The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on November 9, 1908 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, November 9, 1908
Page 7
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MONBAY, NOVEMBER », 1908. HIS HIM — — - — —— - H-r • I • ~^r^ mml — ^^rw-ml I m^^^^^^^^^i—^^r^^^^^^rr^^f^^^^^^^rr^^^m-^r CHECKERS HERE (Alameda and LOB Angeles missing.) No, 24, for 49,317; against, 77,743, (Alameda missing.) LEGAL. , at the time of the opening of said LEQAU UIOAU • •- '£ Minor. nMtto.r of cn;i.. | "OheoUors" will play its ong 1 at the Bak*M>fi< H Opora House totuor- iO O:IP nor :i! an- n Is >> -; lor an political as lo have his K s!ipj)ort him so i Wm. Honker's for tho office of First dis;rict on i » \vn t . for Tiif! o: 1 1 of a showed up L; a majority Air. Hawser, *ivo;l practical 1H1. to 21» foi voto of 222. row pvonlti^. There is no roitson to doubt ih:it this ohm-ming play is to the HUnr-* of \\\t* tli^atorKoers ol' this ci,v. "Chockcrs" is ono of Sea wail act, for, 57,104; against/ ^TLl^J^.^^J^ 1 ^ bid therefor. plays which Hvo. It has tho heart interest which is ossontlal to n loni? llfo and tho story of which this heart inU'ivM. IK tho soul, is as simple in its unfolding as tlmtiKh it had from tho pon of Addfson. UK \VP say t i w»> out said l-ofrve. this rnn«t ho to Mr. Houner and now let wit is Koeit; itrf humor natural and west quarter section 1, 25-18. Tho linos sna;> ono an- John Mr.A<1 am and J. p. Freer to .Too Knos. $10; one-fourth interest 38.741. (Alameda and Los Angeles ^ ?** W so mndo may he raised missing.) India Basin act, for, (13,108; against, 51.920 (Los Angeles missing.) REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS. Deeds. E. Curtis ClarU and wife to John Coffee Hays, $10; northeast quarter section 2, 25-25 and one-fifth crop, subject to mortgage for $6933,33. J. M. Craig to ohn Viorra, $10; one- fourth interest north half of north- Chriatten. Wrn. P 62? J Coats. J. R S. 360 Cahiqrma Home fix ten- 10.00 6.00 ,-»*.* A i_jr* **•**. 4*11111*7 1^4 A I *TI|" sion Association, tnmiee Jfor('oolov .. 37 California Home TCxten- f iojj A Hsociation. t rustoe for Crowton. Cyrus ...2.".S Calfturnfa Home Kxten- 5 5,00 10 , A ssqciation, t nistee for hiokiijspn. Win, H..19 d said WddlnK 1 !}"^' 1 ^- Michael ...... pa nally said fnin- 1 CafituiWfiorii'c K*fon-"'° 1 off. sold, ami KionAsHocintlon. 11 ustee en- not loss than 1ft per rent by any other responsible hidder. an may so t'OMimip until n shall lie struck off. sold, ami, . . . -_ . 'il hv *;flir1 Unnvrf nf C!iinprvi< ; ,-} °,V Avails. LUnil.S A. t, Vi *ut u ??,5 it bllp , eni . s U'aHiornia homo K\t< to the highest hidder therefor in! sutnAssoeiaUon,trusts- {gold foin of the Vnited States. /or l-; v ,-ms. htuni.s A. .. 'atcrl this 15th ,Viv nf nrtnhar IfiOR C J J>!oniia Home Kxten- <in u mis join iiii> oi ucioo«ir ( J.HUS, siotiAssoriation trust"" HnUorsfloltl, Korn County .Califov- for .Kvans. Lnmfs, A. .. I L MILLER fulflornla .Home K\!on- i, I-/- i»*iL>i-jLJtvj sfon ' "t'k of fho Hoard of Supervisors of 11-2 20 20.t'0 20 20J.MI e be published in r" field."Cbumv ot Kern, State-o fieijl Cutjforman. ..._. ,. nci Qubllshed in.ihe CUV et "The newsmuaer 1 *^ r **f »• •# • r **• — ™ «*- » ^— ^ r^«- — -y " -— — — n. accordlt** to, Taw, for p.r four wee KB successively n«xt nc the dav of he.M rinsr. Dated this 5th day ,1, W, MAJ .Twice .of the Suneri<?r O October. 