Fall River Globe from Fall River, Massachusetts on January 29, 1907 · 7
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Fall River Globe from Fall River, Massachusetts · 7

Fall River, Massachusetts
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 29, 1907
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- 1 THE DAILTLGliOBE TUESDAY JAETJAEY 20 1907 i u IN ARENA OF SPOR' Unde ball OowllnK Boxing Foot La tl Trotting Gel DECISION FOR DELINT CARD SCRATCHED GOOD FOR RUDDY MIKE TWIN OFF STILL THEY WIN SPORTING CHAT 1 T ’ OVER HALE! OF ENGLAND Referee’s Finding at End of Questioned by Some Twelfth Round Present Feature Event Not Run and Poor Beginning for Week at New Orleans i PROVIDENCE Jan 29— A1 Demon t ©f Medford was awarded the decision over Darkey Haley of England by Referee Joe Murphy at the Valley Falls Athletic club at the end of their 12-round battle last night The decision was not received with the ’unanimous favor of the big crowd present many claiming that the Englishman should have had a draw No one claimed that he deserved the decision while a large part of the sports present agreed with the referee that Delmont did the better work During the first three or four rounds Haley had the better of the argument and for a round or two in the middle of the go had It on the Medford boy but Delmont came strong as the fight grew older and clearly had the English lad to the bad In the last two rounds A knock-down by the Medford lad in the 11th nearly stopped the air right then and there Delmont used a left Jab that had Darkey guessing getting homo with it time after time Delmont forced Haley to do much yqf the leading and was slow in the breaks Haley has a f terrible right punch but was wild In using It missing Delmont several limes with wallops that had a knock-out ticket tagged on them Both lads were very clever and the exhibition given was by all odds the best seen at the Valley Falls club this season Haley had the advantage of height and reach towering nearly a head over Delmont splendid shape and looked every Inch the trained -athlete In great condition He stripped In Delmont was also and both boys fought a great battle The Medford boy found the toughest man he was ever up against and he never fought a better fight In Delmont’s corner were Billy Rhoades Billy Gardner Tom Boyle and Jim McQullllam Haley was esquired by Teddy Gorman Jack Goodman and Harry Clayton The principals of the 12-round go were loudly applauded as they entered the ring Haley getting the lion's share of the hands The battle was on without any preliminary talk The boys started to feel each' other out ln“ the opentng round fiddling about the centre If the ring Delmont 'started the going with a left lead to the face Haley rushed and they went -to-a clinch The Englishman Jumped for Delmont as soon las separated and landed a short-arm blow on the body that did no damage In the Second both lads were cautious and some -pretty sparring was ' doner Haley 'shot a left to the face and Delmont delivered a stinging blow (to the neck The Medford boy rushed and landed a straight wallop to the chin that made Haley break ground The round was even t The third started with a mlx-up ahd after the break Haley1 swung left and right that staggered Delmont A stiff left to the jaw sent Delmont to one knee and caused him to wobble Left and right Jabs followed by both men and they clinched Delmont had the best! of a sharp exchange of blows at short range ) Long-range work marked the opening 'of the fourth Delmont uppercut Haley with hts left the smash landing true on the chin Hajey’s head went back with a Jerk and he acted cautiously for a moment The English boy came back strong and landed a left and right to the Jaw following them up with a trio of wallops to the ribs Del-irmnt sent a stiff right to the eye that opened It and the claret was flowing when Haley went to his corner Both rounds were Haley's Delmont began to show his true form In the fifth giving Haley all he wahted to attend to Haley shot over a series of lefts that had lots of steam behind ' them but Delmont showed his clever-ness by 'ducking out of harm Delmont worked steadily for the body varying this with a fusillade of his famous left Jabs Darkey landed a stiff ieft to the nose as the bell rang Delmdnt opened the bad eye again In the sixth with a terrific Jab and followed this up by another on the nose that started