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9 4 '1'1 111 )' NASTIVHJLE BAN Elt TUESDAY EVENING JUNE 1903 I '1 i 4 JOE -ROACH ELECTED SUPREME COURT CLERK rs REDWINE To PRESIDE CZAR'SUNCLE INTERVIEVIEIL Pre1weatery Sale 4 4v Popular Lincoln Countain Successful After Long Delay in Filling the Office Declines to 'Vacate Bench During Special Term Grand mothor's lakal ONLEL 0 SAYS THE JEWISH AGITATION IS CHIEFLY INSTIGATED BY INFLUENTIAL JEWS OUTSIDE OF RUSSIA ESPECIALLr IN NEW YORK AND BERLIN TOUCHES ON RECEPTION OF AMERICAN PETITION ENCAMPMENT AT JACKSON The Supreme Court yesterday afternoon elected Joseph Roach to be Clerk of the Supreme Court for Middle Tennessee vice James Turney whose term expired in March No little Interert had developed in 'he race for thls plsee in which there were half dosen entries The Ilve mmbers of the court were usable to reach an State Comptroller Ile came here from Lincoln County where he started in lifo an a school teacher Then be went into the of the Circuit Court Clerk where he remained mit years In the meantime he read law under Judea Joseph Illagins end A liceneed but never practieed Mr Attach haa always taken an antes interest In politleo and is numbered meet the workers who bring about results Ito has Second Regiment There The State Dar Agee-elation i 1 Three 11 OVS -Salo Positively Ends Friday fligtc You have just tOreo days more In whic to take advantago of tho "PRICE aro no half-way mons- -41 urea about the way we're doing things This is evidenced by the great crowds we're serving every day Here are a few of the special features selected at random from many: RILEY BROCK KILLED BY TRAIN This Week 2 cans Pineapple 25c Chunks for 5c Potted Ham per CID E' Two pedal Iota of Shirt Waists out to-day at a mall part of thair Potted Tongue per COD Lot I 90 By Aosociated Prom New York June Att spirit cable dispatch to the World tram Homburg Clerreportsan interview with the Gra-od Duke Vladimer uncle of the Czar of Russia pri the Jewish question ig Russia The Grand Duke "The Jewish agitation is chiefly instigated by influential Jews outside of Russia such as the members of the society In New York which has presented a petition and especially the powerful Jews in Berlin I do not In the least condone the civil administration The Governor of Kisheneff although an old decorated for bravery appears to have lost his head But direct application was made to the military authorities who cannot intervene without being requested to do so The crisis was ended-In two or three hours Military assistance was summoned too late anti the Governor has since then been removed" The Grand Duke was asked what reception would be given the American petition In Russia He replied: "There can be no question of interilttion by America in the purely internal affairs of RUSIIIIL Nevertheless I am aware that the relation between Russia and America have always been of a very cordial nature especially sinee 1M49 when a Russian Beet visited New York Lot 2 09e Shirt Vi'elstISults made from Oxfords Madras Ducks Lawns Percales Mercerized Chem- tt nR meld up to 135opiyu Mohair Sicilian Walking SkIrtswelth best of new correct end out of the ordinary Mohair Sicilian Is the most popular material of the moment for summer blues tam burnt biscuit Cambridge gray $395 special price Glass jar A Beef per jar I Veal Loaf per largest size can The "Itcarly-to--Wear" section has some remarkably interesting propo- eitions for you for the 'last three Skirts Suit Shirt Waists Shirt Waist Snits Linen and-Cotton Skirts lbottle Staffed Olives IO only Roast Beet only Per 15g eau I IOC LACES AIBOetakted Press Jackson Ky June 30---Considerab 1e surprise was created yesterday by an announcement from Circuit Judge Redwine that he will not vacate the bench during the special term at court called for next week The special term was called in order that a special Grand Jury might investigate the assassinations of Jim Cockrill and Dr Cox members of the Cockrill faction who were assassinated prior to the killing of Marcum Dr Cox was killed in April 1D02 and Cockrill in July of the same year The assassin of Cockril fired the shot from a room in the courthouse while