10-5 . MA1O 20 2 " DIVIDEND NOTICE. other like tho oraoH of the whip. And SUMMONS* thouirh nemo of the mteraneoK an* north half of northwest clothed in slanpr. there'is, novortboloHs,! tlon 7, 25-18 a homely, forrofnl wisdom in thorn j - ' aim, That only obli^a- quite, if not mnro powerful in its ot'-j Uo! 1 him uruler to I feet than had they boon i>;ii In the' lo his whob> luty consclen-i choioost of English. a public off 1 ..;: -.!, and we shall There is nothing of the mtv *'WV •* '• in "Checkers." It Is a piny whioh all D-.ivo T!"> iir-nn folknvo.l ; can see and ln-iu- their youngest and mi J-JOTICE. whom i! IHJIV r:ory-rrji: my ivife, Jiaving l the iM'fh 'day of October, ugonto )i; viins unia A. . u.lilornia Home Kxtcn- 97 20 20.00 if. 99 l(i Lumia.A. . .100 20 2 At an ndJmivnod im-oliiiK of • Hoard of lMM»etors of tho S. W. nnd Co. hold Oct. i( i \vas ft' f'Mir rents a j H- i <>m;muv. uuvnble s? vombor U, l!»nS. at tho offlre of f ! ronunmv, 11U;'> duller avenue, U C*'i f H.' \V. THOMAS. BoorelarT. SUMMONS. Findon. John Max °St'» • t ff *». I? •> • • 20 20 no Clifornia Homo Kxton- ton. trustee Ho quarter sec- ( without any justificvition or any reas- Ca.lil'ornhi Homo' Kx'ton-" «". "n>- IK ro ijutify yon that I will nut ^""ATiBn E51" ;t SS' Ste ° Ciilffornla homu'Kxt 2'1 !od \,\ i Hu ae iroin but I'allo two of f! c-! oMe.-l. et tr-m is o m found of tho iiiunby-naiuijy inflk-an^-wntor t J 111 ttir 0'»M'tlt . K ,» \ til f*. • t.u th otd ,1110 Sunf.rlor.Coun, of tho Conntv ; V n"'r'oVi.'oiuC Pl/iimiW 'vs. Silver ( >il Comnanv. Dofenlnnt, T___ H^ • \iV i tn for my debts contn»ct- whatsoever from said last ,tnro. TMKttRfi GHIMAri). Iri, ('jil.. Oct. 3fl, J9«8. SS NOTICE OF SALE OF PERSONAL 3 [ ft : • » - ™ ^ ior (.1 roon. All rod . 2 Calirortita Home Rxt'on-"' HlonAsHOclation. trustee , tor Gtv. n. Honrv \V. . .310 i Californln Homo Rxten- Sunorior C'ourt of JIio stato of ifornln. County or Horn. Southern PnollJp HnilrnaO C Plalniifl. vs. U. 1!, t'ouiniHs. .n,.-.. __ Stoushurl. Honrlrtia ;\ liolil:*. Klvim \V. IN'i-cv. C!aroiKi» V>. HoUh.s and Jolin l>ot\ I , Action hrouirnt U\; .«•:•. of tho istat« oi Ca_lit< n.ia. In and r*«; li 1 .on I the Countv oi' Kovn nn-.l th'» Cowb ' Dlafnt liioa in UM> of;;? ;• ot the Clerk wt C'Uintv. . Diamt iiioa in u»<» < ; nafcl Court ID tiio > •^.tmi Tho Hoop!" 01 v ! nl'i snnd Orootin^ 10 10.00 ... , sond Orootin^ l John I. Stousfr.M;!. — - _ __ ^^- -_- —i- _^ ^f m , ^^ p m ^f ^^ 9 v , * ^^ . , , — — _—---,-_ PROPERTY. i ^onAssorjiation.trustee ft — - - l ,? n ,r 4 .»rtr vt ')*i - K iV k 54 n Hi.- Sum-i'ior Court. State of Cal- t aliiornia Homo i:\ton- *niit. in iuid ior rhc (\mntv m K.-vn slonAssoclation.triihleo 5 - * I . I * A *;*i •» • J lit' > '.'on />!' t K. Hoi.-; Cook, s/ L-' inai h v-i ' t ui;;so.l In Ills Uf'o- pu-U\- nearly i ni;i VPM-J V:rpotln«r to i> 1 in hf^ »fn- Cutiiu ;iv 1'ofondant. Silve o i 1 ior tho County ot Korn. or of tho EwiHtc of Ualpii A v-iy. i • rl v!. JiL'] f l iis oi*»i> j onh :rlay ni^ht. M. I p»1 nyo-'l't(»T11 * ; K. O. Harry noi st« \.,\i ilit- onilro noon Umnvn to go tinio ill M;tlt 1 '('t';is*Ml. is lu'roljy civon. that in nur- oninr of th« Haves Mnves ( '•» ! : ^ (I 1 . . v. ;tj.t Rocky Mountain Express. he now railroad play "The Hooky Mountain Express,*' will bo presented for the first tiuio on Friday I '•' I at tho Bakorsftold op(»ra This is something new in a untie theiUrlcal way, and nu- inorotis uowly d»;t?ignod hU'as of iit'ohanlcal oleotrio:il naUiro luivo b«»on fnfuswl. Tho story is a highly . You ;n-" ho'ohv i-pnuifpfl to JM>DO;'.I; *',oiin M Hi nn iM-Tion brou"bt nf-'lnst v<»ii l»v ' f ;ili!(»; -ir tho ;if>f.v.'-n;jm*'fl nlajjjtiff ii> tlio Su-1 (J'-ini..