the claret A clinch followed and -the boys went to the ropes Delmont f handed a swift -left to the face and right to the body Haley slipped down and nearly through the ropes He was pelped UP by Delmont and the boys shook hands The round' ‘were even Both men led off In the seventh with lefts and swapped punches lq the centre of the ring Several clinches marked the round Delmont doing some good work In the shape of Uppercuts and Jabs while they were s together Haley landed a stiff left In the eighth for a starter and the round was full of fast work at short range Haley showed that he had a terrible punch concealed somewhere about him but swung wildly barely one of his hardest offerings finding its mark Honors were easy The ninth round was all Haley’s and he did all the leading He staggered Delmont with a fierce left Jab and sent a couple of hard ones over to keep It company but neither seemed to bother Delmont a great deal As the bell rang Delmont sent a hard left to the chin Delmont came up strong lit the 10th and -appeared the fresher man of the two Haley’s eve was opened again and his pose started bleeding afresh He ran into a straight smash on the jaw that put him down and 1 nearly through the ropes It was a clean knock-down for Delmont The Medford lad had this round all the way It was all Delmont In the 11th Haley rushed him repeatedly but found Del mont there with the 'wallops’ on each exchange Delmont swung a half-dozen stiff body punches that made the Englishman grunt A nasty uppercut to Delmont’s chin closed the round The Medford lad started in to finish hi man In the final round ahd drove him aboqt the ring 'Like the preceding round Delmont had all the best of It save a minute when Haley handed out a couple of swift ons while the boy were clinched in the Centre of the ring Haley’s eye and nose were bleeding badly as the final bell rang Two minutes of- the first found of the preliminary was - enough to put Jack O'Neil of Blackstone completely to the bad He started to make game of Richard Steward ills colored oppa nent acting the clown to perfection He failed to land a blow but was handed several wallops that sent his head back While executing a watch-me-do-hljn” stunt wjth his hands down Steward whipped his right to the point of the jawr and whep O’Neil came back to earth Referee Murphy told him it was all over Including the shouting After eight rounds of the toughest kind of fighting In the semi-final Kid Manning of Pawtucket was given the decision over Jack Barry of Cumberland pThere is a lot of bad blood between the boys and the rules under which they fought -ach to protect himself at all times gave them an opportunity to go at each other like a pair of mad bulls The lads fought at close range during the entire fight Ulttle or no science was displayed by either the affair being a slugging match pure and simple Barry broke the thumb of his right hand In the flrRt round and fought at a great disadvantage all through the go I At the tap of the bell the boys went at each other and fought all around the ting The second was a repetition Manning all but won In this round when he sent Barry to the floor with a wallop to the jaw the Cumberland lad staying down for eight seconds The remainder of the battle was on the same lines Barry was somewhat outclassed but game Manning’s superior strength stood him in gocfcl stead and the last three rounds were In hi favor The pair were fighting hard at the finish NEW ORLEANS Jan 29 — Weather and track conditions had a lot to do with keeping down the attendance at the Fair Grounds yesterday With a track fetlock deep In mud and an ordinary card the professional element was about that put In Its appearance Every race on the card suffered from scratching with the feature event be-ing declared oft altogether With thaj out of the way there was but little or no class represented i Favorite players had their innings as four first choices came home first A sprint affair at 5 furlongs served to furnish the feature Dargln who started In a race under practically the same conditions recently and who re-celved a poor ride on that occasion came back again yesterday In the shape 1 I to 6 favorite Jockey Martin Old ' New England ' League Umpire to Train the Philadelphia Nationals was In the saddle Dargln was easily the best horse and after allowing Rusk to make the pace until the stretch passed with two lengths to the