Dr Cox wa killed as he passed a table owned by Judge Hargis The burning of Ewen's hotel and other eases of arson and the attempt to bribe Ewen to perjure himself during the trial of Jett and Whitewill also be probed at the special term Judge Redwine in making this announcement declared that the clamor from the outside for a Special Judge was untimely and based on a misconception as to the exigencies of the eituation Hs said that be believed it to be his duty and to the best interests of Justice that be remain on the bench and not throw the responsibility on the shoulders of someone else It has been generally understood that Judge Redwine was requested by Gov Beckham to allow a Trial Judge to sit during the ce-micg special term A smiler requeeo made by the Governor prior to the Jett and White trial did not reach Judge Redwine until after the investigatim was begun A prominent merchant who arrived in Men yesterday decided to announce his return 'home after the feehion favored by Many Jecitson rooldenta when they are in exuberant spirits Ile jerked out his tol se he stepped off the train and was about to puncture the heaven with a of bullets The quickness of the Jacksonian on the trigger was of no avail A sentry of the provost guard was quicker and jerked the gun a way before the merchant could shoot The offender was taken before Police Judge Cardwell and fined and costa for carrying con reeled and deadly weapons lArpte Packng0 trrph Crackeis Torehon taro Edges and Insertions -ineh width per at 3c Torebon Lace Edge' and Insertions to 14 inches wide per 5c yard Fin White sod Ecru Lars Appliquei And Medallion' 2 to 4 eylc Inches wide per yardh An fxtraordlnary lot or Whitt Vi lonclennos and Bineult-rolor coon worth 4o and 50 por I Laren Can 1311oxl IOC Shrimp J-- Root Poor bottle 14 making 5 Stilton'' 10c Ic at i No Negotiations By Associated Press Pt Petersburg June following semi-official statement wee loomed to-day: "There have been no negotiations between Russia and the tnitcd States in reaard to President Roosevelts Intention to tor ward to tho Ruesion Government a petition from the American Jews concerning the events at Kiebeneff" 31c 31c I5c IOC 1 10c 1 i 8c 1 I2c I I5c I2c 1 5c Throe lobo of lino Mark Illik sal Angora wkoon--spanifilv Chantilly rrrnrh and roleurial yard at Itie 24o and Largo Cain Tomatoosa rine Torsban bare Edges awl In settions I 2 inehes wide 7 at 3 an4 Point De Pants Skint Insertions and Applique 2 to 1 Inches veld per yard It 9c 9c I bottlo of boot Midi' only lo Pporial linos of Whitt and Mga Cluny Edam and Maeda 2 to WOMAN TIPPLER GIVEN PARDON point Da'Pmlis Orionis! and Chantilly Loco Ettigeab Minds and Ap PINUPS 2 to 0 inthr A tO wars witl' New 'fork erosm Chem just In por pound JOE noAcu NewlyAppointed Clerk of the Supreme fOurt for-the Middle Tennessee "Uri ion 14 pry yard ll rd op inchea w140 per c9f at lOn to New pattarna In While Antique Lace nanda per 29C at 12tio to Southern Flake Fresh to-day per package Photo by Thugs Wide Point Do Perin ond Or In ontal lasen! 3 toe Smile wide 1 IIAD SERVED OVER SEVEN SIONTHS' SEN MICE 110TE THESE lar-triNci Or TEE STATE BAR ASSOCIATION friends All over the State who will rejoice at his success He is in every way qualified for the duties of the place and was thia morning receiving the congratulations of friends in person and by telephone and telegraph While he has decided upon bin deputy no announcement will be made until be goes into office agreement until yeisterday when Mr Raitch wits elected It is probable that the court will meet here to-morrow and formally announce the appointment when Mr Roach will at once tak charge The nAw clerk has lived in Nashville four -years daring which time he has held the position of le clerk la the (Alice of the Special prices on Linen Real Cluny and Antique Laces Special prices On rill Val Laces Special prices on real Smyrna forchon Laces Special selling of Cambric and Swiss Embroideries this week 24 Lt sack A Grandmother's Highest Patent 00 Flour only moth- 50c Revenue Agent 30hnion Collette 18000 From-the Spofford Estate REMNANTS CHAS BURCH zn Pounds Boston Gran- $1 tested Sugar- Special to the Banner Owensboro Ky June