-i. (.joi-ffij- Cf»!ri oj' tho, Countv of K^!;*- r,~i ; » Stati> of California. ;m<l ki an«wor tlioitln- uit«!« \ oiuii; inn fjld ttu-rolM. vitliiu tod < ''--I'll*' n iiavs U'M-hislvo of tho <}->v o*' sorvjco) } unvru.- - ;ytf*r .«c!-vioo nn vou of thi« Siuvmioiis. I admuiiM ns^ryod within said ('nunrv: li norve-I ' (.(iunr\, sitti;»to In tfi7> ooiiVt it'on.M- *iii olsowlu-ro. within' thirtv davs. - Jjio CMV n! .iJiikorsIlo'ld. in said Korn aro herobv nofinod that if! k°JV)V'"- Ul lll(> bit- F host hiildor for cash, vou. ijnl to so anuoar and answer, the j )V, XU ,V, 1 "'V"c\ ot tlu* l-nltod Staios on /'lanitiff will uiUo lud^mont tor any j J' 1 ' - i( •' <ijtv <> Novomofr. J!Mi,\. at tiio mov».y or ihmmees douvvn-l* 1 1 KI tho !. f 'V ,".' •• ,'>oh>o,K D. in., tho n-M'soipil * ntniihiint ;ir, Mf'^inrr tnin.i ^*^ntl^1^^. or t llt ;'i M '' ;v . '•'i'tn^Hifi to tlio fstittf- iif • t omuv of KOJJI, Ht<uc of •'. nindo on tho 'jbth d;iv of A. I). ^1'jos. iu the ir.attcr of •t -'iun*'d administrator oi ' ' said l)(TfSU:0(l Will SCil :! (> m th* 1 olllco ot iho im <iur and coronor of Kern Association, truhlec for Hnrvoy. J. M 304 Murray 51 f» _ >}urrav 515 UivesA- Murray 5U4 Hodrick. Clai-k l ^I'tornia Home Kxlen- sion.\ ior.Hoinor. NolBon ...144 ( i\lttornia Homo J'.xten- smuAssociation, trtintoo tor Hovdon. ICrhv. T, ..1?', orrmau. 1). M ;j. It, 5.00 2.5Q iivira (a minor i. au.l o State ol 1:1 K. H. N. \V Doe. f You are h»Tel>v In un action n un Mie a . imainnt i vo* « n the t?v, 2,50 20 L> 'JO 20,00 b<iv«.»-n:tn*oil JMalntiff. perior Court of the State of in mi* tor mo Cnvuity of Korn. to nn-owor the (VuMdnint nlf({ t/iorttte* wituiu ton <l,i^; n»:a-ln^tvo ol the a* 1 wuu en <,i\^ »:a-n^v of H(*rviceJ »nor the service on you this snnnuonw it' s- rveil*within the elsewhere. Cuuntv: or, n in tiilrtv dnvts. V» llorrmau. 1). M lit 1 Calttornia Homo Kxton- 6ionAtisoclation. trustee »n». IX M. ,.. X M 402 no i tional ono. Though it dno« not belong Belmo or d;mwces" douvvn-l* 1 1 KI tho !' m ".' ••'>oh>o,K n. in., th* .... as arising uoo.i C'ontracf. ori J.'S M ' If; \ M 'V, in:;lnfi !° the fstatr- \sill iinuiv to tho Court for ;t?iv otljor J ^ lllt ,, K l !l ! 111 I'ov/cr. docoasiMl: '!'!ir*'o tic't d<unaudod in th*- ('oinnla'.ut, . MIUUI iiinisfs; ] trasolin'^ <*niiitt<': 1 \Viincs.s mv Hand ;\ntj the soal of! I',!! 1 . 1 ."', ;M1 v l'^"-: 1. wator tjmJi: ! horso saul SuiMM'loi- Court or t»u.' Countv of!' n Ilorrman. Hornnan. California .Uonie Exfoti- '> ->n •' *J fe * ' 4V *. • * * Si\ul Suncrior Court of iK' Cmuuv oi ! ' \ )l > Korn. Stato of California Miis l'n:i davj'-? 1 ( of iXoveinher. A. O. U»>s. i ;\y> i«o'ih i i, T\Hu.Kn. rii'rii. tfli( ' v h: (U tiff: , „ I, b. MJIJ-KR. Clerk. \\hltaxor. Attorne^ lor Fii 11-5 SUWMOJNS. o Comity „ n tho StiDorlor Court of th of Korn. Stato of California. ., T. M. HodBwns. PlnintJff. vs. S Ivoi HAVANA CIGARS j to t;u> "olap-triip" or,lor, but ratlior ; of tho plwisable kind. There aro many j superbly pnintod scones depicting lifo I in tho golden west, principally in tho | vicinity of tho famous Uooky Moun- j tains. . The four acts are filial with thrilling action airl interesting opi- sodos, and tho presentation company is ono of tho lu'sf over eneragod by the producinn theatrical firm, the Klint & j Gazzalo Amuirotuont Company, which {also have other re-put able productions ion tour. "Tho Rocky Mountain Ex- n j tt sen\fVr"eetJhtr"To"'SiTvoi r "Bow""Oil press" is a scenic-dramatic uoveUy | Combanv. IJefendanU from start to finish. . You are nerebv veouire.;! to annear The Jeff arsons Coming. /,;;;) .souih o: _ l> H. ami M Ami not ice i, , 1 all Miii'-liatt ( IA.) of tho north. i ! i ) "f section thirtv- in township thin v cio) llfirt y-sovon I'.Tl oast, , in Kfrn countv. Cali; ( , v lven. . sealei) )>i<]s will he n-ceive-l itv aonnnistrnt tho hou that taHI or i..r y;iid nrouertv tin to •'KM-oof, and that " i'. i -' ".