good The Englishman was an odds-on choice In the fifth race and won as he pleased Jungle Imp was the runner-up but never had a chance to beat the winner Matador proved many pounds the best In -the slx-furlong selling ’ event Vandusen who had the mount got him away poorly and trailing his field until the stretch cut the corners and won galloping at the end Ruby Wick with 12 to 1 about her chances and under a good ride from Aubuchon won the 2-year-old race at 3 furlongs Balolee was favorite i In the event but after getting away running dropped out of the race at once finishing a ’poor seventn The most exciting finish of the day cajpe out of the 5 furlongs selling race Viperine the favorite and Sponge Cake one of the outsiders made it an interesting race finishing heads apart In the order named 1 Dele Strome was supposed to have the closing race at her mercy and wa an odds on Agra however had the speed of the party and the finish saw her two lengths to the gojd BOSTON Jan 29— Umpire John E Rudderham has been appointed trainer of the Philadelphia National league club and has received a letter from Manager Murray of that club telling hint to be on band without fall when the club departs for the South the last week In February Mr Rudderham has had a long ex perlence aa ball player and umpire He was born In Quincy started his baseball career with the lamented ’’Billy” McGunnlgle " in Brockton tn ’85 and during his career played In Auburn N Y Portsmouth N H St Albans Vt aid Bangor and Lewiston Me as second and third baseman After quitting baseball as a player he took up the business of training boxers He umpired In the New England league for three seasons and last season worked In that capacity In the Copper Country league Considerable were the happenings In the winter baseball fold yesterday Contracts were received at the American headquarters from big ”Cy' Young and Louis Criger and at th National leage of Pat Flaherty and Sam Brown 'Cy'' and Criger accompanied their signatures with letters The big chap said that he never felt In better shape Criger wrote tha he was coaching the Notre Dame baseball candidates and felt splendidly t A letter wan also received from the former manager of the club ‘Jimmy’’ Collins who said that he had knocked off 12 pounds and now tipped the beams at 181 pounds Word was also received from the Y M C A people at Hot Springs that arrangements could be made to use the gymnasium attached to the Institution Outfielder Jack Hayden of the team of last season is In the city visiting friends In Hyde Park ‘Hobe” Ferris was among the callers and said he Intended to visit friends In Lowell ' Lawrence etc for a few days and then would be back again In Providence Managers Duffy and Doe and Pitcher Joe Harris also looked In SULLIVAN’S WORD GOES LINEUP OF PIRATES Enough" Man Now on tho Roil to Form Four Average Team Another Pirate has been sent back to the minors by the Pittsburg baseball club and there are still about 19 others slated to be disposed of before Manager Fred Clarke takes his crew South on i the training trip Frank Hulseman an outfielder Is the latest player to be 'disposed of He goes to Kansas City Jn the American Association The latest reduction decreases the number of players on the Pittsburg club to 39 Pittsburg magnate is not telling plans for the future and did not announce the terms of the deal whereby Hulseman s drafted from Montreal of the Eastern league goes back to a league of th same class he came from Pittsburg Is still In the market for a catcher but whether another competent backstop can be secured Is a matter for the future The composition of the Pittsburg team outside of the batteries has been practically decided upon Kealon will play first with Abbaticchlo on second Wagner at short Storke at third while Clymer'Hallman and Leach will cover the outfield Storke a Harvard law student played third base for the Providence Eastern league team last year and was generally regarded as a phenomenon If he fails to make good with the Smoky City team however Leach will go back to third base and Anderson will cover Jft field National Skating Association Bows to i Voice of A U President NEW YORK Jan 29 — The board of drectors 'of the National Skating As soclatlon at a meeting last night decided to comply with the ultimatum of President James E Sullivan of the Athletic union that unless the Na tlonal Skating (Assoc'ation