KC Itucky State Bar lneociation will convene here Thursday Judge Little President of the Owensboro Bar Association will deliver the address ofweicome State President McElroy of Bowling Green will follow Consideration of the code of ethics will be the next feature of the programme The evening session will be devoted to an address on "Civilization and Law" by Hon Emil McClain Judge of the Supreme Court of Iowa The election of officers will take place Friday afternoon 'Judge Settle of the Court of Ap4 peals will deliver an address on "Legal Education" After the adjournment a burgoo will be given at the Fair Grounds 5 Lb bag Finest Table Salt The enormous selling that's been going on here has caused an accumulation of thousands of remnants of all kinds---remnant of Wash Goods or Art Goods White Goods Linens TO-welings fine cotton Waigt7 ings -and Dress Materials Dress Goods Silks eto All these remnants are on sale this week at the smallest kind of remnant prices Gt A Tea Co 422 Union St '3ol RILEY BROCK EILLED BY A TRAIN Gov Frazier has relieved Molly Crofton of Humphreys County of the balance of a year's sentence to Ali and $100 line for tipping and giving liquor to st minor She had served seven and a half months The Judge Attorney-General and county officers recommended the pardon on the ground that she has been punished sufficiently and further that she is in bad health State Revenue Agent Johnson today collected $IS12756 taxes interest and perlaities from the Spofford estate This tax was one back assessed by Mr Johnson on about 1350000 personal property in the shape of foreign held stocks and bonds that bad wholly escaped taxation The back atioeooment '01111- tor the years MT 'PS and 'Do and Crie amount includes State and county talEOPI Stait was brought In the Chancery Court of Olies County removed to tho Federal Court and remanded to the Chancery Court of alien County where lb State won Thum deelsion woo affirmed by the Supreme Court last winter 4c: 3 DARING LEAP FROM CHUTE DOWN GOES KING COTTON BETTERING OF CONDITION Sotelal to the Banner Louisville Ky June has been receiv 1 ed from Ill that Riley Droek who came Into notoriety as the husband of Dora Clay Brock the divorced chill wife of Gen Camillus Clay of Whitehall was run over and killed by a train tirovk and his wife bad lived here On a plotee mottled on Dora by Gem Clay They left here bait March causing a sensation by auctioning off for a song handsome pipes of Clay family milver and rare plecee of china purchamod Clay In foreign lantla and al to by him to his wife CAMP OF IMITIIUCTION AT JACKSOr 11011000 4z -4 tt 4t 4 ft THRILLING TEAT Or HARRY 4RUSSELL AT GLENDALE PARK Iv LAST NIGHT STEPS TAKEN TOWARD It4RMATION OF INTERNATIONAL EMIGRATION soctrrY SENSATIONAL BREAK IN PRICES OCCURS ON TILE NZW YORK EXCIIANOt Aolltflen Hannah hoe written to the Quartertnastertienerel itiontring am to whether bond inetruttuinta ran by fur Malted It im contymplated to organics 11 band in arh reniment with about twenty five or thirty inatruments INiMINIEMM Ity Aunt toded Preps Th encampment thin year will be undo? Pentium 14 of the Dick bill 'Cacti regiment will have an encampment and resoler army officers will be on hand to train thn troop' The date ham not been II pon ThP prnposition tn or461114P tronp- ot revalty la being dievonse1 at frrenttfort Kr June Iteettham -has titerolinatt to lake ativantalle leo noceataity for keeping Pieta troop at Jackson tireathitt Votinty by making that the "cone of the anneal camp of in struolion of ell olitic's of the 'Meow ftee linetst of the Kt mucky Morita Thia will save the Ptate coositterebla as the car of inatcoolon la eepecially nerea miry this YPer in adannen of the VOIll bine maneuvers with the regular eolliirot of the IMpartment of the Lakes hien in ha hehl in this Plato in October heat fiy Associated Promo clitellgo Iona nfl 141404 towards the formation (it an Intern tlionhl orolgro- OnCtelY wore taken limit 'light at a timetion sIItiI itr li A It 1rvi 110antoIlona WtI' ftsIiIItI tiitIn i tettpreittin f3tiV1111P0 having! for Ito loirmose i hot Printst of I Ito ttinIIt lutt ut Mali tor whiny him an opmrtooliv iti aoly from Ills 'slut 'I Is