<• ?! b hat all v caHh . . °J1 sai !* Superior Court. The People of the Slate of Califor- l Jor kerrrimn/A. J.' .*'. .10; California Homo Twen- And you iiro r-rrr J»v nolifiod Unit vou Jail to jiu nnuoar and answer. 'IMntnttfl' will annlv to tlio Court. 20.00 | use relief d*»in:»ndo,l fn tl.o Conin *.»i•.'»•• n uii(j"r .,;•• hjind i-.trl the of th*- SniK'i'ujv ("nun ot tn«> Stale. Caliiornhi. in and ;or fh*- Count? Korn. on Aiuuii t M. ^ By BedPll Smith'. V)oimtv CMcrlL Win, Sinu«-r. .jr.. an.l I). V. Caw for itlainiHT. 'jo.on 20.00 tor Hcrrmnn. A. ,1. . . .10f> Cn)i)ornin jlomo K>.ton- ston Association, trustee for^Hermnn. 11 vy. . ..211 California Homo Kxten- sJon Association, trustee ovfe. 'J/W. California Hr ... u»'»a 451 omo lixten Intion trustPP ^forVHusldleston; Chas. 239 20 CBUfornta Home Kxten- ao 20 liO.OO 20 lift.OO 20/10 30.00 lu.oo 0.00 TAXoOLLEOTB s 0 RionAssoclatlgn.trusto.e Jor Koeney. J. W. ..,.151-20 20.00 California Home Bxten- NOTICE OF MEETING. The NEW kind The late Joseph Jefferson represented the fourth generation of actors bearing that illustr.ous name. Several years ago, with the kindly ambition of i a father, he seized a conspicous opportunity to Introduce two of his sons, Joseph and William W. Jefferson asj the fifth link in the family's artistic . -*x*v» **. • ^ **\-*\_^J.T tv:M^««AVr-( i \r <LiM'VL4-i n an. action brnuent aeninst vou by _— • ^» -^ »™ -i^ v f -*• H - » »m ^^ - m « 44 —» ' 4 * M *-' t- T *-* «H» m -f 1 the, above-named nlalntiff. in the Superior Court of the Countv of Kern. State of California, and to answer the Comolaint filed therein, within ton days (exclusive of the dav of service) ifter service on vou of thi Notice is herony yiu-u .;,,,; the annual meeting or stockholders of cho McKittrick Oil Company will bo held 20 20.00 at its office, room Xo. SOT ers Savings Bank slonAssociaUon.truBteo _ for Keenev. J. W. 174 California Home Jlxten- sJonAssoclation, trustee 20 20, QO or KI ummons. i 1 and histrionic chain. That the young men will prove acceptable successors in trust to the distinguished name their ancestors have borne for four generations cannot be doubted, as they have with true Jeffersonian success, — -- "~^^"~^»~"« TT !•***.* *^» *.-1 m * *^t m+j t •-• «* A** v.' ** h.'| . f served within said Countv: U served' elsewhere, within thirtv rtavs. l, rl ,y ou nre nerebv.notiflel fail to amncres demanded In "tlio d — -~ -»— — — —- -. -^- v^ ^- v ^. •• • • * K-^ •,•'.•>. L • ••• ^™w-» complaint as arisine nnon contract 01 will Hnniv to the Court for «nv other relief demanded in the comwlalnt. witness mv hand an-1 th^ sen I of Bald Superior Court of the Countv of -Kern. State of Oil fnrnia. this 2Sth »****• ^ •* A »J ft, tJ V * * Proiluc- Bnkor- sflfOd. California on Monday, Novom- \ her 9th, 100S, nt 4 o'clock r. m. of said day, for tli^ election of n board of directors and such other business as ;iy be brought before the mooting. C. BROWER. Secy. Office, room No. 307, Producers Sav- KS Bank building, corner 19th and H streets, BaUersfleld, California. n, D P P H S IlD as. enry • t » 2 * » • * McCartney, McCartney rn Stnte <nv of Oct.. A. D. 190S. 10-4 MISSION BRAND PAINT HAS PROVED BEYOND DOUBT, THE BEST It is jmnlt- hero in California ami liohitf iinulc here it follows that it is best adapted to tlio dimate conditions. Thou again it costs no rnoiv than iniportod paints, thnt. are jnach.