reclnded a resolution It recently adopted giving support to the Amateur Skating Association of Canada In preference to the Canadian Amateur Athletic Union he would break off the alliance between the Amateur Athletic union and the Natlortl SkatiTig Association ’ The trouble was caused by the Indorsement which the National Skating Association gave to the meet which is to b held In Montreal next Sai urdav under the auspices of the Amateur Skating Association of Canada and In opposition to the Canadian Amateur Athletic Union which attempted to assume control of the sport The Amateur Athletic Union does not sanction the Montreal meet Cambridge Boxer ‘ Re$dy to Start for Denver ito Go 1 i Against Lewis i BOSTON Jan 29— Mike Twtn) Sul Ilvan of Cambridge yesterday received his transportation for Denver and on Thursday will atart for the WfcsU He booked to fight Harry Lewis there Feb 22 a match that haa been hanging fire for some time past whlch in fact was made once but was afterward called off by Sullivan on account of tho fact1 that one man In Denver wanted 20 per cent of Sullivan's end of the purse for making the match! When Crack Basketball Tossers Notb of Interest from the from Gioversville Trim I Eall Field Boxing Ring Portsmouth and Trotting Ttrrf ‘PORTSMOUTH N H Jan 29— This will be the eighth eajvn of GloveravUle (S Y) defeated the Roy wUI1 Comtkey Portsmouth five In professional basket I ball In the fastest game played her I havesiVned with lheWWtSor thi aeasom winnlng on superior paw- Ufi Jack Egan baa signed to um-Ing and blocking Portsmouth scored pl a the Ameren Association but once in the first emd third periods 0ut1(3r j Wy an din the second by clever passing I reported In Indianapoits for the sea and fine shooting scored four baskets I soru f But for the great blocking of Sheridan George Tebeeui denies emphatically Sullivan fights Lewis he will weigh in I the score wrould have been double for I that he haa any designs on the Grand at 142 pounds On the trip-will ’ go the visitors I Rapids franchise 1 Young Donohue of Roxbury The lat- Ed Wachier at centre played a I GaoL Teaser " tbs’ veteran ter has nothing In particular billed but eUr game and he repeatedly fed Foxhab throat ’aside by Minneapolis is going to Denver simply to take aland Lennon for easy basketa lUggcr-1 r? chance He Is a special favorite of ty played a fast floor game and threw I t - Sullivan who believes Donahne to be) some pretty baskets as did Pete If the St- Louis Nationals received one of the greatest little felloes of his Lamb J$U50-frora Toronto tor -Billy- Phyla weight In the business and who he be-I The summary: jit wa like finding money lleves will get plenty of wor(t In the GLOVERSVILLE PORTSMOUTH Billy Rhoades jssued a defl to any West i Fox I f r g Sheridan 148-pound boxer In the country last Letyla is the boxer that Is considered Lm r f i t Gollansbee evening at the Haley-Delmont go by many good Judges as the coming e Wachler e h Reran Honey Mellody and Willie Lewis" lightweight champion of the world Lnnon jc r g CimwLUb fs meet Th! Yet lnsplteoftheftthhecan Harty H If 8-rrueVail Falls Athletic club on Feb 1L get Under the lightweight limit With-1 Score— Gioversville 21 Portsmouth! out difficulty he has king since been L floor— Lennon 2 Fox 31 ehor8P Turner of the Clevelands anxious to meet Jimmy Gardner Honey £ra' J Twhror’ Pol- hM bfn raise but It Is not Mellody or Mike (Twin) feulllvan cgn Rian Pe 6rr' fc? thlnk h ou ? Mellody will make n oetter than I6p0nt8 from pounds for him which la of course by portmoulh far tbo much weight for him consider lng that Lewis Is & legitimate lightweight Another man that Lewis Is anxious to meet Is Joe Gan and that he feel confident of whipping the champion Is shown by the fact that hit manager and himself are- willing to make’ a side bet of $5000 that Lew can Whip him but Gans being tied up In a jmatch with Jimmy Britt at thl time the pair have turned their attention to Mike Sullivan and after a deal of work have succeeded in bringing about the fight It was only a short while ago that Lewis easily disposed of Rube Smith In less time than it took Mike Bulllvan fouls — Gioversville 1 2 Referee — Connors Timers — Drew and Eaton Tlm Three lS-mlnute halves Attendance 50 Gioversville will play their third game here Saturday A series of three games has been arranged between the Newport (N IL) I Outfielder Jude Iwbo was