sever!al others contributed to the ovon- i ing's entertainment. Fines wore, as- 1 fmsseil which procedure caused thu i usual amount of merriment. Many of ihe invited guests were called on ; for short speeches and all respond- i ed most willing!)'. A feature of the levelling was tin- presentation of a handsome Hteln to .loo Carry, tho re tiring treasurer, in appreciation of tils efforts In behalf of tho union. Tile hall was prettll- decor -te I w III: ;|l ,!|l • TO,:, \\'ee,'a 'I •i-. *. THE WEATHER. dmiiU lonlKht and Wedi STOCKS ACTIVE. \KW YORK, Nov. 1" -F.normoug living of Southern Pacific nnd Union ','n ilic i-tocks. today sHif tbe former ,i ,-,i\ |.olr,t.: and \\\<- ::i"--v thrf-e aiul nc-l'uiirth. W. W. it- i*r« of Anaheim I* a vinl- Write Right Anytime, Anywhere A pen. o| A sour f;ielion il' it Many people fuiintain pen fiiilcil to fxp tlitit one n-i ;i_ii-nls fur the WATERMAN IDEAL FOUNTAIN PEN, the one without, II- i.--,- taclnuonts nr cuiiij-.'-c ineelntnihin. 'I he "n-' writes ri'jhl ;i!l tin- i.u.' 1 . Droii in n:i-l ..... ! 'i"! i. $2.50 to $15. THE KODAK STORE. J. A. HUGHES TKc nnd 74.

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