lossINst 41 ate rnit-40 flit Itip ftlt tis i tis luiip ill' I isr I hi Is i4I III rf I hi 111001-q Clt Mimin-00o wins Mtn rslisstlt1 poillp titig rffititp ftitit Oft 110 hPit 1110P4OPtt011 lir Iovi'a plait iti tr-rmit pleb mon ami Isl thorn ctflhow Itioitev to-rrePat optile Itio lifito14 reiti- (011m Irrt- Magid I61 Jeroish 1-41tootkr IttW A40060 IthMilitio 14 litiowitt II4S1 POI Prof- tt I 6111110c COL 011N CALIWI CitITICALLY ILL Sperpfmrp nt Philp Mnttnn hag Ntonfrni PinitPt In flip hp l'hationmona frit11'41o l'utnlinny Pottil Pim I hot Inpesiletelete ere 11 t'nhnnt ts It Moo A Wr t'henibitem tovi WeII tteeemeA ft Ofeehe41 Veliete wee et the eaplitil 141r j4 hitNit 1101 '4 fItinoh ogre ft $Hrrntft itros per leetio oh11100 eri 1-1010111 01h1P104 trUni rid tiklintifitolt very 1141i A large crowd went nut to Mandate ratio laid flight to enjoy the root browse and (tin entortaintuent provided there Itveryonot ho went wa well repaid Air at nei time during the measrin has thore boen a better Int of vaudeville stunts and In adilltinn to till the daredevil feat of Harry Ittlioopli the otte-IPireted eYellet who Allan boon meowed for thin wPyk by Malta- -4-or Alloy wee performed at the perk for tits nrat Moe 1 I Prhormanen tondo place Inotiwilatoly ill or tho oho In tho Coelho A looworitostio ling boon orotdod ito tho perk 141111410Y lihIP1 oloolPloilly Title I lotto 11114 111444144414fi Ai 14 othArto 14111111 0411 04111 011141t thitto! foot tYttiii Ilia aotonnet abyuptly oittliton I 411 OA fii111114 01444t -4114 Old Nr11111-0 Is 4 14114 44 4104 444104 40110 fmir 1'014 Of WIllif4- 11-14041011 411414144114 'ha p44t410 us to I'Vele V114 pothole of ohala and F6448404 dipall Whom he got to the and he front hot wheel which toll to ground and dioett -headlong into ft48 tank Welt lie emerged safe and sound- mot net sod dripping In a second The gut Of a II tha harrowing and nerve ranking affairs it tba kind bleb havu been per formed ihere Is the most sensational and thwmoill dangerous Hubbell will repeat It ilNitte a day throLiMIluut this week The vaudeville stunts are excellent and large auctionee which filled the Casino enjoyed every nue of thbm a-- TO ATTEND THE SESSION IN KNOXVILLE rtio01011 tfl ti444011 4tiabirliv1110 Kr jotto John 'kV Cs 14olo4l to to 14 tit 11 Iasi ooltdition ot hi hortto In Otto otty tto ontoyo4 tho oroto 4fIllis 44 4 04111414 Sod outottottiontly I''n wo olooto4 Loom 14 Votiory nor no wor rittoost woo Wooled lo Moore trout tho Thtr4 ptotriot In IOC till owl 1610 Pot Catel welt woo tor edr tho 14ction County Pooh Ily Associated 'rens New York June attotellorial break occurrettitt the price of mitten this rtiorntilit July Utlibirleth broke hit potnts Anil Angora points fror A Ions lime ouch A decline been predieted and varlottit atorlea veto In ell'el110111111 pittlitallon of thereitiorkeble Women ono nit to the effect thet there were internal SIQuennitote lit the I rettits end an thst en element of the NPli tItIrflq sfMiitiliPtii Wpm 'IsItittat pill I A rtr it hP Aret hook hf hawever ihpre wen ei perttal Wit ton rPtIPPd PVI ik10P4 PH14004 ittli ihP hPi itliti4IPP1 tory net von's Will too 4440164es' ell the felsettotot end 1110 toitlett teete sitottet stolotetruptettly tipsetd ltOt II el nibbler the nosy ottihibt btoril tool $100111iP0 Ili hi I ti titstsi sluts 'As stew strop punittotte tVrfo 1147 Ilittittlett tit ft point 4 hilti4tif Thrfit olio too Oily report et tile weethey Itureettotbliitql reeelVed IutrIrIMl ttI and further tains of trots tti points were acurod with ttte market dlepieving great fiervoi4bmid 0414(1 outssitiefikkati At Now Orteanc by Associated Preis New Orleans June) 11111-NotwithetandloA the fart that both New York end Liverpool reported the moot ttenentional declines of the 'mason thio suorningthe local Market still remained twit In Its decision to-follow thp path that sato cut Out fur it some time situ At the Liverpool reported cline of It points In Nitwit end New York reported of AN high so 64 proirite In POMO totonthe In spite of thin littormirpglilig outlook for the Ions elide they wetil to work quietly to upport the Market end before the litortiltis woo half they tiro sent priced of neW rttip