with Cincinnati last eeasori Is slicking type ta Minneapolis He learned the business while gt Carlisle F 4" Koenig the fabter of the former Louis pitcher kmywn aa -Silver King? owing to tds blonde ha'r range Between me Newport m SL ouls lM stk I team and the crack team from GloV-1 j t “p ersvllle N Y The first Is to be played There la eTry Indies this evening at 8pringfleld Vu the Lynch of the Plltatnu DONLIN HAS NO GRIEVANCE Great Batsman Is Not Holding Up New York Leanue Club MACK SIGNS MURPHY Thinks He Has Almost a World Beater in Norwich Second Baseman WORCESTER Jan 29— Connie Mack WANTED TO FAKE FIGHT Sycamore Pugilist Tells Tale of James Edward’s" Attempt l”Cyclone"' Johnny Thompson' who Is quite famous In Sycamore 111 has returned to his home town after !an absence of six months during which time he was trying to get a fight with Britt lw California When ne was comfortably seated on the grocery sugar barrel "Cyclone” began explaining why he didn’t get a fight with the native son According to the tale he unfolded Britt promised Thompson a match If he defeated Lew Powell Fred Ward and Jack Clifford Thompson did this and then he says Britt offered him $2000 to go Into the ring and quit to Britt This Thompson says he agreed to do as he knew that was his only way to get to Britt but Jimmie became suspicious and wanted the Sypamore boy to post a forfeit of $2000 to agree to this crookedness and not turn the tables on him and try to knock him out Johnny did not want the decision for $2000 and the deal fell through manager of the Philadelphia American league team arrived in Worcester yesterday to visit his brother Tom manager of the Franklin hotel and Incidentally gave out that he corralled In his opinion the greatest second base man in the game today with the excep tlon of Lajole for his team "I came Into New England only to gather in Dan Murphy of Norwich Conn and I got" him yesterday In spite of aU the stories to the effect that I would lose that exceptionally clever player-’ said Mack “Last fall Just before the season ended Murphy drifted from his moorings for which he w as suspended I heard the persistent rumors that would not down that Murphy was lost to me But after I had ia heart-to-heart talk with him I had hls name to a contract fn no time sot that the stories were not founded op facts I consider Murphy the greatest second baseman In the business barring of course Lajole” NEW YORK Jan 29— Mike DonUn will “line ’em out” for the New York club next season whether the club settles a doctor’s bill Donlln Incurred last summer or not It was reported yesterday that the Giants’ great slugger had refused to sign w-lth the club because he had been asked to pay a doctor selected by the club for attending to Donlln’s broken lege last summer DonUn said last night: There 1s no difference whatever between the man-agemeot of the Now York club and myself I met Secretary Fred Knowles today We quickly agreed to terms for next season In the National league and that Is the same as signing a contract There is nothing to the story that I am trying t3 hold up the club on account of a doctor’s bill When I broke my leg last spring In Cincinnati on the last day of the series Manager He-Graw before the team left town gave orders that I was to have all my wants attended to This was done without any expense to me until I was able to come to New York When I reached here I called on mv own physician to fix my leg and he did so Ills bill for services was $75 which I paid and have the doctor’s receipt to show for it I had never asked the club to settle the bill and certainly would not allow so small an amount to Interfere with my signing for the coming season My leg Is all right In fact I was never In better condition in my life to begin a season I would like to let my friends know that I will be doing business at the old stand when the bell rings and I will give the club my very best services I expect to see Manager McGraw next Thursday and there will be no difficulty about my signing t cation that "Mike Plttsburgm who 1 now second at Keene N H ” and' the' third I Harvard will hate another trial with at Newport I the Plltsburgs this aeasoru The Gioversville team has thus far PRcier Sanger grafted by Buffalo this season played about 25 games I from the Kalamaaoo (Mich) team is a and has yet to be defeated A I twlrlet who was sized up by Manager weeks ago they Issued a