* to suit any eliniatf. Costing so little can yon afford to lot yonr buildings /jo nnpainted and into decay? Conio in and lot us fiirnre t lie job. Pioneer Mercantile Co « Wain 98. Gu» ftchamblir appearerl many times in their father's, 'roles. In "Th<> Rivals, ono of the I NOTICE father's greatest offerings, the elder, Joseph Jefferson, portrays Sir hucitiH OTrigger, and the younger, William T. L. MILLER. Clerk. OF APPLICATION FOR AND SALE OF FRANCHISE. XT ., . , , . ,' the transaction of such oth Notice is hereby given that Edwin asjnitv lie brouirht berore t 10-26 M^ 'Me NOTICE OF MEETING. Notice is hereby .elven that the nn- nual meeting of the stockholders the below named cnnal coinnan of a«. ""arrv •"» »-v? 1 * ***^ 't, *J"UJ* •»••»*! Oiuitornla Home Ii.xten- lonAssocfntipn.trtistee or McConnell. J. S. ..31 nnie, j. R 4F nnie. J, R 4r nnie. J. R 4 nnie, J. R 4 med cnnal coinnanv for the nunwse or electing directors and ohnnictorixntions, both of the younii nu'ii hav»- hoou suited which conform with n' O'Triffger, ami the youneer, William ""»•"-« ia i«?ifuy given mai uawm as nmv ne orouent iierore t ie tneetinir. W:iHnni \V. Jefferson. Bob Acres. In £ UIer ? on , ^ as nlade application to the Sanv-^rn ^o»mv°T?i»rf ('o^nVnv^ thoso ohaniot^rixarinns. im»h nf tho Board of Supervisors of Kern County, offl^ 1 iMillViinff "orm State of California, for a franchise to I streets. Hiikersn>lil. Cal.ifornla. at the P-TIB which conform ^Ith W i,«rknl>le bp granted to him (his heirs, success- ; ^K"$^ ^nTnml'Trffifiis lurcty to tfU'ir n'spc-ctive ponioiutliiiea ors . o r assigns) for the period of fifty j Co., Nov. 7. ]i)08. in 2 n.' m. ; nv1 talents. Their portrayals Htamp j yc»rs .to erect poles and stretch wires | Spo to nbovo IlnniP {J- ^m!l LT r<?miniiv th.Mii MS an*st^ (if :noi^ than ordinary anfl other appliances theron fo r the j 0( R'fM-n aiiinfrT"nA roVn/i'inv^f oAlc« i-itkitin^rfmi I DlirnOsn of ontifliiotlnc 1 nnrT frnnaTviIf. ' >>U*Jnint', oornor littll nnii M Htrf**»fs. 11 i Ktc MCrv uiutr. J. JCL 4iu» su McLaueh n. Wm 42H 20 McLauehUn. \Vm 455 20 * Monti \vm R W\ 20 *> - 1VA u - \y T ;.;;;;;*;•505 5o n Branev' Ann*','.'. '.52G 20 Home I xten 10 } "6 o Notice. Is hereby given that taxes on all personal property, one-half of tho taxes 011 all real prop erty, will be due and payable on tfer- second Monday in October, and wik bo delinquent on the last Monday (« November next therafter, at fi o'clock; p. m., and unless paid prior fifteen per cent will be add«'<X amount thereof, and that U saitt owe-half be not paid before the last ilor- day In April next, at 6 o'clock p. an additional five per cent wttt added thereto. 1. That the remaining one-halt the taxes on all real property wlR V* payable on and after the first Hobday in January next, and will be 6e» Hnquent on the last Monday la Aprfl next thereafter, at 6 o'clock p, nfc* and that unless paid prior therete five per cent will be added to tta amount thereof. 