motntho tip for eubetstitiel telvattette ON Win It o'clock steptetobey wee it polote Above the cloning ttf reatertlar hi i i PIP tetotter me tatittin tortve to14e1 And thscepther wee Itt points Above At 013o vituto tiv Th too Whose 4ppetintmorte4 es General CO1111601 of the 1 11 Was Yesterday HELD TO ANSWER IN CRIMINAL COURT mull Oho Livid With Murder at MIN Menu' log APCIDENTALLY 111101I WHILE HUNTING INTERURBAN RAILWAY HOUSE SURGEON OF THE HOSPITAL BOARD Of DIIMOTOIA CALLED TO MEET ON JULY SEVENTIL MAID WILL zLEcr THIS OM-AND ASSISTANT CHI or 1111tIC DEVAIITMENT Spot 1s1 to the Hann Pr Chattanooga 'rutin Juno 114--Tto trial of Mrs Moran Mofrord rharand ortin tho Intordisr of- Mn Mary Henning last April was concludoll yeotortlay anti tho lotoncIant Vino livid In the Criminal Court In a boort of Vi3O00 This oho hail yet boon tinahlo i moan aml is In solitary contInstmont at the county tall The 'watch tor Walter Henning the 'lend vturnane husband eontinues but as yet there hotv-0 been no developments Phetlft Mayo reeelved a telegram vesterdy ttssm this rhlist roilesos at Pin traerlieria oinitott ihot thov biol been aa yet tinahlo totst Henning on4 attains tor innto definite Information Thu la being Wetted and the eesreh will be oontlution SEIZED OY THE SHERIFF ON AN ATTAC1JMENT- appoint In the Dinner Elkton Ky June Me Kinney a young fernier Is in a serious condition as the result at being shot by his wits They WPM nut huntina Mre Me Kintte-y rarrying a 23-eallbre rifle Mr McKinney raised his sun to lire at a hard when it struck hie wits's rifle which we illecharged the bail entering Mr McKinney' WOIMPth l'ATALLY 3111ItT BY FALL FMK A V40011 1114'01141 le the Kanner tiwituravills KY June Ar "ett sled 7d a 'wetter' of the oom" Col Net alight fif inliirle" atuffereel be kit from hie ail Vas a wheel of ibiltra wooled over hie heed "1141 shoulder WILL 00 TO THE PHILIPPINE ISLANDS Mat Crosby to Bs Suotteeded by Capt Fischer ilpecist to the Danner Chaltennoga Tenn June AO --Mat Wm Croehy who has been the surgeon in horse of the hospital corps or the eleventh Caalry end Third liallery Culled Males Arilliory mince thp soldiers have boon at colon Thomas Chickamauga Park has bo on relieved irom duty here and will go tI this Philippine An order II iI received yesterday from tha hostiduorters itopartmont et the rail to ihp effect that Mel Croeby hell pro-feed to San ferenelatio rat la Pooh se ro lioveti and itteneW In Mitotic ifpon arrival AL nen Muleteen he will report to the rtto mandloir (littoral Itoottrtmont fit colttor moo sod opon rivet in Manila will report to the commending Mineral Ilivielon of tho 111111rpinia who III asolsti him tor duty Copt It tt lelitettor stotlatattt atirgeon hos hoed rstlited from duty as sttooding aortmon end of reerulla at Dal imore Mit and foort MeitioloY Me and has boon ordered to proosid to Comp non Thomas and report the commending offleerlur duty relisving Met Croaby Addresses by Idlultiters opeets1 to the flannee Paris Tenn June alb--The decision of the Supreme Court the Adams law was received with pleasure by-it supporters here who held a union thanks meeting at the court-house at which the pastors of the severe churches addressed a large audience rroolt nn4 r000ttod a tolottrom to dor from Mr t' Itfflh Prooident of tko intororbon lqloorto rollitti a mooting of tho fillord of Itirootors for Jolt 7 Al Itt to r000ttot 1 to probable sliAt Itto molter of bottling ho Colombia find tionottlit wilt too tielinitely oottlett KING'S DAUGHTERS" Itnorti Works will elect it bongo pontoon tor the C-Ity Mop Ital this afternoon Tho applionnto tor the piece Aro Etre Mo 11004 tort Itsyttre It look se It tietild who Is on Intorno it' the boopitot haw wilt he the loohy men ho ttoarti Olt sleet tbio ofternnon elect chief of the tire deportment to Olt the vorancy coufted by the rootitnattou Of Copt Jame Alexander Gov Frasier 101-00v Matt ilin find Other Prontitieut Mew 1 thl the Palmer Kosavi lie 'room to I dototeestle Preaidetit of the $ista its? 6 Among tolintit hie alumina rovoivod 1011441 tont UY rrester otitis that he "mum here Thursday anti Prptily hi meletut 1110 litertitid et the atsatantation and front r-IIitiy