challenge to Lewr McAllister of the Blsons when be to Hr tho trick When Lew-ia and Smith I th whole country for the champion- 1 wajl coaching the illchlgaa University to do the trick W nn Lewis anp smith i ghp the United States The result i met a challenge to I'’1 from Sulll-J wag that Newport as well as the team I f J van was read at the ringside one which! r-m-e-entinx Fltchburx Msss and I Rubf Waddell has made a dlweowry the Philadelphia lightweight! quickly p0PrtmCuth! H H at once aangsd a l Interest those who discuss accepted and In order to brinjr about I Scries to be played for the title oflh question aa to Why so many prom- conceded to Sullivan the weight h I champtonhlp of the world" jlstng minor learuei players fall ta the asked for Mike wanted to have thel Satur(i4y nlKht the‘ Gioversville I bl league- ' The Rube says It la be- purse cut 50 per cent but thi? Lewis team easily defeated the strong Ports- cause hey can t play good enough and his managet refused to do and the moqth five on their own floor at Ports- Dr Ifclte of the7hlcaro White Bog £etll(T nLrntrtVerofrllefnta 1 mouth ’ the core of 31-11 and Charley Hickman of the Waah- get 30 per cent of the gross receipts Although Newport’s five has not yet bngton Nationals have opened a sport ?'htv Th Flte Played the Portsmouth teamthey have lng goods emporium In Washington I after the I nevertheless played and easily defeat-I White jha now qualified In four voex- In and I certainly expect to 1 1 e(j teams that have -In their turn con-I tlons-enltcher dentist caller trains r£nid ane Jm Jut I querd Portsmouth so In comparing 1 and sporting goodt dealer Gans :and will devote my time-to try-I looks as though Newport!' Y ed teams that have-ln their turn con- tlons-epltcher dentist college trainer lfig for this I shall stay In the West and shall go out and help myibrother to get ready for his fight and 1 will also train Young Donahuel I wiy match the little Roxbury boy with any one of his weight In the West for $5000 By the way you can say -for me that I will bet $1000 that my brother Jack can whip Jack O’Brien at 158 pounds ringside There Is & lot of talk In the papers about matching G?ns and O’Brien O’Brien to make 154 pounds He cannot make the weight but Jack though Newport had a very good chance of winning at least two of the series Clarence Foster who played abort- stop last season with the Lancaster Tri-State league tcmhas been bought w b' Lancaster -fro mi Harrlabury of the 15 tJ 1 d 1 I Tri-State which tl aimed him on a! prior contract He -win probably man- age Lancaster and ylay la th cnitfleldLi season lng another EASTERN LEAGUE AVERAGES George Stone tHjr alar of ail bais-- Grant Former Harvard Collegian It men -orks In a country store at Co-Beat Man with Stick I " Nb” durln tb wntr- &Xaa ’ no hope for McFarland taste run to reading ajid his hobby la The Eastern league averages for las! I violin blayirg In fact he would father season have Just been issued by Pres- be a great violinist-with a limited ln- will met him at 158 pounds for Jhe aide hdent Pat Powers Edward Leslie) come than a groat ball player with ft bet and as I claim Jack Is thq recog- Grant the Harvard law student lhandime salary nlzed middleweight champlonjhe and I clearly entitled to flrat honors with the1 O’Brien should be matched for Tjonopah I flne percentage of 222 In SC game Instead of some of the fighters the clubTn other players had better percent-there Is trying to get" ! I ages but they played in but 10 games Sullivan will be gone two or three Pach Grant made 45 runs and hits 11 sacrifice hits and S stolen bases Mullen of Baltimore who Is to go to the New York Nationals hit for 293 i - - ’’Jake” Gettman of Buflalo 291 and I rrr‘!pt? to th and th Pitcher Brockett who goes to the New 0r' - ECKERSALL’S A GOOD ONE I York Americans hit for the same j Buffili carried Wven pitchers last Walter Eckersall the mighty leader I figure I season! What a contrast to the early of the Chicago University football I Storke who Is to play with Pitts- 1 80c wen Jimmy Galvin was the only team announced his Intention ol taking burg batted for 290 Outfielder Mur-1 1 wirier on the team and was forced to part In the baseball and track athletics I ray of Buffalo once with Manchester I go Inti th box day In- and out! Or this season Eckersall was the best I hit for 284 Walter Brodle 294 "Jim-I hen Charley Rad bp urn landed the '54 