2. That all taxes may be pttt the time th first installment, as in provided, la due and payable, 3. That taxes may be paid fa ita office of the Tax Collector la county courthouse between of 9 a. m. and 12 m., and 1 'p. 5 p. m. Dated October 1, 1903. C. E. DAY, Tax Collector, 10-1 Kern County, CaliforatiL. sionABKociation. trustee for Myron. Raymond ..151 Mu) Aiu Mu Caii •n. Hoot. jr. . .no cert. >n, Rom. J. . .no cert, on. Hobt. J. . .no cert, ornia Home Exten- 20.00 20.00 s'.M'y 20.00 |to IL? E T O CREDITORS SENT THEIR CLAIMS distinction. j purpose of conducting and transmit- The Jefferson boys aro (o present j ting electricity, ana electric current this classical comedy, which by f ho i for light, power, and other neccesary •w.iy Is the fo^-moBt success of that j and useful purposes, over, along ^and distinguished author, Richard Rrins-; upon the streets, alleys and avenues! lev Sheridan, at the Bakcrsflohl -oiKTa of tho unincorporated town of Delano | in nakl County of Kern, under such s restrictions, and Jn accordance with such directions as said Board of Supervisors shall, )>y proper ordinance in that behalf, provide. ;uu , • lltth ami H streets. Calif. 10-2 Jor Nt'lson, (ico. Ti*. ...192 20 Nelson .lanios .1. 4&» ^o Olson. Frank A.aml(i race -C'O l*ti (ar/U'O. Wfjinl ....... 4»2 fi) Oahlornia Hoiiio ICxton- 10.0(1 .,r'IW,V, house, on Saturday •POLITICS DON f T MAKE BUSINESS," SAYS HILL. HELMXOHAM, M'ash.. Nov. 9. don't malr*-* biisineaa," des J. Hill in an Interview STOCKHOLDERS MEETING. Oil Company will In- h ern-Utah sion Association, trustee for Ponder. dV-o. M. . J'.xien 5 at i ,«,. „, -*-•-• ,ff»rporaUon Hhoriff s office. In this citv. on . inc l!»os. at thf* ho puruosp of ( * — - _^- , i ?* \--- »'•• no lird dav of Doconilior. ur of s n. m.. for Hie directors for the fo ' Ivro. j "\Viil It is proposed to grant said franchise ! !v COUK bids will be received tUere- ! T- A. 1*-1 confidfjiK' ? Pay, bo restored 1m- for, and said franchise will bo award- , to the highest bidder at the time : u tn.nsai'tlon us mav nroiicr- tor f)ickerson. C. A. .,188 (. alffornla Home Kxten- sion Association, trustee for Prow tt, E( tear D. .23R Walter M 422 20 r, on 11 ( % l(/n »iV 11 " liHt( A t " r ^^ t'" 1 *&* o-" 1 ' ./. M. PaUorHo/i. (jocoasofJ to i.h»* 1 ItorH of. and all persons' hi 20 20.00 , California Hnnio Kxtc-n- 'forSch'lueier. FV*?d B \vf 7S 10 pcer. Intr. J. 11-2 (\o you know, that . ami in the manner hereinafter set oin talk Is, in the language of (ho SI-j forth, namely; Sealed olds will be washes, all 'wall wan'—of courso | ivoelved for said franchise up to 12 since the election is over, business o'clock noon on Saturday, the nth day will improve again." of Ofct'mbor, J9oS; said bids to be ASSESSMENT NOTi\ E. Oakland Oil and Asntialtum mny. Location ot Mrincinal ulace ot HS. Oakian<l. (?ahforni:i co in hor/'l>v e-jvon thai at a Of, HlC UOfM'.l of I'M! on ttio 15th dav .of O'-tolioi an assessment of on*' Sohroode-r. Hobt. V Hon_ ,... .. Hion. Association, trustee » * 10.00 20.00 Su : r (nir (iO<) W 14 ^U *> no Jilt**! f I T*^ ' * * * ** ' sion Association, trustee for rorrell Daniel F...2CO 20 20.00 California Homo Kxton- voucherH M-ithin four months a first publication of th s notice administrator at the ?«"* - Ihomas Scott, No. rooms, U and 4. , bnildfntr. corner nuo and 20th stroot in the korsftoM. Countv of Ken Hfornfa. tjio namo tho t.nniKaotipn of phalli \ ( .rn ulri for/nft.jjort Trodaon. _••' 1 eil hel&l aylor NEARLY A FULL VOTE. ON THE AMENDMENTS. * AN FRANCISCO, Nov. !).—Uo- fi'ert with tho Cl^rH of the Board of' «;««..l^yj.?'!,."" 0 ".Jj'r. SuporviKors of Korn County, California, at his ofllce in the court houso of siiUl county in the City of nakorsfleld, California, and 4ho successful hidder '*' .•.»•• 4 , Ito4 hi'n F! !! !r!iii) nf niroctorgi v. Iiri '* lf '^ r .yito ...'