Mullen McMillin that hts would here Wedneadsr 'hen the erosion of tve iteoetation boitins ()Otero of note ha will be hero aro Jotine IL IL LAW on or the United slates Court of Appetite -in1 -United bitatea Senator John biorami of Alabama Judge Jobe Milano or Nobhville rites that be will not be able to i attend the meeting but his paper will be read by Judge IL IL Ingorsoll of this city sf Jadgea Beard Neil and Shields and all A of the Appellate bench will be present RETURN FROM TRIP OVER TENNESSEE CENTRAL STATE BOARD MEETS Barn Destroyed by Bire SUOT AND XILLED AT A "BLIND MR" 6 Sp el I the Deaner Weenie Ky June a "blind tiger" as Tug River near Louisa Jack Gilkerson aged bk while drunk attacked Lys Fitspatrink aged 111 who shot and killed him Mr Chemin Alee-President Mr A Clark (Opera! Manager Mr It Vow Superintendent and Mr McDonald ChietEngineer of the Tonnes see Central returned to-day from a trip ot inspection aver the railroad The work et improvements and 011LODSIOSISI on the eastern division is progresaing nicely at every point atones the lino according to the statement giver out by Mr Clark py asseciatod rrins New York- June in--Tho ship Yining America which is being built In a Perth Amboy shipyard for a nautical prapara tory schour of 'Mode Island has been seised by the Sheriff of Middlesex Couoty on an attachment for 141100 procured by the-designer of the vessel The eight of the Sheriff to attach the beat was disputed at the shipyards the officers claiming no payments bad been rustle- The Young America was being constructed for- the purpose of fitting boys to enter Annapolis The cost of the vessel was to be $150000 Its Priinoters claim to bare had this amount subscribed but say they had been unable to collect Special to the lisaner Murfreesboro Tenn June a thunder atorn the large barn of Ward near Smyrna was truck by lightning and set on Ore Mr Ward sueeeeded in saving all of his stock and farming Implements but the building valued at 11000 was totally destroyed He bad 1500 Insurance tPr --i--- REMARKABLE OIL GUSHER COMES IN The State Executive Board of the Order of King's Daughters met at 10 o'clock this morning at the residence of Mr Will tam Woolwine with the State Seers tary Mn Frederick of Mt Pleasant presiding The followiMt memo berm of the board constitute a quorum: Mesdames William Woolwine A Hill Andrew Allison Harding Figures of Columbia and Mrs Hardy Various matters of policy of the board were discussed and the discussion of constitutional amendments and matters of interest which v111 come up at the next Tennessee convention of the order The Executive Board will Meet again in November end le January and the date was eet for the next Btate convention which -swill take place 1 a Me city April ik Me JURY DISCHARGED MISTRIAL ENTERED Session Closed weisi to the Banner eigrade June the meettag of the pschtins to-day Premier Avakumovicaa ukase closing the session specially monad by the provisional government 11- 1 Coming to Nashville I 11- 1 Coming to Nashville Died on the Voyage By Associated Ppm Seattle Wash June steamer Centennial the fourth of the Nome vessels to arrive from the North reached port to-day Mrs Aberrill a passenger died on the voyage- The Centennial brought no treasure Lost Ma Life Special to the Banner Chattanooga Tenn June Johnson the 13-year-old son of A Johnson of Maple street Highland Park was drowned yesterday afternoon while swimming in the old rock quarry near the National Cemetery By Associated Press WI Isom June 30--Atter having been Out since Saturday afternoon the Jury in the Jones murder case was discharged this morning and a mistrial fir Associated Press- Santa Barbara Cal June oil well with a Sow of forty barrels per minute ird was received here to-day 54 at the came in the northern part of the county Warren left Paducah last ni with last night The oil shot fifty feet above the pad trip and would reach herAK leave top of the derrick The depth of the well is Lay 14 n0012 about 311 $0 iota Liquor License Bpecial to the Banner Chattanooga Tenn June SO--Tho Gen- era! Council last niiht axed the liquor license ut $200 per manta.

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