kicker and field general In western tny” Barrett who haa signed with thelpennaqt for the Providence Gra s by football Now that he Is Ineligible to I Boston Americans 277: George LalpitchMk II out ot the 20 successive take part In any of the college gridiron I Chance 259 A1 Selbach 258 "Jim” games S won Contests Eckersall should make a val-I Hannon 259 Wagner of Newark now uable addition to the baseball nine and I with the Boston Americans 234 Wal-the track team He Is a gobd ball ter Woods 238: Joe Bean 220 Fred player and Is a hard man to beat tn the sprints It Is expected that his 1 to go to Brooklyn 209 Flynn of To-vvork will be a great help to the Maroon I t-onto formerly of Holy Cross on team this year Whom the Boston Americana once had I an option 204 Herrmann Classifies Skjdoo Players on York Tri-State Team YORK Pa Jan 29 — President Garry Herrmann of the National Com- grand Union fiotel Rasas From 9 1 00 Pa Dsy Up OPPOSITE GRAND CENTRAL STATION EV YORK ' fliufTr tj c — Ftea ssd sop af Iks Cty ( Nw Yob talc BOB UNGLAUB’S CASE “I do not have to pay ball said Bob Unglaub yesterday ”1 can find something else to do” There Is no doubj of this but It is also true h cannot so easily In other line earn the $3000 offered him to play ball Treasurer Hugh McBreen of the Boston Americans says there is a 'decided misunderstanding on the part of Ung' laub as 'to his contract with the Williamsport club According to Mr Me Breen Unglaub’s contract is for $700 per month as Is claimed by the player but the term is 44 months Besides this Unglaub is guaranteed $500 by the president of the Williamsport club outside of the contract The Boston club Is satisfied to pay Mr Unglaub the sum called for bs the contract ARISTOCRAT C MULE DUE Lou Milton the dam ot Lou Dillon 1:58 the fastest trotter In the world w-111 produce a mule foal next spring The famous old mare Is now owned Jby Frank S Turner of Santa Rosa Cal who bred her to a Jack last spring after trying futllely to get her In foal to a horse for three or four years Her foal will be about the most aristocratic mule ever produced Mr Turner will mate the old mare to his grandly bred young sire- Guy Dillon by Sidney Dillon dam by Guy Wilkes after she has her mule foal and hopes to secure at least one more' foal from the dam of the champion trotter although she Is now twenty-five years old I Ahrijrt lUmemter Lh FnQ Nam Tablets Core a Cold in One Day Cure Crip in Two Day I4VWJT m 35c mission has classified the York Trl- State players who formerly played In the big leagues -Among the contract Jumpers sentenced to remain In the Tri-State is McFarland' the ex-ProvL dence star who played right field on the local- team last season O’Neil McCormick Myers and Welgand arc classed as the major league reserves for whom the Trlt-State manager may make deals In the class A reserve Jumpers for whom the Tri-State club will have to make'deals Is Bert Conn the clever first basemen of last season’s nine According to this classification - the York management will have to pay $500 each for Welgand and O’Nell If they want these two players to work for the team during th coming eeason JOCKEY TO THE WOODS h Outfielder Kelley the player drafted candfe toT Jockey must live the strenuqu llfeb3r I ! f at all times or they soon become oo led " tole? bV w‘‘h The! biggest f the week at fat to ride They must keep Ire train- or -J84- He lk a good Philadelphia w dl l?se place Saturday Inr dav In'ind dav out A lire from mn- Clement was second in bases night hen Unk Ruesell and Arnby lng da in ana day out A lap rrotnMoIwi th u and ThlMy of Toronto McGsrTr ot New York will finally get of Buffalo together for their ling-delayed mealing TJhls Is the rthird time the men with less fatty tissues Eugene HU$e-1 “ ” brand the leading rider two year ago I have li-en matched bat on each of th has been forced to retire as he finds i eja he cannot make the weight acceptable ne dn Showing to owners He will buy some ‘horses 1 ’ Oelee Brel and campaign them on the Pacific coast j i RECORDS OF OLD-TIMERS Present Day Stars Hav Littl - on Pfffr MePh Long and Others Comparisons are often made between the work of the old-time Infielders and those of the present day The figures that follow do not Indicate that the stars of today cover any more ground or do any better work than the players of 15 years ago Fred Pfeffer In aeven years’ of second base play averaged 71 