.! i !i:n •tolior ii»i»s. i )J*VJ? ( ' J ' P A .,.,...... t nt'i- K i-iro ! Calitornia Homo Kxton- il«-'ij mil) tnl I ^i^^^Qci^^lUtruKtoo 72 10 , £9 K f|( 20 20.00 in in. DO 20 2i'i Tlioinas Porue.v 5.00 The best FOR that fall unon wl'ilch this n*m:iin uno-tld on tho of Novf-inl.'iir. i;*o,s. will ho offers to from all tho counties in tho for said fvanchiso, and hi* ,, T ,, or NnV f. !n ror CM.N win iu- .loiintuioiii oxropt Alpino, niitte, Pol Norto, ; must, during the life of s aid franchise, I ;in rf ath-orMked Vo'r* saio at' public n'uc- >nt ; tlun. ;j?j<] nnloss. pMVinent \< made be- sion Association, trust oo tor tViliiaiUH. Mrs, C. P. California Home Extension Association, trustee for \\o ortarskv. Mev«r 202 20 20,00 C:\Iiioniia Flomo Kxfon- siftn NOTICE. an ,iiis. U, . . i I 1 i 10 10.00 ...<' with law and nn r '1 <if niivrturp at is apples and we o;' f er the bsst tipoies yc.t can r*t -ny placs. sound. n->:r/ -:: Phone ?n order I Modoo, Monterey, Nevada. : pay-to tho County of Korn 'J per cciu •.•»••• ><;;',\ ••••'••-.•.,.,,,,,-,,,,- main- .n« Phimas. San Bernardino, San Diego, of the gross annual receipts of theljfi^te L,uis Obispo, Santa Cruz, Sono Sutler and Yuha give tho folio total vote on constitutional ;o, or the gross annual receipts of tne f ^ a ' v w [Woml/or, lOn's »{„ i> ; .'v Viu."^ to- person, partnorBhSp, or corporation tojhnni. (i nt ast;<.»HK!noiit'. to'trciluV with tlio w . i whom said franchise; is awarded, aris-: V||"J.-, : 1>! Mllver V s! .?vvVl4* ': XhonfHfiJ * of ml In* from its uso, oporatlon, or pos- inie? ^^Aia. ^ccu.Marv. r>! AiJLMist V.iOS, so r, • (, fcr rjocd appfce t; e..t ening. 1123 13th St. Phone Main 401 in* from its uso, operation, or pos- i session. No percentng^ i?hal] bo Amendments. Xo. 1. for 81. i»2r*; «na!nst f 84,835, I Nn. 14. for Ko, 1C, for narahiKt, *S2 f 40 i h ..ueral Directors Embalmers AMbULACNE Phone Answered 0«y or Night for tho first ffvo years succToding th*? idato of the franchise. Each sonlml bid must he accompanied by cash or ngainHt, ?,C,435. a <^ortlflod chock payablo to thn Troas- CoiinUon ( nror of said County of Korn for the .•.|f"H PH39Vint pf such told, and no seal- Xo. 58, for 73.204; agatnfit. 7^..077. H liM wll! be «6nslflcred unless said against, 33,771. cash fir check is enclosed thorc-wltb; tin; n the Buocessfu! bidder shall deposit '•"« * least 10 per cent of tho n mount of of said NOTICc. To whom it rvuiv conc'»rri:--.Vot!cc h*'rehv tflyon MjJit we, Un- under, huve this Ifiih dav ol October.! entered into art! lav ol" October. ekvs yf_ aurc-c- n for (no our.. . . ...., - ,.- i ai nioj'ohan- lisf ;(nd store-Jioonin^ IUIR nn«H at and ,n tho 'I own ot MofaU', Countv of Korn and State of Oalffornin. under ,no ilrni narno ttml ctvlr. c.i 1} Said bidft.i 0 ! 2 - 7 — n- riT* Tt Uesldinc at Moiavn. f *n M. T. KN/XI'P. . at Moiavo. Calitornia. •^. -, -«- No. 20, for 63.044; Angeles mlssjng.) 31i for, 97,190: Against. 65,636.) N T fl. S5, foi 1 S3,0*C; against, 68,510. his bid with the County t (Kc;s Angeles missing.) .County of Kern before such 1 No. 33, for 71,146; against, 36,916, j shall fco struck off to him. -os Angeles missing.) ' will he opened and consi No. 34. for 81,070; against, C6.869.' Monday, tho 7th day of n-.-r-omber. Assembly Amendments. !WS, at in o'clock, A. Yn.. and said No, ?,, for 127.299; against, 55,341. franchise will be stvuck off, sold and No. 7, for 49,354; against, 39,203.' awarded tn tho person, firm, or cor- the follo'wiiic dese'rjbuirJuook poratiou who Hhall make tho Inchest coun.t otj^seBsraent (No. ono 37,404. l cash bid t^("*ofoi te Oil (111' £;; iniinv shnrow of eaeh Dairol of such Ktock us inav bo iioc* i hrtarv will lie sohl at, nubltr: nuotfon at thf o/Flco of W'A socro-tiu-v o! tho compajiv- on tho 2"th /iav of October, litog, at the hour of it 10 a. m. nf wald May. to unv said (lolinynont OHK^SHfueni (lioroon. together with roHtrt of ttdv^rtlBlUK aiul ex- *n.