chances per game "’Bid” McPhee for eight seasons averaged 6 9 chances per game Miller Huggins has averaged 81 chances per game In three seasons Johnny Evers 59 chances to the game In four seasons and Lajole six chances per game In five seasons At short stop Herman Long averaged 84 chances per game for seven seasons' while Hans Wagner averaged 82 chances per game for six seasons 'At first base Charley Comtskey and "Pop1 Anson averaged 109 chances per game In eight seasons Frank Chance and Hal Chase the crack-a-Jack first sack-era of today averaged respectively 109 and 108 chances Mr game In three seasons Hew Tenney and Dolan Broke a Bad Spelt Manager Fred Tenney of the Boston- like so many other ball players has tn bat superstition He says: previous occasion g it cGarry claimed to be t and defaulted Johnny Oliver thi nw manages McGarry offered t put utf $IP00 aa a forfeit that Amtry would appear on efhedul time Satur-! 8r i ! Accgdlitf to a dispatch from Wil- Constipation Baked evreet apples with some peoplo brbvf linn t prompt relief for ConsUpetloo1 W ith others eoorse all-wheat bread will hare the tame effect Nature undoubtedly has a vegetable remedy to relieve every ailment known to mao II physician can but find Nature's way to health And thls Is ftriklntly true with regard to Coastlpottog The bark of a certain tree In CaUforn's — COs-sara Sagrada— offers a ssost excellent aid to this 4 But combined with Egyptian Beans Slip pery Elm Bark 8olld Extract of Brunes etc this tame Csscarm hark U given It greatest possible power to correct coostlpatloa ' A tooth tome Candy Tablet called Lax-eta is sow made at the Dr Sboop Laborgtoriea from this ingenuous and moot effective prescription Its effect oa boast-potion Biliousness Sour Stomach Bad Breath Sallow Complexion etc !e indeed promyt and mttsfying 1 - No griping no unpleasant after effects are experienced and Lax-ets are put np In breutifn! lithographed metal boxes at I Cents and 15 seats per box i For something sew wlea fectiva try a box of Uax-efs J C BRADY I Granite Bleek Cse Pseaseet and South 1 Main Cer Spring t T think the ball plyev who when mlngtcgu William M Connelly who he finds hI8 batting falling off falls to low ns the Wilmington franchise to the shift and try aome other bat that will I Tri-Ftate league haa purchased the reenable him to strike his stride again I lease rff First Bosefnon Peter F Cas-fnakes a great mistake Last season sidy from the Jerwdy City club of tbs after batting better than a 300 clip Eastenf league Cassidy haa accepted I had a very bad slump dropping off terms jvith the Wltmtngton team and nearly 100 polnta When I su at the will att aa captain Caaaldy cannot lowest mark I was In Pittsburg and I play 'with any other club Should Wll-Jut before the game I happened to pick j mlngton let Mm go ha must go back to up a bat from the Pirates’ pile which Jersey tity where topon the price paid suited me to a T I expressed a wish for hlreleaoe will be returned to own the bat for you know there la a I S ” Custom of swapping bats among pimv- Welmer the OncInnaU clubs era and Joe Nealon remarked: I think rUti‘W ’"rbow to lh! that belongs to Beaumont HI let yoa MT ie® JL“! I'1' lhP7fTJ£ know about It tomorrow The I low Mrtmy Callahan lead and give up dsy Nealon said: -Nobody seems to b onal league for eml-profes- claim that bat so you may have I baseball He will be Well I made one hit that day but In nd of f! the fololwing games at Cincinnati and team Veimer figured In the lrAr by 8t Louis I found the pitchers for IS th Cub hits In the two cities Harry "Dolan Dldt sad a claim of Rrbrtng waa hitting very badly at the time and! John! Oanael will make Ms fourth when I loaned him that bat he too I entry to to big Iraie company next began to get In the game again Finally j ‘ H 5 t d4h the bat began to splinter toward the ! Nation'- b PlFed with the end of the season but It had such splendid hang that I am haring dosen mad after the model" GlanteTard two yeXr later with the Highlanders This year Vng John will cover first base for the Cincinnati Reds : s THEY'RE AFTER EWING It turns out that both Columbus and I Toledo are anxious to secure Ewing the well-known spit-ball prtcher of the Cincinnati club for whom waivers secure him He would prove a splen- Idld acquisition I do not blame Armour or Clymer tor trying to get him" 1 V K!

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