«t j H or Halo. Wnt AI-KHKD n. JORDAN. Socv. Wftfico. Koru f!f)univ. Cal. POSTPONEMENT g,oF ti>"ci!L^rl!^1^ 'M (»f Producors Savines B >r,k bull an' T 1 wllV'nrniJ;.,.]? 1 ! 1 , 'V v ^ * / NN '/ t 1'iorooq tfi linnouTtt <lo«s found ninn nir on th»- ntreots iM' (l .""I. wcarlnK the licunse SS tho voar Dated NOTICE OFASSESSMENX roUi«M ak«t, ? fflven. that of a. ks hereby trlvon that the date sale- of delinquent Ktock the Fourth V^xteiinion Water romnanv ban been postponed until Thursday. Noveuibor it*. 1908. at 10 o't'locU. n. m. , , ^ , . _. Bv order or the Board of Directors. DELINQUENT SALE NOTICE. Fourth Extonsjon V>"ater Company. Location of Drincloal Place of business, Wmsca Kern countv. Caufornia, .. Notlfo.--rhcro :irr> (lolinnMout tinon Dated October lit. ' AL.pRo B, . Kern Countv, N, sec. m secrotarv of office of the co cornora mont iluv o stock ev. AiiRelcs missing.) No. S, for, CC.G70; apiainst on ac ORDER TOJSHOW CAUSE. In tho Suuovlor Cotirt of the Countv of Korn. Stai.'on the. 2f>th dav of Aueuat. v that several amounts m . net of tbo respective :•* lev! t t ; c . of Korn. Stai." cf ('MMfornlfj. , ^1 t In tho nini'or o* iho lUvollcat on of i(!;thc Httflntit Pihins I'ark As^dr-lntion. e o .to uuv thtt rt „,. together wit advertMnir and exnoases ; tho Httflntit Prixins: I' 1 a oornoratlon. lo ron W rks as of sharolipUJorw with No of cor- ', No. of snaroH and amount duo; No. Xo. \arne en. Slit- CjiHfornia Homo l^xto gionAKsoolatlon.tvii:;!* ior AVI",U'-I Andor^nn ^ ,.. M. Andorxon (..alilonua Ilorno Kxion- ijion \s-ot i;uIon.lnisU'f tor J, K AiKb-rMJii .. . , 1-J7 It "Kern Couu!> A^rir-uHnrai tion." name to Associa- ctfrrik streets. Cnirornii sarisfarJnriU' ;iuii";irtnj to me that ; tl-t "lludnut l»ri\ \tiu r l^u-'c Associa ;tion'' has illoil im !v.' -11 .-ifnujoralor. Ami. :t» rhi'.Tiiro its harm- to "Horn Countv ".-j-i'lon." arid tbat rBtio. NOTICE "o? ASSESSMENT tl t i * i » < t '' !U i *. ! II.T; Aiiri sai ! by : said iU»n A.- i-ica ap;)Ho.*iMon of i>: i:c iih.» i H Jar^or, John , ,47" - t j i t I HtenjM.ln.M^n^^v illrcciors of tbo Uio MaHoot Oh roi Uon. hold on tbo l-'ihh iluv «.r j 1 *!*. Ull HSfOiiH.lTU-Uf Of Jifiro WMK lovioil unon Iho ohans'' of tlio i Htook o( the rornoratloi ,, r Ws Well Tools and (>o Ali«'.. M * i < - > :•,*; l iu IT I inn A>so<'i,ti ion. i rust*-. PHONES MAIN 29 AND 230-L, M AND 24 STREET C;ilil'ornl:i . siniiAs -o' i iation, lor Brims. Warren K. '•'Hi*"- Jo))ii A ; California Homo Kxten I HI t! orl: a, in. of said dav at d«*-! ciu>ui ami i olvri ono at UK court room thovoof i He au»-n'nn MIX! :n MH- Count v oourr bouso. BakMixfU'ld mad rjtht'tiniui, and that any ainl all por- scins jntcr*'Sf*'fl in snijl matter to )jo ant) juinoar Itotoro this court at tbc tlino and bluco aforofiald. and thou t' *' \\ \ . California . Hoxekiuh fme r ilit-io show oause, if anv. thov harr whv tho ani>lloation for thecnantfc of namo of tho BUH! corooratlon should not bo Kninud. and It IB further ordered that a CODY of tlite order to show oosih of adv sale, s-. in* at on to nav Uio totrotbur W. M. v of M;tsrM Oil (U-e. room 41 H Citizen' H »*»ink hnfldtiiL'. corner Thir*1 .Main streets. Los Antoles.

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